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Half-Breed. Chapter 10: The Nature of Confrontation – Stage I

By: Dawn2069MS

Kyaara and Tianna enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun; it was the second day of their journey northward to the Dragon’s Spine. The area they were traveling through, a broad veld with a vast variety of low growing vegetation, seemed peaceful and calm.

Kyaara was still troubled by her corrupted thoughts, as well as her body’s longings, and the fact that her beloved sister was sitting on the saddle in front of her didn’t make it easier for the half-breed to pull herself together. The warmth of her sister’s body, her smell, the sensation of her buttocks rubbing against her crotch; it all stimulated Kyaara’s body and mind slowly, but relentlessly. Her cock had recently shown signs of being larger than she was accustomed to, causing problems as she tried to keep it contained in her leathers and not rubbing against her sister. She came once in her armor already when an earlier gallop rubbed her swollen length against her sister into an orgasm. She managed to keep her composure and contain her accident from her sister, but the shame of licking her sticky armor clean of cum during a rest stop still haunted her. While Kyaara’s horse trotted forward without requiring any guidance from its rider at the moment, the elven fighter’s thoughts started to zone out yet again. She imagined laying her hands on her sister’s exposed huge breasts, slowly massaging them tenderly, teasing her quickly hardening nipples with her fingers. She fantasized about Tianna starting to groan slightly due to her big sister’s stimulation, leaning back her head onto Kyaara’s shoulder, her face blushing lustfully, her gaze screaming “Take me” without speaking. Her cock throbbed against her leathers in response, straining her bottoms as her distended crotch inched closer to Tianna’s cheeks.

Kyaara was suddenly forced back into reality as Seriso unexpectedly jerked to a halt, neighing nervously. The animal was anxious, taking a few steps backwards. While patting the side of the horse’s neck, Tianna tried to calm him down with her soft voice: “Easy, boy.” The priestess turned her head and faced her sister, a worried look on her face. Kyaara felt tense. She handed over the reins to her sister and gestured her to remain seated in the saddle. After dismounting her horse, Kyaara drew her combat blades and walked forward, slowly. She placed every one of her steps with caution, her posture reflecting her combat alertness. The Bladedancer tried to concentrate on her senses, but the neighing of Seriso and her sisters attempts to calm him down made it difficult to focus. There was a reason for her horse to nervously stop, and it wasn’t the first time that the animal got wind of something dangerous before Kyaara did.

The situation changed in an instant. A large creature, almost as big as a tiger, burst out of the sandy surface of the veld. It shrieked as it leapt through the air, carrying an explosion of earth with it.

The daunting appearance of the camouflaged predator made Seriso panic. The horse suddenly reared up, neighing and bristling with fear. Tianna got caught off guard by the animal’s sudden movement and thrown backwards out of the saddle. The elven woman yelped in fear as she fell down. The moment she hit the ground, the impact forced the air out of her lungs. The priestess felt a painful flash jolting through her torso and the back of her head before fading to black.

Kyaara had no chance to recognize her sister’s harm. She was confronted with two pairs of huge ripper teeth protruding from the upper and lower jaws of a monstrous mouth, darting at her with deadly precision. The Bladedancer instinctively threw herself backwards to dodge the incoming attack and managed to thrust a kick into the beast’s belly, causing the animal to stumble and fall. The elven fighter leaped to her feet and spun around to face the furious creature. A wink of observation was enough for the keen-eyed woman to realize that her sister was lying on the ground, and that her horse had fled the scene. Her gaze locked back onto her opponent who in the meantime had gotten back onto their clawed paws.

Kyaara knew what she was fighting; she had been told about the creature some years ago. It was a Plain Seeker, a chameleonic predator and one of the most dangerous animals inhabiting the Southern Veld. The creature had the size and build of an adult tiger. In contrary to a cat of prey, its skin wasn’t covered with fur, but with lots of large scales and bony plates, covering most of its body. The four legs of the predator were shaped by powerful muscles, and its paws had razor-sharp non-retractable claws. The head of the beast had an alien look: A large bony plate with a variety of thorns was covering all of the creatures forehead; neither eyes, nor nostrils were visible. The mouth of the Plain Seeker was a bizarre conglomeration of sharp teeth, four large canine fangs and a tongue looking more like a tentacle to catch prey. The creature’s spine and the prehensile tail were covered with thorns and the tail’s tip had a large barbed spike. The ability to alter the coloration and pattern of its scaled skin enabled the predator to hide perfectly, just as it did when it buried itself in the veld’s ground while patiently waiting for its prey to approach its deadly perimeter.

A split second after the creature had leaped to its paws, it dashed forward to attack Kyaara again. The Bladedancer’s heart was beating violently and fast within her chest. Fighting an opponent with such primeval power was nothing like fighting humanoid enemies. Kyaara knew that the moment she would injure the creature, it would go into a frenzied rage until it perished. Since she wasn’t willing to let the Seeker hurt her sister, her horse, or even herself, the only viable plan was to kill the creature before it would be able to go berserk. Being a skilled fighter, Kyaara twisted her body sideways to dodge the incoming assault. As the predator’s head passed her fast moving body, its deadly bite attack barely missing its target, the Bladedancer striked. She spun around and forcefully rammed both of her combat blades into the back of the beast with a battle cry, driving them halfway into the creature’s body. Surprised about the unexpected sturdiness of the Seeker’s scaled and plated skin, she tried to quickly pull out her weapons, but the rapid movement of the creature jerked the blades out of her hands.

» Ah crap, my blades. « was the only thought popping up in Kyaara’s mind.

She gazed at the wounded animal which had stopped its charge and turned around to face her again. Kyaara got scared as she recognized obvious changes in the predator’s behavior. It’s body started to rumble in waves. She saw the muscles of the animal bulge under its scaled skin. It bristled with rage, followed by a guttural snarl, making the elf’s hair stand on end. Though it had no visible facial expression, Kyaara saw and felt that the creature was on the brink of going berserk any moment.

In the short moment the two opponents were facing each other, the elven woman felt a jolt of rage rushing through her body and mind. At first she thought that the primeval sensation was coming from her opponent, but she suddenly became aware of something from deep within her, and that it was quickly getting the upper hand. Kyaara had no time to analyze what was happening. At the same time the enraged creature started its next attack, the half-breed suddenly cried out a bestial battle-roar and gave in to the tremendous urge to counterattack the Plain Seeker with her bare hands.


Rhyeesh sat on the wooden table she had used to hogtie and prepare the elven priestess some days ago and looked toward the frightened young woman who was cowering in the corner of the abandoned cathedral’s main room. The succubus eyeballed her captive, enjoying the silence of the early morning.

She thought it would be an easy meal when she spotted the woman tending to a field on her journey. She needed to satiate her hunger and thought it would be no trouble at all to drain her latest victim. However, the stubborn woman rebuffed the succubus’ charms each time, which both frustrated and amused Rhyeesh. She could do nothing but smile as the stunned woman fainted from watching Rhyeesh reform into her demonic appearance in front of her. She carried the woman back to the church like a hunter returning with a prized hog. And just like the hog, she still had to prepare the woman before devouring her essence.

The bound woman had stopped whining into her ball-gag some time ago; now she stared at the demoness in silence. Her eyes were tear-stained and empty, her gaze a desperate helplessness. She bore the appearance of a housemaid. The dress she wore was characteristic of a female human servant. The corset-like body of the dress was laced at its front and back and didn’t cover the woman’s breasts. It had short sleeves and a long skirt ranging down to her bare feet. The worn dress was made out of ordinary blue fabric and had seen better days; a white-gray ruffled blouse with long sleeves, worn under the blue dress and covering the maid’s breasts and arms, complemented the servant’s attire. Rhyeesh estimated the young maid to be around her own age, and her appearance was that of an average human woman. Though she was far away from the graceful beauty of elven women, and even more far away from the perfect hourglass body of a female Kazdruk, she had a certain natural beauty which eventually was the reason for Rhyeesh to have chosen her. The young maid’s slightly chubby face, in combination with her unkempt brown hair and her large brown eyes, made her look innocently cute.

To prevent her captive from fleeing, the succubus had restrained the woman with some leather straps and a leather collar. The straps were secured around the maid’s knees and ankles, as well as around her elbows and wrists, securing her arms behind her back. The collar was connected to one end of a long chain, the other end was locked to one of the many metal torch holders located at the cathedral wall. After eyeballing her prey for some minutes, studying the young woman’s fearful behavior, Rhyeesh finally broke the silence and addressed the maid:

“Is this the first time you see a … how do you folk call us? Ah right … a demon?”

The young maid, slightly shocked by the fact that her captor suddenly spoke to her, gazed at Rhyeesh and nodded hesitantly. The demonic woman recognized her captive’s apparent astonished facial expression and continued:

“Are you afraid to be killed by me?” Rhyeesh asked with an undertone of amusement.

The frightened woman nodded anew and tears rushed to her eyes. The succubus’ question was more than enough for the young maid to start trembling again. Rhyeesh knew exactly how the woman felt; she remembered how she had felt herself many years ago when she had knelt besides the body of her dead mother in the presence of the menacing Kazdruk woman she nowadays calls Mistress. However, seeing and feeling a fear-driven victim like the young maid made a pleasant and satisfying shiver run down the succubus’ spine. Rhyeesh set her cloven hooves onto the stone floor, rose her buttocks from the wooden table, and approached the cowering woman with slow and graceful steps. The closer she came to her victim, the more frightened the young woman got; her body almost twitching with every one of the succubus’ steps. The trembling maid tried to angle her legs to her chest as close as possible, while her teary eyes remained locked on Rhyeesh’s face. After stopping directly in front what looked like a picture of misery to Rhyeesh, the demoness hunkered down, peered into the frightened woman’s eyes, and spoke to her in a calming voice:

“There’s no need to be afraid. If my mission would have involved killing you, you’d be already dead. And as long as you don’t do something stupid, I won’t harm you.”

Rhyeesh slowly moved her clawed fingers toward the ball-gag, then paused for a moment and continued to speak to her victim:

“I’ll now remove your gag. I expect you to behave properly and remain calm. Screaming would be something stupid. Do you understand?”

The young woman nodded hectically while gazing into the demoness’ eyes.

“Good girl.” Rhyeesh responded and smiled satisfied, her fangs showing behind her lips.

After being released from the ball-gag, the young maid took a few deep breaths through her mouth, but remained silent as requested. She watched the demoness rise up and walk to the stone altar at the other end of the room. What she didn’t see was Rhyeesh eagerly licking the remains of her victim’s saliva from the gag, savoring the sweet flavor of her oral juices. Tasting this first tiny bit of the maid’s bodily fluids was the right appetizer for Rhyeesh’s breakfast and motivated her to continue without further ado. While picking up a wooden bucket of water from behind the altar, the demoness asked another question:

“What is your name, young maid?”

“M-my n-name … Sarissa,” the woman replied with a quivering voice.

The demoness slowly returned to her victim and placed the wooden bucket on the floor near Sarissa’s feet. After kneeling down in front of the maid, Rhyeesh addressed her anew:

“Sarissa … that’s a beautiful name. Well my dear, I am Rhyeesh, your new owner.”

Rhyeesh reached into the bucket and grabbed a sponge. She then squeezed some water out of it and looked at Sarissa’s puzzled face. The bound woman was on the brink of addressing her captor. Being aware of that, the succubus decided to let the young woman speak.

“I d-don’t understand … why a-are you doing this to me?” Sarissa sobbed, “P-please, let me go.”

The demoness reached forward, grabbed the leather strap at Sarissa’s ankles, pulled her feet toward her lap, and placed them on her thighs. The frightened maid tried to resist at first, but quickly realized that her legs were no match against the demoness’ supernatural strength. Rhyeesh looked at the young woman and answered her question, her voice slightly commanding:

“Since you are my property now, I won’t let you go of course. And since I prefer my property to be clean, I will grant you the honor to wash your dirty feet. So, accept your situation and stop whining – you don’t want to displease me, do you?”

Sarissa answered the question silently by shaking her head; at the moment she was simply overwhelmed by the bizarre situation. She gazed at Rhyeesh’s effort to clean her feet as if in a trance. Feeling the wet sponge on her bare feet tickled her, but she didn’t dare make a sound. Though the demoness hadn’t threatened to punish her – yet – the fear of being punished by a demon was much too great.

Cleaning Sarissa’s feet just required a few minutes. Rhyeesh smiled; she was pleased by the result and commented with satisfaction:

“Now look at those beautiful feet I found under all of that dirt,” the succubus purred. While putting the sponge back into the wooden bucket, she continued:

“I think they need some more attention. Here, let me make you feel good for a while.”

