Shackles of Hate: Chapters

Authored by Sinfulwolf.



  1. Hey Sin, I was just wondering how the writing is going and how you’re doing, I also wanted to tell you that my PC is finally back up and running so I can finally start writing again. If you could give me any tips on how to break out of my writers block and how to write a short story like your Succubus v. Nazi story on HF, like where to start, I would be extremely grateful.
    I wish you all the best and that the Muses grace us both with inspiration.
    Your friend, Fan and supporter
    Reaper436 🙂

    1. Apologies for the late reply. I am not on here as much as I should be anymore.
      My personal writing is going alright, but I’ve been taking a break from Dominion’s Chain for the time being for a few personal reasons. I will hopefully be back when the momentum on everything here starts picking up again. I’ve been mostly writing over at my Hentai Foundry profile, and Adult Fan Fiction profile.
      Good to hear your PC is back up and running!
      Tips… tips… well, for a one shot like my Succubus vs. Nazi, I come up with a core idea. What do I wanna write a story about? Then I come up with tone and characters, then start getting more specific when I actually put fingers to keyboard.
      With a one-shot like the example you presented, I just went with the flow. For something bigger, I like to keep at least a few notes so I don’t forget shit.
      But it’s that core idea that should be your anchor.

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