Written by J-Cal

The sound of her own laboured breathing and the hammering of her heart filled Kamri’s ears. The nocturnal wind was freezing cold on her skin, the light drizzle like a cloak of ice draped over her. It was nigh inconceivable that she had managed to slip out of the Spire unseen – the two-story drop had not been far from breaking her ankles, but she had had little other choice – and she dared not pause. Her long legs carried her across the open fields of The Tortured Sea, seemingly unaware of her body’s physical as well as mental fatigue. The former elf was akin to a charging lioness as she grew her distance to the hated structure.

Her arm throbbed, somehow out of tune with her own heartbeat – a disconcerting sensation. The new limb obeyed her as though it was her own, but it felt wrong, alien. Kamri could best describe it as somehow being to manipulate the arm of another person if you grabbed hold of it and lifted it up and down, moving it from side to side, with the additional capacity of being able to move individual digits. She supposed in time she would get used to it, but whatever thoughts in Kamri’s head were not dedicated to her escape were firmly mired in the utter wrongness she felt in her left arm, which itched in a way she could never hope to scratch.

The wasteland surrounding the Spire deserved its name, and it had always been a painful reminder in the back of Kamri’s mind at the destructive forces behind the initial Kazdruk invasion that had turned the once lush plains of the Goldulin Empire into this crater of red sand and shattered earth. Recalling in her mind’s eye standing near the summit of the Spire, looking out at The Tortured Sea in broad daylight, she knew the entire blasted region looked like a hellscape, where dunes emanated outwards from its base. The unimaginable forces of the Kazdruk Empire had turned dirt and stone to sand and sand to glass, shaping eternal ripples of smooth ridges across the destroyed landscape with the Spire at its centre; the proverbial drop that disturbed the water’s surface.

Due northeast of the Spire was a meagre collection of ruined structures from the former Goldulin Empire that yet stood, and it was there Kamri would meet up with Jelthra.

Inevitably, Kamri’s thighs burned so much that her need to rush headlong and the elation to be away from the Spire was no longer enough to propel her forwards. Slowing to an unhurried walk, she heaved for air, her chest aching, her gaping mouth sucking in air in volumes her nostrils could not match. Turning her head back towards the Spire, her gold eyes confirmed she had put significant distance between herself and the structure, which even at this distance loomed high above, seeming in equal measure to puncture the heavens as well as threaten to fall down upon her, like it wanted to crush her with its immensity.

Facing forwards again, all she could see for quite a distance were uneven swells and dips in the blasted terrain. Even in the middle of the day she wouldn’t see far until the first crystalline dune obscured what lay beyond. She estimated she could get to the rendezvous in under an hour if she picked up her stride, so despite her thighs and calves screamed for relent, Kamri set a brisk pace, both hoping and not hoping Jelthra was already waiting for her at the ruins.

If Kamri was first, she would at least be able to catch her breath.

“A bit early to be taking things slow, don’t you think?”

The voice sent a jolt of lightning up Kamri’s spine. Standing dead still, her head barely dared turn to allow her wide eyes to confirm what she already knew.

Wulfshn, standing bent over with her hands on her knees, panting hard, eyed Kamri with as wicked a smile as she could give whilst heaving for air. It took no amount of deductive reasoning on Kamri’s part to understand Wulfshn had run all the way from the Spire to catch up with her.

“I’m surprised myself,” Wulfshn swallowed, straightening, her chest expanding as wide as it could when she inhaled. “It has been a while since I tracked anyone. I suppose I should thank you for making it so easy for me.”

How was she free already? By all rights she should still be trapped in the kennels.

Fists clenching, it dawned on Kamri that she was caught without a weapon, and she was far too tired to outrun someone like Wulfshn. How she had escaped the trap was utterly inconsequential at this juncture.

As if reading her distress on Kamri’s expression, Wulfshn bared her teeth in a self-satisfied grin, unhooking her two axes from her belt. She was hardly dressed for combat, but her taut skin, stretched over the rippling muscles, was intimidating enough even had she been unarmed. Her entire, muscular and tall body announced a willingness to give in to the madness of combat, to throw herself into a frenzied state where there could be no concern for herself, merely a single-minded determination to advance and win.

Kamri did not allow fear to show, taking up a defensive stance, willing her body to wring out what little strength she had left. She was not defenceless even without a weapon, but she was likely more concerned about her lack of protection than was Wulfshn.

“There was a moment I wondered what insanity possessed you and Jelthra to do as you did,” Wulfshn advanced a single step. “But that hardly matters now. I will have my satisfaction from you.”

Kamri lowered on her haunches, ready to hurl herself sideways or launch forward depending on what opening Wulfshn might give her.

“Oh, and in case you were wondering.” Wulfshn took another step forward, hands with axes held out wide. “Luzella is back as well. We are both very, very interested in showing both you and that whore sorceress how much we appreciate your schemes.”

There was a split second of overwhelming dread exploding within Kamri at the mention that Luzella had returned. Escaping the place they sent her to should have been possible. Nobody even knew where they had sent her. In fact, Kamri and Jelthra themselves were not completely sure.

That infinitesimal moment of hesitation was all Wulfshn needed. The smile evaporated from her face when she lunged, axes aloft.

Suddenly caught without anywhere to dodge the axes coming down at her towards her head, Kamri instinctively threw up her arms.

There was a crack that sundered the sky and a flash like an ember violently sparking. As quickly as it had happened it ceased, followed by the sounds of small impacts all around.

Opening her eyes, Kamri’s shaking vision saw small pieces of steel scattered around her in a circle. Daring to glance up, beyond her arms defensively crossed above her head, she beheld an expression she’d never before seen on Wulfshn; total confusion.

The Kazdruk’s teal eyes were wide as dinner plates, white knuckles gripping the handles of two shattered axes. Belatedly, Kamri realized her left hand lay atop her right in her protective posture, which struck her as odd because she was certain the right – her dominant hand – had gone up first.

An odd sensation travelled through her; she felt it creep into her body from beneath her left shoulder.


On some level she did not recognize, Kamri understood her parasitic limb had just saved her life. It could not be for purely altruistic reasons, rather it appeared to Kamri that the arm had merely acted to save itself. And now it demanded the host follow up before their foe came to her senses again.

How the arm had managed to break the axe heads of Wulfshn’s weapons was an inconsequential matter for now. Unless she did something before the Kazdruk overpowered her initial surprise she might not get another chance.

Exploiting her low position and that her legs were like coiled snakes, she lunged forward, tackling Wulfshn’s middle and throwing them both to the hard ground, causing the Kazdruk to grunt in pain as dust and sand swirled up around them.

Whether or not Wulfshn was acting deliberately or on raw instinct Kamri did not know, but she used her right hand to knock away a strike towards her head with the butt of the axe handle. Kamri’s parasitic arm knocked Wulfshn’s right arm down hard enough to cause the Kazdruk to lose her grip on that handle.

Unbidden, her left hand made a tight fist as it drew back, lashing out, landing a blow so hard against Wulfshn’s right cheek it seemed a miracle the skull didn’t shatter under the force of it. Next, the black hand seized Wulfshn by her broken horn, bending her head back to expose and stretch her throat, presenting Kamri with wide, pulsing veins. Not knowing if it was she or the arm that directed her movements, Kamri used her elbow to deflect another attack from her right, knocking the bone with enough force against Wulfshn’s hand that she succeeded in forcing her adversary to drop her other handle.

Her initial shock and fear were exchanged for sudden glee, and she was not aware that a grin nearly as wide as a crocodile’s had twisted her face as she folded the fingers of her right hand, then propelled her fist into the middle of Wulfshn’s face. The connection was sublime, the pain on her knuckles rapture, the pained yelp a concerto in her ears.

Giving herself over to whatever it was guided her in that moment, Kamri howled with mad laughter as she delivered hit after hit onto Wulfshn’s face, the black hand holding her head down by the cut horn with a strength far above someone with Kamri’s frame.

Blood poured over Wulfshn’s face, and with each consecutive hit the fire in her eyes dimmed. After half a dozen strikes, still cackling, Kamri grabbed hold of the axe handle on the ground to her right. There wasn’t much left of the weapon, but the throat that had once bore the axe head ended in a collection of jagged barbs where it had shattered. She placed the splintered end of the handle against Wulfshn’s soft, exposed throat.

The smile on her face had gone beyond wickedness to something different altogether. Madness did not quite describe it, but anyone who looked upon it would surely believe the bearer had lost her mind a long time ago the way the corners of her mouth nearly touched the corners of her big, wide eyes.

“Is this enough satisfaction for you?” Kamri said, oblivious to the shadow marring every syllable that came out of her mouth. She pushed the broken haft a little more against Wulfshn, enough to just puncture the skin, causing droplets of blood to emerge. “Are you happy you followed me out here, where no one can help you like they obviously helped you out of the kennel?”

A fist connected with Kamri’s left temple and sent her sprawling across the ground. The handle went flying out of her hand, and she nearly blacked out, wondering if her skull had just exploded.

“Yes,” Wulfshn coughed, her voice raw. Struggling to get her hoofs under herself, she eventually staggered to her feet, taking a moment to steady herself as blood dripped off her face and throat. “Yes, I am happy about that. I am also happy you forgot the cardinal rule of combat. Don’t stop to gloat.”

Groaning, hearing but not hearing what Wulfshn said, Kamri managed to turn her head in the direction of the voice. As her swimming vision slowly brought the shambling, fuzzy form into focus, she could see Wulfshn wiping blood from her face with the back of her hand. Her septum ring had turned red, blood pooling into a drop hanging from its centre, and she had big blemishes on both sides underneath her eyes. Incredibly, judging by how quickly she recovered, one wouldn’t think she had sustained that many hard strikes to the head just a moment ago.

“That wiped that ugly grin off your face,” Wulfshn said, then snorted, spitting a glob of blood right next to Kamri’s dazed head.

She could see the fire return to Wulfshn’s eyes, and Kamri understood that unless she acted now, she would not get another chance to fight back. She’d be dead before she could blink.

Her left arm lashed out, seizing Wulfshn’s leg right above the hoof. As her black fingers coiled around her, meaning to – hopefully – yank the Kazdruk off her feet, Wulfshn twisted and landed on Kamri’s wrist with her other knee, putting all of her considerable weight behind it.

Kamri screamed, the cry echoing across the blasted dunes. Whatever intense presence that had grown in her arm during the brief fight seemed to whip back from whence it came like an eel slinking back into its pit. All strength left her arm – left her entire body – leaving her a limp rag on the rough dirt.

“What, was that it?” Wulfshn asked, venom dripping from her tongue like slobber from a keeat’s maw. “No more sass to give?” She leaned into her knee, pressing it against Kamri’s wrist as if attempting to push it through the ground.

Kamri was panting, groaning, attempting to lift her right hand, to do something with her legs, but nothing would obey her. She felt like a fish pulled out of its element and left to flop uselessly on the rocks.

As if seeing the strength leave Kamri’s body like water escaping a riddled container, it brought a smile back to Wulfshn’s battered features. A trail of blood down one nostril was all that remained after she had wiped her face on her top. She dropped her other knee, planting it next to Kamri’s head.

“I can sense you put everything you had into that assault. Too bad you stopped yourself just as you were about to snatch victory. Of course, I can’t let such an act go unpunished.”

Wulfshn leaned her head down as far as it could go in her current pose, supporting herself with her hand on the ground next to Kamri’s head. “That’s double what I owe you.” Her voice was part purr, part hiss, and Kamri did not like either quality one bit.

Her voice lowered to a menacing whisper. “You cannot even begin to imagine what I will do to you once I have you bound in my chamber. However, it is a long walk back, and since I am in no mood for just one more of your shenanigans, I will have some fun before I prepare you for transport.”

When Wulfshn finally lifted her weight off Kamri’s left hand, the reflux of blood into her digits felt like it set her nerves on fire. As she inhaled sharply to prepare for the scream, Wulfshn trapped her head between her powerful thighs as she ripped her panties off, forcing her smooth pussy down onto Kamri’s face.

The scream muffled into Wulfshn’s womanhood, much to the Kazdruk’s delight as vibrations travelled through her, and to Kamri’s added horror she found she was unable to draw breath again.

Looking down at the eyes peeking out from between her muscular legs with teal eyes of lustful loathing, Wulfshn put her hands on her hips and gave a tight-lipped smile. “Start by making it up to me with an orgasm,” she said matter-of-factly, making sure to speak up as Kamri’s ears were firmly squeezed. “If you do, I’ll let you breathe again. If not…” She shrugged.

Starting to panic, Kamri tried to force her limbs to action. She lay spread eagle with her head up, captured between Wulfshn’s thighs, her neck stretched and bent back painfully. It felt like big slabs of rock were crushing down on her hands and legs, and all she managed to do was flop weakly, hands fruitlessly attempting to fight Wulfshn off, struggling as best she could as her active body demanded air.

“That’s not going to do it, I can tell you right now.” Wulfshn’s voice made no attempts at hiding her smugness. “Try your tongue. Unless you want to suffocate, that is.”

Mind racing, body failing, tendrils of darkness were creeping in over Kamri’s eyes. Not doing it consciously, her tongue barely managed to squeeze itself out between her lips, attempting to lap at anything she could reach. She ignored, or rather did not notice, the taste nor fully comprehend what she was doing, doing it simply because it was the only way to get air, something her primeval mind understood that better than her reason. Still, her tongue, which felt fat and tingly, moved with all the grace and precision of a cow attempting to put a paintbrush onto canvas.

“That’s just not going to do anything for me, I am afraid,” Wulfshn sighed, feigning boredom. In a quick, practiced move, she rolled them both over in the sand until she was on her back, keeping Kamri’s head trapped between her thighs. Then, straightening her body, digging her heels into the ground, Wulfshn put both hands on the sand behind her and elevated her upper body, simultaneously shooting her hip forwards. From head to toes she was stiff as a board, her muscles flexing, glistening with sweat and matted with dirt. Had she wanted to, Wulfshn could have clenched her rock-hard thigh muscles just a little more and split Kamri’s skull under the pressure.

Vision dimming, not really managing to attempt any sort of service on Wulfshn’s pussy, Kamri’s hands impotently tried clawing at Wulfshn’s thighs, to force them apart, but it was like hugging boulders and were equally as impossible to move. She hung underneath the powerful Kazdruk, neck pinched by her thighs with only her own withering legs trying feebly to take some of the weight off her throat. Her arms dropped limply to her sides, useless appendages, and her vision was starting to narrow to a pinprick as the haze seeped into her head. Dimly, her frantic eyes managed to focus on Wulfshn – barely visible over the mounds formed by her flexing thigh-muscles – and her adversary’s expression was anything but congenial.

As blackness overtook her, eyes that showed only whites released tears that ran down towards her blue lips. She heard Wulfshn’s voice as a sound coming from over the horizon, in no state to understand she was being spoken to, much less what was being said. A second later and the world ceased to exist.

Pathetic effort.

Quite exhausted but driven by exhilaration and the mere thoughts of what she intended to do to her captive, Wulfshn had made good time back to the Spire with an unconscious Kamri slung over her shoulder, the corrupted elf’s throat and neck stained with dark bruises. Exertion all but forgotten as she passed the retinue of warriors protecting the torchlit main gate into the menacing tower, ignoring their remarks of congratulation that she had captured one of the fugitives, Wulfshn’s tail whipped excitedly behind her as she ascended the stairs, heading towards her chamber where shackles were waiting.

That the human slave, Brayton, ought to have been chained up in there awaiting her to forcibly empty his sack of his admittedly sublime seed was more of a sting on her pride than anything else. It vexed her immensely that Zarena had seized him, in what to Wulfshn seemed a petulant act to spite her children more than anything else. Even though she had declared she’d take him back to the farm, Wulfshn was well aware her mother didn’t really need him, meaning, in Wulfshn’s mind, Zarena had taken him only because she knew her daughters would not dare to contest her. Taken him for no other reason than that she could.

The annoyance was fleeting, however, as she had gotten her hands on one of the two bitches that had locked her up down in the kennels, and her thoughts of revenge and fulfilment far outweighed the displeasure of the loss of a mere human slave.

Coming up the covered stone staircase that deposited her onto the correct floor, Wulfshn turned in the dimly lit corridor, eying the door to her chamber just ahead–

When a powerful hand grabbed her by her unencumbered shoulder and spun her around, nearly causing her to drop Kamri head first onto the stone floor.

Hissing, reaching for an axe that was no longer at her hip, Wulfshn’s alarm rose at meeting the steely gaze of Luzella’s milky eyes, of seeing her wicked smile.

“Kind of you to bring the cunt to me, little sister. I am much obliged.” Her expression changed then, looking disapprovingly at Wulfshn as she added, “You look dreadful,” indicating the bruises and dried blood on Wulfshn’s face.

Wulfshn bristled, taking a step back as she twisted her torso, jerking her shoulder from Luzella’s hand. “Don’t make me laugh. I got to her first, she’s mine. I’d suggest I’d hand her over to you once I am finished with her, in a week or two, but I can’t promise she’ll be alive by then.”

Luzella’s grin returned, displaying both rows of sharp teeth. To anyone else, the smile would have been terrifying.

“You are so cute when you think you have a say in matters,” the Talon Leader chuckled ominously. “But since I am not in the mood to debate this with you when there are conniving whores to punish, I’ll spell this out for you as directly as I can: hand her over.” By the end of her statement, all the jovial features on Luzella’s features had retreated.

Eyes locked with Luzella’s, Wulfshn let out a long, slow exhalation that flared her nostrils. Taking a step towards the wall, Wulfshn set Kamri down on the floor underneath a flaring sconce, uncaring as to whether or not she hurt her charge. She stepped back in front of her taller sister, attempting to hide all signs of fatigue, worried it showed on her battered face regardless of how she acted.

“This cunt did to me what she did to you,” she began, speaking through gritted teeth, corded muscles in her forearms bulging, poised for violence as her fists clenched. “It is my right to–“

Displaying agility that ought to be impossible for someone her size, Luzella slammed into Wulfshn, tackling her to the ground, straddling her, her knees pressing painfully down on Wulfshn’s hands, pinning them to the hard floor.

Straightening her back where she kneeled, making sure to put her considerable weight onto Wulfshn’s arms, smiling when she winced in pain, Luzella folded her massive arms underneath her equally massive chest, looking down at her little sister like so much filth.

Wulfshn growled, struggling despite her weariness and despite knowing it was pointless. She tried striking Luzella’s back with her knees or hoofs, but couldn’t muster the necessary momentum to impact her in any way she’d be bothered by. “Get off me you fat bitch!” she snarled.

“Or… else?” Luzella mocked, giving Wulfshn a smile with one side of her mouth.

Through her rage, Wulfshn eventually noticed that Luzella’s bulge was between her breasts, becoming aware of it when she felt it move, dragging itself across her cleavage as it filled with blood.

Looking down at Luzella’s loincloth, seeing it shift with the swelling beast behind, Wulfshn’s anger flared anew. “Don’t you be getting any ideas,” she growled.

Luzella let out a single exhalation that passed for a disinterested snort. “If I wanted to ravage you there is nothing you could do to stop me. In fact, I wouldn’t discount the possibility. That, however, will have to wait for a later day. Right now, I’m going to take this cunt,” she indicated the unconscious Kamri with a sidelong nod of her head, “and rape her within an inch of her life, and you are going to happily let me.”

Wulfshn was about to protest, but Luzella leaned down, putting even more weight on her arms, her hands already tingling with the lack of blood. Luzella brought her face right above Wulfshn, her huge tits pressing against Kamri’s throat and chin. “As you stole from me, I’ll steal from you.”

It took a moment, but realization widened Wulfshn’s eyes when she understood what Luzella meant.


She had taken him from Luzella’s chamber on a whim, thinking she would get away with it. And she had, until Zarena had brought Luzella to Kamri’s chambers and caught her pegging the human beyond his gagged pleas for mercy.

“Unless you’d like your transgression to be a source of permanent discord between us, you’ll lie there, meekly, and watch me walk away with Kamri. If you do that, you may consider us even, for now, my dear, dear sister.”

There was no love in Luzella’s words, and the longer their eyes were locked, the number her hands became as they screamed for the blood flow to be restored. It scarred her pride, but Wulfshn ultimately understood that she’d have to relinquish her prize unless a permanent rift would open up between them.

It was not that Wulfshn required an amiable bond with her sibling to be able to go on with her life, but their clan had suffered enough humiliation of late and, perhaps more importantly, no matter how good a fighter Kamri knew herself to be, having an enemy like Luzella would not be to her advantage.

Her hard-fought victory to subdue Kamri all of a sudden felt like a lifetime ago. Fury and desperation fighting within her, making her shake all over, Wulfshn knew she had no choice but to acquiesce.

It was her own fault, really. She and Luzella had both been after Kamri, as well as Jelthra. She should have known Luzella might try something backhanded if Wulfshn returned with one of them first.

“Fine,” Wulfshn spat, her teal eyes staring daggers at Luzella. “Now get the fuck off me.”

Giving a curt smile of satisfaction, Luzella rose, taking the significant pressure of her heavy boobs off Wulfshn, then leaned back to put more weight on her hoofs, away from the knees crushing Wulfshn’s wrists. When she rose, she made sure to push against the knees once more, delighting in the smaller Kazdruk’s painful flinch.

As Luzella walked over to Kamri, oblivious to the sisters’ conflict over her, Wulfshn contemplated treachery by striking Luzella from behind. This short idea did not take into consideration her severely depleted state, nor would she get the chance to act on it, for once blood streamed anew into her hands, the sudden painful shock in her nigh-withered extremities caused her to scream. Sweat of exertion began beading on her forehead, her heart hammering in her ears with the pain.

