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Sewers of Harrow. Part IV: Hydrophobia

Celena ran for all her worth. Only a few Keeats remained stubborn enough to chase her and they had lost some ground pausing to investigate Valery, but Celena was still in dire straights. She was well trained, but the constant chase was starting to wear her out, whereas the Keeats would seemingly die before slowing down on their prey.

Fortune seemed to shine on the last remaining elf of the failed rescue mission however as she spotted a light emanating from a chamber ahead…daylight. Had she really been in this nightmarish sewer that long?

Celena darted towards the chamber, and the freedom from this hell it promised. It was a large circular chamber containing an artificial lake with some rusting, badly maintained stairs along the edges that led toward the light. An exit! An exit from this disaster.

Celena started thinking of what she’d have to say when she got back home… Zaya and Tereza… that had nothing to do with her. Zaya was her friend. She wanted to help and Tereza was just overconfident.

Valery… if she hadn’t sacrificed Valery, they would both have been taken by the Keeats, she reasoned. She would just have to lie about what she did. She’d find a way to live with it.

An angry bark from behind brought her back to the current situation. The young elf reached the chamber, awed by the sheer size of the underground lake for a second and began climbing up the stairs, which were rather steep and took a lot out of the already tired elf.

Unfortunately, the Keeats were still in top shape and finally caught up with Celena, the lead Keeat lunged at her, intent on pinning her down. Celena would have none of that so she turned and using the stair’s handrails for support, she lifted her body and dropkicked the Keeat, sending it tumbling back down the stairs.

Celena smiled in triumph, but the rusty iron handrail bent slightly before snappening under her weight. Losing her balance, she was sent tumbling into the lake below. She hit the water with a deep splash. Being a decent swimmer, she was able to quickly recover. Celena cursed as she watched the Keeats approach the edge of the lake water and look at her. Grimacing, she braced herself for another attack.

The Keeats stood still and then strangely, backed off. Turning around, they ran out of the chamber and back into the cavernous hallways.


Celena stared a little dumbfounded, then laughed.


“Ha! Scared of fucknig water? Seriously? Hahahaha…”

The elf tried to calm herself down as she bobbed in the water. The stupid animals had finally given up… she was safe. She’d be safe…

She composed herself and started swimming to the ledge when the elf felt something brush her leg. She paused.

“Some… some sewer fish.. right…,” the elf said to herself, and continued to the ledge. She placed her hands on the cold stone and was about to lift herself out when something wrapped around her left leg and tugged her back in.

Celena’s face turned to panic as she realised there was something… more… in the water. She tried to grab the ledge and get herself out again, but tentacle yanked her hard into the water causing her to lose her grip. She shrieked out as she broke the surface, trying to get whatever was on her leg off. Suddenly with a strong pull the tentacle dragged her through the water and pulled her further into the lake. The small elf gasped, as suddenly several titanic green worms burst from the water’s surface, some of them looked to be twice her size. She now realised what had truly scared off the Keeats.

Before she could react, more tentacles grabbed her and pulled her under the water. She held her breath while struggling until they brought her up again. She took a sharp gasp and filled her lungs with precious oxygen before they dunked her again. This repeated several more times, with more tentacles wrapping around her torso and limbs. The massive serpent like creatures  surrounded her and seemed to watch on even with their eyeless heads.

Her leather armour and undergarments were rapidly shredded and torn off by the barrage of thick tentacles and repeated dunking.




Celena tried to flail and kick wildly within the worms grasp, her small perky tits bouncing freely as she was tossed in and out of the water. The large tentacle wrapped around her torso forced it’s tip into her mouth and spread her jaw wide as it began pumping a thick semen like substance down her throat.

“Mmmmf! MMmmph! *gulp* *gulp*” Celena’s eyes were wide in utter shock as she had to swallow the musky substance. Her heart was pounding so fast it felt like it’d rip out of her chest. Following another long dunk in the water she didn’t even notice the tentacles pulling her bare legs apart until another tentacle emerged from the water and pushed itself into the elf’s pussy.

“MMmmmh! MMMMMPH!” Celena struggled helplessly as the tentacle penetrated her with ease, rapidly lubricating itself with the same slippery cum being forced into Celena’s stomach. Her wet and near naked body writhed and struggled in the grasp of the worms, tentacles on both ends pumping into her relentlessly. The worms stopped dunking her in the water, holding her just above the surface as the tentacles fucked her.

DC SEWER 4_Lucien

She was wet and cold and yet a terrible sensation was rising within her. The warmth of pleasure and an impending orgasm. She fought it. Tried to hold it back. But the more of this cum she drank and was pumped into her, the more aroused she got.

Her face was that of pure panic. She flailed and banged weakly on the skin of the serpent, her fists pounding the scales to no avail. The worms seemed to be still, watching her intently as their tentacles fucked her above the water. Her climax seemed to almost be their goal.

