The Kazdruk species are a race of humanoid beings. Various races and worlds describe them as “demons” hailing from another realm. The Kazdruk species are not in fact one breed but instead are built up of various breeds and sub breeds, that have mixed together over hundreds of eons. The sex and genetic makeup of Kazdruk vary quite widely. Kazdruk can differ quite radically depending on caste, bloodline and purpose. Some Kazdruk are bred for certain duties, while others are naturally mixed and crossbred. A varied Kazdruk gene-pool allows traits to carry down many generations. Although the Kazdruk vary in appearance, most share at least a few, if not all of these common traits.

Common Kazdruk Traits & Biology

  • Horns: Many Kazdruk carry horns. Some even have multiple sets.
  • Hooves or cloven feet: It’s not uncommon for Kazdruk to have hooves or cloven feet.
  • Claws: Claws and talons can also be found among the Kazdruk.
  • Tail: Many Kazdruk acquire tails of various lengths and types.
  • Wings: A more rare occurrence, wings are looked highly upon within the Kazdruk race.

Reproduction & Genitalia

Kazdruk reproduce the same as humanoid mammals. The gestation period among Kazdruk is relatively short, although an exact time is unknown.  Although not entirely clear, it has been noted that Kazdruk can successfully inseminate other races. Reports of humans and elves carrying Kazdruk offspring have been reported throughout the invasion. The details on gestation periods and birth success is not widely known. Swapped gentiles, hermaphrodites and tri-genderism is another reported aspect of Kazdruk. A less frequent occurrence is the appearance of genitalia on the opposite sex.  Although not uncommon among Kazdruk, there is genetic anomalies of the female sex receiving a fully operational male phallus and testis. Although still quite female on a hormonal and biological level, the genetic mutation grants the female, a male member. It is also noted that some of these types still retain a uterus and ovaries. However, their level of function is unknown.  Along with this, an even lower percentile will carry a vaginal organ as well as a male member. It is estimated that approximately 1 in every 30 Kazdruk carry a variation of this anomaly. The type of member received is also varied depending on bloodline and genetic lottery. Humanoid and Equine-like are most common. 

Other Traits

  • Eyes: Colors vary the entire color spectrum. The appearance of being blind or pupil-less is a Kazdruk mutation. Also known as “Blizzard Eyes” or “Snow Eyes”. They do see normally, although it’s theorized that these types have greater vision at night or in low-light conditions.  It has been noted that Kazdruk with Blizzard Eyes, will often flash a visible aura during various behaviors. Notably aggression, anger, intrigue, use of magic, and pleasure. Slanted serpent like pupils are also common.
  • Extended Canines/Fangs: Very common among all Kazdruk.
  • Skin tones: Kazdruk skin tones come in various colors. Crimson, Bright Red, Tan, Brown, Grey, Purple, Pale white, Obsidian and Cerise.


Kazdruk reach maturity extremely quickly. Even faster if magic is involved. The war like quality of their race requires and depends on it. Once they reach maturity, their aging process slows dramatically. It is unknown what the average lifespan is of a Kazdruk.  




Blood Lines and Purebreeds


Although Kazdruk are free to mate with whom they wish, a certain sense of pride is carried with Kazdruk who were bred solely for one reason or another. Royal blood such as Yuldasha’s, retains a high level of quality and susceptibility to magic use.


Notable Bloodlines:


The Royal Bloodline.

One of the strongest and oldest bloodlines of the Kazdruk. The royal line runs thick with magical abilities and intelligence.


The Warrior Bloodlines.

Many important and notable warrior bloodlines are carried among the Kazdruk, but none are more respected and feared than the Rrakreegan Bloodline and the Cinkal Bloodline. The two rival bloodlines have produced some of the strongest Kazdruk. Rakreegan line Kazdruk such as Luzella, Wulfshn, Karthelza (same litter) were all birthed from this long militant bloodline. The Rakreegan focus on breeding raw strength, dexterity, size, and prowl. At a young age, the litters are taught the art of combat and tactician skills. The line purposely watered down the ability to use magic, as they viewed it dishonorable during combat and a waste of time for true warriors. The Rakreegan line view themselves as living weapons and only wish to maximize their brute efficiency. Aggressive and large, the Rakreegan carry themselves with pride. The Cinkall bloodline is similar to the Rakreegan line. The large difference is they value guile over brute force.



Kazdruk Caste and Ranks



Arch Ruler

High Specialist


Talon Leader






The ruler of all Kazdruk.


Arch Ruler

Arch rulers are individual rulers of invaded lands and realms. Arch Rulers report to the Matriarch.

