Spire of Torment. Chapter 31: A Captured Captive

By: :Lucien 

Brayton huffed as he carried his wooden cart full of wine and salt dried meats up the dark halls of the spire. His back hurt and the leather support straps were starting to dig into his soft human flesh. Each step hurt more than the last and was a constant reminder of his new place in life. One week ago, Brayton had been on patrol during a frosty night along the Antler Timberlands. The Kazdruk had decided to advance forward through the woodlands afterall. The brilliant tacticians of the coalition had not foreseen such an early and eager attack plan lead by the Kazdruk. Along the timberlands, the skirmishes had been dreadful, leading up to what now appeared to be a stalemate. Whoever was leading the Kazdruk advancement used outlandish and ferocious tactics. They attacked when least expected. When their forces appeared spread thin, they moved onward like berserkers. When attack was imminent, they held back with agonising patience and composure, draining the resources of the human and elvish forces. It was a controlled chaos, a tactic that cost the coalition many lives.

That night, the demons broke through without warning. The memories echoed throughout Brayton’s mind as he walked up the spiral staircase, the icy screams of his lance mates being butchered now slowly fading. Like the few others fortunate enough to survive, Brayton was imprisoned and quickly pushed into work within parts of the Kazdruk occupation zones. Brayton did what he was told and kept his head down. Any who disobeyed or as much as looked at a Kazdruk wrong, was tortured, killed or simply disappeared. His obedience paid off as he quickly found himself now working within the spire.

Brayton was even more cautious now within these walls. He was no longer in a small outpost, village or staging area, he was at the heart of the Kazdruk occupation. The spire was harsh, cold and mysterious. He shuddered every time a shriek screamed out, bouncing endlessly off the dim stone walls of this hellish palace. He had the same duties everyday, transport food and drink to the higher levels of the spire. His master was a short ashy Kazdruk cook named Raltok. The beastly male had him load a heavy wooden crate and deliver the goods to points throughout the structure. Guards prevented him from ever traveling off route or exploring. There were many doors that lead to unknown parts of the spire he was dying to explore, he even witnessed a portal once while on his daily route, which only filled Brayton’s head with endless wonder.

Brayton finally reached the top and moved onward through the next hall. He moved with extra care in two parts of the spire: the grunt’s barracks and the area he was in now. He found the highest ranking Kazdruk to be somewhat fair. As long as you did your job, showed your proper respects and followed orders, you could be in and out without incident. On the other hand, the lower levels filled with the grunts, guardsmen and even those helots could be very bad at times. The absolute worst for Brayton though, was the superior personal quarters which he currently found himself in. A purgatory like area, neither the top or bottom of the spire. The talon leaders and trainers lived in this upper caste area. Here they all craved more power, never missing a chance to flex their egos or needlessly prove themselves. If you walked the wrong gate, looked the wrong way, answered incorrectly or just stood in the wrong place at the wrong time, you would quickly find yourself in a world of hurt.

Brayton took a deep breath and hoisted the crate up so he was no longer slouching. Composing himself, he took a step forward into the purplish candle light. His first stop was to a talon leader named Ordvicc. Ordvicc was a fresh warrior who had just recently been promoted to talon leader. This invasion was Ordvicc’s first true conflict. Ordvicc was an interesting case when it came to Kazdruk society. Ordvicc originally started his life as a worker. As he aged, he found no glory among the working caste, so he savagely fought his way into the warrior caste. Brayton had to be cautious, Ordvicc was no Kazdruk purebreed. In fact, he was small by Kazdruk standards. He was roughly the same height as Brayton, who was the average height of any human male. Because of this, Brayton kept his distance and always tried to appear shorter.

Brayton cleared his throat and knocked on the door lightly. Too loud and he would possibly upset Ordvicc, too soft and he wouldn’t hear. Brayton was surprised when he was met by a lush, female snow-pale elf. Not what Brayton was expecting.

“Uh, good evening,” Brayton spoke softly.      

Ordvicc’s elf moved swiftly towards the human, her soft bosoms jiggled with each step and her hips moved with a mesmerizing sway. Brayton swallowed hard trying to ignore her inciting body. He looked past the angelic elf to see Ordvicc who appeared preoccupied with a second elf and ignoring him altogether. Brayton outstretched the contents he was tasked with delivering to the lovely elf standing before him.

“My lady, i’m here to deliver this to Ordvicc.”

The elf wrapped her arm around Brayton’s neck while she took the drinks from him.

“Mmm, thank you. I shall bring these to my master,” the elf spoke. “Care to stay for a bit, i’m here to please,” the elf continued while running her tongue up the side of Brayton’s neck.

“I…uh, I must be on my way,” Brayton spoke, knowing any interaction with Ordvicc’s slave would certainly upset him.

Quickly backing up, he made it out the door. As he left, he exhaled lightly in relief knowing he dodged a run in with Ordvicc.

“Phew, that could’ve been bad.

He then turned the corner. Brayton froze in place as Wulfshn was now leaving her chamber and entering the dark hall in his direction. The thought of dealing with Ordvicc suddenly seemed pleasant in comparison. For a moment, he thought of going back and hiding in Ordvicc’s room. The tall and powerful amazonian gazed at him, quickly locking eye contact. Trying not to panic, Brayton quickly looked down, knowing nothing good would come of locking eyes with a Kazdruk, especially with a purebred of the warrior caste. Without looking up, Brayton could sense her powerful build coming closer. He could feel it in the stone floor beneath his feet with every step she took. Trying to remember the formalities and etiquette that kept him alive this long, Brayton quickly knelled before the Kazdruk purebred. Wulfshn swayed her wide hips and purposely knocked her waist into Brayton. Her muscular thigh knocked him over causing him to fall backward.

“You should know better than to get in my way human!” Wulfshn spat, now looking down at him and his assortment of spilled wine bottles. The Kazdruk eyed him over for a moment. Brayton thought he saw her crack a sly smile. It was a look of hunger that didn’t sit well with him.

“My apologies mistress, it will not happen again.”

Wulfshn looked down at him once more, examining his body.

“You’re new around here aren’t you? I’ve seen you sulking around on your daily runs. What is your name slave?”

Brayton swallowed hard while searching for the strength to answer.

“Br-Brayton,” He replied. His voice cracking ever so slightly. He couldn’t help but notice the Kazdruk’s two large battle axes dangling off her belt loops. This was it he thought to himself. He would not get out of this gaffe alive.

“Brayton you say? Hmm, slightly adorable I suppose—for a human. Gather your supplies there and get on your feet.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Brayton awkwardly moved around on his hands and knees. The tall Kazdruk woman enjoyed the view as the human shuffled around gathering the bottles of wine and packages of salt dried meats. Luckily, none had broken and he was able to pick them up. Slowly, he stood. Awkwardly, the human looked upward at the impressive female warrior. Wulfshn towered over him, his flustered face was under the level of her breasts, granting Brayon quite the eye-full of under-cleavage.

Wulfshn took a step closer to Brayton. Softly, she brushed her fit body into the human while looking down at him. Brayton’s body turned to ice, he didn’t dare move or speak. A cold shiver rolled down his back, for he had never come this close to a Kazdruk before. This one was even larger face to face. Brayton quickly found himself backed into the wall by her body and toned muscle. The Kazdruk’s scent quickly overtook Brayton. At first, It was a pleasant earthy musk that was mixed with a familiar wintery outdoor fire. The closer she got, Brayton noticed that her aroma was laced with an appealing sweet, yet spicy smell. The smell soon became irresistible as Brayton felt his heart began to race. His mind jumped in confusion, he had spent so long trying to survive that he never took the time to admire the female form of the enemy. She was built like a battle horse, but still retained feminine curves. Like all of them, this Kazdruk soldier was dangerous, cold blooded and savage. He knew that she would not hesitate to swiftly kill him for no reason. He was a prisoner and slave, a mere resource that could easily be replaced. Still, Brayton couldn’t help but gaze across her tan skin, each sculpted muscle a reminder that she was bred to kill and control on the battlefield.

Wulfshn smiled and began to run her finger down his bare chest. Without warning, she pinned him to the wall with her other hand and held him in place with her palm. The large amazon then hooked her nail along his loin cloth and tugged forward slightly. Bending over, she looked down his loin cloth with a grin. Brayton’s eyes widened as he observed the Kazdruk lick her bottom lip before biting it ever so softly. Starting to be crushed, Brayton felt his body being pushed harder into the cold wall now. He found it harder to breath as the robust demoness easily established her dominance over him.

With a snap, she let his loin cloth whip back into place. Running her hand under his chin, Wufshn pulled his head upward forcing eye contact with him. Brayton shivered as her lusty, mint colored serpentine eyes peered into his own. Her sultry gaze mesmerized Brayton, he found her eyes to be oddly attractive for a such a blood thirsty killer who had most likely killed many of his own people, family and friends. As he became lost in her eyes, she moved her free hand down and groped his penis through his loin cloth. Brayton gasped as her large hand completely enveloped his cock.

This is not how he thought things would pan out. He had heard of the enemy taking both women and men as sex slaves. He wasn’t sure if this is what was about to happen or if he was about to be castrated as punishment for his recklessness. Regardless, he couldn’t move as the large Kazdruk continued to hold him in place while stroking his manhood. Trying his best to stay stoic, Brayton felt his cock begin to harden as his own body began to betray himself. Wulfshn smiled with a hungry grin.

“Oh, what is this under here?”

Brayton did not know how to respond, surely she knew what his manhood was.


“Shhh,” Wulfshn responded, as her entire hand now wrapped around his hard member. Snugly his manhood fit, his length falling short of reaching the other side of her palm. With a small tug, Wulfshn pulled him forward, her immense strength could severely injure him easily if she wished. At the mercy of the amazon’s hand, Brayton did not resist and followed her every move.

” I could use a new toy such as yourself. You’re nice and submissive—yet you seem strong enough to last a night or two.” Wulfshn spoke softly while she pulled Brayton’s face into her cleavage. Brayton’s nose was filled with her scent as his face became squashed between her chest.  

Before Brayton could respond, a group of guards came down the hall, one stopped at Wulfshn’s side and saluted.

“You guards are not needed, move along,” Wulfshn quickly barked, holding the human’s face now even deeper in her bosoms, suffocating the small human.

The guard looked down for a moment perplexed.

“With all due respects Wulfshn, we were sent to find this slave here, we have been informed that he is late on deliveries.”

“Is this so? And who informed you of this?”

“Yes Wulfshn,Talon Leader Luzella had reported the complaint, she is furious that her drinks have not yet arrived.”

Wulfshn scoffed rather unsurprised and looked back down at the slave, letting his face free as he quickly gasped for air.

“Well, I shall not keep her waiting then, continue your route then slave.”

“Yes, of course. My apologies,” Brayton spoke while catching his breath and bowing to both Wulfshn and the guard.

Brayton picked up his wood box and turned. Watching on with a playful grin, Wulfshn squeezed his ass as he started to move away. Brayton froze and turned around slowly to see if Wulfshn still required service. Wulfshn smiled back before snapping her teeth at him in an aggressive manner. The snap made Brayton jump reminding him of a vicious animal. Wulfshn giggled at how uneasy she made the small human feel and that was how she liked things. She finally turned and walked away with a sway in her hips.

Brayton turned back, slowly relieved that he somehow survived that encounter. Moving onward, the human walked briskly towards Luzella’s room. Brayton couldn’t stop thinking about Wulfshn’s large hand dominating his cock and the way she pulled him into her strong body. The way she played with his member through his cloth continued to dance inside his head. The sensation was quickly culled as he reached Luzella’s chambers. The large black door stood as an imposing entryway to torture. This particular Kazdruk was difficult even on a good day. She lived to make slave life miserable and even other Kazdruk’s life hell for that matter. Brayton had seen her effortlessly incapacitate fearless warriors on more than one occasion. According to the guard, she was already angry that this delivery was late and now Brayton was about to walk into a tempest of fury. Brayton had quickly learned that this Luzella had a rather unquenchable thirst for lust but also beverages that would easily knock a full-grown human off their feet. Brayton was carrying some of of those with him, and if he didn’t hurry, he would soon find himself in trouble.

Taking another deep breath, Brayton raised his hand and knocked on the door.

The door swung open almost instantly. Standing before Brayton was Luzella who now looked down with a mix of annoyance and malevolence. Brayton had to physically bend his neck in order to look upward and address Luzella. Much like her littermate Wulfshn, Luzella was even taller and carried an equally powerful build. Her muscular physique glimmered in her chamber’s candle light and showed off her body well. Brayton felt even shorter while in the shadow of Luzella. He looked up as if each breath might be his last. He did his best to remain calm and collected while around her and her amazonian features. Fear began to crawl up his neck as he wondered how many of his fellow countrymen had fallen to her. The way she moved, the way she breathed, the look in her blizzard like eyes, everything about her was dangerous and predatory.

“Did you get lost slave?” Luzella asked now resting her large arm on the side of the door frame. Brayton looked up at the arm that could easily crush him and swallowed hard. The Kazdruk’s long raven black hair hung loosely while slightly dancing in the hall’s breeze. Brayton couldn’t help but follow the elegant tresses that contrasted harshly against her deadly body. The long black strands lead down to her large heavy breasts where an icy blue snowflake pendent sat between them. Brayton quickly kneeled before the great woman and then spoke.

“I bumped into Wulfshn your greatness. My apologies…I have your-“

“Shush! I did not ask for excuses,” Luzella cut off the human and took a step forward before smiling. “Well? What are you waiting for? Complete your delivery,” Luzella spoke standing aside to let Brayton enter.

Brayton wasted no time, got to his feet and walked forward waiting for a disciplinary strike that never came. Luzella’s room was dark this eve, as only a handful of candles light the room. The room smelled of a strong exotic incense that slightly choked Brayton as he walked deeper in. The smell conjured up memories of the elvish temples he had once visited. Many years back while providing security during a summit of diplomacy with the Northern elvish houses. The aroma was soothing, yet invigorating. Brayton found it odd for a Kazdruk to burn such scents and wondered if it had in fact been taken by force during a raid or torn from an elvish temple that was most likely a pile of ash and cinders now.

Brayton’s thoughts were quickly knocked out of his mind as Luzella slammed the heavy door behind her. Brayton froze in terror. Usually Luzella took her drinks and sent him on his merry way. Luzella locked the door, the metallic clang of the latch causing Brayton’s heart to skip a beat.

“Place the box on the table.”

Not to keep the Kazdruk waiting, Brayton quickly made his way to the table and began to unload the drinks. As Brayton was carefully unloading the contents, he sensed Luzella directly behind him. The large amazonian placed both of her hands on Brayton’s shoulders.

“I’ve wanted to get a closer look at you boy,” Luzella purred while running her hands down his arms. “A human of Goldulin I presume?”

Brayton stood frozen, the words stung hard, flaring up suppressed anger that flushed his face red. The Kazdruk knew what she was doing and could feel the human tense up. Running her hand up to the back of his neck, Luzella wrapped her hand around it tightly, reminding Brayton that she could break it easily it if provoked.


“Yes, yes, I was a soldier of Goldulin,” Brayton finally replied trying to hide his anger.  

“A land laid to rest. How unfortunate,” Luzella returned coldly.

Picking up a new bottle she ran her white eyes across the label before stabbing the cork with Geem’s dagger and removing it. Looking down at the human, she smirked before taking a long swig of the alcoholic drink. Brayton uncomfortably looked around the room, unsure of why Luzella still had him here. It was hard to ignore the various weapons and war trophies that decorated the camber. Many of the them were remains of exotic beasts and skulls of dangerous creatures. Along the opposite side, Brayton noticed a holding cell and was surprised to suddenly see a blonde elf at the bars staring back. The elf startled him. Behind the elf was a darker elf who was sitting along the back wall. Luzella slammed down the bottle that was now almost empty, startling Brayton further. He quickly looked away from the cell and returned his eyes to the ground.

“Am I boring you human?” Luzella asked.

“No ma’am, I was just admiring your—uh, decor.”

Luzella smiled knowing the human had noticed her two slaves.

“Would you like to meet them?

Brayton’s eyes shifted from left to right thinking of a quick response to the obvious trick question.

“Well, it would be rude to not properly introduce myself.”

Luzella laughed at the human’s witty response, wondering how this human slave had managed to make it this long without being killed. Luzella shoved Brayton forward toward the holding cell.

“Ladies, this here is Brayton he wishes to say hello.”

Avelyn watched on with an emotionless face wondering why the human slave was here. Unimpressed with the male before her, she flashed him a fictitious smile. Tasha looked up, huffed in disgust and looked away. Before Brayton could say anything to the two women, he was yanked away by Luzella’s firm grip.

“By now, your master is most likely annoyed that you’re missing. Let me guess, you’re one of Raltok’s boys?”

Brayton remained silent and nodded yes, trying his damn best to not look at Luzella’s cleavage. Unbeknownst to Brayton, Luzella had caught the human looking. Without warning, Luzella shoved Brayton against the table, her body easily pinning him.

 “You seem to have a hard time controlling your eyes human.”

“My apologies ma’am. Please, I don’t wish to keep you. I should really be on my way.”

Luzella smiled.

“Oh no, you aren’t going anywhere,” the Kazdruk replied while pushing her tits onto Brayton’s chest and causing the wood table to strain under them. “Raltok will have to do without you. He will have to simply replace you,” Luzella returned as she shifted behind Brayton and pulled a set of shackles forward. Brayton couldn’t move, he wriggled as much as he could but the amazonian easily held him against the table’s surface. The cold shackles quickly locked around his wrists with a metallic snap. With a smile, Luzella let up and tightened the slack on the chains by cranking an unseen mechanism behind Brayton. He found his arms being stretched to either side, leaving him zero slack while crucified to the table’s surface.

“What…what are you doing?” Brayton mumbled. His mind hectically raced with various possibilities, all of them ending in painful death.

Luzella came back with a thick rope and pushed it into Brayton’s mouth. The human let out a muffled protest but was gagged into silence with the rope. Luzella laughed as she tied it off behind his head.

” There we go, all your questions were beginning to annoy me. You appear to be strong enough to last me a few nights.”

Brayton’s eye widened at the comment, for that was the second time he heard those very words this evening. What did they mean?

” I haven’t tasted the cum of a male in some time, little pet,” Luzella spoke softly as she removed her top, letting her hefty breasts fall free. “I get the craving now and then. Now that I think about it, I could earn some extra coin with your seed, if you can produce enough for me that is,” Luzella continued as she began to lightly glide her stolen elvish dagger down Brayton’s stomach and stopping near his cock. “I think you’re in well enough shape to provide me some. I was going to kill you in a rather horrific way but lucky for you, I reconsidered.” Luzella slashed sideways with the dagger, dangerously close to the human’s cock. Brayton jumped thinking his manhood might have just been severed off. He was afraid to look but was relieved that he felt no pain. He finally looked down and exhaled in relief that only his cod piece had been cut off.

“I suppose even you human men have your uses. Perhaps I was too quick to judge your kind. Small and weak, yes. Useless for fighting and conquering. Too slow and feeble to build anything at a reasonable pace— and rather small to properly pleasure a Kazdruk woman. But a milk stud? Perhaps you could fulfill that duty. You see, Human seed is quite the delicacy in these parts. It’s worth a try don’t you think? If you turn out to be too weak or produce insufficient levels of milk, then like all useless cattle, I will take you out back and end your existence. Nothing of value will be lost. What do you think?”

A bead of sweat rolled down Brayton’s forehead. He nodded in agreement, unsure what he was exactly agreeing to but it was better than death he thought.

“That’s what I thought. Not that you had a choice in the matter. Well, let’s have a little taste then.”

Luzella reached off the side and poured a bottle of slick lubricant across her tits.

“You seemed to like looking at these, so why don’t we start with them?”

Brayton couldn’t believe what was happening. He didn’t know how to respond or act. Before he could decide, he felt her heavy tits slide across his cock.

“You going to get hard for me, my boy. Or are you really that useless?”

Brayton felt his cock starting to grow. The Kazdruk’s tits smothered his cock sending a shiver of pleasure up his back. Purring softly, Luzella buried his cock between her hefty breasts making them easily disappear between her soft oily flesh. Eyeing the human and reading his response, she pushed her tits together tightly before bouncing them up and down. The heavy weight of her tits smacked on Brayton’s legs and stomach as she stroked him now. Hungrily, she bounced them more. His cock rock hard, Brayton moaned slightly through his bite gag.

“Oh, the little stud likes this?”

Luzella upped her pace slightly, letting her nipple rings jingle with each bounce. Her soft tits jiggled around stroking the human’s cock that was trapped deep inside. Constricted by her tits, Brayton’s cock was already getting close to blowing. For a blood-thirsty killing animal, Luzella certainly knew what she was doing and it was expeditiously driving Brayton over the edge.

Switching to her hand, she completely dominated the human’s penis. His length never reached the edge of her full palm as her large hand completely enveloped him with ease. Softly she jerked him up and and down causing her soft tits to recoil with each stroke. Luzella smirked as the human’s cock began to flex in her palm. Squeezing harder, she effortlessly stroked him into submission as her new pet started to cum. Luzella grinned and squeezed her tits together burying Brayton’s cock between them again. She growled softly as she felt the cock spurting and flexing deep under her breasts.


Luzella Brayton


Hot strings of cum made their way out from between the slick valley, splashing up across the top of Luzella’s tits and face. The cold chains rattled as the human shook from his powerful orgasm. Luzella didn’t let up and continued to stroke her slave’s cock. Torturing the male with her strong hand, she slowly stroked onward, pumping out the last of his thick cum. Tremors rocked the human’s body as she now kept a slow pace of endless stroking. Luzella lapped the strand of cum that hung from her lip. She purred in response as the sweet cum melted across her tongue. The taste turned her on greatly as she lapped more off her own tits.

“Oh you will do just fine my little stud.”

Brayton wriggled in his shackles as Luzella kept stroking his now overly sensitive cock. She knew it would drive him mad and took pleasure in the action. With a deep smile, she watched as Brayton’s body convulsed with each slow stroke. She continued to rape his manhood with her strong hand. Now running her index finger under his glans, she wanted more of his sweet cum. Brayton bit hard into his rope gag, praying to the gods that she would stop. Alas, the stroking never stopped. Up and down the Kazdruk’s hand went, each completion sending a wave of sensitive agony through the human’s body. Luzella took her freehand and ran her fingers into the lubricant. Reaching back, she slid her finger into Brayton’s ass.

“Oh, you’re quite tight aren’t you. This should be enjoyable to fuck later tonight. How does that sound?”

Brayton clenched down on his mouth gag as her finger probed deep into his ass. Sliding in and out, she moved onto two fingers, earning another moan. Luzella smiled and began massaging his prostate. The human arched his back as the combined stroking of his sensitive cock and prostate caused him to explode again, blasting more cum across Luzella’s tits and face.


Luzella milking



With a grin, Luzella lapped up the new sweet strands but the cruel Kazdruk did not stop. She kept stroking.          

The slow sensual torture was finally interrupted by a chime-like sound coming from a mirror on the other side of the room. Brayton thought it sounded like a mix of wind chimes and crackling fire. Luzella’s face turned to annoyance as she kept stroking and milking. The sound did not stop. Finally, Luzella concluded her session of hand domination, turned and walked towards the mirror. Brayton did his best to catch his breath as he watched in amazement. The Kazdruk waved in front of the mirror and a burst of green energy rippled out like water turning the reflection into an image. The Kazdruk waitress of the mess hall appeared on the other side. The close friend of Luzella’s smiled in the mirror.

“Zris, what is it?” Luzella asked puzzled.

“Luzella, please forgive my intrusion. I thought you would like to know of an important event that took place here in the tavern.” 

“Go on.” 

“Velkra killed Gelhoz this eve. She has claimed herself as their new talon leader. Her takeover as of now, has gone uncontested. The other members appear to have accepted her as their new leader.” 

“Is that so?” Luzella paused for a moment lapping a stray strand of cum off her lips. “Velkra is pushing forward it seems, possibly attempting to rekindle that limp and maimed talon that Gelhoz ran. He had become too complacent, his leadership declining. We shall keep a close eye on Velkra then. I foresee her possibly surpassing the other talons,” Luzella smirked. “Huh, crafty keeat. She waited for the perfect moment to establish her dominance. Well, I shall congratulate her then. Now, in person.”

“As you wish Luzella. Good eve.”

The mirror zapped and fizzled back to normal as Luzella spun around looking at Bryton.

“Hm, well appears I have some congratulating to do. Don’t you worry, I will be back to further test your limits,” She laughed before lapping his cock head one last time. “Stay put, i’ll be back soon.”

Brayton shook the shackles that still kept him in place. He let out a muffle as Luzella left him locked to the table like a cow.






A wave of quandary washed over Luzella’s face as she tried to rationalize Velkra’s next move. Turning the corridor’s corner sharply, the Kazdruk made her way towards the stairs that lead to the lower levels. Wulfshn appeared around the step’s bend as she briskly jogged up the stairs. Luzella watched as her sister’s long black hair bounced with each step. She let a small smile slip as she caught view of Wulfshn’s top struggling to carry the weight of each heavy breast.

“Where are you off to in such a hurry?” Luzella inquired, catching Wulfshn off guard as she had not noticed her littermate at the top of the stairs yet.

“Oh, good evening Luzella,” Wulfshn replied with a mischievous smile. “Heading back to my chambers. I forgot my damn key for the east wing’s armory. I forget the fuckin’ key every time. Was going to sharpen my axes a bit before bed.” 

“Too many strikes to the head will do that,” Luzella laughed. “I’m on my way to congratulate Velkra on her subjugation of Gelhoz’s talon. She is now their leader.”

Wulfshn stopped in surprise before her face turned to a cruel smile. 

“Oh, is that so? Well, please send her my regards then.” 

“I shall pass on your praise; goodnight sister,” Luzella returned with a short abbreviated bow.