The tentacles kept up a relentless pace, her body shuddered, one leg dangling in the water. Another tentacle sneaked up and dove into Celena’s exposed rear hole and started leaking cum almost immediately. Celena let out a muffled scream as this act sent her over the edge into a thunderous climax. Her eyes rolled upwards, her own hips gyrating involuntarily on her tentacle lovers, her own clear fluidy cum spurting over the tentacle in her cunt.

The worm like serpent’s opened their mouths and shrieked out a frightening, alien sound simultaneously. Celena hardly reacted as she came down from her incredible orgasm. She moaned weakly over the tentacle in her mouth as it spurted yet more cum, so much it spilled out her nostrils and was just starting to regain her senses when the tentacles pulled down on her body again hard. Celena let out another muffled yelp and tried to breathe as much as she could through her nose as she was pulled under the surface again.

The elf’s struggles briefly renewed as the tentacles held her under the water, far longer than before. They kept the small elf under the surface while still constantly fucking her.

Celena desperately held her breath as she felt another orgasm quickly approach.

The water’s surface became calm as the struggles occurred deep underneath. Briefly, some bubbles appeared in the spot where Celena was, then slowly they ceased. The worms slipped back into the water one by one, until the lake fell calm.





The Sorceress Aeltha sat on a fairly opulent throne, some days after the elven attack. Surrounding her were some manner of scrying orbs, showing her images and reports on the aftermath of the battle.

Her attention shifted to four orbs in particular. The red demoness grinned wickedly as she viewed them. One showed a red haired elf, on her knees obendiently fellating the cock of a four armed demon. The next showed a group of purple, mostly female shaped cocoons hanging from a ceiling. Another, a blonde, rather pretty and stately elf being rutted hard by a Keeat in some dark isolated den with others waiting in line. The last, a torn elven leather glove floating on an otherwise still artificial lake.

“It seems some of the specimens I discarded in the sewer system are doing well for themselves… I should perhaps research them further… when I have the time.” Aeltha remarked to herself, before waving the orbs away and calling for a nearby elf to approach and kneel in front of her with a few simple hand gestures.


The End


Sewers of Harrow. Part III : Hysteria

The following events take place during Spire of Torment Chapter 24: Tempest’s Seed.

Valery and Celena kept up a brisk pace as they walked through the cavernous sewer chambers, staying as far as possible from the smaller passages and he possible ambushes that lay within. The rescue mission had quickly degenerated into a struggle for survival.

“At least… at least we’re not wading in that piss water anymore.” Valery said as the pair walked over the shiny stone floor of the inner sewer.

“Geem sent us here to die… sent us here to die!” Celena blurted out, her voice shaking and the brown haired elf on the verge of total panic.

“Celena. Seriously. Get a grip.” Valery responded.”We’ll get out of this okay,

we just need to find a way up to Gee..” Celena stopped in her tracks.

“FUCK Geem! What the fuck do you think the two of us are going to do? They took Zaya! They took Tereza! We can’t even help them! They’re gone! THEY’RE GONE!”

Valery spun, turned and placed her hands on the panicking elf’s shoulders.

“Calm down, just calm down. We’ll find a way to rescue them all, okay? We’ll find a way…”

Celena swatted away Valery’s hands angrily.

“You don’t believe that anymore than I do! We were sent here as fodder for these… things! We have to escape! Right now! WE HAVE TO ESCAPE!”

Valery was quickly losing her patience, grabbing Celena’s shoulder firmly this time she pointed her finger at her screaming comrade. “Look…”

Suddenly, she was cut off by a horrific, otherworldly growl echoing from somewhere. The two elven soldiers immediately drew their silver blades and watched their surroundings. More growls were heard and footsteps… something was approaching. Valery and Celena kept their backs to each other and looked around, unsure of which way to proceed.

“Oh gods… oh gods… I know those growls, they’re…” before Selena could say another word, a pair of the dog-like Kazdruk creatures that had made themselves infamous to all elvenkind padded into view.

“Keeats!” Valery confirmed.

The Keeat pair sniffed the air around them, their advanced senses singling out the scent of the elven females even through the constant stench of the sewer. Instantly they darted at the elves with terrifying speed. Valery gripped her sword and evaded one of the attacking Keeats with the switfness and grace of an elven Queen’s guard, her blade slashing the attacking hound’s side deeply. The Keeat let out a pained roar and skidded into a wall, dazed.

The other Keeat lunged at Celena. “Oh, you want me. WANT ME? FUCK YOU,

YOU PIECE OF SHIT,” She shrieked. The elf was near hysterical, but her combat training still served her, she gave the Keeat’s snout a vicious kick and drove her sword into it’s skull, instantly killing It. Celena looked over as Valery ran to the other Keeat and mercilessly decapitated it as it struggled to stand. Somehow the creature’s blood didn’t stain Valery’s gleaming white armour at all. The elves panted heavily as they looked over their kills. Celena went back to pry out her sword from the dead Keeat, which she had driven in so deep with rage-fueled strength it was now stuck.

“Celena, look out!” Valery shouted as another Keeat sprung out of the shadows and

toppled Celena to the ground. Celena struggled as she was pinned down by strong feral paws, noticing the Keeat’s heavy cock rapidly slipping free of its sheath.