Rhyeesh took Sarissa’s feet into her hands and started to apply gentle pressure to her soles with her thumbs, tenderly massaging the maid’s feet. The succubus knew exactly where she had to caress a woman’s feet in order to stimulate her erogenous zones, and she quickly recognized that it wasn’t necessary to use her dark magic yet. It was a pleasure for Rhyeesh to see the young maid’s body responding to her massaging with lovely unintentional moans. Surprised about her reaction to the demoness’ treatment, Sarissa suddenly was torn between caving in to the pleasurable sensation of the massage and trying to stay focused on her captivity. She was unsure as to what she thought of the succubus’ treatment, and she couldn’t comprehend why Rhyeesh was doing this. Her glance bounced between the demoness’ face and her caressed feet before she finally found a spark of courage and addressed her captor:

“Please, M-miss. I’m just an ordinary house maid … please, what do you want from m-me?”

Rhyeesh looked at her victim, her gaze slightly annoyed by Sarissa’s whining. She paused massaging the maid’s feet and pressed her clawed thumb into the sole of foot, forcing a moan of pain out of her. The young woman tried to withdraw her bound feet from Rhyeesh’s grip, but failed to do so. The demoness eyes seemed to flash in the dim light of the cathedral, fueling a new wave of fear in the maid, as she raised her voice:

“OK my dear, listen carefully: What you are isn’t important now. What I want is you; it’s that simple. But right now you need to choose how you will behave when you are with me. You can either continue to disappoint me by annoying me with your constant whimpering, or you can bow to me and accept your new position as my servant. Defiance or submission, pain or pleasure; it is your choice.”

The demoness smirked at the frightened woman and released her foot from the painful pressure of her claw, waiting for her victim to make a choice. While listening to Rhyeesh’s words and trying to endure the pinching pain on her foot, Sarissa had started to tremble again.

“I … I am yours.” The maid stared to sob again: “Please, I beg you, don’t hurt me any more.”

“A wise choice, my dear.” Rhyeesh replied, as she started to tenderly massage the maid’s feet again.

Sarissa was desperate. She had never been worried for her life before, and not knowing what would happen to her was tearing her mind apart and bubbling up a variety of emotions she couldn’t handle. The situation got even more bizarre as the young woman recognized that, in contrary to her mind, her body seemed to react positively to the demoness’ touches. The skillful massage felt good, and admitting to this feeling surprised the troubled maid.

She was even more surprised as she watched the demoness lift her bound feet a bit higher and began to place soft kisses onto her feet. Before she was able to completely realize what was going on, Rhyeesh stuck out her long forked tongue and started to tenderly lick over the maid’s soles and toes. The sensation of a wet tongue brushing over her bare feet made the young woman shiver with pleasure and her toes cringed involuntarily due to the oral cajoling.

“No … what are you doing? Hmmm … please, this isn’t right … no … yes … mmmh-god.”

Sarissa’s voice was quivering. Rhyeesh ignored her victims pleas and continued teasing her feet, switching between sliding the forked tip of her tongue between the aroused woman’s toes and wrapping her wet lips around each of her big toes, sucking on them gently. While still massaging one of Sarissa’s feet with one of her hands, the succubus detached the leather strap on the maid’s ankles, moved her hand up to her knees and released Sarissa’s legs from their bonds by removing the remaining leather straps. Rhyeesh relentlessly continued kissing and licking the young maid’s feet while tenderly stroking her lower legs and knees. Sarissa had closed her eyes. Her facial expression reflected her momentary emotional state, a mixture of fear and pleasure.

Rhyeesh looked at Sarissa’s rosy, blushing face. She paused her treatment for a moment and purred with a lascivious voice:

“Want me to stop?”

The young woman opened her eyes again and looked at Rhyeesh, breathing heavily. She had no idea why the demoness was pleasuring her, but the sensation she had felt so far was overwhelming and her body longed for more. Sarissa was still afraid of the demoness. She gazed into Rhyeesh’s eyes, aroused and unsure, but finally replied to her question by slowly shaking her head. Rhyeesh smiled upon the maid’s gesture. The succubus was satisfied to see that the intoxicating effect of her saliva and kisses had been enough to seduce a frightened victim to the point where she actually wanted to have more.

While working herself up Sarissa’s legs, eagerly and tenderly kissing and licking her delicate skin, the demoness slowly moved the maid’s dress upward with her hands until she could see her white-gray panties. After letting her long tongue flicker over the young maid’s knees, Rhyeesh continued placing soft kisses onto the inside of Sarissa’s thighs, skillfully avoiding to touch her actual nether regions and her pants. The maid groaned slightly due to the tender touches. Rhyeesh felt the muscles of the maid’s thighs twitch with every new kiss. If she would now start to take care of her private parts, she could race her victim through a roller-coaster of pleasures and orgasms. However, she had other plans for the young maid; she wanted to feast on her slowly rising passion before lifting her into the heaven of pleasure. As the demoness stopped caressing Sarissa’s thighs, the maid moaned needily. Rhyeesh moved up to face the aroused woman, pressing her naked breasts against Sarissa’s belly, and started kissing her dearly, their wet tongues swirling around each other behind their joined lips.


The warm liquid in Kyaara’s mouth had a strange flavor. It was not like water, but more viscous, and it had an almost metallic taste. Blood! It welled in her mouth, and she tore and chewed, satisfying a primeval hunger. Fresh blood sprayed across her face, as Kyaara became aware of what she was tasting. She cared not; her elven mind was clouded by a dark and powerful instinct. She felt her heart beating violently within her chest and her blood pulsing forcefully through her veins. The elven fighter didn’t feel enraged any more, but a variety of other emotions still remained resident within her. If she had to verbalize them right now, she would describe them as an unbearable mixture of feelings satisfying, liberating, exciting, even arousing, salacious, as well as pestering.

The world around Kyaara was hazy. A snarl tore from her throat. Pleasure coursed through her body as she panted hungrily, feeling her swollen cock pressing tight against the inside of her armored pants. She finally became aware of the situation she was in. The Plain Seeker was lying on its side, dead. Its belly and throat were torn open, revealing some of its intestines and muscles. She found herself lying on top of the creature, her mouth – her fangs – buried deep into its gaping throat wound. Her left hand still held fast onto one of the larger thorns on the predator’s back, while her right hand stuck in its belly wound. Kyaara had no idea what was happening right now, except that it felt right. It felt good.

Kyaara’s vision snapped back into focus. She withdrew her right hand from the ribcage of the dead animal and gazed at her bloodstained clawed hand. Though she recognized that her fingers had changed into bestial claws, she wasn’t afraid or astonished. She blinked, but found that everything she saw was … natural. It felt right. It felt exciting. Suddenly, a great lustfulness grasped Kyaara, and her mind seemed to be consumed by it. A new scent filled her nose, the intoxicating smell of her sister’s body. She lost herself once again in a haze of instinct, and suddenly jumped over the Seeker’s corpse and ran toward Tianna.

Kyaara darted over to her sister and came to a halt at her side. She felt her knees starting to shake as primeval sexual desires started rising within her. It felt like her skin was on fire. Kyaara fell to her knees, grabbed her sister’s robes and tore them open, revealing her beautiful cleavage. Pulling her lips back, she panted. Sweat covered her body, as her bloodstained clawed fingers started to massage the priestess’ breasts, smearing some of the dead Seeker’s blood on Tianna’s soft skin. Something was stirring within her, making her loins ache. Kyaara reached down to her pants and opened some of the leather straps until her erect cock sprung free from the tight garment. She lifted one of her knees over her sister’s body and positioned herself on the unconscious priestess’ chest, spreading her thighs until her swollen and needy cock rested on her sister’s soft tits. Kyaara let out a lustful and animalistic groan. A shiver ran up her back, out of anticipation of what she knew was to come next.

She roughly dug her fingers into Tianna’s soft breasts and pushed them together as she shoved her hard cock into her sister’s cleavage. The precum which was already oozing from the cockhead was far from being lubricating. The sensation of her glans forcing its way between the large breasts was painful, but she didn’t care. A hungry moan burst from her lips, as the rising lust made her thrust her loins forward. The half-breed’s length slid between Tianna’s tits until the tip of the cock reappeared on the upper side of the priestess’ cleavage. Kyaara moaned again, fingers digging deeper into the soft flesh of her sister’s bosom, as she felt her balls push against them. She noticed that more of her cock emerged from her sister’s cleavage than she thought with each thrust, a satisfying feeling and sight for the rutting warrior.

The smell of lustfulness grew stronger, mixing with the smell of blood, the earth, and the sweat of Kyaara’s instinct-driven body. A snarl tore from Kyaara’s throat as her cock pounded between her sister’s breasts. The pleasure coursed through her body as she panted hungrily. A few thrusts of her hips were enough to push Kyaara over the edge to a painful orgasm. Streams of hot cum shot out from her cock, splashing over her sister’s face and chin before pooling in between her breasts. Kyaara released her sister’s blood and cum smeared breasts from her hands, enabling her still hard cock to spring free from the slippery cleavage and release a few more ropes of cum as it bobbed. She was far from being satisfied; her cock ached due to the lasting erection.

Kyaara slid down her sister and dropped her face right into the middle of Tianna’s breasts. The scent of her cum on her sister’s skin was too much for her as Kyaara stuck out her tongue and dragged it across her sticky cleavage. She pulled her cum-coated tongue back into her mouth so fast that it slung some cum onto her own face. Almost instinctively, she stuck out her tongue to catch the goop from her cheek. As she did, she failed to notice that the tip of her tongue extended farther than she was used to while she licked off the cum from her cheek. Not done there, she dove back down and ran her tongue up her cleavage, her tongue dropping to her chin as she did so. Collecting a large swath of cum, she jerked her head up when she met Tianna’s neck. Holding the taste of her arousal on her tongue while looking at her sister’s still, puffy lips, she twisted down and stuck her tongue into Tianna’s mouth. Their lips connected, Kyaara passionately kissing her sister as their tongues battled in Tianna’s mouth, smearing her cum around it. After a few moments of moaned, passionate kissing and slurping, Kyaara paused. She pulled her tongue back in and released her sister’s lips, a strand of pearly white stretching between them until it broke and landed on Tianna’s lips.

Looking down at her unconscious sister, Kyaara’s mind suddenly snapped back into focus. Realizing what she just had done, the shocked woman jerked back from her sister, then screamed in pain. Only now she recognized that she had been wounded in the battle; a variety of claw marks and nasty looking cuts covered the half-breed’s bluish skin. Kyaara sat on the ground and gazed at her body and her sister, in disbelief. She suddenly remembered the dream she once had, the nightmare where she had been confronted with a wicked demonic version of herself.

“No, c-can’t be … ” she spoke to herself like in a trance, “what the … fangs???”

The troubled elven woman probed her teeth with her tongue and was shocked anew as she felt the sharp tips of a pair of vampiric fangs on each row of teeth. Kyaara panicked. When she had been a young girl, she had always wished for her dreams to become true, but changing into a demon was not one of them. Kyaara was scared. She looked down at her body and realized that her legs and feet were unchanged. Touching her head revealed that she hadn’t grown a pair of horns. Even though she was relieved that she hadn’t changed completely, Kyaara was barely able to cope with grotesque mixture of emotion waving through her. Her body trembled. She felt helpless, desperate and still so needy.

While looking about, the troubled elven woman’s gaze locked back onto the inanimate body of her little sister. She suddenly became aware of the fact that she didn’t know if Tianna was still alive, or not. The sudden surge of panic made Kyaara forget the pain caused by her wounds, as she reached out for Tianna, checking her sister for vital signs. Happy to realize that she seemed to be just unconscious, Kyaara felt as though a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She bent forward and rested her forehead on her sister’s belly while closing her eyes, her hair collecting some drips of cum from her chest. She tried to calm down, tried to let her mind go blank for a moment, but got betrayed by her own churning feelings.

» God no … it won’t stop. My cock, it hurts … need to cum … cum more … please … more. «

Kyaara’s body was almost moving by itself. While continuing to rest her head on Tianna’s belly, the rest of her body had turned to the side, resting on the sandy ground beside her sister. Her hand had moved to her nether regions like in a trance, her fingers already fondling her still swollen balls. Savoring the sweet scent of her little sister’s cum-covered body, the lust-driven Bladedancer started to masturbate, letting her cum-lubricated penis glide between her delicate fingers. The sensation stroking her already overstimulated cock anew caused Kyaara to groan aloud. She started to kiss and lick over her sister’s belly and navel, nestling her cheek up against the soft and flavorsome skin.

Rhythmical moans leaked from Kyaara’s lips as she felt herself racing towards another climax. She fastened her finger’s grip around her hard cock and continued to jerk herself off. A few more strokes were enough to make her cum. Kyaara did not look at her spurting cock, did not see how her delicious love juices moistened the sandy ground beside her. She just groaned aloud while sweating and resting on her little sister’s belly, suffering through a bizarre orgasm tainted by despair and pain.

“Not enough … god, help me.” Kyaara sobbed.

