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July 2018 Update


  1. Hi there. The new site is looking all good so far. Bye, bye Blogger, I won’t miss you.

    But I have a suggestion: Would it be possible for you to open a tumblr account where you announce new chapters? I’m not sure if I’m alone with this, but it would help me keeping track

  2. Place looks spiffy so far. Also gotta say that the Side Quests section has me curious to see what comes of it. Will there be more of these off shoots to the main stories, or are they a one time deal? Moreover, is Spire the only arc with such side quests planned?

    Personally, I’d like to see more side stories, but that’s just because I like large stories with lots of characters and varying plots. Helps keep things fresh, I think.

    Anyway, all looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing where you guys plan to take things from here.

    1. thanks Gamov!! Nice to see familiar faces again πŸ™‚

      I hope to have more side quests in the future. This is a bit of an experiment.

      For Spire of Torment, there might be more side quests in the future. I have a few ideas that could work I think.

      I can’t say for sure with Shackles or Half-Breed because they’re aren’t mine πŸ˜€

      Maybe Wolf and Dawn can chime in.

      1. There’s certainly the possibility of side-quests emerging from Shackles of Hate. I’ve had an idea or two. But for the moment I have no plans to personally write it. I don’t want to take away time from the main arc.

      2. Since I had this super long break from writing, I want to focus on the Half-Breed story arc. There are a lot of parts to cover, starting with the DalMarkaan invasion, up to the adventures of the Wanderers of SajaRuun.

        And yes: I AM BACK !!!

      3. Personally, I like the Side Quests. I’m a new reader.

        I’m aware this site has existed for years in some form or another, but I only started reading since last week. The side quests for Spire drew me in. The exhaustive list of chapters is… daunting. I read the FAQ and saw you’re doing a GoT-esque work with at least 3 separate threads and lots of interweaving characters and plots.

        And judging by how short the chapters seem to be, plot/characters are really important. With the sprawling cast, I’m not very inclined to read much because I’d have to start at the beginning and read through to the end. Rotating stories chapter by chapter is really tedious and complicated.

        Furthermore, the earlier chapters have lots and lots of mistakes. Whether mechanical or grammatical, it seems your strength is (or was) in painting pictures. Writing good stories is a completely different beast. It’s not a cultural thing, either. As an American, I didn’t notice any strong British influences that were immediately noticeable.

        That said, the later chapters seem to be about average as far as porn lit goes. The art is pretty. I can be patient with updates, as a writer myself–with a full time job–I certainly take a little too much time to get work done.

        Is it possible you could put in summaries every dozen chapters or so, to catch people up on what’s happening if they might have missed something?

        I saw in a side quest that Aeltha got swallowed by a tentacle monster and sucked into a pocket dimension, and the chapter it takes place in is placed BEFORE other chapters where she’s walking around. Maybe I’m misreading or misunderstanding something, but it looks to me like there’s huge continuity errors… everywhere.

        There’s another author I read on literotica, GigglingGoblin. She has a similar writing style: she has a few characters and writes out different events at different stages in their lives. She’s kind enough to say, “this takes place before this one, but after that one.”

        Would you consider doing something like that?

        1. Wow, major apologies here for getting back to you so late. I really need to pay more attention to the comment board we have.

          As to your concerns, they are understandable. However, each arc can be read separately without losing too much understanding. Each one being handled by a different author, and some of the side quests being done by guest authors. It’s really closer to comic serials than typical literature. So, mistakes should be pointed out towards those specific authors through comments so we can all work at getting better.

          The cultural thing shouldn’t be too noticeable, as Lucien is American, I’m Canadian (which might explain some of the British style spellings you may see about) and Dawn is German, So no Brits here.

          Aeltha was never swallowed by a tentacle monster and sent to a pocket dimension. Some other characters have though. I believe you may have misread that. I’d also like to know some of these other huge continuity errors so that we can fix em, or work on setting the record straight.

          As to the summaries. It’s something we can put together certainly. Especially if it’ll help others as well. It may well work to have a ‘summary’ page or some such for people to skim.

          Thank you for the comment, and apologies again for the overly late reply.

  3. Hey there, if you’re still looking for a proof reader, I would love to help, I have a lot of free time and I love these stories. It would be an honor for me to be able to help in any way that you need so if you do still need someone to proof read, I am at your disposal. Just let me know if you do or if you’ve already found someone else.
    And may the Muses be ever at your side.

    1. For some of us, proof reader isn’t necessarily the issue, but more just finding time to actually get content down onto the page. Though, proofreaders can be handy.

      1. I’d love to help, especially since reading the stories to look for grammatical mistakes or whatever continuity errors people are talking about would be a serious help in getting me back to writing, oh and I started working on the stories we talked about and just the fact that you are interested in reading them has given me the motivation to write again and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that, it feels like my writers block is finally fading and that I’m getting back to how I used to write, cramming out a chapter in a few days the way I did before, because of you I started to work on the stories that until now where just in my head so by the time you read this I may have the plot/character outlines and maybe even the first/beginning chapter for you to read and review, might take a little while but I can’t wait to give it to you and hear your thoughts.
        Thank you Sinfulwulf you are so totally awesome and a great person.

    1. Perhaps some day. Dawn and Lucien have both been exceedingly busy in their personal lives and haven’t been able to find the time to write.

      I had to put some distance on the project myself because I’ve been unable to carry it by myself with other arcs pulling in some of my chief characters, among other personal issues that haven’t made this project as enjoyable for me as it once was.

      Some day we may all be able to return to this project, which would be amazing, but I’m afraid a fair amount of momentum has already been lost. I’m currently writing personal projects, and I don’t know when Dawn and Lucien will be able to return.

      I know you wanted a more definitive answer, but as it stands right now, it is a “maybe”.

  4. Oh wow! A random story drop in 2021hehehe. I’m glad i still check in from time to time. Good story J-Cal and as always Lucien the art was magnificent.

  5. Hiya, I’ve been a fan for a long time. This is going to sound strange but I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Multiple Personality Disorder. While that wouldn’t be a big deal I have a few alters in my system who are based on some of your characters. I wouldn’t have posted this except they’re a little insistent. Been wanting to tell you guys for a while now, and Luzella would be a little more than a little irritated if I chicken out now. Sorry if this is weird, heck it might be a big mistake that’ll end up with me deleting this but we’ve been wanting to contact you and tell you for a long time. Hope you all are well, stay safe happy and healthy ☺️

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