Celena’s eyes grew wide, realising what the beast intended to do. “No! NO!


A sword drove through the beast on top of Celena. Valery put her boot on the Keeat’s side and pushed her blade free as it slumped over. The noble Wayyel guard helped her comrade to her feet as yet more Keeats came into view. Two… then five… then yet more.

The two elves backed off from the pack of Keeats that were attracted to their struggle and scent. They were almost surrounded except for one nearby exit.

“Run!!” Valery commanded, and the pair took off as fast as they could. The pack gave chase, following the elves. Valery and Celena ran for all their worth, their toned elven bodies being at the peak of athletic fitness, they could easily outrun a human and even many Kazdruk.

The elves rounded a corner and kept running, with the Keeats in hot pursuit. Bit by bit the creatures were gaining ground, fueled by animalistic lust.

“Keep… going, we have to…” Valery said in between pants. Celena, right alongside her, face full of panic and despair. She looked behind at the chasing pack and back to Valery.  

“I’m… sorry!” Celena blurted out, and swiftly kicked Valery in the ribs. Celena’s comrade fell and skidded onto the floor, eyes widened in shock. Nothing was broken, but she had the wind knocked out of her and she lay clutching her stomach.

“I can’t… I can’t… I don’t need to outrun them… I… I just need to outrun you. Sorry… I’m really sorry,” Celena huffed while running away.

Celena went into a full sprint away from her fellow elven soldier.


As Valery stumbled onto her feet and cursing as the the Keeats caught up to her. Four of the beasts ran right past her to chase Celena as the others quickly Kazdruk hounds surrounded her. More cautious than the first members of the pack, the creatures kept their distance making sure to cut any possible way for Valery to escape. The elven soldier reached for her sword, but saw she had dropped it when she fell, it was now well out of reach behind one of the creatures. Valery stood still, her heart pounding. She was no match for an entire pack and she knew it, the creatures could tear her apart at will. The Keeats all looked at her with evil, hungry eyes, sniffing the air constantly. The scent. Her scent. She knew. She had heard tales of what they do.

The largest Keeat of the pack approached, the alpha. Growling and sniffing the air, it’s giant snout approached Valery’s crotch. It pushed out it’s tongue and started licking the elf’s leather pants aggressively. Valery shuddered and started to panic. “NO!” She punched the alpha’s head hard, and turned away, trying desperately to find a way to slip through the pack and escape. The alpha, hardly fazed, let out a deep growl and pounced on top of Valery, knocking her onto the cold, wet stone floor. The other Keeats howled in seeming approval as the alpha ripped Valery’s leather pants and panties to shreds with a swipe of it’s claws and pressed it’s weight down on the smaller elf.

“No… get… off!” Valery struggled in vain as the creature pinned her down. No one was here to help her, like she helped Celena. That coward. The creature grew tired of the female’s ceaseless struggles and growled loudly into her ear while chomping it’s powerful jaws close to her head. Valery’s struggles ceased as she realised the threatening implications. Then she felt something hot and rigid rub against her exposed pussy. The alpha’s cock, unsheathed and hardened from it’s excitement of Valery’s scent and pushed inside her. The elf’s face felt flushed as she felt herself be penetrated by the Keeat’s thick member. It grew yet more as the alpha thrust in and out, shifting it’s weight to keep her pinned down.


Valery panted and gasped with each thrust, the alpha’s powerful body plunging it’s cock deeper and deeper into her. Her body writhing under the beast as it established its dominance over the pack’s new bitch. It drooled thick spittle over her pristine white gloves. Watery precum surged from it’s cock into the quivering elf. The elf could hardly believe the position she was in right now. She tried to focus on something else, anything else, but each animalistic thrust brought her back to reality. Worse, she felt a familiar pleasant tingle in her loins. She was being fucked by a demonic animal and her body was starting to enjoy it. She tried to push back the growing feelings of pleasure even as she felt her nipples harden and push against her leather chest-plate. The pack watched intently as the act of mating continued.

Valery grunted and gasped. The alpha rutted her with raw animalistic desire. She felt it’s base get bigger and bigger. Yet even as it grew, it still slipped inside her pussy lips. The elf cursed herself as her own building arousal only served to make it easier for the Keeat’s dog cock to push inside her. Then, as the alpha held it’s paws tightly against her writhing hips, it thrust in again, hilting it’s cock inside Valery’s cunt.  The elf’s eyes grew wide, her mouth agape, drool flowing freely as she felt the cock’s base expand so much that it was firmly stuck in her pussy now.

