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Half-Breed. Chapter 15: A slave’s Life

By: Dawn2069MS

Half-Breed is back!

Foreword of the Author

Two and a half years… being away from writing for such a long time was waaay to long, and I am really sorry for that. I am especially sorry to those who were following the adventures of Kyaara, Tianna, Rhyeesh and all the other characters of my Dominion’s Chain’s Half-Breed story arc. Reasons for my overdue absence are manifold, so it doesn’t make sense to name all of them. There were a bunch of real life issues and health issues I had to deal with, as well as with being overloaded with work from my self employment; you might imagine that trying to force oneself to sit in front of a computer screen after having spent 10+ hours in front of other computer screens is futile in most of the cases.

In contrast to previous statements in various comments, I am back for real and I promise to do my best to keep the Half-Breed ball rolling. I will not promise that I can post new chapters on a regular basis, but I do promise that there won’t be another unheralded out-of-scale hiatus. If I need to have another break from writing because of what-so-ever reason, I’ll make sure to communicate this to my fan base propperly.

Another important thing I’d like to mention is that our editor and proofreader has left the team unfortunately. For me, this is a very problematic issue, because I am not a native English speaker and having an editor and proofreader is vital for my writing. Since it is quite hard to find a proofreader who has the time and is willing to deal with hardcore stuff like our kinky Dominion’s Chain world, I have decided to post my new chapter as it is. I’m sure there are a lot of grammer and spelling issues, so please have mercy on me. As soon as we have another editor at hand, my new chapters will be revised.

I’d like to mention that I have commissioned new Half-Breed artwork from my fellow buddy Lucien. The latest one does show a glimpse of things to come in future Half-Breed chapters. You can find the original artwork on his HF-gallery, so please don’t forget to give him some love.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoy reading Part One of my lastest Half-Breed chapter…

The story so far …

When Tianna – elven priestess of the northern goddess Eletha – had not come back from her trip to Meerisath, her half-breed sister Kyaara set out to find her. Their home in the elven exile colony in the far west of the Southern Veld of DalMarkaan was left behind as Kyaara traveled eastward to the large human enclave near Lake Crimson in order to seek after her missing sibling. After Kyaara had finally found traces of Tianna’s whereabouts in the vicinity of an outlying abandoned cathedral, the anxious fighter had been confronted by the powerful Kazdruk succubus Rhyeesh, as well as four of her human minions, holding ransom her beloved sister. Kyaara’s attempt to rescue her mistreated and violated sister in a fit of ferocious primeval rage had indeed killed all of Rhyeesh’s minions, but had utterly failed to succeed against the mesmerizing Kazdruk demoness. Paralyzed by the succubus’ dark magic, Kyaara had been forced to continue what Rhyeesh and her minions had begun, namely to force Tianna into sexual submission and slowly break her mind.
    After planting the seeds of corruption within both elven sisters, Rhyeesh had orchestrated a situation which had offered the sisters a chance to flee the scene. Leaving the troubled sisters suffer from the delusion of having escaped successfully, Rhyeesh had contacted her accursed master Vorgen to give a report about her primary tasks; scouting the area for signs of noteworthy resistance against the upcoming Kazdruk invasion of DalMarkaan.
    On their way home, Kyaara and Tianna had met Ormond – elder priest of Eletha and Tianna’s former mentor – who had been on a mission to spread word about the inevitable Kazdruk invasion. The elven sisters had become aware of the situation and the fact that their exile colony would become as overrun as all of the other villages and enclaves. They had soon come to the decision to abandon their home and travel northwards in order to pass the Dragon’s Spine mountains and travel through the Breken Nordlands, hoping to find a ship which would leave for AzurLyyn – The Elvish Prosperity.

Since word about the imminent Kazdruk invasion had also been spread over the SajaRuun Ocean, a fraction of the Wanderers of SajaRuun, the nomadic seafaring people inhabiting the corresponding ocean, had decided to commit a breach of their strict neutrality and taken sides with humanity. Lead by Captain Reyvan of the Reyvan’s Pride, the gigantic capital ship had taken a course towards the eastern shores of DalMarkaan in order to save as many refugees as possible from damnation.

While traveling northwards, Rhyeesh’s gift of corruption within Kyaara had started to grow and taint her body and mind, making it difficult for the half-breed to refrain from her beloved little sister. The fight with a dangerous predator of the Southern Veld had finally been the trigger to unleash a dark and wicked demonic desire within Kyaara, a forbidden urge to release her pent-up sexual energy by using her sister Tianna.
    Rhyeesh had meanwhile been traveling back towards Meerisath and had fueled her succubus powers by sexually feeding on the essences several humans; victims who had either stayed alive for future purposes, or who had been killed during the feeding process. The demoness’ next goal was to catch up with the elven sisters, a task easy to manage due to the band of corruption she had webbed between the half-breed Kyaara and herself.

It was the 98th day of Sun Cycle 106. The invasion of DalMarkaan was just three days ahead. Yuldaysha, her trusted sorceress Aeltha, and her champion Vorgen, would sacrifice more than five hundred souls to execute an ancient and powerful Kazdruk blood ritual. One that would shake the fundamentals of the world, tearing open a giant rift into reality and transporting an army of ten thousand over to the Obsidian Cliffs of the western continent. In those three days, the evil queen’s Dominion’s Chain would spread over the SajaRuun Ocean and encompass all of DalMarkaan.


Zander was on his way back to his master’s chambers. He had successfully forwarded his master’s invitation to the leader of the Spire, Yuldasha herself. Having stood in front of the archdemoness had once again been exciting and frightening at the same time, and once again Zander had been awestruck be the mesmerizing presence of the Queen of the Kazdruk. Being a well-trained slave and in spite of being almost overwhelmed by Yuldasha’s supernatural presence, Zander had been able to complete what he had been tasked with and was now on his way downward to the mirror he had used on his forward run.

Mirrors were spread all over the Spire. They were not only decorative assets to display ones reflection; when used with a specific type of Kazdruk magic, they were portals which were connected to each other, forming a network of doorways which can be used to move within the entire Spire. Not every level in the Spire had a mirror portal. They were wisely positioned to connect certain sectors of the giant tower, such as Yuldasha’s personal sector, which contained multiple levels, to the Superior Personnel’s Quarters sector, which also consisted of a variety of levels.
    The usage of those passage ways was limited to high-ranking and high-magic Kazdruk, as well as to individuals who had been (temporarily) tasked to use them. The magic necessary to open a passage way had been either granted to an individual in form of the appropriate power, or it had been stored within a specific artifact which had been given to an individual. There were different types of portal artifacts. Those which granted access to the whole mirror portal network were rare and mostly been tokens of gratitude and promotion; the majority of artifacts however were limited to a set of specific portals, down to a minimum of a single pair of mirrors.
    The artifact Zander had been given for his task was an amulet holding a black crystalline shard in its center, connected to a thin golden chain. It was on of the two-way artifacts which were in  the possession of his Master Vorgen. As far as Zander knew, his master already possessed the magic power to use all of the Spire’s mirror portal network – he was Yuldasha’s champion after all, so it was obvious that the artifacts he owned where to direct his slaves and subordinates through the Spire to fulfill his wishes and orders when time was of the essence.

It was near sunset and the fading brightness of the evening sky shone through the Spire’s windows, filling the hallway with a warm reddish light. Zander finally approached the mirror portal and paused for a moment, while the echo of the clicking sound of his high-heeled shoes faded away into the the depths of the spacious corridors. Standing in front of the reflective surface, he examined his mirror image – as  he had done it countless times prior to this. And yet again, he traced the contours of his body and his facial features with his gaze, satisfied. Zander’s appearance was very feminine and he was more beautiful than some of the human female slaves here in the Spire. He had long straight raven-black hair, flowing over his shoulders like waves of satin, reaching down to his upper chest; a smooth black mane complementing his womanly visage. The feminine appearance of his face was underlined by what looked like lipstick, rouge, eye-liner and eye-shadow, though his makeup had been applied to him using minor Kazdruck magic, namely some sort of permanent makeover spell.
    To complement his female appearance, Zander had been ordered to wear a specific set of outfit. An under-bust corset which was made of black leather and laced at the sides was complemented with a black leather collar, a pair of arm-length leather gloves, as well as thigh-high black leather stockings which did not cover the feet. In addition to his fetish-like attire, Zander also wore g-string briefs which barely covered his nether regions, as well as the above mentioned black leather high-heels.
    Zander did not always have such a slender and feminine body. It had been permanently optimized by Kazdruk magic, which had been part of his slave training. Further more, not only the shape of his body had been transformed, he also had all bodily hair permanently removed, exempt from his scalp, eyelashes and the eyebrows, ensuring a smooth and aesthetically pleasing body for all time. He had learned how to walk in high-heels, sway his hips when moving and generally behave more womanly to adapt to his new appearance. Further more, his voice had been slightly pitched higher, yet while maintaining the original male timbre. In conclusion, as a human slave he was, he had been transformed to his Master’s liking. Zander liked what he saw in the mirror. No, he didn’t just like it. He loved how he looked like, adored his appearance, adored his body, adored himself.
    While gazing at his mirror reflection, Zander’s thoughts wandered back to the time before the Kazdruk invasion, to the time where he had been a teenager, the time of the great Goldulin Empire. There had always been something inside him, even when he’d been a child, something that had told him that he was different. He had been born as a boy, but there had been a voice, hidden deep within him, and it had always whispered into his mind, a voice of femininity, unheard by his parents, his friends, his surroundings. He had always wanted to be a girl, and as puberty had crushed into his teenager life, he slowly had begun to realize that he wanted to be with boys and girls alike, intimate, body and mind. Zander remembered how he hadn’t been accepted by the Goldulin society, at least not by the social class he had been raised in. He had always heard about the high society and their debauchery, enjoying immoral activities and not caring about behaving in a morally acceptable way, but had never been given the chance to enter those levels of society. His dreams had been doomed to never become reality … then the Kazdruk’s invasion had come, and Zander’s life had changed forever in just one night.

Being lost in thought didn’t last long, as Zander’s mind suddenly snapped back into presence. He still had a task to fulfill and he didn’t want to displease his Master by wasting time. Zander grabbed the amulet he had been given for his task and approached the mirror in front of him. The moment his body touched the reflecting plane, the surface suddenly behaved like liquid and engulfed the intruding human form, while a variety of ripples started to move from the edges of the slowly vanishing silhouette to the outer borders of the mirror. It felt like touching and moving through the surface of water, though the liquid silver seemed to be a bit more sticky than simple water. The transition from one mirror to its counterpart happened in an instant. As soon as Zander’s body moved through the mirror’s surface, he appeared moving through the surface plane of the target mirror at the same time; if he would just stick his arm through the portal, it would be visible on the other side of the portal. Holding fast to the amulet wasn’t necessary to pass through the mirror gateway; it was sufficient to just wear it. However, Zander always felt the urge to grab the artifact with one of his hands, just to make sure he wouldn’t get lost within the net of magic gateways.
    After having made the transition to the Superior Personnel’s Quarters sector, Zander turned around to check is body. The silver liquid of the mirror gateway hadn’t left any traces of its substance on him. Being ready to come back to his Master, Zander continued his way back to Vorgen’s chambers, eagerly awaiting to be in his beloved Master’s presence again.


Traveling through a self-made ritual-powered portal had been a daunting task for Rhyeesh. The transition had drained a significant amount of her magic energy and she had felt exhausted and vulnerable in the aftermath. The green glow of the fading portal had quickly vanished and the demoness had looked around in order to find out where she was. Rhyeesh was in midst of the Southern Veld, that she was sure of. The connection of corruption between her and Kyaara had worked splendidly and she was sure to be close on the elven sister’s heels. Having keen eyes and the ability to see in the dark, she had recognized an abandoned way-station at the northern horizon in front of the mountain range. Rhyeesh knew that location well. While scouting the territory in preparation for the invasion, she had found the abandoned complex of buildings, which had once been one of the last major way-stations for the old northern merchant route passing the Dragon’s Spine mountains. Rhyeesh smiled as she had become aware of the location. It was the proof that the seed of corruption she had planted within Kyaara and Tianna was working as planned, which – amongst other things – was to subconsciously push the elven sisters to decide to take the only available route northwards through the Dragon’s Spine.
    Though having been eager to follow the sister’s trail right now, Rhyeesh had decided to rest for some hours to regain her powers. Meditation had been her first class choice, so the succubus had sat down cross-legged in midst of the veld. After having watched the sunset for a while, Rhyeesh had activated her perimeter guard spell, then closed her eyes and had soon reached her trance-like state of meditation. Being in this state of mind was similar to sleeping, but without dreaming. However, the demoness often had visions, showing her past, the present, sometimes even what could be interpreted as the future.


