February 2016 Update

Hello all!

Lucien here. it’s time for a little update.

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything. Fret not, we’re all still working hard.

I feel I owe you fans an explanation.

Some of you might know, last year I was making a living by strictly freelancing as an artist. For the most part, it went well but I was juuuust barely keeping my head above water. The nice thing about freelancing was it was a lot easier for me to work on my chapters. But unfortunately, life happened and I had to make some adult decisions. So 6 months ago, I picked up another “real job” which now leaves me with less time to write and to be honest, less time to draw and paint. My writing has always been my Red-headed Step Child of my creativity thus it always gets bumped back when it comes to my list of importance. Just know, I really enjoy this world and I’m usually working on it in one way or another. Lots of notes and world building.  I wish I could get my chapters out faster for you all. It sucks to have to wait so damn long :[ but i want to do the best that i can and not bullshit them out quickly.    I’m really thankful for those who are still sticking around and haven’t given up. Anyway, my next Spire of Torment chapter is probably 70-80% complete. This one is taking extra long because there’s something new for it. As always, new art is on the way too 😀

Thanks everyone ! I hope to get my next chapter out soon!


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