Written by J-Cal.

Beyond rage and what had so far been an unquenchable desire to do violence not only upon her captors but also upon the beasts that did with her as they pleased, Wulfshn had exhausted herself where she was restrained in the breeding rack, trying uselessly to fight her way free. Not a single keeat were troubled by her snarls and menacing growls, instead expending their energy on mounting the helpless warrior again and again, fighting each other for the right to go next,

After the alpha had taken its sweet time draining itself inside Wulfshn, the rest of the pack had approached her. Maws dripping with slobber, they barked at each other, snapped at each other’s throats until one managed to bully its way in front to the captive.

Wulfshn had lost count on how many of the brutish beasts had pummeled her. The ground beneath her was a literal pool of keeat seed and saliva, mixing with the sweat that dripped off her naked body from the exertion of being taken roughly and repeatedly.

Rocking forward in her shackles in symphony with the thrusts of the current hound that eagerly thrust into her – not bothered in the slightest of the seed of its packmates already overflowing her womb – the mighty Wulfshn would have made for a pitiful sight were anyone down there her to see her. Mouth slightly open, tongue hanging slack from it, her eyes partially rolled back into her head, the bound Kazdruk woman gasped and mumbled incomprehensibly, barely aware of her surroundings, barely holding on to her anger as she was rocking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

To her shame, the constant rough keeat rape had caused her to have several orgasms of her own. Before fatigue had consumed her, her own howls of forced pleasure had joined with the shrieks of the keeat that either violated her repeatedly, or duelled each other to be next in line.

A part deep, deep in her subconscious remained aware of the unfavourable situation she found herself in, and knew there was absolutely no way out of it without aid. Her captors had fucked her over royally with this trick of theirs, and she had sworn time and time again that her revenge would be gruesome and merciless. For now, no such thoughts mattered, for even her subconscious was unable to remain coherent for long stretches.

As the current keeat behind her dipped its canine erection as deep as it went, its legs slapping into Wulfshn’s red and sore thighs, it spasmed and shuddered as it emptied its balls within her, panting with the effort.

No sooner had the burly beast unmounted that the next in line approached, sniffing Wulfshn’s ravaged nether regions before rising on top of her.

With another pathetic whimper, Wulfshn felt another keeat’s desire to breed.

“You’re going to be the end of me if we don’t get moving again!” Tasha whispered sharply, as loud as she dared.

The two elf-slaves, wearing only collars and loincloths, were standing within a small chamber so very close to one of the Spire’s side-entrances which would be their way out of the hated Kazdruk hub. Tasha had at first not known why Avelyn had led them into this foreboding room – black walls, floor and ceiling bathed in the ethereal, ominous glow of a forest green sphere suspended in mid-air in the chamber’s centre – and having received the explanation, Tasha wished she had not asked.

Avelyn was not sure why she was doing this. She only knew about the existence of these spheres from conversations overheardand knew they were some sort of magical communications arrays that were situated at every floor of the Spire. The one at the top, closest to Yuldasha, was always manned.

They had been lucky there were no one around this particular sphere at the Spire’s ground flood, but the time of night what was had prompted Avelyn to seek it out, Tasha in tow believing she was only occupied with leading them out of the Spire.

Tasha did not agree with Avelyn, but she did not wish to waste any more time debating. If this was what Avelyn wanted to do before they fled, she likely had her reasons, but Tasha would never understand them, and she realized her respect for the former soldier had dwindled to near non-existence.

“Almost done,” Avelyn said, keeping her voice from shaking, keeping her hand steady within the horrid, fleshy and wriggling orb. She was taking an enormous risk doing this thing, she was well aware, but for the life of her she could not bring herself to do nothing.

She wasn’t entirely sure if it would help, if anyone could help, but she at least could say she had tried.

It took her a while to figure out how the sphere worked, how its magic linked with her thoughts to form a message that would be understood by whomsoever received it.

After several attempts, she finally made the sphere connect with her mind, and she wasted no time in inscribing her message.

Talon Leader Luzella is trapped outside this world through portal trickery by Kamri and sorceress Jelthra.

Withdrawing her hand from the womb of the sphere, her arm illuminated by its wraithlike luminescence, she said, “It’s done.” She turned to Tasha, not realizing a tear was pressing out of the corner of her eye. “Let’s go.”

Nodding, knowing it was not a moment too soon, Tasha waited by the door for Avelyn to take point again. Once Avelyn was two paces from the threshold, the metal door slammed shut as though with a mind of its own, and the audible clank of the lock engaging sent shivers down their spines.

“No!” Tasha cried, throwing herself at the door.

Avelyn stood frozen, wondering if she had just doomed them both.

Zarena stepped from the glowing maw of the portal, seething with barely contained rage. Any who looked upon her, however, would see nothing but the calm demeanour with which she cloaked herself. Of all the people in this particular Spire to get herself trapped in an alternate world…

Those who watched her emerge from the rippling, green-blue glowing portal to the ancestral Kazdruk home, Tarasmay, stared only for a moment, until those that recognized her immediately fell to their knees and averted their eyes. Wisely, they gestured for those who remained standing, who did not know the newcomer, to do as they did.

Zarena’s red gaze swept over the prostrate dozen Kazdruk soldiers, put her hands on her wide hips, her tail casually swinging behind her.

“Who commands?” her authoritative voice had a deceptive melodic quality to it. Naturally, she knew Yuldasha was the supreme ruler of the Kazdruk conquest of this world, but the portal had not deposited her into Yuldasha’s throne room. Such an invasion would be poor decorum.

One of the twelve warriors, a burly man with purplish skin stretched over his wide muscles, erected himself, standing half a head shorter than Zarena, which would mean he was roughly the same size as storied Talon Leader Luzella.

The lieutenant kept his eyes cast at her hoofs, but was unable not to let his gaze cascade over her. Tall and beautiful, her body muscular without the toned bulging of a warrior, the woman oozed feminine grace and unwavering authority in equal measure.

Two thick horns corkscrewed from her head, the red eyes regarding him as though he was mere vermin. Her full, sensual lips were pressed shut, awaiting his words, the stud in her nose rising ever so slightly as her nostrils flared. It was hard to keep his eyes from lingering in her exposed cleavage. Her breasts were so massive, evidently so heavy, bones were sewn into the fabric of her corset to help hold them up, like a dam holding back a river. The dark panties barely kept her privates hidden, strips of leather dangling down her thick, shapely thighs.

She had leather cuffs around her wrists, a choker with a silver medallion resting just above her cleavage, and bone earrings. Her long black hair had streaks of crimson in it, and her left bicep arm was ringed by a tattoo. The tight corset, seeming ready to burst at any moment, was held together by smaller pieces of bone rather than regular buttons, leather belts along the flanks helping to keep the corset snug around the woman’s waist.

She was hauntingly beautiful, but the menace that radiated from her caught the seasoned warrior’s voice for precious moments, before he finally retrieved it.


“Very well.” Zarena cut him off. That’s all she needed to know at the moment.

Behind her, another female figure emerged from the portal, before it clenched shut and disappeared, taking with it its otherworldly glow and the low hum it emanated.

“Where do we go?” Zarena addressed the second woman.

The second woman, barely taller than an average human male with silken red skin and golden eyes, came to stand next to Zarena. The top of her horned head was barely higher than Zarena’s nipples.

The second woman, a High Sorceress judging by her long staff crowed with a sinister, glowering red sphere around which orbited five arching horns, closed her eyes, sensing. She wore only black bottoms, a tight black top that had plenty of her on display, dark leather boots and dark pauldrons that seemed to be more decorative than functional.

Varayen and Zarena

When she shook her head, the fine chain around her forehead caused the little crystal in its centre to jostle, as did the chains connecting the jewels on her choker that bridged the jewels and the studs in her nipples. “I can’t sense Luzella anywhere in the Spire, giving credence to the message. If I am to find her, I will need a local planar auger. Only Aeltha is likely to have one of those in this Spire.”

Zarena made no outward gesture, but Varayen knew her mistress had understood what she was saying.

“Have you searched the entire Spire?” Zarena demanded of the lieutenant.

Swallowing, feeling oddly out of place in the woman’s presence, the lieutenant said, “We have searched since the original message was sent, mistress. We have not yet found Luzella, or her supposed captors, but have apprehended the slaves who sent the message.”

“Slaves sent the message?” It was not really a question, Zarena was merely confused why that would be the case. “Don’t answer that. Take us to Aeltha, and have those slaves delivered there as well. And inform Yuldasha that I have arrived.”

“At once, mistress,” the lieutenant saluted, and set his men on the other tasks before he bade the imposing Zarena follow him.

“Are you certain you can locate her?” Zarena asked Varayen as they walked in the lieutenant’s wake.

“Yes,” Varayen replied categorically. Being of such smaller stature than Zarena and the other Kazdruk soldiers escorting them meant she had to keep her strides long to keep up with them, but it was a gait she had perfected decades ago. “I merely need to locate Luzella’s core essence in the void around this world to see which other world it is connected to.”

Accepting this fact silently, Zarena kept her counsel as they ascended the Spire.


The arm hurt like nothing else. It was far worse now than it had been. No time to feel sorry for herself, however. Somehow the Spire was alerted to Luzella’s disappearance, and alerted to the fact that Kamri herself and Jelthra were behind it. Gritting her teeth in frustration as much as agony, Kamri continued to evade the searching guards whilst steadily making her way to the ground floor. She did not wish to find out what would happen if she were caught.

Luckily, she had been granted enough time to seek out the only person in the Spire that could aid her, before the alarm had been raised. Owing a favour to Aeltha was not something she believed to be advantageous for her in the long run, but it had been the price that bought Kamri a new arm.

Or rather, something that was in the process of knitting itself into an arm.

Kamri would never know what utter madness churned within the space of Aeltha’s skull, but similarly she wondered at her own sanity for seeking her aid in the first place. The reason was simple, really, for there had been no other choice. Even if the loss of blood had not killed her, she would likely not last long with a single arm. As such, the only path that had been open to her led to Aeltha’s laboratory.

“It can be mended,” the red-eyed High Sorceress had said matter-of-factly, unimpressed with the stump around which a dripping bandage had been wrapped. “The question is why I would mend it.”

Gnashing her teeth, trying to keep from blacking out, Jelthra’s spell no longer taking the edge of her torture, Kamri had resorted to pitiful pleading in order to convince Aeltha to aid her.

After some consideration, after a foreboding look appeared in her eyes, Aeltha had smiled a smile that sent shudders down the corrupted elf’s spine. “Very well, I believe we can come to an accord.”

“Name it,” Kamri had wheezed, supporting herself against the wall with her remaining hand. Behind her in the doorway, arms crossed beneath her breasts, Jelthra kept quiet, having her own reservations about coming here.

Eyes narrowed and face twisting into something akin to an amiable expression, Aeltha had shrugged. “When I call upon you for my need, you will answer, immediately.”

Swallowing, not liking the sound of it at all, Kamri had nonetheless nodded.

Satisfied with this, Aeltha had retrieved a black, fleshy organism of sorts from inside a clay jar upon one of her many shelves filled to the brim with curiosities and morbidities. In Aeltha’s hand, the writhing clump of darkness seemed the size of a toad, lacking defining features other than that it was a mass of something Kamri could not identify. As it wriggled in Aeltha’s hand, it stretched and oozed an inky substance, like a crushed sponge would release the water it held, before seemingly lapping up its own secretions and contracting once more. It did this over and over as the High Sorceress approached Kamri.

“This will hurt. A lot. And it will keep hurting until its task is done.”

Not asking what Aeltha meant, not caring past her current agonies, Kamri had merely nodded her understanding. With that sinister grin, Aeltha had removed Kamri’s blood-soaked bandages and pressed the wiggling ball of whatever it was against the cut in Kamri’s upper arm. With her free hand, Aeltha drew a symbol in the air next to the black thing that began clinging to Kamri’s stump. Arcane light trailed Aeltha’s finger where she drew in the air until a double helix within a starburst pattern was completed. Speaking three words in some tongue that made the fine hairs on Kamri’s back stand up, the dark ooze wrapped itself around Kamri’s arm and crawled partway up towards her shoulder, stopping the bleeding and covering the stump perfectly.

“One more moment,” was all Aeltha said as Kamri groaned in pain. Fetching a spool of what was clearly not common thread and a needle, Aeltha proceeded to sew all around Kamri’s arm close to the stump. “This is necessary to ensure our friend here does not fall off during its metamorphosis.”

Kamri had not asked. She was in too much pain. The agony was even enough to still her tongue from asking why Neicul was hanging from chains in a dark corner of Aeltha’s quarters.

Completing the sewing and stitching, Kamri was dismissed, told to let the unsettling mass that writhed and pulsed around her stump do its work uninterrupted. In a day or so, the High Sorceress had explained, the thing, working through Aeltha’s spell, would take on the shape of an arm that Kamri would be able to wield as if it was her own, once the mass had finished fusing with her nervous system.

Aeltha had not needed to say it out loud for Kamri to understand that her new arm was some sort of parasite. The difference was, or so Aeltha assured, that Kamri would be controlling it, as opposed to it having a mind of its own.


A few hours later, the parasite had started to grow but was nowhere near resembling an arm. Dark tendrils were shooting up underneath her skin towards her shoulder as the dark blob elongated, currently at work mimicking an elbow joint.

Wheezing, the pain making her sweat, Kamri kept going. She and Jelthra had split up in order to evade the patrols currently looking for them. They didn’t have time to wonder who knew that they had trapped Luzella in another realm, and at the moment it did not matter.

Kamri would meet Jelthra on the ground floor, if she did not pass out from the pain before then as her new “arm” continued grafting itself to her wound.

Finally reaching Aeltha’s workspace, Zarena admitted herself without ceremony, her High Sorceress Varayen in tow, their escort bid to wait outside. The local Spire’s High Sorceress’ chamber was large, dominated by a westward facing window that nearly made up the entirety of the wall, the first rays of morning streaking inside to illuminate the strange room.

Shelves upon shelves of books, trinkets, artefacts and other oddities lined the walls, and in part of the centre of the room, tables and work surfaces packed with vials over flames containing bubbling fluids filled the air with odd, exotic smells. Skulls of various beasts and people were mounted here and there, but if they were decorative or not was not immediately evident. Tools and devices of strange and nefarious designs were neatly lined on tables, the stone floor stained by old blood in several spots.

In the back, in a dark corner partially hidden from her view, Zarena saw a male figure hanging limp from chains around his wrists. The prisoner seemed unconscious, spasming every now and then that caused the chains to rattle softly. Dark lines across his chest showed wounds that had yet to heal.

Standing by one of her tables near the centre of the large stone chamber, the High Sorceress herself stood before a heavy, open tome, the eldritch words upon the ancient pages glowing with a soft purple hue.

Aeltha turned her head lazily to see who dared barge into her quarters uninvited, and her eyebrow arched quizzically when she saw who entered.

“Well, now,” Aeltha said, a hand coming up to brush some of her long, violet locks from her face. “Exalted Zarena, what a surprise. And High Priestess Varayen. Welcome to my lair.”

Zarena was aware Aeltha knew who she was, and who her High Priestess was, but whether or not the respect in her voice was forced or genuine was not known. To be blunt, Zarena did not care. Looking down at the relatively modestly statured woman, Zarena would cut straight to the matter.

“The Home Spire received word a Talon Leader has gone missing, presumably trapped in another world. My High Sorceress claims you have what she needs to retrieve her.”

Aeltha looked puzzled. She had not learned of any disappearance, although now the encounter with Kamri minus one arm seemed more conspicuous. She really ought to learn to ask the lesser dwellers of the Spire of what they were up to, but when she was honest, Aeltha was more intrigued by the opportunity to grow a new arm for Kamri than she was about why she had lost it in the first place.

“Truly?” Aeltha asked, landing her eyes on the golden orbs of the beautiful and skilled High Sorceress, Varayen. Varayen was a magician Aeltha could admit – inside herself – she quite admired, although the dark-haired spellcaster had been mostly retired for many years, now. Varayen’s work, however, would endure forever, and Aeltha had learned many things from Varayen’s research.

For Varayen’s part, she held Aeltha up as an equal. Though younger than herself, the capable High Sorceress to Yuldasha was a supreme talent in the Order of High Magicks, and it would not do for Varayen not to acknowledge the many breakthroughs Aeltha’s research had gained the Kazdruk.

Varayen nodded to her colleague. “Yes, I require a planar auger attuned to this world. With it I can locate the Talon Leader in question and bring her back.”

Aeltha pursed her lips, nodded. “I certainly have one. Might I ask who has gone missing?”
“Luzella,” Zarena said flatly.

This surprised Aeltha. “Really? However did that come to pass?”

“Are you not aware this Spire is in a state of alert because of this?” Zarena said, looking down on the spellcaster, wondering whether or not the soldiers crawling all over this Spire had not dared interrupt her.

Aeltha shook her head. “No I did not.” She walked over to one of the shelves to her right, reached up to the top and retrieved a black and blue crystal. The crystal, black with streaks of dark blue like storm clouds frozen within its centre was a rough teardrop, nearly as long as Aeltha’s forearm.

Aeltha walked over and handed it to Varayen. “How did Luzella, of all people, manage to get herself trapped in another realm?”

Zarena answered in Varayen’s place, bile in her tone. “We should like to ask her that ourselves. As well as her supposed captors, a Kamri and a Jelhtra.”

