News Update June 2015

Hello all!

I wanted to give you all an update.

Things are going great on the Dominion’s Chain front!

You may have noticed, I moved around a few things on the site. I added an “Other Works” section. This will be a page of links to various other projects we work on, so please check those out and leave some comments!

The “Side Quests” have been moved to under Spire of Torment’s pull down menu. Speaking of Side Quests! Don’t worry, more Sewers of Harrow is coming !

The “World” parts are being worked on. It’s just a lot of freaking info, so it’s moving slowly. I’m focusing on getting my next chapter out. So that’s really top priority!   

I’m trying as hard as I can to get  my next Spire of Torment chapter out this month. It’s just about done. I need to fine tune some parts and then edit it. You kind ladies and gents really wanted to see and read about more Luzella and Avelyn! So that’s what you’re gonna get! Plus some other surprises!  I have some fun art to go along with it too 😀 stuff I’ve been holding onto for almost a year now. So trust me, i want to release this chapter ASAP :D.

Another project that is in the works is…*drum roll* I have painfully started illustrating every-single major Dominion’s Chain character. ( i think there’s like over 30) They’re all going to get fairly detailed, full body character shots. Some will even get nude variants. In the end, I plan to line all of them up in one huge character line up! You might see some being released soon. I haven’t decided yet on how I want to release them. I was thinking like mock collectable cards with stats or something. Who knows.   

Anyway, enough blabbing from me! Leave a comment so I know you guys read this stuff !

Well…since this is taking so long on my end, here, have a sneak peek at some character art. 😀 

Hail Kazdruk!


Aeltha leak


    1. Hi Grond. I’m still alive and I am so so sorry for not having an update yet. Looking back at the point where I started to take this long but necessary break, I just realized that it’s nearly been a year (!) since my last chapter. Last month I finally started writing again, that’s the good news. I’m not yet back to my average workflow and speed yet, but on the way.

      Reading your comment felt very good, thank you very much. Knowing that there are still people out there with an awesome amount of patience, waiting for a new Half-Breed, is giving me a lot of confidence and giving myself yet another kick in my own arse.

      The next Half-Breed chapter is comming soon, I promise!

  1. Lucien Great shout doing the update man! loving the content, Jurassic world was a huge let down so now the next spire of torment chapter is what i am pinning my desires on. Your doing some top work!

    1. Great! thanks! damn that sucks about Jurassic World. I thought it looked kinda bad, but some friends of mine said it was good. I’m sure i’ll still see it out of principle, as well as Terminator Genisys.. ughhh

      But i tend to love a lot of movies that most people hate. Like Chappie. but that could be because I’m obsessed with Cyberpunk and Die Antwoord 😛
      And Jupiter Ascending because spaceships and Mila Kunis is hot as hell.

  2. I don’t read anything here, I’m illiterate. I just come for the pretty pictures. Haha 😛

    Seriously though, great news here, Lucien. I’m not sure if I should be more excited for the next chapter of Spire or the character art, so I’ll just be stoked for both!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next ’round here.

  3. Yes the fans read the news because we are salivating for more chapters! I got so desperate I went back to BlogSpot to see if there was any news on updated chapters there.

    1. Thank you!!! Although our editor and myself are the only rowdy, Red-blooded Americans on the team:P but I will enjoy today by drinking too much and blowing shit up. 😀

        1. Hi Lucien, Dawn and Sinfulwolf :)

          – A few questions (not necessarily related): Is there any – approximate – release date for Spire of Torment, Half-Breed and Shackles of Hate next chapters ? I was just wondering :p

          – About Althea, wasn’t she supposed to have hooves like Yuldasha and Luzella? I was a bit surprised to see her with boots and human legs on the portrait? Was it a change, or was I wrong all the time? :p

          – I really love the new website! Will we be able to have our own portrait on it (as it seems to be restricted for the time being. Maybe on purpose?) . I would suggest as well to change the color of the links for “comments” or the publication date. On LED screens (especially laptops) it’s sometimes hard to read black on dark grey (but that’s just my opinion: I would completely understand if it doesn’t seem to you really relevant).