Luzella scooped Kamri up in both hands and, carrying her like a parent taking a slumbering child to bed, gave her sister a conceited look. She departed without another word, leaving Wulfshn to agonize by herself on the floor.

Consciousness blossomed slowly. It took several painful moments before Kamri realized she was awake, and that every vessel in her body screamed with exhaustion and throbbed with ache. Starbursts ignited in her mind with each painful heartbeat, and drawing breath felt like it caused a thick snake to constrict about her neck.

Her lamentable black arm seemed to urge her into action, but even opening her eyes was too much of am exertion at present. Everything hurt, she was cold, and her breathing was laboured.

Somewhere around her something was moving. She didn’t know from what direction or how close, nor what it was she was picking up on. Groaning softly, she finally managed to unbuckle her eyelids, opening them a sliver. The meagre light stabbed into her vision, adding even more discomfort.

A louder thud, coming from somewhere in front of her urged her, against her body’s desperate pleas for rest, to force her eyes further open, but even as they grew accustomed to the light, her vision was swimming and unfocused.

A large shadow was in front of her, a person, a big person, standing in the same spot but moving the upper body somewhat. Understanding she was seeing the shape of the person upright, Kamri came to realize she was sitting, on something cold and hard. Her head rested against something equally rigid, and part of why her neck hurt so much was because she was leaning her head back. Trying to hold her head up was an ordeal, and there was a faint metallic sound when she did it, which struck her as odd.

When her head lolled forwards like she didn’t have the strength to hold it erect, a tightening around her throat, accompanied by a sharper metallic clank, caused her to choke.

The sudden cessation of air was like a taskmaster’s whip within demanding her to act. With a frightened jolt, control over her body returned as the fog in her head cleared like bugs scattering. She snapped her head up, easing the pressure around her gullet. With clarity, unfortunately, came a revitalization of the pains in her body, the agony screaming into her, making her cough and groan.

She remembered now, remembered encountering Wulfshn, remembering taking a significant blow to the side of her head. Just the recollection seemed to flare the aches in her skull to new heights, making her reach her right hand up to hold her head with a subconscious move.

She had been choked out by Wulfshn – between her muscly thighs.

Alarm rising, Wulfshn looked about, finding she was on some sort of covered platform. The colour and make of the stone floor and walls were enough to confirm what she was dreading, that she was back in the Spire. But she was outside, seeing the overcast gloom through the gaps between the columns running along the edges of the platform.

She needed to get away. On instinct she attempted to rise, but did not have the chance to get her weight underneath her legs when her throat began constricting again. Nearly panicking with confusion as air was once more taken from her, Kamri’s hands shot up to her neck, to her surprise feeling cold steel underneath her fingertips. Looking down as best she could, she saw a length of chain was wound around her neck, the end of which was tied around the column behind her.

“Finally back among us, cunt?”

The voice speared into Kamri, sending shivers down her spine. Teeth gritting, she barely had the courage to guide her eyes forward to face her captor.

Except, it wasn’t Wulfshn.

The realization hit her like a thunderclap, freezing her solid.

Luzella, an expression partway between a smug smile and a displeased scowl, looked down her considerable height at Kamri, dropping the final bit of her armour onto the floor. Those were the sounds Kamri had heard earlier; Luzella undressing.

Luzella seemed to delight at the look of confusion and horror that spread upon Kamri’s face, for the Kazdruk’s expression twisted into something wholly evil.

“Did you really think you could do what you did to me and escape unpunished?” The Talon Leader’s menacing voice was like the icy whisper of Death. “Whatever you may have believed, I assure you, you will come to regret ever attempting it.”

Kamri shifted uncomfortably, looking for a way out, knowing there were none. But for the blue snow crystal pendant at her throat, Luzella stood proud and completely naked before her, the humongous Kazdruk’s rippling muscles swelling with intent. As Luzella stared down at her, her chest expanded with her deep breaths, causing her massive, pierced breasts to rise and fall. As she clenched and unclenched her fists with dark resolve, the big, muscly ridges and dells along her arms hardened and contracted, her immense, tattooed shoulders growing into her thick neck.

Worryingly, Luzella’s defined abdominal muscles were getting obscured by the rising of her monster phallus as the Kazdruk’s strong body filled it with blood, preparing it for the deed Kamri knew she was powerless to stop.

Despite it all, despite she had some idea what was about to happen, she knew deep down that she did not regret what she had done to Luzella. It was simply lamentable that she had managed to escape, something both she and Jelthra had been positive would not be possible.

At the thought of Jelthra, Kamri wondered if her confederate had had better luck getting away. Regardless, it was a trivial contemplation at present.

Without another word, glowering eyes saying more than words could convey, Luzella approached Kamri, closing the distance in two strides. Hunching down in front of her prey, Luzella’s swelling cock smacked against the top of Kamri’s head. On instinct more than anything else, Kamri’s hands tried to bat the horse-cock away, but both of her wrists were promptly seized by one of Luzella’s immense hands.

Luzella yanked Kamri’s arms over her head and, without warning or hesitation, grabbed the back of the elf’s head with the other, lining her dripping tip up with her mouth, pushing it inside, the hardness and force effortlessly opening her jaw and parting Kamri’s teeth as though they weren’t there.

Eyes bulging, feeling her throat expand into the tight chain from the inside, Kamri’s feet kicked uselessly under the squat form of her assailant who held her hands in a painful grip. Desperate for air but receiving nothing but Luzella’s cock down to her stomach – the member still swelling, not quite fully hard yet – Kamri shook and trembled as much as she was able to, mind and reason gripped by growing panic.

“I prefer it when you don’t talk,” Luzella spat contemptuously. “Your whore mouth is only good for this sort of thing, at any rate.”

With a thin, wicked smile on her purple lips, still holding Kamri by her wrists and head, Luzella retracted her hips until her swollen tip pinned Kamri’s uvula to the roof of her mouth, and then pushed it down again, not giving her a moment to catch her breath. After three forceful, merciless strokes, she had forced Kamri’s parted lips all the way down to the base of her cock. Kamri’s head and upper body bounded in tune with the mighty throbs of Luzella’s now fully erect cock.

Kamri didn’t see anything. Her gold eyes were overflowing with tears and partially rolled back into her skull. Weak gagging and gurgling filled her ears, quickly dimming as her recently attained lucidity was once more plunged into blackness.

At the last possible moment, Luzella released her head and withdrew her full length out of her, trailing thick globs and strings of saliva, the long shaft glistening in the soft, natural light.

Kamri heaved for air, coughing and moaning in pain, the inside of her throat’s canal demanding relent. Her face was a mess of tears and spittle.

Still holding Kamri by the wrists above her head, Luzella spoke slowly, clearly, as her pulse made her eager cock bounce in front of the corrupted elf like a horse rearing to get on with the ride.

“Don’t think you get to escape this by losing consciousness, bitch.” Her voice was self-righteous and icy. “You’re going to feel everything I do to you.”

Lacking the faculties to form words, barely understanding what Luzella was saying, Kamri didn’t get many desperate inhalations before Luzella thrust her monolith into her once more, this time not holding Kamri’s head and therefore making the back of her skull smack into the stone behind her with the might of the push.

Grunting in pleasure as she once again had Kamri’s lips around her hilt, Luzella then re-established her grip on Kamri’s head, this time gathering up her long tresses and winding them tightly around her own hand, causing severe pain all over Kamri’s scalp.

“Get ready,” Luzella growled, her eyes all but sparkling with dark desire.

Violently and rapidly Luzella began fucking Kamri’s face, moving her hips, only retracting her cock halfway out before plunging it back in, her fat balls smacking Kamri’s chin with every forward thrust.

Held fast by Luzella’s hands and the cock impaling all the way inside of her, Kamri had little choice but to take what Luzella offered, feeling the horrid sensation of her captor’s monstruous rod roughly probe her insides. Like before, she could only choke and gag as her eyes began to roll back, more tears mixing with more drool that began dripping from her chin onto her tits and Luzella’s balls when they smacked into her with their pendulum swinging.

Ravaged from the inside, Kamri’s only relent was just before the pain and lack of air was about to snuff out her light again when Luzella retracted her cock, her entire body spasming violently as she attempted to suck in all the air the world could muster once it was offered.

Spittle and saliva spattered every which way with her forceful coughs, and she was barely able to register that she was yet alive.

Not that knowing she was alive in any way was to her benefit at the moment. Luzella continued her rotations of forcefully raping her skull until she was about to black out before allowing the elf to return from the cusp, only to resume the dreaded act once she had sucked in more air. How long she endured it was a guess, and the longer it went on the number her soul became to it. There was nothing she could do about it, nothing but take it, having her face stuffed and her throat filled.

She didn’t even notice when Luzella erupted inside her stomach, her already bloated insides expanding even more as her thick seed poured into her like ale from a barrel. There was so much of the salty cream which came with such velocity that even despite that the thickness of Luzella’s member stretched Kamri’s throat painfully against the chain, it had no choice but to give more room to let the cum spew out of her mouth and nostrils.

Before she knew it Luzella’s hands were off of her, leaving her to convulse in a terrible rhythm of trying to get air in and cum out. Her entire body was an unholy mess of fluids, and it likely took minutes before her eyes came back down from their hiding place inside her head, and even then, it took even longer to blink away the tears and spooge to be able to see anything.

As she weathered her tortured existence, Luzella undid the chain around the pillar, and with a pitiless yank, pulled Kamri by her throat. She fell over, face first, no time to shield her fall with her freed hands before she smacked into the stone, dazing her further. She was like a ragdoll being pulled along when Luzella brought her a little away from the wall, every ounce of strength she could muster dedicated to breathing.

Without a word, Luzella rolled the still coughing elf over, then lay herself on her knees and forearms atop her victim, her heavy tits pressing against Kamri’s head and upper back. The bottom quarter of her still throbbing erection rested in the cleft betwixt the elf’s ass cheeks, the tip squeezed by her own boobs behind Kamri’s head.

“A part of me wants to thank you for what you did to me,” Luzella whispered threateningly, pulling on the chain, forcing Kamri’s head up.

Kamri somehow managed to move her hands, hooking her fingers inside the chain, desperately trying to create room, to keep breathing, not having much success. Her head was between Luzella’s tits, her hearing now muffled by them.

Luzella continued, speaking a little louder, adding that quality to her voice that made Kamri shudder involuntarily. “Because the motivation I have to get back at you both is the most sublime hate I have experienced in a long time.”

Kamri felt some weight shift away from her ass, but on some primordial level she knew it wasn’t a good thing.

Luzella pushed her ass back and up, aligning the dripping tip of her cock, her free hand jerking Kamri’s panties aside. “But I don’t owe you thanks, I owe you retribution.”

With a single thrust, her pre-cum, cum and saliva-coated hardness pushed into Kamri’s ass, the forceful bucking of her hips forcing nearly two thirds of her arm-sized erection inside.

Kamri wanted to scream in pain and horror, but could barely get any air as it was. Her face instead contorted to display the anguish her voice could not, feeling her insides shift at the intrusion into her rear.

With an insistent motion, Luzella withdrew about half the length inside Kamri before ramming it back in, this time sinking all the way into the elf’s warm, tight hole until her sphincter bit around the base of her shaft.

Luzella & Kamri Revenge

As Luzella indulged in a long groan of exhilaration, Kamri pawed helplessly at the constricting chain, barely managing to pull air into her lungs, only just managing to keep her gold orbs from once more vanishing behind her forehead.

Her entire body shook in synchronized motions with Luzella’s bucking hips, shock and discomfort demanding she vocalize them, but body and breath failing to do anything but hang onto the world of the living by a thread that seemed ever frailer with every intrusion in her deepest parts.

Huffing, groaning, unrelenting, without pity, without mercy, Luzella steadied herself by putting her free hand onto a railing, using her entire body from knees to shoulders to swing her hips into her captive, making each thrust as excruciating as possible for Kamri, which in turn heightened her own pleasure.

Kamri was at her wit’s end, all the strength of her body diverted to fight for air, to try to keep the tight chain from strangling her, forced to endure the Kazdruk’s long, horrible thrusts in her ass, feeling her belly bulge and expand when her rapist drove her full length into her.

Of everything she had experienced since the Kazdruk had arrived in this world, this moment had no equal in personal humiliation and powerlessness, of helpless feelings and weakness, of agony, of a growing desire for the release of death if only it would end.

In her torturous hell, Kamri barely noticed it when Luzella came again. Howling like a demon in pleasure, Luzella spewed more thick batter into Kamri’s intestine with enough force that some actually travelled all the way through to shoot out of her mouth and nose, splattering against the cold stone.

Feeling her consciousness once more slipping, faster this time, dark tendrils closing in from the sides of her vision, Kamri truly and for the first time felt the welling of a horrible sensation growing in her core.


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Written by J-Cal

The confusion in Brayton’s eyes was like a smooth spirit gliding down Zarena’s throat. Quickly following his climax – still straddling the massive Kazdruk matriarch with his throbbing erection resting in her cleavage – the contented, blissful expression changed as the human’s eyes began darting around the room; as though looking for the source of what had begun to unsettle him. Within seconds his entire face twisted into a confused visage, and though his hands still held onto Zarena’s gigantic mammaries, the lust that had sparkled in his gaze had vanished.

“Very good, Varayen,” Zarena said to her sorceress who squatted next to the bed behind her.

As she took in the boy’s troubled look and the way his head looked this way and that, guided by a befuddlement he could not identify, Zarena scraped thick ropes of his seed off her face and scooped the precious liquid from her valley, bringing her stained fingers to her mouth, licking them clean. The rich taste of him was even more potent now that it was fresh from the source, and from behind her she could hear Varayen’s satisfied sigh as she consumed what little of his semen that had spattered onto her.

A few paces next to the bed, taking in the proceedings with crossed arms and displeased countenances, Luzella and Wulfshn’s glaring eyes shot daggers at their mother, exchanging them between each other as well.

Zarena reached up with one hand, seizing the boy’s throat around his collar, her grip forcing his chin up and his head back. He gasped for air, his hands instinctively coming up, attempting to claw Zarena’s large hand off of him. Futile as his attempt was, it still made one side of Zarena’s lips rise slightly.

Her ploy to ensnare him with her sensuality and kindness had been enjoyable in more ways than one, and acting sweet and enamoured with him had been fun only because it delighted her to see how her charms so very easily won him over. Either she was more alluring than she gave herself credit for, or Brayton was less bright than he appeared. It seemed he had not learned much after being the captive of both Luzella and Wulfshn. Either that, or Zarena’s daughters had not comprehensibly impressed upon the human just how their clan dominated their slaves.

Zarena had fooled him, mind and body, and at the height of trust and ecstasy, at the moment he orgasmed with the help of her curvaceous body, Varayen’s spell – which she had stealthily woven throughout his corporeal body whilst he was too busy to notice the slight tingling underneath his skin – ignited, bonding Brayton to Zarena in ways he could never escape.

Amused by his struggles and basking in his choked sputters, Zarena lifted her upper body, rising Brayton higher by his throat. Once she had him stretched up and back enough, Zarena’s other hand clutched him by his erection, the size of her hand easily enveloping his full length inside her palm. Holding him thus, Zarena pushed an elbow against the mattress and lifted herself and him out of Wulfshn’s bed, and just as Brayton’s brown eyes started rolling back into his skull, she released him, dropping him from a height of about two meters onto the stone floor, which he struck with a thud. He heaved for breath, coughing and spitting as Zarena’s hoofs brought her over to her corset that lay discarded on the floor so as to give the human a full view of her tits, the cleavage of which still wet with his spunk.

“Now that the matter of ownership is settled,” Zarena began, referring to the human slave as she began fighting her endowment into the tight garb. “I will return home. The farm requires my presence and I have wasted enough time with you two hopeless girls.”

Fists clenched and teeth gritted behind closed lips, Wulfshn and Luzella wisely did not say anything, looking far from impressive where they stood before their mother. Even Luzella, who was as tall as Zarena and far bulkier, looked chastened and pitiful.

Ensuring Zarena could wrap her business up without interruptions, Varayen replaced her sizable, pierced tits into her top and grabbed her staff, the five bones yet maintaining their orbit around the crimson sphere atop it. Eying the pitiful sight of the human struggling to catch his breath, her golden eyes glowed as she prepared for their departure.

Once the bones of the corset were hooked into place and the corset once more seemed to attempt to pour her breasts up and out of it, Zarena fixed her red glare on her eldest daughters.

“We will speak no more about what has happened, but the price of that silence is twofold.” Zarena held up one forefinger. “First, I will keep the human and you will not object. Do you understand?”

At length, only begrudging acquiescence was scarcely more than muttered by the pair of fearsome warriors.

Zarena’s middle finger sprang up to join the first. “Second, you will immediately visit your retribution upon those who brought us all into this mess. Do you understand?”

Again, their reply was barely audible, but this time their pitiful attempt at speech was far from enough.

“Speak up!” Zarena snapped.

Eyes radiating hate and faces contorted into rage, Zarena’s two daughters proclaimed their deference louder. Whether that anger was directed at her or elsewhere was trivial, for Zarena took pleasure in seeing a measure of resolve reassert itself in them. The pathetic downcast, defeated looks they had sported had best be the last time she beheld them.

“Then go. I am not the authority in this Spire but I know Yuldasha agrees with me in this: do not rest until the culprits have been caught. And when they are, ensure they will not easily forget the price of trifling with our clan. You are my daughters; your names carry weight, as does mine. They are names to be respected, names to instill dread in those deserving of our ire. They are names our foes will barely dare say aloud for fear we may materialize in their midst if they give voice to their terror.

“Send word to the farm when it is done. I expect you to show no mercy, give no quarter, give your prey no chance and no hope. Once it is done, you may consider yourselves redeemed in my eyes, but not one moment before. Do you understand?”

“Yes mother,” Luzella and Wulfshn said at once, steel and retribution finally giving weight to their words.

Weight, and promises of righteous revenge.



For a time the only sound around them was the incessant beats of their hoofs on the stone floor. Proceeding with eyes front, teeth gritting and fists clenched, they passed countless soldiers and slaves – all of them wise enough to cast down their gazes and hurriedly move out of their way – without seeing any of them, white hot rage consuming their attention, demanding they put one foot in front of the other.

Whether it was a retreat away from Zarena or an advance ahead towards their retribution was left unsaid, and if asked it was doubtful whether either sister could answer truthfully.

Coming to a torchlit spiral stairwell that would take them further down the Spire, Luzella shouldered her younger sister aside to start her descent first. “I can’t believe you would actually have the audacity to steal one of my slaves.” The Talon Leader’s voice was like lashes. “From my private chamber, no less.”

Despite herself, Wulfshn indulged in an obstinate smirk. “If we want something, we take it. That is our way.”

“Not from me!” Luzella roared, rounded on Wulfshn, jabbing a finger so hard against the latter’s chest she was knocked back even as she came down the stairs. Luzella spoke through gritted teeth, her luminescent eyes burning into Wulfshn. “I’ll forget the human in short enough order, although I will never forgive it. The worst thing you did was let Avelyn out of her cage!”

There were so many things fuming within Luzella at the moment. Losing Brayton, her mother’s sudden appearance, her unspeakable humiliation, and yet she seemed unwilling – or was it that she just did not realize it? – to entertain the notion that what had her most upset was nearly having Avelyn slip through her fingers. Unconsciously, Luzella reached up to stroke the snowflake necklace about her neck.

That the elf had forfeited her escape to aid her master as of yet occupied little space in Luzella’s mind.

Unintimidated by her elder, perhaps unwisely so, Wulfshn crossed her arms under her breasts and raised an eyebrow. Standing two steps behind Luzella, their eyes were level with each other. “Seems to me that if I hadn’t released her, she wouldn’t have been able to save your sorry ass from the trap those two cunts laid for you.”

Wulfshn’s mouth widened in a contemptuous grin. “If I hadn’t wanted the human bad enough to barter with Avelyn for her to keep her pretty lips shut, she wouldn’t have been in a position to raise the alarm that delivered you from your predicament.”

Luzella hated that Avelyn was correct, but it still did not change her feelings on the matter. Her nostrils flared like an enraged bull preparing to charge. “I hope your stay in the kennels was gruesome, sister dear. For your transgressions against me I would see you locked down there for the rest of your miserable life.”

Wulfshn stood her ground, defiant and confident even as she weathered Luzella’s murderous eyes. “Forget the slaves for a moment, why don’t you. There are more contemptable fish to fry. Much as I hate to say it aloud, those two got the best of us both. We owe ourselves to find them and–“

“Oh believe me I am going to find them!” Luzella snapped, cutting Wulfshn off. She turned her head, looking down the torchlit stairwell, her eyes seeing everything she intended to subject Jelthra and Kamri to once she got her hands on them. Stampeding, wild horses moved slower than what did Luzella’s thoughts.

Luzella’s voice grew quieter, but it remained every bit as baleful as when she shouted. “Death would be a release compared to what I have planned for them, you mark my words. I do this for myself, not because mother has told me to. When I find them, my revenge will be wholly for me, not for her.” She spat the final word.

Luzella turned her head towards Wulfshn once again, pleased that her sister’s infuriating grin had vanished. “I don’t care for a second about your desires, ‘sister dear’. If you want to extract vengeance of your own, you’ll have to find Jelthra and Kamri before I do. If I find them first, there’ll be precious little left of them for you to do anything at all with.”

Not waiting for a response, Luzella set off down the stairs again, her heavy frame causing shifts in the air as she pressed onwards.