Now Aeltha was genuinely interested. There hadn’t been this much intrigue on her doorstep in ages. It amused herself not to informed Zarena, the legendary commander, that the accused had been standing where she stood a mere hour ago.

As Varayen took the planar auger, a knock on Aeltha’s open door reverberated.

“Misress Zarena,” a voice called from a warrior who dared not enter without permission. “We have brought the slaves who sent the message.”

“Bring them,” Zarena ordered, waving for the guard to enter.

Stepping back, a firm nod of his head signalled for his two charges to enter. He himself remained standing on the threshold to the corridor beyond Aeltha’s laboratory.

Entering with eyes cast down, clearly unhappy with their situation, two elves wearing only collars and dark red loincloths entered, their hands shackled behind their backs. One was a blonde, fair-skinned thing, the other a dark, exotic figure. They walked a few paces into the room and stood, defeat all but tattooed upon their skin.

“You reported Talon Leader Luzella was missing?” Zarena asked, her tone brooking no hesitation nor falsehood. The trembling elves merely nodded. “How do you know this? How do you know she is in another realm?”

It took a moment before the blonde slave-elf replied. “We overheard Kamri and Jelthra speaking. They said something about trapping her in another dimension through a portal. That is all we know, I swear.”

Suppressing her reaction, Aeltha recalled Kamri skulking about earlier, and she suspected the turned elf had taken something from her chamber. Casting a look at a shelf to the side of the chamber, looking between the trinkets and artefacts related to her planar research, Aeltha then realized what Kamri had stolen. It was a magic imprint stone. Suddenly everything that was happening made perfect sense to the High Sorceress. It was interesting, but she was not about to comment on it. It just meant that Kamri owed her for far more than just her new arm.

Zarena eyed the two of them, suspicious. “Why would two slaves bother to report the disappearance of a prominent Talon Leader?” Thinking of her own question a moment, she asked another question. “To whom do the two of you belong?”

Again, the answer was a while in finding a voice from the fair-skinned one. “We belong to Luzella.”

The oddity of that statement was not lost on anyone in Aeltha’s chamber. Aeltha more than the other two found this to be exceptionally intriguing. All Kazdruk were pitiless where their slaves were concerned, and Luzella was harsher than most, so why one of her playthings would actually report her disappearance raised a whole score of questions.

Clearly Avelyn, Aeltha remembered what the blonde was named, was more broken by Luzella than she likely realized herself.

Uninterested in the blonde’s motives, Zarena pressed on. “You realize of course it will not end well for the two of you if you are being untruthful.”

Neither slave said anything. In fact, the exotic elf had not said a word and was trembling far more than the blonde.

Zarena looked at Varayen. “Do you have what you need?”

“Yes,” said Varayen, her golden eyes aglow with her power. The crystal was suspended above her palm, swirling gently, a torrent of ethereal energy crackling between it and the sphere atop her staff. “I have begun searching for Luzella past the fabric of this reality. It should not take me long to find her.”

Nodding, losing none of her intensity of purpose, Zarena cast her steely gaze back down on the elf slaves as Varayen closed her eyes in concentration. “We shall presently see if you are telling us the truth. For your sake, pray my High Sorceress can locate Luzella.”

Swallowing, Avelyn dared not look up at this imposing woman until she felt the force of her glower turn away. When she did, she gasped, hurriedly throwing her eyes down at her hoofs, dread radiating within her at seeing the emblem upon the disc hanging from the huge Kazdruk’s choker.

It only took a minute of searching before Varayen opened her eyes, the intense magical force behind them enough to flutter all fabric inside the chamber. “There she is. I shall open a portal. Stand back.”

They did at her instruction, and shortly after a tear started ripping through the air in front of Varayen. Starting as a turquoise, jagged line before the High Sorceress, the line expanded, thickened, and then ripped open like someone reaching their fingers into the tear of a shirt and pulling it wider. Crackling forces and an otherworldly drone mounted in intensity as Varayen fought to stabilize the event horizon, using every inch of her arcane genius, her staff and the planar auger to harmonize her powers, to create a doorway between realms.

Within a few heartbeats the tear in the fabric of space and time stabilized into a perfect circle, opening the path between this world and the world where the High Priestess had tracked Luzella’s essence. Whirling before Varayen, droning with the immense powers that were required to bridge one reality to another, the High Sorceress could now keep the doorway open simply by feeding a bit of her powers into the planar auger, the deep blue within the black crystal throbbing with light.

Feeling the gravitational force trying to pull her in, Zarena had to steady herself by planting one hoof half a step in front of herself. The powers at display here were truly immense.

“Well, there she is.” Varayen looked at Zarena, nodded into the portal.

Zarena stepped in front of it, feeling it want to pull her through as though it was a sentient being. The way through the portal appeared like mirrors reflecting mirrors minus her own reflection, seeing the opening to the other world a bit into the distance from the opening Varayen had opened.

With a disgusted grunt, Zarena’s eyes took in the loathsome sight of the mighty Talon Leader Luzella, covered in slime, cum, tentacles and sweat, a brutish keeat mounting her from behind, thick tendrils wrapped all over her body and her massive cock and stuffed into her mouth.

Any single Talon Leader had likely not been in such a deplorable state, and judging by the glassy look in Luzella’s eyes and her slack muscles, she had been at the mercy of these creatures for quite a long time.

Teeth gritting inside her mouth with utter revulsion, Zarena was barely able to retain her composure when she addressed her sorceress. “Release her, if you please.”

Varayen’s eyes squinted, a pensive look on her beautiful face. “No, I cannot.” Before Zarena could speak, she continued, “This is a very special realm. I call it a ‘balance world’. It is unlike most other realities to which we can portal because it is quite possessive, hence the gravitational pull we feel. It is a world that is a cosmic superbeing, all of it part of a greater body that defies our comprehension, at least at the moment.”

“How can that be?” Zarena sounded unconvinced, mouth twisted in repulsion, not sure she fully comprehended what Varayen was saying. “There are keeats in there. How can something that exist in our world exist in such a place?”

Varayen shook her head. “I do not know for certain. I can venture an educated guess, however, and my guess is that whoever originally opened the portal to this specific realm had keeats in his or her thoughts when the connection was first created. Through the powers of which this balance world exist, the keeats were spawned from the caster’s own mind.”

Zarena’s face soured, and looking at Luzella in such a contemptible state was not helping. “How do we retrieve her, then?”

“It is quite simple, really,” Varayen said, careful to keep feeding the planar auger her power so that the portal remained stable. “I call it a ‘balance world’ because something cannot be taken out of it without leaving something within it. Once something has been added, a similar entity must take its place before what was originally added can be removed.”

“How do you know this?” Aeltha asked, unable to keep her professional curiosity from surfacing. She had never heard of such a place before.

“Because in my youth I once discovered such a world on accident whilst doing portal research. I spent quite a while in there before I managed to escape.”

Aeltha nodded, smiling inwardly at the implication. She wondered who Varayen had trapped in that world to facilitate her own escape. Aeltha’s admiration for the retired High Sorceress could yet increase.

Zarena, understanding enough of the situation, looked at the two elves cowering next to her. “Will any person do to take Luzella’s place?”

“Yes,” Varayen said immediately. “A life for a life. The quality of the life does not matter.”

Zarena stepped over to the elves. Before Avelyn knew what was happening, she heard Tasha shriek, begging. In a heartbeat the large Kazdruk had dragged Tasha, kicking and screaming, to the threshold of the portal, and without a second thought or change of expression, tossed her in.

An ear-shattering shriek emanated from Tasha as she fell, horizontally, through the maw of the portal, falling head over heels onto the spongy, seemingly living ground of the horrid world beyond.

As soon as Tasha had landed, the tentacles released Luzella and seized the helpless elf, pinning her to the ground. The keeat that had just deposited its seed into the Talon Leader barked at the intrusion, but oddly enough, the entire pack scampered off, away from Luzella and the elf.

Luzella lay flat on her belly, seemingly unaware of her surroundings.

“Will another person upset the balance?” Zarena asked.

Varayen knew what she meant. “I am unsure.”

Zarena turned to the blonde. “Get in there and help your master.”

Still shocked that Tasha was cast into that horrific realm, Avelyn was unable to speak or act.

She cried in pain when Zarena’s strong hand seized her arm, and before she knew it, she too was being thrown into that dreadful place.

Screaming with terrors before unknown, a smaller part of Avelyn reflected on the bizarre sensation of falling sideways through the terrifying tunnel between worlds. Only when she neared the far end did she start losing elevation, until she landed on an equally bizarre deck once she cleared the portal.

Tumbling and skidding to a halt, it took a few seconds for Avelyn to get her bearings, and she had never before experienced such a potent feeling of displacement and confusion wreaking havoc on her senses.

The ground beneath her felt like she was lying atop the naked skin of a giant, warm and giving slightly under her weight, and deep down under her she swore she felt a pulse, as if there was some massive heart beating far, far underneath.

Disgusted and terrified in equal measure, Avelyn carefully stood up, fighting the desire to void the contents of her stomach. The swirling in her head, the alien, odd smell and the proverbial purple film across her eyes made her entire sense of self twirl as though in a hurricane, and it took several moments of effort to rise to her feet.

Panting, her confusion fighting her revulsion, wide eyes took in her surroundings. In front of her was the twirling maw of the portal, and in the distance she could see the terrifying silhouette of Zarena. Even though she could not see her features, Avelyn got the distinct impression the woman who was taller even than Luzella was already displeased with the time Avelyn had so far spent in the other world.

Feeling ill at place for more reasons than she could count, remembering clearly Varayen’s description that this place might be within some sort of massive creature that defied comprehension and all laws of nature she was aware of, Avelyn managed to summon enough willpower to move. The faster she did so, the faster she would – hopefully – be returning through the portal. It was no point wondering whether or not she would be allowed to return without Luzella.

Walking unsteadily on the strange ground, feeling the dull background drone of whatever this hellish place was pierce her ears all the way into her brain, Avelyn eventually flopped to her knees next to Luzella.

The Talon Leader was covered in dried semen and drool, some still wet, flowing over her muscles. She was breathing deeply, staring blankly at nothing. Avelyn recognized the look, realized her own eyes usually appeared as thus once Luzella had had her way with her. For whatever twisted reason, Avelyn pitied Luzella.

She touched Luzella’s shoulder, received no indication that the Kazdruk was even aware of her presence.


The Talon Leader did not move.


Again there was no response.

Feeling helplessness begin its slow transformation to hopelessness, Avelyn looked around, desperate to find something with which to aid her.

Her eyes landed on Avelyn, struggling equally desperate against the encroaching tentacles. Already the dripping, slick purple appendages had seized the elf’s limbs, pinning her down and spreading her legs wide. Yet more tentacles were sliding up the insides of her thighs, aimed at her vulnerable openings. A scream of despairing defiance allowed another tentacle to slip into her mouth, gagging her pleas, probing into her throat, around which another tentacle coiled to keep the elf under control.

Tears streaking her face, knowing but not truly appreciating the fate Tasha was being condemned to, Avelyn, grasping at any straws she could in order to reach through to Luzella, leaned closer, spoke softly into the Talon Leader’s ear.

“Do you hear that?” she said, just as another muffled scream escaped Tasha as the tentacles started wriggling their way into her remaining orifices. “You slave Tasha’s horrified cries?” Avelyn sniffled, forcing herself to simply work on solving her current problem, shutting her own feelings away for now. “She is begging for your attention.”

This time, there was a twitch in Luzella’s ear, but her blank expression remained unchanged.

Watching the little elf attempt to help Luzella, knowing she was likely doing all she could, Zarena was growing impatient all the same. Her initial wrath with Luzella’s monumental fuckup was starting to recede, and yet a potent sense of irate anger remained bubbling close to the surface.

“I am starting to understand the disappointment you must have felt towards Eylen,” Zarena said matter-of-factly, looking at the elf through the portal, seeing a small movement of Luzella’s hand.

Varayen nodded, a brief mental image of her sorceress-daughter Eylen ghosting past. “Indeed. I fear that is a sensation that has not lessened in time.”

Arms crossed, Zarena turned her head to look down at her companion. “How long do you intend to let her remain there?”

“Another year or so. I need to know she fully appreciates the depths of her failures, how she has wounded her clan’s pride. She will remain with the elven priestess, imprisoned in that tentacle hell and mercilessly used for now. She needs to understand she is doomed to that fate for all eternity, thoroughly, so that when I finally do pull her out of there, she will have ample motivation to step up her game. To not drag my reputation down with her.”

Zarena had to admire Varayen’s ruthlessness, her ambivalence to her daughter’s fate. They should all be as strong of will as Varayen was.

Mumbling, cobwebs in her mind blinding both her vision and her senses, Luzella was made aware of a distant, echoing voice. There was something familiar about it, something she felt like she should recognize.

The voice continued speaking, but Luzella was unable to recognize the words. The tone was what she tried to hold on to. It had a comforting quality to it, a quality that soothed her deep within, yet she did not understand why or how. Farther away, even quieter, screams that somehow delighted Luzella reverberated now and again.

“…ease stand up.”

It was difficult to hear, but eventually she managed to pick out the odd word.

Help. Portal. Come. Leave. Dangerous. Tasha.

Like the dawning sun slowly but meticulously erasing the shadows of night, the familiar voice banished the darkness in Luzella’s mind, bit by bit, piece by piece, until she regained some semblance of control.

She gasped for air when her eyes suddenly regained their function, but she had to blink several times and hard, understanding they’d been kept open for far longer than what was comfortable.

“Wh… what? Who?”

Her voice felt pitiful, her throat dry. Clearing it did not immediately help. Running her tongue inside her mouth caught the residual taste of something salty.

“Luzella! It’s me, it’s Avelyn! You need to stand up!”

Groggily, feeling as though her body was pinned beneath the Spire itself, she managed to move her head enough to allow her eyes to drink in the splendid vision of Avelyn, naked but for a loincloth and the collar around her neck.

The confusion on Luzella’s face was all Avelyn needed. Clearly she was out of it. Who knew how long this world had raped her into submission?

“We need to leave, Luzella. Can you stand up?”

Accepting Avelyn’s words, too tired to try to make sense of anything but somehow knowing she did not wish to be where she was, Luzella started to stand up. It was slow going, one planted hand before the other, one knee to support her weight following the second, a slow rise to unsteady hoofs. As she moved, she thought her skin was covered in something. It felt both wet and crusty.

Avelyn aided as best she could, taking some of Luzella’s significant mass by draping one of the Talon Leader’s arms around her.

“Follow me,” Avelyn said, pointing them towards the swirling portal, momentarily puzzled why there was no gravitational pull on this side trying to suck them through.

Allowing herself to be guided by the little elf, having enough trouble just to put one hoof in front of the other, Luzella shambled towards the otherworldly light in front of her, trusting that Avelyn knew what she was doing.

Behind them, the tentacles were doing their best to break in the new visitor, emptying gallons of sticky white cum into every opening. As soon as one tentacle retreated from a hole, another took its place. Sobbing as best as she was able with yet another tentacle deep in her throat, another deep in her ass and a third poised to stab into her pussy, Tasha was all too aware that Avelyn and Luzella were stepping into the portal.

Leaving her to the relentless attention of the tentacles.

Tasha & Tentacles

When they exited the portal on the other side, Luzella toppled to her knees, taking Avelyn with her. Behind them, the portal closed without further ceremony, cutting Aeltha’s laboratory from the balance world.

Heaving for air, barely strong enough to hold herself on her hands and knees, Luzella’s eyes eventually landed on Zarena’s hooves, which stood directly in front of her. Sliding her gaze upwards, taking in more and more of a shapely, grand female Kazdruk, her heart nearly ceased beating as her eyes widened in shock, seeing the face scowling down at her.

Luzella’s voice failed her several times, until she barely managed more than a mumble.


Arms still crossed, eyes narrowed in revolted anger, Zarena turned her attention to the Kazdruk soldier standing in the doorway.

“Have you found my other daughter, Wulfshn?”


Written by J-Cal.

Snarling in frustration and erupting in a scream of utter hatred, the portal slid shut before Luzella’s glowering eyes. Taking with it its soft growl and ethereal illumination, it left behind silence and darkness.

Huffing with the potent high of combat, clutching her halberd in a painful grip as her teeth gnashed to the point of almost shattering, Luzella looked around, finding herself in an otherworldly place that defied anything the Kazdruk warrior had before witnessed.

A dull, rhythmic drone in the inner channels of her ears gnawed at her, as though trying to make pinpricks in her sanity or attempting to peck away her mental fortitude like a mad carver employing a needle on a block of granite.

Luzella was in a cavernous tunnel of sorts, the length of it far longer than what her eyes could see in either direction. The walls, ground and ceiling looked more akin to flesh than stone or anything that would be used to construct such a canal, glistening and wet. Tendrils, tubes and growths all over pulsed and oozed a viscus substance that the floor appeared to absorb through tiny pores.

Squinting, Luzealla shook her head. It was as though she was seeing everything through a window, the panes of which were ever so lightly tinted violet. Rubbing her eyes did not remove the colouration, making her both unsure and annoyed.

Everything about her surroundings felt strange, looked strange, felt wrong and looked wrong. Over the decades, Luzella had raided and pillaged her way through vast parts of the world, and yet, she had never before seen a place that compared to this.