Wulfshn returned a smile and walked past Luzella into the upper halls. Quickly she moved, passing the other chambers including Luzella’s door. Wulfshn waited a moment before looking back over her shoulder. Curiosity now fell over the Kazdruk. She paused at her own door before looking back down the hall at Luzella’s door. A spark of arousal pulsed below Wulfshn’s navel. Biting her lip, she wondered where that scrumptious delivery boy had gone. Knowing her littermate better than anyone, Wulfshn knew he was probably locked up in Luzella’s chamber.

Taking a slow step backward, another shock ran up between her legs. She measured and balanced the consequences of stealing Luzella’s property.  A sly smirk drew across her face as any form of reasonable thought quickly slipped away. Her lustful cravings took ahold and was already starting to boil over.  Wulfshn wanted that Brayton for her own. With her mind decided, Wulfshn went into her own room to gather some supplies. Remembering Jelthra’s magical key, she opened her nightstand drawer with a big smile. Luzella had wanted nothing to do with the magically fraudulent item and tossed it aside during Jelthra’s interrogation. Wulfshn knew the magical key would come in handy someday and was quick to take it. She grabbed the key before softly creeping back into the hall. Wulfshn’s size and hooves didn’t lend well to sneaking around. Realizing how ridiculous she was being, the tall Kazdruk let a small laugh slip and she shook her head. Giving up, she simply walked to Luzella’s door with purpose. Working surprisingly delicately for a lust fueled, hell bent warrior, Wulfshn slid the bewitched key into the door’s slot. A soft blue glow leaked inside the keyhole before rewarding Wulfshn with a click. Her icy eyes filled with excitement as the door hinged open.






Luzella’s white eyes inquisitively peered into the mess hall. Shifting back and forth, she scanned the noisy tavern for Velkra. To her surprise, she was not there. Smiling, Luzella quickly realized many of Gelhoz’s contingent was nowhere in sight either.

She certainly isn’t wasting anytime—putting them to work already,” Luzella conversed with herself.

Luzella turned around, knowing exactly where she would find Velkra and her new talon. Passing the eastern section of the spire, the powerful Kazdruk trotted down a wide, deep spiral staircase. Reaching the lower landing, she ducked slightly to not drag her horns across the entryway. The ample egress lead out to an outside training field surrounded by tall stone columns adorned with various statues. The coliseum held Velkra and her new troops. Luzella walked closer before stopping at the last step. Arms crossed, she leaned her heavy build against a large statue of the Matritach. There, Luzella stood and watched. Velkra had her talon in strict formation. The tall, white haired warrior walked up and down the lines inspecting each warrior. Now and then, Velkra barked harsh orders at soldiers who had fallen out of line. The whole spectacle brought a smile to Luzella’s face as Velkra pushed a non complying warrior to the ground. It didn’t take long for the rowdy warrior to fall back into line, a touch of harsh coaxing is all it took, crimson running down the male’s face. 

Luzella stepped down and walked closer. Velkra peered over at Luzella with her one good eye while the ruined one twitched slightly in displeasure. Letting a short exhale release out her nose, Velkra stood straight with her hands behind her back and swiftly walked towards Luzella.

“Luzella,” Velkra spoke with a dash of annoyance while bowing her head slightly. “Rather fortuitous finding you here. Can I assist you?”

Luzella glared at Velkra and moved passed her to the first row of warriors before she began to inspect the bunch herself.

“A shame what happened to Gelhoz,” Luzella sighed. “But I suppose he had it coming. A predator that no longer craves blood, will inevitably become the prey.” 

“He held this talon back,” Velkra responded coldly.

“Perhaps he did,” Luzella replied.

“Tell me, why are you really here Luzella?” 

“To congratulate you of course,” the purebred smiled. “I’m sure you will push this talon to greatness. I see you’ve already started.”

Velkra’s eye narrowed. She knew Luzella’s games and wasn’t going to fall for them. 

“Perhaps you should be leading your own talon instead of sticking your nose in others. I wonder if your soldiers would have your back,” Velkra spat. 

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, I’ve lead my talon to glory. The walls in the great battle hall are etched with tales of my greatness,” Luzella glared. 

Another soldier was leaning, crooked out of place from the rest. Velkra knocked the Kazdruk to the ground before pulling him back up and shoving him back in place.  

“Sounds like something Gelhoz would say Luzella. There were many tales of his greatness once too. When did you last leave the spire?” Velkra didn’t smile, it was a cold statement. Luzella glared back while slowly clutching her fist. “Now, if you don’t mind, I have a wounded talon to mend,” Velkra spoke before turning her back. The corner of Luzella’s lip twitched as a searing flame of anger crept up between her shoulder blades.

“Mhm, It appears you do.”  

Exhaling through her nose, Luzella turned and left.   






Like a child sneaking into an elvish bakery, Wulfshn peered into Luzella’s dark chambers. Chilly ambient light spilled onto the dark blue stone work. Strapped to a table on the other side of the room, Brayton laid. Wulfshn slowly walked up to his side. Towering over him, she grinned at her soon to be toy. The human looked back up in fear, still unable to talk with the rope in his mouth. Wulfshn could see it in his eyes. It was the same expression the small Raelkevs made when she would catch them as a young girl. The red, squirrel like rodent’s eyes would fill with terror as her and her litter mates would hold them.

“Brayton correct?” Wulfshn asked smirking. The anticipation was driving her mad now. His scent filled her nostrils, she wanted to fuck him right then and there. Running her hand down across his chest she swirled her finger in a small circle. Brayton was left only to awkwardly nod yes. “You’re in luck, i’m here to rescue you,” Wulfshn spoke with her harsh Kazdruk accent. Brayton nodded again a tad quicker. Wulfshn reached down and undid his mouth gag. A woman’s voice suddenly spoke out from the other side of the room.

“I don’t believe Luzella will be very happy when she finds out you took her milk boy there,” Avelyn smiled from within her cell, pointing to Brayton through the cage bars.

Wulfshn turned to view Avelyn who was watching the whole faux rescue unfold.   

“Oh…right, you.” 

Wulfshn swirled her tongue inside her mouth for a moment knowing this would indeed cause problems. Walking over to Avelyn’s cage, she noticed a southland elf on a mat sleeping. Wulfshn squatted down to eye level of Avelyn and smiled.

“You’ll keep that elvish mouth of yours shut when Luzella returns.”

Avelyn only returned a sly grin knowing the cards were now in her hand.

“Or what Wulfshn?” 

Wulfshn sneered angrily before lashing out towards the cage. She quickly caught herself and looked around for a moment puzzled. The elf was right, she could not harm one of her sister’s most prized possessions.

“Fine, fine. What do you want? We can make a deal, i’m sure.”

“Take me with you,” the elf spoke intently.

Wulfshn let a brief laugh escape while the corner of her lip curled in contemplation.

“You can’t be serious. Please, I don’t have time for this slave. Luzella will be back soon.”

“You and I both know she will find out one way or another. So let me out! Take me with you,” Avelyn implored.  

Wulfshn noticed the elf’s eyes this time. They were looking past her and towards the male on the table. Lust was burning in the elf’s jade eyes. Wulfshn cocked her head to the side in bewilderment as a big smile fell over. 

“You’re turning aren’t you?”

“Huh? What are you talking about! Let me out!” Avelyn spoke sternly while trying to keep her voice down. She wasn’t aware of how heavily she was breathing.

“Sush! Calm down. You’ll ruin this for both of us. Listen, I’ll give you this key. It can unlock any door— at least I think it can, it’s how I got in. That’s a fair trade, no? You can leave whenever you want, just keep your mouth shut,” Wulfshn smiled while holding the key up in view.

Avelyn thought for a moment. A key like that would be most useful.

“How can I trust you Wulfshn?”

“You can’t,” Wulfshn smirked. “But i’ll test it on your cell if you wish,” Wulfshn returned while placing the key into the lock. 

Avelyn watched as the key emitted a soft glow before it finally unlocked the gate. The elf’s eyes opened wide and she quickly stepped forward to get out. 

“Not so fast,” Wulfshn barked and pushed the northern elf back before relocking the gate. “If you want this key, then you won’t say a word then?” 

Avelyn frowned while looking at the key Wulfshn was dangling before her.

“Fine, deal.” 

“Just don’t leave your cell right away or it will be far too suspicious. If you’re smart, you’ll save it for awhile, perhaps at an opportune strategic moment.” 

Avelyn nodded in agreement. The Kazdruk smiled and pushed the key through the bars handing it to the elf.

“Listen to me carefully elf, if you don’t keep your word, I will make your life an absolute hell, I promise you that. Luzella will be the least of your worries.” 

Avelyn glared back at the Kazdruk. Wulfshn turned, freed Brayton and dragged him out of Luzella’s chambers.




Brayton found himself in Wulfshn’s chambers now. The room was similar to Luzella’s, filled with war banners, weapons and other various oddities. Those aside, Brayton noticed a different aroma. The elvish incense was replaced with a smokier scent that was laced with a strong yet enticing spice. It was a more traditional Kazdruk incense that caused his heart to race. Brayton wiggled his toes while rolling his ankles. Two thick cold shackles were now latched around them with short chains anchored to the steel bed posts. The human’s wrists suffered the same fate, with both arms outstretched and bound to the headboard. Completely naked and unable to move, Brayton twisted his head trying to see what Wulfshn was doing.

 The Kazdruk warrior had her back to the human and was tinkering with something on a dresser. Brayton swallowed hard as the Kazdruk removed her clothing leaving only a tight black thong on. Eyeing the black undergarment that hugged her wide hips, Brayton shivered. The amazonian’s round sculpted ass glimmered in the candle light leading the human’s eyes up her powerful broad back.

Brayton only looked on in awe. He was amazed by the Kazdruk’s long powerful legs. She looked bred for destruction and Brayton was beginning to worry about what she had in store for him.

 He would soon find out as the warrior spun around revealing her large mammaries and chiseled stomach. Brayton subconsciously sighed in relief that Wulfshn did not carry a large phallus between her legs like her sister. Instead, he could see her labia pushing through her tight thong. Wulfshn walked forward with her hips swaying sending Brayton’s mind into a tizzy. The young man’s head exploded with conflicting ideas. He couldn’t deny that the way this demonic woman moved was surprisingly seductive. She brushed up against the side of the bed looking down at Brayton. While running her hand through his hair she flashed him a cruel grin.

 “Have you ever fucked a Kazdruk before Brayton?” She asked bluntly, now running her freehand across his stomach and then down towards his cock. Brayton hesitated before silently shaking his head side to side. “Oh? I find that surprising. How long have you been behind these walls?”

 “Well—uh, I’m not sure. I’ve started to lose track of time, a few months I suppose.”

 “I see,” Wulfshn smirked. “Well, you are no longer a delivery boy,” She replied while moving onto the bed with him, her powerful weight sinking into the soft bedding.

 “Oh?” He replied nervously.

 “Mmm, you can thank me later,” Wulfshn returned biting her lower lip. “If you live long enough that is.”

 ” I—uh.”


Wulfshn lifted her authoritative leg and rested her thick muscular thigh on Brayton. The human shuffled under her in fear, praying that maybe the shackles would somehow come loose. Maybe by the gods, a link would break, or perhaps the Kazdruk steel would bend apart. No such luck came to the human as he remained trapped to the bed, unable to move in the slightest. Wulfshn continued over and straddled the man. Grinning, she pressed down onto Brayton and slowly rubbed herself into his loins.

“You’re mine now human, my personal sex slave,” she whispered softly. Wulfshn rested her full weight down and flipped her hair over with her hand. Eyeing the human in a hungry fashion, she relished in his fear and helplessness. Growling softly, she placed her hands down onto his chest and pried her nails across him lightly.

Brayton grimaced at the pain and was finding it hard to breath as the warrior started to grind her large body into his. 

“You’re going to fuck me long into the night Brayton. Am I understood?”

Brayton looked up helplessly and began to squirm again. Wulfshn lunged down letting her heavy breasts press into his chest while forcing a kiss. Her soft lips ravished the human’s as his head was pinned in place. Brayton gasped as the Kazdruk unknowingly begin crushing him. His chest unable to take full breaths, he let a soft muffle of protest out. With a malevolent smile, the athletic Kazdruk shoved her slave’s body deeper into the bed. The woman let a moan slip as her legs flexed in arousal. Brayton felt his cock hardening as the amazonian rubbed her eager womanhood across his cock over and over.

 “Oh, there we go. I’m going to get you nice and hard Brayton.”

 Wulfshn lowered herself letting her long, dark hair brush across the human’s stomach. Hungrily, she watched as the human’s cock bobbed up and down. Smiling, Wulfshn wrapped her large lips around his cock head and sucked slowly and softly. Her plump lips dominated his glans pulling forth precum and making him melt in pleasure. Brayton gasped as his captor worked his manhood. Soft slurps emitted into the room, mixed with laps of her strong tongue. Wulfshn’s eyes narrowed in hunger as Brayton’s sweet precum spilled across her tongue.

 “Mmm, that’s what I want, give me that lush cum boy,” Wulfshn ordered before sucking on his cock head again. Brayton’s entire body flexed in pleasure as the Kazdruk suckled on his cock. Reaching up and placing her hands on Brayton’s stomach, Wulfshn took the human’s cock deeper into her throat. The human became lost in bliss as he watched his cock disappear between the Kazdruk’s soft lips. Bobbing her head slowly, she made eye contact with Brayton as she sunk his entire cock down her throat.

 Being no stranger to deep throating her sister’s large cock, this human’s size took no real effort for Wulfshn. She pressed down and kept the cock down her throat. Keeping eye contact she swallowed for Brayton. The human shivered as the powerful woman massaged his cock with her throat. She swallowed again and again milking his cock. Wulfshn let out a soft purr as she slowly sucked her slave. Watching the human, she kept his cock trapped deep in her mouth and slid her tongue down his shaft and across his balls. With long laps, Wulfshn worked his balls, eager for his load.

 Brayton exploded over the edge quickly as the Kazdruk relentlessly sucked him off. Thick spurts blasted into her mouth. Wulfshn’s eyes narrowed tightly as the human came. Swallowing in long gulps, Wulfshn drank her slave’s sweet seed. Not missing a drop, she came up and pushed Brayton into the bed again.

 “Give me more,” she demanded. Her harsh accent even more aggressive than before.






Jelthra tightened the chain straps of her reptilian skin top. While adjusting her breasts, the human caught Kamri looking.

 “Enjoying ze view, hmm?”

 Not bothering to look away, Kamri grinned while tightening her braid and grabbing her staff.

 “Mm, yes. Yes I am.”

 Jelthra returned a small smirk.

 “Well, let zus find Brazeek and finalize zis plan.”

 Kamri nodded and the two left their room. With the imprinted spell in hand, the two rounded the sharp corner and hopped down some steps towards Brazeek’s chamber.

 “So, you think this idea will work?” Kamri asked, a bit unsure of herself.

 “I zink so, yes. Ze spell is surprisingly simple. Low enough level that either of us can cast it but the portal won’t be open long—the real skill involved in the caster, is keeping it open long enough to move sizeable amounts of troops through. Luckily for us, we just need to shove a single Luzella into ze portal. Ze real trick will be timing it juz right and keeping Luzella occupied while we open ze actual portal. That’s where Brazeek will comz in.”

 Kamri nodded in agreement.

 “And what about Wulfshn? How do we keep her out of our hair while we focus on Luzella?”

 Jelthra smiled for a second.

 “You know, i’ve been thinking about zat. I think I have an idea.”

 “Oh? Well, please do tell.”

“Well, she would do anything to have a zecond go at you, i’m sure. Zo you would be perfect bait,” Jelthra laughed.

 “Oh great—love this idea already.” Kamri returned sarcastically.

 “Well, I used to have an area in ze lower level as an interrogation cell. It’s across from the main Keeat stalls. Iz we could get Wulfshn in there, we could zet the stall doors in a way to funnel them all into that one dead-end room!”

 Kamri became jubilated at the idea.

 “Lovely! We just need a way to get that bitch stuck in there.”

 “Mhm, I have a tripwire like spell zhat just might work. If our target passes over it, it zets off a small explosion of a potent sleep spell. We could place it in the corridor and bait Wulf to follow you over it. Zen pow, goodnight wulfy.”

 “That sounds perfect! Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” Kamri asked in excitement. “We can use it on Luzella too!”

 “Well, there iz one problem. Ze spell’s strength is calibrated for average human and elf sized beings. The ztrength and effect of the spell is dependent on ze target’s weight. This will be very short acting on someone the the size and mass of Wulfshn. It should give us just enough time to lock Wulfshn into a breeding stock but I doubt it would work on Luzella at all. She could probably stagger through it.”

 “Damn! Well if you think it’ll work on Wulf, then let’s do it.”

 “Great. Let us recruit Brazeek and fill him in.”

 The two turned the final bend and knocked on Brazeeks’s door.






Wulfshn playfully laid on top of Brayton like a large panther. Pinning the human to the bed, she bit her lip and stroked the human’s cock softly. Brayton huffed from the Kazdruk’s weight on his chest. Not able to move, he accepted that he was at the complete mercy of the warrior.  After being forced to cum so many times in a short period, he was spent and ultra sensitive. His loins burned and exhaustion was beginning to set in. Wulfshn glared downward with a face of hunger Brayton had never seen before.

“Why aren’t you getting hard for me?” The Kazdruk purred. “Surly that’s not all you humans have, is it?” Wulfshn ran her tongue across the boy’s lips while moving her large hand around his balls. Squeezing them softly, she began nibbling on his ear. “This will not do.”

 Wulfshn stood up and moved toward her dresser. She quickly returned with a large glass bottle filled with a strange liquid.

 “Hmm, I forgot about your human refractory periods,” Wulfshn laughed and hopped back down on him, straddling his waist. “This should help, so I can properly fuck you.”

 Flipping the potion bottle around she looked at the written directions on the back.

The label read:

One small cup for a hour free of refractory period.

Confused, Wulfshn turned the bottle upside-down and squinted her eyes hoping she could read it better.

“Hmm, not sure what the directions say. I think it’s in elvish or is it human? Never could read all your dialects. I can hardly read our own,” she smiled. “A Kazdruk sorceress gave it to me awhile back. Something about it being less demanding than using her own spells. She briefly mentioned something about using too much—or was it using too little? Hmm, oh well.”

 Brayton’s eye’s widened. What the hell was she doing he wondered. Wulfshn popped the cork off, pinched the human’s nostrils and shoved the bottle in his mouth. Not able to move, Brayton was force fed the potion. He instantly felt his cock tingle. He squirmed around as Wulfshn keept the bottle in his mouth forcing him to chug it down.

 “Whoops, hope that wasn’t too much,” Wulfshn spoke looking at the bottle that was almost empty now.

 Wulfshn tossed the bottle to the side and smiled at his hardening cock. She stuffed his cock back into her mouth and began suckling on it like a hungry calf. With a carnivorous moan, Wulfshn bobbed her head up and down slurping loudly. Brayton’s balls felt ready to explode. The Kazdruk worked her powerful mouth, taking him deep again and milking him with her lips. Looking up at Brayton with her sultry eyes, she slowly took him to the hilt. The sensation drove Brayton mad. Her warm mouth completely enveloped him. Holding him deep, she lapped her tongue out across his balls. Wulfshn wasn’t messing around, she wanted more of his cum and knew how to get it.


Wulfshn BJ


Not letting up, the Kazdruk made soft swallowing sounds as her tongue slide back and forth working the underside of his cock. Brayton shivered as he was driven over the edge again. Swaying her ass and hips, she smiled around his cock as it began to pump a thick load into her mouth. Pushing herself down so her nose pressed against his stomach, she let her slave finish unloading down her throat. Hosting herself up she lapped the excess cum off her lips. Moving upward across the boy’s chest, she leaned into his ear.

 “Perhaps I can give your manhood a small break,” she whispered. “How does that sound?”

 Brayton nodded, thanking every god and goddess he neweven the pretentious elvish onesthat he could finally rest. The amazinion demon lifted herself off him. Brayton took a deep breath mixed with a sigh of relief. No relief would come for the human. Wulfshn slid her thong down exposing her smooth pussy. In eager thrill, she slid a finger between her cunt’s lips and pulled back a glistening trail of sweet honey.

 “Do you treat all women like this Brayton? It’s rude to not return the favor.”

 Before Brayton could respond, the Kazdruk was already hosting herself over his face. In a feeble attempt, the human tried to pull his head away. Wulfshn denied the movement, grabbed a fistfull of his hair and held him in place. With a soft moan, Wulfshn slowly pressed her womanhood over his face, cutting off any audible protest. Brayton was completely smothered as the Kazdruk’s dripping pussy pressed over his nose and mouth. Relaxing and resting her full weight on the boy, Wulfshn sighed in delight as her slave wriggled underneath. With no concern for the human, the warrior cherished the euphoric act and began to push down harder, letting her clit press against his mouth.

 Brayton panicked as the forcible woman didn’t let up. Throwing her head back, Wulfshn rocked back and forth leisurely. Each muffled cry underneath sent chills up her back and stiffend her nippels. His lungs burning, the human kicked wildly looking for reprieve. Brayton received none. Wulfshn did not care, for he was nothing but a toy now. She only focused on her own pleasure. As if the shackles and her own muscular weight weren’t enough, Wulfshn gripped his hair even harder now and forced his head to stay in place.

 There was no way Brayton could move. No one would hear his cries for help either. Raltok, Luzella, the guards, no one would hear him. Only soft muffled noises as Wulfshn began rocking harder now. Brayton’s hands turned to fists as he frantically struggled. Wulfshn’s pace increased as she began bouncing. Pummeled underneath, Brayton was seeing stars. Working her hips, the Kazdruk fucked her slave’s face.

 Soft tingly sparks of pleasure were crawling up her back now. Using the human’s mouth and face, Wulfshn drew closer to her climax. Arching her back in sheer lust, the demon came. In powerful short jolts, Wulfshn lost control as pure ecstasy rushed through her. Letting her body collapse, she remained on top of Bratyon as her powerful orgasm faded. Catching her breath she smiled nefariously as she realized Brayton was still trapped under her, unable to breath. Slowly moving off him, she looked down at his motionless body.

 “Oh, no you don’t. You’re not getting off that easy. This is just the foreplay my little boy.”

Wulfshn smacked Brayton hard across the face. With groggy eyes, the human looked around confused as he slowly regained consciousness. Wulfshn reached down and began stroking his already hardening cock again. The tall woman ran her hands around and undid his shackles. Holding the boy by the hair, she pulled him upward. Wrapping her arm around Brayton’s head, she continued by pulling his face into her breast. Brayton couldn’t believe the shear strength the Kazdruk woman possessed. Locked in a vice, her biceps curled, trapping his head in-place while pressed into her soft flesh.

 “Suck on my nipple, toy, or i’ll end you.” Wulfshn ordered with her heavy accent.

 Brayton complied and opened his mouth. Before he could act, the sinister woman had already shoved her stiff nipple into his mouth.

 “Mmm, there you go.”

 Brayton suckled on the tit, running his tongue across it and fumbling it around in his mouth. Wulfshn made a fist and pulled his hair back before pushing his face deep into her smooth breast again, this time covering his nose. With her free hand, Wulfshn ran her fingers down to her dripping pussy. Massaging herself now, she wanted the human inside her. With a wild growl, she shoved him back onto the bed. This time his feet pointed toward the headboard. Roughly, she moved his arms and legs into position. With a grim smirk she re-shackled them.

 “It’s good practice to keep your toys from moving, wouldn’t want you falling off the bed now.”

 Brayton instinctually tested the chains and looked on worried realizing he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He looked down wondering how the hell his cock was still so hard. Wulfshn also noticed. The new look in Wulfshn’s eyes did not settle well with Brayton. Her demeanor shifted to a truly menacing look. Her eye’s targeted him like he was her next meal.

 Tail whipping back and forth, she crawled back onto the bed and slowly made her way toward the human. Brayton was terrified, she looked like a lioness moving in on her prey. Straddling him again, she drove her nails into his chest before grinding herself across his cock. Pushing him into the bed, she forced her lips onto his and stuffed her tongue into his mouth. Brayton’s eyes flew wide open as the enemies’ lush lips pushed into his, giving a forcefully, yet passionate kiss.

“You don’t taste half bad for a human,” Wulfshn claimed before pushing herself back onto him. Rubbing her clit across his cock, she was dripping for him. With a single powerful gyration of her hips, Wulfshn aligned her slave’s cock head with her cunt and pushed. Brayton gasped as he felt her strong lips clamping around his cock-head. Everything about this woman was powerful. Her arms, her stomach, her legs and even her womanhood constricted his cock like a large snake from the southlands. Greedily, she pushed herself down more, shoving his cock deeper inside. Brayton grunted as the large woman moved herself up and down slowly.

The sensation of her velvet insides squeezing his cock was the most incredible feeling the human had ever had. Wulfshn snarled and drove her hands into his chest again. Holding the boy down, she raked her nails down his torso before increasing her pace. Brayton nervously looked upward at the amazonian as the bed began straining under their weight. Each bounce knocked the wind out of him as his head started spinning.  

The ravenous Kazdruk didn’t know her own strength, or if she did, she didn’t care. As long as she got off, she didn’t care if her toy was slowly crushed. There was always more slaves available in the event of his death. With heavy breaths, Brayton was starting to see stars again. The creaking of the bed filled his ears, mixed with the moans of a content warrior. Her ass slapped down on his hips as her tight pussy milked his cock. The Kazdruk’s athletic womanhood completely dominated Brayton’s cock. Swallowing it whole, it squeezed and grasped his shaft quickly driving him over the edge. Wulfshn didn’t stop. She rode him hard. Bouncing up and down, Wulfshn leaned into her toy, letting her her soft tits bounce and smash into his face. Trying desperately to catch his breath, Brayton’s head spun as he was being pummeled by her heavy breasts over and over.

