Spire of Torment. Chapter 27: Tacticians

 By: Lucien

The murky chamber jostled into view. Neicul strained his eyes as they struggled to adjust in the dark room. Chaotically his white iris phased in and out; they shifted through optical ranges while attempting to acclimate. The room’s light inverted itself as his nocturnal vision started to take over. The Kazdruk advantage allowed his eyesight to finally blend into sharp focus. Chained to the wall, Neicul turned his head to scan the room. He winced in pain as his head pounded, the pain conjuring up memories of the hangover he received while once trying to drink Luzella under the table. The haze of unconsciousness slowly departed.

 Something was off. His senses were overloaded and ultra sensitive. He could taste the skin of elvish prisoners along with something stronger. The spicy leather scent of Aeltha enveloped him, now burning his nose. The Kazdruk’s heart began to race, his mouth salivating and eyes racing. He looked down to notice his rock hard cock. Neicul usually awoke like this, his typical morning wood and boost of testosterone for the day ahead but this was something else. The deep craving to mate and procreate was overbearing. He couldn’t think straight. His senses were becoming flooded and each minute he remained awake, the more unbearable it became. He tried to think of how he ended up in this predicament, but all that filled his mind was primal, animalistic lust. His thick member throbbed now, pushing up inside his leather pants. His breath labored, he continued looking around the dark room.

“Ah, finally you’ve awoken?” A familiar female voice spoke out.


Neicul’s sharp canines lowered as his demeanor submerged farther into sexual madness. Looking to his right he caught Aeltha emerging from the shadows, gliding her talons across the stone wall. Her razors sprinkled orange sparks across the floor, momentarily illuminating the gloomy chamber and distorting Neicul’s enhanced nocturnal vision.


“What the fuck have you done to me?” Neicul gritted out. Aeltha only smiled, tugging along a naked elvish prisoner behind her.

” Playing a little, testing and evaluating,” the demoness finally responded with a twisted grin on her face.

 “You will never get away with this! NEVER!” Neicul yelled.

 “You don’t appreciate the arts, Neicul? I would think an individual like yourself would. I like to think of myself as an architect, a mason, a painter if you will… Flesh and blood is my preferred medium,” Aeltha spoke while pulling the female elf closer to Neicul.

 Neicul’s eyes narrowed at the elv’s naked body. He no longer cared about Aeltha or what she had done to him. His mind and body flared into uncontrollable hunger. Unable to speak or form a coherent sentence, his arms flexed causing every muscle to bulge. Twisting like a wild guard dog, he pulled on his chains doing anything he could to get closer to the now fearful elf. Without warning, Neicul snapped outward like a wolf trying to strike.

 The alabaster woman shirked out at the sudden jump. “W-w-what’s wrong with him? What are you doing to me? Please, let me go!” the elf pleaded with Aeltha.

 “I think he likes you, little one. It’s alright as long as you stay here out of reach, you’ll be fine. He can’t break those chains no matter how hard he tries, ” Aletha smiled.

 “What did you do to him? More so, what do you want with me? You said i’d be freed!” The elf continued.


“Shush. You’re no longer in those dingy holding cells down below now, are you? I altered his bestial and hormonal levels with a little concoction I developed. Our little friend here Neicul had an already high level that just rode the border of unstable; a Kazdruk side effect of his. I’m merely a curious woman. I simply want to see how far I can push things and record what wondrous events unfold. Now that he’s awake, his hunger will become stronger and stronger, then eventuality plateau…or perhaps his hunger won’t and he’ll simply go mad, ” Aeltha grinned again, watching Neicul become crazed with lust. She moved around the chamber and began lighting various candles. The elf watched on nervously. Aeltha turned while lighting the last candle.

 “Oh, there’s something else that’s quite interesting going on here. You see, I ran out of my favorite binding agent, so I substituted the agent with a rare additive of mine. The substance reacts quite violently to lunar cycles. Depending on the moon, the potion’s strength will increase dramatically. As for you little elf, you’re here for extra kindling to keep his loins burning.”

 Aeltha moved in front of a crimson curtain next to the candle and pulled it wide open.  Outside the port view, the moon in all her beauty sat against the deep night sky. A few stray clouds brushed by in the cold wind.

 Neicul’s white eyes flared open from the lunar rays as his body surged with immense lust. He was focused on Aeltha and the elf prisoner. Nothing else mattered now. All he wanted, was to fuck any being he could get his hands on. His muscular stomach glimmered in the candles as he panted slowly. His eyes sharpened on the elf while he let out a guttural growl. Again and again he pulled on the chains. A small crack suddenly splintered out across the wall from the right chain’s anchor point. Aeltha’s smile quickly flattened to worry as she raised her eyebrow and took one step back.





Waves crashed across the bow in rhythmic thumps. Evening stars hung over the broken fleet as they made their way north. Geem and his remaining forces rode back beaten and broken but the mission was a success. They had rescued Queen Aria.  

 Aria sat with grace, her legs crossed and looking sternly forward like a granite statue. There she sat as she felt an overbearing evil swirl inside her womb. The northern queen broke her stoic face to allow a sliver of a malgan smile. An elvish soldier entered the ship’s cabin, the rustling of his armor earning Aria’s attention. The guards had been on an endless rotation, each keeping a close eye on Aria in case she required anything during the voyage home.


“Is everything alright your Majesty?” the guardsman inquired.