Beneath her hooves the ground was damp and slightly soft, as though she stood on a great piece of leather armour that had been stretched far wider than should be possible. It felt like standing on a patch of moss, spongy but capable of supporting her weight. Odd, gnarled roots the appearance of hardened intestines sprawled from the ground hither and dither, their function a mystery. Walking on the alien ground, taking care to distribute her significant bulk lest the bizarre surface cause her to loose her footing, she stepped closer to the nearest wall, her face twisted in confusion and dread fascination.

The walls seemed made of a nightmarish membrane, ribbed and organic, tinted purple like everything else. Hesitatingly putting a couple of fingers against the surface, she recoiled at the wall’s response to her touch by puckering and jiggling.

Confronted with thoughts she had not had the need for since she was barely old enough to stand, Luzella tried to quell the uneasy sensations churning up inside of her. She tried reasoning with herself, convince herself she was not, in fact, starting to feel a little frightened. It was just unfamiliar, that was all.

Perhaps it was the organic nature of the cavern, the way every colour seemed tainted by purplish-blue, the fact that she appeared to be in the middle of a tunnel with no discernible way out. Claustrophobia and helplessness clawed at her mind in tune with the unyielding humming in hear ears. Looking next to her once more, the seemingly endless tunnel vanished into the blackness in the distance, like a howling maw into the abyss.

For the first time, Luzella felt out of place, small and insignificant, without an inkling of what to do.

As soon as the first inkling of that pitiful emotion – fear – started bubbling its way up her body, Luzella stomped it down. She was a Talon Leader, a champion of Yuldasha whose blade had felled countless warriors and whose cock had fucked captives and slaves beyond numbers. She did not become afraid.

She was only partially successful in convincing herself.

Cursing the two scheming cowards Kamri and Jelthra who had tricked her into their trap, Luzella was already picturing what she would do to the two dumb cunts when she got back to the Spire. She’d fuck their asses, brutally hard, while squeezing their very life from their throats. Shooting her load into them, knowing her volume and the power of her ejaculation would force the semen up into their gullets, she would be suffocating them from both within and without. A meagre punishment for their scheme, but it would nonetheless please Luzella to no end.

There must be a way out, she thought, putting aside her ideas for revenge for when she would need them, and focusing her efforts on the here and now. Looking down one length of the fleshy tunnel, then the other, Luzella already knew she had nothing with which to base any decision upon. Therefore, she simply picked a direction and began moving, walking awkwardly on the weird surface, but at least having a purpose would help banish her feeling of entrapment and helplessness.

Agonized, yowls spilling from grinding teeth, Kamri walked unsteadily, clutching at her bloody stump. Luzella’s halberd had made a clean cut, severing the elf’s left hand just above her elbow through her bicep. The pain was excruciating. The blood loss was the real concern, however.

She had blacked out for a few minutes by the spot where she had succeeded in trapping Luzella in the portal. When she woke, her nose was in a puddle of her own warm viscera. As the world slowly reasserted itself, her swimming vision seeing Brazeek’s corpse nearby, the knife that had killed him jutting out of his chest where it punctured his heart, Kamri soon remembered the triumph that had just taken place.

And realized with some dread that she would not be alive to savour it lest she act quickly. Getting to her feet, stumbling over to Brazeek, she ripped off a strip of his clothing and wound it tightly around where her arm had used to be. The poor dressing soaked through immediately, but it was better than nothing.

Below, she found where Jelthra had plummeted to the ground following Luzella’s violent attack. The sorceress was breathing, looking to be in one piece, but unconscious. Stopping, supporting herself against the wall, forcing strength to return to her muscles as she tried to block out the radiating pain gripping her mauled arm, Kamri for a moment contemplated simply leaving.

Sighing, then inhaling sharply through her teeth as a new wave of horrendous pain washed over her, Kamri intimately knew she would not have succeeded in her ploy to trap Luzella without the human. While it would be easier to leave her – likely bestowing upon her a grisly fate depending who found her first – Kamri walked down to the ring below, over to Jelthra, blood dripping from her wound.

“Jelthra…” Kamri tested her voice, found it came out with all the fluidity of sand. Clearing her throat and wetting her lips, she tried again. “Jelthra!”

The human stirred, a jolt through her body causing her abundant bosom to ripple in her tight garb. Groaning, a hand coming up to her head, Jelthra’s amber eyes slowly adjusted.

“Ooh, whaz happened?” The hand snapped away from her head, a look of shock taking hold of her expression. “Where is Luzella?”

Kamri snorted. It was all the mirth she could summon. “Cunt’s gone. That’s all that matters.” She had always thought she’d be able to gloat more if she ever succeeded with the plan, but given her current status, gloating seemed trivial.

“Whaz happened?” Jelthra asked, her features twisting once again to something resembling concern when she noticed Kamri’s arm.

“We need to go before I bleed out,” Kamri said flatly, trying to hide the pain from her words and only partially succeeding. She set off without waiting for the sorceress.

“Wez need to see to zat wound!” Jelthra coughed, unsteadily getting to her feet. A hand supported her stomach where Luzella’s strike had connected, sending her spiraling down from the level above. By some miracle, nothing had broken, but taking deep breaths ached terribly, as did moving too fast.

Seeing to the cut was one thing, however Kamri already had another idea. They’d get somewhere away from the north fighting ring to distance themselves from the scene of their victory – Brazeek’s dead body notwithstanding – where the spellsword could do what she could for her pain. Additionally, they’d dress the wound better.

After that, as Kamri had no intensions of living with a single arm, she would approach the only person who was likely able to aid her, no matter how dangerous she was or what she might demand in payment.


The muffled sound of furtive, naked feet ceased whenever someone went past. Peering out of the corner ever so carefully, they let the two guards be about their way before they darted out. Sticking to the shadows, hugging the walls whenever possible and never risking exposure, the pair had so far succeeded in creating considerable distance between themselves and their cage.

The key she had received from Wulfshn had done its job. The demonstration that it would unlock the cage was all the motivation she had needed to make the bargain with Luzella’s twisted sibling. They had sold Wulfshn their silence, letting her take the human boy – Brayton – from Luzella’s chamber to do whatever she wanted to. Knowing Wulfshn’s perverse desires almost as intimately as she knew Luzella’s, she had a very good idea what the younger sister wanted the human for. Likely the same reason why Luzella had chained the human up in her chamber for in the first place. Having listened to the male’s gagged moans as he weathered Luzella’s forced milking had not disturbed her in the least. In fact, she had simply been happy Luzella had focused her attention elsewhere for a little while, wringing the human dry of his seed with her fingers deep in his ass.

Being completely honest with herself, Avelyn had found the show put on by Luzella and her new human plaything somewhat arousing, but she did not care one iota about why Wulfshn had stolen him from Luezlla’s chamber, nor what was happening to him now. All that mattered was making her escape with Tasha. Luzella had not come back to her chamber after she’d had her fun with Brayton, and as time had passed, Avelyn dared not wait any longer.

The magical key Wulfshn had given her to persuade her not to inform Luzella of Brayton’s whereabouts had so far unlocked every door she had inserted it into, making their unseen passage through the Spire far easier.

The two elves wore only what they’d had in their cages, wine-red loincloths and the oppressive metal collars about their necks. As they ran, they kept the hoops in front of their collars pressed down to keep it from clattering and clinking, their supple chests bounding with their strides.

They turned a corner to face a corridor they had no choice but to traverse, and she knew the twenty-one doors set to either side of the hallway housed mid-ranking leaders of the Kazdruk war parties. The fact that it was night was no guarantee that those doors would remain undisturbed for the precious seconds they would need to get to the other side, not least because the sleepless nature of the Spire meant anyone could be around any corner at any time.

Worse still was that one of the doors about two thirds of the way down on the left was slightly open, candlelight spilling into the corridor that was illuminated by a few sconces set in the wall after every seventh door.

“What should we do?” Tasha whispered, still nervous, her voice always on the verge of trembling. Avelyn’s senses were on edge as well, but she seemed to handle the stresses of their escape in progress better than her dark-skinned cousin.

“We need to go, and we have no time to lose. Remember the plan, if confronted we act inconspicuous, say we’re getting something for Luzella.”

Tasha nodded, but Avelyn could feel her apprehension.

“We stop in front of the open door and check if it is safe to pass, before we pass.” Avelyn added, trying to sound more confident than she was for Tasha’s sake. Tasha swallowed.

They started down the hallway, light on their feet, controlling their breathing as best as they were able. Before long they stood as flat as they could against the wall before the slightly open door. Grunts could be heard from inside, and Avelyn noticed a bead of nervous sweat roll down her cheek.

Leaning in slowly, holding her breath, feeling her heart thunder in her chest, Avelyn’s green eyes dared to peek inside the room, hoping to find the occupant preferably sleeping, or at least with the back against the door.

No such luck, however.

In a squat leather chair, facing the door, sat a red-skinned brute of a warrior. His obscene musculature glistened with a faint sheen of perspiration in the soft glow of half a dozen candles inside his chamber. The head was half shaven, the half that did have thick black tresses hanging down the same side of his head. The big eyes were looking down, an appearance of lust and disgust in equal measure within them.

Avelyn then realized what the warrior’s attention was fixed on, and what was making those struggling groans.

Between the male’s powerful, spread thighs, a captive woman was clearly struggling to breathe. It took no amount of imagination to understand that she had the warrior’s cock in her throat, and by the way the male’s big hand held the back of her head down, it was safe to assume her nose was pressed up against his belly. She was tiny compared to her captor, the way Avelyn was tiny compared to Luzella.

Wet, gargling sounds was the only way the dark-skinned elf with long black hair could communicate. She was naked, her hands bound tightly behind her back with a leather thong, her curvaceous, fit body covered in sweat. Her chest was significant enough that Avelyn could see them even from behind, and the pool of spit under her was witness to the fact that the warrior’s manhood had been spearing down her throat for a good while already.

Feeling bad for the elf but knowing there was literally nothing she could do to help her without risking her and Tasha’s chance for escape, Avelyn made the only decision she could, and prepared to pass the door. It was clear the warrior’s attention was not directed at the doorway, so if they were quick and quiet, he would never notice their passing.

As wet choking noises kept spilling into the corridor, Avelyn gestured to Tasha that they would be continuing. Nodding anxiously, trusting that Avelyn would not be attempting the cross unless it was somewhat safe, Tasha prepared to follow.

Avelyn dashed past the open slit immediately. As Tasha followed, she nearly stumbled when she cast a look inside. Not because of the brutal act that was taking place in there, now culminating with the warrior filling his captive’s belly with his seed as indicated by his loud moan and the way his head was leaning back, but because Tasha noticed the tribal design tattooed on the female elf’s lower back.

Not realizing she was standing in the partially open doorway, mouth agape, she was violently yanked aside by Avelyn who held Tasha’s arm in an iron grip as they left the corridor and took refuge in a dark corner.

“What are you doing?” Avelyn asked, her whisper a menacing hiss.

Shaking her head, knowing she had just risked both their lives, Tasha shook her head, whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

Around the corner, back in the corridor they had just passed through, loud masculine groans kept reverberating across the stone walls.

“That woman in there,” Tasha began, visibly upset. “I think she’s from the neighbouring village to mine in Zelkathorn.”

“How can you possibly know that”? Avelyn snapped, not really interested in such things at the moment.

“Her tattoo! That design, I am almost positive it is a mark of that particular tribe.”
Avelyn shook her head. “Even if it is, there’s nothing we can do for her. That brute will do with her as he will, as will every one of our captors in this place with all of the prisoners. We have to think about ourselves, and we have to go, right now.”

Tasha nodded, fighting back a tear, trying and failing not to picture her own mouth stretched around a fat member, her belly forcibly filled with thick Kazdruk goo.

“I’m sorry, yes, lead on,” Tasha whispered, composing herself as best she could. Avelyn was right, of course. They could only look after themselves now.”

Nodding, still a little on edge after Tasha’s hesitation, Avelyn moved on, silently with Tasha in tow.

They made their way ever down, slowly but methodically, avoiding the odd patrol and other slaves about their business, not daring to be seen by anyone though knowing most slaves would avoid them, and most Kazdruk would not deign to look upon them.

Descending a narrow spiral staircase, Avelyn dragged Tasha into a shadowed alcove as she heard voices from down below. As they pressed themselves out of view of the stairwell, holding their breaths, the voices grew louder, making it very clear that whoever were below would be passing the two slaves.

“…dripping blood through zee bandages,” a feminine voice said.

“I know!” another female voice snapped, though her shout seemed weak. “Just… stop talking about it. I promise you I can feel that I’ve lost a dangerous amount of blood. We just… we just…”

“Here,” the first voice said, and Avelyn’s and Tasha’s collective breath caught in their throat when they realized the pair had stopped just outside the alcove. If they turned the corner, they would be discovered.

“Take it easy,” the first woman continued. “I’ll weave a simple zpell on you. It should help alleviate your light-headedness. There, like zo. But wez need to hurry.”

“Yes,” the second voice said, sounding more drowsy than weak now. “Yes, not a moment to lose.”

As receding steps sounded above them, the slaves sighed with relief, feeling their hearts hammer their ribcages. Avelyn thought she recognized the voices. The first one sounded very much like Jelthra, the human, Kazdruk turncoat. The second she believed belonged to Kamri. It wouldn’t be unusual for those two to be in close proximity. But why did Kamri sound so feeble?

“At least that cunt Luzella is finally gone,” Kamri said a weak chuckle, the spell having rendered her numb to the pain, but had her sounding inebriated as though drunk.

“Yes, yes, trapping her in zat dimension was a great success, thanks to zee portal. Now hush. You need to conserve every bit of your strength until we get up to…”

The voices faded away above.

“Let’s go.” Tasha nudged Avelyn when she still stood rooted to the spot, pressing her naked back against the cold stone wall. “What are you waiting for?”

Avelyn looked wide-eyed at nothing in particular, dread settling on her face and stealing the colour from her cheeks. What was that they said? Luzella was gone? Trapped in another dimension by magical trickery?

Part of Avelyn knew she should be rejoicing. Her captor, tormentor and abuser was gone! She would be truly free if she could escape the Spire!

That part of her, however, seemed distant. Tiny. For whatever reason she could not fathom, she felt a tingle of despair as a knot in her belly.

A hundred sensations and thoughts stormed through her head, tearing her this way and that, making her weak of knees and arms. What did this all mean?

She was free of Luzella, now. She should be ecstatic, especially being so close to the Spire’s ground floor. She would run away and never ever be raped or tortured by the huge red-skinned warrior-woman again.

Then, why was a plan to save Luzella forming in her mind?

Time had ceased to have meaning.


Beyond enraged with her own inaptitude to find a solution to her conundrum, as well as with the gross organic nature of the caverns she traversed only to find more of the same, not certain if she was walking in circles, Luzella gave in to her violence.

Slashing at the fleshy walls, the halberd held in both hands in a grip that threatened to shatter the shaft, Luzella screamed and bellowed. Meaning to tear her way out of whatever hellhole the whores Kamri and Jelhtra had sent her two, she swore again and again to take such violent revenge on them both that there’d be nothing left with which to identify the remains once she was through with them.

The walls, ever acting like they were part of something that was alive, oozed a thick black substance, like blood, from the walls where Luzella had cut, tremors around the wounds speaking of some base intelligence that hurt, wanting to get away from what sliced it.

Adding to her frustration, Luzella found she could not rend the wall open. The meaty substance of the wall was unusually dense, resisting the bite of the metal, allowing her to merely draw shallow grooves in it. It was as though some resistant sinew beyond the skin of the walls deflected the blows of her halberd’s axe, refusing her to cut deeper.

With a final frustrated and furious growl, Luzella tossed the weapon aside and kicked at the wall in a juvenile gesture of defiance.

Panting, hands on her hips, Luzella bit her lip as she forced herself to calm down. Such random acts of violence would clearly get her nowhere. She needed to compose herself.

As her breathing grew less laboured, she noticed sounds she had not yet before heard over that constant, maddening drone she had heard ever since arriving in this nightmarish realm. It was like slithering, one noise atop the other, distant, muted.

Puzzled, turning one pointy ear towards the sound, Luzella soon identified the slithering came from somewhere beyond the wounds she had put in the wall.

Mouth slightly open in confusion, trying to make sense of what she was hearing, she stepped closer. Her hoofs had long since grown accustomed to treading on the partially soft organic floor, but she still had to mind her steps to keep her balance.

Putting an ear close to one of the rifts she had sliced across the wall, about as long as her arm from fingertips to shoulder, Luzella’s eyes narrowed as she tried to identify what it was she was hearing.

Abruptly, sending Luzella staggering backwards, several dozen snakes shot out of the wounds in the wall, breaking the cuts open from within and flying through the air towards the Kazdruk Talon Leader.

Except, Luzella noticed with wide eyes as she felt herself fly back from the wall in slow motion, those weren’t snakes.

They were bulbous-headed purple tentacles, the slit at the end of each leaking a thick white substance.

Luzella seized the two tentacles closest to her in her fists, discovering holding onto them was challenging, for they were drenched in a viscous, slippery liquid, like warm slime. Holding them away from her was not deterring the rest of them, however, and Luzella snarled as they came for her.

Tentacles came to wrap around her horns, her outstretched arms and her neck. With the strength of a platoon of Kazdruk, the leaking tentacles toppled Luzella, who now found herself on her hands and knees with her head close to the wall from which the tentacles sprouted.