Standing cross-armed for a moment, looking after her seething sibling, Wulfshn considered her next move. She did not for a second believe she had heard the last about her theft of Brayton from Luzella, but at least Luzella had the sense to focus her anger where it was currently required.

“Fine,” she called after Luzella, resuming her own descent. “It’s a race! The winner will have their vengeance, the loser will have nothing!”

“Then you best get a move on,” Luzella’s growl threatened to shake the stone walls around them. “I intend not to rest until I have my hands around each of their tender, frail necks.”


The swirling portal closed behind them, depositing the trio in a dimly lit square between several large structures. Zarena walked with purpose, her stride uninterrupted by the planar transition to the Kazdruk home world of Tarasmay, her firm grip on a chain connected to her new bull’s neck pulling him along whether he liked it or not.

Varayen emerged last, and with a dismissive, almost indifferent flick of her wrist as she crossed, the whirling energies piercing a hole between dimensions closed without further ceremony, as though the act of bridging two completely separate existences together was but a trifling matter.

Brayton stumbled after Zarena, her long paces and brisk tempo forcing him to jog lest he be pulled off his bare feet by the chain grasping the metal ring of his collar. That his wrists were bound behind his back painfully tight by a leather thong did not help him maintain his balance, and he looked graceless where he bounded after Zarena, each step nearly causing him to topple. Small rocks on the hard dirt ground stung the soles of his feet, dry dust kicked up around his ankles by his footfalls.

Violet streaks of a dried liquid stained the corners of his mouth where – whilst Varayen had prepared the portal from the Spire to the farm – Zarena had forced a glass bottle to his lips and forced the contents down his throat, unheeding of his coughing. The bottle had been conjured as though from thin air by the sorceress, and while Zarena did not really need to keep him informed, she had nonetheless explained the drink – which he would have to consume weekly for a time – would harden his body against the alien environments of Tarasmay. Thus fortified, his body would be able to withstand whatever maladies and morbidities the natural environment might use to weaken him. Or, at worst, kill him. It was a different world; no outsider could survive Tarasmay without Kazdruk potions.

Unlike at the Spire, the local time in Tarasmay was in the dead of night, an overcast sky obscuring stars and moons that might otherwise lend a gossamer glow to the surroundings. They were in the middle of Zarena’s compound, however, so there were dozens of glowing globes of various sizes mounted in brackets along the walls of the structures which provided enough light for them to navigate comfortably.

Zarena headed for one of the longest structures to the right of where the portal had deposited them, pulling the human along.

“I wish to retire for the night. We will deposit our new bull in his temporary pen but after that I am off to bed. We will have to get him processed in the morning.”

“Naturally.” Varayen concurred, striding after the much larger Kazdruk with practiced steps that ensured she never fell behind. “Branding and ringing, then?”

“Yes,” nodded Zarena. “Go wake Vil and have her bring the gear. I don’t wish for this to take any longer than it must. This ordeal with my eldest has exhausted me. All of us needs to rest for the remainder of the night if we are to put in a good day’s labour come morning.”

“Then I will return once I have fetched Vilxani.” Varayen started turning away from the long structure they were headed towards. Veering left, she strode with her back straight towards the smaller yet much taller structure crowning the open square of dirt between the many buildings, an increasing reddish glow emanating from the top of her staff casting a large, nefarious circle of bloody light around her as she cut across the darkest section in the middle of the open grounds.

Pulling the human along with no more effort than she needed to hold the chain in a comfortable grip, unheeding that her gait nearly threw him off balance with every step, Zarena marched towards one of the big sets of double doors flanked by glowing globes along the side of the white stone barn. It was the largest structure by far on her farm, housing nearly all of her livestock, but as her intended stall for her new bull in one of the smaller barns currently served as storage given that she hadn’t owned a bull for many years, the human would have to stay his first night in this building until they could clean out his stall in the morning.

She put her free hand on one of the double doors as she came up to it, and despite the weight of them, the hinges were superb and oiled weekly, meaning she did not have to use much force to push it open. It swung silently inward, but before she crossed the threshold, she turned to fix her gold eyes down at the human, her long, bone earrings swaying with the motion.

The top of his head barely reached up to the bottom slopes of her heavy tits, and while everything about him was lesser than other bulls she had owned, there was no denying the quality of his product. Taking him had been a whim, however, she had to acknowledge that, more about punishing her disappointing daughters than it was about him. However, she believed she had made the right decision, and the more she considered it, the more exciting the prospect of owning a bull again became to her. It was a potential to exponentially increase income again.

None of that growing excitement showed on her face, however, as she projected only a neutral demeanour when she looked down on him. The fear in his brown eyes was all too evident, and his rapid breathing was likely not all due to having to run to keep up with her strides. She had never kept a human before, so she was intrigued by how he would fare in his new life. Ever since the invasion of his home world had begun and she had started leisurely researching the denizens as they were conquered and enslaved, she had entertained the idea of a human bull. However, as it would likely require extensive training and some trial and error to get a human to the level she would require, she had never done more than merely muse upon the possibilities.

Now she had the chance to bring her ideas to life, and if they didn’t work, well, then nothing but the time spent would be lost.

“You be absolutely silent now, bull,” she said in a low tone. None of the sultry affection she had used on him to allow Varayen’s spell to take him honeyed her tone when she spoke to him now. “My other livestock are asleep and they, like you will come to learn, need their rest. Do not test me on this for I promise you will not like my disciplining. This goes for anything I tell you, do you understand?”

Swallowing, eyes producing tears of pure terror, Brayton nodded dumbly.

Satisfied, Zarena turned around and stepped into the barn with Brayton in tow.

The wide space within the barn was dark, kept so as to allow the livestock to rest. There were several brackets for torches and lamps as well as glow spheres mounted on walls and pillars all along the building, but during the night all lighting was extinguished. The sliver of illumination streaking across the dirt floor from the spheres outside the entrance only brightened the immediate area beyond the doors, but Zarena needed no light source to find her way in any of the buildings in her compound.

She stepped in, past the first pens flanking the entrance and turned left, the steps of her hard hoofs muted on the soft surface. She had gathered up some of the chain to keep the leash tighter so as to prevent the links rattling, and to her satisfaction the human managed to jog after her without nearly toppling all the time.

As they walked, Zarena took a moment to relish the scents inside the barn. She had not been away for long, but she discovered she actually had been in the Spire for long enough to elicit some manner of yearning to get back home. The pleasant, familiar smells of the dirt, the sweat and the submission within the barn was enough to allow her a silent, contented sigh.

In her prime, she had done enough fighting and conquering for the Kazdruk endeavour to dominate everything before them. When the time was right, when she felt she had done her duty and then some, when she got the chance to retire with honour, she had taken it, and in the some sixteen years since her last battle she rarely left her farm. She had travelled enough in her youth, she argued, and as things were, she was far happier at home than anywhere else.

That Varayen had chosen to accompany her had been a surprise, but a very welcome one. The two of them had shed more than just blood together in their profession, had saved each other’s lives and shared a bond those who had never tasted war would never understand. To have Varayen live at the farm and be an active worker in it was Zarena’s honour.

A couple of minutes of walking through the straight path between the lines upon lines of pens – from which soft snores and sleepy moans from time to time graced her ears – Zarena and Brayton came upon a simple wooden door. It was a reserve pen usually only used if any of her livestock needed to be separated from the herd for whatever reason, but tonight it would serve as the new bull’s temporary quarters. Opening the door revealed a small room already dimly lit with soft, very dark brown leather-like squares covering the opposite side of it. Every inch of the four walls beyond, as well as the ceiling, was likewise covered by the dark brown pillows, each square nearly a meter by a meter in width and height.

Pivoting at the end of the opened door, Zarena pulled Brayton inside and gave the door a shove. It slid into its frame with a soft click.

“This room is sound-proofed so there is no need to be silent in here, however you are not to speak unless I ask you a question.”

Whether it was wisdom that had identified no question being asked, or simply dread keeping his quivering lips closed was irrelevant. He remained silent. For a moment she wondered what he might be feeling, not only being a captive but now removed from the universe in which he had been born. She did not wonder about such trivial things for long. She reached up with a finger on her free hand and tapped the glass sphere standing on a holder affixed to the wall next to the door. At the tap of her nail, the globe’s faint light increased, bathing the windowless room in brilliance as though it was the middle of the day.

She heard the bull’s breathing quicken now that he could properly see in the room.

In the middle of the square chamber – exactly five by five meters – was a wooden rack standing on four steel legs. The rack was at a slight incline, the highest point about at the height of Zarena’s shoulders, and the lowest point close to the dirt ground. It was about three meters in length and a meter and a half wide, sturdy and spacious, suitable for most any species.

Chains hung from the ceiling, a small metal cage occupied the innermost right corner, and a trio of cabinets took up all of the space on the left-hand wall.

Unconcerned about the bull’s mounting anxiety, Zarena let go of the chain attached to his collar, which dropped onto the ground with a series of rustling clanks. With his hands bound behind his back he would not be able to open the door, and even if he managed to run, well, he would learn just what made the lusty trust he had felt towards Zarena such a powerful catalyst for Varayen’s spell. He would have to learn that eventually, but for now Zarena was tired and certainly in no mood for any antics from her new possession.

Zarena walked over to the rack and pushed a thin lever close to its bottom left. Thus unlatched, she pushed it nearly all the way to the far wall on its wheels that were nigh invisible beneath the thicker steel legs. Pulling the lever back locked the wheels again. With the rack out of the way of the chamber’s centre, Zarena reached up to some of the chains hanging from the padded ceiling and unhooked one end from the peg, allowing the full length of the chain to dangle down. Walking over to one of the cabinets – ignoring the bull’s frightened whimpers and the way he so obviously tried to undo the leather strip binding his wrists – Zarena opened a door and retrieved a pair of suitably sized shackles.

With the restraints in hand, she walked over to him, her sheer size looming over him like a menacing mountain. Unheeding of his frail struggles, she turned him around and replaced the leather thong with the shackles, restraining his wrists on his front. Then, holding him by the short chain linking the manacles, pulled him into the centre of the room. Hoisting his arms up, she attached the metal hook on the bottom of the chains hanging down from the ceiling to the chain of his bindings, then pulled the opposite end of the chains above to tighten the slack, raising his hands high above his head and forcing him to balance on his toes. Satisfied, she secured the other end of the chain to another peg in the ceiling, ensuring there was no slack between the links.

Leaving him to hang there naked and helpless as he whimpered and clenched his fists against the painful bite of the iron shackles scraping on his skin, Zarena walked over to one of the other cabinets and opened both doors, seeing what she would shortly need lying across one of the shelves just where she had left it. She picked it up and rested it on the dirt ground by its wide circular end, closing the cabinet doors after.

Walking over to the human, she positioned herself in front of him. Even on the tips of his toes the top of his head was barely level with her nipples confined within the constricting corset. She set her eyes on him as she crossed her arms.

“From the moment I seized you from my daughters you became my bull. You are my property, and that is all that you are now. That is what you will remain unless you prove worthless. What this entails you will start to learn tomorrow morning. For now, I will simply process you and go to sleep.”

“What is process–“

The back of Zarena’s hand across his face silenced him, and reminded him no question had been asked. He yelped in pain, the force of the blow enough that he swung sideways in his chains. It took him a couple of feeble attempts of scraping his toes along the ground to stop his body swinging.

“Bulls do not speak unless given permission.” She chopped the words for emphasis, each syllable laden with threat.

“Like all my livestock you will have to work hard, and believe me when I say you will work hard regardless of your feelings on the matter. How productive you are determines how you are treated. Your life prior to coming to this farm is void and null. Were I you I would forget about that life, forget about your home world, for they matter nothing from now on. Do you understand?”

Zarena knew he nodded because he knew he was supposed to, not because he truly appreciated what she was telling him. The side of his head showed a dark red blemish where she had struck him. A little harder and she would have drawn blood. A little harder still and she would have shattered his skull.

When they heard the door open behind them, Zarena placed her hands on her wide, muscular thighs and turned around. “There you are.”

Closing the door behind her with an elbow as both her hands were occupied, a girl stepped into the room. She was short – half a head shorter than Brayton, in fact – but there was reminiscence in her complexion, not to mention the face and the gorgeous green eyes with slit pupils.

“Welcome home again, mother,” Vil, standing with her back straight before Zarena. “Varayen told me to come here.”

The top of her head in which two slightly curving horns grew from the forehead was about level with the bottom curve of Zarena’s breasts. In fact, it looked like she could stand straight underneath Zarena’s tits – like they were an awning – and only brush the tips of her horns against them.

She had long, silken dark hair, bangs hanging over a headband brushing her collarbone, the tresses on her back gathered up into two long braids that went past her shapely rump. Apart from the dark boots she barely wore anything, a simple top containing a generous bust with a deep cleavage and panties with thin strips hugging her hips. In terms of ornamentation, she had a simple leather necklace with a metal ring around her slender neck and a thin black choker around her throat, big hoop earrings in her ears, and even through her top it was evident she had rings in her nipples.

Upon her left forearm was tattooed the same jagged design as was on Zarena’s upper left arm – same as was on Luzella and Wulfshn’s bodies. Other markings graced her shoulders, part of a larger design covering her upper back.

She had full lips, a narrow waist, thick thighs and long legs with a slender tail swaying behind her. She was obviously fit, but her physique was less bulky those of her mother and elder sisters. She possessed a feminine grace the others did not, although they were all beautiful in their way.

She had long, pointy ears, however unlike Zarena’s – and her sisters’ for that matter – hers drooped down, and when viewed together with her slender, short horns, they gave her a somewhat bovine appearance that seemed appropriate for working a farm.

And yet it was not the ears that was the biggest difference between Vilxani and her mother and siblings. For where the others’ long legs ended in sturdy, dark hoofs, Vil’s ended in feet.


As she approached, one hand holding a black ball-gag by one of its straps and the other an empty pail, Zarena did not think it looked like Vil had just been awoken. Had she been working this late?

“Varayen didn’t say why I was to come–“ Vil’s attractive voice faded when her green eyes landed on the human stretched up in the middle of the room. As realization settled, Vil’s pupils widened with excitement, her entire face seeming to indulge in a smiling contest with her luscious lips. “A new bull!”

“Yes, but don’t get too excited now.” Zarena had to stifle a smile at her youngest daughter’s enthusiasm. “I intend only to have him processed tonight before we go to bed. We will start breaking him in tomorrow.”

“Can I help?” Vil’s eager question left her lips even before Zarena started speaking.

“Of course. In fact, I was hoping you would take charge of his training. You remember helping me with our last bull, and I think you are ready to take on the responsibilities by yourself. Although I will be supervising for the first period.”

She looked at the bull with eyes so wide it seemed they might fall out of her head. Again Zarena had to fight back a chuckle at seeing the obvious lust radiating from them.

“What is he?” Vil’s expression turned quizzical as she looked up at her mother.

They were speaking about him as though he was not there with them, hanging by his wrists, neither of them really concerned about his pleading, aching expression.

“A human. Remember reading about them?”

Vil looked at him again, lips pursing, face twisting as she tried to recall. She was nearly done with her second decade of life, and yet she still had so many borderline adolescent qualities about her.

“I guess?” she said after some consideration. “He is really small!”

“Yes his stature is among the smallest of our stock, certainly he is the tiniest bull we have ever owned, but I did not take him for his size. His quality has potential.”

Vil grinned up at her mom. “Can I try him?”

“Not tonight, dear. He has been rather drained in more ways than one before I took him here so he needs to rest. However, we are going to get him ringed tonight and I wish that you do it this time.”

Needing no other encouragement, beaming like the suns with pleasure, Vil dropped the pail where she stood – it clanked as it settled on the ground – and rushed over behind the bull. Without warning and with extreme skill, she shoved the gag in his mouth and secured it around his head. His feeble attempts to stop her only granted him a warning look from Zarena.

Nearly skipping with joy over to the cabinets, Zarena’s lightly clad youngest daughter began looking for a ring, her excitement translating to more vigorous swings of her long tail. Wanting to find the right size right away, she kept looking over her shoulder at the bull as she attempted to gauge how large the ring had to be.

Briefly, Zarena wondered if Vil would not grow any larger than what she was now. She was certainly a twig compared to her older sisters, but then again Vil was only their half-sister. Her father had been a prisoner Zarena had taken her fun with in one of the last years of her warrior’s life, and while it hadn’t been the intension, Vilxani had been the result.

As Vil rummaged around trying to find the correct ring in a shelf that had been unused for many years, the door to the sound-proofed room opened once more. Varayen gracefully admitted herself, closing the door with a gesture of magic.

Zarena merely indicated the steel rod she had retrieved earlier, standing on the wide ring at the end of the handle. The sorceress nodded and, after picking it up, began magically heating the circular design it had been standing on.

“This one, I think.” Vil held up two semicircles of very thin black metal. When she pushed them against each other, they formed a perfect ring.

“I think you are right,” Zarena nodded, judging her daughter’s estimation to be correct. “Go on.”

Grinning like a child, Vil bounded over to the bull and kneeled in front of him. With one half in each hand, she worked it so that the gap in the ring encircled both his limp cock and his balls. It was a small ring, barely large enough to get everything inside, but it fit. Once his manhood was enclosed by the slender black metal and the tips of the two halves touched, Vil spoke a single magic word that was pre-keyed to the ring. At the word’s utterance, the metal bonded on both ends, forming a perfect black ring that showed no signs of seams anywhere.

“Very good, Vil. Please stand back.”

Vil didn’t say anything but watched her handiwork with obvious satisfaction. Zarena, on the other hand, looked at Brayton’s face, allowing herself a half smile at seeing his confusion when his cock suddenly began growing. In short order his erection was complete, hard, throbbing, veins pulsing along its side. He would learn about the ring’s true nature without Zarena having to spell it out for him. Next to her, it seemed Vil had trouble keeping her breath from turning to panting at seeing his hardness.

Almost immediately after the bull’s cock had grown to full strength, Varayen stepped up next to Zarena, holding the handle of the foot-long rod up to her. As Zarena took it, she could hear Vil giggle at her side.

As she took the iron, Zarena noticed the gagged bull was no longer interested in his sudden erection as his fearful eyes looked at what Zarena held.

The opposite end of the rod from where Zarena held it was white hot, and she took some pleasure holding it up, pointing the circular design towards him. The mirrored design in the circle was the same as on the pendant hanging from Zarena’s choker, and she knew Brayton would have seen the same symbol in Luzella and Wulfshn’s quarters. It was their family crest, and all their livestock were branded with it to prove who owned them.

“Remember what I told you, bull.” She stepped closer and thrust the searing end of the branding iron against his right chest, licking her lips at his delicious, muffled scream. “You belong to me.”


Jelthra’s body was pressed flat against the cold brick wall – the size of her chest not helping in that respect in the slightest – as she held her breath, anxious fingertips digging into the stone. Out in the well-lit corridor, a quad of warriors passed the corner she feebly hid behind, mercifully not looking in her direction as they went. It was the second time this particular group had come close to spotting her, and had they been less lax in their duties they definitely would have seen her this time.

Silently bounding away from the four muscular brutes passing their patrol with idle chatter in their gruff voices, the sorceress made another attempt for the stairwell. She was so close to getting out, but an hour ago she had been even closer. It was beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Spire was on alert and actively looking for her, resulting in an upwards retreat four stories as the Kazdruk efforts kept confounding her. It was bitterly aggravating to be forced further up the Spire when she was trying to get down, but she had no choice but to organically react to her surroundings if she was to evade capture.

She had gotten down two levels again, but the farther she descended it became increasingly obvious she would not be able to make it out of the Spire anywhere at ground level. Guards, both stationary and patrolling, were posted at all exits – even down into the dungeons and sewers – so while Jelthra was still attempting to get down, she was now merely attempting to get down far enough that she might be able to get out through a window or something else suitable.

Dashing for the stairwell now that hostile eyes were not watching it, moving as quietly as she was able to without sacrificing momentum, the sorceress crossed the illuminated hallway and into the darkened stairs, her breathing hard but hushed.

An unhelpful torch mounted on the wall next to the stairwell’s exit glared at her, bathed her in light, so there was no point in flattening herself against the brick wall as she carefully peeked out into the corridor. To the left, she caught the rear of a female Kazdruk warrior with a male elf servant rounding a corner further down the line of intersections and closed doorways. To the right, about a dozen paces or so, was an open archway leading to a balcony on the outside.

Heart racing, running out of options – for she knew it was only a matter of time until they caught her – Jelthra decided the balcony was her best bet to getting outside. Once there, she would somehow have to make it down to the ground, preferring not to have to use magic to do so as it would draw those who were looking for it to her position, but she was determined to do it if it proved necessary. After what she and Kamri had wrought there was no choice but to escape.

For a brief moment she spared Kamri a thought, wondered where she was and if she had gotten away already. Nothing she had seen or heard indicated to Jelthra that her compatriot had been discovered, but there was no way to be sure. She had been hurting pretty bad when they had split up to allow themselves better chances at staying out of sight, and Jelthra hoped the pain of losing an arm and then having the dubious Aeltha graft a new one onto her would not hamper her attempt at escape. Once the both of them left the Spire, they would reunite on the outside.

Provided they got that far.

Looking one last time to the left to make sure the coast remained clear, Jelthra exited the stairwell and ran towards the balcony, her tits jostling in concert with the chains holding up her top. Once outside she stepped sideways out of the threshold of the door to get out of sight from the corridor as she appraised her surroundings.

