A side quest written by Lucien and Sinfulwolf.

Selene examined the dry parchment scrolls. Rolling them out and anchoring the corners with small stones, she let her blue eyes run up and down the jagged inked runes. This war that was ravaging DelHelshan was certainly causing a lot of bloodshed and while most of her elvish kin took up arms to combat the Kazdruk invasion, she had no interest in getting involved in this conflict. She was an elvish noble, the soldier castes and peasants could deal with the filth entering the faultless north land. The war was a waste of time, the Kazdruk would never reach the Northern regions anyway. The one benefit of the conflict however, was the rise of new magic and powerful spells. The demon menace brought with them impressive arcane knowledge and this interested Selene greatly.

Being raised in a much to do family in Winterstone, she naturally attended one of the most prestigious mage schools in the north. Selene was quite the adept. She ranked highest in her class, most likely because her parents would have nothing less. But Selene soon found elvish magic boring and lifeless. She always knew she could push her powers further if she was only allowed to study some of the—let’s say, darker arts—which were strictly forbidden of course. Now living on the western coast of Winterstone, the deep woodlands looked over the SajaRuun Ocean. The area was nice and secluded and far removed from the war making it a perfect place for her studies.

One night, Selene had been given a small taste of Kazdruk magic first hand. You see, not all Kazdruk were hellbent on destruction. Some snuck into the invasion to learn about the different worlds and possibly even trade. Some were simply curious of the other realms. A rather harmless Kazdruk who had become hopelessly lost, traded her a scroll in return for supplies after injuring himself. If the whole thing had been a charade, the Kazdruk played it well. Selene was no fool though, he most likely was a scout collecting and sketching the northern topography to bring back to his superiors.

Whatever he had been doing, didn’t matter to Selene because what he traded her, was a scroll full of Kazdruk runes. He was perplexed at the odd offer, scoffing at the idea of an elf wanting a page of random gibberish. He knew that it would’ve been clearly indecipherable to a non Kazdruk. Selene simply made up some frivolous nonsense about it looking interesting.

The Kazdruk gave her the scroll and she gave him a small bag of simple supplies in return. The two went their separate ways. What the Kazdruk did not know, was that Selene was well versed in magic. She had copies of a collection of Kazdruk translations. Due to her boredom, months ago, she snuck into the Winterstone military archives and copied some translations they had obtained from a captured sorceress. Rumor has it, the damn lass killed herself during the interrogation, taking out many soldiers in the process using some kind of overcharged magical based blast. Fortunately, they were able to get a few translations first. Not all of them, not even close. But enough to work with Selene thought to herself. She was patient and had been slowly working on a string of spells while delicately translating the new runes she was given.

Now Selene sat in her study area. She was about to unlock a final rune of a spell. This spell would open a gateway to the Kazdruk home-world. Selene had no interest in going there— quite the contrary. The reason was far more spectacular. It would allow her to siphon off potent magical energy from there to here. Selene could then harvest and collect it to use however she wanted. It was perfect she thought. The amount of power she could absorb was endless and would lead to unlimited potential.  She would be god like in this realm. She fantasized about what she could do with this kind of magic. She could control an entire village, maybe even the whole island. She would enlist a small army and they would do her bidding.

The final runes were drawn into place. Selene closed her eyes and extended her palms. Blue static danced across her fingertips causing each rune to glow a deep orange. Each candle in her study area snuffed themselves out in a sudden poof. Wind and chilled air began to swirl in a violent circle, blasting parchment and books around the room. The world and air around her began to fragment. Black liquid seeped up from the ground before crystallizing. A loud hum emitted, shattering the wood table and glass beakers around the room.

Selene’s blue eyes shot open in terror. Something was not right. A mistake perhaps, a miscalculation maybe.

She looked down at the floor around her. The room filled with dry leaves that instantly began to crumble away in lush cinders. Her vision became distorted as the room spun wildly. An immense blast of pure darkness erased everything for a moment before a large fiery ring expanded from the darkness and engraved with bright Kazdruk runes. The portal opened wider and wider. Selene stepped back, but was too late. The portal enveloped her before closing with a loud snap and plunging the room into darkness. Everything in the room returned to normal, except each rune she had drawn turned to dust and blew away in the light breeze.

Selene awoke. Her head spun and her pointed ears rung. As the confusion faded, she looked upward at the dark stone ceiling overhead. She leaned upward and quickly realized she was not home anymore. The ground was smooth like marble, reminding her of the royal palace floors back home. But here, it was menacing. As she stood, she noticed four intricate spear-like staffs stuck in marble around her. Each one was adorned with strange crystals that were softly glowing an eerie green. Selene quickly realised she was inside some sort of structure or castle even.