Sneering, trying to fight them off, Luzella’s reason told her she was already immobilized, but her mounting anger overshadowed all logic as she tried, fiercely, to free herself.

Holding on to the two tentacles she had seized was doing nothing to aid her, but she kept gripping them hard, trying to think of what she could do that would help her. As she roared in angry frustration, a tentacle wedged itself into her mouth.

A muffled cry of ignoble words were stifled by the thick tentaclehead in her mouth, which was already secreting a salty cream on her tongue. It was so wide it stretched Luzella’s jaw, robbing her of the leverage she needed to bite down hard. She tried to pull away but the rest of her assailants kept her down. Particularly, the tentacles coiled around her horns, forcing her head down, was doing a good job of holding the strong Kazdruk in place.

Struggling frantically to no avail, Luzella felt more tentacles wrap around her body, felt the warm slickness of slime on her skin and the dragging of the tentacles on her. Presently some of the tentacles began wedging their way inside her clothing and armour, stripping the Talon Leader where she kneeled.

Kicking her legs did nothing useful, and the more the tentacles wrapped themselves around her the more helpless she became. All of her powerful muscles rippled and flexed as she tried to free herself, but the sheer amount of slithering appendages had no trouble holding her down.

More or less naked but for a few tattered pieces of cloth and armour now, Luzella’s heavy tits dangled underneath her, soon under attack by tentacles that poked and prodded them. Her sculpted, powerful ass was likewise exposed, pointing up as though she was a breeding mare ready for the stallion to mount her.

The embarrassing pose was one thing, Luzella thought in a short moment of coherent thought, but the helplessness to do anything about it was what really rankled her. She didn’t give up her fight, however.

A pitiful moan escaped her stuffed mouth when she felt tentacles wrap around her balls and cock. The friction of slimy tentacles around her nether regions was, despite her attempts to deny it, making her member respond, causing it to rise and lengthen.

Behind her, another tentacle was rubbing its bulbous tip against Luzella’s exposed asshole, smearing the puckered opening with slime as well as the white goop it excreted from the slit in the head. It pressed its way into Luzella, and no amount of puckering or gagged shrieks would keep it from sinking all the way inside.

Her massive cock was soon fully erect, already leaking pre-cum because her body produced so much of it. Tentacles coiled around her, rubbed against her testicles, making her feel good despite her attempts to avoid it.

As the countless tentacles rubbed all over her and inside of her, some started spewing hot tentacle cum on Luzella, the sticky substance mixing with slime and the Kazdruk’s own sweat all over her body and in her hair.

Disgusted and angrier than she could recall having ever before been, Luzella redoubled her efforts. It would make for quite a pathetic spectacle had anyone seen the strong, mighty Talon Leader shudder uselessly as a tangle of tentacles fucked her mouth and ass, more tentacles still wrapped around her erection and her limbs.

The tentacles evidently got off quickly, and often, but little regard was given to switch places. The tentacle in her ass kept thrusting and pumping seed into her colon, the tentacle in her mouth kept prodding her gullet and depositing yet more spooge straight into Luzella’s belly. All over her the tentacles were rubbing and cumming, even succeeding in wringing out a few spurts of Luzella’s own seed with the incessant rubbing of her cock.

Her insides filled up from two fronts, Luzella soon began feeling somewhat bloated.

It was hard to say how long Luzella spent there, at the mercy of the tentacles, wet sounds of fucking, slithering and copious amounts of semen dripping to the organic floor, but not once did the Talon Leader consider giving in. Her body was tiring of the constant struggling, however.

A low growl from behind her caught Luzella’s attention, but she was not able to turn her head, the damnable, wretched tentacles still holding her horns in iron grips. It reminded Luzella of the throaty menace of a keeat, but surely that was impossible, as she was in some strange, distant place, far away from the kennels of the Spire.

Another growl, louder now, closer, now, washed over Luzella from behind, other barks sounding further away in the distance.

Confused, flinching when whatever was behind her barked loudly, she was equally surprised to feel the tentacle in her ass retreating, as did those that had been playing with her cock and balls.

Sniffing from behind her grew closer to her ears, until she saw a shape materialize next to her face. Turning her head as much as she was able to, she saw the muzzle of a purple keeat with glowing blue eyes leer at her. Its nostrils flared, assessing her.

Confounded, wondering what was going on, Luzella’s mind soon reached a shocking conclusion when she reminded herself just what sort of position she was in. Though the tentacles had slithered away from her ass and crotch, she was still held down with her ass in the air.

“Don’t even think about it, mutt,” she wanted to say, but the tentacle still in her mouth remained there.

Blasting Luzella’s face with a torrent of exhalation, thick strings of slobber dangling from its maw, the large keeat turned away, stepped away from Luzella’s head. Finding new strength with which to attempt liberation, knowing exactly what was coming, Luzella had precisely as much luck trying to free herself now as every attempt that had preceded it.

Sniffing between Luzella’s moist, tentacle-cum-covered thighs, the big beast lumbered forward, put one paw atop the Kazdruk, then the other, manoeuvring its bulky form into position as it put its weight onto the Kazdruk.

Try as she might to prevent it, Luzella, mighty Luzella, could not avert her tight ass from being invaded by a throbbing keeat erection. Screaming with shame as much as anger, Luzella ferociously struggled, summoning strength she did not know she could call upon.

She might as well have tossed a leaf into a hurricane and told it to remain still, for all the good it did her. The only thing that happened was that the tentacle in her mouth receded, trailing yet more thick semen. Its sudden limp feeling told Luzella it was only coming out because it was spent.

Luzella_trouble1 fi

The keeat bucked into her, slapping its thighs against the Talon Leader’s firm butt, driving its canine member as deep into Luzella as it would go. It grunted in satisfaction as Luzella let out a wordless gasp.

Gritting her teeth, trying to swing her tail like a lash at the beast just to be doing something – anything – to show she was still fighting naturally amounted to nothing.

The keeat slammed into her again, making her rock forward in the tentacles’ embrace.

Growling, unable to stop the beast, Luzella had a brief moment of pause at the sound of growls and howls in the distance, reminding her that there was likely an entire pack closing in.

“I swear I will slaughter you all,” she spat, emptying her mouth of tentacle-batter. The taste of salt was overpowering.

Unamused by the mare’s outburst, the keeat continued thrusting into her, soon depositing its significant load of hot slime deep into Luzella’s intestine, giving the Talon Leader the gift of increasing her bloated sensation.

It did not stop, however, only kept rocking into the glowering captive who was held in place by the tentacles, impotent to do anything to stop it from fucking as long as it pleased.

As more beasts approached from behind, Luzella was suddenly confronted by the very real fear that there might be absolutely no way out of her situation.


By: Lucien

All of Neicul’s training played over in my head. I wonder what he would say If he knew I was currently on my way to confront Luzella. Would he call me a fool or support my decision, I wondered. It didn’t really matter, I suppose. I had my mind set on ruining her for good. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder. I shook my head trying to clear my mind and focus on the matter at hand. How would Luzella fight? What tactics would she use? Would she fight with honor or would she fight dirty with no-one watching? 

I found myself clenching my fist at the agitated thoughts. Would she even keep her word and show up alone? I turned a corner and continued down the shadowy halls towards the north end ring. I glanced at each statue as I passed by, wondering if one would be Luzella waiting to strike. I smirked at the thought. Each one was a great warrior. Generations of Kazdruk champions, leaders and heroes. 

I made my way further down the dark corridor stepping closer. My heart began beating faster now, thumping, about to rip out of my chest. Thrusts of adrenaline surged through my veins, I gripped my staff to help keep calm and push forward.

“Well, well, well,” Luzella’s voice rang out from the ring below.

“I didn’t think you would show.”

I lept down to the ring below and looked up at her. She was smiling her usual malevolent smile. A face of egotistical efficacy. It enraged me. Deep inside a fire storm was swirling now. I wanted to see her die.

“You’re an interesting elf, Kamri,” Luzella spoke crudely. “You may have bested my sister, but what makes you think you can defeat me? Clearly you have a death wish.”

“I need to prove to myself that I can take you.” I responded quickly. “Once and for all.”

Luzella stopped circling and let out a serrated laugh. 

“Almost honorable, I suppose.  If violence is what you seek Kamri, I’m more than glad to bask you in it.

Tightening her wrist wraps, she looked down at me with an arrogant glare. “I shall drown you in your own blood, southlander.”

I smiled back.

“Then let us begin, I’m thirsty.”


“Don’t touch zat Brazeek, put it down. Don’t you have any patience?” Jelthra whispered.

“Wheree is she?” Brazeek asked.

“I don’t know! You’re ze the one who told Wulfshn to meet you here!”

Brazeek sighed and put down the strange interrogation device he had found to entertain himself with.

“Whaaat if your spell doooesn’t work?” Brazeek asked.

“It will.” Jelthra responded, rolling her eyes, “I cast the tripwire spell perfectly!”

“Buuut what if it doesn’t? Brazeek smiled.

“That’s why you’re here.” Jethra returned with a sting behind her voice. “You’re stronger than her aren’t you?

“Uhh..weeell…” The brute paused for a moment.  “Yes, yes of course,” Brazeek stood up proudly.

“Get down you moron! We’re hiding, remember.”

Brazeek and Jelthra silenced their bickering as they heard Wulfshn coming near. Her unmistakable cloven trot gave it away.

“Ok Brazzeek, herez we go!”

Wulfshn strolled to the doorway.

“Alright Brazeek, where are those slav-”

The rune Jelthra had planted, exploded into a brilliant cobalt blue.

“Ahh! What th

Wulfshn stumbled a few steps while shaking her head. The two watched as she became dazed and disoriented. Jelthra cursed under her breath as she noticed Wulfshn trying to shake off the spell. The Kazdruk stumbled again and caught herself on the wall to avoid falling over.

“Brazeek, you son of a” Wulfshn slurred her words and finally fell over onto the ground.

“Ok, go!” Jelthra yelled.

Brazeek ran over and hooked Wulfshn under her arms and dragged her towards the breeding stocks. She began to move again. Fading in and out, her eyes began to regain focus. Brazeek moved as quickly as he awkwardly dragged the heavy kazdruk woman. He pushed her next to the stock and rolled her over face down.

Quickly, he placed her wrists into the locking slots. Jelthra moved in rapidly and locked each steel slat. The two then moved, shifted her forward and up onto her knees. With a click, Jelthra locked Wulfshn’s ankle cuffs that were attached to the base of the breeding stock. Jelthra locked the last cuff right as Wulfshn began thrashing awake. Her large arms and legs flexed and she tried to break free.

Jelthra smiled seeing Wulfshn trapped on her hands and knees struggling to break out. Wulfshn growled in frustration and anger.

“Let me out you fools!”

“Good luck breaking out of zat, my dear Wulfshn. That steel was forged to hold ze dragons in place.”

“Mark my words, when I get out, I’m going to eviscerate both of you and hang your heads on my wall!”

The two smiled looking down at their handywork. Jelthra removed her dagger and cut through Wulfshn’s light training attire, exposing her pussy.   

“Hmm, Brazeek, I wonder if Keeats will know ze difference between her holes here?” Jelthra laughed as Brazeek grinned.

 “No…you wouldn’t…YOU… BITCH!” Wulfshn flexed again, realizing her predicament she would soon be in.

Moving upward now, Jelthra cut the Kazdruk’s top off, letting her large breasts fall free like heavy pendulums. Cupping one softly, Jelthra let Wulfshn’s large breast fill her hand. With a good squeeze, Jelthra smirked.

“Zey are going to breed you good.”


Brazeek looked down at the lovely sight. He girnned as his cock began to harden.

“Don’t get any ideaz, stick to ze plan, now let’z go!”

Brazeek frowned and moved away. Jelthra walked over to the gate on the other side of the room. She undid the lock and pushed it open. With a groaning squeak, the rusty gate swung wide, revealing a long narrow corridor. Jelthra made her way in and grimmieced at the pungent smell.

She stood at the mouth of the tertiary Keeat kennel. This area held a backup hunting regiment of Keeats. A ragtag group of ones still in training. Others who were not obedient and some who were just too wild. This kennel section held thirty separate cages. Jelthra walked past the locked runs smiling. Making her way to the end, she made sure the other side was locked shut. She needed to make sure the Keeats would only move in one direction, towards Wulfshn. Walking back to the entrance, she found the master gate release bar. With a sharp tug, she yanked the pulley mechanism. Quickly, she moved back and exited, passing Wulfshn as she still struggled to break free.

“Enjoy, Wulfshn.”

Meeting back up with Brazeek, the two quickly left Wulfshn and locked the chamber behind them. The first part of their grand plan was accomplished. They began to head towards the north fighting ring to assist Kamri.


Luzella and Kamri circled each other at a slow pace around the ring. The dim light from above spilled down in long spindly rays. A mix of dust and smoke from nearby sconces caught the tarnished light, causing an ethereal appearance to fill the pit. Luzella’s eyes glowed through the haze. Piercing through like white hot cinders. Letting her halberd rest across her broad shoulders, the muscular Kazdruk rolled her neck before dropping the axe to a low ready. Kamri twirled her staff in anticipation. The light fluttering sound was rhythmic and strangely hypnotic. Spinning the staff around her back and then forward faster and faster. She warmed up the muscles in her arms as she measured Luzella. The taste of metal filled her mouth as small surges of adrenaline blasted through her corrupt veins.

“Tell me Kamri, what do I receive once I defeat you here again,” Luzella barked. “There’s no one here to witness my greatness. No one can pass the story of your pathetic loss throughout the spire. Why should I even be here wasting my time?”

“Sounds like you aren’t confident in your ability to defeat me,” Kamri replied quickly. “If you’re too much of a coward to accept my challenge, I’ll leave. I’ll make sure to let the others know how you turned me down — out of fear.”

Luzella smirked and fumbled her sharp canine over her lower lip.

“You really do have a death wish, don’t you?” Once I’m through wit

Luzella was cut off as Kamri initiated the first strike. She sprinted in quickly without warning and jabbed high. The high strike was meant as more of a diversion. Luzella leaned to the side and deflected the strike off with the end of her helbard. A loud clang rang out, sending bright sparks into the shadows. Promptly, Kamri struck again with the other end of her staff. The quick jabs being launched so quickly and so close, forced Luzella to back up and go on the defense.

Luzella smiled at the aggression the elf was showing. Pure and unfiltered attacks. The large Kazdruk, side stepped and swung the tail end of her halberd towards the elf. Kamri easily dodged the swing and landed a hard kick to Luzella’s torso, before diving backward to evade any possible counter strike. Kamri watched the fury growing in Luzella’s eyes, she needed to set her off quickly. Let her rage blind her.

Wulfshn struggled in the stocks. Flexing her arms and pulling as hard as she could, the heavy Kazdruk steel was too much for even a strong warrior such as herself. Heavy panting started to fill the room. Looking over her shoulder, she watched in horror as three keeats slowly made their way into the room. Panicking now, Wulfshn shook the stocks, trying deprestlty to break free.

The loud clanking perked the keeat’s ears up and they quickly moved towards her. The lumbering beasts surrounded her, one drove its muzzle into Wulfshn’s rear. The Kazdruk attempted to kick the beast away but her ankles remained locked in place as well. Gritted teeth quickly opened, letting a short breath exhale from Wulfshn’s mouth. She bit her lip as one keeat lapped its long tongue up across her labia. She looked back to see more keeats flooding into the room one after another.

Another lap distracted her. She dropped her head as the powerful tongue continued. It plunged into her now, lapping away in strong steady strokes. More keeats surrounded the others.

They saw the position Wulfshn was in. On all fours, she was stuck in a presentation for their mating. She looked over to see their thick pulsating cocks slip from their sheaths. A few were already dripping with pre-cum, leaving sticky strands across the floor.

She looked to her other side as more keeats filled the room. Losing count, there had to be twenty or thirty. One that stood roughly a head taller than the others, pushed his way through the group. A few knew well enough to move. Others were met with nasty snarls and snaps.

The alpha had arrived.   

“You’re getting slow Luzella,” the elf spat before spinning her staff and striking low.

Luzella blocked the hard strike with her arm and returned a very high, stiff kick. Her hoove swooped forward with the weight of a ballista behind it. The massive punt struck Kamri square in the chest, knocking her off her feet. Coughing, Kamri was already scrambling to get back up.

The sizable strike had her seeing stars. Cursing through the cough, Kamri knew she couldn’t afford another strike like that. Luzella was already trialing close behind before coming down hard with a slash from her halberd. Diving quickly, the elf rolled out of the way and got back to her feet.

With a somersault, Kamri closed the distance and slashed upward with her staff. Luzella couldn’t clear her own size quickly enough and was hit hard in the face. The strike dazed the tall soldier and she stumbled backward. Kamri took the opening and unleashed a combination of strikes into Luzella. As Kamri advanced into her, the tall Kazdruk struggled to raise her halberd to defend. Kamri jammed her staff into the long axe blade. Leveraging at the right angle, she pried it from Luzella’s hands. Luzella responded accordingly. Leaving the halberd behind, she rolled backward out of Kamri’s storm of aggressive strikes.

Luzella rose quickly. In a force of rage, she ran towards Kamri head on. The tactic was an unorthodox move. Letting her long powerful legs carry her, she closed the distance promptly.