The large hard knot bumped against her clit in just the right way to drive her wild. “F… FUUUUUUUCKK!!!!” she screamed as a hard, forced orgasm crashed through her body. This reaction only caused the alpha to pound her even harder, it’s knotted cock pushing and tugging on her pussy prolonging her climax. Soon, the alpha let out a triumphant howl and followed with it’s own orgasm, flooding Valery’s womb with hot Keeat seed. Valery cried on in both pleasure and humiliation. She had just been bred like an animal, and the alpha’s cock was still firmly stuck inside her. The alpha took it’s time, fucking the writhing, sweating elf yet more. Forcing more pleasure out of her and making sure she understood her new place. She wasn’t sure how much time passed. It seemed like quite a bit of time went by and the alpha’s knot still wouldn’t release her. The alpha finally grew tired and dismounted the elf. The fat cock still attached to her form. It looked around the pack, still patiently watching the whole time, yet clearly growing impatient. The alpha growled and barked at them, making it clear she was still it’s mate…for now.


Finally, after some more time, the knot shrunk enough to be pulled out of

Valery’s pussy. Globs of cum spilled out onto the floor as the elf lay exhausted. She had lost count of the times that animal had forced a climax out of her. She lay there, thinking how a proud Queen’s guard like herself could have possibly ended up like this, her leggings in tatters, her beautiful blonde hair matted with drool and spilt cum, but at least now it was over…

… until the next Keeat of the pack approached her, it’s cock already hard, throbbing and leaking precum freely as it mounted her weakened body. It was then she knew the entire pack would have their turn with her and she would remain the pack’s bitch… forever.




Sewers of Harrow. Part II : Horror

The following events take place during Spire of Torment Chapter 24: Tempest’s Seed.

The group continued down the solitary passageway, only the sounds of the water and their breathing filling it up as they remained dejected and silent. A light in the distance signaled a larger hall ahead, like the ones they left behind.

Tereza pointed ahead. “Alright, looks like a second set of large chambers here. If we’re lucky we’ll find an access pipe to the upper levels.”

“We should’ve done something.” Celena spoke, ignoring Tereza’s words.

“There was nothing we could do. Not without a damn map of this place. I’m sorry.” Tereza replied, trying to be of some comfort to the short haired elf.

Celena stopped. “But we left her! We left her to.. to.. get raped..”

Valery put her hand on Celena’s shoulder “We.. we don’t know that. Maybe she’s just trapped, maybe..”

Celena spun around and batted Valery’s white gloved hand away. “What in the hells do you think we heard, you dumb Wayyel bitch!”

“Don’t talk to me like that. I get she was your friend, but we’ve all lost someone in this war. We just have to..”

Celena continued to seethe. “Like you’ve lost anything, guarding the aristocracy in your fancy fucking armour. I bet you thought this’d be an easy rescue and be promoted to Aria’s head slut!”

“I know you’re upset but do not speak of the Queen in that manner!” Valery pointed accusingly.

“Or what? We’re all probably going to die in this sewer anyway! This.. this is Geem’s sick fucking idea of a decoy.”

“Oh so now it’s conspiracy theories too? He would never do that and you know it!”

Tereza turned to face Valery and Celena again and stamped her foot down, glaring at the two soldiers. “Stop it now! I know.. I know it’s hard we lost Zaya.. and if there’s any way we can rescue her after the mission is done we will. But we HAVE to press on and we HAVE to stop fighting each other! That’s what the Kazdruk want, to upset us, to throw us off balance, to divide and destroy us. Are you going to let that happen?”

Celena and Valery looked at Tereza. “No, ma’am.”

“I didn’t hear you. Will you let your fear destroy you?”

“No ma’am!”

Tereza nodded, and smiled, walking slightly ahead of the other two. The first time since they entered the dank and oppressive sewer network. “Commander Geem picked us because he knew we were all capable of securing his escape. He’s relying on us, so let’s go and save our Quee..”

In an instant, Tereza was cut off as a dark creature appeared behind her and with lightning speed wrapped several then appendages around her form and dragged her upwards as she shrieked. Celena and Valery looked on in horror as their commander was taken into an opening in the ceiling of the passage, barely visible in the darkness. Tereza’s screams echoed and her sword fell down, making a splash as it dunked into the water in front of the remaining two.

Valery looked up, trying to find a way to follow whatever had taken Tereza. But the ceiling was too far up and the walls too smooth to grab onto.

“Shit.. oh shit.. shit!!!” Celena was close to hyperventilating as she ran forward. Valery followed closely, both realising it was better for them to be in the open chambers ahead, trying to not give into total panic as Tereza’s screams were abruptly cut off.

Tereza felt something sticky and foul tasting get forced into her mouth, it seemed to bond with her lips and jaw, gagging her. The elven commander tried to struggle and kick, but her arms and legs were held down tightly by the creature’s multiple limbs. She let out a muffled protest as the spider-like entity moved her swiftly through small ducts.

The creature and it’s new prize emerged into the ceiling of one of the large chambers, thick purple goo covered it, along with several fleshy pods. Tereza was disoriented as the demon held her upside down and began spewing more purple goo from it’s abdomen, covering her legs and fastening them to the ceiling, then doing the same with her arms. The creature let go of her and left her dangling, her braided ponytail hanging from her head. Tereza looked down. It was at least a 15 metre drop from the ceiling to the chamber floor and the knee high water wouldn’t break her fall. The webbing that now bound her was the only thing preventing that now, but it seemed impossibly strong and like the goo in her mouth seemed to bind to her skin and armour like strong glue.