The curious elf looked around for a moment before walking forward. As she reached the perimeter of the staffs, a violent jolt of energy struck, revealing an energy field that enclosed the area she was in. Selene yelped and shook her hands as the pain faded.  She was trapped within the perimeter of the staffs.

“Going somewhere so quickly?” a sultry female voice spoke out from beyond the murky shadows.

Selene spun around looking for the owner of the voice. To her right, she noticed a set of yellow eyes prying from the cold darkness.

“My, my, what do we have here? Caught another fly in my web it would appear.” the voice spoke as the cinder like eyes grew closer.

An icy chill ran up Selene’s back as she took a step backward.

“Trying to enter this area of our realm, hmm?”

Selene remained silent and looked around trying to determine a way to escape.

“Speak up elf!” The woman spoke, laced with anger.

In an attempt to break free, Selene outstretched her hands to caste a blast of energy. The blue shocks struck the boundary and became absorbed as if nothing happened.

“Your spells are worthless mage.”

The unseen woman began to reveal herself from the shadows. Selene’s eyes widened at the sight of a crimson red demoness. Her shapely hourglass figure swayed with each step. Wearing only black, thigh high boots, her large exposed breasts bounced with each slow step. A set of dark brown horns spiraled from her head like a ram and framing her perfect face. She walked forward with purpose. Her boot heels clicked with each authoritarian step she took. Selene flinched as the demon woman grew closer and closer. The Kazdruk brushed her long black hair to the side and smiled, flashing her white canines from behind her soft full lips. Selene’s eyes widened at the sight of a thick flacid cock dangling between her legs.

“Did you really think your kind could simply waltz in here unnoticed?” the Kazdruk spoke while walking around the enclosed area. “Quite the amature mistake. You didn’t count on your exit point having a scrambling ward in place, did you?”

“I didn’t intend to come over at al-” Selene yelled in anger before she was cut off by a blast of intense lighting.

“Of course you didn’t my dear, of course. You somehow opened an immensely powerful portal and tripped in, I suppose? I thought you elves were far more agile and limber than that? Please, save me the lies and prevarications. Although, i’m quite interested in how someone as imbecilic as you managed to get here, It doesn’t matter. You’re here now and you’re mine.”

“Let me go now! I’m the daughter of an extremely wealthy and influential elvish house! You will let me go, or you will face dire consequences!” Selene yelled before unleashing another barrage of strong elvish magic on the cell.

The Kazdruk laughed before raising her hands. A blinding arc of sparks leapt out and struck Selene. A brilliant funnel of energy began pulling all of Selene’s abilities from her. In a loud hiss, the spell completed and dropped Selene to her knees. The elvish woman tried to cast again but only weak sparks danced out before completely fading.

“You’re a far way from home my dear. Sadly for you, I’m going to keep it that way.”

With a wave of the Kazdruk’s hand, an icy mist of magic swirled around Selene. The elf’s legs wobbled as she became weaker. Falling to her hands and knees, Selene looked upward as the crimson demon walked closer. Her vision blurred before everything went completely black.




Selene awoke, she felt extremely weak as if almost paralyzed. She found herself laying belly down on her stomach. The slab of stone she was on top was cold, informing her that she was now stripped of her clothing. As her vision focused, she saw her own hands bound together with shackles that were stretching her arms outward. Using all the strength she had, Selene was barely able to move her arms an inch. Her legs were the same, with each one outstretched to either side of the stone base and held firmly in place with chains.

“Sleep well dear?” the familiar voice spoke out.

Before Selene could respond, the demoness smacked her ass. The loud smack rang out in the deep chamber. Selene gritted her teeth and noticed a slight pressure at the base of her nose. Sliding her hand up the elves’ bare ass, the Kazdruk smiled.

“Get your hands off me! What are you doing? Let me go!”

A darker lilac skinned demoness came directly into Selene’s view, like the red demoness before, she was equipped with a thick cock that was already drooling precum. Selene swallowed and suddenly felt her nose being pulled forward. The elf shrieked as she realized she’d been pierced with a septum ring while she had been unconscious. The ring was now attached to a leash that the Kazdruk in front of her was holding. The cruel demon brushed her hardening cock across Selene’s face. She tried to pull her head away, but the ring in her nose kept her from moving far. Before Selene could react, the lilac demoness was already stuffing her thick equine like cock head into her mouth. Selene let out a muffled protest but could not move or pull her head backward.

“Mmm quite impressive, look at you take my sister’s thick member. That should keep you quiet, while I use your tight elvish cunt.” the crimson Kazdruk laughed.