Kamri thought she was on the offensive and was not ready. The beast outstretched her arms and grabbed the nimble southlander. The hard strike knocked the wind out of the elf’s lungs and sent her staff spinning off into the ring. Luzella didn’t stop, she lifted the smaller elf off the ground and drove her body into a nearby stone pillar.

A loud crack rang out into the spire halls, sending a sharp jolt of pain through Kamri’s body. The authoritative hit fractured the stone, sending shards of pieces to fall to the ground below.

Luzella held the elf in place for a moment, grinning in a mix of rage and excited bloodlust. She grabbed Kamri by the neck and let her faltering body dangle. Pulling back, the Kazdruk drove The elf hard into the column again, sending a spidering crack to crawl across the cylindrical pillar.

Blood began to trickle from Kamri’s mouth as she struggled to reach up and break Luzella’s grip around her neck. Luzella denied the action. Squeezing her adversarie’s throat, the large warrior drove the elf into the column again, this time the force broke multiple large chunks of the pillar off to the ground. The world was going black for Kamri.

The alpha reared up and mounted Wulfshn, wrapping his jaws into the nap of her neck, he showed his dominance and began to buck into her. The powerful Kazdruk let a soft moan slip again as the keeat’s thick cock began to sink into her pussy. The member was quite large, even for Wulfshn. She tensed up slightly as the girth stretched her womanhood. With a heavy thrust, the alpha began to fuck his new toy. A steady, soft clapping echoed into the hall. Wulfshn made fists of resentment as the humiliating act unfolded. A long string of drool fell across her face as the beast above pleasured himself inside her.

Scoffing in disgust, Wulfshn closed her eyes and took the heafy beast shaft. In excitement and blind lust, the keeat humped into her faster, letting his heavy balls smack into his new mate. His front paws gripping tightly, he began to unload a hot thick load.

Wulfshn’s eyebrows arched as she felt her insides fill with warm thick seed. With a soft growl the heavy beast slowed his pace to a stronger more robust movement. Panting as his balls drained, his knot expanded, further stretching Wulfshn’s tight cunt.

Wulfshn Keeat_1

The other keeats were already circling around her, cocks drawn and throbbing in anticipation. Ready to breed her, they lined up around the Kazdruk. She felt another salvo of seed pump into her. This load started expanding her womb now.

Snarling her teeth, Wulfshn tried again to break free from the stocks. Pulling as hard as she could, she moved nowhere. The warm cum pooled inside her as the alpha beast held her tightly. Panting heavily, the beast slowed for a moment and let his large head rest a top Wulfshn’s own.

His large knot remained lodged inside. He let a low growl slip through his teeth to warn the others he wasn’t yet finished. Picking up the pace again, he thrusted into Wulfshn, causing her heavy breasts to sway. The warrior winced as the large cock began to plow her again.

The rhythmic clapping of skin grew faster, as even more batter filled her insides. Now at the brink of overflowing. Only the knot kept the warm cum trapped inside as he finished. Satisfied, the alpha dismounted. Forcefully pulling his cock from her, a large torrent of cum spilled to the floor as the thick knot freed itself. With his job complete for now, he strolled off. Wulfshn huffed in short shallow breaths for a moment, relieved the alpha had finally had his fill.

Her relaxation was only momentary though, as the next keeat in line quickly took his place. Mounting her awkwardly, he wasted no time plunging his hard shaft into her already flooded pussy. A small grunt slid out of Wulfshn as the cycle started over. 

Luzella held the elf’s motionless body, letting her dangle for a moment before driving her into the ground. Luzella pinned Kamri into the dirt. With her hands still around the southlander’s neck, Luzella smiled as she straddled her wounded prey. Kamri tried one last time to free herself but the Kazdruk’s weight and strength was too much.

Brazeek and Jelthra came running around the corner. The two saw Luzella on top of Kamri.

Horrid thoughts filled both their minds. Were they too late? They thought to themselves. Jelthra noticed Kamri’s feet kicking in the dirt, knocking up small clouds of dust. A glimpse of hope filled the human’s mind. She wasn’t dead yet. 

“Come on! We haz to help. Brazeek, we need to get Luzella away from Kamri! So we can start the portal spell.”

“I’m already ooon my way!” Brazeek returned.

Luzella was enjoying squeezing the life out of Kamri. When suddenly she was tackled off the elf.  The kazdruk rose up quickly in a fit of rage. As the sandy soot began to settle, Brazeek kneeled before her grinning. 

“What are you doing here, slug!” Luzella yelled enraged.

She stood up and quickly went for Brazeek’s throat. The two tumbled to the ground in another cloud of dust. Jelthra ran to Kamri, grabbed her staff and handed it to her.

“Now’s our chance! Gez up.”

Kamri coughed and struggled to rise to her feet. Dazed, she used her staff to prop herself up. Her legs wavered as the cold room spun. Luzella and Brazeek rose, now circling each other. Brazeek’s teeth glimmered as he smiled. Bringing his large knife into view, he winked with his good eye before slashing at Luzella. The large Kazdruk jumped back and dodged the fast cut.

“You lack honor Brazeek! Interfering with another talon leader’s challenge! And now striking at me? You wish for death!”

“Yooou can tryyy Luzella!” Brazeek returned, before slashing out again.

Luzella stepped back and deflected the second slash off to the side but was quickly met with another. The cold Kazdruk steel caught Luzella’s forearm slicing her skin and spilling her hot blood to the sand below. Brazeek hastalty moved inward while jabbing the large blade again and again. Striking like an oversized razor beetle of home, the sharp edge landed again into Luzella’s other arm.

Closing the distance completely, Brazeek moved quickly, readying for a final killing strike. As he stabbed outward, Luzella caught his wrist and twisted his forearm. The large Kazdruk stumbled as Luzella forced his arm into an unnatural angle.

In a grunt of pain, Brazeek pulled forward as Luzella leveraged his arm harder. Twisting until an audible crack rang out. Luzella continued further, dislocating his shoulder. The searing pain ran up Brazeek’s arm as his face filled with a mixture of shock and horror.

Dropping his blade into the dirt, he flailed, trying anything to break free from Luzella’s iron grip.The destructive Kazdruk did not let up, she placed her knee across his back and kept wrenching his arm. Sinew, muscle fibers and tendons began to painfully separate. In a final push, Brazeek brought himself up in defiance. Luzella only smiled in his agoy before headbutting him. In a sharp crunch, it shattered his nose and he fell to the ground.

Luzella reached down and picked up his knife. Gripping the hilt tightly, the powerful Rakreegan flashed another smile. A wash of sadism filled her face as blood poured from her adversary’s nostrils. Brazeek looked on through the blood in fear. Panicking now, he rolled over and started to drag himself away with his one good arm. Luzella followed him slowly.

“Face me coward! You started this! Don’t you dare turn your back on me and crawl away like a suckling pup!” Luzella growled, before kicking dirt over him.

She reached his side and kicked him hard in the ribs. The horse punt, shattering his ribs. Brazeek rolled to his back in agonizing pain. Pursing her lips, Luzella straddled Brazeek. Purposely dropping her full weight, to further injure his damaged body.

“Goodbye Brazeek, may your bloodline and kin forget your name,”

Luzella spoke coldy before spitting a wad of saliva across his face.

Gripping both hands around the knife, she drove the large blade downward through his heart. Brazeek convulsed for a moment as crimson bubbled up from his mouth.

On a warpath now, Luzella rose. Leaving the knife in Brazeek’s lifeless body. She focused her gaze on Kamri and Jelthra. Picking up her halberd, she swiftly made her way toward the two. A flash of brilliant light blasted out inside the dim chamber. Squinting in confusion, Luzella covered her brow as a large portal began to swirl open.

In a wild blizzard of debris, shards of sand and rock swirled around pelting the stone walls. Jeltrha stood next to Kamri with the imprint stone as the two worked on opening the receiving end of the portal. Nervously, Jelthra looked over at Luzella as she neared closer.

“She’s coming! You nez to do your part and choose ze exit of ze portal!” I’ll do what I can to hold Luzella off!” Jelthra yelled over the whirring sound.

Breaking away from Kamri’s side, she raised her hand up and launched a rapid volley of three fireballs. Two splashed along Luzella’s halberd, but the third struck Luzella’s upper shoulder pauldron.

In an explosion, part of her armor was engulfed in flames. Luzella gritted her teeth and patted out the small fire with her bare hand. In a brisk canter, Luzella closed the distance and was met with another fireball. Blocking the attack with her forearm, cinders blasted out across her skin, burning her.

Underestimating Luzella’s speed, Jelthra quickly moved backward to attempt to unsealth her sword. Luzella denied the human’s attempt and lifted her by her neck, before tossing her into a stone pillar. The tall Kazdruk lifted her halberd and came down hard toward Jelthra. Dazed, the human was able to roll out the way. The powerful strike sliced into the pillar, cleaving off a large chunk of stone. In a blink of confusion, a pack of keeats suddenly ran into the area all barking and growling wildly.

Kamri focused on the realm to have the portal open to. She drew the rune with her finger into the opening. The portal pulsed from red to a bright blue before inverting to a twisted black oily color. Kamri knew this was her cue to focus on what would now inhabit the realm. She began to drown out the commotion around her and closed her eyes. Filling her mind with what would await Luzella.

Out of nowhere, Kamri’s thoughts were quickly interrupted as a keeat bumped into her leg nearly knocking her over.

“What th—” Kamri yelled out.

Two more keeats chased by after the other before quickly running off. The portal suddenly pulsed back to blue and began to open.

“Ah! Wait, no!” I didn’t get a chance to…”

“Kamri! Quick!” Jelthra shouted, as she and Luzella stumbled around the group of wild keeats. The human used the confusion to make space between her and Luzella who was beyond furious now. Jelthra turned and made her way towards Kamri and the now open portal.

In great annoyance, Luzella pushed the keeats away and followed Jelthra up the line of steps leading to the stone landing. Kamri and Jelthra stood side by side on the elevated walkway leading to the entrance of the large portal.

Sword drawn, Jelthra lashed out with a strike, Luzella quickly moved to guard the slash. Knowing time was short, Kamri moved in now too, it was time to get Luzella into the portal. Kamri and Jelthra took turns unleashing attacks towards Luzella. The angered Kazdruk used her halberd’s shaft as a staff, deflecting the mixed onslaught.

The cramped, elevated walkway made the skirmish difficult for all three. With time running out, Jelthra attempted to slip behind Luzella. As she moved by, Luzella caught the human off guard by pivoting her torso. Letting the halberd trail behind, she contacted Jelthra hard in the abdomen, knocking her off the walkway to fall to the floor one level below.

Kamri took the opening to begin a combo of strikes. Forcing Luzella onto the defensive. The Kazdruk turned, now having her back to the portal. Kamri had Luzella exactly where she wanted her.  She moved inward aggressively, alternating strikes high and low. Portal ciders swirled around the two as they inched closer. Luzella’s eyes widened at the sudden realization of how close she actually was to the portal now.

A tactical miscalculation, she was too caught up in the moment. A trickle of nervousness ran up her spine as she felt a subtle tug at her back. Her hair started to lift up and backwards. It was the gravitational phenomenon that occurs when one is close to a portal entrance. Kamri didn’t let up. She used every form she knew, keeping the Kazdruk off balance and moving. Sparks spat as their steel collided in fury. 

Teeth gritted, Luzella lashed out like a cornered wolf. She stabbed her halberd outward, causing Kamri to dodge off to the side. The elf watched as the portal started closing like an iris. In a final volly, Kamri spun her staff and struck at Luzella’s side. The towering Kazdruk stepped backward passing her leg deep into the portal and parried the attack. The powerful strike knocked Kamri hard into the walkway’s side railing. Before the elf could recover, Luzella had already violently sliced downward.

The large blade severed Kamri’s left arm off.

Kamri didn’t feel anything at first. She only heard the noise of her arm and staff fall to the ground. Blood spilled onto everything. Instinctively, her body was in survival mode and tried to press on.

The force being applied to Luzella’s body was immense now. Every muscle flexed as she attempted to pry herself free from the portal. It was too late. Too much of her body had moved beyond the threshold. There was no way to exit now. As her muscular body was consumed within the portal, she reached out and grabbed Kamri’s chest armor plate.

“I’ll see you in hell!”

The elf fell backward, breaking Luzella’s grip. 

Kamri sat for a moment gripping what was left of her arm. Thick blood seeped through her fingers and began puddling on the walkway. She fell to her side in exhaustion. Eye’s faltering, Kamri managed to crack a sly smile as she watched the last of Luzella’s body disappear and the portal close shortly after.



Shackles of Hate. Chapter 25: Of Schemes and Plots

By: SinfulWolf

Sipping at a glass of wine, Lelthina watched the sun rise over the city of Driftafay as she looked out her open window. Her sheer robes flowed gently around her as the breeze wafted into the room, the richly tailored garb open to let show bare skin. Though the robe did nothing to hide what it did cover. As shadows began to very slowly retreat from the streets and buildings of the city, Lelthina wished she had a balcony to stand upon. Telva’s room certainly did. She could stand out there dressed as she was, without any real concern of anyone seeing her nakedness, so high above the city. Not that it mattered if they did, it seemed more and more of them were following the dark Goddess whose claws seem to sink ever deeper into the lands of humans and elves each time the sun rose.

Just like that the once purely political desire to have the Winterstone Princess removed had turned personal once again in the governess’s mind. Absently she licked her lips, letting her thoughts drift back to the woman whose fault it was. Lillium had gotten into her mind so firmly, so that now, after an evening of passionate sex with the rather skilled Sienna, Lelthina was daydreaming about the succubus again. Chewing on her lip as she remembered those last moments Lillium had spent in the abandoned farmhouse.

Turning away from the window she looked at Sienna, still sleeping, sheets draped only over her hips. The slow rise and fall of her breasts, nipples stiff from the slight chill of the breeze washing into the room. Lelthina touched the marks on her own breast as she set her wine down and moved towards her bed. In her mind she knew it had been a mistake to take Sienna to her bed. But Lelthina had needed it, and now that the mistake had been made she merely wanted it. And a queen could take whatever she wanted.

As she reached the foot of her bed, Sienna’s eyes opened slowly. She looked up at her new lover with that smirk that was quickly shifting from insufferable to endearing. Even attractive in its own way. Reaching up to her shoulders, Lelthina let her robe fall away, and began to crawl onto the bed, pulling the sheets away. Sienna shifted, watching as her superior started kissing her toes, her feet, her shins. Slowly Lelthina worked her way upwards, earning a deeper breathing from the captain.

There were no words, just a slight gasp as Lelthina let her lips begin to trail along Sienna’s lean thigh. Then a moan when tongue lashed out between the tart lips of her cunt. Reaching above herself, Sienna grasped the headboards, and let out something close to a whimper when Lelthina’s kisses continued to climb higher. Moving across the hard muscle of her stomach, and to the curves of her breasts. Sienna’s display of Elvish perfection. Letting her tongue swirl around each nipple slowly in turn. Letting the warm trails cool under the breeze that washed into the room. Bit gently at each one, drawing fresh moans from the soldier.

Still Lelthina climbed higher. Dragging her breasts over Sienna’s body now. Licking and kissing at the captain’s neck, her jaw. Finally their lips met, each tasting lingering flavours of themselves upon the lips of the other. On the dancing tongues of the other. In this room, there was no rank or authority. Just a desire to taste the skin of the other. To give and take pleasure from the other. Then Lelthina broke the kiss. Straddling her lover now she continued to climb. Now feeling Sienna’s lips and tongue on her skin. Just as eager as the night before. Gentler though. Savouring the flavours.

Her thighs continued to move upwards, the tips of her breasts gliding over an outstretched tongue and moist lips. Lelthina let her own moan out now, as she moved higher. Felt Sienna’s hands move away from the headboard to run down her sides. Ghosting over her ribs as lips found a rising stomach. A tongue dipping into a passing navel.

Then hands grasped Lelthina’s rear. Squeezed it tightly, as her pussy settled over Sienna’s mouth. Lelthina let out a gentle moan at the soft kiss that started. The caress of lips upon her entrance. The gentle push of tongue to open her. To reveal her intimacy. Then the tongue pushed inwards. Not far, playing and caressing just inside. Making Lelthina’s hips start to move. To grind against the face beneath her. Earning more earnest motions of the tongue. Gliding from the lips of her cunt to the glistening button of her clit. Flicking over it, letting her lip drag across it.

Now the governess held the headboard, her back arched with breasts pushed outwards. She moaned hungrily to the ceiling, as she rode her lover’s face. Let that tongue coax her deeper into infatuation with a woman that was supposed to be her enemy. To draw her deeper into a faith that should be outlawed. Fingers curled tightly over the top of the headboard, Lelthina’s hips rocked hard and eagerly. Hands grasped her rear, squeezing tightly, pulling at those rear cheeks.

The governess just let her moans pour out, not caring who heard. Indeed, she somewhat hoped someone did. The rumours they could spark might actually help her current path.

Nails now dragged down her stomach, and her head lowered. Unbound hair hung before her breasts as she breathed out her pleasure in low sounds, her hips refusing to stop moving. Grinding ever harder against Sienna’s mouth, feeling the captain’s tongue caressing inside her.