Lyra’s body shuddered violently with every new stroke of the whip, and every time the knowing touch of the lash left yet another red streak on the sun-tanned skin of her body, the bound Zelkathorn Elf was driven  closer to yet another forced orgasm, whip stroke by whip stroke. She was still suffering from post-orgasmic hypersensitivity. Her last orgasm, one of many, had ravaged her body just a short while ago, and being torn between the pain of the whip strokes and the next orgasm building within her nearly drove her crazy. She had promised to herself that she wanted to try to remain strong, rebellious and obstinate, but in reality, right at this very moment, she was nothing more but Master Vorgen’s favorite red-headed lashing-toy.
    As Lyra went over the peak and lived through yet another forceful climax, she can’t help but scream into her ball-gag, hoping that letting it all out would help her to bare this horrendously intense amount of painful pleasure. She would have shaken her head back and forth due to the intense sensation, but wasn’t able to do so; her Master had made her wear a neck-corset which held her head in a straight upright position. It was one of those subtle accessories which seemed to be just another harmless set of attire, but its effect was that Lyra felt all the more helpless and vulnerable.
    The level of corruption, as well as her slave training, had granted Lyra the ability to have intense orgasms from just being whipped, but this hadn’t been enough for the actual punishment. That is why the elven woman had been positioned onto a wooden construct, which had a pair of large silver-colored dildos mounted on their top, and a silver-colored metal orb positioned in front of the two phalluses. Her legs had been spread wide and fixated to the wooden frame, ankles bound to the thighs, and her hands had been put above her head into metal shackles, which were attached to a chain hanging from the roof of the chamber. Lyra then had been impaled onto the dildos, both of them being manufactured to fill both her vagina and anus to their limits. Before Vorgen had started the whipping, he had empowered the three silver-colored elements with his Kazdruk magic, causing them the release sporadic jolts of dark magic energy. The vaginal and anal dildos released their power directly into Lyra, while the metal orb in front of them interacted with the tiny metal orb of her clitoris piercing and thus stimulating Lyra’s most sensitive spot directly and intensely.
    Vorgen did not continuously whip Lyra. He paused here and then, changed his position to reach all of his slave’s body parts; her shapely ass, her voluptuous tits, her belly, her thighs. Then, the two dildos and the metal orb did their unrelenting job to continue stimulating their victim, holding her on the highest possible pleasure level without pushing her over the orgasmic edge.
    Lyra normally would have passed out by now from the enormous amount of pleasure and pain and the uncountable orgasms, but her corruption prevented her from getting unconscious. Her mind had went blank instead, her beautiful green eyes had partially rolled back into her head and the world around her had been reduced to the sound and pain of the lashing whip and the overwhelming pleasure she wasn’t able to bare anymore. Her screams had been gradually reduced to gagged whimpers, and uncontrolled amounts of saliva drooled from her lips onto her cleavage and belly. She had reached the state of mind her Master was aiming for. Vorgen realized it, smiled, increased the intensity of his silver toys’ sizzling magic and continued punishing his plaything.


Zander arrived at his Master’s chambers. As he approached the two-winged wooden door, he heard the lashes of the whip sound through it, and thought about Lyra and about the punishment she still was receiving for trying to escape from the custody of her Master yet another time.
    Lyra and Zander were friends. While Lyra was a southern elf from one of the smaller clans from the Zelkathorn jungles, and Zander had been raised within the former Goldulin Empire, they probably would never have met under normal circumstances. However, being both victims of the great Kazdruk invasion and having been chosen as slaves by Vorgen nearly six years ago, they had found themselves attracted to each other and had become close friends about five years ago. Lyra and Zander couldn’t be more different though. While Zander’s forbidden wishes had become reality, which had made him willingly submit into Kazdruk slavery, Lyra had fought against her unavoidable destiny – living as an elven slave – all the time, constantly trying to resist and escape, being an obstinate hot-head.
    Being a bit surprised about his friend still being whipped – Lyra’s punishment had started quite some time before Zander had run the errand for Master Vorgen after all, he opened one of the two wings of the heavy door and entered his Master’s chambers. Following his training and instructions, he took off his high-heels, as well as his g-string, and put them into a small wooden cupboard which stood next to the door; Master Vorgen wanted all of his slaves to be barefooted and to not hide their nether regions when being inside his chambers or in his presence. After putting back the mirror doorway amulet to its place, Zander approached his Master, who was still skillfully descending the whip onto the quivering body of his friend Lyra. As trained, Zander went down on his knees and sat on his heels, as elegant as a woman would do, then spread his legs to present his nether regions and positioned his hands on his thighs, palms facing upwards. He silently observed the scenario in front of him and it didn’t take long for him to get a hard-on. He wasn’t sure at first why he got turned on. Looking at the muscular obsidian-colored body of his Master was sight to behold for the young slave, but it was the scene of Lyra getting whipped from one orgasm to the next was what really made his libido catch fire and his cock get rock hard. Further more, Zander knew exactly how Lyra felt right now; he had been blessed with a similar treatment some time ago as part of his training and it had been one of the most intense sensations he had ever felt in his entire life.

Vorgen paused the whipping, while the silver toys continued to stimulate poor Lyra once again. Being satisfied with the result, the tall demon coiled up the whip and looked down at Zander, smiling impishly as he recognized his favorite slaves state of arousal.

    “What a bad boy you are, Zander. Getting a hard-on from watching your friend getting whipped.”

    “This boy is sorry, Master.” Zander replied obediently and continued:

    “This boy remembers how it feels, being kissed by Master’s whip.”
    “This boy knows how his friend feels, and it arouses this boy, Master.”

    Vorgen smiled again, knowing: “I’m sure you do, my beautiful slave.”

    While Lyra’s pain- and pleasure-stained gagged moans told of yet another intense orgasm, Vorgen continued to talk to his slave:

    “So, what did Yuldasha say in response to my invitation?”

    Zander focused back on his Master and answered: “Queen Yuldasha is curious about what Master has to tell. She is willing to pay her champion a visit in about half an hour. She also pointed out that she expects to be entertained … uhm … by this boy, Master.” Zander blushed.

Vorgen laughed. He wasn’t really surprised by Yuldasha’s forwarded words. It was one of many mind games Yuldasha was playing with some of her subordinates, and her champion Vorgen was one of the few worthy competitors.

    “Excellent!” Vorgen said amused. “I like where this is going.”

    “I have to prepare some assets for Yuldasha’s visit. … And Zander, look after your friend over there. She needs a lot of care right now. I expect her to be available again when Yuldasha arrives.”

Zander willingly acknowledged his Master’s order with the usual “Yes, Master.” phrase, stood up and moved to Lyra, who’s streak-covered body still shuddered with the aftermath of her punishment. She was breathing heavily through her nose and her face showed all signs of the trance-like state of exhaustion.
    Removing Lyra’s bonds and retracting the dildos were routine tasks for Zander; the wooden framework Lyra was sitting on was designed to be adjustable and to fit a variety of body types. However, since Lyra’s body was still suffering from hypersensitivity, Zander took his time and handled his tormented friend with extreme care. He assisted Lyra with getting down from the top of the construct and helped her to sit down on the floor; her legs weren’t able to carry her anyway. After removing the neck-corset and the ball gag, Zander slowly wrapped his arms around Lyra and hugged her tenderly, caressing her, giving her the aftercare she needed so desperately.

While comforting his friend, Zander recognized that his Master was preparing a set of ropes. Some of them where part of a pulley, which was mounted at a large beam near the roof of the chamber, other ropes were laying on a table nearby, ordered by length and thickness. Zander knew those ropes. They were the ones his Master used for bondage sessions. Thinking about Queen Yuldasha’s words, that she demanded to be entertained by him, and looking at the ropes he knew so well, got Zander highly excited. He had been bound and milked by Yuldasha once, and he craved for being used again by his Queen since then. And since Master Vorgen knew about his desire, there was a good chance that his wish might become reality.

The time until Yuldasha’s arrival spun away. While Vorgen had finished the preparations for Yuldasha’s visit, Zander was still taking care of his friend. Lyra had partially recovered from her orgasm torture and was addressable again, yet still looking worn out and covered with reddish streaks.
    Vorgen suddenly clicked his fingers and gestured his two slaves to get into position. Lyra and Zander obeyed instantly and positioned themselves side by side as trained; they knelt down, sat on their heels, spread their legs and positioned their hands on top of their thighs, palms facing upwards. While Lyra kept her head down, Zander followed his Master with his gaze. The dark-skinned demon acted as if he knew Yuldasha was approaching his chamber’s door. And indeed, shortly before Vorgen reached the door, the two heavy wings got pushed open and Yuldasha appeared. Zander’s heartbeat got faster as he observed Queen Yuldasha enter his Master’s chambers. As always, the tall demoness was a sight to behold for the excited slave, a beauty yet intimidation and wickedness incarnate. Her reddish tan skin held hints of purple and magenta, and the fires lighting Vorgen’s chambers complemented her silhouette. Yuldasha’s curvy physique swayed from side to side with every criss-crossed step closer she took; elegant, powerful, seductive, dangerous. Her long hoofed legs where caressed by reptilian black leather thigh-high stockings, and her low cut armored top struggled to contain her heavy breasts, which bounced softly in union with her graceful movement. Her long black hair hung straight, reaching down to the top of her hips and framing her soft face. A pair of curling demon horns twisted out and behind her head and an intricate head piece was strung across her forehead, embedded with green gem stones. Her thick, deep purple lips and her piercing green serpent eyes complemented her mesmerizing appearance and urged Zander to constantly gaze at the impressive archdemoness.

    “It’s a pleasure to have you here, my Queen.” Vorgen purred and offered Yuldasha his hand.

    “I hope you’re not wasting my time.” Yuldasha replied with a wicked smile, while elegantly placing her hand into her champion’s, accepting his offer to guide her to his throne. After Yuldasha sat down on the comfortable domicile, the demoness crossed her legs and looked around. Zander was still gazing at the her, as their eyes finally met. The glow of Yuldasha’s eyes cut through the dim light like emerald fireballs, ans it felt like her gaze would pierce Zander’s very soul. He suddenly felt trapped, caught. Before he realized that he was evidently staring at the demoness, Yuldasha looked back to her champion and asked:

    “Your girly boy-slave over there … seems he can’t wait to entertain me, can he?”

    Zander’s heart seemed to skip a beat as he heard Yuldasha’s words and promptly bowed down his head, as he should have done in the first place. He listened carefully as his Master answered his Queen:

    “Young Zander here sometimes forgets how to behave properly, especially when he’s excited. However, since he is one of the very few slaves in my stock who have willingly and completely accepted their fate as servants to the Kazdruk forces, I’ve allowed him some more latitude than I allow others. … And since Zander seems to be so eager to serve you, my Queen, he shall begin right now.”

    “Come over here and worship your Queen, Zander.” ordered Vorgen without looking at him.

    “Yes, Master.” The womanly man’s voice trembled slightly, as he obeyed to Vorgen’s command. Then her rose to his feet, elegantly positioned himself in front of Yuldasha’s crossed legs, knelt down in humbleness and spread his thighs again to present his still erect manhood.

    “You know what to do.” purred Vorgen and took some steps backwards to better observe the scene in front of him, yet without turning his back to Yuldasha.

Zander’s hand felt shaky as he carefully touched Yuldasha’s free cloven foot. The sensation of feeling the archdemoness’ skin let a sizzling shiver of pleasure run down his spine and impact in his nether regions, causing his erect cock to get even harder. He was not sure why his body was reacting like that, but it made him crave for more. While gently supporting the heel of Yuldasha’s foot with one of his hands, he carefully traced the bare skin of her back of the foot with his other hand’s fingers. After leaning forward a bit, the excited slave placed some soft kisses on Yuldasha’s hoof, savoring the sweet yet spicy scent of the demoness’ skin with his nose. With the urge of wanting more growing inside him, Zander eagerly started to lick clean the cloven hoof, his gaze jumping back and forth between his Queen’s foot and face.

    “So … has the elvish assault on the Spire concluded as planned, my Queen?” Vorgen asked.