Notable Arch rulers: Yuldasha.


High Specialist

High specialists are extremely high ranking individuals who report directly to the arch ruler. They are usually the right hand of the rulers and are given great responsibility and duties.  What they specialize in varies.  

Notable High specialist: Aeltha (High Sorceress)  



The highest Kazdruk military rank. Knights and Knightess are responsible for entire wings of armies.  Notable Knight/Knightess: Strum’va
Talon Leader

Talon leaders/commanders are in charge of contingents of Kazdruk soldiers. The number they’re in charge of varies depending on the operations. Talon leaders report directly to Knight and Knightess if available. They will also report directly to Arch Rulers if needed.

The rank of Talon leader is often sought after among the lower ranks.  

Notable Talon Leaders: Luzella, Brazeek, Neicul (former)     


Succubus (Plural: Succubi):

The sorceresses and sorcerers of the Kazdruk have for centuries tapered and twisted the bodies of the natives of the worlds they invaded. Creating new forms of life that belonged to the Kazdruk race.  On this new world, Aeltha has created the succubus from the females of Elves and Humans.

Unlike the Helots, who were given the single purpose of war to their forms and minds, those who become succubi have their minds corrupted, and their former talents pushed forward to further Kazdruk goals. Made independent, they are not easily controlled by their masters, and each have their own ambitions within the spreading Kazdruk empire. However, this has made them highly effective as spies, seducers, envoys, and other specialist roles for the Kazdruk. Some have even to be known to be great warriors. Their numbers at the moment are few, but growing as Aeltha’s experiments continue to find the perfect creation.

Succubi feed off sex. The act itself nourishing them in a way, and the fluids from orgasm giving them all they need to live. The corruption that seeps into flesh and mind and makes them what they are has also removed any inhibitions and modesty they might have had before becoming Kazdruk.  

Since their form has not been finalized by Aeltha, the succubi currently existing come in many shapes and variations. Leathery wings are common, as are tails, and bone heels. Some might have all, some might have none. Succubi have also been given an unnatural grace that helps with their allure, and increased agility and strength to let them overpower human or elf lovers in a last case scenario.


Kazdruk Soldier and Acolytes:

Kazdruk Soldiers are a more refined class. They are unique in that members are a melting pot of Kazdruk society. Some bloodlines are directly focused for combat, others join out of free will and honor. The corrupted and turncoats are also found among these ranks and coined “Acolytes”. Many soldiers are grouped into contingents called Talons, a merciless dog-eat-dog mentality that tears through the ranks. Each soldier wants to prove themselves and gain rank of Talon Leader. The unorthodox behavior brings forth only the strongest and deadliest of soldiers, earning the Kazdruk military it’s bloodthirsty reputation.  

Notable Soldiers: Kamri, Jelthra, Wulfshn.   


Kazdruk Guardsman:

Although Kazdruk have quite varied appearances, the standard Kazdruk Guardsman are purposely bred for uniformity and basic fighting. Their breeding pits are more closely controlled, although nowhere near as refined as other more specialized selective breeds. Their appearances are slightly varied but usually consist of horns and hooves, fur and skin of dark red. A step above Helots, they are commonly used as guards, and more complex military maneuvers than a Helots.



Appear as greyish bipedal humanoids averaging 5 to 6 feet in height. Commonly seen with yellow eyes and long black talons that are used for digging and combat.     

Generations ago, the Kazdruk invaded another world. The indigenous civilization of this world was an honour bound warrior species, often at war with one another. The name of this civilization has never been recorded, and now lies forgotten in the dusts of time. When the Kazdruk appeared on their shores, they attempted to unify, but old hatreds die hard, and their lands began to fall one by one. Twisted and corrupted by the magic of the Kazdruk.

A Kazdruk master sorcerer, Grulthin, and his apprentice Aeltha, began to conduct experiments on the living tissue of the warrior people, to see if Kazdruk corruption in flesh could be harnessed and controlled. Thousands were twisted beyond usefulness, thousands more turned to miserable wrecks and mockeries of life. Eventually though, Grulthin came upon precisely what he wanted.

Increasing the aggression of his subject, and their virility, Grulthin was able to create a species of warrior slaves to fight on the frontlines of conflict. This prevented an excess of Kazdruk blood from being spilled. And with their heightened virility, and ability to impregnate other species, it was easy to replenish dead subjects. The females of the species were slain, the sperm tampered to produce only male offspring, making them eager to ravage and rape towards victory, if only to keep their bloodlines alive.


He called them, Helots. And they have become the primary soldier of the Kazdruk regime.










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