Temple of Peril

A Side Quest written by Stark.


The Kazdruk temple loomed in the dark orange skies on the northern coast of Yuldasha’s Dominion. Formerly an opulent structure of white marble and gold crafted by the humans in loving veneration to their god, Oan, a place of worship and quiet contemplation. It was now covered in dark purple spikes and torches, it’s surface forever tainted, signaling it’s corruption and the numerous depravities within.

It seemed to give the Kazdruk immense satisfaction to defile the cathedrals, temples and other holy sites of the humans and elves. Though not as much as defiling the priestesses that occupied them. As the sky threatened to rain down brimstone yet again on the battered and corrupted landscape, six hooded figures approached the temple entrance. A large open hallway, a symbol of Oan’s acceptance of the faithful.. now guarded by Kazdruk Helots keenly watching for trouble.

“Halt,” the lead Helot guardsman addressed the group of men and women, clad in robes with Kazdruk markings identifying them as acolytes of the Spire. “State your business here.” The guardsman’s white eyes and exposed, sharp teeth, a trait of all Helots, made for a fearsome appearance as he stood over the smaller figures.

A feminine voice from one of the figures spoke.

“We are here to attend to the Anyr as per Mistress Aeltha’s wishes. You will let us pass.”

“I see,” returned the Helot. “The Spire resonates with the wails of the defeated.” the guardsman replied.

“So all may hear Yuldasha’s glory.”

“Correct.” The guardsman and his underlings stepped aside, allowing the group to walk inside, before he stood behind them and signalled more guards to step in front, blocking the group off from proceeding further. “… for last month. ATTACK!!”

The Helot guards rose their weapons in unison and moved in for the kill. In a swift motion the hooded figures threw off their robes revealing the armoured warriors and mages underneath. The leader, a fiery red haired human drew her sword and shield and immediately charged the head guardsman, smacking her polished iron shield in his face and knocking him off balance.

Taking the initiative one of the others, an elven mage, conjured a wall of flame to panic the line of guards blocking their way. Their skin caught fire and they dispersed in agony allowing the group more room to maneuver in the hall. The ranger of the group shot his arrows with deft skill, felling helots with precise strikes.

The Helot guards were startled and on the defensive even with their sudden attack, clearly unused to organised resistance in Kazdruk occupied territory. Still they fought back viciously, the fight degenerating into a dangerous melee, the armour clad warriors protecting the two casters and ranger from the guards’ attacks. Reinforcements started to arrive, but the group was battle hardened and professional, taking down guard after guard coordinated magic and weapon attacks. The elven casters put up a barrier shielding the warriors from arrows and other projectiles. A larger warrior with a two-handed sword cleaved through several of the guards, getting more and more cocky with each kill.

“Ethann, WATCH OUT!” the fiery redhead shouted as she stood toe-to-toe with a helot smacking on her shield. But before he could react, an arrow pierced his neck right above his chest plate. He had been so focused on killing helots he didn’t realise he had stepped right outside the protective bubble. He roared in pain and anger, continuing to slice down more helots before they managed to overpower him, knocking him down and ripping him apart with their jagged claws and weapons.

The group couldn’t afford anger or grief at this moment, they continued fighting their way through the hall to the door that led to the temple’s main atrium, the former place of worship that the artifact they were after was now held.

Not many helots were left able to fight at this point, around 8 to the 5 remaining elves and humans. The lead guardsman furiously attacked the redhead as she skillfully absorbed his blows with her shield and continued to beat and cut him when she could. His anger and fear of what would be done to him if he couldn’t get this group under control on clear display.

His efforts proved to be for naught, however, as the group reached the great door. Passing through it while dispatching yet more guards desperately trying to stop them, they closed it behind them. One of the casters, a female elf with silver hair, erected another barrier, this time on the door preventing further entry, for now. The surviving Helots on the other side started pounding on it. A horn could be heard, sounding for more reinforcements from the surrounding area. The barrier wouldn’t hold long, it seemed to strain the elf greatly to keep it up even now.