    “Their assault was as foreseeable as it was futile,” Yuldasha smirked while watching the slave’s tongue glide over her hoof, “and their attempt to rescue their oh so beloved queen … well it has been entertaining at least.”

    Vorgen rose an eyebrow and dug deeper: “I see. So queen Aria has served her purpose then?”

    “More than that, Vorgen,” Yuldasha replied. “The seed of corruption I planted within her will not only affect the elven queen herself, but also her offspring. I made her the vessel carrying my child.”

    Vorgen was surprised. He had not expected Yuldasha impregnating the queen of the elves, but he quickly realized the consequences for the royal elven court, and the impact on it once the child was born.

Yuldasha continued to observe the womanly human slave licking her foot. She enjoyed the moment of relaxation and worship. Zander had become nearly obsessed with his task. He moaned with pleasure as he tasted the sweetness of Yuldasha’s skin, his wet tongue tracing the surface of her foot, his lips caressing every inch with kisses. Zander was on the brink of having an orgasm. His whole body sizzled with excitement, as his arousal suddenly catapulted him over the edge. Having his legs spread, ropes of white cum shot out of his cock and splattered onto the ground, as well as onto Yuldasha’s other foot.

    “Did he just cum from licking my feet?” Yuldasha asked, surprised and slightly amused.

    Vorgen laughed out loud as he realized what his slave had done.

    “I’m sorry, my Queen, I …”

    “No need to apologize,” Yuldasha interrupted her champion, “I already feel entertained and he shall continue cleaning up the mess.”

Zander obeyed instantly, though his whole body still felt shaky due to the sweet aftermath of his hands-free orgasm. He placed a last dearly kiss on his Queen’s foot, before gently guiding it to the ground. The moment Yuldasha lifted her other foot to cross her legs again, Zander carefully grabbed it and guided her leg into position. With a moan of pleasure and satisfaction, he started worshiping his Queens other foot with his lips, slowly working his tongue from the tip of the hoof to the splashes of his own cum.

    “But tell me, dear Vorgen,” Yuldasha continued, slightly leaning her head to the side while observing the womanly slave licking her other foot, “do you really want to continue wasting my time with your small talk, or is there something of relevance you want to tell me?”

    “Yes, there is, my Queen.” answered Vorgen, the timbre of his voice slightly sounding obedient.

    “The invasion of DalMarkaan is three days ahead. The army of ten thousand is prepared and ready to march on your command, your highness; and this is just the first wave we’ll send over to the west. The second wave will be the dragon riders, and the third and final wave will be another army of ten thousand.” Vorgen paused. “As far as I know, Aeltha has finalized her preparations for the ritual spell-casting, as well as her training to endure the daunting drain of a ritual of this magnitude.”

    “I want you to keep an eye on the sorceress!” Yuldasha suddenly interrupted.
    “It appears that Aeltha has gotten a bit too careless lately, especially in regard to handling and controlling her own creations. If she fails to keep her focus on the blood ritual’s spell-casting, she will be doomed. And it would be a shame to loose such a valuable asset like her.”

    “I agree.” Vorgen nodded. “I’m sure Aeltha is aware of the paramount importance of her task, yet I’ll gladly make sure to remind her of your words, my Queen. … And to conclude my report: The five hundred subjects chosen for the blood ritual have been indoctrinated, trained and altered to be of use. Their collective essences will be sufficient to fuel the spell-casting, for the time needed to hold the portal open.”

    “I want another fifty subjects to be prepared as backup.” Yuldasha replied in a commanding voice.

    “As you wish, my Queen.” Vorgen answered while slightly bowing down his head.

Yuldasha smiled, knowing. After having the obsidian colored demon as her champion for such a long time, it was an easy task for her to read Vorgen’s body language and she knew exactly that her champion did not see the necessity for a backup. However, she also knew that he didn’t dare to object her. Yuldasha’s gaze wandered back to Zander, who was still worshiping her foot and lower leg with his lips and tongue, sending sizzling waves of pleasure through her body.

    “Speaking of Aeltha’s creations …” Yuldasha continued with a slightly pleasure-stained voice. “That young beautiful apprentice succubus of yours – what was her name again? – Has she already returned to the Spire?”

    “Rhyeesh is her name, my Queen.” Vorgen replied. “And no, she has not yet returned. I have planned to call her back the day before the invasion. I want her to be at my side when the invasion begins and she still has to deliver the final report about her scouting mission.”

    “I am very interested to hear what Rhyeesh has learned about what they call the Breken Nordlands,” said Yuldasha, “especially if she has any information about the inhabitants of that area. Previous recon missions had confirmed the existence of what common folk call the White Towers, and that the whole area is covered by thick ice. There are also rumors about the dragons inhabiting the Dragon’s Spine mountains stay away from that area. The big question is: Why? Dragons are very territorial creatures. They constantly strive to expand their districts. What keeps them away from the northern region? And why do we still only have rumors about those so called Nordlanders?”

    “I’m sure Rhyeesh will be able to deliver answers to those questions.” Vorgen nodded. “And the Nordlanders, if they exist at all, they’ll be consumed by the Kazdruk forces and share the fate of the Elves and Humans. I’ll make sure that nothing stands in the way of spreading your …”

    “This is not the time for foolish pride!” snapped Yuldasha, the emerald glow of her eyes slightly flaring up. “In comparison to previous recon missions of northern DelHelshan and Zelkathorn, the intel we got about the western continent by now is a joke.”

    Yuldasha slowly withdrew her foot from Zander’s lips and placed it on the floor, then slightly leaned forward and continued: “I expect your little apprentice … no, I expect YOU to deliver, my dear champion.”

    Vorgen gazed at the arch demoness. Yuldasha’s reaction did not surprise him. He knew all too well that there was more than enough potential for improving the DalMarkaan recon missions, yet he had relied on just one source of information.

    “And I shall deliver as you expect, my Queen.” replied Vorgen and made a bow.

    “Very good.” Yuldasha smiled satisfied and leaned back into the chair. “Remember to bring Rhyeesh to me as soon as she arrives in the Spire. I want that report first hand, and I am looking forward to having some fun with her.” She paused. “And speaking of fun … I want to have some fun with your girly boy-toy now.”

    “Of course, my Queen.” acknowledged Vorgen and smiled.

Half-Breed. Chapter 14: A Question of Faith

By: Dawn2069MS

“I come to you Eletha as your servant and follower, to pray for those in need.

I pray for our journey; your blessed hand may guide us on our way.

We know the journey is a test, and our mission is of greatest importance,

so I pray for your guidance over Kyaara and me.”

Tianna was kneeling and praying in silence. Her eyes were closed, her head was bowed, and her hands were resting on her chest one above the other forming the typical devotional gesture for praying to her goddess Eletha. The elven priestess moved her lips as she would speak, yet remained silent; it wasn’t necessary to verbalize her prayers out loud. The ritual of praying to Eletha contained several phases of silence, as well as sections which were committed to personal issues of the praying individual, all in addition to the standardized traditional phrases which were mainly used in divine services in shrines and temples.

After finishing praying to her goddess, Tianna lowered her bottom and sat back on her heels, her delicate hands resting upon her thighs. She still felt agitated due to what had happened a few hours ago, due to the situation she had found herself thrown into after regaining consciousness. Her head and back still hurt from her fall, and her mind was clouded by pain, doubt, and by unanswered questions. Tianna slowly turned her head toward the campfire and gazed at her unconscious big sister. Kyaara was lying on the ground, her head resting on a small pile of clothes. Her breathing was fast and her body trembled and perspired, fighting against the wounds she had sustained from the PlainSeeker, as well as against the effects of the bloodloss. The elven priestess had planned on begging her goddess to grant her powers to heal her wounded sister, but Tianna wasn’t in the condition to conjure up Eletha’s blessing at that time. While gazing at her sister’s face like in a trance, Tianna’s thoughts wandered back, summing up what she had to suffer through after regaining consciousness.


The moment her big sister had cum hard inside her, Tianna’s mind went blank as she had suffered through her own climax. She had wished to avoid having an orgasm – it had been her big sister Kyaara after all who had been responsible for this bizarre situation, but Tianna had been betrayed by her own body. She had been panting, her body had been quivering, feeling the weight of Kyaara’s limp body resting upon her, and the inside walls of her cumfilled vagina had still been flexing around her big sister’s cock resting inside her.

It had all felt like a bad dream to the violated priestess, a dream which had started to force its way into her reality. Tianna had felt pain, sorrow, and shame, and the longer she had been lying on the ground gazing up into the sky, the more she had started to realize the gravity of what just had happened. However, there had been another feeling crawling through the back of her tainted mind; a feeling she had failed to forbear and had slowly grown stronger, bit by bit.

“Holy Maiden Mother Eletha, I call upon You in this moment of need,

and ask that You aid me to withstand the curse that has been bestowed upon me.

I’ve been victim to my sister’s tainted desires. I fear that my body has … enjoyed it.

Please bless me with the strength to repent for giving into temptation,

help me and my sister withstand becoming wicked.”

Tianna’s eyes were filled with tears as she had confessed to her goddess. The burden of knowing that something within her had given into this forbidden lust had rested heavy on her. It hadn’t taken long till she had started to cry bitterly. She had wrapped her arms around her unconscious sister, tenderly stroking Kyaara’s hair, sobbing with despair. Her mind had been torn between the intense love for her big sister and a serious feeling of averseness to what Kyaara had done to her.

It had taken a while for Tianna to calm down again. After having given free rein to her churned up emotions, she had carefully guided her sister’s limp body to the side and Kyaara’s cock had finally slipped out of her vagina, the large volume of her sister’s cum inside her womb spilling out of her. Tianna had slowly sat up to get a better picture of the actual situation. Looking down at herself, the elven priestess had realized that she had been a mess; her face, breasts, and chest had been smeared with blood and sticky cum, as well as all of her nether regions. Kyaara hadn’t looked much better. All of her face and chest had also been covered with the white sticky liquid. Tianna had looked about and had recognized an odd trace of drops of blood and semen, as well as tracks from a crawling person, having its origin where Kyaara’s horse had been standing. When her gaze caught Seriso’s limp and cumsmeared horsecock, she had realized what had probably happened. Tianna had been shocked and had whispered to herself:

“By Eletha, oh no … Kyaara, what have you done?”

The shocked priestess had teared up again; she hadn’t been able to believe her eyes, to believe that Rhyeesh’s demonic curse had been driven her beloved sister Kyaara to the point where she hadn’t refrained from using her animal companion to satisfy her surreal hunger for cum.

“Oh holiness, I fear for my sister and ask that you bless her with your gift of resolve.

She is not the demon the wicked ones claim her to be.

She is and will always be my sister, and my love for her is only second to Yours.

Please give me strength to comfort her in her time of need, even if she rebuffs it.

I know she is not a follower of Yours, but she is still full of Grace and worthy of your blessing …”

After praying to Eletha yet again, the troubled priestess sat beside her unconscious sister in a trance, doing nothing but staring into space. Tianna had felt empty, wasted somehow, unable to catch a clear thought. She had tried to understand what had happened to herself and her sister. She had tried to understand why the demoness had chosen her, why Rhyeesh had kidnapped her shortly after she had left the village of Meerisath about two weeks ago. It had been such a simple question like ‘Why?’ which had remained unanswered, and it had made Tianna feel even more empty. Beginning with her abduction and all what had happened until then, it all had felt like a neverending dream, a nightmare which had become terrible reality.

“Great Mother Eletha, I ask most all, the knowledge and wisdom I need to endure.

Back then, I sought for Your guidance, Your protection, for my journey, as I had been taught by You.

It feels like I’ve been forsaken, Your devotional servant, Your faithful follower …

Please guide me back on the path of joy, happiness and abundance,

which I may share with my loved ones.”

It had taken a while for Tianna to compose herself. After trying to clean herself without results, she had stood up and got their luggage from Seriso. The water from one of their waterskins had been sufficient to clean up herself, so Tianna had begun to attend to her sister’s body.

Removing the blood and the abnormal amount of sticky semen from Kyaara’s body hadn’t been a problem for the skilled priestess, at least until her sister’s cumcovered cock needed to be attended to. Tianna had paused for a moment. She had felt a pang of regret rushing through her while gazing at her sister’s nether regions. The hesitating elven woman had suddenly become aware of what she had been about to deal with: it wasn’t her sisters penis, the thing she had seen and innocently played with when they had been youngsters, a pair of curious kids on the verge of exploring their own sexuality during the Age of Arbitration. No, it was something else, a cursed thing which had grown physically and became menacing to her, the thing that basically had raped her not long ago.