Tereza changed her gaze to the creature as it scuttled about in front of her. It was indeed spider like in shape with multiple legs and a large abdomen, but not like any kind of arachnid she had ever seen. It’s skin was grey and leathery, it’s limbs while segmented resembled those of a Keeat hound, and there were only six of them, like an insect. It’s head was demonic, with 3 jewel like orange eyes in the center that looked empty and soulless.

Then, Tereza examined the fleshy pods around her. At first she thought they were just clumps of goo as she was disoriented from being moved about and hung upside down. Now her icy blue eyes widened in horror as she realised what they actually were – people. The purple webbing tightly clung to their forms as they hung suspended from the ceiling as she was. All women, from the looks of it. Some human, some elves, their pointed ears sticking out from their gooey prisons. Soldiers like her? Citizens of Goldulin? Discarded slaves? She couldn’t tell. Some seemed to twitch with movement. Others hung perfectly still. She could even make out some faces through the purple goo. Gagged like her, faces frozen in horror. Some of the cocoons seemed to have large, distended bellies. Pregnant? She thought, and quickly tried to not imagine how that came to be.

Her eyes turned back to the spider demon. It was breaking open another purple pod and feasting on the contents, meat and blood spraying from it’s interior. Tereza let out a muffled gasp, starting to panic – but then noticed the shape of this cocoon was different. Large and dog-like. Probably a Keeat. It seemed this is what the creature used as a food source and not the assortment of women held imprisoned here.

Tereza’s relief was short lived as the spider demon finished it’s meal, cleaned itself and shifted it’s attention back to her. It’s claws swiftly lashed out at her and cut her leather armour to ribbons. Pieces of it fell and splashed into the water below. It soon made short work of her thin undergarments too. When it was done only the tattered remnants of her leggings, shoulders and sleeves remained. Mostly the bits of her armour permanently stuck to the goo-like webbing. The commander was almost completely naked, her body and intimate parts exposed to the dank, hot sewer air.

The spider seemed to pause, seemingly admiring it’s handiwork. Tereza was securely fastened to the ceiling and her body did not bear a single claw mark or scrape. The creature clearly wanted her completely intact, and seemed quite experienced in removing apparel.

It then positioned itself behind Tereza, resting most of it’s limbs on the surrounding webbing and placing two on the elf. It’s large head hovered over her neck. Opening a small 3 way slit that apparently was it’s mouth, full of sharp, needle like teeth. It bit down on her flesh and Tereza felt something warm spread into her bloodstream before the creature withdrew, it’s small teeth barely leaving a mark.

“Mmmf! Mmf!” Tereza protested through her unyielding gag. If she could talk she would’ve spat curses and indignations at this thing as she noticed it’s intent. Something large and hard was growing from it’s abdomen between her legs, right next to her exposed nethers. Her eyes looked down, trying to get a glimpse beyond her own dangling breasts. A shaft, resembling a cross between a penis and an insect proboscis, smaller at the tip and thick at the base emerged between her legs, pointing at her own pussy. Thick white fluid oozed out of it’s tip.

Tereza renewed her struggle against her bonds, now not caring about the likely fatal drop. If she broke free at least she’d take this bastard thing with her, she reasoned. But it was no use. The bindings were impossibly strong and held fast. Tugging on them felt like trying to pry apart her own skin. Even the webbing on her leg armour felt like they had seeped through and bonded to her.

Another wide-eyed, muffled protest escaped her gag as the spider demon pushed it’s member inside of her, parting the petals of her pussy. To her surprise, it didn’t hurt. In fact she found that it felt comfortable.. it felt good. Tereza wondered if this was the result of whatever venom the spider put in her body when it bit her. She groaned and rolled her eyes as the creature filled her, her body feeling pleasantly warm now.

The elf’s blue eyes almost glowed in the dark ceiling as she looked around searching for something, anything to help her situation, but seeing only the female-shaped cocoons hanging still around her. She felt the spider’s member bump against her cervix and yet still, there was no pain. Just an increasingly pleasant warm sensation she tried to deny. The flow of semen-like fluid from it’s tip increased as the cock began a rhythmic pumping motion. It didn’t slide in and out like a regular act of sex, but remained still and pulsed. Tereza moaned into her gag as the cock pulsed against the walls of her pussy. Thin fluid spilled out and down on over her.

The spider demon held a claw against Tereza’s belly, almost lovingly. She shock her head and strained against her bonds, moaning into her gag as the pleasant sensations overtook her. Then she felt a new sensation. Tiny orbs emerged from the phallus that was violating the bound elf and were pushed into her womb by the copious amounts of fluid – a seemingly endless amount of them flowed inside painlessly.

“Mmmmmmmff…!” Tereza screamed into her gag, face flushed as she felt an orgasm crash over her entire body. She trembled in her bonds, beads of sweat were shaken free of her quivering form to drop into the water below. The creature didn’t seem to react, it’s dead orange eyes staring into nothing as it’s foul cock continued to pump small eggs and fluid inside her. She on the other hand closed her eyes and shook her head. She was humiliated. She was a soldier, a commander in the armies of AzurLynn. A leader of men and women. But now she was a trapped broodmare for a disgusting demon.. and she was getting off on it.