The redhead sheathed her sword and shield, panting. Sweat covered her face and helot blood stained her armour. “That…that could’ve gone better.”

“We always knew the Kazdruk changed their codes often, Cahira…it was a risk we had to take.” the silver haired elf replied as she struggled to reinforce her magic barrier on the door.

Cahira nodded. “This had just better be worth it. How long will that door hold, Lyria?”

“T..ten minutes..at the most…and that’s if they don’t get more of the fuckers to bash on it.” the elf replied.

“Alright, keep on it. The rest of you come with me. There shouldn’t be any more of them in the atrium. The Kazdruk just hate their Helots laying eyes upon their damn sacred artifacts. But watch out.”

The team of 6, 3 humans and 3 elves. Cahira, the redhead warrior standing strong and tall in her worn but still very armour of steel and leather. She displayed supreme confidence as a fighter and leader, her athletic frame strong and ready for battle but retaining a unique beauty and grace with piercing green eyes and ever so slightly too large breasts that remained protected under a steel chestplate.

Her armoured tassets exposed bare thighs and leather leggings. A weakness, some would say, but it allowed her more movement and versatility. Some joked it also distracted the eternally horny Kazdruk soldiers, and their moment’s hesitation of fantasizing about this human warrior with large chest and exposed thighs proved deadly when her shield met their faces and her sword their guts.

The rest, Lyria the silver-haired elven mage. Asor the elven ranger. The other mage Rutan and 3 heavy warriors Markus, Ultira and the unfortunate Ethann were mercenaries. Highly skilled at their jobs. Killing, policing, infiltration. As long as the money was right they would take the job.

This group had banded together on an important mission for the Coalition. Some time ago the Kazdruk had brazenly stolen an elven artifact, the Eilie’eni.

Though tales were told that one of the priestesses had somehow managed to eliminate the Kazdruk commander, the artifact was lost and the Kazdruk had demonstrated they could attack anywhere, anytime and win. The Coalition demanded retribution. Something of equal or greater value to be taken from them.

Intelligence spoke of one such artifact deep within Kazdruk territory. An Anyr. Essentially a portal generator, it allowed travel at will from anywhere the user had previously been to even without knowledge of the complexities of Kazdruk magic. It was believed many of these were used for instant travel within Kazdruk territory and to bolster forces once they arrived at new ones.

So the plan was simple. Infiltrate the temple, steal the Anyr and use it to immediately escape. A plan as bold as it was suicidal, but mercenaries such as these never said no to a good challenge and the promise of exceptional reward.

“There, on that pedestal” Cahira spoke as they approached it. A small unassuming spherical crystalline artifact glowing softly, set upon a dark pedestal of spikes, surrounded by torches lit with purple flame.

Rutan, the other elven caster, walked ahead and examined the artifact carefully. Though it was said anyone could use it, he was a minor expert in portals and related spells.

“Quite beautiful…for a Kazdruk device, anyway. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if this were also some stolen elven artifact. The parasites don’t really invent anything, only take.”

“Now, now, it could also be human. Goldulin was quite advanced.” Ultira spoke up as she watched the open atrium for any dangers.

Rutan rolled his eyes “Yes, yes. Let’s have a discussion about who has credit for what, while the Kazdruk are about to beat down that door, hmm? Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to concentrate on this.”

The other warriors said nothing, though clearly annoyed at the elf’s arrogance. Especially as he had started the conversation.

Lyria meanwhile was doing her best to hold the barrier. The sounds of pounding became louder and more intense. “W.. we seriously don’t have m…much time!”

Rutan sighed. There was an art to portal magic. There was also an art to pilfering artifacts off of pedestals, lest giant boulders drop and start chasing you down tunnels. But he recognised they were indeed pressed for time. He glanced at Cahira, who nodded, and he swiftly grabbed the Anyr from it’s resting spot. Instantly the pedestal glowed bright red and shot out a beam, setting the caster’s hand on fire. He shrieked and dropped the Anyr which rolled and fell down the steps around the pedestal. The warriors and ranger swarmed around the fallen mage, helping douse the fire though the magic flame quickly left his hand charred and useless. As they looked on, the Anyr rolled to a stop and sparked with purple magic as a portal opened up right behind it.

