Humans are the most common inhabitants of the world, and the basis of comparison to most other creatures that dwell across the continents.  Humans are also quite varied, how they look, sound, and even act can depend strongly on where they’ve come from. 

Del Helshan:

The people from what is commonly called the Coalition are divided into clans ruled by Kings and Queens. While seen as lesser by their Elven ‘allies’ their civilization is the most advanced human society since the fall of the Goldulin Empire. Excellent worksmiths, skilled architects, and a mastery of agriculture, they have built themselves something that will stand the test of time if they can withstand the Kazdruck onslaught.

The people from the North are mostly fair skinned, with a far range of hair and eye colours. The southern clans are far more used to temperate climates, but the northern clans have adapted well to the cold. 


A bronze skinned, and dark haired nomadic people hailing from the Hyroja desert and the steppes just south of the jungles of Zelkathorn. The often have brown or amber eyes and are a very hardy folk. Acclimatized to the heat they are able to last longer without water, and their bodies are often conditioned for more endurance than most. Their people’s history of relying of meat for nourishment and a few berries has made it so their bodies digest vegetation with difficulty.


While the Goldulin Empire has fallen, there are still some of its people remaining scattered across the world that have yet to be corrupted. These people range from bronze to fair skinned, with darker hair tones. Most used to warmer temperate climates. 

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