Aeltha’s Analysis. Part 1

A Side Quest written by Lucien.

Her skills were impressive, indeed. She had a superlative and optimum physique, possibly a purebred of the Stalkevv line considering her grayish blue skin. The fighter was a true master in her combative art. Calculative and precise, this one delivered pain and assault smoothly yet efficiently. That was the third opponent this Kazdruk fighter had flawlessly defeated in the ring. Yes, she would do fine.

A week ago, I had been called into Yuldasha’s planning room. These weekly meetings were to analyze the invasion― as if my own work wasn’t stressful enough― I had been somehow tasked with being Yuldasha’s right hand during this invasion. I was more than qualified of course, being a high sorceress after-all. I was a woman of great knowledge, history and skepticism. I could plan accordingly and was thorough in my work but I had other more pressing matters to attend, for I found this type of work monotonous and vapid. Alas, Yuldasha needed someone like me to calculate and review with. Indeed, someone to discuss with and enumerate possibilities. Yuldasha would never admit it, but she needed someone to evaluate this invasion that was quickly becoming a mountainous, predicament of excreta.

Surely there were other Kazdruk better suited for this line of lifeless work. Warrior castes or tacticians for example, ones who were birthed into training to deal with these kinds of things. One’s bred to count hooves and anatomize every possible war strategy. ―Sigh― If I wanted to engage in protracted games of chess all day, I would’ve stayed back at our homeworld. My primary purpose here was to explore this world’s use of magic, energy and sustenance―a far more interesting task― report my findings and enter my discoveries into the great codex back home.

My secondary reasoning to deploying to this rock, was to help enhance Yuldasha’s military might if needed. Enhance by any means necessary and tinker at will. By now, Yuldasha looked to me to make the invasion smoother, perhaps faster. As a high sorceress, she trusted me to come up with ways to help this disaster of an invasion. The Kazdruk troops weren’t necessarily failing but let’s just say Kazdruk royalty aren’t exactly patient. This wasn’t the slowest invasion in our long history, not by far but the numerous setbacks were upsetting the Matriarch which was in-turn infuriating Yuldasha, who of course took this frustration out on me.

“Aeltha, how can we increase our potential?” She would ask every meeting.

“I’ll see what I can come up with mistress,” Is always what I would return with.

Which is why i’m here. In this barbaric fighting ring. The constant need for this caste to engage in battle perplexed me but I needed someone to test my newest creation on. Weak prisoners would not do. I needed someone at their prime.  I wanted Luzella, for all the vexation she put me through, plus I couldn’t deny her skills I suppose. She was a considerable fighter but Yuldasha had denied my initial request for she was a Talon leader. She went on about not being able to afford distracting Luzella of her duties and other such injudiciously, imprudent, rubbish. So I had to find someone comparable. Wulfshn, I thought. Yes, her fiery purebred sister would be perfect. I just had to find her. Curse my inimical luck, I couldn’t find her. In retrospect, I suppose I could’ve reached her via the viewing orb but I was in a hurry, lest I be scolded by Yuldasha and this test needed to be performed before it― well, it broke lose.

By my estimates, this fighter here would do just fine. Moving down the divider of the wall and the ring, I paced myself to approach the valiant warrior as she was exiting for a refreshment.

“You there, warrior.” I spoke loudly enough for her to hear but quiet enough to not draw unneeded attention.

The warrior quickly recognized my caste standing and rank, a pleasant benefit when dealing with this kin. Not to keep me waiting, she moved quickly before kneeling before me.

“What is your name warrior?” I asked.

“Dursha, high sorceress.” She simply responded with no questions asked.

“Come with me.”

Dursha and myself moved into the shadowy corridor. Without a word, the Stalkevv Kazdruk followed me, like all good Kazdruk she was obedient and ready to serve.

“You seem to have quite the talent Dursha. A streamlined fighter it would appear, am I correct in my observations?”

The Kazdruk confidently nodded at me while keeping pace.

“I am. I take pleasure in combat, tranquility in conquest and purpose in bloodshed.”

“Good, good. You will do just fine then,” I returned. Careful not to expose too much to her.

The two of us came to the next area, I unlocked the large gate and passed through with Dursha. Neither I or Dursha were expecting Yuldasha to be on the other side. There she stood, impatiently with a guard on either side of her. Dursha immediately fell to her knee, and I quickly followed.

“Yuldasha, I did not expe-”

“Silence Aeltha, I’m here to witness your new weaponry. It is ready, isn’t it? Is this her by your side?”

Yuldasha had a tendency of showing up at perfectly inopportune times. I was hoping to at least test my new experiment first before even informing Yuldasha of my actual idea. Alas, I would never admit to Yuldasha that my experiment had not even been tested yet, in fact this whole attempt was only theoretical.

“No, she is here for my demonstration to square up against my newest work.”

Dursha rose her eyebrow but did not move or speak.

“Very well Aeltha, proceed.” She spoke with an unimpressed sigh before sitting down on a throne made of four elvish prisoners. The four women followed Yuldasha around for this sole purpose.