“Desire … so overwhelming. More cum … please, need more cum …”

Kyaara felt more helpless than ever in her life before. She had no idea what else she could do to satisfy this surreal longing. She felt weak, wasted, unable to withstand the dark lust any more. Her thoughts started to zone out, just as something suddenly touched her shoulder. The troubled woman winced at the unexpected contact and spun her head around. It was her horse Seriso, nudging her shoulder with his nostrils, neighing gently. Kyaara cheered up a bit upon seeing her companion, raised her hand and patted the animal’s muzzle. After looking at her horse for a short while, her gaze unintentionally stopped at the stallion’s genital area.

“More cum …”

Half-Breed. Chapter 9: Visitors from the Past

By: Dawn2069MS

My mother once taught me that it is one’s past, not one’s present, which influences the future. That memories which are lost beyond recall are like parts of ourselves having vanished out of existence. A human should always strive to conserve the memories of one’s past, regardless of whether they contain pain or joy. Even now, so many years later, I still ask myself if my mother had known what she had been talking about; if she ever had been forced to suffer from painful memories. I still wait for the veil of oblivion clouding my former consciousness, but the darker parts of my mind are abiding and recall what once I had been.

The first memory surfacing is of my father, smiling. His face is angular, yet pleasing; his laughter harsh, yet comforting. His hair is long and raven black, like satin waves flowing from his head. I struggle every time to hinder this memory from fading. I remember him being a hunter; it is the memory of the smell of the forest coming along with my father. The animals he brings home from the woods are dead usually, but once he surprised me with a newborn wild cat – a needy little creature, orphaned.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The second memory that comes to the forefront is of my mother. It is a painful memory; one that I’d like to keep sealed. They are not many, these memories of my mother. Seldom do I remember her without feeling hurt. Her gray eyes always look onto me with love, and when they do, I feel safe and secure. Her black hair is like my father’s; I remember it shimmer in the moonlight, like the water of a nightly ocean.

I vividly recall perceiving my mother and a stranger – another hunter – from the balustrade of the stairway, talking. I cannot hear nor understand their words, but their aggrieved faces speak of sorrow. The stranger hands out my father’s bow. My mother sobs, cries, screams, holding fast to the only remains of the one she loves. The stranger leaves. “Mommy?” I ask. Mother spins around, surprised, drenched in tears. Her gray eyes look upon myself with love, but it is despair which taints her gaze. Back then I didn’t comprise that father was gone. Dead. I was young those days, unused to the ways of the world and my feelings were innocent still.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The third memory finds me sitting in a corner of our kitchen. I perceive my mother and another kinsman. Their talk is of great gravity, fueled by black despair. The visitor’s figure is squat, his visage a mixture of ministration and malignity. I feel disgusted by his presence. Anger meets with sorrow, frustration fades into helplessness, finally giving way to resigned compliance. The man leaves, sparing me as much as a glance, smirking. Mother tells me that she cannot accommodate us anymore. Filthy lucre it is what a human needs to live, to survive. That at least is what mother has been told, persuaded, ruined. People of our kin visited her often since then, hiding where she and father used to pass the night. Most of them never spared me as much as a glance, but some gazed at me like a predator sights its prey. I’m afraid. It is the past, long gone.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The fourth memory is of me awaking during the night, the groans of a foreign voice – a male voice – rushing upward through the staircase. I was young these days, able to sneak like a cat, none of my steps drawing a sound from the otherwise creaking wooden planks. I perceive my mother kneeling in front of another stranger through the keyhole of the bedroom door. She’s a captive! Her arms are bound behind her back. Mother kneels between the stranger’s spread legs and licks the thing between his thighs. I do not understand what she does. The man groans aloud again, mother’s eyes are closed while she appears to make him feel good; that is what his visage conveys at least. I can see some coins on the nightstand, their silver-colored surface glistening like gold in the candle’s shine. Filthy lucre it is what a human needs to survive.

The stranger suddenly grabs mother’s silken hair and pulls her head deep between his legs. I can hear her gargle, struggle against the thing in her mouth, her eyes opening wide. The door is not locked. I’m scared as I rush into the chamber to help. I feel mother’s gaze locking onto me, appalled, in disbelief. “Let go of her!” I scream, enraged, racing towards them still. The stranger’s eyes flash with anger and annoyance, as he easily stops me from intervening. As his fist impacts my temple, there is a short yet painful flash. » I am not strong enough to protect mother, « is the last conscious thought rushing through my innocent mind. Then I go dark.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The fifth memory bridges a long span of time. I have grown. I have seen a lot of our kin visiting my mother, men and women alike, too many visitors. Mother tried to explain her doing to me. She looked at me with her gray eyes, with love, her gaze lost to emptiness. I heard her words. I nodded – crying – and appeared understanding. Her words, they hurt. I was innocent back then, innocent until she made me understand the ways of the world. It had reinforced all of my further upbringing. I remember waking up at night once again. This night is significantly difference to other nights – I find myself carried on a shoulder, like a puppet. I panic. My attempts to free myself are answered with painful blows to my ribs. I am not strong enough.

This feels strange, …

I see my mother lying on what has been my parent’s bed, many years ago. Her sight makes me cringe. Bound to the bed, wrists and ankles, legs spread … naked and bruised. She screams – cries – as I am carried into her field of vision. No, please, let her go! My child, she’s innocent, please. Her tear-stained gray eyes look upon me with love, with fear, with despair. The naked man kneeling between her legs, the one who visits my mother quite often, he smiles maliciously, a lecherous gaze. His accomplice throws me onto the bed, pinning me down. Too much strength he has; I struggle, cannot withstand. I am stripped naked, my juvenile body trembles as my arms get bound behind my back. It hurts. They position me on top of my mother, on my stomach – her stomach – and bind my ankles to my mother’s. Our gazes meet, drenched in tears, scared. My heart screams, as I finally get aware of what terrible thing is going to happen. To me. To us. “Mama, I’m so scared.” I whisper, my voice quivering. Be strong, my dear. You can endure this. “Will it hurt?” I ask. Yes. One hand holds me down, rigid, brutal. I feel the heat of the man’s body between my legs. The moment he pierces into me, I scream.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The sixth memory is short and intensive. I sneak out of our house at night. My mind is filled with rage, the sickles in my hands an elongation of fury. » Revenge. « I remember their faces, the men who tortured us, the men who are guilty of expunging my innocence. » Revenge. « One of them I find in his house, in his bed, sleeping, alone. His death is fast, violent, liberating. After shoving the tip of the sickle down is throat, I make sure he recognizes my face. His eyes gape in horror as he awakes one last time, then I forcefully pull at the handle of my sickle. The razor-sharp blade cuts through his jaw and flesh until it impacts on the sternum. There is blood, lots of it. I come back to my senses. » What have I done? « It is the past, long gone.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The seventh memory. Fire. The village burns. The enemy, the Kazdruk, are ruthless and powerful. Dragons rain fire down upon us. I see people – friends and strangers alike – burning, dying, yet walking, in a stoic trance. The demonic hordes overwhelm the surface of the scorched earth, killing, capturing, enslaving. The Kazdruk’s appearance fuels fear and horror in most of our kin. They are beasts, with horns, hooves, claws and fangs alike. And yet, behind their facile physiology, there is an alien beauty, exotic, appealing. I do not fear them.

I remember having fought well. My sickles have tasted Kazdruk blood. I stand in midst of our village’s main road, next to my mother’s body. Her gray unseeing eyes look upon me. She is dead, yet beautiful. I sink down on my knees, exhausted, desperate. I cannot cry – why? No tears, so the cries of my heart remain mute. My hand caresses her cheek. There is so much love for her within me. And so much fury … “Rest in peace, mama.” I close her eyes. I was not strong enough.

A woman approaches, a Kazdruk woman. Her hair is of a dark purple, almost black. Her head is embellished with horns curling back over her hair. Her eyes, hard to look into, are glowing red, sticking out of the pale red color of her tattooed skin. She has pointed ears. Her hands and feet are clawed, suiting the beast she is. She wears little armor and no visible weapon. She looks down upon me and our gazes meet. I do not fear her. “You are not like the others.” she says calmly. She puts forth her clawed hand, a gesture of offering. “You have potential, girl. It would be a shame to kill you. Join me and live, or follow the path of the woman next to you.” she speaks on. My heart starts beating violently. I cannot fight anymore. I am not strong enough. I want more power. There is nothing to keep me here anymore. I put forth my hand, trembling. Her touch makes me shiver. She smiles at me, knowing.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The eighth memory, a chamber in a dungeon. Torches light the area. This is not my chamber, it is where I am trained, tamed. They pleasured me. They bound me. They raped me. They whipped me. They invaded me, my body, my mind. It hurt at first, but not anymore. The one who adopted me, the Kazdruk woman, visits my very often. Aeltha is her name, a demonic sorceress. She cares for me, listens to my needs. She speaks to me about the past, my mother, my childhood. It hurts. It fuels a darkness buried deep within me. It hurts and I cry. The sorceress comforts me, knowing.

This feels strange, …

My body aches for tenderness, but my mind refuses; too great is the fear of pain when being penetrated. Aeltha knows, cares. “Shall I cure your suffering?” she asks. I nod, hesitant. The demoness undresses and reveals her secret. She is more than a woman. Her penis is hard and scary, yet shapely, needy. I’ve never seen one on a woman’s body before. She invites me to explore her body, touch her, kiss her, caress her. There is this feeling again, deep within me, crawling to the surface, pushing away the fear. Aeltha is patient, guiding, reassuring. As I finally surrender to my body’s desire, my loins unite with hers, slowly, passionately, thrillingly. She kisses me dearly, knowing.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The ninth memory feels like a flash. I am chained to the dungeon wall, wrists locked in metal shackles above my head. The feeling of warm air upon the skin of my naked body. Leather stockings and gloves is all I am allowed to wear, as a slave I am. I am not alone. My Mistress, Aeltha, is with me. She is accompanied by another demon woman, but her name I do not remember. They talk; Aeltha plans to do some experiments on human captives. Her goal, the creation of a demon kinsman or kinswoman. The other one asks if she has someone specific in mind for the first try. The sorceress nods and points her finger towards me. My destiny is set.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The tenth memory is of the cold stone of an altar pressing against my back. Arms chained above my head to the sides of the stone, legs held in place, spread wide to give access to my most private parts. The ritual of transformation is about to begin. There is someone nearby; it is the nameless woman from before. I get a glimpse of her nether regions. She is like Aeltha, more than a woman. My head is bent back, over the edge of the altar, held fast by a leather strap. The tip of her penis points towards my face; a spear, ready to pierce deep into my throat until her testicles reach my lips. I feel Aeltha’s fingertips caress my inner thighs, the head of her phallus teasing my labia. My heart beats fast within my chest.

Loins suddenly thrust forward. I feel impaled, twofold. Aeltha’s cock fills my vagina. I moan. My eyes go wide as the salty flesh of the other cock passes my lips, over my tongue, down my throat. I gag, I groan, it hurts. As the two demon women continue to shove themselves in and out of my body, the pain fades. Lust prevails. I cease to gag, my tongue slithers over the cock sliding between my lips; the nameless woman answers with lascivious groans. I thrust back my hips against Aeltha’s movement, my vagina spasms and contracts around the invading flesh; the demon sorceress joins in the cacophony of groans. She begins to cast her spell, calling in dark powers in a language never heard before. Something starts creeping into me, unfurling in all of my body, my mind, myself. My body cringes, tenses, as a sudden jolt of pain blasts trough me, lingering, raising. The seesaw of orgasmic sensations and horrendous agony ravages me; it is unbearable. The demon magic crushes my feet and legs, breaks through my rump, my fingers, my forehead. My gagged screams of pain make my tormentors groan aloud, as hot Kazdruk nectar forces its way into my womb and down my throat. “This looks promising.” are the last words I hear before I pass out.

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

The eleventh memory that comes to the fore is of my eyes snapping open, still lying on the altar, alone. How long have I been unconscious? I can still taste their cum on my tongue. As I lick my lips to savor the flavor, I recognize the inhuman length and the forked tip of my tongue. It startles me at first. I sit up and look upon my legs. What once was human has been altered into the shape of a beast. I move my legs to the side and set my hooves down upon the floor; a clacking sound like that of a horse trotting. I try to stand on my new … feet, with caution. I am amazed how the muscles of my body quickly adapt to my new form. For the first time in my life, I feel strong, powerful, superior.

The door opens and Aeltha enters the altar chamber. I turn my upper body around to face my creator, looking back over my shoulder, my hips swaying slightly due to the turning movement. “Such a gorgeous succubus.” she says, smiles and continues: “Come, my child. It is time to present my creation to the others.” I follow my Mistress through the dungeon. Moving on my hooves feels more natural with every step. We pass a mirror, mounted to the wall of the hallway. I pause for a moment. It is the first time I see my new self entirely. The pupils of my demonic eyes are slit, like those of a cat, and the yellow color of my eyes complements the darkened tan skin color of my altered body. A pair of gorgeous twisted dark horns protrude from my forehead. Pointed ears. Larger breasts. I am nearly stunned by the beauty of my succubus body. Furthermore, I somehow enjoy wearing only stockings and arm-length gloves. I see Aeltha appear behind me, placing her hands on my shoulders. “Irresistible, aren’t you?”

