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Author of Spire of Torment.

A Scorpio born in 1986, Lucien hails from the North Eastern Untied States. A Fantasy and Science Fiction illustrator mostly known for his hentai and erotic work, he later started tinkering with writing. In late 2011, he started outlining the Dominion’s Chain project. When Lucien isn’t illustrating or writing, he enjoys producing/writing music or studying and listening to music. His favorite genres of music are Metal (specifically Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal) and Electro-Industrial. Lucien has an unhealthy obsession with the Alien franchise, Aliens vs. Predator and Star Wars

Contact: luciendarknesss@gmail.com

Hentai-Foundry: Lucien’s Profile

Tumblr: Lucien


Author of Shackles of Hate.

Born in 1988, Jackie is a hobbyist writer from Canada whose been dabbling with smut since she was 17 years old, now commonly bouncing ideas from her wife whose helpful, and her cat who is significantly less so. Her Dominion’s Chain arc is Shackles of Hate. Other work of hers can be found online at hentai-foundry.com or at bloodknightchronicles.blogspot.ca

Contact: sinfulwolf@hotmail.com
Twitter: @theSinfulwolf
Hentai-Foundry: Sinfulwolf’s Profile
Adult-FanFiction: AFF Profile
Tumblr: Thesinfulwolf


Author of Half-Breed.

Dawn is a freelance 3D-artist working and living in Germany. As a veteran graphic artist and former game designer who had worked in the games development industry for over ten years, he discovered writing as a new and diversified hobby and was more than happy to be granted to join the Dominion’s Chain team. Dawn is a pure geek who likes video games, comics, japanese animation and mangas, as well as roleplaying games, gothic style and BDSM. His story arc is Half-Breed. Pictures of his correspondent OC, as well as of his Dominion’s Chain OCs, can be found on his profile at Hentai-Foundry.

Contact: dawn2069ms@netscape.net

Hentai-Foundry: Dawn’s Profile

Tumblr: Dawn’s (a) Trap


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