I called over my twin elvish assistants.

“Take Dursha here, supply her with weaponry of her choosing then show her to fighting area below.”

They both nodded and lead Dursha below. Yuldasha sat, looking over the balcony waiting for the presentation to begin. I stood by her side and watched-on myself, curious of the outcome. After approximately one long minute, Dursha appeared below in the ring, sword in hand.

“Dursha, in the name of our Matriarch, I order you to defeat this creature that comes before you.”

The warrior bowed. I gave my assistants a nod and they began to pull a large chain to open the heavy gate in front of the ring.

“Yuldasha, not to insult your intelligence but I’m sure you’re familiar with the large Gan’ra worms.”

“Of course I am, extremely vicious but impossible to tame,” She returned looking at me with a slice of irritation.

“Impossible to tame until now. You see, after opening one up, I came to the conclusion that they have quite simple minds― like most species, the males even more so. I embedded a shard of Xxvel stone in one’s frontal brain cavity, along the dorsal surface of its cerebral cortex. Once the shard was energized with pure magic, it melded with it’s nervous system. Its mind worked extremely well as a host to the corruptive ways of our magic. Using simple commands, I can control his basic actions without hampering its natural desire or abilities to overpower threats. Think of the applications. A sorceress attached to a talon could act as a highly beneficial support piece. One could direct their worm into a small village, fortification or pocket of dense woodland, let it loose and its carnal nature would take control. Once all threats were neutralized, they could lead it to its next target area.”

Yuldasha smiled.

“Impressive Aeltha, I must admit. Simple, yet effective.”

We watched as the gate opened before Dursha. Using a basic hand motion to funnel the magica’s projections towards the beast, I sent a simple transmissional command for it to come forward. Dursha stood strong as the worm dwarfed her as she brought her sword up. I gazed to my side and caught Yuldahsa smiling. The Gan’ra worm came forth, roughly 80 meters in length. Quite big.

“I shall exemplify the full control I have over this worm. As you can see, it is ready to strike, but holding off. If it wasn’t for my control, the warrior down there would’ve already been in the first phase of digestion.”

“Hmm, remarkable Aeltha. Please continue.”

“I will now release control and let it strike.”

Waving my hand in a more jagged fashion, I cut our bonded tether. The worm moved low and fast before coiling around the fighter and striked. Fortunately, for the warrior, she was able to slash at the worm causing him to back off and coil around in an opposite direction. He lashed his tail outward, knocking Dursha off her feet. Coiling upward, he dislocated its massive jaw ready to lay a final blow. I rose my hand and mentally commanded him to hold. In perfect sync, the massive beast froze in place. Yuldasha returned with a diminutively slow clap.

“Truly exceptional work sorrecress.”

“I will now call the creature off and send him a series of tactical commands.”

Raising my hand, I sent the beast the command to fall back. The worm’s eyes flickered and he began to disengage. His segmented form coiled backward but the worm stuttered in a perplexing manner. He pulled back, stopped and then began to re-engage with the warrior. Cocking my head to the side, I was taken back by the sudden error and irregularity. I raised my hand up and resent the command. The beast lunged and knocked Dursha to the ground. The fighter rolled back to her feet and slashed out at the worm again, spilling green blood across the ground. In a deafening roar, the creature lunged again knocking her back down. I sent a total stand-down command, the most simple command intended as a full abort in case things went awry.

The beast did not comply.

At this point, the commands were no longer working. I had lost complete control of the beast but interestingly, the worm was not lashing out with killing blows. It moved around the warrior coiling itself around her. An interesting note, the Gan’ra were not a species known for constricting prey, instead they relied on speed to launch incapacitating blows. The Gan’ra coiled for only one thing, copulation. How could I have missed such an obvious detail? It was Gan’ra mating season. Its instinctual drive was overriding my commands. It was fighting each order I sent it.

Fascinating, really.

I continued to send stand-down commands. Sometimes, bits of the command would register and you could visually see the beast contemplate and contend with his own mind. He would falter for a brief moment before a wave of testosterone drowned the commands. His sexual drive and desire to continue its species was so powerful, it broke him free.

I will admit, Dursha fought valiantly. Driving her long blade into the beast, she spilled more of his blood across the stone floor. His mind only focused on one thing and he pressed on. She eventually lost her sword as the beast constricted her more. With all her strength, she tried her best to break free and separate the enclosing heavy, meaty coils. Throwing punchings and pounding across his scales, Dursha grunted in a last ditch effort.

The worm rocked the warrior around like a child’s doll. Forcing her down along a stone slab, it pried apart her armor with its teeth. Clothing flew apart and the beast’s twin phalluses erected themselves. The Gan’ra were interesting species. The females had four vents along their ventral scales containing four vaginal openings. The males were equipped with two reproductive hemipenis. Some sort of evolutionary trait to increase reproductive chances and insemination during their kleptothermic mating orgies.―Quite the spectacle I might add―Though, this Gan’ra did not realise his new mating partner was a Kazdruk. Unfortunately for her, she was equipped with only one vaginal opening and one rectum. Small ones in comparison.