The chamber we enter is occupied with other Kazdruk, standing, sitting, talking. The crowd falls silent as we enter the room. Dozens of eyes peer at me, their facial expression ranges from being astonished to inquiring. Aeltha presents me as her very first human who has been transformed into a succubus. A murmur runs through the crowd. One of them speaks up and asks for my name. I answer:

“My name is Rhyeesh.”

This feels strange, though not too painful, so the sensation will fade before long.

I awaken. It is the present, of course it is! … The light of dawn shines through the windows of the abandoned cathedral, the one near the human enclave, the one I had played with my two elven girls. In the corner of the room I can see the frightened young woman I captured near the enclave last night. She gazes at me, bound, gagged, helpless. Her anguish amuses me, she isn’t used to see a demon.

Time for my breakfast …

Half-Breed. Chapter 8: Preparations

By: Dawn2069MS

Yuldasha stood on the balcony of her private chambers, high above her dominion. Her eyes traveled over the placid surface idly, yet with a sense of passive satisfaction. The arch-demoness’ gaze got stuck to Mournfall Peak, the ever-active volcano, towering in the far distance of Kazdruk. The yellow-orange color of the mountain’s fire enlightened the dusky sky, a beacon of doom for those who declined to bow to her reign. Yuldasha enjoyed those rare moments of silence. The duties of the Ruler of Kazdruk were fulfilling, yet consuming and sometimes challenging. The tall demon woman caressed her belly with her hands, feeling the sensation of hunger arising within her. It was not only traditional food she craved for, but also the taste of cum and essence. While her thoughts swirled around her growing appetite, her gaze almost got lost in the distant volcano’s primeval fire.

It was the knocking on her chamber’s doors what forced Yuldasha’s mind to snap back into focus. Annoyed about the unexpected disturbance, she went back to her chambers and closed the balcony’s doors behind her.

“Enter!” Yuldasha said in a commanding voice.

As one wing of the massive doors opened, a barefooted petite elven woman entered the demoness’ chambers, hesitant and in awe. Yuldasha recognized the sun-tanned red-haired woman, she was one of her champion Vorgen’s favorite slaves. The young woman was dressed in a tightly laced under-bust corset made of black leather. Her upper arms were locked to the sides of the corset with leather shackles, only granting her forearms to move freely. Further black leather shackles were attached to the elven slave’s wrists and ankles, giving anyone the opportunity to restrain her limbs. Yuldasha recognized a short thin silver chain with a tiny metal orb attached to its lower end, dangling between the slave’s thighs. On closer inspection, she realized that the woman’s clitoris was pierced by a silver ring and that the thin chain was part of the piercing. Yuldasha grinned upon her observation and continued to look at the red-haired elf. In comparison to the last time she had seen her champion’s female slave, the arch-demoness was sure of the fact that his slave’s breasts had grown and gotten more voluptuous, obviously. Another novelty of the elf’s cleavage was her nipple piercings; both were pierced by one and the same round thin silver bar. Its outer tips, each with a tiny silver orb, prevented the nipples to slide off the metal. The overall length of the bar was designed to hold the woman’s full breasts in an inviting position, slightly pressing them together. There was yet another interesting piece of the slave’s attire, a neck-corset. Its design and color was similar to the under-bust corset, but it’s purpose was to hold the woman’s head in a straight upright position. Even if the elven slave would have wished to bow down her head in devotion, she wouldn’t be able to do so.

After Yuldasha had examined the young woman and upon recognizing Vorgen’s perfidious idea behind his slave’s attire, the demoness grinned again, wickedly, and decided to be responsive to the game. She beckoned the young woman to come closer, eyeballing every single one of her steps. As the elven slave intended to kneel down in front of her, Yuldasha suddenly spoke up:

“Don’t you want to bow down your head in the presence of your queen, my dear?”

The young woman felt nearly paralyzed. Unsure if she was still expected to kneel down, she gazed at her queen’s face with wide eyes, scared. She was just about to speak, as Yuldasha continued unsettling her:

“Well? Have you forgotten how to devote yourself as a submissive slave?”

After suddenly sinking down on her knees, the trembling woman struggled to bow down her upper body as far as her tight corset would allow it, answering to her queen’s question with a quivering voice:

“This girl is so s-sorry, M-Mistress. The new attire t-this girl has been granted does hinder her to …”

“Oh really?” Yuldasha cut her off and continued: “So the reason for your failure is not you, but those nice presents granted to you by your master? Is that what you want to tell me, girl? An excuse for your inaptness?”

Yuldasha relished toying with slaves. The wicked game of intimidation and affection, dominance and submission, it was her home match and she was a highly skilled player. The only downside of the game was the lack of other skilled players, players like Vorgen and Aeltha, who knew how to get the ball rolling.

“P-please forgive this girl, Mistress. This girl is an unworthy slut and has failed to …”

The arch-demoness interrupted the sobbing elven woman anew with a stern voice:

“I’m not your mistress. I am your queen. … Now keep quiet, rise and look at your queen, slave.”

The tan-skinned elf obeyed in silence, stood up and looked up into Yuldasha’s face. Her eyes were filled with tears. Yuldasha tenderly grabbed the woman’s chin between her thumb and index finger and forced her to come closer. After placing a soft kiss on the slave’s lips, the demoness said:

“Those won’t be the last tears you’re going to shed. Be aware that I am going to punish you right after you’ve told me why you are here, slave. I am sure you’ll accept your punishment without any further word of protest, won’t you?”

The elven woman nodded slightly. Yuldasha smiled, moved her luscious purple lips to the slave’s left ear and whispered:

“Good girl. … Now tell me why you are here.”

The demoness released the young woman from her grip. While being informed about the slave’s task, she gracefully walked toward a wooden table in one of the corners of her chamber, her hooves clacking elegantly with every step.

“This girl’s Master, Master Vorgen, humbly requests his Queen’s presence in his chambers. It is Master’s wish to inform his Queen about the progress of the preparations for the DalMarkaan invasion.”

Yuldasha turned around and faced the elven slave. While approaching her plaything anew, criss-crossing her steps and gracefully emphasizing her hips as ever, she responded:

“It’s about time! I’ve waited long enough. … Here, hold this for me, my dear.”

The elven slave gazed at Yuldasha’s outstretched hand. Fully aware of how she would be punished, she gulped, afraid, but obeyed her queen’s order, trembling. The object she got handed over from the arch-demoness was a whip, a cat o’ nine tails. The straps of the whip were made of leather, its handle was of a silver metal.

Yuldasha ordered the scared woman to position herself in front of one of the stone pillars within her chamber. Several metal loops were embedded in the stone and metal rings and shackles were attached to every one of them. After commanding her slave to hold the whip with her mouth, the demoness detached the shackles of the woman’s upper arms from the corset and locked her wrist shackles to one of the metal loops above her head, as well as her ankles to metal loops near the floor. The elf was pinned to the pillar, helpless and prepared to receive her punishment, at least in the demoness’ eyes. Yuldasha released the elven woman’s mouth from the whip’s handle and moved another of her toys into the slave’s field of view. It was a leather strap with a steel ring gag. Attached to the ring was a tentacle-like creature in the form of a penis. The shape of the cerise-colored worm-like entity’s head was similar to a cock’s glans, including what looked like an urethra. Its body – its shaft – was covered with an out of scale amount of pulsating veins. The base of its body looked like a single oversized testicle, covered with six tiny tentacles, each of them as long as a finger and as thin as quill, wiggling as if they were constantly seeking to get hold of something.

As the enchained woman got aware of the bizarre slippery creature, her eyes gaped in horror and her breath caught. Yuldasha suddenly grabbed the elven woman’s cheeks with her fingers and pressed them together, forcing her mouth open. Placing the tip of the cock-like creature on the stunned slave’s lips, she whispered, smiling salaciously:

“I will gag you now, my dear. We don’t want to hear your screams through all of my Spire, do we?”

While slowly shoving the slippery tentacle into the horrified elf’s mouth, Yuldasha continued:

“I think I will mainly whip your gorgeous tits. And after I’ll have drawn enough pleasure from your punishment, I may consider granting you the honor to give me a tit-fuck.”

The young woman started to gag on the invading cock-like creature, while the tiny tentacles at the entity’s scrotum-like base brushed over her quivering lips. Yuldasha released her grip from the slave’s cheeks and fastened the steel ring behind the woman’s head with the leather strap. After placing her hand on the choking woman’s throat, a tiny surge of her dark magic animated the cock-tentacle to expand itself deeper into the elf’s throat, then causing it to contract back into the mouth, just to rhythmically repeat the motion. The demoness giggled wickedly, took back a few steps and started to descent her whip onto the bare breasts of her victim.

A burning pain jolted through the red-haired elf’s trembling body as the first forceful lash of Yuldasha’s cat o’ nine tails grounded on the upper side of her breasts, forcing the young woman’s muscles to clench due to the agonizing sensation. Tears rushed to her eyes. She had never felt the kiss of a whip before. The only thing she was able to do right now was to scream aloud into her bizarre gag. It was a guttural scream, rhythmically interrupted by the gargling noises of the cock-creature violating her throat relentlessly.

Before the pained woman was able to comprise what was just happening, a second lash impacted on the underside of her breasts, forcing another muffed scream of agony out of her gagged mouth. Another forceful lash of the whip brushed over the aching skin of her tormented bosom and nipples, then another one, and another … and another. The whip’s kisses suddenly came in much shorter succession, denying the groaning woman to answer every blast of agony with a scream. The mistreated slave suddenly felt a fast raising heat between her legs, as she suddenly lost control over her bladder. While further strokes of Yuldasha’s whip descended on her sore breasts, pushing the burning pain far beyond any limit the young woman had experienced so far, the sensation of the metal weight jolting on her pierced clitoris with every one of her body’s convulsions made her nearly go mad. Suddenly, a huge wave of arousing lust catapulted from between her legs through all of her body, mixing up with the jolts of agony from her breasts, her mind torn between pleasure and pain.

Yuldasha was highly skilled with using her whip. The graceful, yet forceful motions of the whip were like she was painting a large picture of pain onto an invisible canvas, accompanied by an inaudible rhythm. Every lash was placed advisedly, leaving more and more red streaks all over the breasts of her victim. The demoness was more than satisfied with the progress of the punishment. She groaned every time her whip smacked on the naked skin of the tormented elf, knowing that her little tentacle toy would soon excrete tiny amounts of a substance which would fuel the slave’s passion. While whipping the young woman, Yuldasha got more and more aroused. She relished hearing her victim trying to scream while still gagging on cock-creature relentlessly penetrating her throat.

A wave of energy and red shocks of magic suddenly started to dance around the demoness’ hips and pelvis, then moved down to her vulva and up her navel. As the whirlwind of magic particles faded away, Yuldasha was equipped with her beloved large equine-like cock which was already rock hard, and the appropriate set of grapefruit-sized balls.

The aroused arch-demoness recognized that her elven plaything was on the brink of passing out. Her tear-stained eyes were already rolled up back into her head and her gagged groans and screams had become agony-stained whimpers. Yuldasha ceased the treatment and looked at her victims sore breasts; they were almost glowing red due to the intense whipping.

“Poor girl. I promise you’ll be rewarded after I’ve cum between your tits …”

Having made her promise, Yuldasha grabbed the testicle-like base of the cock-creature, the tiny tentacles eagerly wrapping themselves around her finger, and slowly pulled the entity back through the steel ring gag, out of the slave’s throat and mouth. The elven woman was still dazed, but grasped for air in a knee-jerk reaction, coughing, sobbing. After releasing her slave from the stone pillar, Yuldasha positioned her on her back, at a very specific location on her chamber’s stone floor. The place was obviously designed to pin a humanoid figure to the floor. A variety of metal loops and shackles were embedded in the stone, similar to those of the pillar. After restraining the panting woman to the ground in a y-shaped position, her arms locked above her head again and her legs spread apart, Yuldasha knelt over the woman’s belly, the large horse cock towering over her sore breasts. She fetched the still hard cock-tentacle, pointed its head toward the slave’s cleavage and tenderly squeezed its testicle-like base, forcing the creature to spurt out some gushes of its slippery liquid. The demoness then reached behind her and placed the wiggling creature’s head at the elf’s labia. The moment the bizarre cock entered her vagina, the abused woman moaned through the ring gag due to the sudden and unexpected flesh spreading her inside walls. Moments later, the base of the creature reached their destination and the six thin tentacles locked themselves in place. Four of them grabbed the young woman’s labia, while one of them stretched out and reached for her anus, its tip just about long enough to tease the sphincter. The sixth tentacle took hold of her pierced clit. Yuldasha realized that the creature had started to move again, expanding and contracting within its new wet home, countering its movement with its small tentacles.