 “Why yes young man, I am doing fine. Please have a seat,” Aria smiled.

 “My Queen, my orders are to keep a lookout. I must remain on guard,” the elvish soldier responded.

 “As you wish…then please, let me out on the deck. I require some fresh air. And I would love to gaze upon the night sky.”

 The guard frowned knowing that he should not allow such actions. But the look in the queen’s eyes made him think better of it. “As you wish Queen Aria,” the guard bowed while opening the wooden door out to the deck.

 The two walked out along the ship’s deck. Aria closed her eyes feeling the crisp ocean air against her smooth elvish face. The raven night sky was clear and the pale moon shown bright surrounded by millions of sparkling stars.

 “ What a wondrous night, no?” Aria spoke while resting her hand on her hip and gazing into the elvish soldier’s sharp eyes.

 “Indeed it is, my Lady.”


A second guard walked towards the two before bowing in front of the queen. “Good evening, my Queen; goddess Eletha shines down on you this eve.”

Aria smiled to herself and nodded. “Thank you, fine cavalier.”

 “If you don’t mind your Grace, I’m going to patrol the stern of ship now. You’re in good hands with Arkady here,” the short elvish man smiled.

 “Please, do you what you must my solider of the north. May Eletha forever grant you strength.”

 The guard bowed and continued towards the rear of the ship’s deck leaving Aria and Arkady alone on the bow of the large troop carrier.

 “Mmm, it’s been so long since i’ve been out along the ocean. The SajaRuun is majestic, no?”

 “That it is my lady, it pleases me to see you in such high spirits,” Arkady grinned and looked out along the horizon with the Queen. “Commander Geem is a brave man and I’m honored to have fought along side him. I hope he’s resting well.”

 “A brave man indeed, a true hero and one to look up too,” Aria responded, smirking. The northern queen twisted her lips in a villainous fashion, her icy blue eyes flashed softy as a nefarious wave fell over the puritan elf. She turned to gaze at Arkady who was busy scanning across the water for any possible threats.

 “Arkady, do you have a lover?” Aria asked while moving closer to the elf catching him off guard.

 “My lady? Oh, why yes. My wife Kimber…she is-” Arkady was cut off by Aria’s soft finger rolling over his lips to shush him. The northern elf pulled opened her elegant dress to reveal her deep cleavage. Before the guard could say anything else Aria pushed herself onto him, pushing the young elf against the port side railing.

 “My lady, I…I…I don’t believe this is appropriate…You’re-” Before Arkady could complete his sentience, Aria forced her lips across his and then pushed her tongue into his mouth. Her eyes shimmered to a neon jade green. Arkady’s walnut brown eyes became lost in the queen’s as he began to mumble in a hypnotized state. He found it impossible to move or resist.


Aria moaned at the intense new power she had discovered. She felt wicked and malevolent. The alien feeling excited her. It was unlike Aria, she wouldn’t hurt a soul or single bug but the sudden urge to overpower was taking control and Aria now relished it. The urge to subdue slowly began to boil over as Arkady found himself powerless. He attempted to raise his hands and stop the unruly behavior. Arkady was a married man, Queen Aria was as well and nobility at that. If anyone saw himself and the queen he would be executed.

“Please Queen, I beg of you, this must cease at once!” The guard managed to speak out between Aria’s ravaging.


Aria ignored the elf and brushed her now exposed chest across Arkady’s. The queen hungrily grinded herself against the elf as heat surged through her body. Arkady gasped in terror as he realized something was not right with the queen. She looked predatory and hungry now.  He could see her beastly hunger and taboo craving behind her glowing eyes. A soft growl sent a chill of fear up Arkady’s spine. Queen Aria lost control and bit the elf in the neck sinking her teeth into him. Arkady screamed in agony but before he could scream any longer, Aria reached up and drove her hand into his throat. Frothy blood began to bubble out of the elf’s mouth as Aria tore out his vocal cords in a bloody mess of flesh. Lifting him by his severed neck, Aria tossed him over the railing of the ship, letting his body plunge into the cold sea below. With a baleful grin, Aria turned as if nothing had happened.    




 Kamri followed Jelthra through the endless labyrinth of books and shelves. The two scanned the great library top to bottom looking for any spell that could help them combat Luzella.

 “We’re going to need a big spell if we’re going to take down Luzella,” Jelthra spoke brushing dust off old tomes marked with aggressive Kazdruk runes.

 “What are we even looking for? Fire spells ? High energy?  Weapon enchantments? ” Kamri asked.

 “Sure, anything…anything to give us ze edge.” Jelthra proclaimed.

 Kamri sighed in grievance. “We don’t even know if spells like that would kill her…”

 “She may be strong, but she’s not invincible. We can take her down, we only need to outsmart her,” Jelthra replied.


Kamri smirked in skepticism. Luzella was smart, fast, strong, and cunning. Kamri knew they would need something powerful and unpredictable. She moved on, brushed her hand across the top of a shelf in frustration and knocked a piece of brittle stone off the side. Kamri watched as the small piece fell into the crack of a lower drawer.


She stopped for a moment, reached down and opened the dusty drawer. The small area was empty, apart from a few cobwebs. Laying in the middle was the piece of stone. Kamri closed the drawer, reopened it and then slammed it shut again forever trapping the piece of stone inside. A wild idea had struck.

 “Jelthra, what if we?…there’s got to be a way…”

 “Waz are you going on about? Got to be a way to what?”