The dark stone balcony wasn’t very large, about ten paces in either direction, with thick, square stone pillars supporting the balcony above her. There was no ornamentation or furniture to see, just an empty platform surveying the rain-drenched landscape recently cast into blackness with the setting of the sun. Seeing it was dark outside caused the sorceress to curse inwardly. This attempted escape from the Spire had taken far, far longer than what they had hoped. She could not see any patrols outside, but she knew there had to be several. She simply had to deal with them when she got that far.

Appreciating that she did not have any more time to waste, Jelthra walked over to the lip of the balcony and peered down. It was too dark to see just how long of a drop it was, but Jelthra estimated she was still too high up to risk simply hanging off the edge and letting herself fall down. Understanding there was no other choice, the sorceress prepared a spell that would cushion her fall.

A bright light bloomed into being in her hand, swirling and pulsing like a tuft of cloud. She held her hand out over the edge and dropped the little ball of cottony luminescence. Despite its airy, almost ethereal appearance, the sphere fell like a lead ball, striking the ground below within seconds. Once it struck, the spell ignited like a smoke bomb, carpeting a three-meter diameter in magical cloud.

Knowing she had but to land somewhere within that glowing magical cotton to have the spell cushion her fall, Jelthra double-checked that she was standing at the same place she had been when she dropped the spell straight down, and took a step forward, allowing gravity to take her the rest of the way to freedo–

She jerked back, painfully, not comprehending what in the world was going on and why she had lost the ability to breathe. On raw instinct her arms came up to her throat to combat whatever it was prevented her from sucking in air, and only when her fingers made contact with what constricted her did she understand that it was a large hand clamping down on her.

“Got you, cunt.”

Jelthra’s blood turned to ice. She didn’t need to be able to see the person behind her to know who it was. The bloodcurdling voice – the sheer, unadulterated hate that emanated from it – was more than enough.

Suffocating, feebly attempting to claw the hand off her throat, her mind in too much turmoil to even attempt magic, Jelthra was held off the ground by that one arm before she was violently tossed into the stone wall next to the doorway. What little air remained in her was knocked right out when the full length of her collided with the unyielding barrier, and she collapsed in a heap on the rain-moist floor as she gasped and coughed.

“Thought you’d get away from me, did you? You cannot imagine how fucked you are right now.”

The words were like barbed arrows in Jelthra’s soul. Even though she was barely in control of her body at this moment, she was lucid enough to understand how dire her situation was.

Heaving for air, her watery eyes looked at the hoofs standing in front of her. How was she back? It should not be possible. More over, how had Luzella discovered her?

Luzella squatted down in front of the sorceress, her luminescent eyes a confusing mix of loathing and… something else.

“If I wasn’t so utterly enraged with you I’d almost be tempted to congratulate you on your little ploy,” Luzella growled through gritted teeth. “You nearly got away with it.”

Jelthra could not fathom how Luzella had escaped the dimension she and Kamri had sent her to. It should not be possible for anyone in the tower to know what had happened, much less know how to undo it. Her swimming vision had trouble keeping Luzella’s displeased features in focus, but she didn’t think that was necessarily a bad thing. Luzella’s voice alone was enough of an indication as to how much she appreciated what had been done to her, and Jelthra’s stomach roiled with the implications of her current predicament.

“But now…” The Talon Leader’s voice was a low rumble, like a growling about to rip its prey apart. Luzella grabbed Jelthra by the throat once again and forced her up onto her knees. “Now I promise you, cunt, that you will pay.”

Luzella leaned in real close, put her lips right next to Jelthra’s ear. “You will pay.”

The slow enunciation and hushed tone sent shards of ice down the sorceress’ spine, and before she knew it, Luzella had heaved her onto her stomach with her head hanging off the edge of the balcony. Below, the magical mattress still lazily churned, awaiting her to drop down onto it.

Behind her were sounds she knew all too well, sounds that did not bode well for her at all, the sounds of Luzella removing her clothing.

“I am going to fuck you to death.” The statement was accompanied by the sounds of Luzella’s loincloth being tossed to the ground. “It is far better than you deserve, but it will be a fitting way for you to go.” Luzella repositioned so that she was behind Jelthra, using a strong hand to jerk Jelthra’s upper body up by a hip until she was standing on her knees. Already the sorceress could feel the Kazdruk’s thick, hardening member grace up her thigh as it filled with blood. On a deep level within her where some reason still remained, Jelthra found it fascinating that Luzella was able to get an erection even despite her obvious wrath.

One hand seized Jelthra’s hair painfully, pulling her head up, the other tugged the sorceress’ panties aside.

“Any last words, whore?”

Swallowing to wet her throat, pain around her throat and that of her hair being violently pulled lancing through her, Jelthra knew she had to stall for time until she could gather her thoughts enough to attempt a spell. Anything, even an amateurish blast of energy would suffice as long as it got Luzella’s hands off her for a second. Eventually she managed to speak. “I–“

Before she could say anything else her voice was cut by the horrible sensation of Luzella’s equestrian cock penetrating her pussy, the Kazdruk’s excessive amounts of pre-cum the only lubrication attempting to make the intrusion easier on Jelthra. As soon as the initial shock of the violent assault had worn off, Jelthra screamed – a gut-wrenching mixture of agony, frustration and fear – her insides pulled nearly all the way up to the base of Luzella’s throbbing limb. It was like having the log of a tree stuck inside her, and it conjured unpleasant memories of the last time Luzella had mounted her.

As her lungs emptied of air with her wail, Luzella clamped down on her throat – with both hands this time – squeezing her tight as she began moving her hips back and forth, strangling Jelthra whilst beginning to rape her.

“I hope you think it was worth it,” Luzella groaned, menace still all but dripping from her tone. “I hope you think long and hard on whether it was worth it.”

Arms flailing next to her, her body held in place by Luzella’s iron grip, fighting to breathe, Jelthra violently rocked back and forth with every deep thrust into her belly, Luzella’s full, big balls like a pendulum slapping against her thighs as the big brute ravaged her.

Eyes watering and spittle vacating her mouth, Jelthra’s eyes started rolling back into her skull, her pained whimpers getting less and less audible with every forceful thrust into her, black spots beginning to cloud her watery vision.

When she was on the precipice of blacking out, Luzella released her grip on her throat, though did not let go. Jelthra drew a long, desperate breath, filling her lungs with the sweet, thick air. The swelling of her chest only gave her more air with which to scream in pain once more, and when she did Luzella clamped her windpipe shut once again.

“Fuck… Tight little whore…” Luzella moaned softly, rocking steadily in and out of the small human. She let her breathe again, then squeezed once more. “I said I’d fuck you to death but I did not say I would make it quick.”

There was a hint of glee highlighting Luzella’s words, though each one was spoken with absolute loathing.

Jelthra was barely able to string two thoughts together as Luzella kept strangling her through the powerful thrusting, probing as deep into her as it was possible to go whilst the fat balls kept slapping her thighs. She was dimly aware of the spell she had case down to the ground winking out of existence, of drool, tears and rain drenching her face, of a potent fear of death sinking its icy fingers into her as surely as Luzella’s fingers prevented her from drawing breath.

Time and time again whilst the huge Kazdruk bucked deep into her Jelthra saw black spots, and time and time again was she allowed to draw breath only right at the cusp of oblivion, prolonging her suffering and heightening Luzella’s pleasure.

Unannounced but for the loud heralding groan, Luzella emptied her balls deep inside Jelthra, the added volume of her rapist’s thick, sticky seed making the shaft embedded inside her feel even bigger, even more painful, swelling her belly. When Luzella withdrew her still rock-hard erection and her cum came cascading out of Jelthra like an obscene waterfall, Jelthra barely noticed that Luzella had pulled out at first, as she was once more knocking on death’s door.

Allowed to gulp for breath, the big hands strangled her yet again as Luzella’s cum-coated cock thrust into Jelthra’s ass, giving her fresh pain with which to waste her precious air in long screams.

Luzella_Jelthra Chapter_36_Lucien

As if the first climax had burst her restraints, Luzella came again after only a dozen or so thrusts inside the sorceress’ ass, all the while refusing to let the struggling, weakening human breathe. The force of the second orgasm rocked them both, the Kazdruk’s mighty pulse pushing her semen all the way through Jelthra until an eruption of sticky seed spewed out of her mouth.

Choking from the inside and out, vomiting salty, warm semen and being held on the precipice of a death that to Jelthra was more and more welcome the longer Luzella tormented her, she lost all sense of time and where she was – of who she was – as the strong Talon Leader kept ravaging her, raping her, kept filling her holes with what seemed ungodly amounts of hot cum, until her entire body was drenched inside and out, until the floor beneath her was covered and rivers of seed mixed with rainwater to drop off the edge of the balcony.

Luzella took her time, expertly keeping Jelthra from passing out but controlling every single, precious short gulp of air the sorceress was allowed to take. Not once did the rough thrusts relent, nor did Luzella ease off or change her pace. The hard penetrations were hard, deep, merciless, stabbing Jelthra from opening to core, and every time Luzella came Jelthra felt herself bloat with the excessive amounts of cum the Kazdruk was capable of producing.

Luzella took no breaks, did not slow down, kept her strong hands around Jelthra’s neck. When she tired of one hole, or if it started feeling too loose for her taste, Luzella switched holes, giving the other one a fresh few rounds of merciless pounding and filling. Luzella’s grunts were lust laced with hate, and even though her mind was slipping Jelthra could not help but notice the low, ominous chuckles that escaped the Talon Leader’s throat every time she squeezed her throat just a little harder.

Time ceased to have meaning. It could have been hours.

Changing holes for the umpteenth time, putting it back in Jelthra’s already capitulated pussy, Luzella reestablished her iron grip on the sorceress’ red throat once she had been allowed to take another, desperate breath.

“Now, you die.” She said, the faint lust that had laced her words earlier now completely gone, as if the act of even fucking Jelthra was now abhorrent to her.

Pushing deep and hard into Jelthra, who was barely conscious as it was, her eyes rolled into her head once again as darkness overtook her, and that little part of her, deep in her core that still managed to think, understood that this time the darkness would be permanent.

As she slipped into unconsciousness whilst Luzella orgasmed yet again inside of her, filling her with even more cream, she heard another’s voice.

It was distant, almost an echo barely discernible, neither male nor female.

“Luzella, a word?”


Written by J-Cal

Wulfshn had not the energy to do much of anything when she was finally rescued. Such as tear the throat out of her rescuer, a kennelhand, for the simple transgression of beholding the proud warrior in her pathetically helpless situation, drenched and defiled.

As her rescuer undid her bindings, Wulfshn was vaguely aware of his words but was not coherent enough to fully understand. Something about the Spire being in an uproar, searching for someone? For her?

To say she was past exhaustion of the mind as well as the flesh was an understatement. She had no idea who many keeats had taken their turn and their time ravaging her, but it had been more than a single pack in terms of numbers. Not all of the blasted mutts had even managed to find the correct orifice, leaving Wulfshn with severe aches in both holes.

When the final shackle unlocked she simply dropped as though her head was removed from her body, face first into the veritable creek of thick semen and her own sweat beneath where she had been mounted again and again. She was so sick of the rich, salty stench it made her belly turn, which in turn made her aware of how full both her womb and her ass were with litres of keeat spooge.

Dimly, somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind, Wulfshn remained aware of who had tricked her into this humiliating position. Thoughts of revenge had circulated freely when she was forced to weather the brutish keeat alpha and the first of its packmates to follow it, however as time passed and the number of hounds mounted, she had in short order found herself unable to form coherent thought.

Having had a few precious moments of respite now allowed her senses to slowly return to her, but she was in no way in full control of her faculties yet.

“Take me… to my room,” she demanded at some length, her words making bubbles in the thick cream.

Humiliated, enraged and aching all over from jaw to asshole, what jarred Luzella the most was the arrival of her mother. While she was quite aware she would always be indebted to Zarena for pulling her out of that hellhole where Jelthra and Kamri had sent her, she would always be in her mother’s debt. It was not something she cared to consider, for her mother might at any time decide to collect what she was owed, and that was usually bad news for Luzella.

Uncaring of the stares she accumulated while she marched hurriedly towards her chambers, knowing it was largely in part of her state of messy undress, she knew few denizens of the Spire would be bold enough to stare for long, nor ask the terrible Talon Leader what was happened. All of them gave her a wide berth as she passed, rage twisting her face, her one remaining elf slave in tow.

Covered in various essences from that horrific realm in addition to sweat and shame, the first thing on Luzella’s mind was getting cleaned up, and then visit horrific vengeance upon her captors.

Before that, she sighed in annoyance as she reminded herself, her mouth puckering in displeasure, Zarena had ordered that she meet her at Wulfshn’s chamber at midday. That left her several hours to wash and rest, not to mention dwell on just how brutally she could punish Kamri and Jelthra without killing them.

Before she killed them.


Looking back and down, Luzella found Avelyn keeping pace with the Kazdruk’s longer strides, but her face was cast down, her shoulders slumped and her arms hanging limp at her sides. At first, Luzella did not understand why she was sulking so, then remembered what had happened to Tasha.

It was clear her two elf slaves had formed some sort of bond as the slaves of Luzella, and it was then clear to Luzella why her remaining slave seemed so distraught. Facing forwards again, Luzella had not the energy to neither address what had just happened nor care about it. Tasha was no real loss to Luzella, who would likely have forgotten all about her in a few days.

Avelyn was a different matter. For reasons she did not yet fathom, nor currently had the fortitude to consider, it was Avelyn who had raised the alarm that Luzella was missing, which in turn had made Zarena show up in the Spire.

While her mother was a different, exasperating matter, even through Luzella’s exhaustion she wondered at Avelyn. Perhaps her training was soon complete, perhaps she was more broken than Luzella had supposed. She did not think Avelyn existed only for Luzella to the exclusion of everyone and everything else just yet, but this event gave the Kazdruk warrior something to consider.

Puzzled, Luzella then wondered just why Avelyn and Tasha had been up and about at all. She distinctly remembered having them locked up in their cage when she had last left her chambers, and no one else would dare release them without Luzella’s blessing. Too tired to care about that for the moment, however, Luzella supposed she ought to be thankful Avelyn had been able to call for help.

With a twitch of her lip, Luzella decided she should reward Avelyn for her loyalty.

Once the little elf had helped clean the keeat semen and grime off her muscles.

The clicking of their hoofs upon the stone floor clip-clopped between the walls of the well-lit corridor. Mighty warriors and slaves alike parted, made themselves scarce before the approaching behemoths of Kazdruk aristocracy, none daring to meet their eyes, some cowering enough to press themselves flat against the walls to make themselves as unobstructive as possible.

“At any rate,” Yuldasha continued, her luminescent green eyes seeing none of the subjects before her, such was her mastery of her domain. “It has been a welcome distraction to host you in my humble Spire once more. It truly has been a long while.”

Zarena nodded, the gesture so curt it was easy to miss. “I only wish it were under less humiliating circumstances. But children never really outgrow the need for their mother’s guidance.”

“Yes,” said Yuldasha softly, passing a prostrate human slave who wisely bowed and tried to shrink to nothingness before them. The slaves all knew who she was, of course, but she doubted anyone could guess just what august company she were striding alongside. “I am surprised someone of Luzella’s talents were so easily dispatched. She’ll be reprimanded, of course, you have my word on that.”

“And for that you have my gratitude.” Zarena stopped next to Yuldasha as a runner appeared before the two, a Kazdruk female with red skin and arching horns, nearly a full head shorter than Zarena.

“Arch Ruler,” the winded runner breathed deeply, bowing as low as her body was able to bend without snapping. “Mistress,” she bowed to Zarena, but the bow was quicker now.

In the Kazdruk home world of Tarasmay, Zarena would have flogged the skin of any servant who failed to show her proper respect, but in this backwater, currently not under total Kazdruk domination, there lived and fought young Kazdruk who would never have seen Zarena’s likeness anywhere, and the younger generations had little need to know who she was, so she let the runner’s transgression slide.

“Mistress, we found Wulfshn. It seems she as well was the target of conspiracy, although she has been less that forthcoming with us. We have second-hand reports that she was found down in the kennels but so far that is all we know.”

“Oh?” Zarena arched a quizzical eyebrow, a gesture that made the young runner shudder with unfamiliar dread.

“All I know is she was aided to her room by a kennelhand, and someone like Wulfshn would not require aid at all unless she–“

“Yes, fine, go away,” Zarena cut the runner off, waved her away with a dismissive gesture. The runner was only too happy to obey.

So not only her eldest daughter, but now Wulfshn, too, brought shame upon their clan. Was only her youngest daughter clever enough to avoid such embarrassment? On the other hand, it was harder to find herself in such situations as long as she wanted to stay at home, working at Zarena’s farm.

“Might I beg a favour of you, Yuldasha?”

The Arch Ruler turned to face her colleague, an amiable smile brightening her perfect face. “Certainly, old friend.”

“I will conclude my business here at midday after I speak with my daughters. Will you punish Wulfshn for me? I care not what it is that has befallen her, but clearly she is in need of direct supervision, and I have not the time to see to it myself. I and Varayen must return to the farm to see to the livestock before long.”

Yuldasha’s grin widened, her massive chest rising as she pulled in a delighted breath. “Why, certainly, it will be my pleasure.”

Clean now, for everything but the shame, Luzella finished drying herself off. Standing in her dimly lit chamber, looking at Avelyn sitting in her cage – hugging her knees, facing away from her, obviously still upset about Tasha – in fresh lingerie, Luzella got the feeling she was missing something from the situation. Another glance around her room revealed nothing, and preoccupied as her mind was with her recent humiliation, she shrugged the sensation off as a triviality.

Naked but for Geem’s stollen snowflake necklace, her massive musculature giving off a faint shine in the light of the candles, her long, sizable cock drooping betwixt her broad thighs, Luzella sat down on her bed, leaned back on her hands. Chest pushed out, she let her head drop back as she closed her eyes, taking a series of rejuvenating breaths.

She would exact her revenge before long, on both the stupid cunts that had dared oppose her, but at the moment she succeeded in repressing her murderous anger. She did not need it yet, and when she was honest with herself, the seething and the constant rape by tentacles and keeat in that horrific world where everything looked wrong and the dull drone had chipped away at her sanity had taxed her more than she cared to consider. For now, she required to relax her shoulders.

She would not be able to truly relax until her mother had returned home, however.

“Why are you sulking?” she asked the room, keeping her eyes closed.

The answer was several moments in coming, but it came. “Tasha is…”

“Yes she is now the breeding toy of whatever horrid creatures exist in that world in addition to the fucking tentacles and the damnable keeat. Get over it, she doesn’t matter any more.”

Avelyn’s head sank further between her shoulders, and Luzella could head the elf tried to stifle a cry. She wanted to ask how Avelyn and Tasha had gotten out of her cage, but at the moment, and the grand scheme of things considered, she didn’t care. That they had been out was what had allowed them to sound the alarm.

“I can see you need a distraction,” Luzella murmured, getting to her feet. “In fact, I know the perfect one. You shall be rewarded for your loyalty to me, my pet.”

Luzella unlocked the cage, took the uncoiled leash wrapped around one of the thick iron bars and reached inside, attaching it to Avelyn’s collar. “Out.”

Avelyn obeyed, though she kept her eyes down, following Luzella to the wall on the opposite side of the room. Luzella sat down on the bench there, next to a crimson Kazdruk standard hanging on the wall. All of a sudden Avelyn realized just what sort of “reward” Luzella had in mind, and understood that naturally that was to be her reward for betraying Tasha and seeing herself returned to Luzella’s ownership.

They had been so close to freedom, yet she had chosen Luzella. Why?

“Kneel in front of me, Avelyn,” Luzella’s voice was soft, but brooked no disobedience. She still held Avelyn’s leash.

Swallowing, torn between whatever destroyed part of her self was attached to her captor and the part that yet wished to escape, Avelyn kneeled in front of Luzella.

In front of her swelling member.

This is apparently what I want, Avelyn thought, watching with an empty stare at Luzella’s monster cock, watching it expand and elongate like she had so many times before, knowing what it would feel all the way down her throat, cutting off her air and blanking her mind.

“Claim your reward, faithful slave,” Luzella purred, growing inexorably horny despite the ordeal she had just escaped, ignoring the chafing in her rear.

Leaning forward, supporting herself on her hands, Avelyn brought her lips towards the spongy tip of Luzella’s horse-like phallus. Opening wide, she wiggled her head from side to side until she managed to fit it into her mouth, her tongue and spit starting the arduous task of lubricating her.

As she began carefully working her way down the shaft, Avelyn realized that what she was doing was indeed her reward. Instead of grabbing the back of her head and shoving her complete erection down into her stomach, Luzella allowed her to go at her own pace, to start adjusting her mouth and jaw to having the Talon Leader’s humongous shaft within. It was the best someone like her could hope for, she understood, feeling more blood pump into Luzella’s fifth limb as it expanded even more.

“That’s a good girl,” Luzella purred, squinting in delight down at her loyal little elf. The slow pace was a welcome change to the day she’d had so far, and she realized she’d underestimated the pleasurable sensation of allowing her erection to grow within her little, warm mouth.

Yes, Avelyn thought, I am a good girl. A good girl for my master. That is why I do what I do. She did not know she was trying to rationalize to herself why she was back on her knees in front of Luzella, on her own.

Working her way down the shaft was difficult, not only because of the size – although her lithe frame was in a twisted way used to it – but because even as she got farther down, the fact that Luzella was still hardening meant she was’t actually making as much progress as she thought she had. Once it felt like she should be over half way down to the base, she had barely passed the first quarter.

Luzella was content to let her slave struggle in her own time to make her way down her length. It was somewhat endearing to watch her go down on her cock only to see her head move farther away as her erection still stretched out. Presently she was at full mast, however, the straining member quite ready for Avelyn’s trained mouth to help her forget the feel of the violating tentacles coiled around it.

