What is Dominion’s Chain?

Dominion’s Chain is an ongoing, Dark fantasy / ertotica  story series containing 3 story arcs happening in the same world simultaneously.

  • Spire of Torment.
  • Shackles of Hate. 
  • Half-Breed.

There is also at times, smaller mini arcs called Side Quests that dive even deeper into these arcs.

Some of the Arcs are open ended and are directly influenced by fan response, interaction and commissioned artwork. 

What’s the correct or best way to read Dominion’s Chain ?

It’s really up to you!

The Simple Answer. I’ve been told by fans that you can simply read each arc separately as a stand alone. I think this is how newer fans read them.

More complicated answer.

When this project first started, we alternated uploading new chapters. One arc, then another arc, then another. The system would rotate in a cycle. Originally, it was intended to read Chapter 1 of EACH arc and then read chapter 2 of each arc, and 3,4,5 ect, ect. It was done this way so the reader would be introduced to all the important characters. The important thing to remember, is some characters make appearances in other arcs.

Over the years the cycle system kinda fell apart and we all upload new chapters whenever we can. All of the arcs are nicely organized and chapter lists are presented for easy access to any chapter.

How can I support or donate to Dominion’s Chain?

At the moment we don’t have a clear system set up to support the project as a whole.

The best way would be to contact each author separately and ask them.

Can I commission artwork for Dominion’s Chain?

Yes. You sure can. They usually directly tie in with story arcs, so make sure you ask the author first and then Lucien.  If it’s Spire of Torment, Lucien is also the author of that arc.

How come my comment doesn’t show up right away ?

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    1. Hmmm did you accidentally hit the “do not enter / exit button” on the Warning Adult Theme pop up ?

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