The elven slave continued to groan, still torn between the bizarre sensation of pleasure between her legs and the lasting pain of her tormented breasts. As the demoness started to lay her hands onto her sore breasts, massaging them to spread the cock-worm’s slippery liquid in between, the renewed sensation of burning pain forced the helpless woman to moan aloud; she was much too exhausted to scream.

Yuldasha finally moved the tip of her equine cock to the underside of her slave’s tits and slowly pushed it into the cleavage, passionately, relishing the sensation of soft skin enclosing most of her cockhead. The massive size of her cock would normally have forced the elven woman’s voluptuous breasts apart, but the silver bar which connected both of her nipples held them together as far as possible, making the breast’s slippery cleavage enjoyably tight. Further distorted moans of pain and pleasure welled up from below, as the slave’s already sore nipples got painfully stretched due to Yuldasha’s massive cock. As the tip of her swollen member had passed the elf’s cleavage and reached her chin, the demoness pulled back her loins until her glans was trapped between the slave’s heavenly warm tits again, just to slowly thrust it forward again, and again, and again …

Yuldasha took hold of her slave’s sore breasts, playing with them, feeling the soft flesh in her palms, enjoying the moans of pain from under her. Then, she used her hand to press her plaything’s breasts together against her cock, intensifying the sensation. She heightened the pace, fucking them, her cockhead sticking out of the cleavage to brush the elf’s chin, every forward stroke moving the aroused demoness toward an intense orgasm.

» Those tits are most definitely made for fucking. « Yuldasha thought.

Her hips moved faster as though on their own, as she felt herself race toward her climax. While she relished the moans of the young woman under her, the demoness suddenly slowed down her pace again; she wanted to feel every inch of her cock sliding through the slippery cleavage while cumming.

“I’m gonna cum … mmmhhh …”

A few more slow and passionate thrusts were enough to move Yuldasha over the edge. Tightening, she came. As her cock started spurting the first huge surges of sticky white cum in between her slave’s breasts, she slowly pushed forward her loins, while the pressure of the soft and sore tits sent waves of orgasmic peaks through her horse cock. Her phallus sewed rope after rope of hot seed on the slave’s breasts and face. After Yuldasha’s gushing cockhead reached the elf’s chin again, she locked her body in this position between her boobs, her hands holding them tight. Lots of the delicious cum filled the slave’s mouth which was still forced open by the steel ring gag. Some of the white nectar got in her hair, her cheeks, her forehead, even on the neck-corset and the throat. The amount of cum was actually large enough to cover nearly all of the young woman’s face.

Yuldasha slowly descended from the peak of her orgasm, panting with satisfaction. She looked down at the red-haired woman’s cum-covered face and recognized her mouth full of semen.

“Swallow it.” she said in a commanding, yet alluring voice.

Delighted about the fact that the elven slave hadn’t eaten the white liquid in her mouth without been given permission to, the satisfied demoness watched the abused woman swallow what she had in her mouth. She still groaned because of the wiggling cock-tentacle working inside her vagina.

Yuldasha withdrew her equine cock from the slave’s cleavage. The painful sensation of release of the elf’s sore and overstimulated nipples made her whine, followed by another moan of pleasure from between her legs. The arch-demoness lifted her loins from her captive’s belly and rose to her feet. After magically dissolving her equine cock, she looked down at her champion’s slave and bid farewell:

“I’ll leave you now, my dear. Time to pay my champion a visit and see what he’s got for me.”

Yuldasha moved toward her chamber’s doors, her hooves’ steps on the stone floor echoing through the room. Looking back at her plaything who was still locked to the floor, she addressed the slave anew:

“Ah right, your promised reward! Since I am so satisfied with you, my dear, I’ll refrain from leaving you to my Keeat Hounds … at least for now. Instead, you may enjoy my little worm-toy in your pussy. It’s a neat little invention, you know? The liquid it oozes prevents one from passing out, so there’s no need to be afraid of missing any of your upcoming orgasms.”

Yuldasha giggled wickedly and continued while closing the door behind her:

“Your master will pick you up in a few hours I assume.”

“Oh, and I expect you to count your orgasms and make a report to him, my dear.”

As Yuldasha left her chambers, the exhausted elven woman groaned aloud while suffering through her first orgasm, one of many more to come.


Vorgen had finalized his preparations to inform his queen about the progress of the invasion about two hours ago. He had planned to surprise Yuldasha with two kinds of presentations. The first one would be something to appease his queen’s hunger. Since the obsidian-colored demon was well aware of Yuldasha’s appetite, and since he made it his business to always be informed about his queen’s longings, he had prepared another of his favorite human slave for her.

Yuldasha was on her way down the Spire’s central stairway. After passing the Lookout Post’s balconies, she decided to pay a visit to the Alchemy and Sorcery Chamber before descending further. As she entered the large hall, she encountered Aeltha, her ambitious sorceress, writing into a heavy-looking ancient book with a quill, highly concentrated and lost in thought. Yuldasha remained silent and looked her over from the distance, her arms folded, slightly pushing up her massive breasts.

“It pleases me to see my retinue working hard.” Yuldasha said after some minutes.

Her queen’s words made the sorceress cease her writing. Surprised about not having heard the distinctive clacking of Yuldasha’s cloven hooves upon her approach, she rose from her stool, went down to one of her knees and bowed her head to pay her respects to her queen:

“Greetings, my Mistress. How may I be of service?”

“At ease, my sorceress. I’m just passing through. … How is your work coming along?”

Yuldasha’s interest was straightforward. While she continued approaching Aeltha with ever-graceful steps, the sorceress explained what she was working on:

“I am about to complete the preparations for the last parts of the blood-ritual, Mistress. The one we’re going to use for our invasion of DalMarkaan. I’ve just finished my calculations concerning the blood sacrifices and the size of the rift we need to create.”

The arch-demoness smiled at her sorceress, placed both of her hands on Aeltha’s cheeks and gave her a tender kiss on her forehead. She looked into her eyes and whispered:

“Very good, Aeltha. Keep up your excellent work. I’ll summon you later on, then you may report to me in detail. Right now, I need to pay a visit to my dear Vorgen …”

“Of course, Mistress.” Aeltha replied and bowed her head again.

Yuldasha turned around and left the chamber. She passed the Great Library and the Supply Cache without further stops and finally reached the Spire’s level holding the Superior Personnel Quarters. She found herself getting curious about what her champion Vorgen was about to present to her. Right after opening the heavy door to his chambers, the arch-demoness was confronted with an exciting scene.

A young male slave was bound to a wooden bar. The bar was hanging in a height of approximately two meters. It was easy for Yuldasha to remember the young human. The shape of his body, his facial features, his long black hair, all of his appearance was very feminine and he was more beautiful than some of the her human female slaves. The light-skinned man was dressed with a black leather corset, as well as black leather cuffs clothing his legs, thighs and arms. The young man’s arms were bound behind his back with additional leather straps wrapped around his forearms. A set of ropes was attached to the leather corset and held the slaves body floating in the air under the wooden bar. His legs were spread apart and his ankles lifted over his head, bound to the wooden bar with an additional set of ropes. The position revealed all of the young man’s private parts, his erect penis, his balls, as well as his plugged anus. The horned demon stood behind his male slave, naked, his clawed hands resting on the womanly man’s hips. The slave was impaled onto the white-eyed demon’s large and ribbed cock, slowly gliding in and out of his anus, stretching his sphincter. The bound man’s hard penis twitched rhythmically, his balls heavy, swinging slightly. He groaned into his ball-gag, pleasure-driven, on the brink of going mad due to an overwhelming stimulation, his eyes partly rolled up into his skull. Yuldasha admired the arousing scene in front of her and addressed her champion:

“Your taste in terms of slaves always amazes me. As well as your little games.” she leered.

Vorgen slightly bowed down his head and responded to his queen’s statement:

“Then it was the right choice to send you my red-headed plaything. I hope she was able to pleasure you properly, my Queen? Has she been able to satisfy your appetite?”

Yuldasha grinned impishly and answered Vorgen’s questions:

“Let me put it like this: Right now she enjoys her reward. And just to make something clear: My appetite is as ever-lasting as my reign. Always remember that, my champion.”

The tall demon smiled, knowing, and continued the conversation while relentlessly shoving his dick into his slave’s butt, forcing him to groan with pleasure, again and again:

“Of course I will. And since I always expect my Queen to have a longing for more, may I humbly offer you this young stud’s delicious nectar? I am stimulating his anus and prostate for over one hour now. He would have climaxed several times by now, but I denied him to do so.”

Yuldasha gazed at the beautiful slave’s nether regions, as Vorgen continued to verbalize his offer:

“Look at his swollen testicles, my Queen. They are filled up to their limit with white hot cum. His cock has gotten super-sensitive, so when he’s finally allowed to cum, he will suffer through the most intense and exhausting single orgasm of his entire life. He’s a needy little boy-slut, and he craves for salvation.”

The aroused arch-demoness knelt down in front of the bound slave without hesitation. She grabbed the young man’s shaft and balls with her hands and commanded him to look at her face. Though slightly dazed, the lascivious slave gazed at his queen in awe and with hope.

Yuldasha started to massage the slave’s balls and moved her full lips toward his hypersensitive glans. The moment she let her wet tongue flicker over its most sensitive spot, the raphe where the foreskin is connected to the shaft, the young man groaned aloud, barely able focus on his queen’s face. The kneeling demoness suddenly increased the pressure of her tongue and forcefully started to circle her tongue all over the glans and the foreskin in its direct vicinity. She moaned with relish upon tasting the salty human flesh, and the womanly man’s groans of pleasure morphed to a heavy panting.

Vorgen recognized that his boy-toy was yet again ready to cum. All of the slave’s body tensed in anticipation of his climax. As soon as he was released from the curse of denied orgasms, he was tossed over the peak of a soul-crushing climax. He came. Hard.

The moment the young stud cried into his gag and his back arced as he came, Yuldasha sank her head to take the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking even more intensely than before. Huge loads of sticky white cum gushed into the demoness’ mouth, and Yuldasha swallowed every surge that came out, greedily sucking him dry. The overwhelmed young man shook and moaned to the intensively incredible ecstasy he experienced, his eyes clenched shut. Drained by Yuldasha’s blow-job, the tension of his body loosened slightly, leaving the nearly unconscious man hanging in his ropes and panting for air through his nostrils. Releasing him from her mouth with an obscene slurp, Yuldasha smiled lasciviously and licked over her lower and upper lips to make sure she had gotten all of the slave’s semen.

“What an excellent taste,” she purred, “Not bad at all, for a human.”

The demoness rose to her hooves and looked over to her champion who just had withdrawn his phallus from his slave’s anus. She beckoned him to her and whispered into his ear:

“Well, that was a tasty interlude. I’m curious what other surprise you have prepared for me.”

“If you are willing to follow me, my Queen, I’ll show it to you right away.” Vorgen responded.

Yuldasha nodded and followed her champion. They descended to the base of the Spire and approached the Mess Hall, one of the largest chambers of the Spire. Vorgen guided his queen to a gate which lead to one of the many inner balconies inside the Mess Hall. After stopping in front of the gate, Vorgen turned around to face Yuldasha, signaled her to pause and humbly addressed his queen:

“My Queen. This is the army for the DalMarkaan invasion. … Your army.”

Vorgen opened the gate, offered Yuldasha his hand and elegantly guided his queen out onto the balcony, presenting her an awe-inspiring view.

Yuldasha gazed at a huge army of Kazdruk warriors, men and women alike, filling all of the great Mess Hall. They were standing in formation, a military parade displaying sheer demon power. It were at least ten-thousand Kazdruk, standing in hordes of five hundred, looking like giant patches of demonic force plastering the floor of the hall. The arch-demoness was awestruck. Standing in presence of this huge army made a pleasant shiver run down her spine. She was surprised about the calmness of all those warriors. No murmurs waving through the crowd, no-one behaving shady or stepping out of the lines; a demonstration of discipline and devotion.

The Ruler of Kazdruk stepped forward to the balcony’s edge and placed her hands on the balustrade, her eyes wandering across the hall. She smiled, satisfied, then raised her voice:

“This is a sight to behold indeed! The invasion of DalMarkaan will begin in exactly six days. I expect my army to be as efficient and ruthless as back then, when I crushed the Goldulin Empire and invaded DelHelshan. Soon, my subordinates, your weapons will taste human and elven blood, and your cocks and cunts will be satisfied by those remaining alive and enslaved.”

“Hail Kazdruk!” Vorgen shouted soulfully from behind his queen, rising his first into the air.

“Hail Yuldasha!” the horde chorused, their praise echoing through the Mess Hall like thunder, while ten-thousand fists simultaneously rose into the air.

Yuldasha smiled anew, satisfied, knowing.