Breathing through her nose as best she could, Avelyn soon was unable to inhale at all, forced to draw upon the mental exercises that let her survive throating Luzella without suffocating. While spittle ran down Luzella’s veined shaft, she pushed herself further, causing tears to poke from her eyes and snot to drip from her nose.

Luzella’s tail wiggled with delight, but she had to keep herself from wanting to hurry things along. She had wanted to reward Avelyn and she meant that, and she would keep her word. Her mounting desire made it difficult to restrain herself, however. Her hips wanted to buck, her hands wanted to grab the back of her head.

Passing the halfway point, Avelyn drew back up, keeping her lips wrapped around Luzella’s tip while she caught her breath, then went right back down, succeeding in starting the final quarter. Luzella’s thick member pulsed, making her head bob with the steel-hard member’s motion. She’d long since learned to ride those heartbeats to allow herself to glide further down with the momentum, and despite her modest elven size and Luzella’s humongous dick, she was soon pressing her lips against Luzella’s base, looking up at her with watery eyes.

Feeling the thick cock throb all the way down her throat to her belly was not a sensation she’d ever get used to, but she was at least accustomed to it, making it easier to bear. Now that she’d gotten all the way down, she waited as long as she could for the stretching sensation in her gullet and throat to acclimate to Luzella’s cock, before she had to resurface for air, being careful not to go farther up than she had to, as Luzella had taught her.

Luzella allowed herself to close her eyes and relax, the sensation of her slave’s tight throat stroking and rubbing her erection making her rumble with delight.

The elf’s warm slobber was starting to run down onto Luzella’s swollen testicles, and within moments there was so much saliva it began dripping off the large spheres to start pooling on the ground.

“Such a good girl,” Luzella murmured through closed eyes, her free hand, as though moving with a mind of its own, gripping the back of Avelyn’s head. Catching herself when she felt the elf flinch, Luzella relaxed her grip, settled for resting her hand atop Avelyn’s head, patting her as though affectionately.

Avelyn had thought Luzella was about to hold her head down, but her master relaxed her grasp as soon as it had taken her. Luzella was being kind. Being true to her word that it was a reward. Avelyn felt somehow blessed.

Deep within herself, in some hard to reach hideaway where Avelyn was still a proud elven warrior, she screamed at the horrific thoughts that had her believing that the current situation was in any way beneficial to her. Like water discharging from a spillway, however, the thoughts quickly disappeared.

She got into a good rhythm of impaling her head on Luzella’s erection, taking her all the way to the base, lingering for a few seconds, before drawing back up, and then going back down, fucking her throat with Luzella’s massive hardness.

Luzella groaned, her desire to blast into Avelyn mounting. At this point she would usually just buck her hips into Avelyn and finish herself off, holding her head down so she couldn’t get away, but letting her slave go at her own pace was a nice change of pace. It would not be the new normal, of course, but sometimes trying new things were good for everyone.

“That’s good, my little whore. I am getting close,” she moaned softly.

Feeling her own desire to give her master pleasure mount, Avelyn started moving faster, ignoring the discomfort and her own tears blinding her, feeling the wetness of her saliva running off her chin down between her tits and onto her thighs.

Within seconds, Avelyn felt Luzella’s cock swell a little more, the telltale sign that orgasm was imminent. Steeling herself, she throated Luzella one final time, drawing herself all the way down to the hilt and held fast there as Luzella’s climax began pumping into her.Luzella Avelyn Deepthroat 1

Locking eyes with her groaning master, her seed began filling her up, and as always there was just too much of it for her small body. Cum made it up Avelyn’s gullet to spray out of the seal her lips had around Luzella’s shaft, spattering onto her heavy, pulsing balls and running down Avelyn’s chin.

Avelyn had her master’s cock all the way inside her mouth all through her orgasm, until she nearly passed out. Black spots were forming in her vision as her eyes began rolling back, but as she sensed the final pump deposit the last of Luzella’s salty ejaculate into her belly, Avelyn drew up, coughing semen and heaving for breath all at once.

Cock bouncing with her heartbeat between them, Luzella let out a long, content sigh as Avelyn got her bearings again. “Who is my good little whore?” she asked once the most potent afterglow had left her.

“I am your whore, master,” Avelyn said, still swallowing excess cum.

“You certainly are.” Luzella smiled with her lips closed. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, master.”


When Luzella traversed the corridor towards Wulfshn’s chamber, she found her mother already outside the door, her arms crossed and a displeased scowl etched on her features. As though on instinct, Luzella’s eyes were drawn straight to Zarena’s massive chest in the constrictive corset, seeing the twin mounds rise and fall before she snapped her gaze back up.

“Seems you managed to clean up,” Zarena’s tone was acid. Her sorceress Varayen stood behind her to the left, the judgemental golden eyes saying what her lips did not.

It was a struggle for Luzella to keep her tempers in check, and she did not know if it was the humiliation or the shame that reigned highest within her tumultuous core. Casting her eyes down in an unfamiliar gesture of submission, she came to a stop before the two of them.

“Nothing to say?” Zarena arched an eyebrow, expecting her firstborn to respond.

“Thank you for saving me, mother.” The reply required a great effort to give voice, her teeth grating together. Luzella barely registered how her hands were clenched so tight they might break the handle of her halberd had she carried it.

Zarena scoffed, shook her head. “Of all Yuldasha’s warriors… I did not believe I had raised you to be so witless as to be tricked as you were. Be glad that I, not Varayen, is your mother. Her daughter has similarly transgressed against her venerable name, yet Varayen is not as forgiving as I. In many ways, she is an inspiration to me. Consider yourself warned, should you find yourself in similar trouble in the future.”

Gritting her teeth, eying the contemptable sorceress with a sidelong glance, Luzella set her eyes on her mother. Of all the things she wanted to say, her meek voice only managed, “I will not bring shame to our clan again. Count on it.”

The silence between the three of them lingered for a few uncomfortable moments. Presently, Zarena unfolded her arms, indicating the nearby door with a jerk of her head. “Let us see to your sister.”

With a silent nod, Luzella turned to follow her mother, but the small sorceress cut in front of her to fall in behind Zarena. Luzella could have reached out and snapped Varayen’s neck in the blink of an eye, but deference to her mother – as well as a voice within warning that a spellcaster of Varayen’s legend was likely not that simple to dispatch – Luzella suffered the indignation with a murderous glare.

Zarena tried to shoulder open the door, but found it was locked. Without a word, simply acting on the bond they had cultivated for decades, Zarena stepped aside. Varayen immediately reached a hand out to undo the lock with a turn of magic. Another gesture burst the door open, and Zarena was through immediately, the other two on her heels.

As soon as the door opened, the grunts and huffs filled their ears, and the trio of Kazdruk women came face to face with quite the scene.

Wulfshn, naked, her muscular body and skin coated in a sheen of sweat, kneeled on her bed leaning forward. In front of her on his knees was a human male, his ass held forcibly up by one of Wulfshn’s strong hands gripping his hip, the other pulling his head back through what looked like a painful handful of his hair. The boy’s hands were tied behind his back with coarse rope, his helpless groans muffled by the leather gag opening his mouth wide. He was blindfolded as well with what looked to be a pair of Wulfshn’s panties.

Grunting together with Wulfshn, his naked flesh as sweaty as his captor’s. The ring in his metal collar bounded and rattled when Wulfshn’s powerful thighs smacked into his behind, rippling the skin of his ass. The straps running over Wulfshn’s hips was enough of an indication to the onlookers that she was pegging him with a strap-on. She was not holding back, it would seem, thrusting hard and deep into him, panting with the exertion, her tits bouncing.

The mattress beneath the two of them was stained with several wet spots, and upon closer inspection it was clear not all of it was lubrication; quite a bit of it was thick semen. Seeing the captive’s dripping erection, it was no mystery that the rough fucking was forcing him to several prostate orgasms.

Eyes widening in surprise, then narrowing in anger, Luzella stepped closer to the bed, her angry voice nearly shaking the walls. “That’s my slave!” She only now remembered taking the boy – Brayton, she remembered his name was – just before she had gotten captured. Once returning to her quarters after her ordeal she hadn’t remembered she’d left him shackled to her table. With a sudden realization that also boiled her blood, Luzella knew who had released Avelyn and Tasha from their cage.

Looking up, her perspiring face changing as though she was just becoming aware they were in her room, Wulfshn did not stop what she was doing. “I liberated him for myself. I knew you didn’t really appreciate what you had taken, so I thought it best to free him from your clutches. A slave this good,” she groaned and bit her lower lip as she thrust deep into him again, making him moan. “Deserves a master who knows how to properly use him.”

Luzella’s exhalation was so full of wrath it was a small wonder no smoke bloomed from her nostrils. With everything that had happened lately, Wulfshn’s brazen theft of a slave Luzella had claimed made her raise her arms as though to strangle her sister across the distance.

“Enough,” Zarena’s powerful voice froze even Wulfshn’s bucking, who only now recognized who was standing behind Luzella.

“Mother?” Her eyes were wide and her voice hushed.

Zarena stepped closer, a disapproving look on her face as she folded her arms beneath her breasts. “Would you care to tell me what exactly has befallen you? Not only this one,” she shot Luzella a disapproving glower, “but from what I hear you have also brought me great shame.”

Wulfshn straightened, releasing Brayton, whose face fell into the mattress when he was no longer held up by his hair. Wulfshn’s thick strap-on remained inside him almost all the way to the hilt.

“I… I…” Her throat felt suddenly dry, embarrassment settling on her like a shawl, causing her difficulty to find words. In a rush the events of the kennel flashed past her green eyes, making her lips quiver and her insides scream with both fright and fury.

Zarena’s eyebrow shot up in that displeased way. “Yes? You what? I heard tell you ran into some, shall we call it ‘trouble’, down in the kennels. Tell me the truth, Wulfshn.”

Wulfshn decided to keep her story as short as possible, without straying from the facts. Having recognized Varayen, her mother’s trusted sorceress standing behind her, she knew untruthfulness would be immediately exposed. As she recounted her tale, she tried suppressing her mounting anger at seeing the satisfied smirk spreading on Luzella’s lips.

“And after I returned here,” Wulfshn said, wrapping the story up, “I cleaned myself off, and then decided I needed to let some pent-up frustration and anger out.” She smacked Brayton’s ass, hard, making him yelp. She eyed Luzella. “You can’t imagine what a good fuck he is, in more ways than one.” She laughed when the grin melted off her sister’s countenance.

Biting her lip lustfully, holding Luzella’s eyes, Wulfshn gripped Brayton’s hips and, almost tenderly, sank her member all the way into him, making them both groan softly.

“He’s so fucking tight…”

“That will be quite enough of this.” Zarena stepped over to the bed, glaring disapprovingly down at Wulfshn. “Unmount the slave at once and stand before me.”

Stifling a sigh, wanting to speak but deciding she’d had enough trouble for one day, Wulfshn retraced her hips from him. The blinded human was unable to keep back a long sigh of relief when the thick toy-member slipped out of him. Though a big strap-on to subject any human to, it was barely half the length and girth of Luzella’s cock.

Luzella was about to speak, her face contorting into a livid snarl, but the true authority in the room did not give her the opportunity.

“And you, Luzella, stand next to your sister.” Her tone brooked no defiance. Begrudgingly, the Talon Leader did as she was commanded.

Hands on her hips, Zarena’s red gaze went to one daughter, then the other, the scorn in her expression lancing into the two of them before any words were spoken.

“I would dearly like to forget this day has ever happened, but alas that is impossible. The two of you are tarnished in my eyes in ways I believed you were incapable of. The biggest terror, however, is not the personal scorn your ineptitudes have earned me, but the dishonour you have brought upon Yuldasha.”

Zarena held up a finger and fixed them both with a steely gaze that interrupted them before they could give voice to their arguments.

“I have said what I wanted to say apart from this: to restore honour to me, to Yuldasha and, least importantly, to yourselves, I expect and demand you find these contemptible creatures that bested you, and that you make them pay. Prove to them and to me that our brood does not suffer humiliation quietly. Prove to them that death is the only respite they can earn once they tangle with our ire. I mandate you to this immediately, and that you send word to me at the farm once it has been achieved. Have I made myself understood?”

Eyes cast down, their voices barely swelling above a whisper, the two fearsome sisters, Luzella and Wulfshn, appeared and sounded like nothing but what they were, chastened children.

“Yes, mother.” The two of them sounded about as confident as a sailor in a capsizing ship, but Zarena was satisfied her point was made, and that despite their headstrong personalities, they wisely did not challenge her demands.

When silence rung in the room, the voice of the sorceress suddenly called for Zarena. “I think you should take a look at this.”

With a look that rooted her children to the ground, their backs to the bed, Zarena walked past them to where her sorceress stood eying the human slave, the horns around the top of her staff continuing their perpetual rotation.

Saying nothing, Varayen’s golden eyes indicated the mess on Yuldasha’s bed beside the blindfolded human. Realizing what her old friend was referring to

“Try it,” Varayen calmly instructed.

Zarena reached a hand down to the mattress and scooped up some of the sticky seed with a fingernail, bringing it up to her face. Regarding the thick cream with a neutral expression, she stuck her tongue out to lick it off her finger. Her eyebrows shot up at the taste, but otherwise she made no indication as to what she was experiencing.

The sorceress looked up at Zarena, her own countenance betraying nothing of anything. “I believe perhaps we have before us what you have been missing for some time.”

“Quite,” Zarena murmured, silently enjoying the rich aftertaste. It had been a while since her farm had housed a bull. She leaned down to whisper in her ear, ensuring nobody else could hear. “I assume you can snare him?”

Varayen nodded, turning her head to whisper back. “You have but to earn his trust and the spell will do the rest.”

Straightening, Zarena addressed her daughters. “Turn around and face us.”

They did, their dour expressions likely able to curdle milk.

Zarena eyed each daughter in turn. “To further punish you, since I gather you cannot decide who gets to keep this toy,” she pointed at the bound human on the bed, “I will decide the matter for you and take him away from you.”

The sisters’ explosive protests were first addressed at Zarena, until they began verbally attacking each other with claims of why the human was rightfully theirs and not anyone else’s. At Zarena’s look, Varayen silenced the two of them with a jolt of magic that shocked their bodies to rigid attention.

“Good, I am pleased we all agree.” Zarena turned, walking over to the other side of the bed where the human lay, on the side of the bed that was not a mess of sweat, cum and lube.

She squatted near the bed, a delicate hand taking off Wulfshn’s underwear that was blinding him. He winced against the light, blinking several times before seeing, wide-eyed, the new Kazdruk in front of him. He was astonished that she was smiling warmly to him. Having heard her talk to her daughters, he had not envisioned her to be such a beauty. It made his breath catch in his throat.

“Let me help you,” she said softly, reaching around his head to undo his gag. Gently pulling it away, trailing several strings of his saliva, she tossed it aside. “Roll over for me and I will unbind your hands.”

Conflict was plain as a thunderstorm in his brown eyes. He was not used to being treated in such a way by the Kazdruk. Hesitantly, he turned his back on the woman, and as she had promised, she loosened the rope biting into his wrists. The marks left on them said everything about how tight Wulfshn had wound the rope around him.

“That’s better, hmm? Come, sit at the edge of the bed in front of me.”

Again he was hesitant, but knowing he did not really have a choice, he did as instructed. Even though he was sitting and she was squatting on the floor, she was about half a head taller than him. His eyes immediately fell to her massive bosom, but he quickly cast them down to the floor between her thighs, his hands covering his manhood.

“Look at me,” Zarena bid, and on the other side of the bed, her daughters eyed them both through narrow slits, suspicious of the sudden gentle tone she adopted.

He did as she said, forcing down the discomfort in his rear lest he fix her with an expression she might dislike.

“What is your name?”

“Brayton, mistress,” he offered quietly.

“Brayton,” she repeated with a small nod and smile. “And so polite, too. I am Zarena, pleased to meet you. Tell me, Brayton, how long have you been a slave in this Spire?”

He swallowed. “I am not sure, mistress. A while.”

“And what do you do here?”

“I was a runner, before… Before…” he dared not look behind at his first captor, Luzella, and it was clear he neither dared give words to what had befallen him.

“I understand,” Zarena said, and Brayton thought her smile could banish every cloud in the sky. He was confused and scared, and found it difficult to look away from those gorgeous eyes of hers. That was, until his gaze again and unintentionally flicked down to her gently rising and falling chest.

Zarena’s smile lingered. “Do you like what you see?”

Behind them, Luzella scoffed loudly. “He does that a lot.”

Zarena glared at her firstborn for a quick instant before looking back at Brayton. Still smiling, she replied to her daughter in a positively loving tone. “You ought to be flattered, daughter dearest, that people leer at your chest. After all, few clans rival the mammaries of ours. Please answer my question, Brayton.”

His answer was a long moment in coming, and so low Zarena barely heard him. “Yes, mistress.”

Zarena beamed. “Would you like to see them?”

His eyes jumped from her cleft to her face several times. The feeling remained in him that he did not really have a choice even though things seemed like it. Experience had taught him simply to do as he believed the Kazdruk wanted. “Yes, mistress.”

Grinning, Zarena settled on her knees and straightened her back, pushing her chest out. Her fingers reached up to the four bones holding her tight corset in place and, looking happily down at the human she undid one by one, slowly, starting at the bottom. When she undid the final bone, her huge breasts practically burst the corset like a river escaping a shattered dam. It made the human physically recoil, eliciting a soft giggle from her.

A silver ring adorned each erect nipple, and it was abundantly clear Zarena’s tits were even larger than Luzella’s. He estimated they were each twice the size of his head, possibly even bigger. Despite himself, he was unable to stare wide-eyed and open-mouthed at what had exploded into being before him.

As she were shrugging off the corset, Brayton also noticed a delicate silver chain piercing her navel with some sort of violet diamond-shaped stone at the end of it crowning her softly defined abdominal muscles. Zarena’s entire body, in fact, was muscular and large, yet not as defined and bulging as Luzella’s physique. It suited her well.

“Would you like to touch them?” she asked as though innocently, biting her lower lip ever so slightly. When she noticed him looking at his hands that were covering his manhood, she added, “Don’t be shy, help yourself.”

Swallowing, obeying, Brayton reached out and touched her, his hands pitifully small on her. Despite trying to stifle it, he let out a lusty groan when he felt the soft warmness, feeling the shapely firmness of them despite their absolutely massive size.

Letting out a throaty laugh at his inquisitive hands on her, Zarena licked her lips. “Would you like to… enjoy them with your manhood?”

Brayton retracted his hands as though bitten, his head throwing down submissively. “I am sorry, mistress. I don’t think I am… I mean… I’ve just…” He didn’t look back at Wulfshn, but Zarena understood what he meant. The mess on the bed told the story well enough.

Zarena put a gentle finger under his chin and lifted his head so that he was looking at her. “I understand, but please answer my question, sweet boy.”

Captivated by her eyes, her smile, the womanly scent of her, Brayton nodded dumbly.

With a satisfied grin, Zarena took her hand away from him. “That makes me so happy to hear, that you find my breasts so attractive. Varayen?”

Gliding gracefully around the bed to stand next to Zarena, the sorceress’ attitude had also suddenly softened. “Yes Zarena?”

Zarena looked up hat the sorceress, still smiling pleasantly. “Brayton here would like to enjoy my breasts, but it seems he feels a little… drained from his latest exploit. Could you be a dear and help him?” She looked back down at him, a hungry glint in her golden gaze. “I would like to feel him in my cleavage, too.”

“Certainly, Zarena, I would be happy to assist.”

The sorceress, fixing the human with an alluring smile of her own, squatted down next to Zarena. When standing, she was a little taller than Brayton, but even she were dwarfed by Zarena’s physique. She let go of her staff which, astonishingly, remained upright on its own, the horns around the red globe at the top still spinning leisurely.

Varayen smiled at him. “Please spread your thighs.” When he hesitated, she added in an intimate tone, “Don’t be afraid, this will feel wonderful.”

Reluctantly exposing himself, revealing his limp cock, Varayen reached out with one hand that started glowing softly with a white sheen. She didn’t touch him directly, but moved her palm around his crotch. With an astonished groan, Brayton first noticed the ache in his behind disappearing, and then that his sore balls stopped hurting. Within seconds his member was swelling, and once it was out of the way, Varayen continued moving her hands around and over his balls. The magic she employed made him feel wonderful, and soon he was as hard as he had ever before been, with all of the soreness Wulfshn had visited upon him gone like a distant, unpleasant memory.

The sight of him pulsing and erect, balls pulled up tightly against his shaft made both Zarena and Varayen let out contented sighs. Behind Brayton on the other side of the bed, the sisters scowled at them, but wisely kept their tongues behind their teeth.

Varayen took her hand away from him, the glow receding. With a gesture of her other hand, the sorceress’ top fell off her, revealing her own sizable, gorgeous mammaries. As anyone could have guessed before the top unlatched from her, the chains in her necklace did indeed attach to studs through her hard nipples. Brayton was unable not to release an astonished sigh at the sight of her.

Both Zarena and Varayen knew her touch had done more than alleviate his aches and allow him to grow hard again, it had also filled his stores back up and planted a suggestion of lust in his mind that he would be hard-pressed to ignore.

When the human’s gaze tore away from Varayen’s chest to meet her eyes, Zarena licked her lips and gave him a sultry look. “Would it be all right if I tasted you?” Her voice was husky, needy.