DC SEWER 2_Lucien

Tereza could barely manage another thought before she climaxed again, her cunt thoroughly lubricated by the creature’s fluids and her own wetness. Her body tensing up again. When she was able to recover her thoughts, she pondered on how the creature’s venom must’ve made her highly susceptible to this.. but then thought back to Zaya. How her pained screams seemed to turn into almost.. lustful moans. She had thought she had been imagining things, but now.. in this situation, she observed how insidious these creatures must be. Creatures who dominate not only with cunning and physical strength, but with pleasure.

She wasn’t sure, of course. It might’ve been just her addled mind bringing forth strange fantasies for the sake of survival as she was suspended and fucked with impunity. Regardless, her train of thought was soon wrecked when she came again.. and again.. her own belly becoming slightly distended as she was pumped full of eggs and cum.

Tereza looked down again. She saw her two subordinates hurriedly wading through the chamber below. They didn’t look up, but rather behind them. They didn’t seem to be in the mood to stop and examine the surroundings, or notice the torn bits of leather in the water to their side. She made a weak muffled sound, but she knew it was useless, and there’d be no way to climb up to where she was to rescue her even if they did see her. The spider demon either didn’t seem to notice them, or didn’t care as it bred it’s newest incubator.

As Celena and Valery moved away, Tereza felt comforted that they, at least, went on and could complete their mission. As long as the Queen is safe that’s all that matters. Even if no one ever remembers her part in it or that she is trapped here.. with this thing. She shook again as she was forced to have another unwanted orgasm and panted as the creature finally withdrew, leaving a trail of fluid and eggs along her vaginal canal.

Tereza hung limply, exhausted as the creature began to move. She had a reasonable idea of what would happen next. The spider demon produced another glob of purple goo and stuffed it into the elf’s soaked pussy. It quickly bonded and set there, sealing the eggs and fluid inside her. She then felt her legs pushed together, and the same sticky goo cover her skin. First her legs, then her belly and down to her breasts. She felt the substance stick and hug her form tightly and felt it pour over her head and face. Her braid stuck to her neck as she was sealed inside the cocoon. She realised that she could open her eyes and still see within her new home, her world now consisting of a purple tinted sewer ceiling. She hung there, too weak to struggle, now just another elf shaped fruit to be harvested.

Sewers of Harrow. Part I : Havoc.


The following events take place during Spire of Torment Chapter 24: Tempest’s Seed.


Part I : Havoc.

 The sewers of the Kazdruk spire loomed over the party of four elves who ventured inside. They looked around in quiet awe, the structure dwarfing any sewage systems built by even the great empire of Goldulin. The sounds of the battle raging outside were drowned out by the sounds of water flowing and pipes clattering within the cavernous halls.

“Alright ladies, stay alert.” Tereza broke the silent reverie. “The Kazdruk are throwing everything at us outside, but that doesn’t mean this place is completely unguarded.”

The four elven soldiers waded through the knee high water – at least, they hoped it was water – that covered the floor of the sewers like a shallow pool, brandishing their keen silver blades than glinted even in the dull light of the sewers. A pervading, almost oppressive stench creeped into their nostrils as they ventured deeper.

“Nice of Commander Geem to send us into this shit hole.” Zaya remarked, her fiery red hair flowing around her shoulders as she looked around.

Celena nodded. “Send all the women into the sewers and take the men to rescue the queen and grab all the glory..” The short haired, tomboyish elf grinned sarcastically.

“Maybe he just enjoys the company of men, hm?” Zaya smirked. The look in her eyes betrayed a casual friendship with Celena.

“No..” Valery interjected. “Come on. You’ve all heard what the Kazdruk do to their prisoners.. especially women.”

“What, afraid of what the big bad Kazdruk will do to you? Maybe you should’ve stayed in Wayyel shining that pretty white armour of yours then.” Celena scoffed.

Valery glared at Celena. “My *point* was we’ve all heard what happened to Geem’s fiancée. I think maybe he.. he doesn’t want to order us to a similar fate up there.”

“Feh.” Zaya looked around at the dark, seemingly endless halls towering above them. “Whatever the reason, we’re still stuck down here breathing in whatever the hells some demon passed through their anus a week ago.”

“Look I don’t like this either.. I want to be up there, the first to save my Queen. I’m just saying the Commander has his reasons.” The feathers in Valery’s blond hair added a little colour to the bleak surroundings as she spoke.

“Right, so we’re stuck down here because the Commander’s fiancée dropped her pants for the first Kazdruk cock she came across?” Celena rolled her eyes. “No really, great. Thank you Geem for protecting poor little me.”

“Yeah I guess the good Commander couldn’t satisfy her enough.” Zaya chuckled to her friend, making a little gesture with her pinky finger extended.