Hands then grasped her hips, and Lelthina felt herself flipped over. Her hands torn from the head board as her back hit pillows and blankets. Hips lifted upwards, the governess wrapped her legs firmly around Sienna’s diving head. Pulling her tighter against her needy cunt. She moaned loudly again, one hand upon her own breast and squeezing, the other grasping a pillow tight. Sienna’s breasts pressed firmly against the back of Lelthina’s thighs, hard nipples near digging into the skin.

When her orgasm finally started to wash over her, Lelthina’s hand snapped upwards. Grasping Sienna by the hair and pulling down. The captain’s eyes flicked up, staring down at her superior along the expanse of her naked form. Her lips and tongue still working eagerly to guide the noblewoman through the heights of her bliss. Higher into pleasure, and deeper into her carnal desires. When her climax finally struck, Lelthina threw her head back and let her moan sound out loud and clear. Her toes curling behind Sienna’s head.

Only then did the captain slow. Letting the ministrations of her tongue become a crawl until legs had relaxed enough for her to escape their clutch. She knelt there, her face and neck smeared in glistening juices. Her smirk slowly creeping over her features as she looked down at her lover. Watching Lelthina slowly regain her breath. Then, Sienna lowered herself, and gently kissed the governess. For a moment their lips merely caressed, until Lelthina opened her mouth to let the captain’s tongue in. Tasting herself in that slow kiss. When it finally broke they stared at each other a long moment.

“Are you hoping for something in return?” Lelthina told the other woman, trying to match that smirk, unsure if she managed to succeed.

“Always. But I shall wait for the next time,” Sienna replied, and Lelthina was impressed by the woman’s arrogance. Once again, the bloodthirsty soldier was right; there would be a next time.

“Good. You know what Lillium wants. The sooner she gets her prize the sooner I can claim the crown of Winterstone.”

“And the sooner you can fuck her.”

“I wasn’t the only one drooling in that farmhouse,” Lelthina ran her thumb along Sienna’s lower lip as she spoke, then brought it to her own mouth and let her tongue flick across it. Sienna just kept her smirk, giving Lelthina the answer she wanted. In her mind, the governess had to congratulate the captain. She was one of only two she would allow such crass words. Though, the thought of Lillium made her think it may be three.

“Just remember who you serve,” Lelthina said, and Sienna replied by leaning down and wrapping her lips around a nipple and slowly dragging her tongue over it. Coaxing a small moan from Lelthina, and starting to stir the embers of lust again.

“Go now. See to your company. Start spreading your faith, start recruiting, start purging. Do whatever you need to do to ensure I have a purely loyal company and that there are those loyal to me among the others. When you have enough to capture Telva, come find me.”

“At once… my queen,” Sienna purred, lifting her head from Lelthina’s breasts, letting her hair glide along that perfect skin.

The captain rose from the bed, slowly dressing in a style that was more Morkatan influenced. The leather pants near skin tight, the tunic almost a corset. It was dangerous, but Lelthina let the card be played. The sword was strapped to her hip, and the captain even bowed before departing.

Sienna was proving to be more than a pawn, and Lelthina had all intentions to use that piece to its full advantage. She laid back and savoured the afterglow of sex for a few moments longer, until she heard a soft knock at her door. Almost dainty.

“Enter,” she called, not bothering to cover herself. She had never been one for much modesty, but lately she found herself savouring her own sexuality more and more.

A slight elven woman entered. She wore a richly tailored dress though no jewellery, and her makeup made her look rather pretty. Deliah closed the door behind her, then turned and bowed to Lelthina. She didn’t make any observations about Lelthina’s state of undress. And being the governess’s handmaiden for the past twenty years, she undoubtedly knew about the affair that had begun the night before.

“You asked to see me first thing my lady. I figured to wait until your guest left,” Deliah said as she rose.

“There is no need to be coy. We both know that I was fucking in here,” Lelthina said as she slipped out of bed and slipped on her sheer robe once more. She glanced over at her handmaiden, as if first recognizing her attractiveness. Lelthina pondered then if there was something to be said for this corruption she’d heard about.

More, she pondered if it even mattered. She’d set her path, and corrupted or not she would see it through. Deliah didn’t acknowledge the eyes raking over her overtly, but she knew. She came forward.

“You’ve always preferred tact before my lady. If you rather I drop it I can. At least in private of course,” the woman said, and Lelthina wondered if the woman was utterly submissive, or just too damn loyal to even gather ambitions of her own.

“Drop it in private. Now, you know what you must do?” Lelthina said, walking with swaying hips to her table to recollect her glass of wine. Taking a slow sip she then moved to her desk and picked up a small scroll.

“Of course. I have also gathered the forged letters from Pharno. The letters will all be dispatched within the hour,” Deliah said, holding out her hand. Lelthina set the scroll into her handmaiden’s grip, and watched the woman bow again and turn to walk towards the door.

“Deliah. I want you to look into something for me,” she said then, and the handmaiden turned, an eyebrow raised with curiosity.

“If you can do it without Pharno knowing the better. But start looking into this cult of Morkate. Find out how many in the city worship her, and how quickly this cult is spreading. Both amongst elves and humans.”

The eyebrow levelled out and the handmaiden bowed once more without expression. As she left and let the door close behind her, Lelthina turned again to the window and looked out over the awakening city and took a long sip of her wine.

Corruption or not, she would wear the crown of Winterstone, and she would break the Coalition from within. And from the ashes she would rebuild, and the Kazdruk would find the true terror that could reside in the Elves.


Walking out through the open gates of Castle Volgras, Sarya lifted her head towards the sun. She breathed in the fresh air and closed her eyes, savouring the feel of it on her face. Lifting her hands, she ran fingertips from beneath her eyes and down her form. Feeling the tight leather tunic she’d been given by Lillium, the undersides of the cups looking as if they’d been slashed open, showing the soft underside of her breasts, curving slightly towards the centre. Hands down lower to the leather skirt hugging her hips and cut low in the rear to show the cleft of her ass.

It felt heavenly to be out of the dungeon finally. To be well fed and sexually satiated. A chamber to herself, and even a slave. Collared and currently cowering in the bed she was forced to share with Sarya. Isolde had wanted it, even as Sarya took a sexual vengeance upon the prostitute turned slave. Forgiveness had come, for Isolde had served Morkate well and in a way Sarya as well. But her plots and schemes still tasted of betrayal. And for it, the woman who wanted to be a slave had to be punished.

It was the old Goldulin way. The ways that had lifted the island people who worshipped Morkate into an empire that held sway over the world. Sarya had studied well as she rose to Centurion. And had seen how the worship of Oan had dimmed the ruthlessness that kept Goldulin in power. It was good to worship Morkate openly once again, out from the shadows of cult safe houses.

Opening her eyes, Sarya lowered her gaze and began to walk into the town built around the base of the castle. She had wanted to speak to Lillium to find their plans for the coming days, but the succubus was no where to be found. All she had was the concubine Rania telling her from the naked and tangled limbs of her sisters that their mistress had gone out in the morning. To where the vampiric concubine would not say.

So Sarya came to walk and explore the town. To see the helots drilling in the square under newly promoted commanders. Centurions Sarya had been told, to emulate the old empire. Their discipline was impressive for beasts that were meant to be nothing but pillagers, rapists, and cannon fodder for the Kazdruk war machine. Their movements crisp as shields snapped into positions and wicked blades readied. Sarya couldn’t wait to get back into drilling. There was much she could teach them.

There were humans around as well. Some slaves, shuffling with only loincloths, leather collars, and shackles around their wrists and ankles. Many tattooed on the back of their shoulder as well. But it seemed there were free folk as well. Morkate worshippers that had come to settle here believing the harbinger would take them from under the oncoming tyranny of the Kazdruk and save them from the scheming elves. Each of them wore cloth and leather garments that revealed plenty of skin. The place was actually looking like a proper town with the buzz of merchants, the ringing of forges, and the chatter of people moving about. The slaves shuffling with heads down and the citizens ignoring the soldiers as a part of life.

It reminded Sarya of home. Of the way it had been in the old days. She smiled, walking along the main street. She glanced into an alley to see a man thrusting into a slave he had pressed against the wall. She moaned in pleasure, but there was a look of fear in her eyes. The man was preventing her from completing her work, and gauging by the whip marks across her back, this was not the first time she had been late due to such circumstances.

The man glanced up, his pants around his thighs, his hips slapping against the woman’s rump. He noted Sarya watching and he offered a friendly smile and waved, as if everything was perfectly normal. The slave didn’t even call to Sarya for help. She knew her place. The centurion waved at the man and continued on her way, taking a winding route through back roads to get to the temple of Morkate.

On the west side she noted the pallisades and gates of a barracks compound. She stepped in through the front gates, the two helot guards saluting her as she walked between them. Within was a tall three story building that housed the garrison not stationed in the castle itself. In the flattened dirt of the courtyard were two dozen helot soldiers sparring with each other, their swords flashing. A few helots wearing crimson sashes walked around the outside, whips coiled in their hands as they watched and barked out corrections. Sarya watched a moment to take notes.

The helots were not using their shields enough. The shield was an extension to a Goldulin legionnaire, as important as the sword. She would have to start instilling that. She was pleased with those that seemed to be taking the role of Centurions though. Lillium and Lorth had done impressive things with the helots they had under their command. Skirting around the edge of the barracks courtyard, Sarya found herself at the forge. A helot stood shirtless over his anvil, pounding away at a rod of metal, slowly shaping it into one of the wicked looking swords of the helots.

He glanced up at Sarya, then turned his head over to a male slave dripping sweat. And cum along his thighs as well, and from the state of his walk Sarya guessed that the helot blacksmith had chosen this slave for more than his usefulness at the forge.

“Keep the fire hot you little shit. Get more wood in the flames, now. Or I’ll use this hammer to fuck your ass tonight instead of my cock,” the blacksmith snarled.

The look of fear in the slave’s eyes suggested the helot wasn’t joking. He ran to gather more wood and toss it into the flames, and began to pump on the bellows. As he worked his loincloth shifted and Sarya noted the small cage his cock was ensnared in. Stopping a few steps away from the forge, Sarya examined the rack of freshly made swords.

“Centurion. Good to see that you’re out of the dungeon,” he said, with a hint of respect. Sarya was still getting used to it from helots.

“Just taking a walk. Wanted to see what my future soldiers are using,” she said, the blacksmith stepped back, his powerful chest glistening with sweat as he indicated the racks of swords.

“Usual fare for our kind. Serrated blades to rip and tear with glee,” he said, almost laughing as he turned back.

“Stop making them serrated. Arrow heads sure, but not blades. Smooth edges, and a better point. It’ll make it easier to pull the blade free, and to kill more from there,” Sarya said, making sure to use the argument of more bloodshed to get her point across. The blacksmith looked at her, frowning. He opened his mouth to speak.

“Make two types of blades for each soldier. One to take pleasure from the kill, and one to simply kill. I need my soldiers efficient. And there will be more glory for it,” Sarya relented, and pursed her lips. It would take some work to get used to working with those that were once enemies. Those she had killed so many of as her nation had crumbled around her. “I’ll come by later. I have some plans that might interest you.”

The blacksmith closed his mouth and nodded, turning back to his work. The ring of the hammer on the red hot steel cutting out any further conversation. So Sarya turned and walked from the compound and started a quick line towards the temple.

She passed what looked like a brothel. The slaves here in better garb but clearly still slaves. They danced outside to entice visitors within, but some sat on the front porch nursing growing bellies, which seemed odd for a brothel. It clicked though when she took note of a helot leaving with a grin as he fixed his belt. It wasn’t a brothel, it was a breeding house.

That was something new to her. She looked ahead, moving through a street filled with merchants hawking their wares as free folk moved and shopped for their needs and wants. Slaves a common sight carrying crates or purchased goods for their masters.

Eventually though Sarya found herself walking through the doors of the Temple of Morkate, still in the process of being refurnished. Passing between a pair of statues of naked men and women entwined in lustful embraces, and past a few acolytes tending to the desires of a few worshippers, Sarya reached the door to Aela’s personal chambers. She knocked, and heard the priestess call for her to enter.

Opening the door and walking in, Sarya spotted the tattooed priestess standing at the foot of her bed holding a whip in one hand and a needle dripping black ink in the other. On the high priestess’s bed was an acolyte. Naked save a blindfold, and kneeling on all fours. She had her head forward, her hip and lower back already covered in the runes of Morkate that would mark her as a servant of the goddess of blood and lust.

“She has been most promising in her learnings thus far. I think she’ll make an excellent priestess. Of course, once we’re firmly established it will take more time to rise in rank, but we have to start somewhere,” Aela told the centurion, turning away from her task and dragging the tip of the whip over the naked woman’s rump. The acolyte moaned softly, but didn’t move even as Aela walked across the room to her desk.


“Yes,” Sarya said, savouring the view of the acolyte before joining Aela at her desk. Taking a goblet she sipped softly, and winced.

“I know. Not very good. I’ll have to get a barrel of something better next time. Still, it is wine, sour it may be. But you’re not here to talk wine,” Aela said, smirking and taking a long gulp. “Or stare at pretty women. You have a whore all to yourself for that I hear.”

“I’ve come to talk about my turning.”

“Of course you have. Tired of hiding and eager to serve your goddess. And without being turned, the Harbinger won’t let you leave the village.”

“No, she won’t. And she’s not here at the moment. So, when is it happening? And what do I have to do to prepare?”

“Tonight, and nothing. I’ll explain everything at the ceremony, but I’m ready finally. You’ll be joining the honoured ranks of Morkate’s chosen. To deliver her swift vengeance upon the world. And of course… I believe the Harbinger has a mission specifically for you,” Aela said, gesturing to a pair of open tomes on the desk. One written in Kazdruk, the other was in Aela’s hand; her own grimoire of stolen knowledge.

“Special mission? I was told I was going to be tr-,” a finger pressed to Sarya’s lips to cut her off. It tasted vaguely of ink and wine, with just a hint of a woman’s cunt.

“You’ll discover when you need to,” Aela said, then leaned in. Her bared breasts crushing against Sarya’s leather clad ones.

Their bodies pressed tightly together, Aela leaned up to whisper in Sarya’s ear. But she nibbled and licked to make it look like teasing to an outsider.

“We may be being watched. Until I find out more about this Niseht, we must be careful,” Aela said so quietly she was scarcely heard.

Sarya nodded though, and the high priestess peeled off her.

“I’ll see you tonight Centurion. You’ll be closer than ever to the Goddess then.”


Three wooden carriages were being pulled down the road by teams of horses. In front and behind of each one a small group of soldiers marched with their spear tips glistening in the sun. Thaden watched them come closer to his position, and that of fifty other insurgents. Many of them holding tight to cross bows of stolen swords. One of two ambushes to happen today. Kira’s little resistance group was still growing as refugees set up tents in the camp deep in the woods. Now there were enough fighters for more than one attack, and while Kira led one further to the north, Thaden was entrusted with this one.

The one coming from Volgras he noted. Kira’s behaviour was growing increasingly odd of late, and he was growing more concerned. Ever since she’d fought her sister, she’d been growing distant.

“Those are humans,” someone whispered, pulling Thaden from his thoughts. He blinked and looked at the enemy soldiers dressed in Kazdruk armour, and was surprised to find the observation correct. The enemy guarding the carriages were indeed human.

“Doesn’t matter. They serve the Kazdruk, so they are the enemy. Remember, those carriages are full of supplies for the Kazdruk raiders in the north. We take them out, we make it easier to root those bastards out,” Thaden said, glancing at those under him. He saw heads nodding, and faces full of grim determination.

Turning back towards the small column he raised his hand. Watching, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The better the moment, the less people he would lose.

The first carriage rolled past him, the wheels creaking slightly. He did another count of the enemy soldiers. Thirty in total. They looked tired as well. Perfect.

When the second carriage came just before him, Thaden dropped his hand. A flurry of crossbow bolts flew out into the road. Eleven soldiers were immediately killed, the bolts punching through their armour and piercing flesh. As they fell to the ground, the remainder panicked. Some tried to turn and raise their shields to face the attackers while others dropped their weapons and ran.

Insurgents leapt up from their cover on the other side of the road. In silence they charged the soldiers facing away from them and smashed into their lines. With axe, club, and sword they hacked and bashed at the enemy. Screams filled the air as the soldiers panic increased. Those standing to fight turned to try and defend themselves as Thaden led his first half out from the woods. A quiet run, and they entered the melee.

The twangs of crossbows sounded as the runners were shot down as they fled. Their bodies dropping onto the road with bolts sticking from their backs.

Just like that, it was over. The ambush successful. Not a single Kazdruk loyal human left standing, and from a quick count only one of his had fallen. Gutted by a wild swipe of a spear. The man might yet live if he got proper medical attention. Wiping blood from his own sword, Thaden glanced at the carriages.

“Let’s get this done quick. Steal the horses too,” he said, before frowning as he knelt by a body.

He pried a helmet off one corpse and looked down at a face frozen in fear, with a leather collar secured tightly around his neck. His insurgents were already reaching to open the carriages when it dawned on him what had happened. Far too late.

The sides of the carriages opened, and bolts shot out from them. A dozen fell dead, a few more screaming as they grasped at their wounds. Armoured helots burst out from the carriages, swords drawn and already swinging, cleaving into the men and women that had just ambushed them. The trap had been perfectly laid.

Then a scream, and Thaden’s head turned to the front carriage. His eyes widened as a woman’s head was lopped from her shoulders in a spray of blood, and his blood ran cold as he saw the killer.