After a few minutes of just staring at Kyaara’s cock, Tianna finally had managed to pull herself together and continued to clean her sister. As she had carefully grabbed Kyaara’s penis with her delicate hands, Tianna had felt a shiver run down her spine, as if she would literally feel a spark of power of Rhyeesh’s curse jumping over to her. Tianna had carried on with her duty, despite it making her feel uncomfortable both physically and mentally.

After having cleaned her sister’s body, Tianna also had taken care of Kyaara’s wounds and put on some bandages. As a priestess of Eletha she had been trained to apply first aid under adverse conditions, as well as to call for Eletha’s blessing.

Looking around, Tianna had realized that they still had been in the middle of nowhere and that she needed to find a more appropriate location to spend the upcoming night. She had remembered Kyaara talking about an abandoned waystation which had been on their route to the Dragon’s Spine. Since that waystation was just three or four hours away, Tianna had decided to transport her wounded sister on Seriso’s back. She had struggled hard to lift her unconscious sister upon the horse’s back while trying to pay attention to Kyaara’s wounds, but had managed to succeed. Looking back at the PlainSeeker’s dead body, the priestess grabbed Seriso’s reins and started to continue their journey toward north, hopefully bringing more distance between themselves and the demoness Rhyeesh.

The sisters had reached the abandoned waystation about four hours later. What had once been a stone building and waypoint for travelers touring the Southern Veld was nothing more than ruins. However, the remains of the walls were good enough to act as a shelter for Tianna and her sister. After preparing the place for their overnight stay and setting a campfire in between the walls, Tianna took care of her sister’s wounds again; changing the bandages, applying medicinal herbs, and dressing the wounds. She still felt too weak to conjure up her goddess’ powers to aid her sister, so she had decided to let the upcoming night pass, hoping that Kyaara’s condition wouldn’t get worse.


Tianna’s thoughts suddenly snapped back to the present. It was the sound of her sister coughing that caught her attention. Tianna’s heartbeat sped up in excitement; it was the first sign of life from Kyaara since the nasty encounter with the PlainSeeker. Kyaara was still breathing fast and her body still trembled and sweated, fighting against the wounds and the blood loss. Miraculously, Kyaara partially opened her eyes, looking disoriented and far away from being fully conscious. Tianna tenderly put her hand on Kyaara’s forehead to check her temperature and recognized that her sister was suffering from fever. After moistening a piece of fabric with water and placing it on Kyaara’s forehead, the worried priestess caressed her sisters cheek with her hand and whispered:

“Shhh … Kyaara, all is OK. We are safe, at least for now.”

Tianna was not sure if her sister had understood her words. Kyaara’s eyelids twitched nervously and her eyes rolled back up into her head, then she sank back into an uneasy sleep. The priestess continued to kneel beside her sister looking at her face, yet her gaze remained tainted by sorrow and fatigue. Her mind was still entangled in a fight between dreamlike memories about what Kyaara had done to her, and the true love for her sister she carried deep within her.

“Goddess of all consolation, in Your unending love and mercy for us,

You turn the darkness of corruption into the dawn of new life.

Please show compassion to Your followers in sorrow. Be our refuge and our strength,

lift us from the darkness of this grief to peace and joy in Your presence.

I ask this through You, Eletha, goddess of the North.”

Half an hour later, Tianna prepared her sleeping accommodations and laid down beside Kyaara, trying to get some rest and gather some strength in order to call for her goddess’s aid to heal her sister. Her thoughts were still churned up, trying to cope with all what had happened so far:

» It all feels like memorizing a terrible dream … «

» Have I really been suffering through all of this? «

» The rape. The humiliation. … It had hurt … and yet, I had given in. «

» No! My body had betrayed me. … It’s the demoness’ fault. «

» Exile. Punishment. Slavery. … Is that my fate? Is this Eletha’s test, to endure? «

» And Kyaara? My beloved big sister? I know she fights against that curse. «

» She fights … what if she cannot withstand? If she cannot … hold back … again? «

» Endurance and absolution. That’s what we’re taught, what Eletha had taught us. «

» I’m so tired. So tired. … Need to heal Kyaara, soon. … Heal her … forgive her … «

It didn’t take long for the exhausted woman to drift off into an uneasy sleep. It had gotten dark as the campfire bathed the insides of the walls in a flickering orange light. The air had gotten a bit colder, but was still warm enough to rest in the open. The waxing moon was illuminating the area with a dimmed light, and the area around the old waystation seemed peaceful and quiet.

Some hours of unsettled sleep had passed. Tianna was woken up by painstreaked moans from her sister. After checking Kyaara’s bandages and temperature again, she realized that the fever had gotten worse. Since she was sure that the fever was becoming dangerous for Kyaara, and since she would need her big sister to regain her strength and vitality faster than through traditional treatment, Tianna decided to beg her goddess Eletha for help at that moment. She knelt at the side of her suffering sister, her hands resting on Kyaara’s forehead as well as on her belly. Bowing her head, Tianna closed her eyes and remained in this position in silence for a while, before she begun to pray.

“Oh holiness, Lady of the North, I ask for You to heal these wounds,

bless her with Your gentle touch and make her whole once more.

Cure Kyaara of what ills her, in her body, mind and soul.

Bestow upon her Your blessing of health, for the joy and happiness of my loved one and I.”

Tianna wasn’t sure if her prayer had been heard by her goddess; her mind had still been clouded by doubt and unsteadiness and her body had still felt weaker than normal. However, after her hands remained resting on Kyaara, she suddenly felt a wave of pleasant heat originating within her chest and slowly moving through her arms into her hands. Tianna smiled and whispered:

“Thank you, holy Mother Eletha.”

Fatigued and much more tired than before, Tianna crawled back to her sleeping place and fell asleep nearly instantly; treating her sister with her goddess’ help had drained all of her strength. The elven priestess knew that she had been heard by Eletha, yet the resulting effects on Kyaara’s body and mind remained to be seen.


The preparations for creating a magic portal powerful enough to transport Rhyeesh from her current location into the midst of DalMarkaan’s Southern Veld were extensive and timeconsuming. The abandoned cathedral was an ideal place for conducting the ritual; it offered a confined location, far away enough from Meerisath to avoid causing a stir. It nearly took the demoness a whole day to create the appropriate magic circle, yet she would need some more time to meditate and then cast the actual spell to open the portal. Another obstacle was the target location. While her libido had been connected to Kyaara’s while having her orgasm, she had seen flashbacklike visions of Kyaara’s whereabouts. However, the images she had seen weren’t sufficient to pinpoint the elven girls; they were only enough to approximate the area. Kazdruk magic was powerful enough to create more accurate portals for traveling, but Rhyeesh’s powers weren’t potent enough to execute such an advanced ritual on her own without help.

The succubus knew that every hour she wasn’t catching up with her prey, the distance between the elven girls and her would grow. Nevertheless, she would still save time by using a portal to kick off her hunt.

Midnight had passed already as Rhyeesh was finally ready to begin the spellcasting. She was in her demonic form as she knelt on the stony surface beside the magic circle, her buttocks resting on her heels. Her hands were positioned on top of her thighs, the palms facing upwards. She was sparsely dressed as usual, only wearing her black leather thighhigh stockings and her armlong leather gloves as an outfit. Rhyeesh closed her eyes as she concentrated on executing the portal ritual. After meditating for about two hours, the succubus started to sweat due to the draining spellcasting, but finally managed to energize the circle of dark magic on the ground. The glyphs and symbols of the magic circle started to glow, immersing the inside of the cathedral as well as the circle in a bizarre green light. Moments later, particles of dark energy appeared all over the magic symbols, dancing over all of the cathedral floor within the borders of the circle. While the demoness continued to cast her spell, she opened her eyes, which were brightly glowing as green as the magic particles. Rhyeesh started to verbalize her spellcasting, commanding the floating particles in ancient Kazdruk language. The particles ascended from hovering over the floor, forming a sphere above the magic circle, then merged together into one single point, glowing much lighter than before.

Rhyeesh felt the powerful demonic energy of the ritual sizzle over her almost naked body, making her skin crawl. Being close to the final stage of her portal creation, she stretched out her arms toward the brightly glowing point, gesturing to wrap it with her hands. She then started to move apart her hands, as the point of intense green light started to grow larger. Rhyeesh continued to open her arms as she would embrace the growing light, until her arms were stretched to the sides completely. The result of her ritualistic gesturing was a glowing disk of green light, about two meters of diameter, framed by green and black lightning, striking into the surrounding structures of the cathedral’s interior.

It was done. The ritual was successful and the portal seemed stable. The green glow of Rhyeesh’s eyes faded away, and the round portal started to pulse in a synchronous rhythm to the succubus’ heartbeat. The longer the portal would stay open, the more it would continue to drain the demoness’ power. That was why Rhyeesh got up from her kneeling position and made herself ready to travel in a hurry. Closing her eyes again, she recalled what to do right after passing the portal, namely finding a place to rest again. She was far away from having lost all of her recently gained strength, but the drain of the portal ritual would take its toll, right after passing through.

Rhyeesh was ready. She opened her eyes, took a deep breath and stepped through the portal, which closed down right after the demoness had disappeared. What remained within the abandoned cathedral was a quickly fading green glow, followed by a ghastly silence.


The sensation of the wet tongue gliding upward over her labia filled Tianna’s loins with sizzling pleasure. Her eyes were closed, focusing only on the intense oral stimulation. The priestess heard herself moan sensually as soft lips closed around her needy clitoris, sucking carefully on her swollen diamond of lust. All of her nether regions were highly sensitive; she even felt the breathing of the one licking her on her pubis. Tianna’s mind was floating in an ocean of pure pleasure, as she slowly opened her eyes. Darkness surrounded her, total darkness.

However, the priestess was able to see, and it didn’t bother her at all. She had no idea why her eyes were able to pierce through the darkness …

It just felt right, felt natural.

Tianna’s gaze browsed around, seeking anything within the surrounding darkness. Besides the omnipresent waves of pleasure constantly washing through her, she realized that she felt the presence of others; an uncountable amount of alien entities, surrounding her, their invisible eyes gazing upon her from beyond the darkness. Tianna blinked, and suddenly – for an instant – it looked like all of the eyes would flash up in the darkness. Normally, she would be overwhelmed by fear, but she felt safe and secure.

It just felt right, felt natural.

Another pleasurestained moan escaped Tianna’s lips as the wet tongue continued to lick her vulva, sometimes pushing deep into her vagina, sometimes circling over her sensitive labia and her clit. Tianna looked down at herself. She found herself sitting on something like a throne, a bizarre sculpture made of stone and bones which seemed to float in midst of the darkness. Her hands and arms were resting on the stony armrests. As her gaze continued to wander down her own body, Tianna realized that she was only wearing her white underbust corset, her loins stretched forward to offer all of her private parts. She had her thighs spread wide, her feet resting comfortably on the ground before the throne, at least her feet felt alike.

It just felt right, felt natural.

The one who was orally pleasuring the highly aroused priestess was a strangelooking woman. Her silken skin was as white as her long smooth hair. Even her mesmerizing eyes were white, her black pupils standing in sharp contrast to her white irises and eyeballs. She had pointed ears, similar to those of elves, though the shape of her face was more that of a human than that of an elf. The woman’s hands were resting on Tianna’s legs, tenderly caressing her thigh’s insides. Her fingers were clawed and her hands, as well as what Tianna was able to see from the rest of her lover’s body, were also white colored. While licking the moaning priestess, the woman’s eyes were continuously locked onto Tianna’s eyes. Her visage emanated devotional arousal, as well as a certain level of exotic danger …

It just felt right, felt natural.

Tianna witnessed her right hand lift off the armrest, then her fingers slowly dug into the woman’s hair, tenderly stroking her head. Moving her arm felt strange; it was like someone else had control over her body’s movements and moans, and that Tianna had just the role of a passive observer. However, as a result of Tianna’s caressing, the white woman stopped her oral cajoling, slightly lifted her head, smiled warmly and whispered with a lascivious female voice:

“Duty unto death. Selfless devotion. I am yours, my Queen.”

It just felt … wrong.