Tereza sighed angrily and spun around, facing her subordinates. “Enough!” Her raised voice echoed in the giant chambers. “I thought I was leading elven soldiers, not a trio of human fish wives.”

Zaya and Valery snapped to attention, looking a bit embarrassed. Celena remained defiant.

“I’m just saying what we’re all thinki..”

“Celena. Shut it.” Tereza’s icy blue eyes locked a piercing gaze on the arrogant young elf. “We were given an assignment to find an escape route for the Queen, and that’s what we’re going to do. Now. We’re going to keep moving forward and I don’t want to hear more irrelevant gossip, clear?”

“Yes ma’am.” The other 3 elves replied, almost in unison. Celena sticking out her tongue at Tereza when she turned away and wasn’t looking.


The elves continued moving deeper into the sewer halls. So far a straightforward series of large chambers until they arrived at a smaller passage. It split two ways, and the party had no way of knowing where either led. The stench of the sewer grew ever more intense as water flowed out of the passages and from grated pipes along the green walls.

Tereza raised her hand for her group to stop as she considered her options.

“Split into two groups of two, ma’am?” Zaya spoke up. “Seems like the obvious choice.”

Tereza frowned, knowing enough about the Kazdruk to know that ‘the obvious choice’ wasn’t necessarily the best option when dealing with them or their structures. “I don’t feel good about dividing us.. especially as we don’t know where they’ll lead and no means to communicate with each other.”

Zaya wandered into the entrance of one of the passages as she spoke, looking around. “As long as one group can secure the escape route that’ll be enough, right? The others can double back if they reach a dead end.”

“Alright.” Tereza nodded. “You and Cel..”

“ZAYA! STOP!” Valery blurted out, interrupting Tereza. She raised her hand as she noticed Zaya backing up onto a metal pressure plate, barely visible beneath the flowing water. Turning her head to ask what was going on, Zaya’s foot landed on the plate. Suddenly, a large steel gate slammed down behind Zaya, cutting her off from her 3 companions. All 4 elves quickly recovered from the sudden scare and scrambled to attempt to open the new barrier between them.

“It won’t budge.” Tereza spoke up, her hands uselessly running along the smooth metal surface of the gate. The only opening being a grate for the water to flow through at their feet.

“Zaya! Just.. hold on!” Celena slammed the low grate with her sword. If she could break that, Zaya could try to swim through. But the grate felt as solid as the thick steel gate itself, and swinging a sword against a constant flow of water wasn’t making it any easier.

“No good.” Tereza pondered. “We’ll never force open this Kazdruk metal gate. Zaya. Can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Zaya replied, her voice a little muffled by the barrier. She brushed her red hair from her face nervously.

“Look. We can’t just sit here. We’re going to go down the other passageway and press onwards. Try to find a way to open this gate.. there must be a switch or something. If not, just keep going. Hopefully we can meet up further ahead. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am.” Zaya said, a little dejectedly.

Celena spoke up. “We can’t just leave Zaya alone!”

“I’ll be fine, I can take care of myself! Maybe I’ll find the way up before you do!” Zaya spoke reassuringly.

“We don’t have time to argue, fall in behind me. We’re going. And for the goddess’ sake watch the floor for more traps.” Tereza turned and walked into the other passageway. “Good luck, Zaya.”

Celena grumbled and followed, with Valery not far behind. Both wishing Zaya luck as well. Zaya turned her back against the steel gate, sighed and moved ahead.


Zaya felt a creeping tension as she pressed on alone. The sounds of the sewer seemed more intense now. The flowing water, the dripping, the sound of her own breath, the creak of her leather armour as she moved. Her heart started to beat faster, the passage felt dank and oppressive. And the stench. Her red hair matted to her face as she realised she was sweating profusely, the water below providing no comfort from the increasing heat.

Then there was a new sound. She heard something that sounded like a scrape on the wall. She froze. “Commander Tereza? Are you there?” Perhaps her squad had found their way to her after all. But there was no reply. Just another scrape. “C.. Celena? Don’t mess with me again.”

Zaya frowned and readied her sword. She heard what sounded like a grunt. Not her squad’s. A male grunt.. but it didn’t sound elven. Another scrape. She realised it sounded like a claw scratching against stone. She tensed up. The sounds grew louder, and louder. Whatever it was, was coming near her. The passageway became somewhat larger, but there were no alternate routes, just a corner ahead, and the sealed gate behind. She resolved to be ready for whatever was coming, and went round the corner.

The sight before her made her gasp. It was a tall humanoid creature, four powerful arms extended from it’s muscular frame. The upper arms had fairly normal hands, but the lower had large, sharp black claws in place of fingers. It’s head bore no resemblance to elf or human, looking like a demonic monstrosity more akin to a Keeat hound or dragon with large, black horns. But what disturbed Zaya the most was it’s incredibly large cock dangling between it’s equally muscular legs.