The evil woman continued through his orgasm. He shook as spurts of warm cum blasted up into his captor. He dug his fingers into the bed as the Kazdruk proceeded to rape him. His cock now ultra sensitive, her cunt was slowly torturing him. Brayton tried to yell stop but only an unintelligible mix of moans came out. Bouncing harder now, Wulfshn was getting close. Brayton cursed as the potion refused to let his cock get soft. He was nothing but a toy to her, strapped to the bed and trapped underneath.

Wulfshn and Brayton 

Wulfshn was getting more and more physically aggressive. She had started this session relatively soft, but now she had no regards for his safety or health. Thrusting her hand around his neck, Wulfshn smiled as she controlled his very life. The bed was now bucking wildly. Stars filling his eyes, Brayton was on the verge of passing out. Wulfshn let a long moan slip past her lips as she came. Her back flexing and thighs tightening, she eased up on the boy’s neck. She slowed, as waves of warm pleasure passed through her robust body. Panting softly, she ran her fingers across Brayton’s face caressing him and smirking. About to speak, she cut herself off, as a trio of lustful shivers passed.  

“You ready for round two?” Wulfshn then asked playfully, before smacking him hard across his face and throttling his neck again. She pushed her hips down on his cock and began bouncing again.

“Oh fuck yes. Mm-you have a ways to go before I’ll be fully satisfied.”

Holding the former soldier down, Wulfshn continued to ride her toy into the night.






Brazeek flashed Kamri and Jelthra a crooked smile as the three discussed their plan.

“Alright, zo we have Wulfshn dealt with, how about Luzella?” Jelthra spoke.

“Brazeek, could you request her to show up at a determined location?” Kamri asked.

Brazeek stroked his chin for a moment and then nodded side to side. 

“I doubt sheee would believe me. She waaas already skeptical of me releasing Jelthra.”

“Hmm, damn you’re right…,” Kamri twisted her lip as a new idea ignited in her head. “Change of plans. I’m going to challenge her,” she spoke sternly. 

“What!” Jelthra and Brazeek chirped in unison.

“Think about it, she would never turn down a chance to fight me. Plus, the spar would be on my terms. We’ll need a large area to fight in but secluded, you two have any ideas?” 

“Wha- well, I suppose you’re right, Jelthra nodded.” Iz have nothing better to suggest. As far as an open area that’s secluded, how about the north end, lower training ring? Iz rarely used.”

“Aye, mooost of the talons and other troops use the south and eeeast rings.”

“We will have to time this perfectly, if i’m to be two different baits,” Kamri spoke worried.                   

“Yoooou’re right. If Luzella and Wulfshn speak at anytime priooor to your spar challenges, they will know we’re up to something,” Brazeek interjected.

“Brazeek and I will lure Wulfshn and get her trapped zen,” Jelthra spoke confidently while turning to look at Brazeek. The large Kazdruk nodded back in agreement.

“I cooould request her assistance. Tell her I need sooome help transporting a batch of male slaves. I’ll tell her she can keep one or two if she helps. She would never turn dooown that,” Brazeek laughed. “It’s guaranteed to work.”

“Indeed, Brazeek, lovely idea. Zat should work just fine and you can help me lock her in place.” Jelthra frowned for a moment and turned to Kamri. “You will be on your own until we can get to you.” 

“I’ll be fine. I can hold my own until you two get back. Just don’t keep me waiting too long.” Kamri smirked. “Well, looks like I need to contact Luzella then.”




Shackles of Hate. Chapter 21: Seeds of Ambitions

By: SinfulWolf

Striding into the chamber, her heels clicking on the stone floor, and clad only in a pair of thigh high leather boots, Lillium peered between the columns that filled the room. Chains hung from many of them, a faint blue light with a unknown source lighting her way. Deeper within she could hear low growls, the snap of chains going tight as something tried to get loose.

The succubus knew Aeltha would be watching. This experiment of hers taking priority over Lillium seeing the master of all Kazdruk on this world. It seemed to Lillium like she was not the only one toying with fire for personal gain.

Continuing deeper into the chamber, the growls getting louder as the creature chained within caught Lillium’s scent, the succubus soon came face to face with a pure blooded Kazdruk. Stripped down his waist to reveal a body rippling with muscle, eyes filled with fury and madness, Neicul pulled hard against his binds; chains curling around the pillar behind him, holding his wrists and ankles back, occasionally glimmering with magical energy.  Strings of spittle flew from his mouth as he gnashed his teeth, fingers flexing at his sides as he struggled to get to the woman before him.

At some point since Aeltha had bound him down here, he had snapped the chain holding his neck to the column. The string of metal links swaying in front of his chest. Smirking, Lillium approached him, standing just out of the snapping reach of his jaws. As Neicul snapped to her face, Lillium didn’t flinch. Hot breath and spittle splashed her face, but she just smiled, running fingers across her cheek and sucking her fingers clean.

“I wonder, can you understand me?” she purred, watching as the response she earned was the Kazdruk warrior turned feral beast’s lips peeled back from his teeth. He snorted, nostrils flaring as he took in the succubus’s alluring scent. Red eyes flicking down, Lillium watched the bulge straining against his leather trousers.

“So cruel, to lock you up,” Lillium said with an almost mocking pout as her claws ran down his chest, Neicul’s face tilting down to watch with some confusion. With so much of his mind swirling with pure primal instinct he had no true idea what teasing and seduction was anymore. When Lillium’s hand found his cock and squeezed though, he understood that.

Snarling, he bucked his hips forward, and Lillium laughed gently, gliding her hand over the bulge, before curling her claw under the laces holding his trousers closed.

“You won’t really need these for some time anyway,” Lillium said, the sharp bone on her finger sawing through the strings, the top of Neicul’s pants folding open as his hard cock sprang free. A little sound of appreciation and an arched eyebrow from Lillium wasn’t understood by the feral Kazdruk.

Lillium grasped the loose chain and yanked hard, pulling Neicul to the limits of his bindings. She watched his muscles flexing as he strained against his binds to get at her. To fuck her. A bead of pre-cum was forming at the tip of Neicul’s cock as he snarled again, veins in his forehead starting to bulge.

Pivoting on her heels, draping the chain over her shoulder, feeling the cold metal against her left breast, Lillium turned her head to watch the Kazdruk. She slowly bent over, pushing her hips back towards the feral beast, making sure to twist her wings to the side to keep them from his jaws as his torso was pulled down with her.

She loosened her hold on the chain ever so slightly, lips parting and curling as Neicul snarled once more, hips bucking ahead as Lillium shuffled back until she felt him ram into her. Cock spearing into her slick cunt, her lip peeled back slightly, a hungry moan pulled from her throat.

“That’s it,” she groaned, as their hips started to thrust  together. A rhythm forming as cock slid deep into the wet heat of cunt, the slapping of flesh filling the room as Neicul snorted and growled. His girth stretched her slightly, drawing deep moans from the hungry succubus as her breasts swayed beneath her. Their bodies moving together in this simple feral dance.

Juices smearing over his cock from Lillium’s depths, dribbling down her thighs towards the tops of her boots, starting to drip off his hard shaft. Spittle splashed on her back, the cheeks of her ass. Tugging on the chain, Lillium snapped the top of his manacle against Neicul’s jaw, snapping them shut, a thick line of drool falling from his lips to the small of her back, starting to run in a slow line over her waist.

When his cock started to throb within her, Lillium grinned wider, baring her fangs upwards at the feral beast. The two of them moving faster, moans and grunts mingling together with the slapping of flesh, and the slick sound of Neicul’s cock ramming into the succubus.

Mouth held closed by the manacle pressing up against his jaw, Neicul could only let out a muffled groan of pleasure as his cum shot up inside Lillium’s pussy. Ropes of hot, sticky spunk splattering within her as his thrusts began to slow.


“Not yet big boy. I’m not done,” Lillium said, still keeping her grin as she tugged harder on the chain, her own hips slamming back towards the Kazdruk. A small whine seeped out from Neicul’s pressed lips as his over sensitive cock continued to drive into her cum filled depths. The thick white spunk started to gush out around his plunging cock, running over the smeared juices towards Lillium’s boots. Splashing across his balls as he was forced to continue fucking the hungry succubus, making a filthy puddle on the floor.

Trying to pull away, Neicul continued to whimper, the pleasure too much, as Lillium just grasped the chain harder. Her own moans were getting louder, hungrier. As the pleasure of her own release finally flowed through her flesh, a hungry moan spilling from her lips, Lillium finally began to slow. Behind her, cock dripping cum and juices, Neicul whimpered, cowed for the moment.

Letting out a soft moan as she moved forward, pulling off his cock, feeling the head of it gliding down her thigh before she was out of reach, Lillium looked back at him. The Kazdruk couldn’t meet her eyes, his hips pulled back until his ass was against the column. She bit her lip as she watched him, before starting out from the chamber.


Talons tapping on the scrying orb upon its pedestal, Aeltha took note of what she witnessed. Neicul seemed, cowed. Not exactly the result she’d been hoping for, but he was much calmer now. Watching Lillium, her creation, walk back through the chamber with cum running down her legs was a delicious sight as well.

The experiment was complete. There was a way to control the feral Kazdruk afterall. All she needed was succubi to placate them.

Which led to her problem. Lillium was the perfect succubus, but the vampirism and her warrior nature prevented her from becoming a useful tool. She was no better than the usual Kazdruk; ambitious and self-serving. She just happened to be smarter about it, making her plots across the oceans, on the front lines of a war that wasn’t going nearly as well as it should have.

Hand flicking across the orb before her, the vision faded from within the glass, and the sorceress stood. If only Neicul had delivered the Elven women she needed.

Opening her notebook, she noted down everything she’d witnessed. Lillium’s actions, Neicul’s reactions. Was it simply the sex that had calmed the feral creature, or had it been Lillium’s domineering demeanour. She needed a submissive subject to test this now that Lillium’s display had been such a success.

“Perhaps soldiers,” Aeltha muttered to herself. In Kazdruk society there was little differentiation between a warrior and a soldier. To the Elves and Humans though, there was plenty. Soldiers of the rank and file knew how to follow orders. Submissive to their betters, and dominating to their foes. And of those, there were plenty that had been taken prisoner after their foolish assault on the spire. Now to simply find some that the Kazdruk could pull their cocks from.

Or prostitutes. They could be whatever was needed. Aeltha had many options ahead of her, but she was running out of time to test them all. She sighed, and looked over to her research on the portal that could launch an entire invasion to the West without the need for ships. If it was succesful, then they could launch to the East as well.

The door to her holding chambers opened, and Lillium stepped in, licking cum from her fingers. One thigh was mostly cleaned of it, and the sorceress smirked.

“Come then baroness. We have a small errand to run, then it will be time to meet your master, and remember that you are just a whore,” Aeltha said, and Lillium smirked in return.


As the door opened Sarya lifted her head up, resting it against the back wall of her cell. She looked through the bars as Isolde stood watching her, wearing only a loin cloth and sandals.

“Well. You certainly look like a whore,” the centurion started, as her feet shifted, the chains attached to her naked limbs rattling on the floor.

“Mistress. I had to do this. For you.”

“Do not call me that. You betrayed me,” Sarya shouted angrily, making Isolde flinch, her eyes turning away.

“I had to mistress. Otherw-” Isolde started but was interrupted as Sarya leapt forward. Her chains snapping and the centurion shouting out in frustration. Isolde looked down at her feet.

“Otherwise you would not have listened. You would not have done what you needed to. I did this for you mistress,” Isolde said quietly, unable to look at the woman straining against the chains that held her to the wall. Sarya glared at the whore in front of her with loathing. Eventually Isolde shuffled backwards, towards the door, and opened it before fleeing.

Left alone once more, hungry and thirsty, Sarya slumped back against the wall. She had been stripped naked, and the damp chill that permeated these dungeons was not a pleasant feeling. Left to wallow once more she slid down the wall and looked down at the floor. Watched a rat scurry out from a hole in the stone wall and scamper across the floor.

The rodent paused, not far from the centurion, and looked at her. Its nose twitching as it sniffed at the air, before continuing on its way with Sarya’s eyes following it. When the rat vanished from view, Sarya leaned her head back and looked to the ceiling. A single candle providing the only light in here, and it was dwindling. A pool of melted and cooled wax on the floor beneath the high seated light source. No windows, only stone. She wasn’t sure if it was night or day. It was even hard to know how long she’d been in this dungeon.

Stomach growling, Sarya licked dry lips to little avail. Her mind swirling with the pain of betrayal, the weight of her sins pushing down on her. Her choices of late had been for the good of an empire that no longer existed. She had damned an entire city to butchery more than once. Was she the exact problem that she accused the elves of?

Closing her eyes she tried to twist her thoughts towards escape, but the chains were well made and tightly bound her, and so she fell back into investigating herself. Her soul, and her mind. Her motivations. She couldn’t escape the fact that this past little while was full of poor choices that had backfired terribly. She had played into the hands of the enemy with what she’d done.

But then, so had the Elves with their treatment of Kira. Driven a creature of legend and myth away instead of letting her help against the encroaching Kazdruk hordes. Where was she now?

Footsteps came from down the hall, easy to hear when the only sound was a distant drip from the stone ceiling to the stone floor. They paused outside the door, and Sarya heard the key opening the lock before the hard wood creaked open. The woman who entered wore long skirts slit up to her hips. Long lean legs carried her inside, showing as her hips swayed. Her bared breasts bouncing slightly, her skin covered in tattoos. She smiled, the look somewhere between haunting and sweet, and Sarya wasn’t sure what to think of her.

“Sarya, former captain of Driftafay’s Silver Guard, former Centurion of the Goldulin Empire. Two prestigious titles, and both former, and you even failed to slay Lillium,” the woman said with that strange smile that sent shudders up Sarya’s spine.

“And you are?”

“Aela. High Priestess of Morkate, advisor to her harbinger. Baroness Lillium,” she said, bowing slightly as she stood above Sarya, her breasts swaying just overhead, before she slowly sank down to a crouch in front of her prisoner. Sarya stared, mouth slightly agape, unsure of what to say.

“You show no fear. Most do tremble at least a little when they hear her name. Not you though,” Aela said, fingers starting to glide along the inside of Sarya’s leg, trailing up her thigh. It was soft, and sensual, and Sarya was surprised as the pleasure that rolled up her flesh. She blinked, a gasp slipping out as she felt Aela’s fingers drift over a round pair of scars on her inner thigh.

“Oh, what’s this?” Aela’s eyes moved downwards, and Sarya felt her legs being gently parted. Exposing everything to the priestess’s eyes.

“You’ve felt the bite of a vampire before. And willingly, if I’m to guess,” Aela said softly, leaning in closer. Close enough that Sarya could head butt her if she wanted, but her fingers were pleasing. And being down here, she was okay with something pleasurable.

“Yes,” Sarya admitted. She was not amongst worshippers of Oan anymore. She found no reason to hide her secret here. Especially to a priestess of a religion long thought eradicated by many. Sarya knew it wasn’t.

Aela smiled, shifting her fingers from the scars, and placed them against the hot entrance of Sarya’s womanhood. Starting to feel the slick juices as she began to gently caress the outer lips, drawing another lusting gasp from Sarya.

“Perhaps I was wrong about you Sarya. Perhaps you could be useful to our goals afterall. Lillium will wish to speak with you upon her return,” she said, easing her fingers into Sarya. The former centurion looked up at the woman, cocking her head to the side, as her hips shifted forwards slightly.

“Until then, I will look into making your stay more comfortable. It is only fitting, for one of the faithful, enemy though you may be. For the moment,” Aela said, pulling her fingers free and sucking on them gently. She stood, letting glistening fingers come free of her lips. Sarya bit back a whimper, gaining control of her features quickly.

“I came to kill her. I will not serve the Kazdruk,” Sarya said, already wanting the fingers back inside her, even as she closed her legs to try and deny that simple fact.

“Perhaps. But you don’t know the full story yet. Trust in your Goddess. She has many surprises for you, because I would never ask you to serve the Kazdruk,” Aela said, turned, slowly departing the chamber with Sarya watching the small of her back, confusion swirling in her thoughts.


The smell of it reached Kira’s senses first; the almost sweet stench of death, spilled blood, and the foulness that came with it all. A single fist lifted upwards, the fifteen guerrillas following her all paused, clutching at their crossbows and spears and looking through the forest. Her brows knitted into a tight frown as she turned to her right, looking past the brush and trees to find Thaden. As if sensing her gaze he turned to regard her. Head cocked slightly with an unspoken question, Kira tapped at her nose.

Thaden merely shrugged in response, and Kira looked ahead. They had been tracking a group of helots from Volgras for a few days now, but they had been far enough ahead that Kira was struggling to take the correct routes. She wasn’t even fully sure how many there were. At least a dozen.

Tapping her fingers against the side of the tree before her, Kira stood and started forward. The guerrillas moving quietly behind her, cautiously picking their way across the forest floor. Experience was teaching them well. It still pained Kira to know those that didn’t learn well, were buried soon enough.

Creeping towards the edge of the tree line, the scent of blood and death growing ever stronger, Kira could start to smell the underlining smell of sex. She knew roughly what she was going to see, but it didn’t lessen the impact when her eyes finally settled upon the gruesome scene.

A few ravens took off in flight as Kira emerged into the site of the massacre, though many remained. Black beaks tearing at the flesh at what had once been coalition soldiers. Near fifty of them, bodies torn and brutalized. A few helots lay scattered across the beaten down dirt path. There were very little weapons or armour to be found amongst the dead.

“Reinforcements for the front?” Thaden said as he emerged beside Kira and looked upon the scene. She heard someone retching behind her.

“Not anymore,” she said, lifting her wrist to cover her nose as best she could.

“Take whatever weapons and armour you can,” she said over her shoulder, seeing a few nods before she stepped forward. Investigating the dead, scattering more ravens who cried out at having their feast disturbed.

“The Kazdruk are well supplied. Why take so much?” Thaden asked noting the dead helots had been left naked, and most of the coalition soldiers wore only some gambesons or tunics. Many shredded to show flesh beneath.

“These were Lillium’s helots,” Kira said, looking down at a woman who had suffered an arrow to the shoulder and gut. Her pants were torn off, and cum was crusted on her thighs and rear. Her throat had been slit just after. “They’re getting ready for something,” she said, as she glanced up, seeing one of her insurgents examining a chipped short sword. He then took a moment to arrange the body in a more dignified manner.

“Preparing for what?” Thaden had to ask his eyes moving down the road. The path to the beaches that were acting as the front lines against this terrible invasion. One of the fronts. Someone wouldn’t be getting the aid they hoped for.

“I don’t know. But we need to find out,” Kira said. That could mean a journey back to Volgras. Not something she wanted, not with the thoughts Lillium had swirling through her mind, stirring desires that shouldn’t exist. Or, they could find a helot patrol and take some prisoners.

Thaden nodded, and rubbed at his eyes.

“We’ve lost the trail. We should head back, and try to find another group,” Kira said, looking over to the outlaw. He was busy looking down at a dead man, whose face had bloated and turned blue as he was suffocated. The cum crusted around his lips showing a hint at how he had been choked.

He nodded slowly, and turned with a frown towards the wood line. The other insurgents already moving, carrying whatever weapons and bits of armour that hadn’t been picked clean from the slaughter field already.

Kira lingered a few moments before letting out a heavy sigh, and turned to follow the others. Thoughts of her sister started to creep into her mind again, and she began to wonder just what it was that her sister was up to. Fingers rising up, she traced the scars along her cheek that her sister had left her.


Standing naked before the window of her room that overlooked the city, Lelthina gently sipped at her goblet of wine. Behind her, Pharno lounged in her bed, his cock glistening, with smudged rings of her lipstick around the base of his shaft. Arms folded behind his head he basked in the slowly fading sensations of his orgasm while the councillor looked upon the city.

It had calmed considerably since the Elves had taken it over once more, but it didn’t sit right with the envoy. A fog of fear had settled over it all. It wasn’t that she felt much sympathy for the humans, it was that she was concerned about the control the Elves would be able to retain. Tales of the butchery that happened here would escape as it always did, and the humans would find themselves torn between the evils of Elves and the evils of Kazdruk.

“Damn her short sightedness,” Lelthina said, and drained her wine.

Pharno glanced over to her, but otherwise didn’t move. He appreciated the silhouetted view of the Elven noble a few moments, before he allowed himself to speak.

“Lillium was smart. Whether she intended to or not, she has driven a spike into the Coalition, and only now is it starting to show the cracks.”

Lelthina turned, letting him see the view droplets of his cum still upon her breast. She was frowning, moving toward the bed with her usual grace and elegance.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend is being made to work in more than one direction. Without the humans, we cannot win this war. Lillium knows this, she was once one of their greatest warriors,” she said as she sat on the edge of the bed. Pharno slid over towards her, his fingers running along her back.

“It is worse than you believe. The new baroness of Volgras is using an old human deity to get others to join her. I have heard the whispers amongst the prostitutes of Morkate,” Pharno said, and Lelthina’s head jerked around to regard him, her eyes wide.

“The siege was a feint. Her real ploy it seems was to get her little cultists inside the city walls, under guise of fleeing from their farms,” Pharno continued, and Lelthina stood, starting to pace. She could feel the spy’s eyes upon her form, watching the slight bounce of her breasts, but she was in no mood to enhance her movements for his pleasure.

“And Telva has made it so we can’t just kill them without pushing the humans over the edge. Did you ever find proof that Sarya was working for the bitch?”

“No. From everything I’ve pieced together, Sarya was pushed over the edge when asked to kill a Wolfkin. A decision made and pushed to the fat weak human ambassadors by the Elven ambassador that sat here earlier,” Pharno said, and smirked. “From what I tell, Sarya would have been one of our greatest instruments against Lillium. Her hatred was strong.”

“Elyiarna save me from the arrogance of my own kind,” Lelthina said, looking up towards the ceiling though she didn’t truly expect any kind of answer.

“She might. She’s given you me,” Pharno said grinning, and Lelthina snorted.

“You are as arrogant as any. But, you have proven yourself useful.”

“And able to make you cum,” he shot back simply.

“Hard,” Lelthina relented and moved towards him as he sat up on the edge of the bed, straddling him.

“We need a new ruler,” she said simply, as Pharno’s hands trailed along her back. He was grinning.

“We do. But how do you intend to make yourself queen? And even if you do, and manage to murder the king and get away with it, how do you get rid of Telva without it being suspicious?” Pharno asked. He likely knew many ways already despite the question.

“Becoming queen is easy. Seduce the king, sleep with him, take his seed, marry him. I’m of noble lineage, and his own wife is long beyond this world,” she said, starting to grind against him. She felt his saliva slick cock starting to harden beneath her, rising upwards to rub against the slick petals of her cunt.

“Easier said than done,” Pharno said, pulling her tight to him, smearing that spot of cum on her breast across his chest.

“With love yes. Impossible. With practicality and politics, much simpler. I just make it, that marrying me will soothe the bonds of the Coalition. The humans will settle with an Elven queen to look after their interests. All I need to do, is become a paragon for them.” she said, and smirked.

“And Telva?”

“Lillium is still out there. The two of them might find each other on the same battlefield again. I’m sure Lillium has old debts to settle for that disaster at the Atzgol plains,” Lelthina said, starting to grind harder against him, smearing his cock and thighs with her own juices.

“Care my dear. You just might make me love you,” Pharno said, grasping Lelthina’s upper arms, and swinging her around to lay upon her back, before he thrust into her, earning a hungry moan.

“And what of your little side project?” she asked as his hips began to move, driving hard into her. Making her tits bounce beneath him.

“The mercenaries are sailing on their way even now. Scytar nomads, as eager for blood as they are gold,” Pharno said, grasping one of her breasts. Squeezing hard, he could feel her nipple digging into his palm.

“Good. Hopefully they can provide the distraction to the Kazdruk we need in order to install proper leadership in the Coalition,” she said, her hips starting to return their bucks against him. The spy’s smile widened.

“Always wanted to fuck a queen.”


Awaking between the naked forms of two fellow tribes folk, Layli carefully and quietly crawled out from the thick fur lined blankets bound over the packed wool mattress. She stood in the small tent like cabin the married couple had for themselves and stretched, arms raised above her head until fingers brushed over the thin beams of wood and stretched cloth that made the ceiling. She felt the sticky remains of last night’s fun clinging to her skin, peeling as her muscles warmed with her movements.

Leaning down, she found her bright orange silk sarong, and leather vest, and started to dress. As she tied the laces of her vest, pushing her breasts snug and comfortable, she felt fingers tracing along her calf, making Layli ever more grateful she’d left her trousers in a heap in the corner of the tent.

Turning she looked back at the woman who smiled up at her. She was a pretty woman, though lacked the muscles of a warrior. Her fingers though held small scars and were callused from her work as a fletcher.

“Don’t be too long. I’d like to taste your skin one last time before you find another bed,” she whispered softly, trying not to disturb her husband. Layli turned her gaze to the naked man, the sheets drawn over his lower legs. He had the muscles of a hunter. The faint traces of gray in his hair speaking to many years of experience with the bow. When Layli’s eyes found his flaccid cock, she remembered taking it inside her the night before. It was much more impressive when he was hard.

“I’ll have him ready for you,” the wife said, a mischevious smile curling her lips.

“I’d rather watch that. I just need some fresh air,” Layli said, leaning down, and dragging her fingers along the front of the woman’s neck before tilting her chin upwards. When their lips met, it was soft, telling the other of the hunger awaiting them. As the kiss broke, each looked at the shimmer of saliva they had left on the other.

“Don’t be too long,” the woman just repeated as Layli stepped out barefoot onto the deck of the war raft. The warm winds of the sea caressed her skin, causing her sarong to billow around her as she picked her way between the tents of other tribe folk. Most were still sleeping soundly as the sun began to crest the horizon, sending it’s beautiful light to shimmer across the rolling waves of the sea.

Breathing in, Layli savoured the salty scent, the damp around her. Her people, the Scytar were from the deserts far to the south. They were not used to such waters, nor to any true settled home. They wandered the sands, following the water holes and herds of goat and sheep, striking into the steppes for gold, food, and glory. Theirs was not an easy life, nor would they have it any other way.

