1. Hey Lucien, I was wondering if you’re going to add anything to this section and if you’re going to add more to the lore of world of Dominion’s Chain, I know that you said you wanted to keep the number of people working on this as it is but I couldn’t help myself from creating my own little side stories within your fantastic world, nothing written down, all kept in my head lol, but there’s a lot of things or questions about the world that are either not there or only in the various chapters and in order to find them you need to go through all of them, which isn’t a bad thing I’ve read them repeatedly, but if the facts and information about the world were given a section of their own, like with the Kazdruk info and the info on Magic, it would be great.

    I am as always a big fan and wish you all the best and that for inspiration to be upon you.

    1. This is something myself and Lucien have been wanting to work on, but since we both work and I have my own personal project, time has been a bitch. Especially if we want to push out proper content with any kind of speed, as you might have noticed we are all terribly slow.

      Hopefully we’ll come up with something here, and I am curious about these stories you’ve written.

      1. I haven’t actually written them out since when I asked Lucien if I could help you guys out he explained that you had decided to keep the number of people working on this to a minimum, but I would love to submit my stories to you to see what you think of them, I absolutely love your work and to hear your thoughts on my own fan fiction based on your wondrous world would be the absolute best since I have so much respect for what you’ve created, your stories inspire me and I’ve been fighting writers block for the last six years so it means the world to me and if you would like to read my stories just tell me where to send them.
        As always I hope that the Muses stand by your side. :)

        1. is the easiest way to contact me. But I can’t promise a quick read and review. I’m away from home at the moment and internet is sketchy at the best of times. However, I will indeed take a peek, though I do still stand by Lucien in that we have enough official authors for the setting.

          1. I totally agree, I’m just excited to be able to submit my work to an author I have so much respect for, it may take a little while because I’ve been inactive for so long as far as writing goes but this gives me the motivation I need to flex those nearly atrophied muscles and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

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