Oan – The human worshipped God prevalent in Del Helshan. He stands for compassion and modesty, yet his followers know him to look favourably upon those that stand against oppression.

Stars and Sands – The Scytar believe the Gods dwell in the cosmos watching over the world but have little interaction. On their world they believe spirits influence the ebb and flow of life.

Morkate – An ancient goddess of blood and pleasure. Once very prevalent in Goldulan before its fall. It has seen a resurgence among Elves and Humans in Del Helshan due to Lillium’s presence.

Eletha – An Elven Goddess whose worship is Prevalent among the northern Elves of Del Helshan. She is connected heavily with nature and the moon. Her followers preach love, and connection.

Kazdruk – The Kazdruk do not have a typical system of worship. They are viewed by those they invade as demons, and they often view themselves as close to Godliness themselves. Yuldasha and her mother are the closest these interstellar invaders have to a deity.