Smiling, her hands curling around the railing, Layli was the same, and different. She had travelled beyond the deserts and steppes and into the lands of civilization. While Scytar blood pumped from her heart, there was also Elvish within her. She had the black hair, and bronzed skin of those she called her people, but her father had gifted her with more grace and pointed ears. Luckily for her, the Sytar valued deeds more than blood. Her return to the tribe with experiences and tales had made her a welcome guest to yurts and firesides. Her exotic nature made her a desired woman to slake the lusts in bed and beneath starry sky. And then her skill in battle had earned her the title of shawrapaht. A chosen protector of the tribe, and of the tribe’s shaman.

Though, she knew her inability to bear children had drawn attention to her as well. Monogamy was not as common amongst the Scytar as it was many of the many so called civilized people she had encountered, but it was against the shaman’s word to bear children outside of marriage.

“It won’t be long now, before we slather our blades,” a deep voice said, though did not approach any closer. Layli smiled, and glanced over her shoulder at her friend Erfan. He was a large man, bulging with muscle. One of the tribe’s lancers, skilled with blade and spear. He hated the waters.

“And earn yet more gold and glory,” Layli said, watching his eyes dip, following the slight curve of waist to hip. And the firm cheeks of her ass, exposed by the wind billowing her sarong off to the side. She let him watch but shook her head.

“Promised another I’d bed them again,” she said, a teasing smirk on her lips.

“Shame. But the view is nicer than what’s beyond you,” he replied, and Layli laughed, letting him enjoy the sight, even pushing her hips back slightly.

“It’s funny,” he said suddenly, arms crossing over his chest.

She cocked an thin eyebrow, another Elvish trait, and waited for him to continue.

“We’re called savages. Barbarians, and worse by these Elves and people who build with stone and lumber. They think themselves safe within their walls. Yet not that they see the lies of that, they come with chests of gold begging for us to help them.”

Layli laughed. She knew more of the ways of civilized people than most in her tribe. Despite her stories by crackling fires with jugs of fermented milk, they never truly understood the crime, corruption, and greed that settled between the bricks of the cities of the world. Erfan’s observation was something that had made her laugh when the Elvish envoys had first arrived.

“A greater threat has emerged in the world. I think we should show these Kazdruk why we are called savages. Why we are feared,” she said, looking out to the sea once more, gazing upon the other war rafts that floated over the waves. The navigators said tomorrow they would reach shore, and soon be advancing upon a place called Thorlgruz. The anticipation was reaching a fever point. There was more drinking and fucking than usual.

“On that note though my friend. There is a beautiful woman and a gorgeous man awaiting me,” she said, turning from the railing and moving towards the tent she had left not long ago. Erfan laughed, clapping her shoulder, and then her ass as she passed by.

In the tent, the fletcher didn’t even glance upwards as Layli entered, the shawrapaht seeing the woman’s tongue drag a slow path up her husband’s cock. The archer groaned, his cock hardening and glistening with pre-cum. Layli grinned, opening her vest to bare her breasts and let it fall to the ground.

Others might call her half-elf, but Layli had the heart of a Scytar.


The twisting halls and corridors of the spire might be a maze to some, but Velkra had grown to know them well. To know where each turn led, what each room held. Her Talon had been there since the beginning. When they stepped forth to slaughter and rape the Goldulans. They had been glorious days then. Full of blood and pleasure. No more for Velkra’s Talon.

They had earned such glory in the initial invasion that they had earned the right and honour to defend the spire, where they had stayed hence. Sitting on their laurels, drinking the plentiful booze, and fucking the slaves and whores, and fighting one another. Her commander, Gelhoz, was a large beastly Kazdruk with very limited skills in magic. He was leading the talon to ruin and disgrace without even seeing it.

The war was still raging, and it infuriated Velkra that her war scythe had been dry for far too long. Only the foolish Elven assault on the spire had offered any respite from the lethargy that seemed to settle over her and her talon.

Moving down another corridor, moving towards the drinking hall she pondered over the sights she had seen since Aeltha had sent her away to collect Lillium. The succubus herself had been interesting in her own way. Seemingly not as tough as her kin, but she had guts, and she had the will to see her ambitions come to fruition. The battle on the beach had been unsettling. To see so many of her own slain, their ships sunk. The setbacks, the defeats, were all being ignored by the Kazdruk in the spire. After so many conquered worlds, they all believed themselves unstoppable. Velkra herself had believed it.

After the battle on the beach though. To see Kazdruk outsmarted and helots slaughtered, she had to wonder if their time was coming. She refused to accept that, and knew something would have to be done.

And then there was Wulfshn. Storming through the halls, and after some digging, Velkra discovered the tough Kazdruk warrior had been defeated in single combat by a mere corrupted elf. Kazdruk corruption made one better, but to defeat a purebred said only one thing to Velkra.

The Kazdruk were getting complacent.

Pushing the doors open into the drinking hall, Velkra walked in and looked at the scene before her. Kazdruk warriors with beer glistening on chins and chests. Roaring and shouting and laughing. An elven slave, likely taken from the battle, was bent over the table. She looked lost in a haze, likely having been shared by the entire Talon multiple times. Cum was pouring from her ass, her cunt, and was smeared across her face. She was panting, eyes half lidded, and Velkra had to wonder how long they’d been fucking her. She saw no other slaves about, and wondered how broken this one was.

“Velkra returns,” the large brown skinned form of Gelhoz stood, arms spread to welcome Velkra. One of her kin handed her a overflowing tankard with a toothy grin, her cock still hard despite the cum and saliva smeared along its length. She’d recently been inside the slave’s mouth. The rest were cheering.

Velkra frowned, taking the tankard and stepping inwards. This was the life of victory. But their victory was long ago now, and already their talon was being forgotten. All in this room believed themselves champions of the Kazdruk, while Luzella made herself the favoured one.

“Our victory has been spent. We should return to war,” Velkra called out. She noted a few frowns, heard a few laughs, but wasn’t sure who agreed with her.

“When we are called upon, we shall charge forth. We are favoured. We are the victors over the empire whose lands stretched from where we now sit,” Gelhoz said, and earned cheers, more poured drinks, and a loud smack of the elven slave’s ass.

“We are forgotten. Thought cowards by the other Talons. We sit and bask in glories that are scarcely remembered,” Velkra said, and earned hisses and boos, though a few were glancing at each other.

“Then let them come here and say that. We are known by Yuldasha herself. She remembers all. Come now Velkra, fuck this whore, drink your beer, and then sit down. This is my talon. Not yours,” Gelhoz let his jovial tone drop near the end. His eyes narrowing as fingers ran over the hilt of the knife on his belt.

Glancing about the room, Velkra took a quick gauge of the others in her Talon. They were all looking between them, hoping for a fight. She frowned, wondering how many would side with her. She had to show them what was happening out on the battlefields. And she could think of only one way.

“Of course Gelhoz. It is your talon. I mere make a recommendation,” Velkra said, with a submissive bow. She could hear the disappointment from the others around her that there would be no fight.

“So long as you remember your place Velkra. Now, take a turn at the whore,” Gelhoz said, letting his fingers slide away.

“Take my turn Gelhoz. To show that I remember my place. I’ll even hold her hair back, to see how far you can fuck her throat,” Velkra said, and earned more cheers though some watched her with suspicion. Their fight was gone, but there would be another sight. Gelhoz grinned, as he and Velkra stepped towards the cum and beer slathered table the elf was laying upon. Her tits crushed into the wood.

Grasping the back of her hair, Velkra yanked her head back. She grinned, running a thumb along her lips, as Gelhoz pulled out his thick cock. Already hard and eager he stepped forward, grinning at Velkra.

He was proud of himself, for having asserted his dominance Velkra knew. She watched him thrust his cock forward, with only the slightest complaint from the slave. She was long past complaining now. Gelhoz put his hands behind his head and grinned as his hips began to ram forward. Heavy balls slapping the slave’s chin, the Kazdruk were cheering on their talon commander as his cock thrust deep.

Until Velkra slammed her knee up. There was a stunned moment of shock for all present as Velkra’s knee struck the bottom of the slave’s jaw. The Elf herself was knocked immediately unconscious, but it was Gelhoz’s blood pouring from between her lips as he stumbled back staring down at the stump where his cock had been. Blood jetting from the wound, he didn’t even fully register what had happened as Velkra lunged forward and grasped his own knife and pulled it free.

The edge dragged along Gelhoz’s side. Opening his stomach and spilling his entrails across the bend. Then, Velkra found her target. Ramming the point of her knife hard into her Talon Commander’s throat. Crimson bubbles foamed around the blade and at his mouth. Velkra pulled the weapon violently to the side. More blood sprayed outwards, splattering a few of those watching.

Holding the knife now, Velkra braced herself for an attack as Gelhoz fell straight back. Blood pooling around his crumpled corpse, Velkra spun at the last moment. Her attacked seemed surprised, until the knife sliced his belly, then his thighs. More blood shed, making the floor slick and sticky with it. The attacker was killed with a quick stab just below the ear.

Then silence. All stared at her. Some had weapons, some still held their booze. Velkra let her eyes sweep over them all.

“We will not share slaves and whores. We will take our own. We will not sit idly by as other Talons reap all the conquests for themselves. We are Kazdruk, not Helots, and not Elves,” Velkra said. She met each gaze directed her way.

“I, am your new Talon Commander.”


The great throne room of Yuldasha was a grandiose as Lillium had expected it would be. With high vaulted ceilings and open windows to the corrupted lands of the Tortured Sea. Great expanses of twisted landscape below the dark sky filled with stars and swirling clouds. Illuminated by magic torches, the room was meant to inspire awe and dread. Lillium could not deny she felt hints of both, though she did not let it show on her face. For what dominated the room and the eyes, was the beautiful and terrible visage of Yuldasha sitting upon her throne. Master of the Kazdruk in this world. Naked save a long cape and tall boots. Lillium knew looking upon her, that she was Kazdruk perfection, sure to inspire desire and terror in equal measures.

The meeting that was to come was inievitable she knew. That sooner or later she would have to come face to face with what was currently her master. The succubus had hoped for more time, more planning. This early however, her transgressions against the Kazdruk were unnoticed. Or, so she hoped. She had to use her own fear to her advantage. It was the only way.

Rolling her wing, feeling the dull ache from where Luzella had dislocated it, it was now far from the sharp sting that she found sexual in its sensation. The muscular and near beastly Kazdruk was powerful, and could prove a very significant enemy in the battles to come. But, now Lillium knew her strengths, and hints of her weaknesses.

To the side and a few paces ahead, Aeltha walked with a smile and swaying hips. She had stripped down to just her boots, letting her thick cock sway with each step. The sorceress had made Lillium do much the same, leaving the succubus in only boots, stockings, and gloves. Baring her flesh to Yuldasha.

The master of Kazdruk sat in her throne, unmoving. Her eyes watching, seemingly ignoring Aeltha. Like a new morsel being brought before her. Lillium admitted to herself that she felt like such, and wondered if this is what others felt when they came before her. It would make her appreciate being on the other side more, and should she emerge from this chamber, she knew it would become only more savoury.

“Aeltha,” Yuldasha started as Lillium and the sorceress stopped before the throne. Both lowered themselves to a knee, but where Aeltha rose, Lillium remained bowed low.

“This is the creation you have told me so much about,” she said. Not a question, a statement. Her voice dripping with menace and lust. A cold shiver ran up Lillium’s spine, even as she felt herself slickening.

“For what was once human, she is certainly a delectable sight. Stand self proclaimed baroness of Volgras,” Yuldasha said, her commands like a whip. Lillium stood. Modesty had long since become a forgotten memory to her.

“It is Master. One of my greatest successes,” Aeltha said with pride, and Lillium knew that she had no proof for the suspicions she held, and without concrete proof the sorceress would not want it known what was seen as her greatest success could well be a failure. At least in the sorceress’s eyes. Lillium didn’t let the relief show. Pride was Aeltha’s weakness. Pride and ambition.

Lillium almost smirked, knowing many would say the same of her. She could not herself become complacent here. Not before Yuldasha.

“So far,” Aeltha continued, with just a pause between, drawing Lillium from her thoughts.

“So far indeed. You have created much for me Aeltha. But you still have not given me the portals we need. The Matriarch grows impatient, thereby I grow impatient,” Yuldasha said, her voice holding more menace that allure with those final words.

“Of course master. I am very nearly done. We will soon be ready to make our first small test. To send Lillium back to Volgras,” she said, though the succubus could hear the fear from the sorceress. Perhaps the only situation she would.

“Explain to me sorceress why this takes so long. We travel between worlds, why can we not travel within just one?” Yuldasha said, leaning forward slightly to look down on the Kazdruk. Her hands clamped on the ends of her throne’s armrests.

“Because it is different. A different direction so to speak. We discovered how to breach the edges of reality to travel, but not to carefully warp it to channel us within a single one.”

Lillium didn’t understand what that meant, and it was difficult for her to determine if Yuldasha did. It seemed to placate the Kazdruk master for the moment as she leaned back in her seat.

“Leave us then. I would examine your pet on my own,” Yuldasha stated, and turned her full gaze to Lillium. Out of the corner of her eye, Lillium saw a hint of disappointment on Aeltha’s features. Whether because the sorceress wanted to show off her pet, or because she wanted to witness whatever was to happen, Lillium couldn’t be sure. But she bowed, and departed, leaving the succubus alone with Yuldasha.

“Master,” Lillium said, bowing again, and when she rose, saw the horse headed cock of the Kazdruk master rising before her eyes. Her arousal spiked, and Lillium bit her lower lip, as she watched Yuldasha’s fingers beckon her forth.

“I have heard tell of the sexual prowess of Aeltha’s succubi. I wish to see it for myself,” Yuldasha said, and rose to her cloven feet. There was something of a sneer on her lips as Lillium came forward to submit herself.

Green magic crackled around Yuldasha’s fingers, and Lillium watched a long whip of green magic slowly unroll from her hands. Tongue slipping over her lips, Lillium continued forward. The first crack of the whip lashed at her right shoulder. Pain flared with sudden sharpness through her flesh, and Lillium moaned. The sensation unlike any other. It only made Yuldasha grin wider, before the whip came forward again.

It coiled around Lillium’s arm. Intense burning bordering on true pain flaring through her before she was yanked forward. With some grace, Lillium came forward, stepping quickly to keep up with forced momentum. She caught herself on the back of the throne, and looked over her shoulder. Yuldasha spanked the succubus once, grinning.

“Pleasure from pain. Then perhaps you will treasure this,” Yuldasha said in her menacing purr, coming up behind Lillium and thrusting herself forward. Without any warning, the flared head of the horse cock pushed itself into Lillium’s ass. Her tight ring spread open to take it deep within. It hurt, and she moaned from the sensual pain. Feeling the flesh of Yuldasha started to ram into her.

“You know what I’m starting to like about you Lillium?” Yuldasha said, her hips slapping hard against the succubus’s rear cheeks. Each powerful thrust earning a loud moan of longing for even more from the vampiric creature.

Juices dripped from Lillium’s cunt, as the master took her. Small little droplets pattering on the floor beneath her. Lillium didn’t answer, just moaned and lifted one leg up onto the throne. Yuldasha grinned, and struck with the whip. A lash of pain from her breast dancing along her flesh to her hip. Another deep and hungry moan as Yuldasha’s cock throbbed in the succubus’s ass. Plunging as deep as she could.

“Answer pet,” Yuldasha demanded the glow of the whip casting green light across her skin.

“I know my place master,” Lillium said between pants, her hips working with Yuldasha’s own. Knowing the mighty Kazdruk master was close to orgasm.

“Yes. And you know what you want. An ambitious little whore,” Yuldasha said, pulling her cock free from Lillium’s ass. Thick ropes of cum hit Lillium’s thigh, more hitting the arm rest of the throne. Slowly slipping downwards.

“A perfect fit for the Kazdruk,” Yuldasha said, thrusting her thick cock into the succubus’s cunt. Lillium moaned again, eyes fluttering, before the strike of a whip had her shuddering in pleasure. The green magical burn sending her into a blissful orgasm, juices gushing over the huge cock pumping into her. She felt it stretching her open. Felt the flared head dragging along her inner walls as she pushed her hips back against Yuldasha. Flesh clapping against flesh as the Kazdruk master began to throb within the vampiric succubus once more.

“There is just one thing to remember my pet,” Yuldasha started, going harder for a moment. Lillium twisted herself to look back at the spire’s ruler.

“That you are mine. Not Aeltha’s. Not your own. Mine. Like every creature on this planet,” Yuldasha said, grunting as a hot stream of cum burst into Lillium, flooding her cunt with the thick sticky spunk. She leaned over, and pressed her lips to Yuldasha’s own.

Yuldasha’s tongue forced it’s way into Lillium’s mouth, into her throat as she continued to fuck her upon the throne. Ravaging her flesh as cum poured from between her thighs, splattering on the seat of the throne. Dripping over the edge towards the floor. Another strike from the whip, the green burn flaring from breast to hip once more. Lillium felt a hand slip from the top of the throne, dragging along the back of the seat.

When the kiss broke, Lillium just looked back at Yuldasha as she continued to fuck her. Drool ran over the succubus’s lips, a thin line of saliva connecting the two for a moment. Each thrust of that mammoth cock shaking Lillium’s form, her breasts bouncing.

Yuldasha Ravages Lillium

“Yes Master,” she said, and Yuldasha grinned.

Before her third orgasm, Yuldasha pulled her heavy cock from inside the succubus. Thick ropes of cum splattering up her back, across her wings. The erotic sensation of cum slowly dribbling down over her skin, and the webbing of her wings making her shiver and moan softly.

“I expected something more pet. Perhaps your not as grandiose as Aeltha claims,” Yuldasha said, and pulled Lillium from the throne, the whip in her hand disintegrating with a small shower of green sparks. The succubus stumbled slightly, breathing heavily as she kneeled before the throne once again.

“Go, on with your duties. I have seen what I need to,” Yuldasha said, and Lillium nodded, standing, and turned to walk away.

“And don’t clean up until dawn,” Yuldasha commanded.

“Of course master,” Lillium said, feeling thick spunk trailling down her thighs, pattering on the floor, leaving a trail behind her as she left the throne room. Lillium wasn’t sure whether or not to be elated. Did Yuldasha mean what she had said, and truly believe Lillium not a threat? Or was she playing games with the succubus?

The doors opened, revealing Aeltha waiting for her, and Lillium didn’t feel any less concerned than when she entered the throne room to begin with.

Spire of Torment. Chapter 30: Onslaught.

By: Lucien

Luzella’s halberd came down hard slicing the oak log in half. Each training log was poorly painted to represent something of a human or elvish soldier. The Kazdruk’s biceps curled as she lifted the great axe and struck again and again with crushing force. The final swing broke through the log and smashed the steel brace holding them in place. Swiftly, the blade chopped the cold steel in half. The entire section collapsed and fell to either side with a loud clang. Luzella smirked, slightly amused by her own strength but equally frustrated that the brace didn’t hold. Some might say, training with the oak logs was overkill. The wood’s weight and density was at least five times stronger than any armor or weight of even the largest human and elvish soldiers of this world. With a huf, Luzella dropped the halberd’s blade end into the ground, letting it sink into the coarse dirt of the training ring. She ran her fingers through her long black hair and took a deep breath readying to strike again.

“It’s a shame your bloodline doesn’t dabble with our arts Luzella. You wouldn’t need to carry that barbaric weapon around, you could kill with mere thought,” Aeltha spat, swaying her hips as she revealed herself from the deep shadows of the training chamber.

Blowing a group of loose hair strands out of her face, Luzella nonchalantly looked back over her shoulder. With a smirk of confidence she continued.

“It’s our steel, muscle and blood that allows your cowardly caste to practice in safety—too busy swirling around your pixie dusts and magics.”

Luzella returned while gripping her halberd’s shaft again. Raising the blade high, she moved to chop another log. As she brought her axe down with force, her arms suddenly froze as did her halberd. Locked in midair and flexing as much she could, Luzella couldn’t make the blade move in the slightest. In frustration she growled between her clenched fangs and glared at Aeltha as the sorceress walked up beside her twirling her glowing fingertip.

“Strength will never outmatch knowledge,” Aeltha smiled and released the spell causing Luzella to awkwardly drop the heavy halberd and strike into the side of the log, chipping the wood. Luzella looked back at Aeltha with a smirk.

“Perhaps but have you ever looked into the eyes of your adversary? Gazed deep, as you slowly strangle the life out of them?” Luzella asked with a cruel smile on her face. “It’s a carnal sensation. A feeling that no mead, wine, nor alterd state can bring you to. Almost as good as sex. You should try it sometime, you may enjoy it,” Luzella smiled.

Aeltha returned a flat look of ire. Shaking her head side to side.

“I’ll assume you know why i’m here?” Aeltha inquired.

Luzella shifted her eyes away while choosing her next words carefully. She knew Aeltha wanted whatever Kamri and Jelthra had stollen. She spun to face Aeltha.

“You are here for what Kamri and Jelthra took I presume.”

“Impressive, you’re smarter than you look Luzella,” Aeltha smirked.

Luzella looked on coldly, finding no humor or amusement in the cheap jab.

“Well, did you retrieve it, or not?” Aeltha pried.

The bridge of Luzella’s nose crinkled slightly in frustration. She never did find out exactly what they took.

“I will own up to my failure high sorceress. The only thing of note was Jelthra’s key. Other than that, the two had nothing on them. No stolen goods, stones, magical artifacts, parchments, scrolls, or books. Jelthra nearly died in the interrogation process and Kamri lied about looking for weapon enchantments. Alas, nothing was found. They must have hid whatever they took before we got to them.”

Aeltha remained quiet for a moment and ran her hand up Luzella’s neck before griping a large handful of the purebred’s lush raven hair and pulling it back. Luzella knew better than to fight back, so she stood at a cold, crisp attention.

“I’m not here for excuses Luzella,” Aeltha whispered while tugging back on Luzella’s hair harder now. Luzella flashed her teeth in a playful manner finding pleasure in the punishing tug. “Luzella, I wish to introduce you to someone of importance. Someone of true caliber and success. Someone capable of following orders.”

Out of the deep shadows, Lillium approached with a sensual sway in her step.

“This is Lillium.”

The seductive succubus eyed Luzella with a cold and calculating gaze. She stood tall, firmly and without hesitation. Luzella rose her eyebrow and rolled her fingers across her halberd’s shaft. She found the succubus intriguing and noticed that the dangerous woman carried a powerful and commanding presence. Whispers and tales had spread through the spire. Luzella herself had heard the words of this legendary baroness of Volgras. Standing tall, Luzella nodded her head slightly. She took a step to her side as if flanking the succubus and inspecting her body. Lillium mirrored Luzella’s movements, denying the purebred any tactical advantage. She returned a crimson gaze and looked the warrior up and down. The two spun around each other like northern wolves before finally completing a full circle. Luzella cracked a sly smile, breaking the heavy tension in the room. In an insulting show of nerve and arrogance, the Kazdruk tossed her halberd aside into the dirt.

“So, the baroness of Volgras finally blesses me with her presence. The widow maker. The bringer of blood and harbinger of slaughter.” Luzella spoke while walking backward into the open training area. She moved back with both arms outstretched and open, as if taunting the succubus.

Lillium smirked while following Luzella, her gaze burning into the purebred. Luzella peered back ready to strike. Lillium swiftly walked forward while outstretching her black wings wide. Unfastening her scabbard belt, she tossed her black longsword off to the side as well.

“I sense fear in you Luzella. It radiates off you like a scolded pup,” Lillium sneered, poking and prodding Luzella for a response.

Lillium vs Luzella


Luzella laughed at the succubi’s words and reached out to touch Lillium’s raven hair. Running her large hand through her perfect black tresses, Luzella tested her limits. Lillium did not flinch and continued to read this brash Kazdruk. She wanted to know this purebred’s limits, especially her combative limits. Knowledge was power and Lillium wanted it. Deep inside she knew Luzella wanted the same.

With her interest’s piqued, Aeltha watched on from the side as the two champions became acquainted with one another.

“ I will show you fear,” Luzella coldly responded.

“Your breed is a waste of time and resources,” Lillium declared.

Luzella lashed out at the comment, back handing the succubus hard across her pale face. A small trickle of blood ran down Lillium’s lip. Unphased, she smiled before lapping up the line of crimson.

“Your unfiltered aggression is unwise purebred. Your intentions are self-evident. You present your weakness for all to see,” Lillium spoke sternly, twisting into the Kazdruk tempting her to strike again.

Luzella’s brows tightened at her words but she held back from unleashing an open attack.

“You know nothing of my blood, my kin or myself,” Luzella spat before turning her back on the demon in an act of impudence. “I shall not waste anymore time with you baroness.”

“Surely you would not perform such a cowardly act and waste a chance to spar,” Lillium returned with a sly grin.

Luzella stopped in her tracks and spun back around to face the succubus.

“Are you challenging me?” Luzella arrogantly inquired with an obnoxious laugh. “What makes you think you even deserve such a skirmish?”

Lillium stepped closer, promiscuously swaying her form.

“Because, you’re bound by honor.”

Lillium moved in close not waiting for a response and struck. Luzella parried the strike and quickly countered with her elbow. Lillium dodged the counter-strike and thrusted forward, slashing outward with her talons. Luzella back stepped and blocked the violent slash. The two disengaged and started to circle one another. Lillium smiled at the large Kazdruk, letting her fangs catch the nearby torch light.

“You fight like a rat Lillium! The tall tales and wild anecdotes of your greatness have surfaced as nothing more than falsehoods,” Luzella spat while launching forward.