It was the sudden and severe impact of the feeling of falsehood which forced Tianna to wake up. All of her muscles had tensed for a brief moment, like a pulse of energy flashing through her body. It required Tianna some moments to regain full consciousness. She found herself lying on the side, still covered with her blanket, facing the glowing remains of the campfire. Turning around to lay on her back, the priestess gazed into the cloudy sky. She thought about what she remembered from her dream. However, questions like ‘Who was that strange woman?’ or ‘Why did she call me My Queen?’ remained unanswered. Tianna wasn’t even sure if what she just had experienced was a dream, or maybe a vision of some kind. It all had felt real and surreal the same time, just like what she had to endure the last few days.

Her thoughts snapped back to the present. It was the break of dawn and the sun had just started to rise. The air was fresh and the only noises Tianna was able to make out was of some birds in the near vicinity, as well as the low moans of suffering in a distance.

» Kyaara … «

Tianna sat up quickly and looked to the side where she expected to find her sister. In contrary to her expectation, she found Kyaara’s sleeping berth abandoned. The only traces of where her sister had gone were the bloodstained bandages; Kyaara apparently had ripped them off her body. Tianna felt her heartbeat rise in an instant, her muscles tensing as the worried priestess stood up in a hurry to looked for her wounded sister’s whereabouts. What had happened? Had Kyaara regained her consciousness? Where is she? While Tianna’s thoughts swirled around those questions, she recognized yet another moan echoing from behind the backside wall of the ruined building. Afraid and unsure what to do, Tianna headed for the source of the moans, trying to be as silent as possible. Crouching at the edge of the ruined wall, she carefully looked around the corner and didn’t believe her eyes.

In her sight was Kyaara almost naked; she only wore the stocking of her armor. The elven fighter was sitting on the ground, her back resting against the stone wall, and she was masturbating. Tianna’s gaze involuntarily got caught by the sight of Kyaara’s cock, which had slightly grown larger than usual, again. Letting her sight wander over her sister’s body, she recognized that Kyaara’s wounds were still present, yet they had healed faster than normal. It seemed that Eletha’s blessing had affected her sister’s body at least, her mind however remained corrupted by Rhyeesh’s curse apparently. Kyaara’s visage was tainted by pain, despair, and helplessness. Caressing her own cock with her bare hands seemed to have no relevant effect on the struggling elven woman. Kyaara moaned and sobbed, begging desperately to be granted to be released. She wasn’t able to stand this torment any more, a surreal fire burning inside her, flaming her libido beyond the point of what her body and mind were able to endure.

“Dear Mother Eletha, I come to You now and ask You to help my suffering sister Kyaara.

She may have sinned, she may have done many things that don’t please You.

Please help her to repent and forgive her, as I as Your servant shall also forgive her sins.

What can I do to help Kyaara endure? I beg You, my Lady of the North,

enlighten me in this moment of need and guide me to do what is right.”

Tianna had closed her eyes and preyed in silence, as tears ran down her cheeks. Though she had always found help within her prayers and her faith, right now she felt as helpless as her sister. She wasn’t able to stop whatever curse was ravaging through Kyaara’s body and mind, and she probably wasn’t able to stop whatever wicked spore of darkness was growing inside herself. Tianna continued to look at her sister, her thoughts desperately seeking for an answer how to help her suffering sister.

» By Eletha, what can I do? «

» I want to help her … she needs me. «

» Poor Kyaara, she just can’t satisfy her urges, satisfy herself. «

And then Tianna became aware of the what she had to do.

» It’s me … I’m the only one who can help her. «

Tianna slowly rose from her crouching position and took a step forward, moving into the field of view of Kyaara, her eyes focusing on the paindriven face of her sister who was sadly struggling to cum. It didn’t take long till Kyaara recognized that she wasn’t alone any more and quickly turned her head to face whomever was approaching. The moment she realized that it was her sister, Kyaara’s eyes gaped in shock. Overwhelmed by the daunting situation, she released her cock, put forth her hand like she would beg for help and intended to speak to her little sister, but just started to cry bitterly.

Sorrow. Regret. Shame. Tianna was able to see it in Kyaara’s eyes. Since saying anything right now would be a waste of words, she just walked over in silence and sat beside her big sister. Still in tears, Tianna gestured to hug her sister, and Kyaara leaned in to her sisters offer, letting all of her emotions run free.

After what felt like a liberating eternity for both sisters, Tianna looked at Kyaara’s still hard, throbbing penis again and realized what she had to do in order to help her. Though it still felt wrong, dirty somehow, the priestess slowly placed her hand on Kyaara’s cock and gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft.

The sensation of Tianna’s hand on her cock took Kyaara’s breath away. Looking into her sister’s tearstained eyes, the surprised woman quickly understood what Tianna was saying without words: “Here sister, let me help you.” The relieving touch of her sister’s hand made Kyaara’s body tense repeatedly, as she felt the sensitive glans of her cock rhythmically glide through Tianna’s delicate fingers. Every stroke of her sister’s hand sent a pulse of salvific pleasure through all of her body and mind, slowly moving Kyaara toward her so much needed relieving climax. It didn’t take long till Kyaara reached the point of no return. Torn between her incoming orgasm and the feeling of shame and regret, she finally was able to cum from her sister’s caressing.

The moment the quivering woman started to shoot large ropes of white semen out of her phallus, she moaned as if she had been released from an unbearable weight. It was more of a salvation than a pleasurable orgasm, but it finally satisfied the wicked urge which was slowly growing within the halfbreed. After some moments of panting and suffering through the aftermath of her orgasm while still gazing into her sister’s eyes, Kyaara slowly turned her head, away from her sister’s face, and looked at the puddle of cum which had spilled out of her cock. Tianna finally released her sister’s flagging penis from her soft grip as her vision was lost in the large amount of cum covering the ground between Kyaara’s legs. Both women contemplated the puddle in front of them, watching the sticky liquid slowly ooze away into the dry ground in silence. There was nothing to say, nothing to comment, as both women realized silently what was going on and what they had to do about it.

Half-Breed. Chapter 13: The Wanderers of SajaRuun

By: Dawn2069MS

Not too far from DalMarkaan and the elven sister’s struggles, in the midst of the SajaRuun Ocean …

Lightning flashed over the dark and cloudy silhouette of the stormy night sky, cutting through the darkness like glowing spears of heavenly energy, illuminating the churned-up waves of the nightly ocean. Electric bolts darted through the darkness in short succession, followed by waves of blood-curdling rolling thunder. Heavy rain pattered on the heaving surface of the sea, covering it in a dress of ripple waves and spume. A high wind was blowing, howling through the night, sometimes forcing the myriad of rain drops into ghostly shapes before touching down on the water’s surface.

In midst of the thunderstorm, a huge ship fought its way through the massive waves of water. The sea went up over its bow as black steel sank in deeply into the water, the keel tearing apart the cold sea and then rising up into the night sky, just to dive back down into the next wave again and again. The moving vessel’s bow wave and stern wake were barely visible due to the churned-up waters, and it looked like it wouldn’t move at all while making a stand against the rough weather and sea.

The ship was one of the Wanderers of SajaRuun’s capital ships. A capital ship was a giant catamaran, a multi-hulled vessel consisting of two parallel hulls of equal size, having a length of about 320 meters and a wide beam of about 100 meters, from which the vessel derived its pitch stability. The two hulls of a capital ship enabled it to heel much less than a monohull vessel, and limited heeling meant the ride on a capital ship was much more comfortable for passengers and crew than on ordinary ships. The hulls were joined by a sophisticated structure combining accommodation into the bridging superstructure. Capital ships were made of wood and metal; even elements of sculpted stone had been used in its construction process. The majority of the vessel’s body was made of wood, reinforced by metal layers and frames. A capital ship was considered to be a swimming fortress; its two hulls were both covered with over hundred starboard and portside hatches, a heavy cannon mounted behind every one of them, arranged over five gun decks. An array of catapults mounted on deck, as well as several turret-mounted cannons at the fore and aft sections of the ship completed the armament. The towering central superstructure of the vessel was divided into several decks and contained the main mast and the crow’s nest, as well as the helm, officer quarters, and the captain’s quarters.

Two people, a man and a woman, stood on top of the quarterdeck at the capital ship’s centralized helm, the handles of the steering wheel fighting their hands as they both eagerly held it and thus the ship’s rudders in position. They sometimes looked down at the main deck where dozens of seamen struggled to hold down their jobs while being harried by the harsh conditions. The man was of average human statue. He had a tan skin color and black medium length hair. His face was bearded and angular, his visage foretelling that he had seen the world and beyond. At first glance, he seemed to be around forty years of age. He was dressed in clothes which were typical for seamen, yet the shoulder pads of his attire, as well as his hat were decorated with a variety of symbols and runes, telling anyone who encountered him on the ship that he had a very high rank. His garment was made from fine and firmly crafted fabric, however it looked worn out and heavily used. The woman standing besides him was of similar height, yet she had a quite curvy statue and a discreet muscular body shape. Her skin tone was much lighter than the man’s and littered with freckles, yet she was slightly tanned, probably due to being on deck most of the time. The high wind was blowing through her long mane of natural red hair, and her green-gray eyes were looking ahead steadily. The redhead also wore seaman’s clothing, yet hers was a bit more form-fitting and decorated with a variety of bony spikes which had been incorporated into the seams at the sides of her thighs and the forearms.

Now and then a strong breeze pushed into the giant vessel’s side, forcing the two human seamen to fight against the sudden rotary motion of the steering wheel. Although the work at the ship’s helm seemed laborious while driving through the thunderstorm, both humans were elated and chatted with each other.

“For the love of mother and child, Reyvan, that’s one hell of a storm!” shouted the woman. She smiled, her gaze still locked ahead the giant ship.

“We’ve seen worse, haven’t we, Cora?” replied the man as he looked up into the stormy night sky.

“Aye, captain.” answered Cora. “Much worse indeed. However, it feels like our windmills are put to their maximum strain.”

“They can stand it. … The ship can stand it.” said captain Reyvan with a persuasive voice.

A capital ship was not a sailing vessel; it was driven by a huge single paddle wheel to propel the craft through the water. The paddle wheel was mounted on the rear of the ship, between the two hulls of the vessel. It was a large steel framework wheel, its outer edge fitted with with numerous, regularly-spaced paddle blades. The wheel was rotated by two mage-stone engines, magically enhanced devices located in the rear section of each hull, together with a sophisticated combination of chains, levers and cog-wheels for translating the windmill’s rotation to the engine core. Mechanics were staffed with moving the tiller and rudder, one at the aft of each hull. The main deck of a capital ship carried a variety of windmills, usually eight; four on top of the starboard hull and four on top of the portside hull. The upper sections of those windmills which carried the winged wheel were capable of rotating around their vertical axis and thus can be turned to face the wind’s direction. Right now, the high wind put a lot of strain onto the wings of the windmills, as well as the brakes which were reducing the rotation of the windmill’s winged wheels to a viable speed.

Cora smiled and looked over to her captain. The Reyvan’s Blade was indeed much more durable than any ordinary sailing ship she had served on in the past, though it was quite inappropriate to compare a capital ship like the Reyvan’s Blade to an ordinary sailing ship; it would be like comparing a homestead with a fortified castle. Cora wanted to confirm her captain’s statement – the ship was indeed capable of suffering much more stress than a thunderstorm was able to deliver, but her intent was suddenly interrupted by a loud male voice shouting from the crow’s nest above her:

“Alarm! Rogue wave ahead, coming in fast from starboard!”

Captain Reyvan reacted nearly instantly, his voice loud and commanding, yet experienced and without any signs of stress:

“Hard to starboard, Cora! We need to turn her bow toward the wave.”

While Reyvan and Cora twirled the massive steering wheel clockwise, the captain looked at the part of his crew who was working in the vicinity of the ship’s helm and commanded:

“To yer emergency stations, the lot o’ ye!”

“Signal the armada to stay in wor lee!”

“Full ahead! I want the wheel dig a cleft into that friggin’ ocean.”

“Get up off yer butts!”

The chain of command worked aboveboard. The majority of the crew which were within the captain’s voice’s reach obeyed his orders directly, while some officers of the crew were seconded to forward the captain’s commands through the vessel to the aft of the ship where certain crewmen were ordered to stay in contact with the convoying ships by using light signals.

