1. Hey Lucien, I was wondering if you’re going to add anything to this section and if you’re going to add more to the lore of world of Dominion’s Chain, I know that you said you wanted to keep the number of people working on this as it is but I couldn’t help myself from creating my own little side stories within your fantastic world, nothing written down, all kept in my head lol, but there’s a lot of things or questions about the world that are either not there or only in the various chapters and in order to find them you need to go through all of them, which isn’t a bad thing I’ve read them repeatedly, but if the facts and information about the world were given a section of their own, like with the Kazdruk info and the info on Magic, it would be great.

    I am as always a big fan and wish you all the best and that for inspiration to be upon you.

    1. This is something myself and Lucien have been wanting to work on, but since we both work and I have my own personal project, time has been a bitch. Especially if we want to push out proper content with any kind of speed, as you might have noticed we are all terribly slow.

      Hopefully we’ll come up with something here, and I am curious about these stories you’ve written.

      1. I haven’t actually written them out since when I asked Lucien if I could help you guys out he explained that you had decided to keep the number of people working on this to a minimum, but I would love to submit my stories to you to see what you think of them, I absolutely love your work and to hear your thoughts on my own fan fiction based on your wondrous world would be the absolute best since I have so much respect for what you’ve created, your stories inspire me and I’ve been fighting writers block for the last six years so it means the world to me and if you would like to read my stories just tell me where to send them.
        As always I hope that the Muses stand by your side. 🙂

        1. is the easiest way to contact me. But I can’t promise a quick read and review. I’m away from home at the moment and internet is sketchy at the best of times. However, I will indeed take a peek, though I do still stand by Lucien in that we have enough official authors for the setting.

          1. I totally agree, I’m just excited to be able to submit my work to an author I have so much respect for, it may take a little while because I’ve been inactive for so long as far as writing goes but this gives me the motivation I need to flex those nearly atrophied muscles and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

  2. Hey, so I was wondering if the corrupting nature of Kazdruk seed has the same effect on male captives as it does with female captives, I was reading the chapter where Aeltha’s tasked with breaking Javan and then in a later chapter he seems to be totally submissive to Aeltha and does exactly what she wants him to, does the corruption effect men and women in the same way or is there a difference between the two?
    Oh, and I’ve started trying to flesh out the first or rather the beginning of the stories that I mentioned, with any luck and some serious inspirational help I’ll have something to send you not too long from now.
    In any case whatever information on the smaller details of the Dominion’s Chain world will really help me. My last question is whether or not there could be a Half-breed that’s half human and half dragon, like an ancient godlike dragon capable of taking mortal form, that’s sort of my character’s back story, or just what he and his twin sister are, taken in by Yuldasha after the destruction of their village by a rival clan rather than the Kazdruk, raised by the Kazdruk from the age of ten or so, would that be a possibility for a character’s background?
    I have the idea of a character that inherited some of the po

    1. Sorry, some of the powers and abilities that their non-human parent would have passed on to them, similar to Kyaara, sorry of I spelled it wrong, it’s late.
      Powers that remained dormant until Yuldasha, having taken an interest in the way humans interact in preparation for the invasion and inadvertently discovering the Half-breed twins of a Human and a Dragon, taking it upon herself to ensure that the twins would become a part of the Kazdruk and awakening their power by imbuing them with her essence and they had been constantly exposed to Kazdruk energy with every breath and all they ate or drank, with forced corruption being unnecessary as they were young enough to be effected by it over time, also allowing for Aeltha to study the way that human, or mostly human, children matured and developed while also being able to see the way Kazdruk energy affects a growing body rather than a fully matured adult body.
      If any of this sounds like a good idea or something that can’t really happen in Dominion’s Chain please let me know regardless, because whatever the case may be knowing what I can do and what I can’t do regarding my characters will help me immensely.
      Thank you for putting up with my long winded posts and more than that for responding to me as quickly as you do despite the hindrances that are plaguing you.
      You’re avid fan, reader, and very rusty fellow author
      May the Muses be by your side and may fortune stand at the ready to aid you.

      1. Kazdruk corruption is a bit vague on how it affects humans and elves. It’s usually a more psychological change, and how that change manifests is up to the individual. We’ve done this on purpose because it gives each of the three authors more freedom in playing with how someone will react. Though, I’ve not been playing with Kazdruk corruption nearly as much as that of Morkate of late.

        As to the half-breed question, I’m not sure how that’ll work. Unless Lucien says differently, dragons were brought to this world by the Kazdruk, and while the invasion has been happening a few years, I don’t see how two species utterly alien to one another would manage to mate and produce offspring. That’s a special gift to the Helots before you bring them up 😀

        And it seems more an Aeltha thing to experiment and create new creatures and species than it does a Yuldasha thing. While she might have the power to do so, she doesn’t necessarily have the knowledge. An experiment with dragon blood on humans though, and human youth, might lead to some interesting avenues.

        1. Thank you, I was wondering, in regards to the Half-breed, is it only the Helots who create Half-breed children or is it possible for any Kazdruk to do so and also does the Kazdruk’s bloodline or Breed pass on to the resulting children?
          Hopefully I won’t have to ask too many more questions before I can retool the origins of my characters but there’s a lot to the world of Dominion’s Chain and I want to make sure that any stories I write foolpw

          1. Sorry, follow the rules and guidelines set down by the three of you, I want to do my best to do right by the world you’ve created because of how much I love it and how much I respect you and the other two.

          2. The Helots don’t actually create Half-Breeds. They are a male only species that must reproduce using the females of other species. While offspring may get some traits from the mother, they are pure helots. Think of it much like the xenomorphs in the Alien franchise. Helot pregnancy is more parasitic than proper offspring.

            It is, possible for a Kazdruk half-breed, but exceedingly rare. Hence why Dawn’s arc is titled Half-Breed. He knows more about how that particular aspect works.

            Kazdruk themselves, the purebloods, are often carefully bred through bloodlines to create slight variations on each other, so they carry particular traits down the family line. Almost like a subspecies.

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