 “Well, I remember reading about portals in some of these books… Couldn’t we trap Luzella in a portal? You know, send her far away with no way back? Push her in, and shut the door?”

 Jelthra stopped for a moment with a smile now curling up.

 “You’re crazy… but iz might be crazy enough to work! Let’s take some of these books and brush up on some stronger spells and we’ll have to figure out how to open a portal…  ”    

 “How are we going to learn something advanced like that? Or more importantly, who would have a book on something like that? ” Kamri asked twisting her lip in grouse.

 Jelthra thought for a moment before turning to look at Kamri. “Aeltha…yes, Aeltha would have something on zat, I’m sure.”

 Kamri nodded in delight. “I’m sure it’ll be well guarded. We will need a plan.”

 “Zwell, let us create one then,” Jelthra smiled and turned to walk away.

 Kamri’s eyes ignited in arousal at Jelthra’s confidence as she walked into the adjoining room. She thought for a moment conflicted. Deep inside she knew Jelthra shouldn’t be trusted, but the ever hungry animal in her was becoming more and more drawn to her. Kamri gasped as the familiar spark radiated between her legs. She did her best to ignore the senesation that was leading her astray. She stopped for a moment, gained her composure and stepped into the next room with her.

 Jelthra found herself in the next room. The small study area was illuminated by marvelous, magenta candles placed sporadically throughout the chamber. She looked around and saw no other personnel in the cool chamber. Inquisitively, she let her eyes peer along the dark stone walls. A large crimson banner hung in the middle, brandishing the crest of the Kazdruk Order. Jelthra found herself distracted. It was unlike her, she spaced out and couldn’t recall what she was in the process of doing. Only one thing filled her mind now and that was Kamri. She could sense the former carmel jungle elf behind her and it brought a sly smile to her face. Smoothly, she spun to face the athletic elf.


Kamri’s eyes became lost wandering across Jelthra’s skin as she turned to face her. She didn’t care if she was caught staring, she was letting her lust fuel her actions now. Jelthra noticed Kamri’s thirsty gaze and smirked while letting her own eyes trail up Kamri’s fit stomach. The two looked at each other in a ravenous gaze letting the world stop for a moment. Their eyes met with one another, orange cinder iriss locking in place for a brief heartbeat.


The two simultaneously snapped out of it and took a quick step back in confusion.

 “What are you doing!” Kamri spoke out defensively.

“Me? Vat are you doing!” Jelthra responded.

 The two looked away from each other awkwardly, neither one sure on what had just happened. “Uh, well are we going to come up with a plan or what?” Kamri asked, breaking the aberrant moment.   

 “How are we going to steal a large book containing the instructions to open a portal?” Kamri asked with concern.

 “Well, maybe we don’t have to take zee whole book,” Jelthra grinned.

 “What? We just going to walk in and rip out some pages?”  Kamri asked with a sarcastic bite.

 “No, we will copy zee instructions with a smaller spell. We could use a crystal to imprint a page or two,” Jelthra responded with a smug twist of her lip.


Part of Kamri truly hated Jelthra but she couldn’t deny her twisted charm… or physique. Jelthra sat down at a round marble table. Pushing her raven hair back over her ears, Jelthra looked down for a moment and rolled out a piece of parchment paper. The human removed a shaft of graphite and began drawing the layout of Aeltha’s study chamber.


Kamri watched on smiling as the candles around the room glinted off her orange eyes. She couldn’t help but notice Jelthra’s enticing skin, she found herself running her eyes across the crafty human, visually undressing her and licking her lips softly. She glared on in sexual hunger. The corrupt elf could sense every aspect of her human counterpart, her heart beat, her scent and each breath she took. Kamri bit her lip hard and pried at her own hips with her nails in frustration. A rush of twisting emotions took over her; she was drowning in a baleful mixture of hatred and arousal.

 ” Ok zo, I know Aeltha holds many tomes here in zis location,” Jelthra spoke out, circling her hand drawn schematic. Jelthra looked up at Kamri bumping her out of her devilish, lustful thoughts.

 ” Oh…uh ok. So along the south wall of her chamber?” Kamri responded through the now unbearable quench for sex.

 “Yes, we’ll have to sneak in while she’s out. She’s usually not around her work chamber this late. You keep guard, I’ll move in, find the tome and imprint the pages we need.” Jelthra paused for a moment and looked up at Kamri. “I will really need you to watch my back while i’m in there. I will have to skim through many books and Aeltha has guards that routinely walk the area.”

 “Right, I can do that,” Kamri smirked. “I think this is a good start; we’ll get this spell and then plan how to open it and push Luzella in there!”


Jelthra smiled at Kamri’s optimism and confidence. The human’s thought was led astray from the new, nagging attraction she had for the elf. Half of her still wanted to hate her, but the other half wanted to ravish the elf, she couldn’t deny how beautiful she was, and deadly. Jelthra didn’t want to admit it, but Kamri was a formidable fighter. The thought sent a tingle between her legs. The way the elf looked at her made her toes curl in her boots. Looking back down at the drawn map, Jelthra rolled her tongue over her bottom lip before finally standing up.