Still having his reservations, Brayton was nonetheless starting to warm up to Zarena. She was the only Kazdruk after his capture to treat him in any sort of pleasant way, and despite himself he was starting to feel his breathing quicken at the prospect of feeling her skin against his. He nodded.

Beaming with joy, Zarena put her huge hands on his thighs, and spoke in a low, alluring voice. “Spread your legs and lean back on your hands for me, my sweet boy.”

He did as he was bidden, his cock twitching twice. He knew he was hung like a wasp when compared to male Kazdruk – and even some females – but despite this fact both Luzella and Wulfshn had seemed to find enjoyment in his human phallus, and now their mother was all but drooling over it as her eyes drank him in.

Hands still on his thighs, she lowered her head to him, sucking him in, having no issue taking all of his length into her wet mouth where her tongue immediately massaged him all over. He groaned loudly, his arms nearly failing to support him.

Her lips pressed around the base of his shaft, her nose touching her lower belly, his mind nearly blanking when her tongue snaked out of the wet hole to coil and lap at his swollen testicles. His moan was loud and longing.

“You taste wonderful,” Zarena managed between lusty slurps. “I am starting to truly understand why my daughters took a liking to you.” She was pleased with the taste-test, but this was no time for self-satisfaction. She needed to keep working him while he was still pliable and unwitting.

“Come stand next to the bed,” she gently bade him. Disappointed his cock was already out of her expert mouth, Brayton complied. Zarena lay down in the bed close to the edge, ensuring she wasn’t touching the mess from Wulfshn’s playtime.

Enthralled with seeing her massive yet shapely form settle on her back in bed, Brayton gasped in surprise and pleasure when Varayen’s hand seized his erection, the fingers once more enveloped in the soft glow. She stroked him twice without actually touching him, her hungry eyes promising all he could ever want to him.

“There.” She removed her hand, smiling. “Now Zarena’s slick saliva won’t dry for quite some time.”


His astonished eyes returned to Zarena, widening still at seeing her on her back, her hands pushing her absolutely mammoth tits together, her tail swinging lazily at her side. His eyes flicked once over to the two fuming Kazdruk on the far side of the bed, but quickly returned his gaze to her.

“Come straddle me.”

Her voice was like water to a man stranded in the desert, and quicker than he would have thought possible he was on top of her, his yearning shaft pressed against the soft, warm womanflesh. It was as though all his reservations were magically gone, replaced by a singular need to do as she asked.

Zarena pulled her hoofs up a little, using her wide thighs to both steady Brayton and bring him a little closer.

“Here,” she purred, opening her valley a little. “Put that hard cock in my cleavage.”

He did, nearly screaming with rapture when she closed the distance, pressing her colossal tits against him, making it wondrously tight.

“Now…” She bit her lower lip, eying him like he was the only cock she would ever feel again. “Fuck my tits until you erupt between them.”

Powerless to keep a stupid grin from spreading on his face, Brayton happily agreed, starting to move his hips in order to slide his wet shaft as deep into her valley as he was able, which wasn’t very far. Regardless, the softness, the warmth and the tight squeeze felt better than anything he had ever before experienced. He briefly recalled how good it felt, though he had been scared out of his wits, when Luzella had shackled him in her room and stroked his cock with her huge breasts until he was forced to orgasm, but this was something else entirely. For one, he wasn’t tied up, and was allowed to go at his own pace.

It didn’t take very long until he began thrusting with more fervour, grunting as he did, head spinning with the pleasure of having every inch of his manhood rubbing against those awesome tits.

When she was satisfied the human was properly enthralled by what he was doing, Varayen gingerly repositioned until she were squatting behind Zarena’s head, slightly to her left. She made sure to push her chest out to give the boy another pair to drool over, and despite keeping her mind at the task of bridging his essence with hers, she felt the need to let one hand slide between her thighs to address the wetness that were spreading in her panties. It had been a while since she had taken care of herself like so.

“That’s it my sweet boy,” Zarena breathed with need, licking the upper slope of one of her breasts as she looked up at him. “Thrust hard into my cleavage.”

Wulfshn and Luzella witnessed the bizarre scene with a potent level of suspicion as well as confusion. Their mother seemed positively infatuated with the human, the way she gazed longingly up at him, the way her hands caressed his naked skin, the way she positively begged him to do with her as she pleased. They were both certain in their reasoning that the human belonged to them, and seeing Zarena with him, now, acting both so lovingly and so like a whore with him made their blood boil. They gnashed their teeth, their tails swinging agitatedly behind them, but they remained silent.

Brayton had no chance, rapidly approaching the end. He supported himself with his hands on Zarena’s broad thighs, fucking her cleavage with a passionate need he didn’t realize he possessed, exhaling pleasured groans through gritted teeth. The way she looked up at him pleadingly, biting or licking her lips spurred him on to greater demonstrations of passion, and his surrendering expression said more than words ever could.

“Don’t hold back, my Brayton,” Zarena moaned. “Whatever you do, don’t stop.”

Unable to even nod, whimpers of delight escaping him, his body pressed against the underside of her breasts from his thighs almost all the way up to his chest, Brayton nearly lost consciousness when he came, every muscle of his body hardening to stone as he arched his back. Eyes clenched shut, mouth wide open, he screamed with an ecstasy he previously would have believed impossible, the orgasm ravaging through him as violently as a hurricane.

Despite the size of her, such was the force of his orgasm that rope after thick rope of sticky white seed splurted out of the opposite side of her valley, splashing against her mouth and chin. One blast was actually so powerful it shot all the way over to splatter against one of Varayen’s tits.


When the most forceful of his orgasm began to recede many heavenly seconds later, he opened his eyes to find the world spinning. When he regained control of his breathing, he regarded the two Kazdruk smiling up at him, both of them stained with his semen. He didn’t understand how he had cum so much, but that hardly mattered.

His eyes going from Zarena’s face to Varayen’s, he noticed a glow in the sorceress’e eyes that receded as soon as he noticed it. Still in the throes of the orgasm, not quite thinking clearly, he still felt a chill travel down his spine when their smiles changed into something far more wicked.

“Did you get him?” Zarena asked Varayen.

She nodded. At the time of orgasm, she had chained his essence to that of Zarena, linking them in an unbreakable bond that would keep him enslaved to her in ways no fetters ever could.

“Yes,” Varayen cooed, enjoying how her sinister grin twisted the human’s expression into one of nervous uncertainty.

“He is yours, now.”


Written by J-Cal.

Beyond rage and what had so far been an unquenchable desire to do violence not only upon her captors but also upon the beasts that did with her as they pleased, Wulfshn had exhausted herself where she was restrained in the breeding rack, trying uselessly to fight her way free. Not a single keeat were troubled by her snarls and menacing growls, instead expending their energy on mounting the helpless warrior again and again, fighting each other for the right to go next,

After the alpha had taken its sweet time draining itself inside Wulfshn, the rest of the pack had approached her. Maws dripping with slobber, they barked at each other, snapped at each other’s throats until one managed to bully its way in front to the captive.

Wulfshn had lost count on how many of the brutish beasts had pummeled her. The ground beneath her was a literal pool of keeat seed and saliva, mixing with the sweat that dripped off her naked body from the exertion of being taken roughly and repeatedly.

Rocking forward in her shackles in symphony with the thrusts of the current hound that eagerly thrust into her – not bothered in the slightest of the seed of its packmates already overflowing her womb – the mighty Wulfshn would have made for a pitiful sight were anyone down there her to see her. Mouth slightly open, tongue hanging slack from it, her eyes partially rolled back into her head, the bound Kazdruk woman gasped and mumbled incomprehensibly, barely aware of her surroundings, barely holding on to her anger as she was rocking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

To her shame, the constant rough keeat rape had caused her to have several orgasms of her own. Before fatigue had consumed her, her own howls of forced pleasure had joined with the shrieks of the keeat that either violated her repeatedly, or duelled each other to be next in line.

A part deep, deep in her subconscious remained aware of the unfavourable situation she found herself in, and knew there was absolutely no way out of it without aid. Her captors had fucked her over royally with this trick of theirs, and she had sworn time and time again that her revenge would be gruesome and merciless. For now, no such thoughts mattered, for even her subconscious was unable to remain coherent for long stretches.

As the current keeat behind her dipped its canine erection as deep as it went, its legs slapping into Wulfshn’s red and sore thighs, it spasmed and shuddered as it emptied its balls within her, panting with the effort.

No sooner had the burly beast unmounted that the next in line approached, sniffing Wulfshn’s ravaged nether regions before rising on top of her.

With another pathetic whimper, Wulfshn felt another keeat’s desire to breed.

“You’re going to be the end of me if we don’t get moving again!” Tasha whispered sharply, as loud as she dared.

The two elf-slaves, wearing only collars and loincloths, were standing within a small chamber so very close to one of the Spire’s side-entrances which would be their way out of the hated Kazdruk hub. Tasha had at first not known why Avelyn had led them into this foreboding room – black walls, floor and ceiling bathed in the ethereal, ominous glow of a forest green sphere suspended in mid-air in the chamber’s centre – and having received the explanation, Tasha wished she had not asked.

Avelyn was not sure why she was doing this. She only knew about the existence of these spheres from conversations overheardand knew they were some sort of magical communications arrays that were situated at every floor of the Spire. The one at the top, closest to Yuldasha, was always manned.

They had been lucky there were no one around this particular sphere at the Spire’s ground flood, but the time of night what was had prompted Avelyn to seek it out, Tasha in tow believing she was only occupied with leading them out of the Spire.

Tasha did not agree with Avelyn, but she did not wish to waste any more time debating. If this was what Avelyn wanted to do before they fled, she likely had her reasons, but Tasha would never understand them, and she realized her respect for the former soldier had dwindled to near non-existence.

“Almost done,” Avelyn said, keeping her voice from shaking, keeping her hand steady within the horrid, fleshy and wriggling orb. She was taking an enormous risk doing this thing, she was well aware, but for the life of her she could not bring herself to do nothing.

She wasn’t entirely sure if it would help, if anyone could help, but she at least could say she had tried.

It took her a while to figure out how the sphere worked, how its magic linked with her thoughts to form a message that would be understood by whomsoever received it.

After several attempts, she finally made the sphere connect with her mind, and she wasted no time in inscribing her message.

Talon Leader Luzella is trapped outside this world through portal trickery by Kamri and sorceress Jelthra.

Withdrawing her hand from the womb of the sphere, her arm illuminated by its wraithlike luminescence, she said, “It’s done.” She turned to Tasha, not realizing a tear was pressing out of the corner of her eye. “Let’s go.”

Nodding, knowing it was not a moment too soon, Tasha waited by the door for Avelyn to take point again. Once Avelyn was two paces from the threshold, the metal door slammed shut as though with a mind of its own, and the audible clank of the lock engaging sent shivers down their spines.

“No!” Tasha cried, throwing herself at the door.

Avelyn stood frozen, wondering if she had just doomed them both.

Zarena stepped from the glowing maw of the portal, seething with barely contained rage. Any who looked upon her, however, would see nothing but the calm demeanour with which she cloaked herself. Of all the people in this particular Spire to get herself trapped in an alternate world…

Those who watched her emerge from the rippling, green-blue glowing portal to the ancestral Kazdruk home, Tarasmay, stared only for a moment, until those that recognized her immediately fell to their knees and averted their eyes. Wisely, they gestured for those who remained standing, who did not know the newcomer, to do as they did.

Zarena’s red gaze swept over the prostrate dozen Kazdruk soldiers, put her hands on her wide hips, her tail casually swinging behind her.

“Who commands?” her authoritative voice had a deceptive melodic quality to it. Naturally, she knew Yuldasha was the supreme ruler of the Kazdruk conquest of this world, but the portal had not deposited her into Yuldasha’s throne room. Such an invasion would be poor decorum.

One of the twelve warriors, a burly man with purplish skin stretched over his wide muscles, erected himself, standing half a head shorter than Zarena, which would mean he was roughly the same size as storied Talon Leader Luzella.

The lieutenant kept his eyes cast at her hoofs, but was unable not to let his gaze cascade over her. Tall and beautiful, her body muscular without the toned bulging of a warrior, the woman oozed feminine grace and unwavering authority in equal measure.

Two thick horns corkscrewed from her head, the red eyes regarding him as though he was mere vermin. Her full, sensual lips were pressed shut, awaiting his words, the stud in her nose rising ever so slightly as her nostrils flared. It was hard to keep his eyes from lingering in her exposed cleavage. Her breasts were so massive, evidently so heavy, bones were sewn into the fabric of her corset to help hold them up, like a dam holding back a river. The dark panties barely kept her privates hidden, strips of leather dangling down her thick, shapely thighs.

She had leather cuffs around her wrists, a choker with a silver medallion resting just above her cleavage, and bone earrings. Her long black hair had streaks of crimson in it, and her left bicep arm was ringed by a tattoo. The tight corset, seeming ready to burst at any moment, was held together by smaller pieces of bone rather than regular buttons, leather belts along the flanks helping to keep the corset snug around the woman’s waist.

She was hauntingly beautiful, but the menace that radiated from her caught the seasoned warrior’s voice for precious moments, before he finally retrieved it.


“Very well.” Zarena cut him off. That’s all she needed to know at the moment.

Behind her, another female figure emerged from the portal, before it clenched shut and disappeared, taking with it its otherworldly glow and the low hum it emanated.

“Where do we go?” Zarena addressed the second woman.

The second woman, barely taller than an average human male with silken red skin and golden eyes, came to stand next to Zarena. The top of her horned head was barely higher than Zarena’s nipples.

The second woman, a High Sorceress judging by her long staff crowed with a sinister, glowering red sphere around which orbited five arching horns, closed her eyes, sensing. She wore only black bottoms, a tight black top that had plenty of her on display, dark leather boots and dark pauldrons that seemed to be more decorative than functional.

Varayen and Zarena

When she shook her head, the fine chain around her forehead caused the little crystal in its centre to jostle, as did the chains connecting the jewels on her choker that bridged the jewels and the studs in her nipples. “I can’t sense Luzella anywhere in the Spire, giving credence to the message. If I am to find her, I will need a local planar auger. Only Aeltha is likely to have one of those in this Spire.”

Zarena made no outward gesture, but Varayen knew her mistress had understood what she was saying.

“Have you searched the entire Spire?” Zarena demanded of the lieutenant.

Swallowing, feeling oddly out of place in the woman’s presence, the lieutenant said, “We have searched since the original message was sent, mistress. We have not yet found Luzella, or her supposed captors, but have apprehended the slaves who sent the message.”

“Slaves sent the message?” It was not really a question, Zarena was merely confused why that would be the case. “Don’t answer that. Take us to Aeltha, and have those slaves delivered there as well. And inform Yuldasha that I have arrived.”

“At once, mistress,” the lieutenant saluted, and set his men on the other tasks before he bade the imposing Zarena follow him.

“Are you certain you can locate her?” Zarena asked Varayen as they walked in the lieutenant’s wake.

“Yes,” Varayen replied categorically. Being of such smaller stature than Zarena and the other Kazdruk soldiers escorting them meant she had to keep her strides long to keep up with them, but it was a gait she had perfected decades ago. “I merely need to locate Luzella’s core essence in the void around this world to see which other world it is connected to.”

Accepting this fact silently, Zarena kept her counsel as they ascended the Spire.


The arm hurt like nothing else. It was far worse now than it had been. No time to feel sorry for herself, however. Somehow the Spire was alerted to Luzella’s disappearance, and alerted to the fact that Kamri herself and Jelthra were behind it. Gritting her teeth in frustration as much as agony, Kamri continued to evade the searching guards whilst steadily making her way to the ground floor. She did not wish to find out what would happen if she were caught.

Luckily, she had been granted enough time to seek out the only person in the Spire that could aid her, before the alarm had been raised. Owing a favour to Aeltha was not something she believed to be advantageous for her in the long run, but it had been the price that bought Kamri a new arm.

Or rather, something that was in the process of knitting itself into an arm.

Kamri would never know what utter madness churned within the space of Aeltha’s skull, but similarly she wondered at her own sanity for seeking her aid in the first place. The reason was simple, really, for there had been no other choice. Even if the loss of blood had not killed her, she would likely not last long with a single arm. As such, the only path that had been open to her led to Aeltha’s laboratory.

“It can be mended,” the red-eyed High Sorceress had said matter-of-factly, unimpressed with the stump around which a dripping bandage had been wrapped. “The question is why I would mend it.”

Gnashing her teeth, trying to keep from blacking out, Jelthra’s spell no longer taking the edge of her torture, Kamri had resorted to pitiful pleading in order to convince Aeltha to aid her.

After some consideration, after a foreboding look appeared in her eyes, Aeltha had smiled a smile that sent shudders down the corrupted elf’s spine. “Very well, I believe we can come to an accord.”

“Name it,” Kamri had wheezed, supporting herself against the wall with her remaining hand. Behind her in the doorway, arms crossed beneath her breasts, Jelthra kept quiet, having her own reservations about coming here.

Eyes narrowed and face twisting into something akin to an amiable expression, Aeltha had shrugged. “When I call upon you for my need, you will answer, immediately.”

Swallowing, not liking the sound of it at all, Kamri had nonetheless nodded.

Satisfied with this, Aeltha had retrieved a black, fleshy organism of sorts from inside a clay jar upon one of her many shelves filled to the brim with curiosities and morbidities. In Aeltha’s hand, the writhing clump of darkness seemed the size of a toad, lacking defining features other than that it was a mass of something Kamri could not identify. As it wriggled in Aeltha’s hand, it stretched and oozed an inky substance, like a crushed sponge would release the water it held, before seemingly lapping up its own secretions and contracting once more. It did this over and over as the High Sorceress approached Kamri.

“This will hurt. A lot. And it will keep hurting until its task is done.”

Not asking what Aeltha meant, not caring past her current agonies, Kamri had merely nodded her understanding. With that sinister grin, Aeltha had removed Kamri’s blood-soaked bandages and pressed the wiggling ball of whatever it was against the cut in Kamri’s upper arm. With her free hand, Aeltha drew a symbol in the air next to the black thing that began clinging to Kamri’s stump. Arcane light trailed Aeltha’s finger where she drew in the air until a double helix within a starburst pattern was completed. Speaking three words in some tongue that made the fine hairs on Kamri’s back stand up, the dark ooze wrapped itself around Kamri’s arm and crawled partway up towards her shoulder, stopping the bleeding and covering the stump perfectly.

“One more moment,” was all Aeltha said as Kamri groaned in pain. Fetching a spool of what was clearly not common thread and a needle, Aeltha proceeded to sew all around Kamri’s arm close to the stump. “This is necessary to ensure our friend here does not fall off during its metamorphosis.”

Kamri had not asked. She was in too much pain. The agony was even enough to still her tongue from asking why Neicul was hanging from chains in a dark corner of Aeltha’s quarters.

Completing the sewing and stitching, Kamri was dismissed, told to let the unsettling mass that writhed and pulsed around her stump do its work uninterrupted. In a day or so, the High Sorceress had explained, the thing, working through Aeltha’s spell, would take on the shape of an arm that Kamri would be able to wield as if it was her own, once the mass had finished fusing with her nervous system.

Aeltha had not needed to say it out loud for Kamri to understand that her new arm was some sort of parasite. The difference was, or so Aeltha assured, that Kamri would be controlling it, as opposed to it having a mind of its own.


A few hours later, the parasite had started to grow but was nowhere near resembling an arm. Dark tendrils were shooting up underneath her skin towards her shoulder as the dark blob elongated, currently at work mimicking an elbow joint.

Wheezing, the pain making her sweat, Kamri kept going. She and Jelthra had split up in order to evade the patrols currently looking for them. They didn’t have time to wonder who knew that they had trapped Luzella in another realm, and at the moment it did not matter.

Kamri would meet Jelthra on the ground floor, if she did not pass out from the pain before then as her new “arm” continued grafting itself to her wound.

Finally reaching Aeltha’s workspace, Zarena admitted herself without ceremony, her High Sorceress Varayen in tow, their escort bid to wait outside. The local Spire’s High Sorceress’ chamber was large, dominated by a westward facing window that nearly made up the entirety of the wall, the first rays of morning streaking inside to illuminate the strange room.

Shelves upon shelves of books, trinkets, artefacts and other oddities lined the walls, and in part of the centre of the room, tables and work surfaces packed with vials over flames containing bubbling fluids filled the air with odd, exotic smells. Skulls of various beasts and people were mounted here and there, but if they were decorative or not was not immediately evident. Tools and devices of strange and nefarious designs were neatly lined on tables, the stone floor stained by old blood in several spots.

In the back, in a dark corner partially hidden from her view, Zarena saw a male figure hanging limp from chains around his wrists. The prisoner seemed unconscious, spasming every now and then that caused the chains to rattle softly. Dark lines across his chest showed wounds that had yet to heal.

Standing by one of her tables near the centre of the large stone chamber, the High Sorceress herself stood before a heavy, open tome, the eldritch words upon the ancient pages glowing with a soft purple hue.

Aeltha turned her head lazily to see who dared barge into her quarters uninvited, and her eyebrow arched quizzically when she saw who entered.

“Well, now,” Aeltha said, a hand coming up to brush some of her long, violet locks from her face. “Exalted Zarena, what a surprise. And High Priestess Varayen. Welcome to my lair.”

Zarena was aware Aeltha knew who she was, and who her High Priestess was, but whether or not the respect in her voice was forced or genuine was not known. To be blunt, Zarena did not care. Looking down at the relatively modestly statured woman, Zarena would cut straight to the matter.

“The Home Spire received word a Talon Leader has gone missing, presumably trapped in another world. My High Sorceress claims you have what she needs to retrieve her.”