“Fuck! Must be some security measure!” Cahira and the others watched in horror as the artifact they were after was sucked into the portal, which rapidly grew smaller by the second.

Without hesitating Cahira ran forward and dove into the portal, landing with a thud and metallic clang on the other side. She quickly rose and found herself in another temple of smooth, red stone. Angular, blocky pillars, steps and doors everywhere around her. She took a deep breath, the air in this place hot in oppressive and spotted the Anyr rolling to a stop. The warrior picked it up and turned around to face the portal, now shrunk to half her size. There was no way she could fit in it now.

Cahira rapidly thought of her options. She could figure out how to use the device eventually, and get back home. But that would condemn her team to being overwhelmed by the vengeful Helots about to break in. Even an injured Rutan would be able to get them home with it far faster. She nodded. She was a mercenary but she had honor. She wouldn’t let her comrades die like that, or worse.

“Guys! Take this! Use it, get home. No arguments!” She shouted before throwing the Anyr into the portal. As the portal spat it back out to the group to use for escape, the portal shrank down to a pinpoint and closed itself. Cahira was now trapped. She looked around, the only light coming from the eerie glow from open doorways around the large hall.

She hoped that the portal had taken her somewhere close by she could escape from and reunite with her fellow mercs, though she knew that if the portal was generated for security, it probably didn’t point to anywhere pleasant, it might not even be in the same realm.

The fiery redhead froze as she heard something. Faint chittering…almost like laughter. She took no chances and drew her sword and shield, readying herself for anything. Suddenly, a tiny creature emerged from one of the glowing passages ahead. Humanoid, about one third Cahira’s size, red and demonic. It regarded Cahira with sickly yellow eyes and a wicked toothy grin. The warrior stood her ground, waving her sword threateningly. She wouldn’t be intimidated by some small demon! It grinned again at the human female it had spotted, eyes trailing over her bare thighs and shouted something unintelligible.

More of these imps appeared from the glowing openings. 8… a dozen… two dozen.. they started to run down the steps and approach her closer and closer, many of them brandishing small stone weapons. All of them grinning like the first, speaking and chanting an unknown language. Cahira grimaced and rose her weapon, striking down the first imp who got in range. It howled as it’s small torso was almost cleaved in half by the redhead warrior’s sword. If she thought that ruthless attack would frighten the other imps off, it seemed to have the opposite effect. They charged in even faster, becoming a frightful swarm, all focused on her.

Cahira withstood attacks from all side, her trusted shield blocking the imps’ attacks as she slashed and stabbed her way through them. The butchered bodies of the imps fell back into the mass as more rushed up to her. Some attacks inevitably got through, though all they could manage with their primitive, small weapons was minor pricks and scratches on her skin. She continued fiercely resisting the swarm of tiny but relentless imps. The attack went on and on, she batted away the spiteful little creatures who tried to climb on her shield , sliced through their chests, legs, arms. But for everyone she felled, more seemed to come, and more got through to inflict minor wounds on her.

The warrior started to feel pangs of exhaustion, and a weird weakness. The imps’ blows felt heavier, her own attacks felt so much weaker, her trusty sword and shield heavy in her hands. Her vivid green eyes widened as she realised the imps’ weapons must be covered in poison. Bit by bit, wound by wound she was being injected with some venom.

Cahira started to panic, seeing no end of the blasted imps, her swings became erratic. She didn’t even notice an imp climb up on her back until it’s hands grabbed her face, covering her eyes. She swung her sword wildly trying to get it off, her lack of concentration and growing weakness allowing another imp to pull off her shield. Yet another boldly ran in and yanked the sword out of her hand.