Kamri stepped forward towards Jelthra with a smooth, elegant gate. The elf reached out running her hand across Jelthra’s shoulder. Jelthra hesitated and flinched. The human huntress had lived the last decade of her life in a defensive state. Survival, looking out for herself, and watching her back every second was all she knew. Could she trust Kamri? She no longer cared. She felt outgoing towards Kamri. An intense magnetism pulled Jelthra closer to the elf as she moved forward to embrace while her survival instinct screamed at her to back away. Warmth radiated through both as Kamri and Jelthra met in the middle and locked lips. The two ran each others hands across one another, unclasping straps to their clothing and pulling down undergarments in a sudden crazed frenzy.


Grinding their bodies into one another, Jelthra pushed the elf up against the wall. Kamri growled back pulling Jelthra’s hair and kissing the human along her sweet, inviting neck. The two embraced one another as if they had been longing for this moment for over a hundred years. Succulent moans echoed in the small chamber as the candles flickered across their soft bodies. Kamri guided her hand between Jelthra’s legs rubbing in a circler motion. Vivaciously, the carmel elf spun Jelthra around now pinning her against the wall. Eagerly biting on the human’s ear lobe, Kamri stuffed her fingers between Jelthra’s petals before rubbing inside the woman’s slick cove. Lowering herself now, Kamri placed her hands along Jelthra’s thighs and buried her face between the human’s legs lapping at her clit. Leaning against the wall, Jelthra moaned out loudly as she wrapped her leg around the elf’s head and ran her hand through Kamri’s hair. Biting her lower lip, Jelthra became lost in fervor as Kamri worked her tongue in silky swirls. Moving back and forth, she lapped in and out of the human’s dripping pussy driving Jelthra mad. The two moved to a ledge in the center of the chamber, grinding on one another and hands brushing upon each other’s warm skin. Pushing Jelthra down onto the ledge, Kamri ran her fingers into the human’s pussy again earning a soft moan from Jelthra’s lips. Kamri pressed her mouth forward, softly meeting with the human’s lips. The two swirled their tongues elegantly, letting their repressed waves of burning desires finally release. Jelthra laid back letting Kamri on top of her. Ravishing onward, Kamri groped the human’s breast and let the soft flesh fill her hand. Jelthra leaned back moaning in pleasure letting her hands ride across the elf’s back.  

Kamri Jelthra


“Mmm, you minx, I still hate you,” Jelthra spoke playfully grinding and tribbing with Kamri. She responded by softly biting Jelthra’s nipple and then looked up with her deadly gaze.

“The feeling is mutual, you snake,” Kamri returned, pinning Jelthra down. ” You hate the thought that i’m just as capable as you.”

Jelthra smiled at her words while sliding her clit across Kamri’s own. “Ha! You’ll never be az good az me!” Jelthra snapped back with a smirk.

Kamri pressed herself hard against Jelthra well leaning down and now licking across the human’s breast.  “Funny, I recall rescuing you from Luzella’s grasp the other day. Just think, you could be making sweet love to Luzella right now and not me,” Kamri joked.

“Mm, I zuppose you’re right,” Jelthra admitted, her words mixed with another moan.

“What was that Jelhtra? I didn’t quite hear you,” Kamri laughed.

“Mmm, zhut up and keep fucking me!” Jelthra spat, grinding herself upward into the elf.


Kamri flashed her teeth in an evil, mischievous smile before pushing her hips back in response. Hot bliss melted over two as they shivered in shared pleasure. The two rolled around on the smooth surface making luscious love under candle light. Their mixed moans and groans of lust were interrupted only by their lush locking lips. Reaching back over her head, Jelthra dug her nails into the granite as the immense pleasure drove her over the edge. The human screamed out in orgasm, launching tremors of euphoria through her body. Kamri followed immediately after, throwing her head and long black tresses back in sensual exhilaration. The elf fell forward kissing the human’s lips. The two laid embraced as their soft kisses continued to dance into the spire walls deep into the night.    






Avelyn gazed up from her daily duty of polishing Luzella’s halberd. Her bright green eyes became lost in the window port of Luzella’s chamber. Cold droplets of rain splattered across the glass, helping Avelyn’s mind slip into endless daydreams. Her jail cell felt strangely cozy compared to the unpleasant weather outside. She sighed in melancholy as she scrubbed harder along the lug of Luzella’s giant halberd. Frowning, the northern lamented at the irony of being left with such a dangerous and deadly weapon but not being able to wield it effectively because of her size. There wasn’t a moment that went by in this place where Avelyn was not reminded of her new submissive place in this world. The heavy clang of the outer chamber door swinging open jostled Avelyn out of the grim thought. Without thinking, she kneeled with the halberd laying before her. Luzella appeared at her cell bars smirking, her height towering over Avelyn like a castle lookout post built for mythical giants. The Kazdruk stepped forward and removed the heavy lock bar.


“Hows my blade coming along?” Luzella asked kicking Avelyn softly with her black hoof.


“It’s clean and polished for you, master,” Avelyn responded softly.


“So it appears… present it before me.”


Avelyn looked up at Luzella for a moment and then down at the heavy parkinzied halberd. She slowly slid her fingers under the dark steel shaft and struggled to lift the large hellish weapon. Luzella took the elongated axe from the elf with one hand and began to look it over.


“Not bad I suppose. Seems you earned yourself a trip outside your cell today. Why don’t we grab a bite to eat?”


Avelyn nodded, trying to remain emotionless and stoic. She was very hungry and knew that being fed was a reward she could not afford to miss out on. Luzella reached down and attached her heavy chain to Avelyn’s collar.