The powerful Kazdruk landed a punch to Lillium’s stomach. With haste, Luzella grappled Lillium’s head with both hands, lifted her off the ground and began to pry her neck sideways pushing her neck to its limit. The Kazdruk’s muscles bulged as she attempted to twist the succubi’s head off. Lillium opened her wings in a tempest like fury. Her wing’s talons slashed across both of Luzella’s arms causing her to break her grip. With a single flap of her wings, Lillium leapt upward with force, driving her knee hard into Luzella’s chin. Luzella stumbled backward as the strike nearly knocked her out. Dazed, Luzella shook her head trying to clear her now blurred vision. As she came around, she lost visual of Lillium. Enraged, the large Kazdruk spun around looking for the succubus only to be granted with shadows and stone. From the deep crevasses of the spire, Lillium curled her lip upward. She was getting closer to unlocking Luzella’s true fighting spirit. She wanted to test Luzella at her full potential.

“Watch, as the great warrior Luzella wanders aimlessly like a lost child,” Lillium taunted from the dark, only her red eyes glowing in the sooty void.

“Show yourself!” Luzella shouted, her blood now boiling. Luzella’s eyes could handle nocturnal settings but she saw nothing, which further frustrated her greatly. Other than Aeltha, the room was empty.

 Lillium dropped down from above, striking Luzella hard in the face. In a roar of anger, Luzella struck outward at Lillium agian and agian. Each fist striking the succubus. Lillium did her best to block the oncoming fury, a few punches broke through and knocked her off balance. Luzella pushed onward slowly, each strike now becoming harder than the previous. The Kazdruk unleashed her full onslaught.

“I will show you a true Kazdruk warrior!” Luzella bellowed.

Lillium relished in the warrior’s assault. She could sense her strength, aggression and growing bloodlust. The Kazdruk finally knocked the succubus against the outer wall before striking her hard and bringing her down to one knee. Grasping one of the succubi’s wings, Luzella placed her hoof across Lillium’s back and tore the wing upward. Lillium clenched her teeth and cut off her own moan of debauched pleasure as Luzella pulled harder, now tearing sinew and muscle. Lillium’s wing began to painfully dislocate from her back as the skin started to separate with a thin line of blood, starting to bring with it true pain.

“Abomination! You will regret this challenge. You carry these wings with disgrace!” Luzella spat with scourge while tugging upward harder.

Lillium rolled to her back, further injuring her wing. Before Luzella could react, she kicked the warrior backward giving Lillium enough time to get to her feet. Luzella was already enclosing again. The succubus landed a hard strike across Luzella’s face and followed up with an uppercut, staggering the tall amazonian. Without a shred of remorse, the succubus moved onward continuing her offensive assault. Landing another punch followed with a vicious hook to Luzella’s ribs, forcing Luzella to back peddle and try to regain herself.   

Lillium followed closely with forceful steps. Her wing now hung limply and injured. Reaching back, she pulled on it while rolling her shoulder blade. With a pop, the joint locked back into place, causing Lillium to gasp in pleasure. Luzella rushed Lillium, tossing a new volley of strikes. The punches connected and on the final strike, Luzella lept into the succubus with her knee. Lillium purposely dropped her defense and retreated slightly. She had what she needed. She gave Luzella the false belief that she was simply overpowering her. Luzella took the opening, grabbed the succubus by her waist and tackled her to the ground. Pinned to the floor now, Lillium looked up with a sensual gaze. Intrigued by the Kazdruk, she let a moan pass her lips. Luzella growled through her clenched teeth in response knowing she had won the small skirmish. Lillium reached up, letting her talons glide through Luzella’s long black mane, pulling her lips to her own as the two shared a bloody kiss.

“Impressive Luzella, I admit defeat. You have bested me.”

Luzella held the succubus in place for a moment as her own rage began to settle. She enjoyed the position she held over Lillium and allowed herself a moment to bask in her own pride. Releasing the woman, Luzella stood.

“Stay out of my way succubus. Your inferior ways would serve better beneath helots.”

Luzella turned and walked out of the circle. Eyeing Aeltha with heated ire she slowly moved past her.

“Provide me with a greater challenge next time, sorceress. I will return what Kamri and Jelthra stole from you.”

“I will be waiting Luzella,” Aeltha simply responded with a flat expression.

Lillium watched on with a cruel grin. She rose to her feet knowing Luzella could be dealt with if the situation ever arises.




Kamri grimaced as she wrapped her ribs with bandages. Taking a deep painful breath she stood up. Limping around her candle light chambers she fixed herself a mix of herbal tea leaves and Kazdruk whiskey. With an uncomfortable sigh, Kamri reclined back in the room’s cot. Relaxing and unwinding, Kamri did her best to rest her wounds. Taking a swig of her drink, she closed her eyes. Deep in thought, she attempted to devise a rescue mission for Jelthra. Her mind filled with ideas as she tried to clamp down on one that would effectively work. Kamri jumped out of her own thoughts at the sound of knocking from the oak door. In grimacing pain, Kamri pulled herself up. Limping to the entrance, she pulled a dagger and cracked the door open enough to peek through. She was met with Brazeek’s face.

“Oh,  good evening Brazeek, please come in,” Kamri spoke pleasantly surprised but still keeping her dagger gripped tight.

“Eveeening Kaaaamri,” Brazeek spoke softly craddeling some healing potions as he entered. “I thooought you could use some of theeese,” Brazeek spoke while smiling his crooked smile. Kamri smirked at the offer and took the small vials.

“Luzella put you up to this? This poison or something?” Kamri laughed while sniffing them. Brazeek frowned and shook his head.

“ I hold nooo allegiance to her,” He scoffed.

Kamri twisted her lips before letting out a sarcastic single laugh.

“But you’re from the same bloodline no?”

“We are. Different litter, but the saaame line unfortunately, yess—but I would nooot lament if she were to suddenly perish,” Brazeek spoke with a slice of hostility. “She’s been a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember.”

Kamri smiled at Brazeek’s revelation. She thought for a few moments and pulled the corks off the top of the vials. She wondered if she could truly trust him. She did hold a position within his talon after all and fought alongside him without incident but she did not forget his original cruel intentions. She looked up at him knowing he could be just as malicious as Luzella at times.

“Brazeek, please sit down, you don’t have to stand you know.”

Brazeek smiled and awkwardly sat down on the floor.

“Yoour hospitality is greaatly welcomed Kamri.”

Kamri thought deeply for what seemed like an eternity. Her ribs ached, she was sure at least two of them were broken, maybe three. Kamri couldn’t afford to be limping around if she was going to take down Luzella once and for all. She had to be at her best at all times. She looked at Brazeek in wonder. What was he up to?     

Only one way to find out. Kamri thought to herself before sighing. She looked down and drank the vials. With a twisted face of disgust she looked over at Brazeek.

“Ugh, what was in this anyway?”

“I’d rather not know Kamri, sooo I neveeer ask the healer caste,” He replied with a smile.

Kamri felt a cold tingling along her chest and ribs. Kamri didn’t show it, but she was greatly relieved that they were in fact, healing potions as Brazeek claimed.

“Fair enough.”

“You really knocked Wulfshn around ooout there,” Brazeek chuckled. “I respect that in a waaarrior like yourself.”  

Kamri grinned.

“Ha, I suppose I did. I’m sure Wulfshn and Luzella for that matter, were not too happy,” Kamri replied with a smirk. Brazeek returned a big hearty laugh. Kamri was getting the impression that Brazeek did not care for the two malevolent sisters. How much did he despise of them she wondered, enough to help her rid of Luzella? Kamri rolled her tongue along the side of her mouth in thought.

“Why did you bring me these healing potions?”

“You fought well today and I take caaare of my own! I want my talon to be the strooongest and most capable under this spire’s banner. You’ve earned my respeeect more than once nooow, ” Brazeek spoke before bowing his head down.

Kamri smiled at the thought. Brazeek was no softy but he carried the same amount of honor as any Kazdruk warrior. She knew Brazeek’s talon was headed towards greatness. Only one other talon stood in the way, Luzella’s. Luzella’s talon was renowned throughout the spire as being one of the most successful and vicious. Their number of kills on the battlefield was impressive and their provinces conquered overshadowed all the other talons. Luzella’s legion was not perfect. What wasn’t talked about was its reputation of losing a lot of soldiers, engaging prematurely and not following higher orders. Kamri thought for a moment.

“…Listen Brazeek, can I ask you a favor?”

Brazeek’s thick eyebrows lifted.


“Well, I’ll jump right to it then…Jelthra is locked up in Luzella’s chamber, could you break her out somehow?”

Brazeek paused for a moment before letting out a long heavy chuckle.

“Jelthra? Ha! She’s already in debt with meee. That witch!”

“She’s a good friend of mine and I need her,” Kamri stated.

“What could you possibly need that human foooor?” Brazeek laughed not taking Kamri seriously.

“How would you like to be the top talon leader in the spire? I need her. Together we’re going to end Luzella once and for all.”

Brazeek stopped laughing. Realizing that Kamri was serious, he rose his thick eyebrow again.

“ohh..I’m listening.”     




Coldness. An empty and nebulous coldness ran through Avelyn’s veins. Slowly she dragged her own nails across the cell wall. She enjoyed the abrasive feeling of the granite along her fingertips. Periodic washes of molten resentment overcame her coldness. A faint twisted smile came over the elf as she sat deep in thought. Jelthra looked on from the other side, her orange eyes squinted attempting to read the northern elf. Luzella slammed open her chamber’s door. Walking in with heavy steps, she tossed her equipment on the ground, most likely for Avelyn to clean later. Jelthra jumped at the door slamming shut. Avelyn didn’t move, her twisted smile only grew larger as Luzella’s hooves got closer. Jelthra looked up as Luzella pulled open the heavy cell door. Lost in the Kazdruk’s shadow, Jelthra glared at Luzella gripping the imprinting crystal tightly in her hand and keeping it hidden.

“It would appear that your friend Kamri has become quite the competent fighter, twisted the rules and won her freedom by besting my sister,” Luzella growled in aggravation.

Jelthra let a small smile slip, knowing that Kamri must have pulled some-sort of stunt and gained her freedom.            

“Unfortunately for you, she left you here… with me,” Luzella laughed and pulled Jelthra to her feet by her hair.

Jelthra reached up while kicking wildly. Avelyn snapped out of her venomous and destructive state. She looked around blankly for a moment. She had lost time and place, wondering what had just happened. The commotion going on in the cell quickly pushed all the pieces back into place. She looked up in worry as Luzella was pulling Jelthra out of the cell. Avelyn could see the lust in Luzella’s eyes. It was a sight Avelyn had become quite accustomed to. It was a predatory gaze, a gaze of dominance and raw power.

Avelyn looked on nervously. Frozen in a mix of fear and awe. A new conflict bounced around inside her head. The good in her pushed on, wanting to help the human. She rose to her feet and took one step forward. The elf froze in place as an unfamiliar malevolent sensation overcame Avelyn, canceling any good in her. Her green eyes tightened as an eruption of lustful avarice flooded her veins. The sight of Luzella overpowering Jelthra confused her now. A slight gasp left her soft mouth as Luzella pushed the human into the bed. Avelyn now found her own hand now rubbing herself. A loud knocking snapped Avelyn out of her crazed desires. Disgusted in herself, she backed away. The knocking became louder—obnoxiously louder, before switching to a soft pounding on the chamber doors. Luzella held Jelthra by the neck with one hand, pushing her deep down into the bed. In frustration she finally looked up at the knocking coming from her door.

“Who is it!” Luzella asked in annoyance, while letting Jelthra up before shoving her back into the cell.

“It’s Brazeek! Opeeeen up!”

Luzella rushed to the door ready to rip his head off.

“This better be important!” Luzella spat and pulled open the door, almost taking it off its steel hinges. “What the hell do you want! Speak, you worthless bag of meat.”

Brazeek stood there with a giant shit-eating grin across face and took a step in. Looking around Luzella’s chambers he smirked.

“I’m going to give you half a second to explain yourself Brazeek!” Luzella’s eyes now glowing softly. The anger searing deep inside her was now becoming obvious.     

 “I have ooorders from Yuldasha,” Brazeek simply spoke. Not at all concerned of his fellow Kazdruk’s temper. He made himself at home, further twisting the thorn he was being in Luzella’s side. He looked around and picked up various items, purposely driving Luzella up the wall. He caught Jelthra out of the corner of his remaining good eye. Luzella grabbed his hand as he picked up Geem’s dager. Forcing the burte to drop the personal belonging.

“Orders? What orders? Wait, why would she give you the orders?” Luzella asked now insulted.

Brazeek looked at Luzella and laughed.

“Whhhy is not your concern! My orders aaaare to take Jelthra to Yuldasha personally,” Brazeek spoke standing up straight now with a sense of pride and purpose.

Luzella squinted at Brazeek. Doubtfully, she curled her lip.

“Oh really? And what does Yuldasha need with her?”

“I do nooot question the orders of our great Yuldasha and neither should yooou,” Brazeek replied. “ You wouldn’t wish to upset her would you?” Brazeek paused for a moment. “I suppoooose you could ask her herself if you wish, I will wait.”

Luzella snarled at the thought. Nothing ended well when one questioned the great Yuldasha. With a deep breath, Luzella turned and opened the cell. She was extremely skeptical and worried that Yuldasha had not contacted her directly. Perhaps Aeltha had told Yuldasha of her recent failure and wished to interrogate Jelthra herself. Brazeek winked at Jelthra from behind Luzella’s back.

“Jelthra, on your feeeet, let’s go.”

Jelthra walked out the cell. With the stone tight in hand, she flashed Luzella a big fake smile while her and Brazeek left. Luzella tightened her fist as the two left. She knew something clandestine was in the works but she was in no position to find out. Pent up, Luzella turned to Avelyn and grinned. The northern elf took a step back quivering at her hungry disposition. Luzella slowly moved into the cell and Avelyn backed up slowly into the cold wall. Now with nowhere else to go, she prepared for the worst. Luzella towered over the elf before softly running her hand through her toy’s blonde hair. Avelyn flinched and tried to pull away. Luzella trusted her hand around Avelyn’s neck and pinned her against the stone wall.

“Please, no… not again,” Avelyn replied.

Luzella smiled at the pleading, it sent glorious rays of lust up her spin.   

“You know what I enjoy most about you Avelyn?” Luzella asked, now running her other hand across the elf’s firm stomach. “You still believe you have control and a choice of consent. You think you have strength to somehow make a difference in your future. If you haven’t learned by now, your willingness to openly serve me is inconsequential. I take by force and there is nothing you will ever be able to do about it.”

Avelyn looked away with a shiver. She would not give up and give into this monster’s ways. Not easily anyway. Luzella rubbed herself into the elf. Avelyn gritted her teeth and tried to push Luzella back. The effort was symbolic as Luzella did not budge an inch.

“I will not bow to you. Ever. I will always have a choice!” Avelyn yelled, this time wriggling to get free. Luzella smiled at the sudden tiny and furious rebellion. In an unlikely turn, Luzella let Avelyn free, dropping her to the floor.

Avelyn held her neck and looked upward at Luzella who now held an even more wicked look upon her face.

“You want a choice? Fine, have it your way elf,” Luzella simply spoke.

Avelyn looked at her blankly, not expecting her sudden mood swing. Luzella left for a moment and came back with her chain leash.

“We’re going to take a small trip Avelyn. If choices are what you want, then choices you will receive.”

Avelyn looked up as Luzella attached the leash confused. Before Avelyn could say another word, she was being dragged out of the cell.




Kamri tip toed through the spire’s great library while keeping alert. Although Luzella was a warrior, it wasn’t uncommon to find her reading. Especially books on combat and older Kazdruk tactics. Because of this, Kamri was cautious while scanning across various books. Luzella was the last individual she wanted to bump into. She found it difficult to browse and keep a close eye on whoever happened to stroll behind her. Quickly, Kamri shifted through the marked areas until she found a giant section on realms and planes.

The Kazdruk empire set out to various worlds and conquered what they could, this world being a work in the progress. Kazdruk scholars and historian castes recorded the eons of travel. Kamri started thumbing through the less important world books. She found these worlds uneventful, filled with primitive races, others filled with only small feral animals or endless vegetation. Each realm contained its own unique identification runes that could be strung into spells that activated portals. Hundreds of world maps were simply rock and nothing of note. Regardless, Kamri sketched copies of the matching runes to these barren worlds. The thought of sending Luzella to a world of only rock or desert felt appropriate. It would surely drive her mad and lead to an eventual slow death. Kamri sighed and flipped through more books, finding nothing of interest.

“Well, I guess these barren lands will have to suffice.”

As Kamri returned the last book, a strange book caught her eye. The cover was a deep purple, a departure of the typical Kazdruk crimson and tan books. The cover was textured in strange angles and even stranger runes. Kamri picked up the book. It was filled with black pages and what appeared to be white ink. Giving the tome, an eerie inverted look. Even its weight was different and the touch sent a subtle buzzing sensation into her hands. She flipped the pages open and read what she could. The language was Kazdruk but it appeared distorted and hectic, as if the author had gone mad in the middle of working on it. The book was broken up into chapters of dangerous unstable realms. Pocket dimensions and Shattered Worlds they called them. The very fabric of each realm seemed to be crumbling apart and unstable. Some of the entries held sketches of these worlds. Nightmarish landscapes and visions that truly bent the mind.

Kamri turned to one realm that she found very interesting. The base of the realm was a nightmare. An organic hive like world that was slick and grotesque. It looked like a caved-in jungle of mixed organs and sinew. Kamri smiled at a very important underlined and frighting note. The world became inhabited with whatever the caster was thinking at the time of casting the portal. Something about an unusual side effect of Kazdruk magic interfering with the caster and the realm’s unstable ley lines. It was further explained in detail how the caster must be advanced and well versed in his or her skills. Kamri brushed past those parts and read on. Your own thoughts became actual flesh and blood life, living and breathing. Even the smallest or slightest mistake could end up in disaster. If skilled enough, truly powerful. A lost love perhaps, or your worst nightmare.

Kamri continued to read and her eyes opened wide. In bold messy writing it was noted that the realm would never let you leave unless the realm was replaced with another living being first. In essences, a trade was required.  A horrible world Kamri thought to herself. She couldn’t help but wonder how the Kazdruk explorers escaped. The fact that this book existed proved that one made it back at the expense of another’s life… left there alone to rot away in their own insanity. She read more. Periodically looking over her shoulder. This is perfect. Kamri thought. She jotted down some important notes and copied the rune perfectly. Kamri returned the book to its spot, swept her cloak on and snuck out of the grand library quickly. This new found realm was exactly what they needed and she had to tell Jelthra. Kamri fumbled her lower lip, hoping Brazeek succeeded in freeing Jelthra from Luzella’s chambers. Everything was falling into place.




Avelyn was shoved into the entrance of an unfamiliar prison level as Luzella followed close behind. The two passed broken and weak prisoners. Faces filled with despair and ruin watched as they walked by. Aveyln did her best not to look. Around a steep bend, the two marched on. The hallway split in two and Luzella shoved Avelyn to the left before heading down a set of short stairs. A new scent filled Avelyn’s nostrils. It reminded her of the elvish stables back home. Avelyn’s nose twitched from the thick animal like aroma that was mixed with a choking smoke. The two stopped at a large door. Luzella looked down at Avelyn with a smile and unlatched the entrance. Swinging it open, they walked into a hall filled with a handful of small holding cells set between walls of flickering torches. Each one held a petty sprinkling of elves and humans. Avelyn looked on in a mix of worry and wonder. She didn’t understand why this cell block was separated from the rest. Perhaps an overflow area of prisoners that were not yet processed she thought. Avelyn took a few more steps and then realized what this area was. Across from the prisoners were large cages filled with an array of Kazdruk working creatures. The area was organized into two sections. A section for Keeat hounds was to the far left and dragons off to the right.             

Two guards haphazardly rushed to their hooves and saluted Luzella as she entered. Both were surprised to find the talon leader in this part of the spire at this hour. One of the guards attempted to shove their small game of colored stones out of view to hide the fact that the two were gambling while on duty.

“L-L-Luzella, It is an honor. How can we be of service?” The short guard spoke trembling.

Luzella pushed the guard out of the way while looking around.

“Where is Master Trainer Veluri?”

The two guards looked at one another and then pointed to the dragons.

“She’s tending to the dragons Luzella.”

Luzella smiled and walked towards the dragon area. The guards looked at her blankly as she walked away. The two then looked at each other with slight smiles, amazed that they hadn’t been lambasted or worse for playing games. Avelyn looked around at the various prisoners with a frown, she didn’t understand why Luzella had dragged her down here. Luzella soon came to the side of the dragon hold and leaned over to obtain a visual of the trainer Veluri. Veluri was a smaller, fit Kazdruk with large sweeping horns. Her short white hair contrasted sharply against her bronze skin. The beastmaster was kneeling beside a large black dragon and washing his ventral belly scales. With a smile, the female Kazdruk turned to Luzella.

“Evening Luzella, what brings you to my luscious stables?”

Luzella leaned her arm against the side of the wall smiling.

“I’m looking to liberate one lucky prisoner from the perils of this forsaken breeding hold.”

Veluri stopped washing the scales and turned back to Luzella with a smirk that quickly melted to worry.

“Oh really? One of my alluring prisoners? You know their importance here Luzella— they are needed to keep the Keeats and dragons at bay when they become too pent up. If they cannot release, the males start mounting each other trying to establish dominance. Then they begin attacking each other and destroy the holding cages in the process, quite a mess really.”

Luzella laughed at the thought.

“Mmm, boys will be boys I suppose,” Luzella paused for a moment thinking. “Well then, can I simply borrow one? I’ll return it in working condition,” Luzella smiled, switching her face to emulate a doe “… I promise.”

Veluri let out a small laugh of her own and went back to washing the scales.

“Fine. But only one! I’m low as it is and I have your promise, whoever you take I want back, alive and in working order!”

“Of course Veluri,”

Veluri looked past Luzella and pointed.

“The three along the far left just arrived.”

“You’re too kind Veluri.”

Veluri rolled her eyes. “Not that you would have taken no for an answer.”

“Indeed, smart girl.” Luzella returned with an evil grin.

Veluri looked up to the dragon and smirked to herself.

“I suppose if they get too pent up again, I can work them myself if needed.”

Luzella’s eyes widen slightly at the thought before turning. She took Avelyn by the arm and moved back to the small area of prisoners.       

“You wanted a choice, so here are your choices little Avelyn. Listen carefully. You will choose who will take your spot under me this eve. One of your pathetic, fellow coalition soldiers. Variety is the spice of life after all.”

Luzella’s words struck Avelyn hard. She tried to look away at the captured group that was now being used as breeding bait for these wild creatures. She wanted nothing to do with this. She would not take the emotional burden of liberating one of her own kind, filling them with false hopes, only to have the prisoner become Luzella’s new plaything— a far worse fate. Avelyn shook her head and tried to leave but Luzella stopped her and pushed her back hard into the side of a cell.

“You brought this upon yourself elf. Now choose, or i’ll choose one to kill as slowly as possible, Luzella ordered sternly.

Avelyn hesitated. She truly didn’t know what to do. How could she live with herself and make a choice? How could she possibly decide on who to give to Luzella? Losing patience, Luzella grinned and approached one of the cage sections, causing three prisoners in the single cell to step back in fear. Luzella grabbed a petite female northern elf. With ease, the amazonian ripped the elf out of the cage. Luzella looked her up and down before throwing the elf to the ground. The elf’s green eyes looked back up at Luzella in a mix of anger and resentment.

Softly, in an almost playful manner, Luzella rolled the elf onto her back before placing her hoof onto the elf’s chest. The elf’s small frame wriggled slightly as Luzella pinned her to the ground with a slight amount of pressure.

“Perhaps this will provide you with further incentive Avelyn. A sister perhaps? Maybe a cousin? daughter? Hmm, childhood friend?” Luzella asked with her hands on her hips now.

Avelyn looked over in horror while running up to Luzella’s side.

“No…don’t you dare!”

Luzella ignored the plead and slowly shifted her weight onto the elf. The prisoner grunted, helplessly trying to push Luzella off and prevent being crushed alive. Luzella disregarded the woman under her hoof and focused on Avelyn. In anger, Avelyn pulled on Luzella’s large arm, trying anything to get her to let up.

“Please! Stop!”

“This blood will be on your hands. You hold the ability to end this Avelyn,” Luzella returned.

The elf began to kick and wiggle side to side as Luzella started to push down now, her long powerful leg ever so slightly flexing.

“It’s a simple choice Avelyn…would be a great waste to see this one die because of your indecisiveness.”

The elf’s legs kicked up and down faster now as she let out a gurgled cry of help.

Avelyn quickly looked around at the various prisoners. Southland elves, Northern elves and humans. Each one a soldier, all of them looking to Avelyn to do something. Avelyn was flooded with mixed emotions. Hatred, terror and disgust trickled through her skin. She felt a pit in her stomach twist and turn as the world spun around her. The tired faces looked back at her cutting deep into her soul. The elf’s feet started to slow. Now only a momentary kick here and there.

“Time is running out Avelyn, these twig like ribs could snap at any moment.”

A charismatic southland elf ran up to the bars wrapping her hands around them tugging as hard as she could.

“Do something! She’s going to kill her!”

Avelyn faced the southland elf and was speechless.

“I-I’m sorry…I can’t…I…I… don’t-“

Luzella smirked as the elf she was stepping on stopped kicking. Avelyn looked back at Luzella and then back to this southland prisoner.

“I…” Avelyn thought she heard a cracking.  “Her! I choose her!” Avelyn finally yelled out pointing at the southland elf. “Wait, please no… gods forgive me. I’m so sorry.” Avelyn looked around at the others surprised at what she had just done. It was too late, she had chosen Luzella’s next victim.

Looking over, Luzella twisted her head with a smirk across her lips and slowly lifted her hoof off the elf. The elf rolled to her side holding her chest, coughing and gasping for air. She would live another day. Kicking the elf out the way, Luzella slowly walked to the cage and looked at the elf Avelyn had chosen.

“Mmm, a lovely choice Avelyn,” Luzella smiled and patted Avelyn on her head like a dog.