“Get.. GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!” she shouted as the imps swarmed and jumped all over her, tiny weapons pricking her skin yet more. Her vision began to swim as her legs gave out and she fell to her knees. More of the venom entered her system, and she felt weak and sleepy. Her eyes fluttered as she fell to the ground, the last thing she saw before blacking out was the imps standing over her, laughing, chattering and stroking their erect and disproportionately large cocks…



Cahira woke, vision coming slowly into focus. She tried to move her arms but found they were tightly bound by rope behind her back. She found herself laying on the cold red stone floor, stripped of most of her armor. Her chestplate was gone, her leather undergarments were ripped off and in tatters, exposing her large breasts to the air. They hung down like fleshy orbs in front of her, over the raised floor the rest of her body lay on. Her tassets and leather thong were also missing, leaving her ass and nethers naked as well and a leather collar with a leash sat snugly on her bare neck.

She tried to move and sit herself up somehow, but found her ankles were chained with heavy iron restraints. With her arms pinned and legs bound she could not even roll over, let alone get up. An imp came into view in front of her. Another yellow eyed, grinning little monstrosity gazing at her with a wicked grin. It said something she didn’t understand, incomprehensible babble.

“Grrh.. I don’t know what the fuck you’re saying, idiot. If you’re going to kill me then get it over with!” Cahira spat out defiantly even as she was bound and her athletic form exposed for all to see.

The imp said something else she couldn’t understand then laughed, presenting a small vial of white goo. It pulled the top off and presented it to Cahira, who defiantly turned her head away. “Fuck off! I’m not drinking that!”

The imp laughed again as another imp approached, straddling her back and grabbing her head with both hands. Pulling it back, it allowed the other imp to press the vial against Cahira’s mouth while he tugged on her leash. She tried to resist, but the venom from earlier still made her weak and her closed lips eventually made way.

Cahira held the goo in her mouth, refusing to swallow, but the imp held her mouth shut and the foul tasting salty liquid made her want to swallow just to get rid of it. Eventually she relented and swallowed it down, the imps letting her head go and stepping back. Cahira felt a warm wave wash over her as soon as she swallowed the vile substance. Her skin felt extra sensitive against the cold floor and warm air, her lips and nethers tingled. Her nipples grew hard and seemed to throb with sudden need. “Ugnnn… what… what did you do..”

The imps only responded with more laughter as more of the small demons appeared and surrounded the bound warrior.

Cahira squired in her bonds, her sensitivity and arousal building by the second. Being as attractive as she was, she had her fair share of suitors and lovers.. but she was always professional on the job, leaving her desires at home where they belonged.. but now, her body was quivering with intense need, her thighs became soaked as her pussy lubricated itself with sexual desire.

The imps stood around her and watched, still grinning. Cahira hated them. What even were they? Kazdruk servants? Random vile little creatures waiting for prey? But it didn’t really matter right now. Her green eyes shifted to their erect cocks, and she caught herself thinking of sucking one.. and more. Anger and lust built inside her as she realised they were taking satisfaction of watching this proud warrior squirm and pant on the floor, naked. Her arousal kept building, but she had no way to get herself off. She knew of how the Kazdruk and their creatures forced themselves on their victims, but this was even more insidious.. they were making her so desperate to be satisfied she would even stoop to wanting these disgusting little imps!

Cahira tried to remain defiant even as the concoction she swallowed made her whole body desperately want pleasure from anyone, anything. “Fuck off… I.. uhnnnn..” was all she could say as one of the imps placed a hand on her ass and started massaging it. The clawed hand felt like heaven on her skin, she moaned softly as it kneaded her firm flesh, the sharp nails digging into her skin still only making her feel pleasant sensations instead of pain.

The warrior tried to hold back, but it felt too good. Primal instincts were overtaking her, making her whole body desire to be bred. She pushed her rear back against the imp’s hand as she could, as more imps approached and fondled her naked body. A particularly intrepid imp reached down to her tits and pinched her hard nipples. Another probed between her legs, rubbing over her soaked cunt and exposed clit. “Oh.. OOooooohhh!! OHH!” was Cahira’s response, as the imps chattered and laughed amongst themselves.