Lillium was grinning, blood running across her face, dripping down into her cleavage as she moved across the killing ground. Her body twisted, and sword dancing as insurgents tried to get to her. A crossbow bolt punched through a wing, and the succubus groaned before she flicked an axe into her hand with the toe of her boot. With a quick throw, the crossbow man fell back, the axe splitting his skull in two.

The succubus moved toward, ducking beneath a high swing with a sword. Her wings shot out wife, knocking two insurgents to the ground. As she rose, she slashed upwards. Her blade cut the man’s leg off at the thigh. His scream of pain cut short as the return swing came down on his falling form. Biting through his neck and severing another head. A woman rushed Lillium, only to have a set of claws grasp her throat. With a quick pull of her arm, Lillium ripped out the woman’s neck. Blood sprayed across the smiling succubus, who ignored the falling body to thrust her blade into a man’s gut. Thaden watched the tip emerge from the small of his back, blood dripping from the black sword. Before the image even fully sank into his mind, the sword twisted and swung out wide. The man fell, clutching at his entrails as a nearby insurgent’s arm was severed at the elbow. The limb landing in the dirt, and the wounded man stabbed through the chest by a helot.

Thaden couldn’t move. He could only stare. Fear clutching him as his forced was slaughtered all around him. Blood soaking into the road, and those left alive fled into the forest. There was no silence this time, Thaden could hear crashing trees as they ran as fast as they could from the blood thirsty monster that was their leader’s sister.

“Let them run,” Lillium commanded, and the pursuing helots stopped before they even got to the woodline.

Thaden was all alone. He dropped his sword, knowing it was fruitless to try and fight. He turned and stared at Lillium as she approached, trying not to stare at the blood of friends and comrades that ran into her cleavage.

He opened his mouth to speak, but she didn’t even pause. Her sword ran through him, snapping his bottom few ribs and opening his lung. Gasping for breath he tasted blood in his mouth. He gasped for breath as Lillium pulled him closer. Dragging him along her sword. Feeling it sink in deeper and cut his lungs open further. Crimson froth bubbled at his lips as she clutched his back and held him against her alluring form. Feeling the hard metal of her corset, and the softness of her cleavage against his chest. Her hand gliding sensually along his back as she leaned in. Her lips at his cheek, his ear. The tongue gliding along the shell of it.

“Should you get to your heaven. Tell Oan I’ll come for him someday,” she said as Thaden bled out in her arms.

Then she bit him. Her fangs sinking into his neck, his blood pumping into her mouth as she groaned against his skin. Her tongue teasing him, and in his shame, Thaden felt his cock stirring in that moment. Hardening in his pants until he felt it touching her thigh, his hips almost involuntarily grinding against her leg. She twisted her sword in his chest and continued to feast until life had fled his body.

Pulling her fangs back, Lillium pushed the man off her sword and watched it hit the ground. She stared at him, slowly licking her lips.

“Almost would have been worth it to fuck him first,” she purred, putting a boot on his chest, letting her heel sink into his sternum.

A nearby helot glanced at her in confusion, but Lillium didn’t bother to explain herself. Instead, standing above her sister’s lover, she swiped her sword in a downwards arc and severed his head. Grasping it by the hair she stood, resting her sword on her shoulder. Glancing both ways down the road, she looked at the piles of bodies. Near sixty dead men and women lay around her. Their blood soaking into the earth beneath her feet. She felt thirsty, and horny, and felt so good to be free of the spire again.

Picking up a spear she jammed Thaden’s head onto its point, and planted her trophy on the side of the road.

“Mutilate the others,” Lillium commanded, and her helots roared out in blood lust, and they fell upon the dead with descending blades.

The baroness of Volgras watched it all, savouring the sight. She knew it would be difficult to find Kira out there in the wilderness. But perhaps, she could make Kira come to her. With a slight smile she took one of the horses, and mounted it, and waited for her soldiers to complete their grisly task.


The elf known as Voryna stretched her arms as she awoke. Though, Aeltha couldn’t quite call her an elf anymore. The former slave rose from her slumber and yawned, showing her new canines. Her fingertips exploring her new horns. The other elf that she had been experimenting upon, Bryla, turned over as she started to awake shortly after. The high sorceress grinned as she watched the beautiful creatures, her own pair of slaves near drooling as the new born succubi stirred and rose.

The first successful Elven succubi, and no vampire blood. Pure Kazdruk corruption flowing through their veins, and willingly accepted. Offers of pleasantries and an escape from the tortures of the slave cells had been enough. They had been willing to give anything to get out from the daily routine of rape and beatings.

Now they were more Kazdruk than Elven, and Aeltha thought she might have finally perfected the succubus formula. Or at least, the succubi that would control her ferals. They started to coo and purr as their senses came to them, their hands starting to explore each other, their lips eagerly looking to taste and tease the other. Small little nibbles drawing increasingly lustful groans. Aeltha watched the pair, who were clearly aware they were being watched. Their red eyes veined with blue darting over to glance at their audience.

“Aren’t they excellent?” Aeltha told the corrupted elvish twins that served as her servants and slaves. She was careful not to use the word perfect again. Not until all the testing was complete.

“Yes mistress,” the twins purred, moving closer together as they watched the succubi, their own hands started to caress each other. Something Aeltha made note of, even as her cock stirred. So she moved forward, resisting the temptation to take all four of them right now.

Instead she snapped her fingers, and gestured with her hand for the two new succubi to rise. Vornya and Bryla both got to their feet, their hands holding each other, breasts crushed together. Their cheeks rubbing against one another as they stared at Aeltha.

“How might we serve Mistress?” they said as one, their words mixing together into a sweet song.

“A final test, of your capabilities. And a theory I have,” Aeltha said, guiding the two to her hidden door, and opening it to the chamber of pillars and clinking chains. At the far end, seen only as a shifting shadow, Neicul awaited. His growls rumbling in his throat. For he stared at two elven slaves, chained to a wall. Gagged so they could not scream, or help throw in a variable to Aeltha’s experiment.

For the one chained upon the left, after some promises, had agreed to undergo the transformation to succubus. To become something better than Elf. The one on the right though had somehow managed to hold onto her defiance. She would even now be pulling against her chains had her wrists not been rubbed raw by metal shackles, and her exhausted flesh failed her. It was very near time to set Neicul free in his prison. To see which of the two he murdered.

“Get my little pet in there to kill the one on the right,” Aeltha told Bryla and Voryna.

“At once mistress,” they purred together, slipping into the chamber without any fear. Both slaves lifted their heads as the succubi entered the chamber. Both recognized them from a previous life. The left one, the one that might well join them, looked on with envy. The other was in shock, and hurt. Of course she did though, Voryna and Bryla had betrayed her, and her kin.

The freshly born succubi though ignored their former kin. Instead moving into the shadows as the doors shut behind them. Pale torchlight flickering into life to illuminate the way as Aeltha watched from her green orb. As the succubi approached, Aeltha firmly guided the face of one of her body slaves down towards her crotch.

Voryna came to Neicul first, purring at him, calming him. Her hand gliding along the cock that had been left exposed since it plunged into Lillium’s cunt. Voryna though gently stroked it, then pressed herself to his chest, whispering into his ear.

All the while Aeltha was able to enjoy soft lips on her own thick cock. Sliding further down along her shaft until the cock greedy whore had much of it down her throat. Her twin sister giggled, sliding to her own knees to aid. Letting Aeltha watch the show. To see every act the two succubi made, and more importantly, the reaction Neicul had to them.

He seemed confused a moment. Head twitching between the two as they sandwiched him. Whispering in his ear. Both stroking his cock and fondling his balls as they ground themselves against him. Their lips spilling the poison honey of their wishes into his ear. The target for him to kill. Precum dribbled over their hands already, and Neicul seemed agitated.

The feral beast that was once Yuldasha’s brother pulled against his chains, but neither succubi relented. It took a moment for Aeltha to realize that Neicul was not trying to get at the temptresses caressing him. He was glaring at the two elves.

It was time. Her fingers traced along her scrying orb, and sparking traces of magic sunk into the glass. Soon coursing along the chains that held her pet. The shackles fell from his limbs, and his neck. The beast glanced down at them for but a second. Long enough for the two succubi to slip away from him.

Then he roared. Furious, full of primal rage. Neicul charged across the chamber, ignoring the dangling chains that struck his shoulders. His feet pounded, and Aeltha felt her heart beating in her chest as she stared. She dared not to let herself hope. No, she just watched as the distance between Feral Kazdruk and bound elves shrunk. Both of them now in a panic as the raging beast closed in upon them. Thrashing in their shackles, blood starting to trickle from wrists and ankles.

Neicul grabbed the resistant elf by the neck. Her eyes wide for a moment before Neicul yanked her from the wall. Through the orb, Aeltha heard the crunch of bones as one shoulder was dislocated, and a thumb pulled off as the hand was forced through the shackle. Neicul stared a moment, confused why his prey did not come to him. So he kept pulling, and screams filled the room.

Screams of agony from the spirited elf being pulled off the wall. And terror from the woman beside her, watching this all take place right beside her, not sure if she was to be next.

Neicul roared and screamed in fury, and gave up trying to free the elf. Instead, turning to smashing her head against the wall while the succubi slowly approached from behind. Letting their pet do his messy work. Again and again the head was smashed against the thick stone, soon leaving smears of crimson every time it was pulled away. Soon enough clumps of once beautiful hair, before the skull broke apart.

Standing there, gripping a naked slave’s corpse in his hands, Neicul finally stopped. He was staring at the mush that was once a head. Now just bits of bone and gore. He let go, the body flopping, hanging by one dislocated arm. A grotesque puddle of blood and bits of brain beneath her.

The succubi moved in then. Their hands pulling him away. Congratulating him on being such a good boy. The still living slave stopped screaming, though she stared at her comrade with wide eyes. Aeltha grinned at the success. So they could be controlled then. She leaned her head back and let out a moan, her cum gushing down the throat of one body slave.

The high sorceress looked down at her body slaves.

“Time to fetch me some more prisoners. We have work to do,” was all she told them.

Within the chamber, the succubi had mounted Neicul, their backs to one another. One riding his cock, the other straddling his face. Moaning up to the ceiling as their hips moved, shoulder blades rubbing together.

Beneath them, Neicul revelled in the delights of the flesh.


One of Velkra’s signallers put a war horn to his lips. Standing stark naked on the piece of wall they had captured, he grasped his hard cock and blew into the horn. The sound carried outwards even as his hips thrust towards the waiting humans. Velkra’s talon all began to stomp their feet or the butts of halberds on the stone they had taken from the humans.

Velkra did not intend to push further inwards, into the woods. She intended to sweep along the wall, taking more and more of it, broadening the breach she had made so that the other talons and their helots could swarm into the forest and slay any who remained.

She grinned, holding her warscythe at her side. Down on the beach more Kazdruk warriors whipped their helots into a frenzy, pushing them forward to take the wall.

“Let’s see who spills more blood today,” Velkra said, and her warriors yelled out as they built themselves into a frenzy. She gestured forwards, and the Kazdruk tore through the barricade they had erected. Corpses, discarded armour, and bits of debris tumbling off the wall as the Kazdruk charged along its length.

It felt good to feel the adrenaline of coming battle again. Her teeth bared in a wild grin as her braids trailed behind her. To feel the grip of a weapon in her hand again, to know that soon she would be spilling blood, and fucking taken slaves. It had been far too long wallowing in the Spire.

Their roars filled the air as they hefted their weapons, running towards the next juncture. Even from here Velkra could see the terror in the human sentries, raising their crossbows to fire into the charging masses. They seemed confused as to where to fire, whether at the talon coming at them from the flank, or the helots rushing up the beach.

Too confused. Velkra frowned, not hearing shouted orders. No human who thought he was in command. Trying to be heard above the fear. It was just the sentries. She slowed, brows furrowing further as she assessed what she saw and heard before her.

The helots were dropping to the few crossbows, but not as many as there should have been. And she had only seen a single of her own warriors fall. They crashed into the second barricade. The one the humans had made from logs, lashings and crude spikes. It did nothing to slow the hulking kazdruk, who tore it down with barely a pause. The Helots even were already scaling the walls. The humans were breaking and running.

It was too easy.

“Halt. Stop!” Velkra screamed.

A few looked back at her. Confused, even with drool running from their lips. Some didn’t hear, but most of her talon managed to stop themselves. Velkra’s eyes darted from the scaling helots to the wood line. The woodline she saw the humans starting to gather in. Collecting themselves.

They hadn’t broken.

“Off the walls. Get off the walls,” Velkra screamed, the first to rush to the edge and leap off towards the last tuft of grass before it all turned to sand.

Her talon glanced amongst each other, but Velkra was their commander until someone challenged her and won. So they followed, jumping off the wall as the helots sneered, and their kazdruk handlers mocked them loudly. A few of Velkra’s warriors either didn’t hear or ignored her, and pushed further along, and started to leap towards the other side.

On the sands again, Velkra’s talon looked amongst each other in confusion, then to Velkra in anger. She led them further downwards. Towards the lapping waters and the old helot barricades they had hid behind for months. Their blood still boiling, eager to see combat. To see violence, and claim spoils.

“Why do we run from the fight? The humans were cowering, fleeing like their little virgin wenches,” one dared to say, and Velkra resisted the temptation to kill him. Instead she crouched, and looked towards the wall.

“Because they did not cower. They lured,” Velkra said. The insubordinate warrior frowned, spat on the ground and took a single step before a deafening explosion shook the ground. The warriors were thrown to the ground in heaps.

Velkra though saw it all. See the ball of fire that rose upwards from beneath the humans’ wall. Saw the mortar and stone break apart into chunks as they were ripped up into the air. Helots and Kazdruk alike did not have a chance to scream as their bodies, or pieces of them, were thrown across the beach. Dirt, rock, blood, bone, and chunks of flesh fell from the sky.

In the aftermath, came the groaning of Kazdruk wounded. Helots and purebloods crawling in the mess of the wall. Velkra looked at her warriors who stared in stunned silence. Further down the beach, they all heard another explosion. Then another. Growing ever more distant.

“Cowards,” one of the warriors said, rising to her feet with halberd in hand.

“Smart. How much of this invasion force will be left now? After months of trying to take it, they have taken it from us,” Velkra said, peering through the smoke and dust. From within she heard groans cut violently short. She looked to the others.

“We go forward quietly. They are killing the wounded. We counter their counter attack,” she said, and placed a finger to her lips.

Her talon nodded, and gripped their weapons again. They started to rush forward again. This time there were no war cries. No threats or beating of weapons. They stayed hunched, avoiding anything on the ground that might cause noise. The sand beneath their sands scarcely a whisper.

The smoke was just starting to settle when they entered. Passing chunks of the dead, and seeing some buried beneath the debris. They began to see shapes ahead though. Dark shadows in the brown of the dust. A line of them starting to become more solid. Soon the glint of armour seen.

“Hey, ther-” Velkra took the first kill, the man ripped open groin to shoulder by her scythe, his leather armour unable to even try to stop it. Now her talon shouted. Now they yelled. Now the panic in the humans was not a ruse. They did not expect many survivors. Did not expect organized resistance. The line was already crumbling as the talon smashed into it.

Steel and fist flared and sliced and smashed. New screams filled the air as the humans desperately tried to peel back to get themselves organized. But now the Kazdruk were angry. Furious. And now they were getting their taste of blood as they ravaged their way into the human line.

One man was standing his ground, blade in hand and smeared in blood. Two kazdruk already lay lifeless at his feet, and Velkra watched him duck beneath an axe swung at his head. His sword slashed upwards taking the warrior at the wrist. She screamed out, and kicked him in the chest sending him flying backwards.

The man hadn’t expected that, and was gasping for breath as the amputated kazdruk warrior rushed towards him. Ripping off her loincloth to show a hardening cock as blood pumped out from the stump at her wrist. The man on his back struggled to get his breath back, fumbling for the sword at his side. But the warrior stomped on his forearm with a cloven hoof.

He screamed now, feeling the bones snapping and grinding together. Drool spattered on his face as the kazdruk gripped him by the back of his open faced helmet and shoved her cock into his mouth. With balls slapping against her chin she thrust hard into him. Fucking his throat as he gagged and sobbed around the thick meat plunging in and out of his mouth.

When she pulled free the man was coughing up cum, spattering it across his chest and face. But she wasn’t done and soon had him flipped over onto his belly, tearing away at his breeches, and pistoning herself into his rear. He screamed in agony as he was ravaged.

Velkra moved past the scene, her war scythe spinning and lopping off a woman’s leg, before crushing her skull underfoot so she could behead one of her comrades. The blood sprayed across her arms, as she lunged to the side. The blade of her scythe opening a man’s guts. He took another few stumbling steps, tangling his entrails around his legs before falling to a dying heap in what was quickly turning into a quagmire of bloody mud.

Now the humans were running, many of them tossing away weapons or bits of armour to try and run faster. Velkra stood over the corpse of a man clutching a crossbow that had already been loosed. Sweat was beaded on her skin, streaked through with blood and gore. Bits of grit and mud stuck to her, and her breasts heaved as she breathed it all in.

“Don’t follow,” she called to her warriors. This time, even smeared in blood, they listened attentively. Not one ran after the fleeing humans. Velkra smirked. The move had been smart for the humans, but they had accidentally solidified her command over the talon.