Half-Breed. Chapter 7: I, Kyaara

By: Dawn2069MS

Kyaara’s Journal, Day #87, Sun Cycle 106

I awoke from an uneasy sleep. I looked at my beautiful sister and felt guilty again; I wonder if the pain of guilt will fade. Ridiculously enough I actually want to feel the pain – I raped my sister after all … no, it was even worse. She expected me to save her from her kidnappers and rapists, but I failed to help and violated her throat instead … and by the gods, it felt so good. Damn those thoughts, they scare the crap out of me! I knew that my inner demonic half would get through some day, hell I felt it every time I got enraged when fighting, but I never expected to … shit … Fuck you, Rhyeesh! It’s all her doing, whatever that damn succubus has done to us, she’ll pay for it! Need to take a break from writing, drenched in tears again.

I was preparing a small traveler’s breakfast when Tianna woke up. She noticed me sitting at the wooden table and smiled at me. Is she happy to see me? Doesn’t she remember what I’ve done to her? Or has she also been manipulated by the succubus? She got up from her bed, wrapped up warm in her blanket, and came towards me. I didn’t know what to feel, what to say. I just gazed at her blue eyes. She knelt down in front of me, put her petite hands on my cheeks and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead. Please, I don’t deserve this! She looked in my eyes, smiled and hugged me dearly … a gesture a thousand times stronger than any word. I felt her heavy breasts push against mine, the scent of cum and sex was still present on her body … and there it was again, a bizarre feeling of arousal, and the forbidden desire to … No! Get a grip, Kyaara!

After breakfast, we continued our journey home. We packed together our belongings and saddled Seriso. Since my horse would exhaust faster due to carrying both my sister and me, I feared that we needed to buy some rations in the nearby enclave. The people of Meerisath are a friendly folk, the trading between them and our small elven exile colony flourishes with no discord between our villages. However, Tianna had been kidnapped by Kazdruk in the vicinity of Meerisath, so we needed to beware of demons disguised among the humans.

Kyaara’s Journal, Day #88, Sun Cycle 106

The more distance we put between us and Meerisath, the better I felt. Eight days of traveling, searching, and feelings of anxiety, and we finally travel homewards to our small elven enclave. Having my beloved sister at my side again comforts me so much … hard to put it into words. Her faith seems to be unbowed. This morning I joined her praying to Eletha, our Goddess of the North. I dunno why I joined her worship, I’m far from being a religious person, but I somehow felt it would make her happy … and maybe I hoped for absolution … oh dear, such naivety. I’m still unsure if Tianna remembers our last incident. If that demon bitch has really manipulated her memory, is it better for her this way, rather than her remembering what I’ve done to her? … Oh god, such thoughts again, and this time they are even more scary, because – right now – I can’t tell if they came from my demonic self… or from me … fuck.

When we both ride on my horse, Tianna usually sits in front of me. We tried it the other way, but since I carry my combat blades in a holster on my back, it felt uncomfortable for her to always feel my weapons on her large breasts … I mean, gee, if I had a rack like hers, I wouldn’t want to press them into the back of the person in front of me. The problem of having my sister sit on the saddle in front of me is the constant sensation of her butt rubbing against my crotch. So weird. Today I caught myself fantasizing about how it would feel to have her nice butt plugged with my cock while riding … all of those sex-tainted thoughts give me a hard-on and the pressure of my cock straining my pants is almost unbearable. Oh god, what’s happening to me? Why am I so horny all the time? If this keeps going on, I fear I’ll lose control.


On the morning of the second day traveling homeward, Kyaara was the first to wake. Dawn had broken, the campfire was burning low, and Tianna was still sleeping tightly. It was silent, almost peaceful. In contrast, Kyaara was on her own, entangled in an odd situation. The feeling of arousal had returned.

» Gods, no! « she thought to herself as she felt a familiar but strong pressure in her crotch.

Kyaara’s cock was so hard it almost hurt. Though she only wore a slip at the moment, the pressure of her cockhead stretching the fabric was unbearable. She removed her slip and looked at her swollen phallus as it sprung from her confines. She admired the pretty shape, the prominent curvy vein running up her shaft, the touch of violet of her glans complementing the blue-grayish color.

» Dammit, get a grip Kyaara! « she thought loudly to herself.

She always knew what her cock looked like, but she couldn’t stop admiring it; her cock was so sensitive, so needy. She peered over to look at her beautiful sister; she was still sleeping peacefully. Kyaara shuddered as precum began to ooze out of her in anticipation. Seeing her sister lying like that, Kyaara couldn’t hold back anymore.

She brought her hand to her cock and began to touch herself. Kyaara wrapped her thumb and index finger around the shaft of her cock and slowly slid them downwards, pulling back her foreskin. She groaned the moment she rubbed her sensitive glans with her other index finger, and her loins began to gyrate on their own, leaning in to her touch. But it wasn’t enough – Kyaara craved more. She started circling her finger over the tip, slowly smudging the flow of glossy precum all over her glans. It felt so good, teasing herself like that. She lifted her dripping index finger to her lips. Kyaara stuck out her tongue and licked her finger, relishing her own precum. The taste of it was intoxicating, and it aroused her even more. She felt her heartbeat pulsing through the veins of her cock, and her erection grew even stronger as more precum seeped out with every beat. She felt many sensations, both painful and pleasurable, emanating from her cock, but she still wanted more. Kyaara drooled into the palm of her hand and placed it over her glans. The moment she started to massage her cockhead, focusing on the very sensitive raphe that connects the underside of the head to the shaft, she couldn’t help herself but to groan again, and again, and again – craving more.

Kyaara started to slide her precum-and-saliva slicked hand up and down her shaft, her slippery fingers gliding over her highly stimulated glans, while massaging her balls with her other hand. She glanced over to her still sleeping sister again and suddenly felt herself race towards the finish line. Clenching her jaw tightly, she involuntarily increased the stimulation of her tightening hands, making her pant due to the waves of lust ravaging through her.

“I’mhhh … I-hhm … cumming!”

She groaned loudly as a mind shattering orgasm blasted through her, the sight of her adorable Tianna intensifying the sensations until Kyaara’s vision became blurry and she started to see stars in her eyes. As she climaxed, huge surges of cum shot into the air like a fountain and rained heavily down upon her hands, stomach, and thighs. When her spurts of semen started to dwindle, she bobbed her hand up and down roughly to forcefully pump whatever cum was left in her churning balls. Kyaara trembled and heaved for air while enduring the aftermath of her self-imposed orgasm. When she was finished, she gently released the grip on her cock and gazed at her cum-covered hand and abdomen, studying the viscous strands of semen between her fingers. She paused, hesitant to taste her own cum. She looked back at Tianna once more. If she knows the taste already, she pondered for a moment, then raised her cum-stained fingers to her lips. The scent of fresh cum – her own cum – was captivating. Kyaara was nearly stunned by the sweet-but-salty flavor the moment she tasted her own love-juice for the first time, hungrily licking and sucking each of her fingers.

» I’m – Mmmm – so good, Kyaara … « she exclaimed in her mind.

» God, I’d give my right arm to be able to taste my nectar straight from the horse’s mouth, or to put it bluntly, straight from my cockhead. «

She shivered as the meaning and visions of that last thought took hold in her mind.

» Great thoughts, Kyaara. Masturbating apparently isn’t enough to satisfy your inner demon. «


Kyaara’s Journal, Day #90, Sun Cycle 106

I wish I would’ve been able to sleep longer. My erection caused me to wake much earlier than usual. And … I masturbated while thinking about Tianna. Damn those demon-infested thoughts! But it was worse than that – I also tasted my own cum, and again I was thinking about my sister. Damn your half-breed body, Kyaara! But as vile as it was, I needed that release this morning, more than I wanted. What I would have given for the chance to feel my sister’s soft lips on my cock! By the gods, at that moment? Everything! … No, I mustn’t give in! I fear that the feeling of satisfaction will not last long.

… please, Eletha, give me strength to endure this!

Yesterday I had not been in the mood to write something down. After riding all day long, we had found a nice spot to set up camp, aside from the usual traveling paths, at the border of a small forest. We had been sitting at the campfire with my empty gaze lost to the ambient flames. The sight of my sister trying to massage her shoulder, her face being slightly contorted with pain, caught my attention. I had asked her what the matter was and she’d said that her shoulders and neck were aching after the long ride. I had stood up, went over to her and knelt down behind her. “Let me help you here” my words had been, then I had slid down her priestess’ robes from her shoulders, revealing her full breasts and the beautiful white corset – gosh, what an adorable sight – and moved her soft silken hair to the side while I started massaging her neck and shoulders. Good thing I know how to do this.

Tianna had enjoyed my treatment. After some minutes, she had closed her eyes and leaned against my touches, groaning softly. God, hearing her sweet moans had made a pleasant shiver run down my spine … and it had made me get aroused, yet again. I had tried to concentrate on my task, tried to continue massaging her shoulders, but the pressure in my pants had risen … yet again. And the pressure in my mind, the urge to give in to this abyssal dark desire had grown within me, relentlessly, alluringly … yet again. I remember that my hands had started to tremble. My beloved Tianna, she must had felt it. She had unexpectedly grabbed my shaking hands, tenderly, just holding them tight. I had no idea what had happened, but suddenly I was able to calm down. My vision was blurring again – tears were pooling my eyes. The only urge which had remained was to hug my sister, so I gave in, leaned against Tianna’s back, wrapped my arms around her, and cuddled my head up to the side of hers, my chin resting on her shoulder. I love you so much. I love you so much … I hadn’t been able to speak, just to sob, so my thoughts had remained unspoken.

Kyaara’s Journal, Day #91, Sun Cycle 106

The fourth day of our journey was quite eventful. After following the trail of the Red River, we finally reached its spring and we knew we were halfway home. Looking at the clear water bursting out of a huge rock formation, one wonders why the river got it’s name, but the reason for it being named the Red River is its clay river bed. Several hundred meters from the spring, the water of the river gets colored slightly red as the water disturbs the clay bed. The first time I saw the river I was disappointed, because I had expected to see a nice red color of the water. What I had seen instead was an unimpressive stream of red-brownish dirt. But it was wise Tianna who showed me the truth behind the river’s name. If you look over its surface towards the descending sun, the reflection of its light is a pure, almost glowing, red. So beautiful, a sight to behold.

Gee, I let my mind wander from the subject. We were in the middle of setting up camp as Tianna recognized another horse coming towards the spring. Since it wasn’t clear to me if the incoming stranger was friend of foe, I made myself combat ready, drawing my two blades, positioning myself to start the dance. I wasn’t able to figure out who the rider was at first. It was a man, that was for sure. His horse was trotting and what I could see from his body language was that he seemed to be quite relaxed. He was wearing light-grayish robes, he apparently was bald, but gray-bearded. It was an old man … No, an elder elf. I suddenly felt this odd sensation of familiarity while eyeballing the stranger. Before I was able to further question who he was, he waved to me and shouted, his voice sounding hoarse but friendly.

“You always present yourself with your daggers drawn, don’t you, Kyaara?” the old man had shouted. I instantly recognized the voice. It was Ormond, elder priest of Eletha, spiritual guide of our small exile colony and mentor and old friend to Tianna and myself! Surprised about meeting him here, I smiled at him, the tension of my body decreasing slowly. I replied that I didn’t know what he meant and that my blades were just trappings a girl needed these days. I remember grinning impishly. Ormond started to laugh, an honest laugh, one good for the soul. I put my swords back to their scabbard and helped the old man dismount. Without saying another word, he opened up his arms and offered me a hug. I happily accepted the gesture of friendship and closeness; after our parents deaths years ago, he had been the one who had taken care of us orphans, like a father. Tianna soon after recognized the arrival of her mentor – her squeal of happiness was unmistakable. I heard her rushing towards us, joining in the hugging, sobbing silently. I don’t know how long we stood there. It felt like an eternity, it felt good, peaceful, safe.


Kyaara and Tianna were glad that Ormond was with them. Curious as to what he was doing out here or where he intended to travel, they sat down near the campfire and started talking. After telling Ormond about what had happened – without going into the kinky details too much – he contemplated then addressed the girls frankly. He surmised that both of them had been cursed by Rhyeesh and that both of them were still feeling that there was something remaining resident within them. He also asked the sisters what they had planned to do after returning home, and they quickly realized that they had no answer. To that question. Tianna told him that she hoped to find help for both of them, to cure them of Kazdruk’s taint. In fact, she hoped for Ormond to be able to help, but his answer scattered the sisters hope. The old priest’s facial expression was gloomy as he started to talk:

“I want to be honest to you two girls. I fear that no one in our colony will be able to help you; even I don’t know how to deal with Kazdruk magic. Those who follow the path of our goddess Eletha have been taught to be persistent, to endure whatever burden fate has assigned to us. This is where we draw our strength from. Your sister knows what I mean, Kyaara. She’s a priestess of Eletha after all. But, since we are dealing with Kazdruk magic, seeking help to counter whatever taints the two of you might be the better choice. And in my opinion, the only place where you can find help is at home, at AzurLyyn.