“Please Luzella, take me instead. I’m sorry, she doesn’t deserve this!”

“No, no she doesn’t Avelyn. Don’t apologize to me, you should be apologizing to this elf that you hastily chose without reason.” Luzella smiled while pulling the southlander out of the cell.

“This innocent little elf Avelyn? Her only wrongdoing was standing up for the elf you could not defend,” Luzella laughed as she pulled back on the southlander’s perfect deadlocked hair and ran her hand over her supple breasts. Running her eyes up and down her curvy body Luzella curled her lip up into a cruel smile.

“Let me go!” The elf yelled kicking.   

Avelyn watched on in hatred. Everything in her wanted to lash out at Luzella.

Luzella reached down noticing a name tag around her collar. She ripped the metal tag off and examined it. The tag read Tasha. Not every prisoner was named. Only ones with a history or special purpose received tags.    

“Tasha eh? You have no idea what is in store for you, do you? You southlanders are a foolish bunch…although smarter than the rest of the coalition I suppose.” Luzella spat.     

“Curse you and your kind demon!”

The southlander spat and threw another kick towards Luzella.

Luzella didn’t flinch. She lifted the elf off the floor by her hair and peered into her crystal blue eyes that popped against her deep brown cinnamon colored skin.

“Demon? Such discourteous and draconian words southlander,” Luzella spoke and began dragging the elf.

“Avelyn come.” Luzella simply commanded as she dragged the elf out of the breeding cells.

The three made their way off through dark corridors, twisting and turning before the two were shoved into a new empty holding area that was lit dimly by various candles.      

Tasha kicked and wriggled trying to escape Luzella’s grip.

“A feisty one I see.”

Luzella dragged the elf into the an area of holding cells. Each side held a set of empty cages awaiting new batches from the ongoing conflict. Luzella closed off the entrance to the empty section with a loud clang of the steel gate. The heavy locking bar automatically fell into place, sealing themselves off from the rest of the spire. Avelyn watched on from the side wondering how she could help her fellow elf. Pulling Tasha with her, Luzella pulled a heavy chain collar manacle off the side wall and locked it around the southlander’s neck.The links ran off into the darkness anchored to a wall.

“Can’t have you running off now. I wouldn’t want you getting lost.” Luzella smiled as she removed the elf’s wrist shackles and tossed them off to the side. Implanting a sense of hope within the elf. “You won’t be needing these anymore.” She let go of Tasha and gave her a slight shove. The southlander immediately started tugging at the chain looking for anyway to disconnect it.

Luzella ignored Tasha for now, knowing there was no way to disconnect the collar. Many of the prisoner chain sets were surplus dragon mount equipment. Forged from Demkk. Its strength was near double that of elvish steel and triple that of human’s. The heavy weight became no real issue for the dragons. Plus, its resistance to fire made it perfect for dragon harness, armor plates and rigs. So carrying extras over for prisoner duty seemed perfect— if perhaps even overkill. Luzella took Avelyn by the arm and pushed her into an empty cell and shut the cage door. Avelyn shook the bars in response trying to open it. She quickly stopped and looked on at Luzella in hatred. Flashes of resentment filled her mind as a toxic mixture of enmity and Kiyler Geem flooded in. This was his doing. She thought to herself. The emotional turmoil and abuse, was because of him. Avelyn no longer felt sorrow, only malice.

Luzella went back to Tasha casting a long shadow over the elf. Tasha did not cower or back up. She stood firm with her fists ready to attack. She survived Yuldasha long enough until she grew tiresome of her and had her transferred to Veluri’s stables. Surely she could survive Luzella she thought.

The elf threw a stiff punch. Luzella pushed the punch away and quickly lifted Tasha by her collar pinning her back into a stone pillar.

“Naughty elf,” Luzella spoke before quickly composing herself and shaking her head side to side. “Not off to a good start.”

“Your empire will crumble! I’m not afraid to die and I’m not afraid of you or your kind!” Tasha yelled while kicking again. Luzella smirked and tossed the elf to the ground in annoyance, letting her slide for a moment.

“Death? Who said anything about death? You’re worth more to me alive,” Luzella spoke while walking to the other side of the holding area.

There, the Kazdruk picked up a jar of ointment and walked back letting her hips sway while undoing her battle kilt’s belt. The heavy armor plates and leather fell to the ground. The jungle elf’s eyes opened wide in a mix of fear and surprise. It was impossible to miss Luzella’s heavy cock that now swayed into view. Even soft, the thick meaty rod swung side to side. Luzella walked closer to the fallen elf and removed her top, discarding it and letting her heavy full breasts fall free. The elf crawled backward in horror as her eyes attempted to take in the amazonian’s powerful build. Luzella only smiled and placed the jar on top of Avelyn’s cage. Quickly Tasha got to her feet and tried to run away. Luzella held her chain and pulled backward causing the elf to awkwardly fall. Slowly, she crawled towards Avelyn while pulling on her collar again trying to free herself. She looked up at Avelyn and silently mouthed “Help.”

“You’re going to tire yourself out,” Luzella spoke while standing above the elf.

The elf backed into Avelyn’s cell, with no place to go, she readied herself for another scuffle. The flash of excitement returned to Avelyn as she watched Luzella overpower Tasha. A cinder of depravity washed over her. The spark ran through Avelyn’s loins and was strong enough to take her breath away. Intently, she watched how Luzella moved in on her prey. It was her physical power Avelyn now craved. The power to take and control at will. The dark perversion bled through Avelyn as Luzella pushed the southlander to the ground. The elf fought back, but Luzella easily dominated over her.

The world became clouded as she watched. Her conscience fought her, doing its best to push her immoral feelings away. Every time it came close to succeeding, the spark between her legs betrayed her. A jealously fell over Avelyn as she watched Luzella push herself onto the elf. In slow motion, Avelyn continued to watch. The way the elf’s small hands pushed into Luzella, the way her body moved, trapped under Luzella’s build. Avelyn wanted to be in her place. The two continued to wrestle. Even during the feral and havoc display, Luzella retained a smooth and effective movement. She moved with power and purpose, she moved as a refined predator would, like a Panther of the Jungles of Jadoola. Or large northern snow cats of home that staked the snowy woodlands of AzurLyyn.

Avelyn cracked a demented smile as Luzella forced her cock into the elf’s mouth. The spark between her legs jolted as she watched the southlander’s arms become pinned down. Luzella was lust incarnate, delivered from morals. Freeley, the Kazdruk let her animal side take control. Avelyn pulled herself closer to the bars biting her lip softly as Luzella pushed the elf’s head down on her cock in rhythmic pumps. She watched the amazon’s thick cock glisten and her heavy balls swaying with each thrust.

Disgusted, Tasha found the strength to pull free, letting spit and copious amounts of precum spill from her mouth. Luzella looked up and made eye contact with Avelyn. A sly and destructive grin filled the Kazdruk’s face as the southland tried to drag herself away. Luzella stood up and placed her hoof on the chain. Giving the elf zero slack to crawl away. Reaching for the jar she had left on the cage, Luzella undid the top and let the liquid contents spill across her cock. The slick oily ointment smelled of mint and eucalyptus.  Looking down at Avelyn, Luzella placed her cock through the bars of her cell.

“Would you be so kind to lather this in?”

The Kazdruk words broke Avelyn’s malevolent state. She snapped out of the dark corner of her mind. The northern elf hesitated for a moment looking at the thick member that was now pointing at her— staring her down with malice. Luzella tapped the bar to get Avelyn’s attention.


Avelyn flinched at the sound and quickly wrapped her hand around Luzella’s horse-esque cock. Her elvish hand only made it halfway around it’s girth. Her palm and fingers slid across the slick oil. Slowly, she stroked her hand upward along the shaft and softly smeared the balm across it. Avelyn shivered as Luzella’s cock started to harden. She swallowed hard as her tiny hand slid over the girthy meat and bulging veins. Avelyn had to lean slightly to stop Luzella’s cock head from bumping into her face. A strand of thick precum oozed out clinging to Avelyn’s chest. Looking up at Luzella, Avelyn finished spreading the oil across Luzella’s cock.

“Watch closely Avelyn, for this is what I will do to you tomorrow for your disorderly behavior today.”

Luzella pulled back, letting her hard cock free and turned it towards the southlander. The elf looked up at Luzella’s stiff cock in terror. Avelyn watched as Luzella pulled her prey by the hair and then pushed her into the ground. Straddling the squirming elf now, Luzella began to stuff her cock head between Tasha’s ass cheeks.

Avelyn watched in dread as the elf struggled to try and pull away. Luzella held her still and started to slowly sink more of her thick cock head inside her tight ass. The southlander cried out to stop. She looked up at Avelyn again. The violated elf’s blue eyes speared into Avelyn’s. Straddling the elf and pinning her down, Luzella sank a few more inches into the elf. Her tight ass stretched more trying its best to accept the weighty cock. The elf grunted in pain as the cock head pushed deeper. Luzella bit her lip as her victim’s ass squeezed around her cock. Slowly, she started to pull back slightly. Tugging on the elf’s dreadlocks she made sure the elf knew her place and complied under the Kazdruk’s baleful rule. Pulling her head back more, there was no mistake that Luzella was in full control now.

“You’ve only took a quarter of my cock my dear,” Luzella whispered into the elf’s ear. “Worry not, I will train you to do better.” The Kazdruk laid into the elf, sinking half of her cock this time. The elf dug her fingers into the ground and let out a short shriek. Avelyn looked on helplessly as the southlander struggled under Luzella. Deviously, Luzella slowly pumped her cock in and out of Tasha. In a purposefully cruel manner, the Kazdruk always stopped halfway. The elf let out short grunts as Luzella started to up the pace. Tugging back on her hair harder, Luzella reminded the elf that she was her bitch. Luzella rolled her hips letting her meat plow in and out. The elf’s round ass smacked back into Luzella’s hips as she pressed into the elf even harder now. Pinned to ground, Tasha’s grunts got louder as Luzella fucked, letting her full weight repeatedly drive into the elf.   

Luzella slowed down, letting the elf catch her breath. Now Luzella pushed in slowly. She didn’t stop at the halfway. She felt Tasha tense and try to pull away as the inevitable was now happening. Luzella responded by laying down and letting her weight squash the small elf. As the Kazdruk’s heavy tits enveloped the elf, she grunted out trying to say something about stopping but Luzella pushed on. Dwelling in the elf’s misery with an animalistic grin, the demon carelessly thrusted on. Each scream was cut short too grunts, as Luzella started pounding into the elf now with long slow thrusts. She didn’t hold back and freely let her cock sink as deep as she wished.


Luzella and Tasha

Harder and harder, each thrust knocked the wind out of the elf. Tasha’s vision blurred as each powerful thrust sank into her ass. Hectically, her hands and arms swam around looking for any leverage to pull away. Luzella bucked like a horse letting her heavy tits knock into the elf’s head. Avelyn looked on in worry. The two made eye contact again as Luzella sank her cock to the hilt.

Avelyn didn’t want to watch but she couldn’t find the will to look away. Luzella’s thrusts began to slow to steady heavy pumps until she started unloading a torrent of cum into the elf. Her load rivaled even the elvish stallons as gallons poured into her victim. Holding the elf in place, her cock head flared while flooding Tasha. The elf laid broken, she whimpered as her innards were forced full of hot Kazdruk seed. She pulled herself forward in one last effort to free herself. This time she didn’t feel Luzella hold her, or pull her back, so she crawled onward. She felt the amazon’s long cock slowly pulling outward. The Kazdruk’s cock was almost free when suddenly she flet pressure in her ass. She pulled harder but Luzella’s cock head had flared wide and was now trapping itself in her ass and not releasing free. Luzella smiled down at her fuck toy.

“Aw, what’s the matter? You were so eager to leave.”

Luzella squeezed the elf’s ass cheeks and greedily pulled her back. Sinking her cock again, it was a harsh reminder for Tasha that Luzella was still very much in charge.

“I’m not done with you.”





 Kamri had returned to her chamber and looked over all the notes she had obtained from the great library. She organized the runes and looked each one over carefully. A soft knocking tapped at the door now, a short cadence that brought a smile to Kamri’s face. She knew the pattern and hopped to her feet. Cracking the door open slowly, Jelthra stood on the other side, hand on her hip and smile on her face. Behind her, Brazeek stood with a toothy grin. The two strolled in. Jelthra and Kamri embraced each other with a tight hug, followed by a long sensual kiss. Brazeek looked on with a raised eyebrow.

“Welcome back my love,” Kamri spoke softly. Jelthra returned a mischievous smirk.

“Thank ye, I muz admit, i’ve missed you already. I hear you had quite ze tussle with Wulfshn. “

Kamri returned a sly smile.

“Indeed, I did but It was no easy task.”

Jelthra ran her hand softly across Kamri’s face as if inspecting her.

“Iz never is. Are you injured my dear?”

Kamri shrugged.

“I’ll be fine,” She spoke before turning to Brazeek. ” Thank you Brazeek. I truly appreciate your help. I owe you.”

“I zuppose, I owe you as well old friend, thank you.”  

Brazeek nodded his head.

“Anything to upseeet Luzella,” He chuckled. ” Let me knooow when your plan is complete. Yooou have my blade if needed. If blood must be shed, then let it flow like a raging river.”

Kamri and Jelthra both nodded with twin smiles.

“We will let you know when everything is in place,” Kamri smiled.

“Then good eve,” Brazeek returned bowing his head before leaving.

The heavy door latched behind him as he marched away. Kamri turned and looked at Jelthra.

“Well, that went surprisingly smooth.”   

Jelthra nodded in agreement.

“Aye, too smooth.”

“Can we trust Brazeek?”

“Hmm, that is ze big question.”

“I wonder if his distaste of Luzella is genuine?”

“I’m sure it iz, but don’t let him fool us, i’m sure he would not hesitate to put himself first if a situation or opening should ever arise. He will do waz it takes to get ahead, at any expense.”

“Indeed. Well, we stick to our plan and only include him if needed. The closer we keep this plan to ourselves, the better the chances of pulling it off— Besides, I’m still not sure I can even trust you,” Kamri laughed.

Jelthra broke a smile and pushed Kamri into bed. Moving over her slowly and seductively, Jelthra kissed Kamri on the lips while brushing her fingers across Kamri’s breasts.

“I suppose only time will tell.”

Kamri pushed into the kiss, nibbling on the human’s lower lip.

“I have a place in mind to send Luzella,” Kamri whispered into Jelthra’s ear while softly gliding her fingernails down her partner’s back.

” Oh? Do tell.”

“Mmm, show me I can trust you first—You’re getting close.”

Jelthra smiled at Kamri’s demand and brushed herself into the elf.

“With pleasure my dear.”








Half-Breed. Chapter 15: A slave’s Life

By: Dawn2069MS

Half-Breed is back!

Foreword of the Author

Two and a half years… being away from writing for such a long time was waaay to long, and I am really sorry for that. I am especially sorry to those who were following the adventures of Kyaara, Tianna, Rhyeesh and all the other characters of my Dominion’s Chain’s Half-Breed story arc. Reasons for my overdue absence are manifold, so it doesn’t make sense to name all of them. There were a bunch of real life issues and health issues I had to deal with, as well as with being overloaded with work from my self employment; you might imagine that trying to force oneself to sit in front of a computer screen after having spent 10+ hours in front of other computer screens is futile in most of the cases.

In contrast to previous statements in various comments, I am back for real and I promise to do my best to keep the Half-Breed ball rolling. I will not promise that I can post new chapters on a regular basis, but I do promise that there won’t be another unheralded out-of-scale hiatus. If I need to have another break from writing because of what-so-ever reason, I’ll make sure to communicate this to my fan base propperly.

Another important thing I’d like to mention is that our editor and proofreader has left the team unfortunately. For me, this is a very problematic issue, because I am not a native English speaker and having an editor and proofreader is vital for my writing. Since it is quite hard to find a proofreader who has the time and is willing to deal with hardcore stuff like our kinky Dominion’s Chain world, I have decided to post my new chapter as it is. I’m sure there are a lot of grammer and spelling issues, so please have mercy on me. As soon as we have another editor at hand, my new chapters will be revised.

I’d like to mention that I have commissioned new Half-Breed artwork from my fellow buddy Lucien. The latest one does show a glimpse of things to come in future Half-Breed chapters. You can find the original artwork on his HF-gallery, so please don’t forget to give him some love.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoy reading Part One of my lastest Half-Breed chapter…

The story so far …

When Tianna – elven priestess of the northern goddess Eletha – had not come back from her trip to Meerisath, her half-breed sister Kyaara set out to find her. Their home in the elven exile colony in the far west of the Southern Veld of DalMarkaan was left behind as Kyaara traveled eastward to the large human enclave near Lake Crimson in order to seek after her missing sibling. After Kyaara had finally found traces of Tianna’s whereabouts in the vicinity of an outlying abandoned cathedral, the anxious fighter had been confronted by the powerful Kazdruk succubus Rhyeesh, as well as four of her human minions, holding ransom her beloved sister. Kyaara’s attempt to rescue her mistreated and violated sister in a fit of ferocious primeval rage had indeed killed all of Rhyeesh’s minions, but had utterly failed to succeed against the mesmerizing Kazdruk demoness. Paralyzed by the succubus’ dark magic, Kyaara had been forced to continue what Rhyeesh and her minions had begun, namely to force Tianna into sexual submission and slowly break her mind.
    After planting the seeds of corruption within both elven sisters, Rhyeesh had orchestrated a situation which had offered the sisters a chance to flee the scene. Leaving the troubled sisters suffer from the delusion of having escaped successfully, Rhyeesh had contacted her accursed master Vorgen to give a report about her primary tasks; scouting the area for signs of noteworthy resistance against the upcoming Kazdruk invasion of DalMarkaan.
    On their way home, Kyaara and Tianna had met Ormond – elder priest of Eletha and Tianna’s former mentor – who had been on a mission to spread word about the inevitable Kazdruk invasion. The elven sisters had become aware of the situation and the fact that their exile colony would become as overrun as all of the other villages and enclaves. They had soon come to the decision to abandon their home and travel northwards in order to pass the Dragon’s Spine mountains and travel through the Breken Nordlands, hoping to find a ship which would leave for AzurLyyn – The Elvish Prosperity.

Since word about the imminent Kazdruk invasion had also been spread over the SajaRuun Ocean, a fraction of the Wanderers of SajaRuun, the nomadic seafaring people inhabiting the corresponding ocean, had decided to commit a breach of their strict neutrality and taken sides with humanity. Lead by Captain Reyvan of the Reyvan’s Pride, the gigantic capital ship had taken a course towards the eastern shores of DalMarkaan in order to save as many refugees as possible from damnation.

While traveling northwards, Rhyeesh’s gift of corruption within Kyaara had started to grow and taint her body and mind, making it difficult for the half-breed to refrain from her beloved little sister. The fight with a dangerous predator of the Southern Veld had finally been the trigger to unleash a dark and wicked demonic desire within Kyaara, a forbidden urge to release her pent-up sexual energy by using her sister Tianna.
    Rhyeesh had meanwhile been traveling back towards Meerisath and had fueled her succubus powers by sexually feeding on the essences several humans; victims who had either stayed alive for future purposes, or who had been killed during the feeding process. The demoness’ next goal was to catch up with the elven sisters, a task easy to manage due to the band of corruption she had webbed between the half-breed Kyaara and herself.

It was the 98th day of Sun Cycle 106. The invasion of DalMarkaan was just three days ahead. Yuldaysha, her trusted sorceress Aeltha, and her champion Vorgen, would sacrifice more than five hundred souls to execute an ancient and powerful Kazdruk blood ritual. One that would shake the fundamentals of the world, tearing open a giant rift into reality and transporting an army of ten thousand over to the Obsidian Cliffs of the western continent. In those three days, the evil queen’s Dominion’s Chain would spread over the SajaRuun Ocean and encompass all of DalMarkaan.


Zander was on his way back to his master’s chambers. He had successfully forwarded his master’s invitation to the leader of the Spire, Yuldasha herself. Having stood in front of the archdemoness had once again been exciting and frightening at the same time, and once again Zander had been awestruck be the mesmerizing presence of the Queen of the Kazdruk. Being a well-trained slave and in spite of being almost overwhelmed by Yuldasha’s supernatural presence, Zander had been able to complete what he had been tasked with and was now on his way downward to the mirror he had used on his forward run.

Mirrors were spread all over the Spire. They were not only decorative assets to display ones reflection; when used with a specific type of Kazdruk magic, they were portals which were connected to each other, forming a network of doorways which can be used to move within the entire Spire. Not every level in the Spire had a mirror portal. They were wisely positioned to connect certain sectors of the giant tower, such as Yuldasha’s personal sector, which contained multiple levels, to the Superior Personnel’s Quarters sector, which also consisted of a variety of levels.
    The usage of those passage ways was limited to high-ranking and high-magic Kazdruk, as well as to individuals who had been (temporarily) tasked to use them. The magic necessary to open a passage way had been either granted to an individual in form of the appropriate power, or it had been stored within a specific artifact which had been given to an individual. There were different types of portal artifacts. Those which granted access to the whole mirror portal network were rare and mostly been tokens of gratitude and promotion; the majority of artifacts however were limited to a set of specific portals, down to a minimum of a single pair of mirrors.
    The artifact Zander had been given for his task was an amulet holding a black crystalline shard in its center, connected to a thin golden chain. It was on of the two-way artifacts which were in  the possession of his Master Vorgen. As far as Zander knew, his master already possessed the magic power to use all of the Spire’s mirror portal network – he was Yuldasha’s champion after all, so it was obvious that the artifacts he owned where to direct his slaves and subordinates through the Spire to fulfill his wishes and orders when time was of the essence.

It was near sunset and the fading brightness of the evening sky shone through the Spire’s windows, filling the hallway with a warm reddish light. Zander finally approached the mirror portal and paused for a moment, while the echo of the clicking sound of his high-heeled shoes faded away into the the depths of the spacious corridors. Standing in front of the reflective surface, he examined his mirror image – as  he had done it countless times prior to this. And yet again, he traced the contours of his body and his facial features with his gaze, satisfied. Zander’s appearance was very feminine and he was more beautiful than some of the human female slaves here in the Spire. He had long straight raven-black hair, flowing over his shoulders like waves of satin, reaching down to his upper chest; a smooth black mane complementing his womanly visage. The feminine appearance of his face was underlined by what looked like lipstick, rouge, eye-liner and eye-shadow, though his makeup had been applied to him using minor Kazdruck magic, namely some sort of permanent makeover spell.
    To complement his female appearance, Zander had been ordered to wear a specific set of outfit. An under-bust corset which was made of black leather and laced at the sides was complemented with a black leather collar, a pair of arm-length leather gloves, as well as thigh-high black leather stockings which did not cover the feet. In addition to his fetish-like attire, Zander also wore g-string briefs which barely covered his nether regions, as well as the above mentioned black leather high-heels.
    Zander did not always have such a slender and feminine body. It had been permanently optimized by Kazdruk magic, which had been part of his slave training. Further more, not only the shape of his body had been transformed, he also had all bodily hair permanently removed, exempt from his scalp, eyelashes and the eyebrows, ensuring a smooth and aesthetically pleasing body for all time. He had learned how to walk in high-heels, sway his hips when moving and generally behave more womanly to adapt to his new appearance. Further more, his voice had been slightly pitched higher, yet while maintaining the original male timbre. In conclusion, as a human slave he was, he had been transformed to his Master’s liking. Zander liked what he saw in the mirror. No, he didn’t just like it. He loved how he looked like, adored his appearance, adored his body, adored himself.
    While gazing at his mirror reflection, Zander’s thoughts wandered back to the time before the Kazdruk invasion, to the time where he had been a teenager, the time of the great Goldulin Empire. There had always been something inside him, even when he’d been a child, something that had told him that he was different. He had been born as a boy, but there had been a voice, hidden deep within him, and it had always whispered into his mind, a voice of femininity, unheard by his parents, his friends, his surroundings. He had always wanted to be a girl, and as puberty had crushed into his teenager life, he slowly had begun to realize that he wanted to be with boys and girls alike, intimate, body and mind. Zander remembered how he hadn’t been accepted by the Goldulin society, at least not by the social class he had been raised in. He had always heard about the high society and their debauchery, enjoying immoral activities and not caring about behaving in a morally acceptable way, but had never been given the chance to enter those levels of society. His dreams had been doomed to never become reality … then the Kazdruk’s invasion had come, and Zander’s life had changed forever in just one night.

Being lost in thought didn’t last long, as Zander’s mind suddenly snapped back into presence. He still had a task to fulfill and he didn’t want to displease his Master by wasting time. Zander grabbed the amulet he had been given for his task and approached the mirror in front of him. The moment his body touched the reflecting plane, the surface suddenly behaved like liquid and engulfed the intruding human form, while a variety of ripples started to move from the edges of the slowly vanishing silhouette to the outer borders of the mirror. It felt like touching and moving through the surface of water, though the liquid silver seemed to be a bit more sticky than simple water. The transition from one mirror to its counterpart happened in an instant. As soon as Zander’s body moved through the mirror’s surface, he appeared moving through the surface plane of the target mirror at the same time; if he would just stick his arm through the portal, it would be visible on the other side of the portal. Holding fast to the amulet wasn’t necessary to pass through the mirror gateway; it was sufficient to just wear it. However, Zander always felt the urge to grab the artifact with one of his hands, just to make sure he wouldn’t get lost within the net of magic gateways.
    After having made the transition to the Superior Personnel’s Quarters sector, Zander turned around to check is body. The silver liquid of the mirror gateway hadn’t left any traces of its substance on him. Being ready to come back to his Master, Zander continued his way back to Vorgen’s chambers, eagerly awaiting to be in his beloved Master’s presence again.