“Come on girl,” Luzella spoke with a faux high pitched voice while giving a tug on her leash. Avelyn crawled on all fours beside her master as they made their way out.


The two returned to the busy tavern mess hall. Luzella took at seat at her usual place and ordered Avelyn down to her knees beside her chair on the cold ground. Avelyn grimaced slightly at the fact that she was not allowed to sit on a chair at the table. She looked up wondering why, but Luzella ignored her gaze. Avelyn could hear some stools being dragged out and seated in above her. Peeking her head up in curiosity she could see some various Kazdruk soldiers and Wulfshn smiling back at her. She continued to look around and suddenly had her head pushed back down and pushed under the table.


“Bad girl, sit,” Luzella spoke out coldly.


Avelyn’s grumbles were lost over the loud chatter of the tavern above. She heard Wulfshn laugh and an empty bowl was suddenly tossed down under the table. The words  AVELYN were carved into the side. Avelyn stared at the bowl for a moment and then back up as a Kazdruk approached the table and delivered a round of drinks to the soldiers, Wulfshn, and Luzella.

Wulfshn shifted to the side and whistled out. Within seconds a young Keeat came tumbling around the corner knocking a staff member over and spilling mead across the floor. The group laughed as the beast ran up to Wulfshn’s side.


“That’s a good boy!” Wulfshn reached down and pat the Keeat on the head letting him rest his head in her lap.


Another member approached the table and handed out various meals. Avelyn looked around under the table trying to get a better view but could only see legs and hooves. Wulfshn tossed a piece of meat under the table. The Keeat took his head off his master’s lap and went under the table. Avelyn paused for a moment when the Keeat made eye contact with her. The young Keeat growled as his hackles began to stand up. It walked forward under the table and ate the piece of meat. After eating, the beast took interest in Avelyn and approached her slowly while growling softly.


“Hey! Leave it! Get over here Ra’ro,” Wulfshn yelled out while patting her thigh. The Keeat backed away and ran back to Wulfshn’s side, placing his head back in her lap.


Avelyn looked at her bowl again and then up at the underside of the table. She could hear the Kazdruk above eating. Cautiously, she crawled forward towards Luzella and peered up between her powerful legs. Luzella took a sip of her drink and looked down at Avelyn smiling.


“Aww, poor girl. I almost forgot about you.” Luzella took a strip of meat and tossed it into Avelyn’s bowl. Avelyn stared in disbelief and embarrassment.


” I’m not an animal…” Avelyn mumbled to herself. The chunk of meat sat in the middle of the deep bowl. Her stomach rumbled in pain not caring about her current treatment and dehumanization. Giving in, she shifted and started to head for the bowl. A sharp gowel rang out and Ra’ro approached Avelyn’s bowl and snarfed the piece of meat up.


“Hey!” Avelyn looked at the beast in anger. “That was mine you little shit!”  The Keeat lowered itself and growled back. Avelyn turned around and gazed back up at Luzella.


Luzella reached down and tossed another scrap into Avelyn’s bowl. This time she didn’t hesitate, placed her face in the bowl and ate the piece of meat. Ra’ro pushed his face into the bowl too late and whined. Seeing Avelyn as competition to his meals, he snapped out at the elf, growling louder than before. Avelyn huffed in frustration, blowing up from her lip to get her own hair out of her face. She turned to face Luzella’s direction again and placed her head between Luzella’s legs. Avelyn gasped as she felt a wet muzzle suddenly dive into her pussy lips. She fell forward slightly into Luzella’s lap while trying to push the Keeat’s head out of her twat. Luzella looked down biting her lip at the sight of the elf’s head bobbing into her lap. Reaching down, Luzella cupped the back of Avelyn’s head, pinned her down and began caressing her long hair. Avelyn couldn’t move her head now and flashed a nervous smile. With a fake grin she struggled to push the Keeat away without drawing attention. The more she tried to get the Keeat to back off, the more he seemed interested in her, like it was some kind of game. A long slurp of his tongue ran between Avelyn’s soft petals. She let out a soft gasp but caught herself. Luzella gazed down at Avelyn again, the sight of the elf’s head between her legs sent a spark of lust up her spine.


“Stop it! get away from me you little…” Aveyln spat at the Keeat.


The northern elf paused for a moment as her situation began to get worse. Her green eyes moved as she felt Luzella’s cock hardening now under her loincloth. The side of the thick shaft started pushing into Avelyn’s face as Luzella still held her face down. Luzella reached down and moved her bottoms to the side, freeing her cock and letting it her throbbing member slide along the side of the elf’s soft face. Avelyn tried to move her head away but Luzella effortlessly palmed her head and kept her in place. The Amazonian leaned back in her chair as she pushed her cockhead into her slave’s face. Avelyn mumbled as the thick head stretched her mouth open.  

“You’re going to have to work that little mouth some if you want more food,” Luzella smirked while taking a swig of her mead.