Ormond, Tianna and Kyaara continued to talk far into the night. They decided to follow the old man’s recommendation and travel to the north-east of DalMarkaan, passing the Breken Nordlands. Being a well-traveled man, the elder priest had further information for the sister’s journey. His words were quite formative:

“Beware the Nordlanders, my friends. Though all I know is invariably based on rumors, never forget that every rumor has a grain of truth. What I know about them is that they’re rumored to be degenerated humanoids who had chosen to isolate themselves from the cold surface of the world generations ago. Their society is rumored to consist of a clan-like structure, following bizarre traditions and rites. They supposedly worship some sort of dark deity and therefore have been gifted with an inhuman skin coloration, as well as with the ability to see in total darkness. Sounds like they’d be a perfect match for the Kazdruk, doesn’t it? However, I want to say this: If you want to make contact with them during your journey, be as careful as possible. You never know what sort of dangers lie hidden beyond the surface of the Breken Nordlands.”


Kyaara’s Journal, Day #92, Sun Cycle 106

We got up at the crack of dawn. Our conversation with Ormond yesterday evening had resulted in a bunch of decisions – painful decisions. The hardest one we had to come to was to not continue traveling homewards to our exile colony, but home towards AzurLyyn, the Elvish Prosperity north of DelHelshan … Home? It doesn’t feel like home … I mean, there had been a reason why we had been advised to go into exile back then. A blue-skinned elven shemale born out of a mother’s violation by a frigging Kazdruk would have been – how did they say it back then – a source of irritation for our northern elven society. Don’t make me laugh! I’ve been a child back then … innocent … a child, dammit! But, dash it all! Ormond had been right, and there was even more: Rhyeesh. I am sure that the succubus is still close on our heels, and if my assumption is right and we continued to travel homewards, we would lead her directly to our elven colony.

Our new destination: The north-eastern land tongue of the Breken Nordlands of DalMarkaan. We planned to try contacting the Wanderers of SajaRuun in order to obtain a passage on a ship towards AzurLyyn. Traveling north would have involved passing two major obstacles though. One of them is the Dragon’s Spine, the mountains which separate the northern landmass of DalMarkaan from the southern one. Even though there’s a mountain pass leading through the highly jointed rock formation, most of the travelers and caravans avoid this route and accept going a long way round. The reason is simple: According to legend, the mountains are dragon territory, and from that they had gained their name. Well, you need to take a risk every now and then … The second obstacle was something I didn’t know so far. Ormond had told us that the inhabitants of the Breken Nordlands are rumored to be a folk of altered humanoids living underground in some sort of citadel, and that they’re rumored to be wicked somehow … well, we’ll see.

As I already noted at the beginning of this journal entry, we got up pretty early this morning. It made me very sad that Ormond wouldn’t join our journey to the north. He said that he wants to travel to Meerisath to help our allied enclave prepare for the possibility of a Kazdruk invasion … so brave. The elder priest let us have almost all of his traveler rations; he said that we would need it on our long journey. Taking leave of Ormond was pretty hard for poor Tianna. She cried desperately, fearing that she’d never see her mentor again. She held fast onto me while we watched Ormond leave, and I stroked her silken hair trying to comfort her – my beloved little sister.

Kyaara’s Journal, Day #93, Sun Cycle 106

It feels odd to write this journal entry early at the morning. After our first day of traveling northwards and after consulting my memories about the area south of the Dragon’s Spine, I estimate that we’ll need another three days till we reach the entrance to the mountain pass. I remember that there will be at least one ranch on our route where we may find shelter, and Ormond had mentioned a weigh station near the mountain pass entrance, but he wasn’t sure if the station was still operating.

I’m still more than unsure if I should talk to Tianna about … well … about what I had done to her. Now that we’re on our own again, my thoughts have started to swirl around being guilty, being needy, being driven by my inner demon, and being what I am – a half-breed. Has it really been my fate what I had seen in my dream? Or has this also been a result of Rhyeesh’s so-called gift? I don’t know. I don’t want to know. And my sister? Does she know? Does she want to know? … We’ll see … be strong, Kyaara, be strong …

Half-Breed. Chapter 6: Destiny’s Edge – Part II

By: Dawn2069MS

After resting for about half an hour, Rhyeesh headed westward towards Lake Crimson. Since she was still too exhausted to use her dark magic for traveling, she had decided to walk, at least for the rest of the night. Her thoughts swirled about her master’s announcement. A remaining period of two weeks for playing out her plans was much too short. If she was forced to walk all the way back to the lake, she would waste a minimum of five to six days just for traveling. She needed to feed on someone, but didn’t believe to get to find someone in the middle of nowhere.

Dawn had broken. Though walking for over four hours wearing her high-heeled boots, Rhyeesh wasn’t impaired by her footwear, quite the contrary. Walking and acting while wearing high-heels felt natural for the demonic woman and her body had much more than enough constitution and strength than the one of an average human. The surface below her feet was solid, a mixture of rock and compact ground. The field path Rhyeesh was following was as forsaken as the whole region between the Obsidian Cliff and the lake, but she hoped that staying near the rural road would increase her chances to encounter a potential victim.

It was shortly after sunrise as the succubus heard the sound of clacking hooves of a trotting horse in a distance. Having the sun at her back and being blessed with keen eyes, it was easy for her to recognize what was approaching from the distance. Two humans, a male and a female, were riding on a gray horse. Rhyeesh recognized that they were quite young. She estimated the light blonde young man, rather a boy, being seventeen or eighteen years of age at the most, and the red-haired light-skinned girl who was sitting in front of him seemed considerably younger. The young humans were dressed in workaday clothes and the backpack resting on the horse’s back foretold that the couple might have a long journey ahead of it.

» Ain’t you a lucky girl, Rhyeesh? « The succubus asked herself in thought.

A smile of satisfaction was her answer to the rhetorical mental question. Curious about how the young couple would react to seeing an almost naked woman crossing their path, Rhyeesh started to criss-cross her steps, making her movements look appealingly sexy.

It didn’t take long until the couple recognized the naked woman. The closer they came, the more puzzled their facial expression got. As the boy became aware of Rhyeesh only wearing thigh-high boots and arm-length gloves, he slowly stopped the horse, gazing at her slack-jawed. The red-haired girl blushed and tried to avert her eyes from the human-looking succubus, but caught herself peering at the strange woman now and then, blushing more with every glimpse.

Rhyeesh knew exactly about her supernatural charisma’s impact on a pure young mind. Being certain that one of them would finally react to her appearance, she walked past the puzzled couple without saying a word, just leering. After having gained some meters of distance between the strangers and herself, the boy addressed Rhyeesh as expected, making the succubus smile in satisfaction.

“Uhm … excuse me, miss?” The boy’s adolescent voice sounded insecure.

The naked woman stopped walking and turned her head and torso around, presenting the elegantly shaped contour of her delicate body to the two youngsters. Looking directly into the boy’s eyes, she replied to his speech:

“Yes please, can I help you two?”

“Uhm, we were just wondering … we didn’t expect … well, you’re naked and …”

The girl interrupted her companion. She tried to whisper, her sweet voice sounding a bit thrilled:

“Stop it … you can’t ask stuff like this! And … why did you stop the horse anyway?”

The girl had put her hand onto her companion’s cheek, gently forcing him to look at her. She looked worried about his inappropriate babble. As the girl gazed back at the naked succubus, she blushed again and addressed Rhyeesh with a trembling voice:

“I’m … I mean … we are sorry to have bothered you, miss. Have a good day.”

The succubus made a few steps towards the couple and looked into the girl’s eyes:

“Awww, that’s so sweet. There’s no reason to be embarrassed, young maiden. Oh, and please be lenient toward your boyfriend, it’s probably the first time for him to see a naked woman, isn’t it? Or has he already been blessed to enjoy seeing your gorgeous body, hm?”

The girl looked surprised due to Rhyeesh’s statement. She opened her mouth to reply to the succubus’ bold question, but suddenly felt somehow overwhelmed by her own thoughts and blushed anew. The demonic woman felt that she was easily gaining control over the situation and continued to entangle the puzzled couple in a conversation, extracting a variety of information from them. The two youngsters had started their journey at Meerisath, the human enclave to the north of Lake Crimson. Since both were orphans and thus had no relatives remaining in the enclave, and since they feared that their hometown would be one of the first locations to be overrun by the demon invasion, they had decided to leave Meerisath. Their goal was to reach the eastern coastline. They wanted to try to get contact to the Wanderers of SajaRuun, the nomads of the ocean. By joining people who were living on the sea without exception, they hoped to be able to escape the doubtful destiny of enslavement or death, or worse.

After about half an hour of standing or rather sitting together aside the field path, Rhyeesh started to use her seductive magic to subliminally fuel the two young human’s lust and directed their conversation onto the topic of the couple’s relationship. Slightly corrupted by the succubus’ magic, the boy and the girl got more and more talkative:

“… and after we confessed our love to each other, I received my very fist kiss from him.”

The red-haired girl smiled happily and looked into her boyfriend’s eyes. The fact that they were sitting in the middle of nowhere, being in an almost naked woman’s company, seemed not to bother them any more, on the contrary. The young couple was somehow attracted to the exceedingly attractive woman. After a total of one hour, the conversation had reached the point which Rhyeesh had aimed for.

“Hmmm, young love. You two are a really adorable couple. Your first time sleeping together must have been like being in heaven for you two, right?”

Rhyeesh’s saucy statement forced both youngsters to blush. After an awkward moment of silence, the boy finally replied to the succubus’ question:

“No … we … we never have …”

“You are virgins? Both of you???” Rhyeesh cut off the boy’s words.

The unexpected turn of events made the demon woman almost shiver in pleasure. She never had fed on a virgin young soul before, she only had heard rumors that their essence would taste like honey compared to others. The fact that both of her victims were still virgins was more like she ever had expected from this encounter. She looked at the couple, full of expectations. The moment both of them nodded in silence, the succubus initiated her feast.

“I cannot accept this!”

Rhyeesh stood up and approached the red-haired girl. She grabbed her arm, instructing her to rise. The girl was surprised at the naked woman’s sudden zest of action, but obeyed. As the succubus started to undress her young female victim, the puzzled girl tried to object:

“No! What are you doing? That’s not the right place to …”

“Hold still and let me help you here.” Rhyeesh interrupted the complaining girl.

She looked into the girls eyes with a commanding and somehow stimulating sight. The human red-head blushed again, answering to the succubus’ command with a hesitant nod. A few minutes later, Rhyeesh had striped her victim almost naked, the only clothing which remained on her light-skinned body was a pair of brown leather stockings which were laced at the sides. The demonic woman smiled in satisfaction as she eyeballed the embarrassed girl. Her juvenile body was minimally chubby which emphasized the hourglass shape of her body. Her firm breasts were each palm-sized and perfectly fitting to a body of the girl’s young age. The color of her hair was natural, even her trimmed pubic hair was colored red. Her skin had freckles which concentrated on her shoulders, her cleavage and the lower abdomen.

“Gosh, you are so beautiful, my dear. … No, no, no, don’t cover yourself with your hands. Here, turn around and show yourself to your boyfriend.”

Rhyeesh carefully aided her victim turning around to face her boyfriend who was still sitting on the ground, gaping at the scenery in front of him. Seeing the strange naked woman unclothing his girlfriend was more than overwhelming for the blonde-haired boy. The succubus nestled to the girl, her already hard nipples caressing her victim’s back. She put her hands on the girl’s hips and slowly moved them up to her waist, sending a sizzling shiver through her body. Rhyeesh leered at the boy:

“I suggest to take off your clothes, young stud. Or do you just want to lick her to orgasm?”

It didn’t take long till the boy was completely naked. His body was that of an average human teenager, slightly muscular, the chest almost hairless and nicely shaped. He didn’t even try to question Rhyeesh’s suggestion, her control over him and his girlfriend had meanwhile gotten too strong to resist. The succubus slowly moved her hands upward to the girl’s breasts and started to massage them tenderly, forcing her to groan slightly. After placing a soft kiss on the girl’s neck, Rhyeesh whispered into her ear:

“Look at your boyfriend, my lovely maiden. Look how hard his dick is. He wants you, my dear.”

The succubus placed another soft kiss on the girl’s neck. She then took her victim’s left hand and moved it down between her legs, forcing the aroused girl to massage her own clitoris with her fingers. She squealed with pleasure due to the sudden stimulation, her eyes focusing her boyfriend’s nether regions. Rhyeesh licked over her victim’s neck and her ear, sending another wave of lust through her already quivering body.

“Tell us what you want.” Rhyeesh whispered anew.

“Hmmm … aaahh … his tongue … wanna feel his tongue.” The girl moaned with a sweet voice.