The creature glanced at Zaya with it’s fiery yellow eyes. It did not seem surprised by her presence. It made several loud snorts as it regarded her and Zaya realised.. it smelled her. It had her scent. Then, suddenly the beast charged at her with inhuman speed. Zaya barely had time to react, raising her sword as the creature slammed into her. She was sent reeling into the wall behind her. She recovered quickly and gritted her teeth, slicing her sword down into it’s chest, leaving a visible scar, but the creature barely reacted. It lunged at her and slammed her against the wall again. Zaya screamed in pain and raised her sword again. This time the creature’s upper hands grabbed her wrists and spun her around, her back facing him. With a strong squeeze of her wrist, the creature forced Zaya to drop her sword into the water below them as it raised it’s two clawed hands, preparing to strike.

“No.. no! STOP! CELENA! HELP ME!!!!” Zaya shrieked as she struggled against the creature’s strong grip, she was almost certain the claws would impale her in a moment, ending her life.

The creature snorted again next to Zaya’s fiery hair, smelling her up close. It’s claws hooked onto and shredded Zaya’s leather bottoms and part of her top, exposing her elegantly weaved emerald green thong and bare breast to the dank sewer air, then grabbed her hips with those same claws, spreading her legs apart. Zaya’s eyes widened in horror as she realised the creatures intent as she was positioned over the beast’s rapidly hardening cock, her arms and legs restrained and useless.

“OH GODDESS NO! COMMANDER! PLEASE!! ANYONE!! AHHHHH!” Zaya screamed in panic. None of the salacious stories of what the Kazdruk did to their prisoners prepared her for the moment the creature’s engorged member pushed inside of her pussy, easily slipping her thong aside. She gasped, and screamed again, the creature rapidly filling her like no elven man ever did. The creature roared triumphantly as it started to take it’s new female prize.

Zaya’s screams echoed down the passageways and halls. Tereza, Celena and Valery froze as they heard them. Muffled, distant. But definitely Zaya. Along with the roar. A horrible, guttural roar.

“Zaya? ZAYA! We have to help her!!” Celena blurted out, waving her sword and preparing to charge back the way she came.

“Stop, STOP!” Tereza shouted, firmly grasping Celena’s shoulders. “We have no idea where she is! And that other passage is still blocked!”

“Screw that! I’ll bash it down if I have to!” Celena spat, tears welling up in her eyes.

“We have to keep going ahead with the mission. That’s an order.”

Valery tried to calm Celena down. “You can’t help her by going back, okay? We just have to.. we have to go on okay? There has to be a connection ahead!”

Celena relented, hanging her head, realising Valery was right. All 3 elves were startled again as they heard another scream, another muffled plea, with no way of knowing how close they were. She was distant.. or was she? Was she behind the wall next to them? The sounds in the sewers travelled frustratingly far. Then.. their hairs stood on end as they heard her screams become shorter.. quieter.. liked pained moans as if something was slamming into her repeatedly.

“Oh no.. she’s.. she’s..” Celena grabbed her chest, breathing rapidly.

“Don’t think about it. Keep moving. Just block it out. Block it out..” Tereza replied, perhaps trying to convince herself to do so as well.

The creature roared contentedly as it’s cock rutted into Zaya’s quivering form, her free breast bouncing in the hole in her top. Zaya looked on in disbelief at the cock that filled her, she gasped and made short, repeated cries as the creature fucked her relentlessly.

DC SEWER 1_Lucien

The beast soon reached it’s orgasm, roaring again, it’s sharp toothed mouth spewing drool onto Zaya’s face and hair as it spurted creamy cum into her pussy, it rapidly flowing out. This only seemed to serve to drive it to pump it’s cock into Zaya even faster and harder than before, now lubricated by the cum coating it’s shaft.

Zaya felt embarrassed and fearful as she felt her insides churn against the massive cock, she tried to raise her hands again but they were held down tight by the beast. She sensed her nethers tingling as the lubricated cock filled her and rubbed on her clit. The initial shock having passed, she found herself focusing on this more and more. She gasped and shook her head. The last thing she wanted was to give this monster the satisfaction of making her cum. If it even understood that, that is. If it even cared about the feelings of the woman it was impaling on it’s long.. hard.. slimy.. cock..

She moaned. She felt like her hips were starting to thrust back of their own volition. Her bare nippled hardened and stood out erect. As the pounding of her soft nethers continued, Zaya felt her face flush and a warm tingle overtake her whole body. She let out a cry and thrust her head back as she came, the walls of her cunt twitching and clamping on the beast’s shaft, clear juices squirting out.

The creature roared again, pumping more thick ejaculate into Zaya. She recovered her breath as she came down from her orgasm and looked at the creature’s face behind her. Somehow, seeing it’s face, the way it looked back at her. She could tell. It knew. It knew she just came. Hard. And as it started pumping into her once again, grasping her limbs tightly she let out a weak moan and understood the look on it’s demonic face. It owned her.

The three elves noticed the sounds coming from Zaya becoming quieter and quieter. Then, only the roars of the creature could be heard… and then.. nothing. Only the sound of water flowing, and pipes clattering. The three remained silent, Celena’s face streaked with tears. And they marched onwards…