Avelyn’s eyes widened as she felt Luzella’s hefty cock head expand in her tiny mouth. She tried not to panic even though previous times had almost ended in death.  She angled herself on all fours, tried to relax and repress her gag reflexes. She took a deep breath through her nose and started to bob her head forward some. In a slow controlled rhythm, Avelyn sucked on Luzella’s cock, letting her lips pucker back and forth along the thick shaft. At this rhythm, Avelyn reassured herself she could do this. Since Luzella wasn’t pushing her, she was still able to breath through her nose and focus on working her tongue. At that moment she felt the Keeat rear up and mount her. Avelyn’s eyes opened wide and she stopped her consistent sucking rhythm for a moment to try and push back at the Keeat with her hand. Avelyn instinctively tried to say something but only muffled sounds emitted with her mouth full of cock. Avelyn was met with Luzella’s hand palming the back of her head and pushing her back into motion. Avelyn was not ready and found herself caught off guard. Her rhythm off now and not prepared, she gagged as Luzella pushed her head down much farther onto her meaty cock. Avelyn’s body tensed as she gagged again trying to regain control of the situation. The Keeat behind her wrapped his paws around her waist and humped her wildly.  The beast’s hard cock slid against her looking for anything it could fit into. Avelyn quickly realzied she needed to focus on the problem at hand. She reached up placing her hands on Luzella’s thighs trying to stop herself from being pulled any deeper onto the Kazdruk’s cock. It was a feeble attempt as both her arms were no match for even the strength of one of Luzella’s hands. Avelyn slid forward as Luzella greedily stuffed more of her cock into the elf’s throat. Luzella sighed in pleasure as her slave was forced to take her cock deep.


Wulfshn smirked across the table at her sister Luzella. “Enjoying yourself over there huh?” Wulfshn asked while she ran her fingers across the side of her mug looking longingly into her litter-mate’s eyes. Luzella only rolled the side of her lip up.

“Mmm why yes, yes I am. This elf could probably teach you a thing or two about sucking cock,” Luzella spat playfully.

 Wulfshn rolled her minty eyes before smiling back smugly. “Pfft, that’s doubtful,” she responded before taking a sip.


Luzella purred as she felt Avelyn’s throat muscle tighten around her cock again. The elf’s tiny gags were nothing more than soft muffles now. Holding the elf’s head tight, Luzella pulled and pushed back and forth on her cock, fucking her little throat. The Keeat found its target and sank its dripping member into Avelyn’s warm cunt. Another muffle of protest chirped out in response to the new intrusion. The demon like wolf thrusted into its new found mate hard, forcing his wide knot into her and stretching her pussy. Avelyn was helplessly rocked back and forth between Luzella and the Keeat. Choking on the slab of meat, Avelyn tried to pull off Luzella’s cock for a breath of air as her nose became pushed up against Luzella’s base.

Avelyn and Luzella Keeat

Luzella moaned in pleasure as she held her victim down. The Keeat slowed for a moment as it started flooding Avelyn full of cum. In response Avelyn reached up trying desperately now to push off. The elf’s small palm turned to a fist; she knocked on Luzella’s thigh for reprieve. Luzella held her tight as she started to cum down her slave’s throat. Looking up in anger, Avelyn choked on the amazinion’s thick load as it began flooding her throat and leaking out the side of Avelyn’s lips. Letting go this time, Luzella freed Avelyn’s head letting her cough and gasp for air. Luzella’s final salvo plastered the elf across her face, covering her in warm thick seed.


Wulfshn looked at Luzella in great appeal. She couldn’t see what was going on under the table but the muffled sounds coming from below made her tail whip in wicked interest. Without taking her eyes of her blood kin, Wulfshn smirked on in jealously wanting some sexual release of her own. Avelyn slouched on all fours clearing, her airway of the thick cum. She caught her breath as a long thick strands oozed down her face and hung from her chin, swinging back and forth to the rhythm of the Keeat still humping her. The northern elf grimaced as she felt another hot load blast into her womb. It was no use trying to push him off now, so Avelyn kneeled there letting the beast dump his seed. She glared up at a new piece of meat that Luzella was now dangling in front of her face. Avelyn rose her chin and ate the piece from Luzella’s hand.



 Wulfshn whistled, now realizing that Ra’ro was not sitting beside her like he was supposed to be. The Keeat jumped off Avelyn’s back and tugged Avelyn’s flooded cunt along with him for a moment before his engorged knot finally popped free.

 “Bad boy, where the hell did you run off to?” Wulfshn asked. Wulfshn patted Ra’ro on his head but didn’t take her eyes off Luzella. Holding another strip of meat under the table, Luzella glanced up at Wulfshn.

 “What’s the matter?” Luzella spoke, before placing her hands behind her head and reclining back against the tavern wall. “I know those eyes.”

Wulfshn ran her hand through her hair for a moment and smiled, doing her best to look innocent and harmless.

 “How much to borrow Avelyn for a few hours?” She finally asked.

 “Ha! What makes you think I would whore this elf out?” Luzella laughed, taking another swig of her drink. “I find it hard to believe that you have no toys of your own.”

 Wulfshn’s lips tightened to a sharp smuggish grin and then looked off breaking eye contact. She glanced back, now twisting her finger around a dark strand of hair, letting it corkscrew around her index. “Uh well, I uh…I might have broken my last… but I’ll promise to be gentle with yours here,” Wulfshn spoke with her eyes getting large and doe like.

 “Mhm, you being gentle? That’ll be the day,” Luzella smiled.

 “Look who’s talking!” Wulfshn yelled, slamming her fist down hard on the table and cracking the wood. “And hey, how was I supposed to know my last bitch couldn’t breath?” Wulfshn smiled a fiendish grin. “The way he was licking my cunt just felt so good, I assumed the small male soldier would have tried a little harder to push me off…dumb human,” Wulfshn scoffed.