Aeltha looked puzzled. She had not learned of any disappearance, although now the encounter with Kamri minus one arm seemed more conspicuous. She really ought to learn to ask the lesser dwellers of the Spire of what they were up to, but when she was honest, Aeltha was more intrigued by the opportunity to grow a new arm for Kamri than she was about why she had lost it in the first place.

“Truly?” Aeltha asked, landing her eyes on the golden orbs of the beautiful and skilled High Sorceress, Varayen. Varayen was a magician Aeltha could admit – inside herself – she quite admired, although the dark-haired spellcaster had been mostly retired for many years, now. Varayen’s work, however, would endure forever, and Aeltha had learned many things from Varayen’s research.

For Varayen’s part, she held Aeltha up as an equal. Though younger than herself, the capable High Sorceress to Yuldasha was a supreme talent in the Order of High Magicks, and it would not do for Varayen not to acknowledge the many breakthroughs Aeltha’s research had gained the Kazdruk.

Varayen nodded to her colleague. “Yes, I require a planar auger attuned to this world. With it I can locate the Talon Leader in question and bring her back.”

Aeltha pursed her lips, nodded. “I certainly have one. Might I ask who has gone missing?”
“Luzella,” Zarena said flatly.

This surprised Aeltha. “Really? However did that come to pass?”

“Are you not aware this Spire is in a state of alert because of this?” Zarena said, looking down on the spellcaster, wondering whether or not the soldiers crawling all over this Spire had not dared interrupt her.

Aeltha shook her head. “No I did not.” She walked over to one of the shelves to her right, reached up to the top and retrieved a black and blue crystal. The crystal, black with streaks of dark blue like storm clouds frozen within its centre was a rough teardrop, nearly as long as Aeltha’s forearm.

Aeltha walked over and handed it to Varayen. “How did Luzella, of all people, manage to get herself trapped in another realm?”

Zarena answered in Varayen’s place, bile in her tone. “We should like to ask her that ourselves. As well as her supposed captors, a Kamri and a Jelhtra.”

Now Aeltha was genuinely interested. There hadn’t been this much intrigue on her doorstep in ages. It amused herself not to informed Zarena, the legendary commander, that the accused had been standing where she stood a mere hour ago.

As Varayen took the planar auger, a knock on Aeltha’s open door reverberated.

“Misress Zarena,” a voice called from a warrior who dared not enter without permission. “We have brought the slaves who sent the message.”

“Bring them,” Zarena ordered, waving for the guard to enter.

Stepping back, a firm nod of his head signalled for his two charges to enter. He himself remained standing on the threshold to the corridor beyond Aeltha’s laboratory.

Entering with eyes cast down, clearly unhappy with their situation, two elves wearing only collars and dark red loincloths entered, their hands shackled behind their backs. One was a blonde, fair-skinned thing, the other a dark, exotic figure. They walked a few paces into the room and stood, defeat all but tattooed upon their skin.

“You reported Talon Leader Luzella was missing?” Zarena asked, her tone brooking no hesitation nor falsehood. The trembling elves merely nodded. “How do you know this? How do you know she is in another realm?”

It took a moment before the blonde slave-elf replied. “We overheard Kamri and Jelthra speaking. They said something about trapping her in another dimension through a portal. That is all we know, I swear.”

Suppressing her reaction, Aeltha recalled Kamri skulking about earlier, and she suspected the turned elf had taken something from her chamber. Casting a look at a shelf to the side of the chamber, looking between the trinkets and artefacts related to her planar research, Aeltha then realized what Kamri had stolen. It was a magic imprint stone. Suddenly everything that was happening made perfect sense to the High Sorceress. It was interesting, but she was not about to comment on it. It just meant that Kamri owed her for far more than just her new arm.

Zarena eyed the two of them, suspicious. “Why would two slaves bother to report the disappearance of a prominent Talon Leader?” Thinking of her own question a moment, she asked another question. “To whom do the two of you belong?”

Again, the answer was a while in finding a voice from the fair-skinned one. “We belong to Luzella.”

The oddity of that statement was not lost on anyone in Aeltha’s chamber. Aeltha more than the other two found this to be exceptionally intriguing. All Kazdruk were pitiless where their slaves were concerned, and Luzella was harsher than most, so why one of her playthings would actually report her disappearance raised a whole score of questions.

Clearly Avelyn, Aeltha remembered what the blonde was named, was more broken by Luzella than she likely realized herself.

Uninterested in the blonde’s motives, Zarena pressed on. “You realize of course it will not end well for the two of you if you are being untruthful.”

Neither slave said anything. In fact, the exotic elf had not said a word and was trembling far more than the blonde.

Zarena looked at Varayen. “Do you have what you need?”

“Yes,” said Varayen, her golden eyes aglow with her power. The crystal was suspended above her palm, swirling gently, a torrent of ethereal energy crackling between it and the sphere atop her staff. “I have begun searching for Luzella past the fabric of this reality. It should not take me long to find her.”

Nodding, losing none of her intensity of purpose, Zarena cast her steely gaze back down on the elf slaves as Varayen closed her eyes in concentration. “We shall presently see if you are telling us the truth. For your sake, pray my High Sorceress can locate Luzella.”

Swallowing, Avelyn dared not look up at this imposing woman until she felt the force of her glower turn away. When she did, she gasped, hurriedly throwing her eyes down at her hoofs, dread radiating within her at seeing the emblem upon the disc hanging from the huge Kazdruk’s choker.

It only took a minute of searching before Varayen opened her eyes, the intense magical force behind them enough to flutter all fabric inside the chamber. “There she is. I shall open a portal. Stand back.”

They did at her instruction, and shortly after a tear started ripping through the air in front of Varayen. Starting as a turquoise, jagged line before the High Sorceress, the line expanded, thickened, and then ripped open like someone reaching their fingers into the tear of a shirt and pulling it wider. Crackling forces and an otherworldly drone mounted in intensity as Varayen fought to stabilize the event horizon, using every inch of her arcane genius, her staff and the planar auger to harmonize her powers, to create a doorway between realms.

Within a few heartbeats the tear in the fabric of space and time stabilized into a perfect circle, opening the path between this world and the world where the High Priestess had tracked Luzella’s essence. Whirling before Varayen, droning with the immense powers that were required to bridge one reality to another, the High Sorceress could now keep the doorway open simply by feeding a bit of her powers into the planar auger, the deep blue within the black crystal throbbing with light.

Feeling the gravitational force trying to pull her in, Zarena had to steady herself by planting one hoof half a step in front of herself. The powers at display here were truly immense.

“Well, there she is.” Varayen looked at Zarena, nodded into the portal.

Zarena stepped in front of it, feeling it want to pull her through as though it was a sentient being. The way through the portal appeared like mirrors reflecting mirrors minus her own reflection, seeing the opening to the other world a bit into the distance from the opening Varayen had opened.

With a disgusted grunt, Zarena’s eyes took in the loathsome sight of the mighty Talon Leader Luzella, covered in slime, cum, tentacles and sweat, a brutish keeat mounting her from behind, thick tendrils wrapped all over her body and her massive cock and stuffed into her mouth.

Any single Talon Leader had likely not been in such a deplorable state, and judging by the glassy look in Luzella’s eyes and her slack muscles, she had been at the mercy of these creatures for quite a long time.

Teeth gritting inside her mouth with utter revulsion, Zarena was barely able to retain her composure when she addressed her sorceress. “Release her, if you please.”

Varayen’s eyes squinted, a pensive look on her beautiful face. “No, I cannot.” Before Zarena could speak, she continued, “This is a very special realm. I call it a ‘balance world’. It is unlike most other realities to which we can portal because it is quite possessive, hence the gravitational pull we feel. It is a world that is a cosmic superbeing, all of it part of a greater body that defies our comprehension, at least at the moment.”

“How can that be?” Zarena sounded unconvinced, mouth twisted in repulsion, not sure she fully comprehended what Varayen was saying. “There are keeats in there. How can something that exist in our world exist in such a place?”

Varayen shook her head. “I do not know for certain. I can venture an educated guess, however, and my guess is that whoever originally opened the portal to this specific realm had keeats in his or her thoughts when the connection was first created. Through the powers of which this balance world exist, the keeats were spawned from the caster’s own mind.”

Zarena’s face soured, and looking at Luzella in such a contemptible state was not helping. “How do we retrieve her, then?”

“It is quite simple, really,” Varayen said, careful to keep feeding the planar auger her power so that the portal remained stable. “I call it a ‘balance world’ because something cannot be taken out of it without leaving something within it. Once something has been added, a similar entity must take its place before what was originally added can be removed.”

“How do you know this?” Aeltha asked, unable to keep her professional curiosity from surfacing. She had never heard of such a place before.

“Because in my youth I once discovered such a world on accident whilst doing portal research. I spent quite a while in there before I managed to escape.”

Aeltha nodded, smiling inwardly at the implication. She wondered who Varayen had trapped in that world to facilitate her own escape. Aeltha’s admiration for the retired High Sorceress could yet increase.

Zarena, understanding enough of the situation, looked at the two elves cowering next to her. “Will any person do to take Luzella’s place?”

“Yes,” Varayen said immediately. “A life for a life. The quality of the life does not matter.”

Zarena stepped over to the elves. Before Avelyn knew what was happening, she heard Tasha shriek, begging. In a heartbeat the large Kazdruk had dragged Tasha, kicking and screaming, to the threshold of the portal, and without a second thought or change of expression, tossed her in.

An ear-shattering shriek emanated from Tasha as she fell, horizontally, through the maw of the portal, falling head over heels onto the spongy, seemingly living ground of the horrid world beyond.

As soon as Tasha had landed, the tentacles released Luzella and seized the helpless elf, pinning her to the ground. The keeat that had just deposited its seed into the Talon Leader barked at the intrusion, but oddly enough, the entire pack scampered off, away from Luzella and the elf.

Luzella lay flat on her belly, seemingly unaware of her surroundings.

“Will another person upset the balance?” Zarena asked.

Varayen knew what she meant. “I am unsure.”

Zarena turned to the blonde. “Get in there and help your master.”

Still shocked that Tasha was cast into that horrific realm, Avelyn was unable to speak or act.

She cried in pain when Zarena’s strong hand seized her arm, and before she knew it, she too was being thrown into that dreadful place.

Screaming with terrors before unknown, a smaller part of Avelyn reflected on the bizarre sensation of falling sideways through the terrifying tunnel between worlds. Only when she neared the far end did she start losing elevation, until she landed on an equally bizarre deck once she cleared the portal.

Tumbling and skidding to a halt, it took a few seconds for Avelyn to get her bearings, and she had never before experienced such a potent feeling of displacement and confusion wreaking havoc on her senses.

The ground beneath her felt like she was lying atop the naked skin of a giant, warm and giving slightly under her weight, and deep down under her she swore she felt a pulse, as if there was some massive heart beating far, far underneath.

Disgusted and terrified in equal measure, Avelyn carefully stood up, fighting the desire to void the contents of her stomach. The swirling in her head, the alien, odd smell and the proverbial purple film across her eyes made her entire sense of self twirl as though in a hurricane, and it took several moments of effort to rise to her feet.

Panting, her confusion fighting her revulsion, wide eyes took in her surroundings. In front of her was the twirling maw of the portal, and in the distance she could see the terrifying silhouette of Zarena. Even though she could not see her features, Avelyn got the distinct impression the woman who was taller even than Luzella was already displeased with the time Avelyn had so far spent in the other world.

Feeling ill at place for more reasons than she could count, remembering clearly Varayen’s description that this place might be within some sort of massive creature that defied comprehension and all laws of nature she was aware of, Avelyn managed to summon enough willpower to move. The faster she did so, the faster she would – hopefully – be returning through the portal. It was no point wondering whether or not she would be allowed to return without Luzella.

Walking unsteadily on the strange ground, feeling the dull background drone of whatever this hellish place was pierce her ears all the way into her brain, Avelyn eventually flopped to her knees next to Luzella.

The Talon Leader was covered in dried semen and drool, some still wet, flowing over her muscles. She was breathing deeply, staring blankly at nothing. Avelyn recognized the look, realized her own eyes usually appeared as thus once Luzella had had her way with her. For whatever twisted reason, Avelyn pitied Luzella.

She touched Luzella’s shoulder, received no indication that the Kazdruk was even aware of her presence.


The Talon Leader did not move.


Again there was no response.

Feeling helplessness begin its slow transformation to hopelessness, Avelyn looked around, desperate to find something with which to aid her.

Her eyes landed on Avelyn, struggling equally desperate against the encroaching tentacles. Already the dripping, slick purple appendages had seized the elf’s limbs, pinning her down and spreading her legs wide. Yet more tentacles were sliding up the insides of her thighs, aimed at her vulnerable openings. A scream of despairing defiance allowed another tentacle to slip into her mouth, gagging her pleas, probing into her throat, around which another tentacle coiled to keep the elf under control.

Tears streaking her face, knowing but not truly appreciating the fate Tasha was being condemned to, Avelyn, grasping at any straws she could in order to reach through to Luzella, leaned closer, spoke softly into the Talon Leader’s ear.

“Do you hear that?” she said, just as another muffled scream escaped Tasha as the tentacles started wriggling their way into her remaining orifices. “You slave Tasha’s horrified cries?” Avelyn sniffled, forcing herself to simply work on solving her current problem, shutting her own feelings away for now. “She is begging for your attention.”

This time, there was a twitch in Luzella’s ear, but her blank expression remained unchanged.

Watching the little elf attempt to help Luzella, knowing she was likely doing all she could, Zarena was growing impatient all the same. Her initial wrath with Luzella’s monumental fuckup was starting to recede, and yet a potent sense of irate anger remained bubbling close to the surface.

“I am starting to understand the disappointment you must have felt towards Eylen,” Zarena said matter-of-factly, looking at the elf through the portal, seeing a small movement of Luzella’s hand.

Varayen nodded, a brief mental image of her sorceress-daughter Eylen ghosting past. “Indeed. I fear that is a sensation that has not lessened in time.”

Arms crossed, Zarena turned her head to look down at her companion. “How long do you intend to let her remain there?”

“Another year or so. I need to know she fully appreciates the depths of her failures, how she has wounded her clan’s pride. She will remain with the elven priestess, imprisoned in that tentacle hell and mercilessly used for now. She needs to understand she is doomed to that fate for all eternity, thoroughly, so that when I finally do pull her out of there, she will have ample motivation to step up her game. To not drag my reputation down with her.”

Zarena had to admire Varayen’s ruthlessness, her ambivalence to her daughter’s fate. They should all be as strong of will as Varayen was.

Mumbling, cobwebs in her mind blinding both her vision and her senses, Luzella was made aware of a distant, echoing voice. There was something familiar about it, something she felt like she should recognize.

The voice continued speaking, but Luzella was unable to recognize the words. The tone was what she tried to hold on to. It had a comforting quality to it, a quality that soothed her deep within, yet she did not understand why or how. Farther away, even quieter, screams that somehow delighted Luzella reverberated now and again.

“…ease stand up.”

It was difficult to hear, but eventually she managed to pick out the odd word.

Help. Portal. Come. Leave. Dangerous. Tasha.

Like the dawning sun slowly but meticulously erasing the shadows of night, the familiar voice banished the darkness in Luzella’s mind, bit by bit, piece by piece, until she regained some semblance of control.

She gasped for air when her eyes suddenly regained their function, but she had to blink several times and hard, understanding they’d been kept open for far longer than what was comfortable.

“Wh… what? Who?”

Her voice felt pitiful, her throat dry. Clearing it did not immediately help. Running her tongue inside her mouth caught the residual taste of something salty.

“Luzella! It’s me, it’s Avelyn! You need to stand up!”

Groggily, feeling as though her body was pinned beneath the Spire itself, she managed to move her head enough to allow her eyes to drink in the splendid vision of Avelyn, naked but for a loincloth and the collar around her neck.

The confusion on Luzella’s face was all Avelyn needed. Clearly she was out of it. Who knew how long this world had raped her into submission?

“We need to leave, Luzella. Can you stand up?”

Accepting Avelyn’s words, too tired to try to make sense of anything but somehow knowing she did not wish to be where she was, Luzella started to stand up. It was slow going, one planted hand before the other, one knee to support her weight following the second, a slow rise to unsteady hoofs. As she moved, she thought her skin was covered in something. It felt both wet and crusty.

Avelyn aided as best she could, taking some of Luzella’s significant mass by draping one of the Talon Leader’s arms around her.

“Follow me,” Avelyn said, pointing them towards the swirling portal, momentarily puzzled why there was no gravitational pull on this side trying to suck them through.

Allowing herself to be guided by the little elf, having enough trouble just to put one hoof in front of the other, Luzella shambled towards the otherworldly light in front of her, trusting that Avelyn knew what she was doing.

Behind them, the tentacles were doing their best to break in the new visitor, emptying gallons of sticky white cum into every opening. As soon as one tentacle retreated from a hole, another took its place. Sobbing as best as she was able with yet another tentacle deep in her throat, another deep in her ass and a third poised to stab into her pussy, Tasha was all too aware that Avelyn and Luzella were stepping into the portal.

Leaving her to the relentless attention of the tentacles.

Tasha & Tentacles

When they exited the portal on the other side, Luzella toppled to her knees, taking Avelyn with her. Behind them, the portal closed without further ceremony, cutting Aeltha’s laboratory from the balance world.

Heaving for air, barely strong enough to hold herself on her hands and knees, Luzella’s eyes eventually landed on Zarena’s hooves, which stood directly in front of her. Sliding her gaze upwards, taking in more and more of a shapely, grand female Kazdruk, her heart nearly ceased beating as her eyes widened in shock, seeing the face scowling down at her.

Luzella’s voice failed her several times, until she barely managed more than a mumble.


Arms still crossed, eyes narrowed in revolted anger, Zarena turned her attention to the Kazdruk soldier standing in the doorway.

“Have you found my other daughter, Wulfshn?”


Written by J-Cal.

Snarling in frustration and erupting in a scream of utter hatred, the portal slid shut before Luzella’s glowering eyes. Taking with it its soft growl and ethereal illumination, it left behind silence and darkness.

Huffing with the potent high of combat, clutching her halberd in a painful grip as her teeth gnashed to the point of almost shattering, Luzella looked around, finding herself in an otherworldly place that defied anything the Kazdruk warrior had before witnessed.

A dull, rhythmic drone in the inner channels of her ears gnawed at her, as though trying to make pinpricks in her sanity or attempting to peck away her mental fortitude like a mad carver employing a needle on a block of granite.

Luzella was in a cavernous tunnel of sorts, the length of it far longer than what her eyes could see in either direction. The walls, ground and ceiling looked more akin to flesh than stone or anything that would be used to construct such a canal, glistening and wet. Tendrils, tubes and growths all over pulsed and oozed a viscus substance that the floor appeared to absorb through tiny pores.

Squinting, Luzealla shook her head. It was as though she was seeing everything through a window, the panes of which were ever so lightly tinted violet. Rubbing her eyes did not remove the colouration, making her both unsure and annoyed.

Everything about her surroundings felt strange, looked strange, felt wrong and looked wrong. Over the decades, Luzella had raided and pillaged her way through vast parts of the world, and yet, she had never before seen a place that compared to this.

Beneath her hooves the ground was damp and slightly soft, as though she stood on a great piece of leather armour that had been stretched far wider than should be possible. It felt like standing on a patch of moss, spongy but capable of supporting her weight. Odd, gnarled roots the appearance of hardened intestines sprawled from the ground hither and dither, their function a mystery. Walking on the alien ground, taking care to distribute her significant bulk lest the bizarre surface cause her to loose her footing, she stepped closer to the nearest wall, her face twisted in confusion and dread fascination.

The walls seemed made of a nightmarish membrane, ribbed and organic, tinted purple like everything else. Hesitatingly putting a couple of fingers against the surface, she recoiled at the wall’s response to her touch by puckering and jiggling.

Confronted with thoughts she had not had the need for since she was barely old enough to stand, Luzella tried to quell the uneasy sensations churning up inside of her. She tried reasoning with herself, convince herself she was not, in fact, starting to feel a little frightened. It was just unfamiliar, that was all.

Perhaps it was the organic nature of the cavern, the way every colour seemed tainted by purplish-blue, the fact that she appeared to be in the middle of a tunnel with no discernible way out. Claustrophobia and helplessness clawed at her mind in tune with the unyielding humming in hear ears. Looking next to her once more, the seemingly endless tunnel vanished into the blackness in the distance, like a howling maw into the abyss.

For the first time, Luzella felt out of place, small and insignificant, without an inkling of what to do.

As soon as the first inkling of that pitiful emotion – fear – started bubbling its way up her body, Luzella stomped it down. She was a Talon Leader, a champion of Yuldasha whose blade had felled countless warriors and whose cock had fucked captives and slaves beyond numbers. She did not become afraid.

She was only partially successful in convincing herself.

Cursing the two scheming cowards Kamri and Jelthra who had tricked her into their trap, Luzella was already picturing what she would do to the two dumb cunts when she got back to the Spire. She’d fuck their asses, brutally hard, while squeezing their very life from their throats. Shooting her load into them, knowing her volume and the power of her ejaculation would force the semen up into their gullets, she would be suffocating them from both within and without. A meagre punishment for their scheme, but it would nonetheless please Luzella to no end.

There must be a way out, she thought, putting aside her ideas for revenge for when she would need them, and focusing her efforts on the here and now. Looking down one length of the fleshy tunnel, then the other, Luzella already knew she had nothing with which to base any decision upon. Therefore, she simply picked a direction and began moving, walking awkwardly on the weird surface, but at least having a purpose would help banish her feeling of entrapment and helplessness.