“Is there a problem Aeltha?” Yuldasha asked coldly. Knocking me free of my thoughts.

“Well, define problem mistress. I like to see this as an unplanned event, that may reveal untapped potential.”

“Don’t fluff me with drivel sorceress.”

It was obvious that the Gan’ra was no longer responding to commands as it now pinned the warrior to the slab and began mounting her.

“A shame the test failed Aeltha but as you suggested, perhaps we should continue to examine the outcome.”

Dursha struggled beneath the heavy beast as its dripping twin members pushed against her loins. Heaving into her while holding her in place, the worm thrusted harder forcing his members inside. Dursha grunted as the girthy meat pushed into her anus that was forcefully stretching her. Splayed underneath the beast, Dursha found no leverage to pull herself away. With a low growl, the worm shifted forward sinking both members deep. In undulating motions, it pounded into the warrior over and over. I found myself brushing my fang across my lip as the situation unfolded. Either Yuldasha or myself could launch a destructive spell to quickly end the Gan’ra’s life. Alas, we did no such thing. I waited for Yuldasha’s command. A command that never came.

Dursha’s struggling became visibly weaker as time progressed. Perhaps she accepted her fate. The beast truly worked her hard. A current of seminal fluid was now leaking out of Dursha and pooling on the stone slab. A clear indication that the Gan’ra had unloaded one of his many salvos of seed. My own cock began to jump as I watched the warrior’s body flattened underneath the beast. More seman gushed out, signaling perhaps a second potent load.

I noted that Dursha attempted one last time to free herself to no avail. The beast’s short claw-arms pushed her back down, holding her in place as he continued to deposit his thick seed. A small river was now streaming down the stone slab. Clearly the warrior’s womb and bowels were filled far beyond capacity. I wondered just how much the Gan’ra carried in its reservoirs since he showed no sign of stopping anytime soon.


The forced copulation proceeded for several minutes. His claw-arms remained hooked around her and held her in place. The Gan’ra humped on in a slow powerful rhythm. The heavy thump of his weight pounding into Dursha echoed into the ring, yet quietly he continued. The warrior’s various, intermittent shrieks, cries and grunts eventually stopped. It was possible that the warrior had in fact died in the process. It was difficult to see her under the Gan’ra now. The weight and size of the beast coupled with his thrusting most likely suffocated or crushed the warrior. Perhaps she was only unconscious, truly unable to move now taking the beast to his double hilts.

After approximately twenty minutes, the Gan’ra finally dismounted, spilling a thick torrent of batter across the ground. He slithered off the warrior as she laid sprawled out and not moving. The Gan’ra lifted upward and charged the side wall attacking two guards.

“That is enough. End him now, sorceress,” Yuldasha finally commanded coldly.

I lifted my arms and launched a powerful bolt of energy that shocked the beast. The green bolt danced across his scales and began to disintegrate the creature. Vaporizing his body, the bolt evaporated into charred ashes, leaving fragments of bones and scales dropping down to the ground.

Surprisingly, Dursha was seen crawling away. Yuldasha and I traveled to the area below. Tiptoeing around the debris and puddles of viscous cum, we finally reached the broken warrior.

“Well Aeltha, It seems your test here failed. Inform me when you have something that follows commands. As for this warrior here, she’s a failure in her own right, an embarrassment to the Kazdruk and her Stalkevv lineage. If she cannot defeat a lowly worm, then she has no place within my ranks. Do what you will with her,” Yuldasha spoke before storming off with her guards and slaves.

I looked down at Dursha, her yellow eyes pleading with me. The reptilian’s seed was still leaking from her.

“Please, Sorceress. I require healing,” She spoke holding her abdominal region.

“You know as well as I, that a combative failure of this magnitude can not go beyond these walls. You call yourself a warrior, although you could not defeat this creature. A true disgrace.”

“ I…”

“Don’t further tarnish your honor with anemic excuses. Guards!”

I called over two guards and had them apprehend the warrior. She needed to be disposed of.

“Take her and come with me.”

“Where are you taking me!” The warrior began to lash out but was held firmly by the guards.

“I’m bringing you to where all failed experiments go.”

We reached the far side of the colosseum and stood above a run-off.

“Guard, open the metal door on the floor there,” I commanded.

“The sewer access plate, Sorceress?” He replied surprised.

“No wait! Please!” Dursha pleaded while trying to pull away.

“Yes, you imbecile! The sewer access plate! Open it.”

“But mistress, there’s no way to get back ou-”


Perhaps I lost my temper.


In my defense, I did just perform a monumental failure before Yuldasha. I had big problems ahead of me. I had no time for this back talk. I vaporized one of the guards turning him to bone. In retrospect, he did not deserve it. He had been following orders. With one hand, I pried the access door open with a spell. With the other hand, I waved Dursha and the remaining  overly questiony guard in. The splashes below brought a smile to my face.

Brushing ash and dirt off my hands, I let the door slam closed.

“Well, back to work.”