Luzella laughed at the comment. “And that’s why I won’t let you use Avelyn here. You’re too rough. Elves like Avelyn here are delicate, brittle like the ice that forms on their pretty little flowers,” Luzella spoke before flashing her canines in a big smile. Wulfshn frowned, stood up and walked around the table to Luzella before leaning into her. Luzella remained with her arms behind her head relaxing. Wulfshn ran her finger along Luzella’s face.

“You’re no fun.” Wulfshn spoke in frustration and kissed Luzella softly on her cheek and began to walk away. Luzella smirked as her litter-mate walked away swinging her long tail back and forth. Avelyn peeked her miserable cum coated face up from under the table looking up as Luzella gazed downward.


“See? You may think I’m a heartless bitch and evil, but I just saved your life little one,” Luzella laughed.

 Avelyn squinted as cum began to run into her eye. “…Death doesn’t sound so bad right now,” Avelyn whispered under her breath before spitting cum across the floor.

 “What was that? Luzella asked harshly.

 “I said thank you, master,” Avelyn replied with a fake smile.

 With a sharp grin, Luzella smiled and kicked the elf softly. “I’d watch that little mouth of yours if I were you. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”






Ulla stumbled across the black and barren nightmarish world. Lost and disoriented, she dragged her naked body through the dark orchid colored sand. The human’s entire body ached and was covered in bruises. Her eyes were tired and her will weakened from dehydration.  She had awoken some days earlier, not sure exactly for how long she was out. The large orgy of worms had raped her unconscious and eventually left her for dead. Ulla refused to die like that, her human strength and courage carried her one step at a time. She had no idea where to venture, the world was strange and alien, the black opaque umbra sky never changed. This world was aired and empty. Only the twisting slabs of oily granite tore through the lands. Cold winds howled lifting up blackish sand and debris. Ulla hugged her arms tightly trying to stay warm while winching in pain as tiny shards of rock fragments pelted her skin.


“Yuldasha,” Ulla muttered out between her clenched teeth while shielding her face. Hatred ran through her muscles. She did this to her. That witch sent her to this hellish realm. She had to move on. Ulla didn’t know where, but she knew she wouldn’t curl up and die on this god forsaken world. She was Goldulin born and she would die on her feet.


The horrid wind began to increase even harder now. Shards of debris whipped up violently. Visibility became near impossible as she made her way through the full on coal like sandstorm. Stumbling forward blindly, Ulla rolled over a sand berm and tumbled into a deep pit. The courageous human fell to the bottom of the crater. At this depth, the three meter high walls shed some relief against the sharp sandy shrapnel. Ulla groaned and spit out a mouthful of onyx sand. Holding her side in pain she peered around the dark pit. Ulla squinted her eyes at the sight of a dull orange glow that appeared at the opposite end of the crater.


Slowly, the human made her way towards the eire, peering light. As she got closer she could make out figures standing around the ray. Ulla paused for a moment as she realized the blurry light was some kind of campfire. Ulla’s mind began to race. Was it friendly or was it enemy? Ulla thought she heard something behind her but she couldn’t be sure if it was the heavy wind blowing around sand. With her heart racing, Ulla slowly took a step forward. Quietly, she made her way towards the fire pit. Her foot came down on something that wasn’t sand or rock. It felt like a cable or thin wire. The world flipped upside down for Ulla as searing pain shot through her ankles. A snare entwined around her legs and lifted her off her feet leaving her suspended upside down. Ulla groaned in pain as she helplessly spun around. As she spun, a metallic clanking and jingling rang out above her alerting whoever set the trap.  


In the dark spinning storm she tried to make out the figures moving towards her. She reached up trying to unravel the cable that entangled her legs. In frustration, she shrieked out as the cable only tightened. Her spinning stopped as she felt large gloved hands across her naked body. An upside-down crazed Kazdruk came face to face with Ulla. His wild yellow eyes pierced the grim storm, Illuminating just enough of his sly grin. The demon chuckled to the other rag tag hunters who soon meet beside him.


“Well, this certainly isn’t a Lyz’ll beast!” the Kazdruk laughed out.

 “It’s an invasion of soft skins!” another yelled out.

 “Hey boss, how much does this kind of skin sell for? She has no fur or scales?”  The largest of the Kazdruk looked into Ulla’s eyes, gripping her cheeks and examining her body.

 “You idiots, this one isn’t from this world! She’s an Elf! She will earn us some fine coin for sure.”

 Ulla grimaced and spit in his face. “I ain’t no elf! I’m a human! Let me go you bloody dimwits!” Ulla yelled in anger and twisting trying to free herself.

 The large Kazdruk smiled unsheathing a long jagged, stained knife. “Yeah boss, look at her ears! She’s no elf,” One of the Kazdruk that was out of view shouted.

 ‘Shut up! It makes no difference. She’s ours now. I say we skin her. We can sell her pelt and we can eat the rest.”

 Ulla’s eyes opened wide on horror. The other Kazdruk huntsman nodded in agreement.

 “Yeah sure boss. We can split the earnings right?”

“Right! Yeah, skin it and we split the earnings!” The rest agreed in unison.

 “Sounds good to me!” The leader of the group responded and lifted his knife towards Ulla. He grabbed her hair exposing her neck. “If I make a slice through her neck here, do you think that would yield the most skin?”