          1. Hey there Korothir!
            I’ll try to answer your questions best I can.

            The next spire of torment chapter should be out very soon. I’m aiming for later this week or next week. The others I’m not sure. Maybe they can chime in :)

            About Aeltha, I’m pretty sure she has normal feet. Unless I missed something And really screwed up lol which is very possible. We have a lot of characters to keep track of hehe.

            I’m glad you like the new site! To change your avatar you have to use a site called Gravatar ( I wasn’t aware of this until after the whole site was up) :/

            About the text color. It has been driving me crazy since day one!!! Since it’s so hard to see. There was just a lot of other more important things I wanted to get fixed first. But goddamn, it’s a thorn in my side. It wasn’t a really easy fix (for me) it’s hidden someplace in a wall of code.. and me playing with code might as well be rocket science or some ancient language. Maybe Aeltha can help me 😀 But it’s on the list of things to fix :)


          2. My man Korothir! Nice to see ya here. Concerning Half-Breed: After my very very long hiatus, I stared to do some organizing of my storyline and re-reading my own chapters in order to get Half-Breed story continuing to run consistently and without major story line bugs.

            Also, I have to be somehow careful about what happens in my story-arc, talking about the big invasion of the western continent, which interfers with all of the Dominion’s Chain world and maybe affects the other two story-arcs. This type of planning is quite complicated and I’m still working on structuring all of that.

  4. @Lucien:
    – About next Spire of Torment chapter: Nice! can’t wait to read that 😀
    – About Althea: Well… I think it’s me who has eaten some hallucinogen mushrooms! I thought I saw an artwork where she had hooves. but now that I checked all your artworks involving her, I didn’t find any where she has hooves. Sorry for the confusion. I think my subconcious has automatically associated succubus hooves ^^
    – For the portrait problem, it’s solved: I had a Gravatar. It’s just I forgot that my username on Gravatar was different from the one I used to create my account on your site. So it wasn’t able to recognize it. But it’s fixed now :)
    – For the Font color problem on your website:
    Here is a quick suggestion.
    Without going through the tedious attempt to scan every template file from the website skin you’re using, did you try to modify from there:
    in the Dashboard/Admin pannel
    => Appearance => Customize => CSS
    In each block where you see “font-family” (and a associated parameter color: #000000, it might help to replace #000000 by #C8C8C8 (very light grey). And see the result. Keep some notes where you make the modifications, in case you’re not satisfied by the result. Also, using Ctrl+F and the keyword “font” to find very quickly all the areas where a modification might be needed could help.
    I hope these basic tips will be useful. ^^’

    Hi Dawn, long time no see! 😛
    Nice to see you back for the Half-Breed story-arc. I can totally understand that making connected stories might be difficult to organize ^^’: working currently on the storyline of my 3D Comix project, even without being connected to another one, it’s already a huge work (in fact I took more time to work on the story lately than rendering 3D pictures xD)

    1. Hey Korothir. I’m already a month overdue for my original estimate on getting the next Shackles of Hate finished, but writer’s block hit me hard in the middle of all my damn overtime at work. I’m hoping to get the chapter up at the end of this week.

      I also blame random story ideas that just need to get written down (you can see some evidence of this at Hentai Foundry), I know, I’ve been a bad girl.

      You can also blame me for the lack of hooves on Aeltha. Most of my succubus designs don’t have em.

    2. Korothir

      Yeah that’s how I’ve been doing it 😀 The problem is there’s over 112 lines of code that contain Color and Font. And pretty much all of them contain either red or light grey. I’ve gone through all of them multiple times. but as you can see, i actually changed it to white…the problem is, I have no idea how or when. It was caching when I was refreshing the page to see corrections >_< silly me. So I didn't think it was working. Here it was working but i didn't notice until hours later lol so i have no idea what line did it. I'll have to go back later and try to figure it out. It's all one big learning experience for me. Honestly, it's a goddamn miracle I got this site up and running at all lol I drew pictures in MS paint during my computer coding classes in school, maybe i should've paid more attention 😛

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