The crew of a capital ship was responsible for operating the vessel. The remaining part of a capital ship’s population consisted of the passengers. Passengers were divided into two groups, native passengers and temporary passengers. Native passengers inhabited the ship, but they had nothing to do with the ship’s operation. They lived on-board and offered non ship-related services such as catering, barbershops, schools, etc. All of the native passengers of a ship were bound by instructions. All temporary passengers, those who were just transported from one point to another, had more freedom, but still had to stick to a set of special rules for external passengers. A capital ship had an average crew size of 2000 members and a native population count of about 800 people. It had a capacity for transporting up to 6200 external passengers.

A capital ship usually was accompanied by an armada of smaller vessels, usually sailing vessels ranging from freighters to armed corvettes, etc. One of the main purposes of the armada, besides protecting and supplying the capital ship, was to transfer passengers and goods from the land to the capital ship and vice versa. A capital ship never landed at a coast or harbor; it always remained anchored offshore, away from coastal waters. The armada of a capital ship was bound to its mother vessel; every supply ship was tagged with the marking of its mother vessel. The captain of a supply vessel commanded his ship, yet had to take up a subordinate role to a capital ship’s captain.

The rogue wave which was coming closer had an estimated height of about thirty meters, a mile-wide monstrosity made out of dark ocean water. The phenomenon was difficult to assess due to the adverse weather conditions. The only chance to avoid the wave to become a collapsing breaker and thus becoming a serious threat to not only the capital ship, but to the whole armada, was to pass it before it would reach its point of collapse. Since the Reyvan’s Blade was far away from any coastal line, the chances of the rogue wave collapsing on the open water was small, yet given, and the captain wanted to minimize the risk of capsizing any of his convoy’s vessels.

Reyvan and Cora, as well as the rest of the deck crew, held fast to whatever solid structure they were able to grasp. As the capital ship started to climb the approximating mountain of water, Cora sent a quick prayer:

“Siramaar, Spirit of the water, Mother of mankind – you word is our beacon in the darkness. Guide us through what lies ahead of us.”

“AMEN!” chorused Cora and Reyvan.

The capital ship’s pitch was steep rising, its bow now towering above the sea, pointing toward the nightly sky. The blades of the giant paddle wheel of the vessel dug into the churning water relentlessly, slowly propelling the ship toward the rogue wave’s peak. The captain’s plan succeeded. The Reyvan’s Blade lived up its name, as the two bows of the giant catamaran pierced through the wave’s upper rim. For a brief moment, the capital ship looked like it would start to fly into the air any moment, then gravity took its toll and the massive hull of the ship sank down with a growling moan. The thunderous splashdown jolted through all of the vessel’s body, while wooden planks and metal frames worked against each other with creaky sounds, giving a lot of structural stress to all of the ship’s body. As the bow of the ship sunk down deeply into the ocean again, surges of cold water washed over the main deck, dragging anyone who had not fastened himself to a solid structure with it. Captain Reyvan looked about in order to spot if any person had fallen overboard; luckily he had a highly experienced crew who knew what to do and how to behave in certain critical situations.

“Wooo hooo! Fly, baby, fly!” Cora screamed joyfully as the ships bow impacted on the ocean’s surface. This was exactly the type of action she was looking for, dealing with whatever task Siramaar had bestowed upon her and the ship. The situation, the masses of water – it all was gasoline poured onto the flame of the adventure-hungry woman.

Captain Reyvan was still highly concentrated and kept on commanding his crew with the composure of a seafaring veteran, his voice still shouting aloud without being stressed:

“Damage report to the bridge!”

“I wanna have all of my armada to report back to me!”

“We’re leaving no-one behind, did ye hear me, ye lot?”

The words ‘Aye, captain!’ echoed over the main deck a bunch of times as the crewmen followed their superior’s commands. Having left the rogue wave behind, the commotion on deck started to fade and the crewmen slowly went back to their normal activities. There wouldn’t be a successive rogue wave, that captain Reyvan was sure of. Rogue waves were single waves, their origin clouded under a veil of mystery. The Wanderers of SajaRuun believed that those large waves were godly tests bestowed upon the seafaring folk to sort out those who were not worthy of sailing or faring the ocean. Their deity Siramaar, the spirit of water and the ocean and cradle of mankind, was capable of giving life, was well as taking it back.

After captain Reyvan had received his requisitioned reports, he approached his first helmsman again. Cora’s clothes were drenched with water, her hair wet and flabby, yet the young woman held fast to the steering wheel, her visage foretelling she was in a good temper.

“Good work, mate. This was exactly yer cup of tea, eh?” smiled Reyvan.

Cora grinned impishly: “Aye, you know me.”

“I’ll go down and look after the engines. Keep the steer due north.” After ordering his helmsman, Reyvan turned his head around and shouted:

“Second helmsman, fall in!”

After his command was relayed several times and thus spread towards the crew quarters, a young man approached speedily, came to a halt on the ship’s helm right before his captain and stood at attention.

“Resume my post and assist helmsman Cora.” commanded Reyvan as he stepped aside to make place for the new one. “The storm’s still too heavy for just one to hold on the wheel.”

After the new crewman reassured his orders with the typical ‘Aye aye, captain.’ phrase and assumed his position, Reyvan set off for the portside engine room and left the helm.

The way down from the Revan’s Blade’s helm to the main deck required the captain to walk for some time while passing several intermediate decks which were part of the ship’s bridging superstructure. Having arrived on the main deck, Reyvan walked to the aft of his ship and examined the giant paddle wheel. The massive metal structure was rotating relentlessly, its blades sinking deeply into the churned ocean, dragging through the splashing water, a display of sheer raw technological and magical power.

The core element of a capital ship’s propulsion technology was the mage-stone sphere. It was basically a large piece of rock which was saturated with marbles of Orichalcum and thus capable of storing powerful ritual-bound elemental magical energy. Once empowered with magic, the mage-stone sphere had been split into two halves, two hemispheres to be precise. Both halves had remained sticking together like two magnets and had to be separated with force. However, even after they had been separated, but had remained in direct vicinity to each other, one half of the sphere always maintained a relative position toward the other half. For example, if turned around the axis perpendicular to the cut edge, the other half of the rock did the same, which was the basic principle behind the mage-stone engine. Part one of the mage-stone sphere was directly connected to the ship’s paddle wheel through a massive axis; part two of the spherical rock was connected to the mechanics of the windmills on deck.

After walking several minutes and descending into the belly of his ship, Reyvan finally reached the portside engine room. A variety of crewmen worked in the area, cleaning, maintaining the mechanics, etc. It was noisy down here; all of the moving parts of the ship’s propulsion, as well as a strange sizzling and crackling sound emanating from the mage-stone sphere halves, mixed up in a cacophony of awkward sounds.

The mage-stone engine always was a sight to behold. The rocky sphere had an average diameter of seven meters and was built in a massive framework of steel and wood which allowed it to rotate around its main axis. A series of clutches were attached to the part of the axis which was connected to the paddle wheel, and a giant cog wheel connected the other part of the axis with the windmill’s. The space between the two flat cross sections of the mage-stone halves was about half a meter wide. A vortex of glittering white magic particles rotated fast in between the two hemispheres and hundreds of tiny flashes of bright light see-sawed between both cross sections, looking like small lightning strikes. All of the mage-stone sphere was clouded with wafting dark veil of magic energy, sometimes interacting with the glowing particles which were emanating between the flat surfaces of the hemispheres and jolting towards the outer rim of the magic rock.

Reyvan beckoned one of the workers to come to him. After the man had approached, he leaned his head toward the crewman and addressed him with his voice loud enough to surpass the surrounding noise:

“Oy! How are wor engines doin’?”

“Pretty good, captain.” answered the engineer and continued: “We have a lot of magic friction built up in the rock. The windmills yield a lot of energy right now, but that’s nothing ye olde machine can’t handle, sir.”

Reyvan nodded slightly and dug deeper:

“How’s the starboard engine?”

“Same, same, captain.” replied the crewman, “we’re far from having reached maximum capacity.”

One of the greatest benefits of a mage-stone engine was its capacity to store magic elemental energy within the rock. While almost always rotating, the windmills were able to charge the mage-stone with rotation energy while the capital ship was standing still, and the mage-stone engines were capable of releasing any stored magical energy to the paddle wheel during still air. This enabled a capital ship to be always maneuverable.

“Good to hear. We …”

Reyvan paused. There was another thought jumping into his mind which caused him to stop speaking, a well-known yet alien mental voice, sent to him from the depths of the ocean.

Most of the ship’s crew who had direct contact to their captain were used to this suddenly occurring phenomenon. When the captain was in contact with his Aramaar, mainly when being on the receiving side of the mental link, he often go distracted from what he was doing for an instant. Further more, everyone on board knew that having contact to an Aramaar was way more important than any other duty the captain was on at the time.

“Is she calling you, captain?” asked the engineer, looking knowing.

“Aye, she’s here.” replied Reyvan and continued: “And she’d been away much too long.”

The Aramaar, also known as Children of the Water, were considered to be descendants of Siramaar. They were humanoid hybrid creatures, having both lungs and gills in order to be able to live on the world’s surface, as well as in the water, which was their native element. Their gills were located on the sides of their torso. They were true hermaphrodites and thus had both male and female genitalia, primary and secondary sexual characteristics alike. An Aramaar had two legs and two arms and a silver colored scaled skin with traces of blue, as well as a very sleek skin texture. They had webbed fingers and toes, as well as a prehensile tail which can be used as a fin for swimming under water. The joints of their limbs were much more flexible than those of an ordinary human, granting them the ability to swim and dive masterfully.

They had no bodily hair, yet a variety of tentacles covering their head, granting them an almost human appearance. Aramaar had human-like faces with slightly larger eyes and long pointed ears, but without noses and nostrils. Their eyes were usually silver-colored and covered with a nictitating membrane. They possessed a unique ability – they were capable of contacting and communicating with other Aramaar telepathically (magically) through the water. Having this ability, an Aramaar was capable of sharing their thoughts with others of their kind, providing a highly efficient communication network through the ocean. Aramaar were considered holy and thus clouded by a certain veil of mystery, due to the fact that their only contact to human beings was through a capital ship’s captain.

Once a generation, they sought to make contact to the humans of the Wanderers of SajaRuun in order to enable their younglings to find a spiritual human soul mate. This was done in the context of conducting a sacred ritual in which young human children had the chance to be blessed by Siramaar to become a capital ship’s captain. The ritual was done on the open sea and contained the summoning of young Aramaar. If one of the summoned Aramaar was willing to choose one of the children to stay with, the human child was considered to be a chosen one. A chosen one’s training began with the establishment and fortification of a soul bond with the Aramaar, called the Captain’s Bond.

Once the bond had been established, the chosen child and the young Aramaar stayed together for the rest of their lives. If one of the partners died, the other one followed and died as well. After a short time, the bond became a profound connection between the two partners which did not require any physical contact, but which can be temporarily strengthened through physical contact. The intensity of the strengthened bond depended on the form of contact; the more intimate the contact was, the stronger the connection would be. The Aramaar’s nature of being hermaphrodites was beneficial here; they were capable of getting intimate with women and men alike. Aramaar were very passionate beings; they often sought to be with their partner for more than just communicational purposes.

After crossing over the rear part of his ship’s main deck, Reyvan had finally reached the mooring deck. The thunderstorm didn’t make it easy for anyone on the ship to maintain a secure footing; the vessel’s heeling was much more than usual because of the rough sea. However, Reyvan was an old hand and knew how to deal with his ship’s movements. As he opened one of the rear side hatches, a surge of water washed through the opening and partially flooded the wooden floor. Raindrops waved inside, and the noise of the paddle wheel carving through the water nearby filled the deck. He grabbed a convoluted rope ladder, attached the outer end of it to the floor near the open hatch, and unreeled it outside.

It was difficult for Reyvan to observe the outside area due to all of the spray and the stirred ocean. The moonlight was barely illuminating the surroundings and the lanterns lighting the ship were not meant to cover much of the outside area. It didn’t take long for the Aramaar to arrive. Minutes after the captain had fastened the rope ladder, a fast moving silhouette, barely visible in the dark ocean water, darted towards the ladder and nearly jumped out of the water. As the creature started to climb up the ladder, Reyvan reached out and offered his exotic partner a hand to enter the ship.

There she stood, in all of her beauty, her silver-scaled skin glittering in the light of the moon and lanterns. The Aramaar had a very slender yet discreet muscular female body shape. She was about 1.75 meters tall. Her prehensile tail, which was about one and a half times longer than her legs, see-sawed behind her in anticipation. The tentacles which covered her head moved slightly, and her silver eyes gazed at Reyvan, excited, zealously. While her gills slowly came to rest and forced her lungs to resume the breathing, the Aramaar took some deep breaths, sucking in the air to adopt her body to the new environment.