 Suddenly a stout Kazdruk walked into Ulla’s view.

 “Wait! No, wait boss, shouldn’t we keep her alive and hand her into a local Talon? I mean, this is an elf…uh or human after all, I think they would be most interested in her. The empire would surely reward us for our efforts! At least double what we would make selling her pelt.”

 “Hmmmm, maybe,” the leader responded, lowering his knife now and pondering the idea. The shortest of the group butted in yelling in a high cackle.

“Bleh!  No way! I saaay we eat her! it’s beeeen daaaays since we ate a real meal out here on this hunt! I’m sick of lizard eggs. Bessssides the empire banished us out here in the first place! Unwoooorthy they called us! Unfit for combat! Unfit for life! Criminals, outcastes, guttersnipes. No plaaaace in the Kazdruk empire for us! Don’t you remember boss?”


Without waiting for a reply, the impish Kazdruk grabbed Ulla’s arm and bit into her forearm, sinking his razor teeth into her soft flesh. Ulla grunted in pain and struggled in the snare, blood now flowed down her arm. The short Kazdruk started to chew on her arm, his sharp incisors now tearing through her arm as her grunts turned to screams.


The leader backhanded the Kazdruk in the head knocking him over. The other hissed back with a mouthful of human blood.

 “Oooh that flesh is most delicious, you should try boss… to help with your choice,” The small Kazdruk smiled now moving back toward Ulla for another taste.

 “Get back you foul thing, or we will eat you instead. I will decide what we do with her! I have not forgotten how they had forsaken us!”

 The leader thought for a moment. Ulla watched on nervously as the leader paced, wondering what would become of her. “Ok, we hand her in. We take her to the closet talon! Perhaps we can reclaim some of our honor! ” The leader spoke proudly. The small group moaned in disappointment as some held their stomachs.


“Can’t we at least eat one of her arms or legs?”






The strange Inverted colors danced across endless chaotic clouds. The perpetual tempest swirled ominously overhead, sprawling across the demented heavens like shadowy fingers. Haunting wind whispered across the millennia old surface, casting onyx shards and debris around at random.    


The Kazdruk home world. A crawling plan of ceaseless darkness, the birthplace of shadows,  and a graveyard for light. A desolate endless nightmare cradled under an umbra sun. Every corner dripped with thorns and venom, oil like rivers raged and horror filled labyrinths splintered out across it’s dry lifeless deserts. Laying in the center of the world, mind bending angled slabs and shards of freshly surfaced tectonic plates jutted upward through the crust. It looked as if the hand of hell had ripped straight through the earth coiling upward into the flashing raven sky. A tower laid alone, erecting across the black sky silhouetted against the acidic burning horizon. A beacon of sin and depravity, the shadowy worm skin-like tower oozed wickedness, each port window gleaming like tiny putrid jade eyes. Dwarfing Yuldasha’s spire, hers was nothing but a broken splinter in comparison.


The Matriarch sat upon her ebon throne, outstretching her long sable wings, letting them shiver slightly in amusement. Intricate solid black tattoos ran across her face outlining her piercing green magica filled eyes. Her long raven black hair cascaded downward perfectly on either side of her face. Six, long vibrant magenta horns jutted out encircling her hair like a crown of moral transgression. The master Kazdruk queen smirked slightly, her plump crimson lips contrasting sharply against her rose skin. The tattoos ran down her neck past the engraved black armored shells cupping her perky breast tightly. Her exposed sternum glimmered in the low light as the tattoos trailed past and down her firm stomach, twisting around her shapely hips. Between her legs, a spellbound elf wrapped her lips around the Matriarch’s cock head. Eagerly, the elf slave milked her dark mistress.


The Matriarch looked across her dark chamber, eyeing the wall of crystal glass cases. Each one holding a different full skeleton of an assimilated and conquered species. The high Kazdruk sipped on fresh seed from her personal live stock. Clutched her other hand, her fingers wrapped around a large white pearl orb, bringing it up to eye level. Her eyes flickered and separate orbs melted off the larger center one. The belt of orbs orbited around the larger one like an artificial solar system. The pearls glowed softly, hovering in front of her throne. From left to right the white orb’s surfaces spidered outward with black veins before fading to solid black. The oil like orbs brought a sly smile across the demoness’ face. One of the orbs remained a pure white. The Matriarch rose her eyebrow in distaste and singled out the one orb pulling it forward while pushing the rest backward. Her eyes flared again as she reached out and tapped the orb with her sharp talon. A large mirror like display materialized out of thin air.

A demoness’ face appeared inside the display smiling, her jade eyes glowing deeply while flashing her sharp canines.

“Good evening,” the Kazdruk woman spoke out, her voice laced in slight aggravation.

“Silence!” the Matriarch snapped in her multi-layered voice. “You’re falling behind among your assigned realm. Perhaps I should replace your leadership.”

“That won’t be necessary.” the demon spoke, shaking her head. “I have it all under control.”

“Mhmm, that is debatable, ” the Matriarch returned.

“You underestimate me,” the demoness responded, annoyed.

“Make our lineage proud, princess.”

“I will, Mother,” the face replied. The Matriarch smiled and reached up to end the link.

Kazdruk Matriarch

“Don’t fail the Kazdruk, Yuldasha! Don’t fail me! ” the Matriarch spoke coldly before extinguishing the communication mirror, letting green cinders sprinkle down across the perfect floor.





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