The surge of increasing sexual energy felt good for the succubus. She released her victim’s right breast, pointed a finger at the aroused boy and beckoned him to come closer. Rhyeesh recognized that he was breathing fast in anticipation of things to come. The boy stopped directly in front of his moaning girlfriend and started to kiss her eagerly. The succubus giggled and interrupted the kiss:

“No, no, my young lover. That’s not where she wants to feel your tongue. … Try again. But before you continue teasing your girl, kiss me.

While massaging the girl’s swollen clitoris, Rhyeesh started to kiss her male victim, her wet tongue softly caressing the boy’s tongue and his oral insides. After suddenly withdrawing from the boy’s lips, the succubus whispered to him:

“Look at her cute nipples, they are so hard already. Kiss them, suck on them.”

The highly aroused boy obeyed, kneeling down in front of his girl, starting to work on her sensitive nipples with his lips and tongue. Rhyeesh felt that her female victim was on the brink of climaxing. She suddenly stopped massaging the girl’s clitoris and pushed her boyfriend away from her nipples.

“Nooo, please! … so hot, so needy … please, let me cum.” The girl whimpered.

Rhyeesh wrapped her right arm around the girl’s belly and moved her left hand to the back of the girl’s left knee. She then lifted up her leg and moved her thigh to the side, nicely spreading the wet and swollen labia of her completely exposed vagina. The succubus looked at her male victim, signaling him to continue to pleasure his girlfriend. The boy answered with a nod, grabbed the girl’s hip and thighs and started to passionately lick her private parts, forcing his girlfriend to quiver and groan aloud. It didn’t take long until the highly aroused girl went over the edge. As the orgasm waved through her trembling body, forcing all of her muscles to tense with pleasure, she moaned and panted aloud in order to bear the overwhelming sensation while her boyfriend was still licking her vulva. Tasting the innocent girl’s intense passion while climaxing, Rhyeesh couldn’t help but to join in the groans of lustfulness, tenderly caressing her victim’s belly and breasts with her right hand. After allowing the girl to feed upon the sweet aftermath of her orgasm, the succubus guided the foot of her lifted leg back on the ground and addressed her with a seductive chant:

“Time to return the favor, young maiden.”

Rhyeesh kissed the girl’s neck again:

“You’ve never licked a man’s cock, tasted his cum, smelled his intoxicating scent, haven’t you?”

The girl turned her head towards Rhyeesh, answering silently by shaking her head, her face and cleavage still glowing with passion. The succubus smiled and addressed the aroused boy:

“Lay down on your back and spread your legs, young stallion, the moment has come to unite with your girl. … Hmmm, come to think of it, we should milk your nectar once at first, otherwise you’ll cum too fast and that would be a waste of energy, wouldn’t it?”

The boy hectically obeyed the command and positioned himself on the ground, his erect cock nicely pointing upwards, the foreskin still covering a part of the glans. The succubus guided the girl between her boyfriend’s spread legs and commanded her to kneel down and look at his swollen manhood. She then knelt down too, positioning herself over her male victim’s face with spread thighs, facing his phallus and the still aroused girl.

“Lick my cunt, young stud. And you, young maiden, observe and learn.”

Having commanded her playthings, Rhyeesh spread her thighs wide and lowered her loins until she felt the boy’s lips and tongue on her clitoris and labia. She groaned slightly due to the boy’s cajoling, her loins making involuntary discreet circular movements. After feeding on the pleasure given to her by the young stud’s cunnilingus for some moments, the demonic woman moved her body in a sixty-nine position and grabbed the boy’s swollen cock and balls with her hands, roughly pulling back the foreskin, forcing a muffled moan out of his mouth. Flashing the girl a lewd glance, she started to intensely kiss, lick and suck her male victim’s sensitive cock, her head eagerly and rhythmically moving up and down.

Rhyeesh recognized that the boy was quickly getting to the edge of a first orgasm, because he was barely able to concentrate on licking her. She suddenly stopped her blowjob and withdrew her lips from his saliva stained cock, looking at the aroused girl who had started to tease her nipples and clitoris with her fingers. The succubus pushed the tip of the boy’s cock towards the girl, leered at her and purred:

“Do you want to suck him off, my dear?”

The girl nodded eagerly and bowed her head down towards her boy’s glittering phallus. Being on the verge of touching it with her lips, Rhyeesh pulled the cockhead away from the girl’s lips:

“Say Please, Mistress.

“Please, Mistress.” The girl moaned with a sweet and trembling voice.

Smiling with satisfaction, the succubus allowed her female victim to finally suck on her boyfriend’s cock. Seeing that her seductive corruption had completely filled her sex-toy’s minds and bodies, she initiated another flush of dark magic to gain control over both of her victim’s capacity to orgasm.

The boy’s muffled groans got more intense as he went over the edge. The moment he shot his first load of hot cum into his surprised girlfriend’s mouth, making her wince due to the unexpected intrusion of the salty liquid, Rhyeesh started to massage the trembling boy’s balls. Having her mouth filled with cum, the red-haired girl withdrew her lips from the cockhead. More salvos of semen gushed out, splattering the girl’s face. The succubus’ magic massively extended the moaning boy’s orgasm, allowing her to pull back the squirting cock to her own desirous mouth. Before Rhyeesh was able to close her lips around the overstimulated cock, further surges of hot semen splashed onto her face. The succubus eagerly swallowed all of the boy’s phallus until her lips touched his balls, astonishing the panting girl and forcing the boy under her to nearly scream into her vagina due to suffering through his extraordinary long orgasm. She remained in this position, while her victim’s cock pumped surge after surge of cum into her throat, feeding on the boy’s delicious semen and essence. After some minutes of climaxing, the boy was on the brink of passing out due to the intense pleasure he had experienced so far, but stayed conscious because of the succubus’ control.

Rhyeesh’s feast was drawing to a close. What remained to do was the deflowering of her female victim and feeding on her vagina’s first time penetration. She raised her head and released the boy’s hard penis from her throat, thick and viscous strands of a mixture of cum and saliva dripping from her mouth. After raising her upper body, she put her hands on the boy’s chest and commanded:

“Mmmm, yes my dear, keep licking me to orgasm.”

Looking back at the girl with relish, she addressed her anew with her seductive voice:

“Come here, my darling. Time to fulfill what you crave for. Time to unite with your lover.”

“Yes, Mistress.” The girl replied, her sweet voice trembling anew with arousal.

Hearing the virgin maiden refer to her as Mistress without further instructions made Rhyeesh smile in satisfaction. Taking both of the girl’s hands, the succubus guided her to hunker down over her boyfriend’s cock until her wet tunnel of love lined up with it. Looking down at her virgin womanhood which was almost touching the saliva-stained glans of the boy’s penis, the aroused girl started panting in excitement. After Rhyeesh had placed her hands on the girl’s waist, she nodded to her, signaling her to lower her hips.

As the boy’s hard penis slowly pushed into the virgin vagina, breaking through the girl’s hymen, forcing her to squeal aloud in pleasure and pain, the succubus got almost overwhelmed by the intense emotion fueling her victim’s essence. Acting as if in a trance, the girl went to her knees and sat down on her lover’s lap until her mons touched his pubic hair, completely impaling herself onto the hard cock, moaning with relish. While continuing licking the demonic woman’s private parts, the boy groaned aloud due to feeling his girlfriend’s twitching vagina enclosing him.

Rhyeesh started to kiss the girl’s face, licking off some of the sticky semen, and the deflowered teenager returned the favor, caressing the succubus’ face with her tongue. After kissing each other for a minute, the red-haired girl started to move her hips up and down, sending rhythmical waves of pleasure through her loins. At first, the girl’s movement was slow and with lots of feeling. She relished the intense sensation of her friend’s hard cock spreading her inside walls, the tip of his cock rhythmically touching her sensitive cervix. Every thrust of the boy’s penis brought the lustful girl one step closer to her very first vaginal climax. The more she felt the orgasm building up within her, the harder she countered her boyfriend’s thrusts. The two teenagers groaned loudly as they came near their orgasm. Since Rhyeesh had absolute control over her victims, it had been easy for her to synchronize their capability to climax. The demonic woman was also on the brink of having her orgasm and she craved for feeding on her delicious prey.

The scent of sex had filled the area around the trio as Rhyeesh and her two sex-slaves started to orgasm together, their bodies trembling and tensing with high passion. The red-haired girl’s vaginal muscles clenched hard around her boyfriend’s meaty cock as she came, making her almost scream due to the unbelievable intense sensation. Being massaged by his girl’s juicy tunnel of love, the boy’s cock spurted huge loads of hot cum into his girlfriend’s vagina and womb, forcing him to moan loudly into Rhyeesh’s vulva. The succubus had expected to feel her mind being so to speak double-penetrated by the essences of two simultaneously climaxing youngsters, but she was surprised about the force of their emotions. The moment her own massive orgasm ravaged through her body and mind, she nearly lost control over herself, her eyes rolling back up into her head, the muscles of her body tensing hard, her juices almost squirting out of her vagina into the boy’s mouth. She screamed in passion, again and again, sucking her victims dry, savoring their essence’s flavor.

After enduring what felt like a never ending orgasm, the exhausted young couple finally passed out, the girl’s glazing body sinking to the ground. Rhyeesh remained sitting on the unconscious boy’s face, feeding on the sweet aftermath of her own wonderful climax, thinking about her two victims:

» Mmmm, yesss … so tasty, so young. I think I’ll not drain all of their essences, no need to kill these two sweeties. … They’re trying to find the seafaring nomads they said. I think I’ll use them to find out more about those people. … Mmmm, yesss … that’s a good plan. «

The succubus smiled and removed herself from the boy’s face, his lips glittering with her slippery juices. Having popped both of her victim’s cherries, her feast had reached its first highlight, but wasn’t far from being finished. The sexual torment of the two youngsters had just begun. Within the next two hours, Rhyeesh forced the young couple through an orgy of various methods and positions of sexual intercourse.

One of them was commanding the girl to lay down on her back and put her hands over her head, she pinned her hands on the ground and ordered her boyfriend to lick her pussy while shoving his erect dick into her mouth. The boy was careful at first as he lowered his loins, letting the tip of his cock slip into his girlfriend’s mouth. Since Rhyeesh had planned to let the red-head experience being deep-throated, she extended her demon tongue and shoved it into the boy’s anus while wrapping it around his balls. As her twitching tongue’s tip started to lick his anal insides, forcefully massaging his prostate gland, the boy groaned aloud, loosing his control over his loin’s movements. He suddenly started to rhythmically push his phallus into his girl’s throat, forcing her to gag on the invading flesh over and over again. The girl tried to break her hands free from the succubus’ grip in order to push away her boyfriend, but failed to succeed. The demonic woman pushed both of her victim’s over the edge and forced them through another bizarre orgasm. While the girl started to gag and cough on the sudden surge of cum filling her mouth, the boy’s whole body tensed hard and his breath caught, as Rhyeesh fed anew on her prey.

The succubus made her two teenagers to keep on and on. Another part of the open air orgy was the girl’s anal deflowering. Having commanded the young stud to lay down on his back and spread his legs again, she ordered the girl to impale her anus on her lover’s slippery and overstimulated cock. The red-haired girl obeyed eagerly, her sweet voice squealing with relish as her sphincter got painfully spread, taking in all of her friend’s meat. As the young boy started thrusting his hips upwards, Rhyeesh bowed down and shoved her long tongue into the moaning girl’s vagina. She roughly pushed her demon tongue through the girl’s cervix and started licking the insides of her virgin uterus, forcing her to nearly go mad due to the bizarre sensation. As the couple was on the brink of suffering through another simultaneous orgasm, the succubus suddenly penetrated the girl’s oviducts with the split tip of her tongue, making all of her vaginal and anal muscles tense as hard as never before. The teenagers passed out again due to the inhumanly intense climax and Rhyeesh devoured their orgasm-stained essences while cumming hard herself.

After draining the young couple to near death and having regained all of her power, the demonic woman let go of her victims. Using a small bit of dark magic, she made sure that they would ostensibly forget about her, but remember her on a much more subliminal level. Rhyeesh would remain present in their deepest dreams, as well as in their most intimate moments. They would wake up in a few hours and find themselves being almost naked after having made love to each other. They would also discover that their horse had been stolen, but it wouldn’t bar them from continuing their journey to the eastern coast of DalMarkaan.

Rhyeesh was completely satisfied with her situation. Getting on top of her new horse’s back, she set spurs to the animal and continued her journey towards the human enclave. She wanted to make sure to catch up with her two elven girls. Tianna, the young priestess of Eletha, was a much too valuable investment to leave her unattended. The only thing she needed to get accomplished was to make her half-breed sister to completely submit to her. She knew that Kyaara’s resistance and vigor were powerful beyond that of any other member of the elven race, but she had a plan to break her will, a wicked plan worthy of being of demonic origin.