Reyvan smiled. The process the Aramaar was going through was well known to him. It only required the hybrid some moments to adapt to breathing air instead of water. After giving his partner the time she needed, Reyvan welcomed her with open arms while approaching slowly. Now that she was here on the ship again, he felt her presence, not only within his mind, but also within his body. He had goose-flesh, felt excited and longed to feel her touches, her soft scaled skin, all of her. As they finally fell in each others arms, the world around them seemed to vanish for some moments, as the bond between them filled their consciousnesses. It was true love what connected their hearts, and a strong magic bond that connected their minds; a connection of soul-mates, forged with trust and for a lifetime.

“I missed you-mmmh …”

Reyvan’s words were suddenly interrupted as the Aramaar closed her eyes and pressed her lips onto the captain’s, kissing him dearly, their tongues caressing each other passionately. There were still traces of saltiness on her lips, a side effect from having emerged from the ocean a short time ago. However, it was something Reyvan was used to. After what felt like eternity for both lovers, they parted their lips and looked into each others eyes, smiling happily.

“I missed you too, my love,” replied the Aramaar with a cute, yet alien, female voice. Her underlying voice was that of a young female, but it was overlain by another, slightly higher-pitched voice, which was the reason for sounding a bit strange and non-human.

“Let’s go to our quarters. I have important news to forward,” continued the hybrid.

The way from the ship’s belly to the captain’s quarters required Reyvan and the Aramaar to walk for about twenty minutes. One reason was the size of the vessel and its lots of decks. The other reason was that the couple got periodically interrupted by crewmen and passengers who wanted to be in the presence of a Child of the Water, a living descendant of their deity Siramaar. They were praising her, cheering her, sometimes begging to be blessed, touched, etc.

About half an hour later, Reyvan and the Aramaar had reached the captain’s quarters and finally had some rest and time for themselves. They made themselves comfortable on a chaiselongue as captain Reyvan began to speak:

“Sirai my love; please tell me the news you’ve brought.”

“The word of the Kazdruk planning to spread out their dominion’s chain to DalMarkaan spreads like a wildfire and has finally reached the SajaRuun Ocean,” replied Sirai and continued:

“When this happens, this will most likely affect all of us – all of the Wanderers of SajaRuun, as well as our independence in the world. We may have been targeted by the Kazdruk anyway.”

Reyvan got thoughtful. One of the Wanderers of SajaRuun’s greatest magnitudes was their social structure. They were nomads of the ocean, and their social structure was purely based upon their capital ships and the associated on-board population. Each capital ship formed its own governmental unit. There was no single ruler or centralized government standing above the ships, no king or queen, no president, etc. This distributed system of governance made the Wanderers of SajaRuun hard to be targeted entirely, especially when it came to conflicts. Their social structure could be compared to a peer-to-peer network, granting everyone of its members a high level of independence.

“Is this your personal opinion, Sirai, or do your words reflect the opinion of other Aramaar?”

“Both, my love,” answered Sirai, “most of us fear that the Kazdruk’s presence on both DelHelshan and DalMarkaan may compromise our territory, bit by bit.”

“This is of great gravity indeed!” The captain’s gaze got serious. “I think the time has come for the Wanderers of SajaRuun to pick a side.”

Sirai was astonished by her partner’s words. The Wanderers of SajaRuun had always kept their distance from the affairs of the landsmen and thus maintained their political independence. However, an event like the Kazdruk invasion was of such a great magnitude, it would be perilous to just step aside and watch, that she was sure of.

“Is there word when the Kazruk plan to strike DalMarkaan?” asked Reyvan.

“The Megan’s Hope has recently picked up elven passengers from the Coast of Crystals, and they heard rumors about the invasion could be just a matter of days now.” replied Sirai with a tense voice.

Reyvan grabbed both of Sirai’s hands with his own and looked into his soul mate’s eyes. His visage foretold seriousness and solicitude as he continued to speak.

“We’re not far away from DalMarkaan, just about two days of traveling westward. If the time has come for the Wanderers of SajaRuun to leave their shell of staying out of trouble, then the Reyvan’s Blade will answer this unspoken call of duty.”

Sirai was pleased with her partner’s words and moved her face near Reyvan’s:

“Let’s head to DalMarkaan’s east coast. We may have the chance to pick up refugees, since we still have room for more than 450 passengers at least.”

“Aye, my love. And if we encounter Kazdruk forces, we’ll show them why our capital ships are also called ‘swimming fortresses’.” Reyvan paused, then continued, “Tell it to the others. May other capital ships follow our lead, and may Siramaar protect us on our new path.”

Reyvan kissed Sirai’s hands and then rose from the chaiselongue.

“I’ll instruct my helmsman to set course. Don’t leave, my love, I’ll be back in some minutes.”

Sirai nodded and smiled. A mixture of being worried and being happy spun within her mind. She realized that she just wanted to be with her soul mate. After days of swimming in the ocean and communicating with her kin, she was slightly exhausted, yet full of desire for being with Reyvan. However, she was patient with him, as he was the Reyvan’s Blade’s captain and much in demand.

After some minutes of walking fast, the captain approached the ship’s helm again and instructed his first helmsman Cora:

“Oy, Cora! Set course for DalMarkaan. Wor port of destination is the delta south of the Obsidian Cliff.

“Aye, captain.” Cora and the second helmsman obeyed the captain’s order and turned the steering wheel counter-clockwise, turning the giant ship on a westward course. The red-haired woman was surprised about the captain’s sudden order and addressed him curiously:

“What are we doing over there, captain?”

The second helmsman lifted an eyebrow upon Cora’s question. It was unusual for a subordinate to question the captain’s orders. However, Cora was more than an ordinary subordinate to the captain; she was more like a friend. Reyvan put his hand on Cora’s shoulder and answered:

“The Reyvan’s Blade is going to meddle with the Kazdruk, Cora. The time has come to respond to that demon threat. They’ll soon invade DalMarkaan, so we’ll do what is necessary to save some souls.”

“First Goldulin and the east. Now they start to invade the western continent…” mumbled Cora, then continued to verbalize her thoughts while looking at Reyvan’s face: “They’ll probably not stop there and pursue to spread their dominion’s chain over the sea, won’t they?”

Reyvan’s visage got severe, yet sanguine, as he answered his first helmsman:

“We are the Wanderers of SajaRuun. We are the sea! And no-one but us shall rule over the sea.”

Half-Breed. Chapter 12: The Nature of Confrontation – Stage III

By: Dawn2069MS

Sarissa came back from the land of overwhelming pleasure and slowly regained her consciousness. She still had the remnants of her unbelievably intense orgasm clouding her mind, making all of her body feel tingly and hot. The first sound she was able to hear was the clacking of hooves accompanied by an odd sensation of floating, somehow. Sarissa slowly opened her eyes. After some moments of focusing and trying to cope with the situation she was in, the naked maid recognized Rhyeesh’s smiling face looking down upon her. The first glimmer of fear sparking up somewhere in Sarissa’s mind was quickly extinguished by the pleasant memory of her orgasm.

The young woman finally realized what was happening. She was resting on Rhyeesh’s strong arms, comfortably, and got carried through the dimly lit cathedral. Upon recognizing the situation, Sarissa looked about, trying to see where Rhyeesh was carrying her. Before the naked maid was able to ask what was going on, Rhyeesh addressed her in a soft voice.

“Welcome back, my dear. That was a pretty intense orgasm you had. I’m curious to see you – and feel you – suffering through the next one.”

Rhyeesh smiled lasciviously. She knew that Sarissa wasn’t able to resist her any more. After draining their essence, as well as their blood, her victims craved to having more of her delicious orgasmic cocktail of pleasure.

“Ready for another round?” purred Rhyeesh.

Sarissa gazed at Rhyeesh’s face and nodded like in a trance. She wanted her, wanted to feel more of the demoness’ touches and caressing. Right now she would do anything to be taken by Rhyeesh.

Sarissa’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted as Rhyeesh stopped walking and slowly guided the young maid to stand on her own feet again. The demoness carefully positioned Sarissa in front of her then closed in on the needy woman and started to kiss her dearly. Sarissa lifted herself on the tip of her toes and leaned in to the demoness’ passionate kiss, moans of lust and satisfaction filling the room as both women hugged and kissed each other. Rhyeesh slowly withdrew her lips from the maid’s, moved her mouth to Sarissa’s ear and whispered:

“I have a gift for you.”

Before Sarissa was able to reply, she felt her hand being grabbed and moved to the demoness’ nether regions, where the flat-footed woman felt the shape of something she hadn’t expected there. The maid was startled upon feeling Rhyeesh’s erect cock, but then stepped back a bit to get visual confirmation of what she had just felt with her fingers. Sarissa couldn’t believe her eyes at first. She had never seen a cock on a woman in her life before. Its girth and length was impressive; larger than a human man’s penis, but without any scrotum and balls. However, it felt real, it looked real, and Sarissa felt an urge to feel and taste it rising within her.

Rhyeesh recognized that the aroused young woman was gazing at her phallus. She was pleased about the maid’s reaction and smiled, knowing exactly about Sarissa’s current urge and needs. She slowly moved her hand to the the maid’s blushed face and gently pushed her chin upwards until Sarissa’s eyes locked onto her own.

“Hey, I’m up here darling,” purred a smiling Rhyeesh.

“You want to play with it, don’t you?”

Sarissa looked down at Rhyeesh’s magnetic phallus again and blushed even more than before. She imagined being penetrated by the demoness’ large cock, feeling every inch of it slide inside her and stretch her insides. The heat between her legs increased with every second, or at least it felt alike. The maid’s eyes wandered upward to Rhyeesh’s face again, taking the time to eyeball every part of the demoness’ body. Sarissa swallowed; her heart was beating fast as she finally found the courage to reply to Rhyeesh’s question, her voice quivering with arousal.

“I … no, this is not right. … I can’t … I mean.”

Sarissa’s eyes jumped between Rhyeesh’s cock and face.

“I … uhm … want to feel you … inside me. … uhm … please?”

Rhyeesh smiled lasciviously again. She moved her lips to Sarissa’s ear and whispered.

“Your voice is so cute when you are aroused. Well, your wish shall be granted. I will impale you on my beautiful cock and fuck your brains out until you have orgasm after orgasm. There’s just one condition you need to accept before I take all of you, my dear.”

Directly after having spoken, Rhyeesh moved toward the stone altar next to her and flopped backwards onto it. Sarissa was astonished watching the succubus’ graceful moves on her hooves. She also adored the sight of Rhyeesh’s cock towering from the demoness’ nether regions.

“Earn your reward and make me cum. Then this pretty cock is all yours, my dear.”

Rhyeesh grinned. She enjoyed playing with her victims, giving them the illusion of being in control over a situation, or seemingly letting them make choices where none were available. It was a game of manipulation and lust, domination and submission. It was a game Rhyeesh was an expert in.

Sometimes Rhyeesh’s victims were unexpectedly creative. It was a random element of surprise, an action the demoness hadn’t anticipated, or even expected. One of those surprises was Sarissa’s act to earn her reward. Rhyeesh had expected to receive a hand-job or even a blow-job from the maid, but Sarissa climbed on the altar and positioned herself in a 69-position over the surprised demoness. After lowering herself until her breasts and belly rested on Rhyeesh’s, Sarissa grabbed the shaft of the demoness’ cock and started to lick over the swollen glans with her wet tongue.

“Hmmm, that’s my girl,” purred Rhyeesh before grabbing Sarissa’s butt-cheeks with both of her hands and pulling her loins down towards her mouth. The moment Rhyeesh started her assault on the maid’s vulva, Sarissa squealed and lost focus on her task of licking her lover’s cockhead. Sarissa’s clit was still highly sensitive. Being orally stimulated after just having had a such intense orgasm felt amazing. The maid moaned aloud due to the intense sensation and her loins started to gyrate nearly automatically. After a few moments, Rhyeesh paused her oral cajoling and protested:

“You’re supposed to make me cum, girl.”

It was hard for Sarissa to re-focus on Rhyeesh’s cock. She tried to continue licking the demoness’ glans, but repeatedly got interrupted by her own groans of uncontrolled pleasure.