“Gather any who live, we go back to where we were. Establish camp and prepare for the next attack,” Velkra said.

She listened to her warriors moving amongst the dead and dying. Killing those that could not be saved. Velkra turned back to look at the amputated warrior. She was slumped over her victim, passed out from blood loss. Her cock still buried in his ass. The man cried quietly to himself, cum smeared over his lips, and dribbling over his balls to the ground.

At her feet she heard a groan of pain. She looked down to see a kazdruk pureblood. One of those that had mocked her talon and led his helots into a trap. There was little left of him below the rib cage. She smirked down at him, placing the tip of her spear against his neck. He tilted his head back, and with a quick swipe, Velkra opened his throat and watched him bleed out.

“Get me a runner. We need to see what has happened along the beach,” she called out, already walking back to where her camp would be established once more.


Looking down from the top of the hill, Layli saw just an open field littered with long dead skeletons. She looked over at the scout beside her. There were no carrion birds anymore. The flesh had long been picked clean from the dead. Looters had taken anything of value. All that was left was bleached bones covered in some tattered and rotted strips of cloth. The eternal grins of the abandoned skulls left to stare at sky or dirt.

“The map says this is the Atzgol Plains,” he said, tapping at leather tube at his hip. “According to the reports, this is where the Cozlac clan fell.”

Layli nodded slowly. What might have once been beautiful fields of lush green was now a wasteland of Kazdruk corruption. Their influence seeping into the earth and showing in the skies above. She couldn’t even begin to count the skeletons laying down there below. Glancing over her shoulder she saw the rising dust of the Warhost moving northwards, still a few hours behind. To the east on a hill that overlooked the plains, was a simple looking chapel. To Oan likely. Something worth examining.

When her eyes moved forward again she noted something else in the middle of the field. She frowned, thinking it a skeleton on its knees. But it was hard to tell.

“What is that?” she asked, already urging her horse forward. The scout beside her frowned.

“I don’t know.”

The pair of them rode down to the edge of the battlefield and dismounted. They had no wish to upset the spirits of the dead that may be trapped in this tragic field. Leaving their horses snorting and pawing at the seemingly lifeless earth, scout and shawrapaht moved ahead towards the battlefield’s centre. They picked their way carefully between the scattered dead, feeling wind and dust buffet their forms as they proceeded deeper.

Eventually they came upon what looked to be a shrine. A spear was planted in the ground and surrounded by carefully placed kazdruk and helot skulls. A human skeleton was placed on the spear, the skull covering the bladed tip. Layli stared up at it, frowning.

“This doesn’t seem like a shrine to Oan,” the scout said quietly, and Layli nodded.

“Or Kazdruk. Why would they put their own skulls around the base of it? The human’s almost seems revered here.”

“Something new then?”

“Maybe. But for who?”

“What are we marching into Layli?” the scout had a hint of fear in his voice as he spoke. Staring upwards still at the shrine, his arms wrapped around himself.

“We’ll find out. Come let’s examine that chapel,” Layli said, starting to pick her way across the battlefield again.

The scout stared at the shrine for a few more moments before following. Their horses trailing around the edges. Dust carried in the wind swirled around their boots as they left the battlefield finally and started climbing towards the chapel. Even here there was the occasional bone or arrow shaft stuck into the ground. An old path was mostly obscured by blowing dust and lack of care.

As they approached the chapel, they noted the dirt smeared across the stained glass windows. The dried blood stains on the stones and in the oaken doors. Layli frowned, putting her hand against the door, the other falling to the hilt of her blade. She pushed, hearing the hinges protest as the door swung inwards.

A man in a priest’s robes knelt before the altar, his head bowed. Whispering quietly to himself in the gloom of the chapel. The tall candles around him had long since turned to nothing more than hardened wax caught dribbling down the wrought iron sticks. The pews filling the small structure covered in a layer of dust with cobwebs stretched between them.

Slowly letting her fingers relax, Layli moved forward with the scout staying by the doorway. The priest tilted his head slightly, before finally looking back over his shoulder. He was emaciated, and dark circles sagged under his eyes. With cracked lips he tried to speak.

“Do the demons finally come for my soul, or are you Oan’s angels sent to end my misery?” he said, voice raspy. He coughed hard after speaking, and Layli squatted just beside him. Watching him, seeing the way his robes hung loosely from his form.

“Neither. We are of the Scytar, we’re here to kill Kazdruk,” Layli told him, and he laughed. A dry sound that just left him coughing again, spittle flecking his lips once he recovered.

“To the sea you should go. They all come from there. Raping and enslaving, burning and conquering. But you are fools to go up there… Del Helshan is all but lost. The devil Morkate rises again. Her influence seeps out from the cracks in the world and good people find themselves twisted and perverse. Oan is dying,” he all but screamed the words out before doubling over, coughing again.

When he sat up, looking at Layli with bloodshot eyes, he reached for her. Grasped her hands.

“All will be lost, and the damned will rule whatever rubble is left.”

Layli looked over at the scout as the priest continued to scream. The man standing by the door shook his head and turned to leave. Wind blew dust into the chapel from where he left the doors open, his form quickly vanishing beyond the crest of the hill.

Layli stood. She didn’t think the man would give her much more in way of answers. He had prostrated himself on the floor, drooling now as he screamed onto the tiles his knees had kept clear of dust. The occasional sob breaking through his increasingly incoherent shouts.

She had taken four steps when he lifted himself up again.

“Please,” he muttered, and Layli turned to regard him. A trail of snot running from his left nostril, his eyes bloodshot and downcast. She stood there, looking at the pitiful sight.

“Send me to Oan. I cannot bring myself to face Morkate’s servants again… I pray you are stronger than I,” he said finally looking up at her.

Taking hold of her blade, Layli raised an eyebrow, slowly pulling the sword free. The man’s lips twisted in something like a smile, his head leaning back to expose his neck.

“Are you sure this is what you want? We can take you with us,” Layli said, gesturing with her chin towards the open doorway. In the distance the dust clouds of the approaching warband were steadily encroaching.

The man just shook his head, still staring at the ceiling.

“I am broken in spirit as much as body and mind. I cannot bring myself to fight. I want to see what lies beyond, to know that there is hope for this world. Because I just can’t see it anymore.”

Layli nodded, keeping her thoughts to herself. Sword raised she approached the kneeling priest, and brought the blade down.


Standing on the dais beside the altar to Morkate, Lillium looked over the desecrated church of Oan. Now a temple to Morkate. The succubus was clad only in a cloak of black and red lace, hanging open at the front and exposing her pale skin. She stared at the doors as the opened, and the free folk of Volgras began to stream into their place of prayer. All of them, rich and poor alike, clad in simple grey robes that they discarded into a chaotic heap near the entrance.

Naked and smiling they moved forward towards the dais. Each of them prostrating themselves before the harbinger of their newly found Goddess. More and more streaming in as Lillium watched them all. She let her tongue slither along her lips as her claws glided over Viviane’s scalp, feeling her thick locks running between her fingers. Felt the whore’s breasts against her thighs, her tongue teasing at the glistening folks of her cunt while the former knight moaned softly.

As the temple began to fill, the front few rows began to look over each other. Hands started to drift, touching bared skin. Man, woman, it didn’t matter as the collected lust of them began to gather and build. Lillium smiled, before her eyes caught Mia at the other end of the stage. She wore only a skirt on her tattooed form, and held an ornate box with gold hinges in her hands. The acolyte stared straight ahead, but chewed gently on her lower lip. Watching Viviane’s lapping tongue.

Then the back doors opened and the two last figures entered. Aela, wearing only a mask of lace that obscured the upper portion of her face. Her eyes were surrounded with thick kohl, blending with the mask, and her painted lips curled in a sensual smile as she walked to the altar.

“People of Volgras, you are gathered to feel the touch of Morkate. You are gathered to see one of her chosen emerge from the flesh of her long faithful servant,” the priestess said, raising her arms into the air as a naked Sarya stepped around her and lay upon her back atop the altar.

People watched the collection of beautiful women, their curious hands becoming more bold. Grasping and groping one another as their eyes drank in the flesh on display before them. The smell of such closely pack bodies already starting to overpower the incense Aela had her novices and acolytes light earlier. Its smoke rising to the ceiling, trailing the aphrodisiac through the chamber. Making the followers of the Dark Goddess flush as fingers wrapped around cocks. As breasts were firmly grasped and fondled.

“See her display herself, ready to accept the pleasures of Morkate,” Aela purred, gesturing to Lillium, who gently pushed Viviane towards the edge of the dais. The whore looked up at her mistress, who gave her the slightest of smirks. Unwilling to disappoint her mistress, perhaps even afraid to, Viviane smiled and slithered off the dais.

“Join her in her lust, her pleasure,” Aela continued, moving around to Sarya’s head, starting to remind Lillium of her own corruption. Her own rebirth. The succubus smiled, brows furrowed into an expression menacing and sensual. Dark claws ran along Sarya’s thigh, and the soldier let out a soft gasp as her legs parted. Lillium, still in her cloak of lace knelt down between her legs, and pressed her lips to Sarya’s opening. Tasting her as Lillium let her tongue push inside the woman before her.

Now Sarya moaned, feeling the harbinger inside her. And the people of the audience began to grind against one another. Not caring who it was. Feeling bared flesh against their own as Aela moved around to stand above Sarya’s head. The centurion could smell the tartness of the priestess, and soon felt it on her lips.

Before hundreds of people the priestess leaned downwards. Her hair mingling with Lillium’s as the harbinger thrust her tongue deeper and curled in within. The priestess let her lips and tongue tease along Sarya’s stomach, as her hips pressed downwards. Grinding against an increasingly eager mouth. Feeling a skilled tongue gliding along the petals of her entrance. Making her moan against the hard ridged skin of a soldier’s abs.

The audience was starting to plunge fingers inside one another. Their moans starting to raise in volume as their bodies twisted together. Lips finding each other, or finding breasts of flat chests. Mouths wrapping around cocks, and tongues plunging into cunts much like upon the dais. The smell of sex beginning to fully mingle with the incense. The sounds of it all rising higher. Filling Lillium’s ears as she shifted her gaze. Staring upwards along Sarya’s hardened form, and into Aela’s half concealed face.

Slowly Lillium rose upwards as she noted Mia moving. The High Priestess of Morkate sat upwards as well. Her hips grinding downwards, juices flowing over Sarya’s lips. Dribbling along her cheeks and down her tongue. The centurion moaned in pleasure, and whined as Lillium’s tongue pulled away though the sound was muffled by the priestess.

Mia walked forward, slow and sensual, feeling many eyes upon her. Though many were now closed or turning to look to whatever lover they’d found. The acolyte opened the box, revealing a leather harness and a dildo fashioned from the severed cock of the executed Kazdruk warrior. Lillium stared at the toy, even as Mia began to fasten the straps of the harness around her mistresss’s thighs and hips.

Pressing a firm kiss to Lillium’s navel, letting her tongue glide over it, Mia slid the dildo through a thick metal ring, small little spikes clamping into it, holding it tight. The succubus rose, feeling te attention bathed upon her. She glanced, seeing Viviane staring with awe at her mistress, while a woman kissed her neck and stroked her clit. The lust in the room was palpable, and the centurion upon the altar squirmed with her need.

The Baroness of Volgras stepped forward, her hips gliding along the insides of Sarya’s thighs. The bottom tips of her wings dragging along Sarya’s sides. Feeling the hardness of her abs, her ribs. The succubus grinned, watching the centurion. Watching her body writhe upon now warm stone, her hands gripping the curves of Aela’s ass. Fingers squeezing in tight as she let her tongue delve deep into the priestess, the priestess who let her moans carry through the temple.

Teasing the woman beneath her with the tip of her strap on, Lillium watched her continuing the squirm.

“Take her harbinger. You have showed us of Morkate’s sensuality. Show us her power,” the priestess said, the words nearly a moan.

Thrusting forward, Lillium filled Sarya’s cunt with the Kazdruk formed dildo. Sarya’s back arched, her muffled moan pouring into Aela’s pussy. Claws clutching at Sarya’s hips, thin trails of crimson starting to seep down, Lillium built up a hard fast pace. She couldn’t hear the sounds of it though. Not above the rising moans as the followers who watched began to fuck each other in time with Lilium’s hard thrusts. Viviane herself feeling a cock pushing itself into her ass. Her mouth opening in a long moan as she watched her mistress ravage the woman who had sent her here in another life.

The smell of sex flooded the room. The moans of hundreds forming a choir of lust. Hands smacked against flesh, as other felt themselves penetrated. So many twisted with each other. Contorting in lust and whatever positions they could manage. A sea of bared flesh glistening with sweat. Through it all, knowing only half the eyes were upon her now, Lillium ravaged her former enemy. Watched her breasts bounce from each hard thrust. Watched her fingers curling in an almost desperate clutch of Aela’s ass.

Long lines of blood ran along Sarya’s hips to her thighs as the baroness continued to fuck her, savouring the feel of her dildo crushing against her clit. Enjoying the delicious view before her as she listened to hundreds of moans filling her ear. Neighbours fucked each other, emptying their seed over their skin and inside one another. Cum began to smear across breasts and faces. Men and women tasting the release of lovers, feeling the sticky heat on their skin as the harbinger continued to ravage the new chosen of Morkate.

Climbing off of Sarya’s face, Aela moaned softly, licking her lips, her thighs glistening from her arousal, and at least one orgasm. She moved to stand at the head of the altar, letting Sarya’s moans pour upwards towards the ceiling. Her eyes were closed, even as she tried to lean back to get the taste of the priestess again. Lillium grinned at the slight, thrusting hard into her.

“Morkate gives us pleasure, and we must give her blood in turn,” Aela called out, picking up a knife from Mia’s box as a naked helot walked onto the stage. His hard cock swaying with each step, body covered in tattoos to Morkate.

He positioned himself near Mia’s head, pressing the tip of his cock to Sarya’s lips, and began to push himself inwards. The centurion eagerly opened her mouth, letting the cock push deep. Lillium’s hard thrusts forcing her to take more. Her throat starting to bulge as it entered her throat, that invading cock quickly getting slathered in thick saliva.

Grasping Sarya’s hand, Aela pulled in away from the helot’s body. The centurion did not resist, screaming around the cock in her throat as Lillium continued to fuck her. Bubbles of spit forming around the base of the cock shoved between her clamped lips.

Fingers gliding along Sarya’s forearm, Aela brought the knife downwards, pressing gently to the skin.

“Take this offering of the blood of your warrior lustful Morkate. Take her life, and fill her with your power. Your desire, and your rage,” she said, slipping the knife into the skin. There was a slight garbled groan of pain that was drowned out by the chorus of moans and grunts that filled the temple. The orgy in full swing. Lillium let herself glance downwards to find Viviane on her knees, riding a man’s cock as another fucked her mouth and throat, a woman licking at her breasts.

The succubus smirked, turning back to Sarya. Seeing her pale now as Aela dragged the knife downwards. Blood spilled outwards from the cut, dripping off her fingertips. People in the orgy began to bite and scratch. More grunts and squeals of pain mixed with the sounds of pleasure. But no one wanted out. Lost to their own needs, and the needs of whoever was next to them. Uncaring who they took to themselves.

Lillium leaned downwards. Felt her breasts pressing to Sarya’s own. The succubus let her tongue glide along Sarya’s lips, feeling her body weakening beneath her. She licked the cock plunging into the centurion’s throat. Tasting the thick spit that washed it.

Then she worked downwards, kissing and letting her fangs drag across the skin.

Then the succubus bit downwards. Felt her fangs pierce skin, and Sarya moaned, feeling more of her essence fading from her veins. Lillium feasted, feeling the blood sliding over her lips, along her tongue, and down her throat. All the while still fucking. Ravaging the dying woman beneath her.

Rising again, Lillium starred down at the woman beneath her. Her skin near white as she struggled to breath, struggled to remain awake.

“Taste the blood of our Harbinger. The flesh of Morkate to walk this world,” Aela called out, likely unheard by the mass of flesh grinding and fucking throughout the temple.

The priestess though took her knife and slid it across the bottom of Lillium’s right breast. Blood welled at the lips of the wound, and began to dribble over Sarya’s own. Life faded, her eyes fluttered, but Lillium presented her breast.

The weakened soldier suckled at the wound, tasting the blood that would flow through her veins as well. But strength soon faded from her, and she lost consciousness upon the altar.

The helot began to pull himself free, shooting cum down her throat. Smearing it across her tongue and blood smeared lips as he pulled free of her relaxing throat. Aela grinned at the sight beneath her as Mia came forth. One final object coming out from the box.

A vial. A potion she’d concocted from Aeltha’s notes. She did not have Nera’s blood, but she’d made due with Lillium’s, and the executed Kazdruk. Among many other ingredients. She tilted Sarya’s head back and poured it down her throat.

“She will rise when Morkate deems it,” she said, though inwardly guessed it to be close to twelve hours, perhaps a full day.

Only then did Lillium pull out, and turned her eyes towards the orgy. Knowing Aela had the continuation of Sarya’s care well in hand, the harbinger slipped free of her cloak, and stepped out into the mass of flesh to find her whore, with full intentions to savour the pleasures of the orgy. Hands immediately reached out to caress her. To touch her. To smear cum across her skin.

Lillium spread her wings, to let them caress her people. Her barony. The first castle of an empire of blood and pleasure.