Traveling through a self-made ritual-powered portal had been a daunting task for Rhyeesh. The transition had drained a significant amount of her magic energy and she had felt exhausted and vulnerable in the aftermath. The green glow of the fading portal had quickly vanished and the demoness had looked around in order to find out where she was. Rhyeesh was in midst of the Southern Veld, that she was sure of. The connection of corruption between her and Kyaara had worked splendidly and she was sure to be close on the elven sister’s heels. Having keen eyes and the ability to see in the dark, she had recognized an abandoned way-station at the northern horizon in front of the mountain range. Rhyeesh knew that location well. While scouting the territory in preparation for the invasion, she had found the abandoned complex of buildings, which had once been one of the last major way-stations for the old northern merchant route passing the Dragon’s Spine mountains. Rhyeesh smiled as she had become aware of the location. It was the proof that the seed of corruption she had planted within Kyaara and Tianna was working as planned, which – amongst other things – was to subconsciously push the elven sisters to decide to take the only available route northwards through the Dragon’s Spine.
    Though having been eager to follow the sister’s trail right now, Rhyeesh had decided to rest for some hours to regain her powers. Meditation had been her first class choice, so the succubus had sat down cross-legged in midst of the veld. After having watched the sunset for a while, Rhyeesh had activated her perimeter guard spell, then closed her eyes and had soon reached her trance-like state of meditation. Being in this state of mind was similar to sleeping, but without dreaming. However, the demoness often had visions, showing her past, the present, sometimes even what could be interpreted as the future.


Lyra’s body shuddered violently with every new stroke of the whip, and every time the knowing touch of the lash left yet another red streak on the sun-tanned skin of her body, the bound Zelkathorn Elf was driven  closer to yet another forced orgasm, whip stroke by whip stroke. She was still suffering from post-orgasmic hypersensitivity. Her last orgasm, one of many, had ravaged her body just a short while ago, and being torn between the pain of the whip strokes and the next orgasm building within her nearly drove her crazy. She had promised to herself that she wanted to try to remain strong, rebellious and obstinate, but in reality, right at this very moment, she was nothing more but Master Vorgen’s favorite red-headed lashing-toy.
    As Lyra went over the peak and lived through yet another forceful climax, she can’t help but scream into her ball-gag, hoping that letting it all out would help her to bare this horrendously intense amount of painful pleasure. She would have shaken her head back and forth due to the intense sensation, but wasn’t able to do so; her Master had made her wear a neck-corset which held her head in a straight upright position. It was one of those subtle accessories which seemed to be just another harmless set of attire, but its effect was that Lyra felt all the more helpless and vulnerable.
    The level of corruption, as well as her slave training, had granted Lyra the ability to have intense orgasms from just being whipped, but this hadn’t been enough for the actual punishment. That is why the elven woman had been positioned onto a wooden construct, which had a pair of large silver-colored dildos mounted on their top, and a silver-colored metal orb positioned in front of the two phalluses. Her legs had been spread wide and fixated to the wooden frame, ankles bound to the thighs, and her hands had been put above her head into metal shackles, which were attached to a chain hanging from the roof of the chamber. Lyra then had been impaled onto the dildos, both of them being manufactured to fill both her vagina and anus to their limits. Before Vorgen had started the whipping, he had empowered the three silver-colored elements with his Kazdruk magic, causing them the release sporadic jolts of dark magic energy. The vaginal and anal dildos released their power directly into Lyra, while the metal orb in front of them interacted with the tiny metal orb of her clitoris piercing and thus stimulating Lyra’s most sensitive spot directly and intensely.
    Vorgen did not continuously whip Lyra. He paused here and then, changed his position to reach all of his slave’s body parts; her shapely ass, her voluptuous tits, her belly, her thighs. Then, the two dildos and the metal orb did their unrelenting job to continue stimulating their victim, holding her on the highest possible pleasure level without pushing her over the orgasmic edge.
    Lyra normally would have passed out by now from the enormous amount of pleasure and pain and the uncountable orgasms, but her corruption prevented her from getting unconscious. Her mind had went blank instead, her beautiful green eyes had partially rolled back into her head and the world around her had been reduced to the sound and pain of the lashing whip and the overwhelming pleasure she wasn’t able to bare anymore. Her screams had been gradually reduced to gagged whimpers, and uncontrolled amounts of saliva drooled from her lips onto her cleavage and belly. She had reached the state of mind her Master was aiming for. Vorgen realized it, smiled, increased the intensity of his silver toys’ sizzling magic and continued punishing his plaything.


Zander arrived at his Master’s chambers. As he approached the two-winged wooden door, he heard the lashes of the whip sound through it, and thought about Lyra and about the punishment she still was receiving for trying to escape from the custody of her Master yet another time.
    Lyra and Zander were friends. While Lyra was a southern elf from one of the smaller clans from the Zelkathorn jungles, and Zander had been raised within the former Goldulin Empire, they probably would never have met under normal circumstances. However, being both victims of the great Kazdruk invasion and having been chosen as slaves by Vorgen nearly six years ago, they had found themselves attracted to each other and had become close friends about five years ago. Lyra and Zander couldn’t be more different though. While Zander’s forbidden wishes had become reality, which had made him willingly submit into Kazdruk slavery, Lyra had fought against her unavoidable destiny – living as an elven slave – all the time, constantly trying to resist and escape, being an obstinate hot-head.
    Being a bit surprised about his friend still being whipped – Lyra’s punishment had started quite some time before Zander had run the errand for Master Vorgen after all, he opened one of the two wings of the heavy door and entered his Master’s chambers. Following his training and instructions, he took off his high-heels, as well as his g-string, and put them into a small wooden cupboard which stood next to the door; Master Vorgen wanted all of his slaves to be barefooted and to not hide their nether regions when being inside his chambers or in his presence. After putting back the mirror doorway amulet to its place, Zander approached his Master, who was still skillfully descending the whip onto the quivering body of his friend Lyra. As trained, Zander went down on his knees and sat on his heels, as elegant as a woman would do, then spread his legs to present his nether regions and positioned his hands on his thighs, palms facing upwards. He silently observed the scenario in front of him and it didn’t take long for him to get a hard-on. He wasn’t sure at first why he got turned on. Looking at the muscular obsidian-colored body of his Master was sight to behold for the young slave, but it was the scene of Lyra getting whipped from one orgasm to the next was what really made his libido catch fire and his cock get rock hard. Further more, Zander knew exactly how Lyra felt right now; he had been blessed with a similar treatment some time ago as part of his training and it had been one of the most intense sensations he had ever felt in his entire life.

Vorgen paused the whipping, while the silver toys continued to stimulate poor Lyra once again. Being satisfied with the result, the tall demon coiled up the whip and looked down at Zander, smiling impishly as he recognized his favorite slaves state of arousal.

    “What a bad boy you are, Zander. Getting a hard-on from watching your friend getting whipped.”

    “This boy is sorry, Master.” Zander replied obediently and continued:

    “This boy remembers how it feels, being kissed by Master’s whip.”
    “This boy knows how his friend feels, and it arouses this boy, Master.”

    Vorgen smiled again, knowing: “I’m sure you do, my beautiful slave.”

    While Lyra’s pain- and pleasure-stained gagged moans told of yet another intense orgasm, Vorgen continued to talk to his slave:

    “So, what did Yuldasha say in response to my invitation?”

    Zander focused back on his Master and answered: “Queen Yuldasha is curious about what Master has to tell. She is willing to pay her champion a visit in about half an hour. She also pointed out that she expects to be entertained … uhm … by this boy, Master.” Zander blushed.

Vorgen laughed. He wasn’t really surprised by Yuldasha’s forwarded words. It was one of many mind games Yuldasha was playing with some of her subordinates, and her champion Vorgen was one of the few worthy competitors.

    “Excellent!” Vorgen said amused. “I like where this is going.”

    “I have to prepare some assets for Yuldasha’s visit. … And Zander, look after your friend over there. She needs a lot of care right now. I expect her to be available again when Yuldasha arrives.”

Zander willingly acknowledged his Master’s order with the usual “Yes, Master.” phrase, stood up and moved to Lyra, who’s streak-covered body still shuddered with the aftermath of her punishment. She was breathing heavily through her nose and her face showed all signs of the trance-like state of exhaustion.
    Removing Lyra’s bonds and retracting the dildos were routine tasks for Zander; the wooden framework Lyra was sitting on was designed to be adjustable and to fit a variety of body types. However, since Lyra’s body was still suffering from hypersensitivity, Zander took his time and handled his tormented friend with extreme care. He assisted Lyra with getting down from the top of the construct and helped her to sit down on the floor; her legs weren’t able to carry her anyway. After removing the neck-corset and the ball gag, Zander slowly wrapped his arms around Lyra and hugged her tenderly, caressing her, giving her the aftercare she needed so desperately.

While comforting his friend, Zander recognized that his Master was preparing a set of ropes. Some of them where part of a pulley, which was mounted at a large beam near the roof of the chamber, other ropes were laying on a table nearby, ordered by length and thickness. Zander knew those ropes. They were the ones his Master used for bondage sessions. Thinking about Queen Yuldasha’s words, that she demanded to be entertained by him, and looking at the ropes he knew so well, got Zander highly excited. He had been bound and milked by Yuldasha once, and he craved for being used again by his Queen since then. And since Master Vorgen knew about his desire, there was a good chance that his wish might become reality.

The time until Yuldasha’s arrival spun away. While Vorgen had finished the preparations for Yuldasha’s visit, Zander was still taking care of his friend. Lyra had partially recovered from her orgasm torture and was addressable again, yet still looking worn out and covered with reddish streaks.
    Vorgen suddenly clicked his fingers and gestured his two slaves to get into position. Lyra and Zander obeyed instantly and positioned themselves side by side as trained; they knelt down, sat on their heels, spread their legs and positioned their hands on top of their thighs, palms facing upwards. While Lyra kept her head down, Zander followed his Master with his gaze. The dark-skinned demon acted as if he knew Yuldasha was approaching his chamber’s door. And indeed, shortly before Vorgen reached the door, the two heavy wings got pushed open and Yuldasha appeared. Zander’s heartbeat got faster as he observed Queen Yuldasha enter his Master’s chambers. As always, the tall demoness was a sight to behold for the excited slave, a beauty yet intimidation and wickedness incarnate. Her reddish tan skin held hints of purple and magenta, and the fires lighting Vorgen’s chambers complemented her silhouette. Yuldasha’s curvy physique swayed from side to side with every criss-crossed step closer she took; elegant, powerful, seductive, dangerous. Her long hoofed legs where caressed by reptilian black leather thigh-high stockings, and her low cut armored top struggled to contain her heavy breasts, which bounced softly in union with her graceful movement. Her long black hair hung straight, reaching down to the top of her hips and framing her soft face. A pair of curling demon horns twisted out and behind her head and an intricate head piece was strung across her forehead, embedded with green gem stones. Her thick, deep purple lips and her piercing green serpent eyes complemented her mesmerizing appearance and urged Zander to constantly gaze at the impressive archdemoness.

    “It’s a pleasure to have you here, my Queen.” Vorgen purred and offered Yuldasha his hand.

    “I hope you’re not wasting my time.” Yuldasha replied with a wicked smile, while elegantly placing her hand into her champion’s, accepting his offer to guide her to his throne. After Yuldasha sat down on the comfortable domicile, the demoness crossed her legs and looked around. Zander was still gazing at the her, as their eyes finally met. The glow of Yuldasha’s eyes cut through the dim light like emerald fireballs, ans it felt like her gaze would pierce Zander’s very soul. He suddenly felt trapped, caught. Before he realized that he was evidently staring at the demoness, Yuldasha looked back to her champion and asked:

    “Your girly boy-slave over there … seems he can’t wait to entertain me, can he?”

    Zander’s heart seemed to skip a beat as he heard Yuldasha’s words and promptly bowed down his head, as he should have done in the first place. He listened carefully as his Master answered his Queen:

    “Young Zander here sometimes forgets how to behave properly, especially when he’s excited. However, since he is one of the very few slaves in my stock who have willingly and completely accepted their fate as servants to the Kazdruk forces, I’ve allowed him some more latitude than I allow others. … And since Zander seems to be so eager to serve you, my Queen, he shall begin right now.”

    “Come over here and worship your Queen, Zander.” ordered Vorgen without looking at him.

    “Yes, Master.” The womanly man’s voice trembled slightly, as he obeyed to Vorgen’s command. Then her rose to his feet, elegantly positioned himself in front of Yuldasha’s crossed legs, knelt down in humbleness and spread his thighs again to present his still erect manhood.

    “You know what to do.” purred Vorgen and took some steps backwards to better observe the scene in front of him, yet without turning his back to Yuldasha.

Zander’s hand felt shaky as he carefully touched Yuldasha’s free cloven foot. The sensation of feeling the archdemoness’ skin let a sizzling shiver of pleasure run down his spine and impact in his nether regions, causing his erect cock to get even harder. He was not sure why his body was reacting like that, but it made him crave for more. While gently supporting the heel of Yuldasha’s foot with one of his hands, he carefully traced the bare skin of her back of the foot with his other hand’s fingers. After leaning forward a bit, the excited slave placed some soft kisses on Yuldasha’s hoof, savoring the sweet yet spicy scent of the demoness’ skin with his nose. With the urge of wanting more growing inside him, Zander eagerly started to lick clean the cloven hoof, his gaze jumping back and forth between his Queen’s foot and face.

    “So … has the elvish assault on the Spire concluded as planned, my Queen?” Vorgen asked.

    “Their assault was as foreseeable as it was futile,” Yuldasha smirked while watching the slave’s tongue glide over her hoof, “and their attempt to rescue their oh so beloved queen … well it has been entertaining at least.”

    Vorgen rose an eyebrow and dug deeper: “I see. So queen Aria has served her purpose then?”

    “More than that, Vorgen,” Yuldasha replied. “The seed of corruption I planted within her will not only affect the elven queen herself, but also her offspring. I made her the vessel carrying my child.”

    Vorgen was surprised. He had not expected Yuldasha impregnating the queen of the elves, but he quickly realized the consequences for the royal elven court, and the impact on it once the child was born.

Yuldasha continued to observe the womanly human slave licking her foot. She enjoyed the moment of relaxation and worship. Zander had become nearly obsessed with his task. He moaned with pleasure as he tasted the sweetness of Yuldasha’s skin, his wet tongue tracing the surface of her foot, his lips caressing every inch with kisses. Zander was on the brink of having an orgasm. His whole body sizzled with excitement, as his arousal suddenly catapulted him over the edge. Having his legs spread, ropes of white cum shot out of his cock and splattered onto the ground, as well as onto Yuldasha’s other foot.

    “Did he just cum from licking my feet?” Yuldasha asked, surprised and slightly amused.

    Vorgen laughed out loud as he realized what his slave had done.

    “I’m sorry, my Queen, I …”

    “No need to apologize,” Yuldasha interrupted her champion, “I already feel entertained and he shall continue cleaning up the mess.”

Zander obeyed instantly, though his whole body still felt shaky due to the sweet aftermath of his hands-free orgasm. He placed a last dearly kiss on his Queen’s foot, before gently guiding it to the ground. The moment Yuldasha lifted her other foot to cross her legs again, Zander carefully grabbed it and guided her leg into position. With a moan of pleasure and satisfaction, he started worshiping his Queens other foot with his lips, slowly working his tongue from the tip of the hoof to the splashes of his own cum.

    “But tell me, dear Vorgen,” Yuldasha continued, slightly leaning her head to the side while observing the womanly slave licking her other foot, “do you really want to continue wasting my time with your small talk, or is there something of relevance you want to tell me?”

    “Yes, there is, my Queen.” answered Vorgen, the timbre of his voice slightly sounding obedient.

    “The invasion of DalMarkaan is three days ahead. The army of ten thousand is prepared and ready to march on your command, your highness; and this is just the first wave we’ll send over to the west. The second wave will be the dragon riders, and the third and final wave will be another army of ten thousand.” Vorgen paused. “As far as I know, Aeltha has finalized her preparations for the ritual spell-casting, as well as her training to endure the daunting drain of a ritual of this magnitude.”

    “I want you to keep an eye on the sorceress!” Yuldasha suddenly interrupted.
    “It appears that Aeltha has gotten a bit too careless lately, especially in regard to handling and controlling her own creations. If she fails to keep her focus on the blood ritual’s spell-casting, she will be doomed. And it would be a shame to loose such a valuable asset like her.”

    “I agree.” Vorgen nodded. “I’m sure Aeltha is aware of the paramount importance of her task, yet I’ll gladly make sure to remind her of your words, my Queen. … And to conclude my report: The five hundred subjects chosen for the blood ritual have been indoctrinated, trained and altered to be of use. Their collective essences will be sufficient to fuel the spell-casting, for the time needed to hold the portal open.”

    “I want another fifty subjects to be prepared as backup.” Yuldasha replied in a commanding voice.

    “As you wish, my Queen.” Vorgen answered while slightly bowing down his head.

Yuldasha smiled, knowing. After having the obsidian colored demon as her champion for such a long time, it was an easy task for her to read Vorgen’s body language and she knew exactly that her champion did not see the necessity for a backup. However, she also knew that he didn’t dare to object her. Yuldasha’s gaze wandered back to Zander, who was still worshiping her foot and lower leg with his lips and tongue, sending sizzling waves of pleasure through her body.

    “Speaking of Aeltha’s creations …” Yuldasha continued with a slightly pleasure-stained voice. “That young beautiful apprentice succubus of yours – what was her name again? – Has she already returned to the Spire?”

    “Rhyeesh is her name, my Queen.” Vorgen replied. “And no, she has not yet returned. I have planned to call her back the day before the invasion. I want her to be at my side when the invasion begins and she still has to deliver the final report about her scouting mission.”

    “I am very interested to hear what Rhyeesh has learned about what they call the Breken Nordlands,” said Yuldasha, “especially if she has any information about the inhabitants of that area. Previous recon missions had confirmed the existence of what common folk call the White Towers, and that the whole area is covered by thick ice. There are also rumors about the dragons inhabiting the Dragon’s Spine mountains stay away from that area. The big question is: Why? Dragons are very territorial creatures. They constantly strive to expand their districts. What keeps them away from the northern region? And why do we still only have rumors about those so called Nordlanders?”

    “I’m sure Rhyeesh will be able to deliver answers to those questions.” Vorgen nodded. “And the Nordlanders, if they exist at all, they’ll be consumed by the Kazdruk forces and share the fate of the Elves and Humans. I’ll make sure that nothing stands in the way of spreading your …”

    “This is not the time for foolish pride!” snapped Yuldasha, the emerald glow of her eyes slightly flaring up. “In comparison to previous recon missions of northern DelHelshan and Zelkathorn, the intel we got about the western continent by now is a joke.”

    Yuldasha slowly withdrew her foot from Zander’s lips and placed it on the floor, then slightly leaned forward and continued: “I expect your little apprentice … no, I expect YOU to deliver, my dear champion.”

    Vorgen gazed at the arch demoness. Yuldasha’s reaction did not surprise him. He knew all too well that there was more than enough potential for improving the DalMarkaan recon missions, yet he had relied on just one source of information.

    “And I shall deliver as you expect, my Queen.” replied Vorgen and made a bow.

    “Very good.” Yuldasha smiled satisfied and leaned back into the chair. “Remember to bring Rhyeesh to me as soon as she arrives in the Spire. I want that report first hand, and I am looking forward to having some fun with her.” She paused. “And speaking of fun … I want to have some fun with your girly boy-toy now.”

    “Of course, my Queen.” acknowledged Vorgen and smiled.

Shackles of Hate. Chapter 20: Sorceress, Whore, Soldier, Spy

By: SinfulWolf

Walking the streets of Driftafay had been horrific. There had been no battle, only scattered skirmishes through the streets as the Elvish soldiers butchered those few humans who dared resist even after the gates had been opened to them. Lelthina had no love for humans, and their petty attempts to claw for something resembling power, but the gore of combat disgusted her. Still, it had been necessary.

She wished she had had her coach, instead of the single pure white horse, that she might shut out the scenes of carnage as the Elves took their revenge. Standing now in a lavish room, her new chambers in Driftafay, she stayed away from the balcony. Instead staring at a painting upon the wall depicting a beautiful Elf man bathing in a river. Letting her eyes roam over the exquisite perfection of his tight body, she used it to drive away the visions of slaughter. The hard ridges of his chest, the dark brown of his nipples, begging to be nipped on. The surface of the water teasingly hiding his cock from view, showing only the small tuft of hair just above it, those delicious indentations of the hips that so defined his abs peaking above the water. Lelthina’s imagination filled out the dimensions for herself, and it was perfect.

The only way she would take them.

Lelthina had never liked being anywhere near the front. Or whatever might resemble a front in this war. War and battle was not her specialty. Politics, diplomacy, and intrigue were her battlefront, her tools.

At least she had been able to take a bath and slip back into a silk dress. She felt back in her element at least. No need to sit in a saddle anymore, or eat the poor rations of the soldiers, or suffer the stench of latrines when the wind changed. Though the city currently stank from the pyres of the dead, it would dissipate soon enough. Besides, she had perfumes and incense to ensure her little haven was pleasant enough.

She let out a sigh, rising from her seat and finally pulling her gaze away from the beautiful man displayed upon her wall. With measured steps she moved towards the balcony, the world barely hidden behind the sheer silk curtains. She could see the dawn on the horizon, those first rays of the sun making the brilliant colours of her curtains all the more spectacular.

She ran her fingers over the silk, smiling to herself. This had been Sarya’s room until earlier today. It had seemed such a soldier’s room, with weapon and armour racks, a simple chest for her belongings, the dresser full of plain tunics. But the centurion had surprised Lelthina with her silk curtains. It seemed that some of the more noble traits of Goldulin culture had seeped their way into the soldier. And from the tales she’d heard, of the whore that spent more nights in this very room than the brothel, the councillor guessed that Sarya might be more in line with the nobility than she would like to admit.

That or Lelthina overestimated a soldier’s need for the rudimentary.

Leaning forward, letting the silk caress her skin, Lelthina watched the sun rise for a few moments. The streets were already teeming with activity down below. Elvish soldiers organizing the still living citizens into working groups to clean the streets, of blood, rubble, and bodies. Crows circled overhead, waiting for the corpses to be dumped and clear of people that they might come down to feast. And of course, Telva’s insistence on public displays of the executed. Swaying from the gallows erected in the market square. A once teeming market square, but war and rebellion have turned it far from that purpose for some time now.

The sound of her door opening caught Lelthina’s attention. It was quiet, but she knew of only two people in this city who would dare walk in on her without announcing themselves first. One she accepted, the other was simply to annoy her. And Telva was never so quiet. She smiled to herself, not moving as Pharno came up to her. He smelled of soap, and the image on her wall came to mind again as his hands ran over her open back to her shoulders.

Slowly he pushed the straps of her dress off, and slowly guided them down her arms.

“I have an appointment soon,” she said, smiling and turning her head slightly, but making no move to stop the spy, even as the silk slipped off her breasts, and continued downwards. His hands surprisingly soft against her sides until they settled upon her hips.

“Not for two hours,” he said, his lips playing along the back of her neck, tongue teasing at her skin as the dress fell from where it was at her hips, and puddled on the floor. She groaned softly, as he pulled her back against him, feeling the fine clothes he wore against her body.

“A more personal appointment. You are not my only lover,” she said with a sly grin as he guided her to the bed. He spun her around then, so her breasts were crushed against his chest. She couldn’t help herself, her fingers already rising to the buttons of his tunic to open them, to peel the soft fabric open and reveal that hard chest to her bosom.

“No, but I am the only one in Driftafay,” he said with a smile as he grasped her hands, dragging them along his own form, letting her feel him, until her hands reached his trousers, her hands immediately began to work on them, pushing them down off his hips. His hard cock sprang free, dragging along her thigh.

“For now,” she said, grinning before he pushed her back, landing on the bed. She propped herself on her elbows, legs closed, smirking. She would let no other lover treat her the way Pharno did, and that’s what made him special. That he was able to so easily seduce her, to get between her legs. How many lovers did he have in Driftafay already she wondered, feeling his hands grasp her calves firmly, and start to pull them open. Revealing everything to his hungry eyes.

She was nothing to him, she knew, except a good fuck, and a source of payment. He liked the power he held over her in these moments, and Lelthina let him have it. She wasn’t sure if he was truly in control, or if she let him pretend to have it. His interest continued for much the same reasons. Again and again he came back to take her, to ravish her. The one woman he wasn’t sure he could truly take.

But he smiled, crawling between her legs, one hand on her breast and pushing her onto her back before his fingers closed in a firm squeeze, feeling her nipple against the palm of his hand. Then his hips thrust forward, and she moaned, back arching, pushing that breast even tighter into his grip.

Their hips began to move, as Pharno stripped away the nobility, and left them as but two naked elves fucking each other, their moans mingling as his cock rammed into her. Their flesh slapping through the room as they let themselves enjoy this base instinct. This need.

With only the sun to look upon them as it rose up into the morning.




Rania’s lips had been pleasant as she whispered the word from the sentries into the ear of her mistress. The soft nibbles and caress of tongue even more so. The concubine of course had been emboldened by the soft groans of her mistress, letting her hand slip over the corset armour, and into the cup that held her breast, squeezing firmly, even finding a nipple and pinching it, earning herself another soft moan as reward.

“A dragon has been spotted on the horizon mistress,” Rania whispered, each word letting her lips graze Lillium’s ear, her tongue flicking again to enforce it all.

“Good. Make sure the hall is prepared for our guest, and that the entertainment is ready,” Lillium said as she looked out the window of her chambers, towards the rising sun that hovered above the horizon.

Pulling away, with some disappointment, Rania bowed to her mistress, and quickly left the room. Rising to her feet, Lillium moved to the window, and leaned against the sill to look across her town. The one she was raised in, and the one she conquered. Cut off from the Kazdruk advance, but too far deep for any proper Coalition army to get to quickly. Unless the Elves finally mobilized.