The lead imp seemed to have had enough with Cahira’s voice for now and stood in front of her face. It tugged at her leash to pull her head up and pushed its cock into her mouth. Cahira wanted to resist, deep down. But her body was craving exactly this. Her lips sucked on the thick red cock, the imp grinning with approval.

As the naked and bound warrior sucked off the imp, another behind her lined up it’s cock with her needy pussy and pushed inside her folds. Cahira’s eyes widened as she was penetrated, making a muffled moan over the cock invading her mouth. A last coherent part of her made her struggle and squirm weakly for a bit, but it was futile. The imps were fucking her and she was liking it.

The lead imp was practically cackling at this point, it grabbed the back of Cahira’s head through the locks of her red hair and pistoned it’s cock in her mouth, fucking her face like a cheap sex toy. The imp behind her did much the same, as another crawled on top and pressed it’s cock into her ass, parting the her tight pucker. Yet more continued to grope and fondle her body.

Cahira found herself not caring about how she was being violated at this point. She just wanted to cum. She needed it badly. Her whole body craved it.

She would soon get her wish. The relentless fucking of all her holes and the incessant hands on her sensitive skin soon sent her over the edge. Her cunt clamped down on the imp’s cock as she came. Her body shuddering in forced delight while the imps kept fucking her. Not long after, they reached their climax too, spilling thick gooey semen into her. Thick gooey cum pouring into her womb. Cahira could do nothing but swallow load after load from the lead imp like a whore before it withdrew, spelling yet more cum on her lips and face.

As the others also withdrew, spilling cum all over her legs and backside, she realised what she swallowed tasted the same as the substance in the vial… it was their cum that they had made her swallow! It was that which was making her so unbearably horny.. and she had just taken a load more.

The implication dawned on her.. the more they fucked her.. the more of this she’d have in her system.. and the more unspeakably aroused she’d become.. indeed, even as she came down from her climax high, she felt overwhelming sensitivity and need again.. need to be fucked, to bred! And that need would be taken care of, for as soon as the imps were done they were quickly replaced by others, their cocks taking her once more. Over and over.

Another imp lay down with it’s cock between her breasts as another shoved its cock in her mouth, pressing the fleshy orbs against it and making her titfuck it. Cahira felt utterly humiliated as the imp used her breasts to get itself off. Soon they were covered in cum as well, and the cycle continued. Imp after imp took her in every way possible as she lay there helplessly. And as she predicted, each time they came into her she just craved more. She didn’t think it was even possible to become as aroused as she was, as sensitive, as needy.




She was driven to climax after climax, her bound body shuddering. Cocks pumping in and out of her, hands groping, pinching nipples, imp cum splattered on her skin, her own orgamsic fluids spilling onto the floor and staining her thighs.

After some time she completely lost track of, the last of the imps dismounted her, leaving her a quivering mess. She didn’t know how much she came, how much cum she swallowed. She barely remembered why she was here. There was little of the proud warrior who had bravely jumped into this wretched place to save her friends other than the plate shoulder the imps had kept on her.. to mock her? To remind them of what she was?

Her body of course still craved more, more fondling, more fucking.. she even developed a taste for that foul cum.

The lead imp from earlier approached her again, it’s cock erect once more. It’s eyes showed it’s intent to have another go. As more imps approached yet again, climbing onto her back, cocks in hand the leader tugged on her leash once more, making her look up at him.

“O-ur-zzz… no-w” It said, with another chuckle, letting the words sink in before having the warrior’s cum covered lips wrap around it’s cock again.

It would be the only thing the leader, or any of the imps would ever bother to say to their new trophy, their fuck toy, the proud merc they rapidly reduced to a cum-craving whore like all unfortunate enough to stumble onto this zone.

Cahira briefly thought and hoped her sacrifice was worth it… then completely gave into her new existence.



The door to the Kazdruk temple’s inner sanctum was finally battered open, the magic barrier dissipating with a loud crack of thunder. A legion of helots burst inside, weapons ready.

They found nothing. Their enemies were gone, and so was the artefact they protected.


The End