Selene gagged on the girthy meat that was now stuffing its way down her throat. Holding her tightly in place, the purple demoness cooed in pleasure as her new fuck-slave was force fed her girth. The wine skinned Kazdruk mounted Selene, grinning as her colleague started slowly fucking the elf’s face. Another slap rang out, as the sorceress smacked Selene’s ass again.

A shiver ran up her back as the elf let out a muffled shriek. Dripping precum across the elf’s ass, she lined up her throbbing cock and pressed it against the elf’s pussy lips. Sliding inward slowly, the Kazdruk forced her flared cockhead in and spread the elf’s lips. Laying into her new slave, the red demoness pressed her body against the elf’s back, letting her heavy tits drag across her soft, warm skin. Pushing slowly, she began sinking more of her cock, shuddering as the elvish pussy tightened around her meaty shaft. Selene struggled as she became spit roasted on dueling Kazdruk cock. The lilac’s stomach now pressed against the elf’s nose causing Selene to see stars.

“What a good slut you are,” the red demon spoke. “You’re going to be here a long time, might as well get comfortable.”

Sinking her member balls deep, she began to rock in and out, using the elf as her personal fuck toy. Now grabbing her own breast, waves of pleasure jolted through her body. Uping her pace, she let her hips now slap into the elf’s ass. Muffled gags chirped out with each hard thrust, slathering the cock thrusting between her lips with thick saliva. The lilac flashed a grin. Not to be outdone, she upped her pace too. Her equine cock further choking the elf as its entire length shoved into her mouth and down her throat. Selene’s eyes began to roll back as the Kazdruk women rocked in and out like synced pistons.


Kazdruk sidequest


Drool began to seep out from her lips around the thrusting cock. Spattering on the cold stone she was tied to while the slaps of flesh pounding against flesh filled her ears. Until that too started to fade as breath became more precious.

As the red sorceress began to moan in more pleasure, starting to reach the start of her orgasm, she snapped her arm forward. Grasping Selene’s hair she pulled back again roughly, forcing her head back. Pain flared in her nose as she was pulled against the leash that the lilac Kazdruk held. Lilac didn’t seem to care, groaning as she looked down at the slight bulge she could see in the elven slave’s throat as her cock thrust downwards.

Selene struggled against the demons as her lungs burned for air. Vision blurring, she let out another muffled cry for help. The sensation drove the lilac Kazdruk over the edge. Reaching down and stealing Selene’s hair from her sister, she sank her cock to the hilt once more and kept it there. She pulled on the leash again, forcing Selene to push her lips further than they should. Holding the elf in place, she shivered as she began to cum. Thick seed flooded Selene’s throat as the crimson demoness continued to fuck her hard from behind. Ropes of hot batter now exited out Selene’s nostrils spilling out in a mess over her new piercing, her lips, the cock and the stone slab. Choking on the torrent of cum, the elf tried to pull back but was rewarded with only moans as the lilac Kazdruk lost herself in ecstasy. She had pushed herself tighter against the red demoness. And had only pulled on her own hair as the lilac Kazdruk gripped her hair tighter.

The red Kazdruk laughed and gave her drowning toy another hard smack across her ass. Thrusting faster and faster, she griped Selene’s hips and pulled her into her hard cock. While leaving her cock firmly stuffed down their slave’s throat, the darker Kazdruk leaned forward and kissed her sister. Their tongues dancing together, gliding between each other’s lips.

While passionately making out, the red Kazdruk began to unload her seed into the elf’s cunt. With a deep moan, she thrusted deeply and filled her toy. Hot cum flooded out and spilled across the dark floor. Each Kazdruk held their cocks in place as their powerful orgasms faded. Finally breaking their kiss, they each slowly withdrew from Selene, letting more batter spill to the marble below. Selene collapsed as she coughed up cum, letting it splatter in front of her. She began to pant, trying to catch her breath, as spunk drooled out from her lips. She could feel it dripping from inside her cunt, making a puddle between her legs.

The lilac moved to her sister, dragging nails roughly down the elf’s back. Drawing angry red lines in her wake. Until finally she stopped near the end of the stone, running her fingers through that spreading puddle of spunk. While she brought a finger to her lips, the excess had begun to dribble down the sides of the stone block that had become Selene’s prison.

“Delicious as always sister,” Lilac purred.

The red Kazdruk turned to her partner as they began to walk away leaving the candles to extinguish themselves.

“She’s a keeper don’t you think?”

The lilac demon nodded back with the cruelest of smiles as she locked the heavy door behind them. Leaving Selene all by herself. Locked in a room in a cooling puddle of cum. Feeling it sticking to her skin. No one to hear her pathetic mewls for mercy.

Eventually the candles went out. And Selene was left alone to wait.