Agonized, yowls spilling from grinding teeth, Kamri walked unsteadily, clutching at her bloody stump. Luzella’s halberd had made a clean cut, severing the elf’s left hand just above her elbow through her bicep. The pain was excruciating. The blood loss was the real concern, however.

She had blacked out for a few minutes by the spot where she had succeeded in trapping Luzella in the portal. When she woke, her nose was in a puddle of her own warm viscera. As the world slowly reasserted itself, her swimming vision seeing Brazeek’s corpse nearby, the knife that had killed him jutting out of his chest where it punctured his heart, Kamri soon remembered the triumph that had just taken place.

And realized with some dread that she would not be alive to savour it lest she act quickly. Getting to her feet, stumbling over to Brazeek, she ripped off a strip of his clothing and wound it tightly around where her arm had used to be. The poor dressing soaked through immediately, but it was better than nothing.

Below, she found where Jelthra had plummeted to the ground following Luzella’s violent attack. The sorceress was breathing, looking to be in one piece, but unconscious. Stopping, supporting herself against the wall, forcing strength to return to her muscles as she tried to block out the radiating pain gripping her mauled arm, Kamri for a moment contemplated simply leaving.

Sighing, then inhaling sharply through her teeth as a new wave of horrendous pain washed over her, Kamri intimately knew she would not have succeeded in her ploy to trap Luzella without the human. While it would be easier to leave her – likely bestowing upon her a grisly fate depending who found her first – Kamri walked down to the ring below, over to Jelthra, blood dripping from her wound.

“Jelthra…” Kamri tested her voice, found it came out with all the fluidity of sand. Clearing her throat and wetting her lips, she tried again. “Jelthra!”

The human stirred, a jolt through her body causing her abundant bosom to ripple in her tight garb. Groaning, a hand coming up to her head, Jelthra’s amber eyes slowly adjusted.

“Ooh, whaz happened?” The hand snapped away from her head, a look of shock taking hold of her expression. “Where is Luzella?”

Kamri snorted. It was all the mirth she could summon. “Cunt’s gone. That’s all that matters.” She had always thought she’d be able to gloat more if she ever succeeded with the plan, but given her current status, gloating seemed trivial.

“Whaz happened?” Jelthra asked, her features twisting once again to something resembling concern when she noticed Kamri’s arm.

“We need to go before I bleed out,” Kamri said flatly, trying to hide the pain from her words and only partially succeeding. She set off without waiting for the sorceress.

“Wez need to see to zat wound!” Jelthra coughed, unsteadily getting to her feet. A hand supported her stomach where Luzella’s strike had connected, sending her spiraling down from the level above. By some miracle, nothing had broken, but taking deep breaths ached terribly, as did moving too fast.

Seeing to the cut was one thing, however Kamri already had another idea. They’d get somewhere away from the north fighting ring to distance themselves from the scene of their victory – Brazeek’s dead body notwithstanding – where the spellsword could do what she could for her pain. Additionally, they’d dress the wound better.

After that, as Kamri had no intensions of living with a single arm, she would approach the only person who was likely able to aid her, no matter how dangerous she was or what she might demand in payment.


The muffled sound of furtive, naked feet ceased whenever someone went past. Peering out of the corner ever so carefully, they let the two guards be about their way before they darted out. Sticking to the shadows, hugging the walls whenever possible and never risking exposure, the pair had so far succeeded in creating considerable distance between themselves and their cage.

The key she had received from Wulfshn had done its job. The demonstration that it would unlock the cage was all the motivation she had needed to make the bargain with Luzella’s twisted sibling. They had sold Wulfshn their silence, letting her take the human boy – Brayton – from Luzella’s chamber to do whatever she wanted to. Knowing Wulfshn’s perverse desires almost as intimately as she knew Luzella’s, she had a very good idea what the younger sister wanted the human for. Likely the same reason why Luzella had chained the human up in her chamber for in the first place. Having listened to the male’s gagged moans as he weathered Luzella’s forced milking had not disturbed her in the least. In fact, she had simply been happy Luzella had focused her attention elsewhere for a little while, wringing the human dry of his seed with her fingers deep in his ass.

Being completely honest with herself, Avelyn had found the show put on by Luzella and her new human plaything somewhat arousing, but she did not care one iota about why Wulfshn had stolen him from Luezlla’s chamber, nor what was happening to him now. All that mattered was making her escape with Tasha. Luzella had not come back to her chamber after she’d had her fun with Brayton, and as time had passed, Avelyn dared not wait any longer.

The magical key Wulfshn had given her to persuade her not to inform Luzella of Brayton’s whereabouts had so far unlocked every door she had inserted it into, making their unseen passage through the Spire far easier.

The two elves wore only what they’d had in their cages, wine-red loincloths and the oppressive metal collars about their necks. As they ran, they kept the hoops in front of their collars pressed down to keep it from clattering and clinking, their supple chests bounding with their strides.

They turned a corner to face a corridor they had no choice but to traverse, and she knew the twenty-one doors set to either side of the hallway housed mid-ranking leaders of the Kazdruk war parties. The fact that it was night was no guarantee that those doors would remain undisturbed for the precious seconds they would need to get to the other side, not least because the sleepless nature of the Spire meant anyone could be around any corner at any time.

Worse still was that one of the doors about two thirds of the way down on the left was slightly open, candlelight spilling into the corridor that was illuminated by a few sconces set in the wall after every seventh door.

“What should we do?” Tasha whispered, still nervous, her voice always on the verge of trembling. Avelyn’s senses were on edge as well, but she seemed to handle the stresses of their escape in progress better than her dark-skinned cousin.

“We need to go, and we have no time to lose. Remember the plan, if confronted we act inconspicuous, say we’re getting something for Luzella.”

Tasha nodded, but Avelyn could feel her apprehension.

“We stop in front of the open door and check if it is safe to pass, before we pass.” Avelyn added, trying to sound more confident than she was for Tasha’s sake. Tasha swallowed.

They started down the hallway, light on their feet, controlling their breathing as best as they were able. Before long they stood as flat as they could against the wall before the slightly open door. Grunts could be heard from inside, and Avelyn noticed a bead of nervous sweat roll down her cheek.

Leaning in slowly, holding her breath, feeling her heart thunder in her chest, Avelyn’s green eyes dared to peek inside the room, hoping to find the occupant preferably sleeping, or at least with the back against the door.

No such luck, however.

In a squat leather chair, facing the door, sat a red-skinned brute of a warrior. His obscene musculature glistened with a faint sheen of perspiration in the soft glow of half a dozen candles inside his chamber. The head was half shaven, the half that did have thick black tresses hanging down the same side of his head. The big eyes were looking down, an appearance of lust and disgust in equal measure within them.

Avelyn then realized what the warrior’s attention was fixed on, and what was making those struggling groans.

Between the male’s powerful, spread thighs, a captive woman was clearly struggling to breathe. It took no amount of imagination to understand that she had the warrior’s cock in her throat, and by the way the male’s big hand held the back of her head down, it was safe to assume her nose was pressed up against his belly. She was tiny compared to her captor, the way Avelyn was tiny compared to Luzella.

Wet, gargling sounds was the only way the dark-skinned elf with long black hair could communicate. She was naked, her hands bound tightly behind her back with a leather thong, her curvaceous, fit body covered in sweat. Her chest was significant enough that Avelyn could see them even from behind, and the pool of spit under her was witness to the fact that the warrior’s manhood had been spearing down her throat for a good while already.

Feeling bad for the elf but knowing there was literally nothing she could do to help her without risking her and Tasha’s chance for escape, Avelyn made the only decision she could, and prepared to pass the door. It was clear the warrior’s attention was not directed at the doorway, so if they were quick and quiet, he would never notice their passing.

As wet choking noises kept spilling into the corridor, Avelyn gestured to Tasha that they would be continuing. Nodding anxiously, trusting that Avelyn would not be attempting the cross unless it was somewhat safe, Tasha prepared to follow.

Avelyn dashed past the open slit immediately. As Tasha followed, she nearly stumbled when she cast a look inside. Not because of the brutal act that was taking place in there, now culminating with the warrior filling his captive’s belly with his seed as indicated by his loud moan and the way his head was leaning back, but because Tasha noticed the tribal design tattooed on the female elf’s lower back.

Not realizing she was standing in the partially open doorway, mouth agape, she was violently yanked aside by Avelyn who held Tasha’s arm in an iron grip as they left the corridor and took refuge in a dark corner.

“What are you doing?” Avelyn asked, her whisper a menacing hiss.

Shaking her head, knowing she had just risked both their lives, Tasha shook her head, whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

Around the corner, back in the corridor they had just passed through, loud masculine groans kept reverberating across the stone walls.

“That woman in there,” Tasha began, visibly upset. “I think she’s from the neighbouring village to mine in Zelkathorn.”

“How can you possibly know that”? Avelyn snapped, not really interested in such things at the moment.

“Her tattoo! That design, I am almost positive it is a mark of that particular tribe.”
Avelyn shook her head. “Even if it is, there’s nothing we can do for her. That brute will do with her as he will, as will every one of our captors in this place with all of the prisoners. We have to think about ourselves, and we have to go, right now.”

Tasha nodded, fighting back a tear, trying and failing not to picture her own mouth stretched around a fat member, her belly forcibly filled with thick Kazdruk goo.

“I’m sorry, yes, lead on,” Tasha whispered, composing herself as best she could. Avelyn was right, of course. They could only look after themselves now.”

Nodding, still a little on edge after Tasha’s hesitation, Avelyn moved on, silently with Tasha in tow.

They made their way ever down, slowly but methodically, avoiding the odd patrol and other slaves about their business, not daring to be seen by anyone though knowing most slaves would avoid them, and most Kazdruk would not deign to look upon them.

Descending a narrow spiral staircase, Avelyn dragged Tasha into a shadowed alcove as she heard voices from down below. As they pressed themselves out of view of the stairwell, holding their breaths, the voices grew louder, making it very clear that whoever were below would be passing the two slaves.

“…dripping blood through zee bandages,” a feminine voice said.

“I know!” another female voice snapped, though her shout seemed weak. “Just… stop talking about it. I promise you I can feel that I’ve lost a dangerous amount of blood. We just… we just…”

“Here,” the first voice said, and Avelyn’s and Tasha’s collective breath caught in their throat when they realized the pair had stopped just outside the alcove. If they turned the corner, they would be discovered.

“Take it easy,” the first woman continued. “I’ll weave a simple zpell on you. It should help alleviate your light-headedness. There, like zo. But wez need to hurry.”

“Yes,” the second voice said, sounding more drowsy than weak now. “Yes, not a moment to lose.”

As receding steps sounded above them, the slaves sighed with relief, feeling their hearts hammer their ribcages. Avelyn thought she recognized the voices. The first one sounded very much like Jelthra, the human, Kazdruk turncoat. The second she believed belonged to Kamri. It wouldn’t be unusual for those two to be in close proximity. But why did Kamri sound so feeble?

“At least that cunt Luzella is finally gone,” Kamri said a weak chuckle, the spell having rendered her numb to the pain, but had her sounding inebriated as though drunk.

“Yes, yes, trapping her in zat dimension was a great success, thanks to zee portal. Now hush. You need to conserve every bit of your strength until we get up to…”

The voices faded away above.

“Let’s go.” Tasha nudged Avelyn when she still stood rooted to the spot, pressing her naked back against the cold stone wall. “What are you waiting for?”

Avelyn looked wide-eyed at nothing in particular, dread settling on her face and stealing the colour from her cheeks. What was that they said? Luzella was gone? Trapped in another dimension by magical trickery?

Part of Avelyn knew she should be rejoicing. Her captor, tormentor and abuser was gone! She would be truly free if she could escape the Spire!

That part of her, however, seemed distant. Tiny. For whatever reason she could not fathom, she felt a tingle of despair as a knot in her belly.

A hundred sensations and thoughts stormed through her head, tearing her this way and that, making her weak of knees and arms. What did this all mean?

She was free of Luzella, now. She should be ecstatic, especially being so close to the Spire’s ground floor. She would run away and never ever be raped or tortured by the huge red-skinned warrior-woman again.

Then, why was a plan to save Luzella forming in her mind?

Time had ceased to have meaning.


Beyond enraged with her own inaptitude to find a solution to her conundrum, as well as with the gross organic nature of the caverns she traversed only to find more of the same, not certain if she was walking in circles, Luzella gave in to her violence.

Slashing at the fleshy walls, the halberd held in both hands in a grip that threatened to shatter the shaft, Luzella screamed and bellowed. Meaning to tear her way out of whatever hellhole the whores Kamri and Jelhtra had sent her two, she swore again and again to take such violent revenge on them both that there’d be nothing left with which to identify the remains once she was through with them.

The walls, ever acting like they were part of something that was alive, oozed a thick black substance, like blood, from the walls where Luzella had cut, tremors around the wounds speaking of some base intelligence that hurt, wanting to get away from what sliced it.

Adding to her frustration, Luzella found she could not rend the wall open. The meaty substance of the wall was unusually dense, resisting the bite of the metal, allowing her to merely draw shallow grooves in it. It was as though some resistant sinew beyond the skin of the walls deflected the blows of her halberd’s axe, refusing her to cut deeper.

With a final frustrated and furious growl, Luzella tossed the weapon aside and kicked at the wall in a juvenile gesture of defiance.

Panting, hands on her hips, Luzella bit her lip as she forced herself to calm down. Such random acts of violence would clearly get her nowhere. She needed to compose herself.

As her breathing grew less laboured, she noticed sounds she had not yet before heard over that constant, maddening drone she had heard ever since arriving in this nightmarish realm. It was like slithering, one noise atop the other, distant, muted.

Puzzled, turning one pointy ear towards the sound, Luzella soon identified the slithering came from somewhere beyond the wounds she had put in the wall.

Mouth slightly open in confusion, trying to make sense of what she was hearing, she stepped closer. Her hoofs had long since grown accustomed to treading on the partially soft organic floor, but she still had to mind her steps to keep her balance.

Putting an ear close to one of the rifts she had sliced across the wall, about as long as her arm from fingertips to shoulder, Luzella’s eyes narrowed as she tried to identify what it was she was hearing.

Abruptly, sending Luzella staggering backwards, several dozen snakes shot out of the wounds in the wall, breaking the cuts open from within and flying through the air towards the Kazdruk Talon Leader.

Except, Luzella noticed with wide eyes as she felt herself fly back from the wall in slow motion, those weren’t snakes.

They were bulbous-headed purple tentacles, the slit at the end of each leaking a thick white substance.

Luzella seized the two tentacles closest to her in her fists, discovering holding onto them was challenging, for they were drenched in a viscous, slippery liquid, like warm slime. Holding them away from her was not deterring the rest of them, however, and Luzella snarled as they came for her.

Tentacles came to wrap around her horns, her outstretched arms and her neck. With the strength of a platoon of Kazdruk, the leaking tentacles toppled Luzella, who now found herself on her hands and knees with her head close to the wall from which the tentacles sprouted.

Sneering, trying to fight them off, Luzella’s reason told her she was already immobilized, but her mounting anger overshadowed all logic as she tried, fiercely, to free herself.

Holding on to the two tentacles she had seized was doing nothing to aid her, but she kept gripping them hard, trying to think of what she could do that would help her. As she roared in angry frustration, a tentacle wedged itself into her mouth.

A muffled cry of ignoble words were stifled by the thick tentaclehead in her mouth, which was already secreting a salty cream on her tongue. It was so wide it stretched Luzella’s jaw, robbing her of the leverage she needed to bite down hard. She tried to pull away but the rest of her assailants kept her down. Particularly, the tentacles coiled around her horns, forcing her head down, was doing a good job of holding the strong Kazdruk in place.

Struggling frantically to no avail, Luzella felt more tentacles wrap around her body, felt the warm slickness of slime on her skin and the dragging of the tentacles on her. Presently some of the tentacles began wedging their way inside her clothing and armour, stripping the Talon Leader where she kneeled.

Kicking her legs did nothing useful, and the more the tentacles wrapped themselves around her the more helpless she became. All of her powerful muscles rippled and flexed as she tried to free herself, but the sheer amount of slithering appendages had no trouble holding her down.

More or less naked but for a few tattered pieces of cloth and armour now, Luzella’s heavy tits dangled underneath her, soon under attack by tentacles that poked and prodded them. Her sculpted, powerful ass was likewise exposed, pointing up as though she was a breeding mare ready for the stallion to mount her.

The embarrassing pose was one thing, Luzella thought in a short moment of coherent thought, but the helplessness to do anything about it was what really rankled her. She didn’t give up her fight, however.

A pitiful moan escaped her stuffed mouth when she felt tentacles wrap around her balls and cock. The friction of slimy tentacles around her nether regions was, despite her attempts to deny it, making her member respond, causing it to rise and lengthen.

Behind her, another tentacle was rubbing its bulbous tip against Luzella’s exposed asshole, smearing the puckered opening with slime as well as the white goop it excreted from the slit in the head. It pressed its way into Luzella, and no amount of puckering or gagged shrieks would keep it from sinking all the way inside.

Her massive cock was soon fully erect, already leaking pre-cum because her body produced so much of it. Tentacles coiled around her, rubbed against her testicles, making her feel good despite her attempts to avoid it.

As the countless tentacles rubbed all over her and inside of her, some started spewing hot tentacle cum on Luzella, the sticky substance mixing with slime and the Kazdruk’s own sweat all over her body and in her hair.

Disgusted and angrier than she could recall having ever before been, Luzella redoubled her efforts. It would make for quite a pathetic spectacle had anyone seen the strong, mighty Talon Leader shudder uselessly as a tangle of tentacles fucked her mouth and ass, more tentacles still wrapped around her erection and her limbs.

The tentacles evidently got off quickly, and often, but little regard was given to switch places. The tentacle in her ass kept thrusting and pumping seed into her colon, the tentacle in her mouth kept prodding her gullet and depositing yet more spooge straight into Luzella’s belly. All over her the tentacles were rubbing and cumming, even succeeding in wringing out a few spurts of Luzella’s own seed with the incessant rubbing of her cock.

Her insides filled up from two fronts, Luzella soon began feeling somewhat bloated.

It was hard to say how long Luzella spent there, at the mercy of the tentacles, wet sounds of fucking, slithering and copious amounts of semen dripping to the organic floor, but not once did the Talon Leader consider giving in. Her body was tiring of the constant struggling, however.

A low growl from behind her caught Luzella’s attention, but she was not able to turn her head, the damnable, wretched tentacles still holding her horns in iron grips. It reminded Luzella of the throaty menace of a keeat, but surely that was impossible, as she was in some strange, distant place, far away from the kennels of the Spire.

Another growl, louder now, closer, now, washed over Luzella from behind, other barks sounding further away in the distance.

Confused, flinching when whatever was behind her barked loudly, she was equally surprised to feel the tentacle in her ass retreating, as did those that had been playing with her cock and balls.

Sniffing from behind her grew closer to her ears, until she saw a shape materialize next to her face. Turning her head as much as she was able to, she saw the muzzle of a purple keeat with glowing blue eyes leer at her. Its nostrils flared, assessing her.

Confounded, wondering what was going on, Luzella’s mind soon reached a shocking conclusion when she reminded herself just what sort of position she was in. Though the tentacles had slithered away from her ass and crotch, she was still held down with her ass in the air.

“Don’t even think about it, mutt,” she wanted to say, but the tentacle still in her mouth remained there.

Blasting Luzella’s face with a torrent of exhalation, thick strings of slobber dangling from its maw, the large keeat turned away, stepped away from Luzella’s head. Finding new strength with which to attempt liberation, knowing exactly what was coming, Luzella had precisely as much luck trying to free herself now as every attempt that had preceded it.

Sniffing between Luzella’s moist, tentacle-cum-covered thighs, the big beast lumbered forward, put one paw atop the Kazdruk, then the other, manoeuvring its bulky form into position as it put its weight onto the Kazdruk.

Try as she might to prevent it, Luzella, mighty Luzella, could not avert her tight ass from being invaded by a throbbing keeat erection. Screaming with shame as much as anger, Luzella ferociously struggled, summoning strength she did not know she could call upon.

She might as well have tossed a leaf into a hurricane and told it to remain still, for all the good it did her. The only thing that happened was that the tentacle in her mouth receded, trailing yet more thick semen. Its sudden limp feeling told Luzella it was only coming out because it was spent.

Luzella_trouble1 fi

The keeat bucked into her, slapping its thighs against the Talon Leader’s firm butt, driving its canine member as deep into Luzella as it would go. It grunted in satisfaction as Luzella let out a wordless gasp.

Gritting her teeth, trying to swing her tail like a lash at the beast just to be doing something – anything – to show she was still fighting naturally amounted to nothing.

The keeat slammed into her again, making her rock forward in the tentacles’ embrace.

Growling, unable to stop the beast, Luzella had a brief moment of pause at the sound of growls and howls in the distance, reminding her that there was likely an entire pack closing in.

“I swear I will slaughter you all,” she spat, emptying her mouth of tentacle-batter. The taste of salt was overpowering.

Unamused by the mare’s outburst, the keeat continued thrusting into her, soon depositing its significant load of hot slime deep into Luzella’s intestine, giving the Talon Leader the gift of increasing her bloated sensation.

It did not stop, however, only kept rocking into the glowering captive who was held in place by the tentacles, impotent to do anything to stop it from fucking as long as it pleased.

As more beasts approached from behind, Luzella was suddenly confronted by the very real fear that there might be absolutely no way out of her situation.