Time Line

This following time line outlines recent historical event which were relevant for the shape of the Dominion’s Chain world. It only covers the younger history which is chronicled following the Sun Cycles (SC). Oh, and if one of you gals and guys out there finds something not fitting or confusing, please feel free to drop a note.

  • SC 000 – Beginning of recent historiograpy following the astronomical concept of Sun Cycles.
  • SC 000 – The exitance of ancient pre Sun Cycle documents is known, yet their whereabouts remain unknown.
  • SC 006 – AzurLyyn and its isles are chronicled as The Elvish Prosperity, home of the northern elven race.
  • SC 008 – The human Goldulin Empire expands and claims the Kyrreck Isles and Dammtha Island.
  • SC 011 – First documented sight of a Dragon flying over the Telbathar Mountains.
  • SC 012 – The jungles of Zelkathorn are chronicled as The Elven Southlands, home of the southern elves.
  • SC 019 – The northern elves send expeditions to DelHelshan to explore the continent.
  • SC 020 – A ship of the empire leaves the Cape of Screams towards the west to explore the ocean.
  • SC 021 – Discovery of the western continent of DalMarkaan.
  • SC 037 – Northern elven colonists settle down on DelHelshan.
  • SC 038 – Zelkathorn sends a ship towards the east to explore the DelFalla Ocean; it never comes back.
  • SC 041 – The region south of the Antler Timberlands is the location of the first human-elven conflict.
  • SC 044 – The first human colonies are established on the Southern Veld of DalMarkaan.
  • SC 046 – The Wanderer’s of SajaRuun are chronicled as native inhabitants of the SajaRuun Ocean.
  • SC 050 – Human colonists pass the Dragon’s Spine; first documented encounter with a Dragon.
  • SC 054 – Mournfall Peak erupts the first time after the beginning of recent historiography.
  • SC 056 – An earthquake strikes the east of DalMarkaan, parts of its Obsidian Cliff line breaks away.
  • SC 066 – Human colonists encounter the inhabitants of the Breken Nordlands, which results in a bloody war.
  • SC 069 – Humans and elves on DelHelshan settle their differences in matters of regional claims.
  • SC 070 – The war on northern DalMarkaan ends after four years and lots of casualties.
  • SC 071 – The Breken Nordlands are declared as most dangerous territory and off limits for humans.
  • SC 072 – An Elven Exile Colony is established at the western end of DalMarkaan
  • SC 078 – Birth of Telva (northern elf) of the House of Winterstone.
  • SC 079 – A human expedition on DalMarkaan discovers the Cape of the Sun and the isle of Tyraglum.
  • SC 080 – Birth of Lillium (human), Tasha (southern elf) and Estela (southern elf).
  • SC 081 – Birth of Jelthra (human) and Kamri (southern elf).
  • SC 082 – Birth of Cazel (northern elf), Kira (human), Kyaara (half-breed) and Rhyeesh (human).
  • SC 084 – Birth of Tianna (northern elf).
  • SC 087 – A ship with elven outcasts leaves AzurLyyn towards the exile colony on DalMarkaan.
  • SC 092 – Mournfall Peak erupts anew; it is considered to be a bad omen for the Goldulin Empire.
  • SC 100 – Demon Invasion begins. The city of Goldalin and her villages are whipped out, the Empire falls.
  • SC 100 – A conflict between the Elven Colony and natives of the Southern Veld results in various deaths.
  • SC 101 – The Northern Wood Colony Expanse is established, Kazdruk forces expand their campaign north.
  • SC 102 – Kazdruk forces expand their campaign south, Rhyeesh is transformed into a succubus.
  • SC 103 – Word about the Demon Invasion reaches DalMarkaan and the rest of the world.
  • SC 106 – The Fall of the Atzgol Plains, the Cozlak Clan is decimated, Lillium is corrupted.
  • SC 106 – Kira becomes a Wolfkin, Kamri, Kyaara and Tianna get corrupted. The Demon Invasion of DalMarkaan begins.
  • SC 106 – The present. This is where our stories begin …


“They arrived without warning or reason.
Until now, they where only myths and legends, told to frighten children or sung by drunk bards.
The Demons hailed from a realm beyond ours. Splitting trough our astral plane and upon our fertile lands.
They crushed the human forces in a crimson blitzkrieg.
The humans cut down like a sickle trough drought ridden tall grass.
Their enslaving chain spreading like a ravage wild fire.”
Quote by an unknown chronicler 


  1. Hey Lucien, I have a question about when the Kazdruk were first sighted, as far as the timeline goes when would that have been?
    It doesn’t need to be a specific date but a ballpark estimate would be really appreciated, also will part two of Aeltha’s Analysis be posted any time soon or do you have a ton of other things to do first?
    As always your friend, fan and fellow author
    Reaper436, same as on HF, you’re work gives me a massive amount of inspiration and I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

    1. The Kazdruk were first sighted in this world about six years ago. It’s a little loose now that the stories have been happening, as it’s been at least a few months.

      Apologies for my late reply, my summers are always hectic.

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