Fingers curling into tight fists, Lillium thought back to the day her clan was nearly destroyed on the Plains of Atzgol. To seeing the Elves retreat under the orders of that bitch of a Princess. Telva Winterstone. Letting out a long breath, Lillium turned away from the window and started to make her way down to the grand hall of the keep where she’d greet her escort. Vengeance would be hers someday, and it would taste sweet on her lips.

Heels clicking on the stone, Lillium entered the hall, glancing over the currently empty tables, before she seated herself on the throne constructed on the dais that overlooked the room. Behind her, the large stained glass windows that had once depicted the glory of Oan and the Cozlak clan now held dark red glass, with black Morkaten designs. Helots stood on guard, standing rigid with their spears pointed towards the ceiling, while a pair of slaves wearing nothing except sandals and violet loincloths stood near the entrance to the kitchens.

Crossing one leg over the other, and pulling her blade free, Lillium watched the entrance to the hall. Her blade’s point against the floor, she spun it by the pommel, keeping her face neutral.

The doors opened, and two helots entered, escorting a large brown skinned kazdruk warrior. A wicked war scythe was resting on her shoulder as her hooves clacked against the stone floor. A single eye stared at Lillium as she came forward, a tan scar running over the opposite brow, the eye there milky white and useless.


“Baroness Lillium. I am Velkra, your escort to the spire,” her voice was deep, impatient, but Lillium gestured to one of the tables with her free hand.

“I guessed as much Velkra. But what kind of host would I be if I did not offer refreshments first,” the succubus purred, one of the slaves stepping forward to pull out a chair for the Kazdruk.

Raising the eyebrow of her ruined eye, Velkra looked towards the chair, then back to the baroness.

“I’d rather we leave now.”

“It is a long flight to the spire from my understanding. A quick meal, and a bit of a show, then we shall depart.”

With a grunt, Velkra moved towards the chair and sat herself. The slave trembled slightly; likely the first time she had seen a purebred Kazdruk. Especially so close. At a snap of Lillium’s fingers though, the two slaves vanished into the kitchens.

“It is not wise to delay succubus. Aeltha summoned you, and Yuldasha herself wishes to meet you,” Velkra said, placing her scythe on the table, her hand never straying far from the shaft of the weapon.

“Nor is it wise to ride alone with a hungry Kazdruk.”

Velkra let out a laugh at that, before the slaves returned. One holding a plate of bloody meat, the other holding a large tankard of ale, the foam spilling over the rim and dribbling across the floor. The slaves set them down in front of the Kazdruk, who reached out and grabbed one by the ass. Like a good slave she didn’t squeal, though she did look to Lillium while the other scampered away.

Lillium smiled, her fingers dancing on the pommel of her sword, spinning it in place. She knew what Velkra was doing; that grabbing the slave wasn’t just out of lust. It was an act of dominance.

“Enjoy her,” she said, lifting her free hand and snapping her fingers again. Two naked helots came in from the opposite door of the food and beer. Velkra grinned, baring her teeth as she forced the slave under the table, lifting up her own heavy and plated loincloth to reveal her snatch. The slave had no illusions of what she was to do, pressing her face forward, and drawing a low rumble of pleasure from the Kazdruk as tongue found the tangy folds of the warrior.

Velkra and Lillium both thought let their attentions turn to the two helots, who were pulling a woman in behind them on a chain. She followed meekly, obediently, her flesh bared for all to see.

“This is Viviane. A former knight of Oan,” Lillium said, making her new whore blush as the helots pulled her before the throne. If the hall were full, everyone would be able to see. Lillium had impressed that into Viviane before now. The whore blushed, but Lillium could see the excitement in her, her submission so complete that she took enjoyment even out of her own humiliation.

“Now my whore. And here to be fucked, for your enjoyment,” Lillium said as Velkra tore into the meat that was provided.

Meanwhile the helots pressed themselves against Viviane’s body, holding her between them. The front one grasping her thigh and lifting, feeling her leg bend over his arm before he thrust his hips forward, plunging his cock into her slick cunt. The whore let out a hungry moan, her head tilting back.

Fingers sliding along the grip of her sword, Lillium watched the display with her lips curled. Watching as the fallen knight draped her arm across the back of the other helot’s shoulders as his cock thrust forward as well. The whore’s eyes clamped shut as his prick pushed into her ass with little resistance. Her fingers curled tightly as the two helots let their hips thrust back and forth, plunging into her. Her nails dug into the back helot’s shoulder, her juices dribbling along their cocks as the fucked her for the entertainment of their baroness and the Kazdruk who watched eagerly.

Drinking her ale, and eating her gifted meal with one hand, the other was beneath the table, pulling the slave into her loins. Smearing fluids across the woman’s face, letting them run down her neck to her swaying breasts. The sounds of lust filled the hall, the smell of sex. Lillium leaned back and soaked it all in, the helot guards around the edges of the room standing at disciplined attention.

What surprised the succubus though, was that while Velkra seemed to be plunging headlong into hedonistic enjoyment, the Kazdruk had subtly examined the room. Taking in the guards, the entrances, the window. This one was playing the game, and Lillium didn’t like it.

The moans from the whore continued, getting louder and louder as the twin cocks plunged into her. Her juices dripping onto the stone floor from the same pricks that drove into her. Her nails close to drawing blood as the helots roared out their pleasure, feeling the succulent flesh against themselves. One lowered his maw to Viviane’s breast and bit down firmly, drawing thin trails of crimson that flowed over the swell of her tits.

Their orgasms drew forth loud moans and screams of lust and pleasure. Pain and desire. Cum quickly began to leak from the whore’s cunt and ass, running over the cocks that slowly pulled out until Viviane was dripping onto the floor, panting as she recovered from her orgasm.

Velkra though stood, surprising the slave whose face was glistening, painted lips smeared. The tankard was empty, the plate holding only small scraps and tiny pools of blood. Adjusting her loincloth, the Kazdruk gestured to the main doors of the hall.

“I thank you, baroness, for the hospitality. But now, I insist we depart,” she said.

Lillium stood and smiled, sheathing her blade as she walked down from the throne. This time, she made no delays. Velkra had seen everything Lillium wanted her to. Hopefully no more than that.




Walking up from the sand of the beach behind her helots, the Kazdruk warrior looked to the fortifications and barricades the humans had erected just on the edge of the wood line. Axe resting on her shoulder, she frowned, walking past the point where every other attack had come under a hail of crossbow and arrow fire. Not this time though.

While the helots continued on ahead, grunting and snarling at each other, weapons bared and ready for the flesh of humans, the Kazdruk moved slightly more cautiously behind them. Something wasn’t right here. She couldn’t believe the humans defending this point to be so cowardly as to just leave.

They had passed the barricades, the small stone towers. They could see the tents and firepits just inside the wood line where the human soldiers slept and ate when they weren’t on watch. The place looked deserted. Though, the leading Kazdruk noted the trebuchets further back. She cocked her head, wondering when the humans had brought such machines forward, and how they hoped to use them. Their use would be severely undermined in the woodline with trees to block so very many angles.

Another step, and the kazdruk felt the ground give slightly. Confusion crossed her features as she looked down at her hoof.

“Now!” Commander Mikel roared, throwing open the trap door he was hidden under, leaves and fallen branches scattering as soldiers did the same for over a hundred paces in either direction. The pits dug but two paces from each other. Short spears thrust up first, goring the helots that were nearly upon them. Then the crossbowmen stood, their bolts launching in a deadly volley. The sound of metal punching through metal and into flesh filled the air. The kazdruk screamed as they died.

Not even the kazdruk stood a chance, her body riddled with bolts that sank deep into her flesh as the humans scrambled up out of their holes. With spear thrusts they finished off any Kazdruk invader that still drew breath, staining the ground with their filthy blood. Not a single human had been felled in the quick and deadly ambush; but they were not done. Those with crossbows were already reloading, placing a single foot in the step at the head of their weapons, turning the powerful cranks to draw back the strings. It took a few moments, and watching it, Mikel hoped it wouldn’t be the cause of too many deaths for what was about to happen.

Drawing his sword, Mikel swiped it down to point forward, towards the beach.

“Forward. For the Coalition. For freedom. For the Langal Clan!” Mikel screamed, and led the charge, his soldiers following closely behind. As instructed the crossbowmen pushed out in front, leading the way over the barricades and down the short hill towards the beech, maybe ten hundred paces away.

Hundreds of helots and dozens of Kazdruk sitting around their campfires, eating, sleeping, fucking slaves. Behind them, the afts of their boats bobbed in the water, the bows lodged firmly in the sand. In the distance, Mikel could see the great war ships anchored off shore that had brought them all here.

The angry war cries of the charging humans though had them scrambling for weapons and armour. Kazdruk were roaring out at their minions, hitting some. Mikel saw one even grab a helot by the throat and toss him towards the others that were trying to establish some kind of line.

As usual though, the helots were disorganized. Their bloodlust taking away any true intelligence from them. They charged, swords and axes held high, spears levelled towards the charging humans. Mikel felt his heart pounding as the Kazdruk stormed over the sands, leaving behind a few human collaborators armed with whips to watch the slaves.

As the scrub and tougher dirt of the land gave way to the shifting sand of the beach, the helots nearly upon then, Mikel called out his next command.

“Loose!” he roared, junior officers down the line in either direction ensuring his command was carried on to everyone.

The crossbowmen came to a skidding stop, and squeezed the levers on their weapons that launched a volley into the charging helots. Almost the entire front line fell, their bodies twisting as the bolts punched through armour and into flesh and bone. Whether they were killed didn’t matter yet, the fallen being trampled by their uncaring comrades.

“Spears, forward,” Mikel shouted, the crossbowmen already reloading as the other soldiers slid in between them, picking up speed as they broke into a full charge with Mikel leading in the centre. This was it, where all the planning and tricks couldn’t fully save them; the melee of battle.

As the two sounds met, the cacophony was nearly deafening. Screams, war cries from both sides, armour rending, steel clashing steel, flesh tearing, bone breaking.  Mikel couldn’t pay much attention to his line now, more concerned with his own survival as he pushed a helot’s spear aside with his shield, and plunged his sword into the beast’s neck. Blood spattered his face when he pulled the blade free and the creature fell, clutching at its wound, but Mikel had moved on already.

A sword hit him in the shoulder, scraping along his armour, forcing his body to tilt. He moved with the motion, swinging his shield around in a wide arc that crashed into the side of the helot’s head, sending him stumbling to the side. His sword swung, hitting the creature in the gut, bashing against its own armour and doubling him over. Enough for a swift kick to the side of the head that sent him sprawling to the ground, where another human soldier plunged a spear down into his neck. The soldier though then took an axe to the chin, splitting his head open, blood and brains splattering down to the ground as the humans tried to push the helots further back.

But all momentum had stopped. Sand turning to mud under all the shed blood, fallen bodies, dead and wounded, made each step ever more treacherous. And the purebred Kazdruks were coming now, marching into the rear of their helot lines and forcing their way through, tossing some aside to get to the human’s stuck in the quagmire of battle.

The whistle of crossbow bolts overhead was a relief, even as they struck many of the Kazdruk and some of the helots. Nearly twenty of the kazdruk fell, their bodies riddled, crashing down onto their own troops, forcing helots to struggle out from beneath their bulks. But there were still more of them.

As Mikel took the head off a helot beside him, sending a spray of blood upwards, he saw a Kazdruk grasp one of his soldiers by the head. The woman scream out, trying to stab with her spear, but the short weapon that had been so advantageous in the pits could barely reach the towering monster. The point barely cut the Kazdruk’s muscular chest. A vicious twist of the arm, and the woman’s body flopped violently like a doll, snapping her neck. Her body then tossed into the melee.

All around him, helot and human clashed violently, as the once rigid lines of battle fell into chaos. The smell of blood washing over him as he fought his way through to get to the Kazdruk purebloods. A spear hit him in the chest, the point digging a groove in his armour as it slid off to the side, Mikel responding with a quick stab into the helot’s face. It gurgled for a moment, its eyes rolling back in its sockets, before Mikel kicked the enemy free.

Another volley of crossbow bolt were loosed into the enemy. More Kazdruk purebreds falling, more helots. The beach was quickly turning into a quagmire of blood and corpses. Mikel’s sword and armour were smeared with gore, he could feel it trickling down under his tunic. Hot and sticky against his skin as a soldier next to him had their head caved in with an axe. The fallen was avenged quickly with a spear thrust that went under the helot’s armpit and into his heart.

After smashing a helot in the throat and crushing his windpipe, Mikel found himself face to face with a towering invader. Looking up at the dark red skinned tower of muscle, his face contorted in blood lust and rage, Mikel quickly threw himself to the side. The falling axe meant for his skull sank into a corpse’s chest.

The kazdruk let out a roar of anger, grasping his axe with both hands to wrench it free. Mikel acted quicker, his sword swinging down onto the bastard’s elbow. Flesh and bone split and broke. The kazdruk twisted away shouting in pain, arm dangling from the wound by strands of skin and muscle. His fist swung around, catching Mikel upside the head and sending him to the ground.

As his vision swam, Mikel started to get back up, only to find a hoof stomping onto his chest. He gasped in pain, his armour denting slightly. Fingers reaffirming their grip on his sword, Mikel watched the hoof rising again, shifting for his head. Rolling out of the way, sand bursting up around the hoof, Mikel felt the impact on the ground. Twisting onto his side he swung his sword, felt the edge bite deep into a calf, earning another loud scream of pain. The kazdruk fell to a knee, blood spilling from its wounds.

Managing to get to his feet, Mikel thrust his sword into the kazdruk’s neck. Felt steel scrape spine. A final choke, and the kazdruk fell dead, nearly dragging Mikel with him before the commander pulled his sword free. The bottom of his boot helping.

Around him, the clash of battle was nearly silent, leaving only the screams and moans of the wounded and dying. Around his bodies littered the beach, as soldiers moved through the battlefield to finish off any invaders. The few that Mikel had held in reserve were rushing down the hill now carrying stretchers for those that could be saved.

Hand rubbing across his chest, Mikel made a note to visit the blacksmiths later. For now, he wasn’t done.

“Get the trebuchet’s down here,” he shouted, one of the reserves nodding, before rushing up the hill while Mikel looked out to the warships floating out in the ocean. The engineers were soon pushing the great siege machines down the hill and into range of their targets.

A great roar got his attention, and turning, Mikel looked to the sky to see a dragon flying over head. For a moment Mikel’s heart was pounding with terror in his chest, but luckily the beast seemed to have no interest in what was occurring on the beach below. After tossing an outward facing extended pair of fingers towards the dragon, Mikel turned his attention back to the ships.

“Sink them.”




They saw the aftermath of the battle, and Lillium watched as the trebuchets launched chunks of flaming rock out to sea, and the warships anchored off shore. Whoever was manning them was good, only barely missing, one of the rocks that went too high clipping one of the warship’s sails. Chunks of wood fell to the sea as helot sailors rushed to put out the flames that had caught, and to draw up the anchors.

Velkra said nothing, keeping her eyes straight ahead. The massive saddle that was strapped along the neck of the dragon was long enough that the succubus wasn’t pressed against the kazdruk, though she was in arm’s reach.

“Why are we not going down there?” Lillium said, having to shout above the roar of the wind and the powerful flaps of the dragon’s wings.

“This dragon was given very specific instructions by Aeltha. I do not command it,” Velkra said, scarcely looking over her shoulder to regard the succubus. It certainly explained why the kazdruk wasn’t holding onto the reins, which Lillium had to admit to herself, had made her nervous when they first took off. Though, she had refused to comment and show that.

Still looking down, where the human soldiers looked so small, stacking the corpses of the invading Kazdruk, Lillium watched as the next barrage of rocks went sailing out to sea. Luckily, the dragon was high enough to not be in any real threat.

The second barrage launched outwards from the shore, and a few rocks crashed into the ships below. Hulls smashed to splinters, masts crashing down into the waves, as the sailors were tossed into the sea. Lillium watched it with a frown, seeing three of the five ships begin to sink beneath the rolling surface. The remainder were struggling to turn, one of them missing a mast, some with gouges dug out the sides.

It wasn’t long before the third barrage was flung out, and the last two were smashed to pieces, vanishing from sight to settle on the sea’s floor.

Then the dragon was out over the wide expanse of water, the shoreline dwindling into the distance. Velkra seemed tense, her shoulders sitting higher, her arms flexed as she grasped reins that wouldn’t help her in the least. She had wanted to be down there, fighting. But instead she was on an escort mission, an unwitting pawn. Lillium hadn’t decided for whom though.

The two didn’t speak to each other as they flew across the ocean to the island that had once been the centre of the Goldulin empire. The wind ensured they would have to shout, and neither felt like there was anything to say to the other. So Lillium watched the ocean, and saw a fleet of ships.

Squinting, one hand above her brows to try and block the glare of the sun, she tried to see whose they were. They certainly weren’t of the clans or the Coalition, but neither did they look Kazdruk. More like large floating rafts than ships proper, covered in what appeared to be tents, with sharp angular sails. Lillium didn’t bother pointing it out to Velkra though. The woman would likely just say the same thing she had when questioned about going down to the beach.

So Lillium watched, soaring over them, until they were but pin pricks on the horizon, and looked ahead again, waiting to see the next shore approach.




The ambush had gone off without a hitch. There was only a single survivor of the helot patrol, the rest laying dead on the forest floor. Kira watched as some of her little band of refugees turned insurgents carried their dead away, melting into the forest as if they were never there. Others were picking the dead clean of weapons. There were not many black smiths at the scattering of camps Kira had throughout the forest, and they needed more weapons. They were still getting more, trickling in as battles went bad along the coastline, or fled the Elves of Winterstone.

After watching the wounded and the dead be carried off, Kira then turned her attention to the surviving helot, forced to his knees, a dagger under his chin, the blade against his throat. Moving towards him, Kira knelt so she was at eye level. The helot stared back at her, defiance in his gaze, but he said nothing, and did nothing.

“Tell me. Where are the other patrols?” she asked.

The helot just stared at her, blood flowing from the wound in his belly. He held it, palm tight against the wound, but otherwise he ignored it.

“Without some kind of attention, that wound will kill you. We can get you that attention if you speak,” she continued. But the helot did nothing still. Just stared.

“That’s fucking unnerving,” one of the insurgents muttered as he watched the kazdruk soldier kneeling there, bleeding. Not roaring madly. It was a kind of discipline they hadn’t seen before in the cannon fodder of the invader’s armies.

“You are willing to pass on life then?” she said, and got the first reaction out of the helot. A sneer, showing teeth, but he said nothing. Letting out a sigh, Kira wondered what to do with the beast. There wasn’t anywhere to really keep prisoners back at the camp, and she wasn’t willing to risk him escaping. Rising to her feet she looked down at him, and regretted that she had to give the order she was about to.

At what point did the justification of defending your own lands stop being enough to differentiate you from the enemy.

“Kill him,” she said.

The helot raised his head slightly, offering more of his throat as the insurgent behind him swiped the dagger to the side. Blood immediately began to pour from the split in the skin, bubbling out as breath escaped the slashed windpipe. There was a moment of fear in the helot’s eyes, but he didn’t resist, or react otherwise. Just died, slumped on his knees.

“What do we do with the bodies?” someone asked Kira, as she looked around the small patch of woodland, at the corpses stripped of any usable items, any valuables they might use, even their armour, leaving the bloody corpses laying naked beneath the boughs of the trees.

“Leave them. It’s our offering to the forest. The wolves need to feed,” Kira said, turning and moving back towards the camp herself. She frowned as she walked, the rest of her insurgents melting into the forest around her to head back to camp, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

Lillium was still her in mind. Slithering through her imagination, and after she had the helot’s throat slit, she had imagined her sister beaming with bride. It sent a shudder down her back that was partial revulsion, and partial arousal.

Even last night in her tent when she was making love to Thaden, she’d had him turn her over to take her like a beast. But the truth of it was so that she could imagine her sister behind her. That the flesh and blood cock thrusting into her had been a exceptionally carved piece of wood. Kira was starting to fear the next time she encountered her sister.

She had kept her doubts hidden, buried as everyone around her looked to her as hero and saviour. How would they react knowing that she wanted to sleep with the most powerful Kazdruk commander in the area. The only Kazdruk commander in the area.

No, not sleep with. That was too innocent a word. Fuck. She wanted to fuck Lillium. She wanted to fuck her sister. Taste her, hear her moan, be made to moan by her. Another shudder.

Stopping to lean against a tree, her fist pressed firmly against the bark, she opened her ears, listening for anyone near by, smelling for them. When she was confident in her privacy, she let a hand slide into her breeches again, let her fingers find her slick cunt, and started to fuck herself, imagining Lillium’s fingers.

“I hate you, and I love you bitch,” she growled, angry, and horny, and ashamed, as her juices rolled down plunging fingers.




Waking up just after sunset, Sarya noted that Isilde wasn’t around. Her things were still there, unpacked, and the centurion rolled her eyes, before she started to pack the makeshift camp. No fires, only bedrolls and packs with dwindling food and water. When she finished, waiting for the whore to finish her piss, or her shit, or whatever it was she needed to do, Sarya looked to the sky. It was harder to look around her, at the visible corruption of the land that grew ever more obvious the closer she got to Volgras.

It wasn’t Kazdruk corruption though. This, was something else. Familiar though. And she was still a day away from Innisgar.

Voices pulled her from her thoughts, snapping her head down as she lay in the grass just on the edge of the wood line. Male, and, a female. Enemies maybe. She pulled her spatha free, just in case.

She could hear them coming closer, could see figures moving along the open fields, and heard movement in the forest. They weren’t being too quiet, but quiet enough that they had gotten close enough that she couldn’t slip away without being found.

Definitely male voices, and one female. She listened carefully, straining, and recognized the gruff speech of helots. So they were enemies. Then she heard the woman’s voice again. Far too familiar.


Sarya’s blood ran cold, fury growing in her heart. But she breathed in deep, calming herself as the helots came ever closer. The whore had betrayed her. There was no other explanation for it, not with the calm almost flirtatious way she was speaking with the helot. Not with the way they were coming directly towards Sarya’s position.

As her breath came out even, her pounding heart slowed, Sarya stood. The first helot was only ten paces away. He called out his warning, foolishly turning his head as he did. Sarya took a few steps before lunging forward, feet just above the ground as she jabbed her sword forward, felt it plunge into the side of the helot’s neck. With a jerk of her arm, she freed the weapon out the front of his throat. Blood sprayed from the wound, pattering over the grass and trees as Isolde yelped.

While the whore scampered away, the helots came forth with blades drawn, but three of them held weighted nets. She eyed them all cautiously, slowly backing away, starting to move faster as she noted them running.

But when a sword slashed to her face, making her twist her body to the side before parrying, they took advantage of the distraction and surrounded her. Fourteen of them left standing now.

A slash from behind towards her calf, so she turned her leg, and caught it on the rim of her greave, her own sword gouging across the armour of his chest. He stumbled, but a lunge from behind had her spinning, catching the side of the blade and swinging it out far. A blade drove into her back, scraping over the layered plates. Stumbling forward, a sword tip slicing open her bicep, Sarya tried to spin again to face another threat and caught a slash to her calf. She felt blood trickling over her limbs, and caught another blow before a kick to the back of her knees had her spilling to the ground.

Nets flew over her, the heavy metal weights at the corners thudding into the ground as one of them stepped on her elbow, making her wince in pain. He grinded the joint into the ground, until her fingers opened, and another helot kicked the blade away.

She could see Isolde now, staring at her with concern on her face. Sarya’s own expression turned to fury.

“You fucking backstabbing cunt,” she snapped, and Isolde fell to her knees.

“I’m sorry mistress. It was the only way. You would not listen otherwise. You must be… perfect,” the whore said, and clutched her face in her hands, sobbing. Not because of guilt Sarya knew then, but because she was angry with her.

Somehow, Lillium had gotten to the whore. Sarya snarled, before a heavy blow from a sword pommel sent her plunging into darkness.




The dragon’s landing had been surprisingly smooth, though both Lillium and Valkra were jostled slightly as it landed on the large pad stretching out from the spire. As the succubus looked around the tortured sea, she was reminded of Thorlgruz, of the desolation brought onto the land itself by the Kazdruk. Of course, Thorlgruz had been a great cathedral built by humans. The spire’s grandiose mocked it as assuredly as the landscape.

The dragon had crawled back to its roost in the spire itself before Velkra and Lillium dismounted and started into the spire itself. Through twisting passages lit by violet torches. Helots, Kazdruk purebloods, and other creatures roamed the halls, interrupted occasionally by stairwells. Velkra seemed in a hurry, likely to get back to her Talon. Lillium could understand that, especially after what they had seen on the beach the day before.

As they neared a doorway guarded by two fully armoured helots, Lillium noted a Kazdruk storming down the halls. She looked beaten, with blood still dripping from her nose.

“Wulfshn,” Velkra had called, but the Kazdruk didn’t stop. Just threw them a glare that seemed equal parts angry and shamed. Velkra watched her depart, before grunting and continuing on their path. Lillium raised an eyebrow, taking in the display, before continuing to follow through the door.

They stepped into a long chamber, bordered with pillars but otherwise undecorated. At the end was a flickering field of green energy that broadened at their approach. They stepped through without hesitation, and Lillium gasped as she stepped out feeling cold and a tingling sensation running beneath her skin that wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

Whether Velkra felt it, or was too used to it to care, Lillium couldn’t tell, but the Kazdruk didn’t stop. Just kept marching. When they reached a rather ornate door, Velkra paused, then glanced back at her charge.

“Aeltha’s lab and chambers. She’s expecting you, I’m sure,” she said, and turned and left without further words. Lillium didn’t bother watching her go. Instead she slipped inside, and came face to face with her creator. Her mother in a sense.

“Hello child,” Aeltha purred, sitting on a tall chair, fingers running over a skull on a table beside her.

“Mistress,” Lillium said, dropping to one knee, and Aeltha smirked. It had become a game, and not true submission.

“I have a small task for you, before you meet Yuldasha.”