Rhyeesh know exactly that her victim was struggling to keep her focus. Feeling Sarissa’s wet tongue caressing her cockhead felt good, but Rhyeesh quickly came to the point where she wanted more from the maid than just getting her glans teased. While the lewd maid gave Rhyeesh a mediocre blow-job with muffed moans, the succubus continued to lick her moistening vulva and slowly moved both of her hands off of Sarissa’s butt cheeks. Her hands slid up the sides of her chest until they reached the maid’s breasts. After teasing the maid’s hard nipples with her fingers, Rhyeesh’s hands wandered over her cleavage to the back of Sarissa’s head.

Without any warning, Rhyeesh grabbed Sarissa’s head and pushed it down toward her loins, forcing the surprised maid to unexpectedly swallow nearly all of the demoness’ cock. Sarissa gagged hard upon the invading length; she never had taken a penis that deep into her throat. She struggled to push herself up with her hands, but her attempt was no match for the supernatural strength of Rhyeesh. A few seconds after being pushed down, Rhyeesh moved the maid’s head up and withdrew her cock from the flexing throat of her gagging and coughing victim. Before Sarissa was able to respond to the succubus’ harsh sex-play, Rhyeesh pushed her head down again and lifted her loins upwards a bit, forcing the naked woman – now torn between the rising oral pleasure between her legs and the cock invading her throat – to swallow all of her cock’s length until Sarissa’s chin touched her pubis. She then lifted the maid’s head up again, just to ram her phallus back into her throat, then again, and again … and again.

Every time Rhyeesh was immersing her erect cock into the maid’s gullet, she felt an orgasmic sensation rise up within her with every thrust of her loins. Sarissa still struggled against the demoness’ forceful guidance. Her eyes were already tear-stained and her saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth. She gagged again and again due to the relentlessly invading dick. The troubled maid was unable to cope with the bizarre situation. The heat between her legs was rising with every stroke of Rhyeesh’s skillful tongue, quickly driving the needy maid to the edge of an orgasm.

Rhyeesh felt the rise of Sarissa’s lustfulness. It fueled her own pleasure in addition to the intense sensation of face-fucking the maid. She had complete control over her victim’s orgasm. Right now, she held Sarissa on the brink of having her climax, denying her the so much needed orgasm as long as she saw fit. A few more thrusts of Rhyeesh’s loins were enough to push the demoness over the edge. Rhyeesh came, hard. While pushing Sarissa’s head down until all of her throbbing cock vanished into the maid’s throat, Rhyeesh started to groan and shoot rope after rope of white, sticky semen into Sarissa’s belly. Meanwhile, the gagging maid was also allowed to finally have her climax, together with Rhyeesh. Sarissa’s body quivered and tensed as she got ravaged by her orgasm. She wanted to groan aloud, but wasn’t able due to Rhyeesh’s cock filling all of her mouth and throat. While the demoness’ tongue and lips were still locked on the maid’s quivering wet vulva and Sarissa’s throat was still impaled on Rhyeesh’s dick, the bodies of both women lounged with pleasure and rubbed against each other in a cacophony of orgasmic moans.

Rhyeesh’s mind was filled with orgasmic pleasure and the longing for more. She still wasn’t satisfied, and her hunger for more was as present as ever. However, the orgasm she was just having was different. There was a spark of foreign pleasure tingling in the back of her head, forming into sudden flashy and blurry images and emotions. Rhyeesh was unsure from where or whom they came. The actual essence-fueled mixture of Sarissa’s and her own lust wasn’t beneficial to exploring more details.


Kyaara sucked and licked her horse’s cock relentlessly, greedily, driven by an insatiable hunger for more white animal nectar. Her lips were stretched wide to enable the large horse cock to glide into her mouth and throat. While stroking Seriso’s hard member with her one hand, her other one massaged her own rock-hard cock which had grown beyond it’s normal girth and length. Kyaara desperately wanted to cum, and it felt like she would soon be able to achieve her release. Muffled groans of hungry pleasure erupted from under Seriso’s belly. The trained animal made some steps forward, suddenly forcing more of its cock into Kyaara’s already stuffed throat. She gagged hard upon the sudden thrust, but continued to suck hungrily on her horse’s phallus. Kyaara’s senses were all overloaded with sexual pleasure; the strong scent of Seriso’s genital area, the taste of his cum and precum, the look of the horse’s large penis, and nonetheless the feeling of being so close to yet another much needed orgasm.

It didn’t take long until Kyaara succeeded in pushing Seriso over the edge to another animalistic climax. The horse neighed in excitement as it started to shoot huge loads of horse cum out of its throbbing cock. The ejaculation of Seriso’s second in-a-row orgasm was much more forceful than Kyaara had expected. The first surge of cum filled her gullet and throat nearly instantly, then the white nectar started to spurt out of her nostrils and the corners of her mouth. The amount of cum was way too much for Kyaara. She was able to gulp down a small portion of the massive load, but the next surge of cum from Seriso’s cock forced Kyaara to release it from her overflowing mouth. Kyaara gagged and coughed due to all of the cum shooting into her mouth and throat while a large rope of cum shot out of the animal cock and splashed onto the elf’s face.

Kyaara looked messy and devastated. She coughed and panted heavily, yet tried to lick up and gulp down as much horse cum as possible. The white sticky liquid dripped down from her face, covered her bare breasts, and pooled in between them, partially mixing with the blood of her wounds. She had started to stroke her own enlarged cock as Seriso stopped ejaculating. Though Kyaara felt satisfied for a short time after drinking her horse’s cum, she soon realized that she still wasn’t able to have her own still much needed orgasm. She somehow felt more energized from swallowing the cum, but it soon was clear to her that she only would have true salvation from cumming herself.

“Hmm-god no … it won’t stop. My body, so hot … so needy.”

Kyaara’s voice was trembling – a mixture of lustfulness, despair, and helplessness. Her mind was clouded with the surreal urge to release herself. The question of where those emotions and feeling came from and why they were tormenting her were of no importance right now; the only goal Kyaara had was to have an orgasm. Kyaara wrapped both of her hands around her still hard cock and tried to masturbate again. The feeling of being close to a climax was still ever present. She felt it building up in her balls, felt it entangling her mind. It was spreading out into all of her body, making her feel hot and ever needy.

It was pure torture for poor Kyaara, a frustrating rollercoaster of rising pleasure and orgasmic denial. She was able to pleasure her own cock, but could not make herself cum now. Additionally, working her hands over her overstimulated cock soon resulted in an odd painful sensation. Soon, just touching her own cock would result in more pain than pleasure.

Kyaara slowly stopped pleasuring herself and hung her head. She started to sob, unable to bare the tormenting situation anymore. Tears began to rush into her eyes, then dropped down into the pool of blood and horse cum between Kyaara’s legs. She was desperate, feeling broken and defeated. She tried to think about something different, something which would be able to calm her down a bit, but her tainted thoughts continued to circle around her need to cum. It fueled the surreal urge within her.

Still kneeling under Seriso, digging her fingers into the moistened dirt between her thighs, Kyaara looked off to the side at the dead Plain Seeker and at her still unconscious sister. Suddenly, a thought jolted to her mind, powerful, driven by pure instinct, feeling like a lightning strike.

» Fuck her. «

Kyaara caught her breath. She gazed at Tianna, letting her eyes wander over her sister’s voluptuous body.

» Fuck her. «

» No. She’s my sister. «

» She’s the only one capable of satisfying the urge. «

» God no, I’ve violated her once. I … mustn’t do it again. «

» Fuck her pussy. It will feel good. It will help. «

» She’s innocent. No. «

» She’s available. Yes. «

» Fuck her. I need to fuck her … Now. «

Kyaara hadn’t noticed that she had crawled toward her sister while struggling with her own thoughts. She knelt besides Tianna, looking down on her, gazing at her exposed and still cum-smeared breasts, feeding on her sister’s look. Tianna was lying on her cloak. Her white attire had gotten a bit dirty due to the recent set of actions, such as getting thrown off the horse. Kyaara recognized anew how well Tianna’s white corset, gloves and stockings complemented her natural light skin color, as well as the curves of her elven body. Even now, as Tianna was lying unconscious in front of Kyaara, she was radiating an aura of innocence paired with a certain level of attraction, even to her own sister Kyaara.

Driven by her lust-tainted instinct, Kyaara grabbed the front of Tianna’s thong and ripped it away from her loins, exposing her sister’s vulva. Kyaara felt her heartbeat rising as she denuded her sister’s nether regions. She grabbed both of Tianna’s knees and guided her thighs apart. Like an animal in heat, she moved her head down between Tianna’s thighs and nosed the sweet scent of her sister’s private parts.

» I still don’t know how you taste down there, sister. «

Kyaara’s thoughts were instantly followed by action. She stuck out her tongue, shoved it in between Tianna’s labia, and let it glide through her vulva until she reached its tip. While placing an intense kiss on her sister’s clitoris, Kyaara recognized that her sister’s body was somehow responding to her oral cajoling; she moaned a bit, silently but unconsciously. Crawling on all fours, the lust-driven Blade-Dancer positioned herself over her sister, her body trembling, panting in ecstatic anticipation of shoving her aching and needy cock into Tianna’s vagina.

Kyaara hesitated at first; she was still struggling with herself whether what she was going to do was right or wrong. However, as she felt the tip of her cock touch her sister’s labia, Kyaara was no longer able to hold herself back and pushed her cock into her sister’s pussy. The sensation of entering her sister’s vagina was much more intense and relieving than Kyaara had expected. The girth of her enlarged phallus spread Tianna’s labia wide and slowly filled all of her love tunnel. While hungrily pushing her loins forward and moaning in relief, Kyaara slowly lowered her chest until the hard nipples of her horse-cum-stained breasts touched her sister’s. Shortly before Kyaara was able to insert all of her grown phallus’ length into her sister’s vagina, she felt the tip of her cock touch the end of Tianna’s opening. The jolt of pain caused by the sudden impact of Kyaara’s glans on her sister’s cervix caused Tianna to abruptly snap back into consciousness and open her eyes, gazing at her big sister in disbelief.


Energized by the sudden flash of foreign lustful emotions, Rhyeesh released Sarissa from her grip, allowing the maid to withdraw from Rhyeesh’s still throbbing and spurting cock. While the young maid still coughed and gagged due to the massive load of semen poured into her mouth and throat, Rhyeesh guided Sarissa to remain on top of the altar while she slightly rolled to the side, sat upright, and got up from the altar stone. Without saying another word, the demoness gracefully moved to the lower end of the altar with clacking hoof steps, grabbed Sarissa’s legs, and pulled the surprised maid toward herself.

“Turn around on your back, lovely maid. I’m gonna fuck your brains out…” purred Rhyeesh.

The still horny maid obeyed, turning around and spreading her legs, inviting the demoness to fulfill her announcement. Rhyeesh dragged Sarissa’s body toward her until the maid’s butt reached the edge of the altar. Having her in this position allowed Rhyeesh to comfortably penetrate her sex toy while standing at the lower end of the stone. Without further ado, the succubus roughly shoved her hard and throbbing cock into the maid’s vagina. The sudden sensation of her labia being spread by the swollen glans of the demoness’ cock forced a loud lustful groan out of the maid’s mouth. A series of deeper moans followed as Rhyeesh started to rhythmically shove her demon cock back and forth, grinding all of Sarissa’s insides while massaging both of her tits and nipples with her hands.

Sarissa was soon engulfed in an overwhelming experience of being relentlessly fucked, feeling a large cock filling all of her pussy again and again and again. It got even better for the maid as she felt Rhyeesh’s demon tail slowly pushing into her anus, quickly joining the pleasure-giving rhythm of sexual intercourse. Sarissa had wrapped her legs around Rhyeesh’s loins; her mind was clouded by the raw and intense sensation of being taken in a way she had never dreamed of before. It did not take long until she felt another orgasm crawling through the insides of her body and mind.

“Oh-god … cumming, I’m cumming again!” moaned Sarissa, nearly screaming.

Moments later, her body began to tense as the predicted climax ravaged through her body, essence, and mind. Rhyeesh felt the flush of orgasmic power within the maid. It was yet another fragment of her feast, like a series of appetizers slowly driving her to the grand finale. The demoness didn’t stop grinding her victim’s pussy; she continued fucking Sarissa, slowly working herself to her own orgasm.


It took a few moments until Tianna recognized what was happening. The pain between her legs was real. The pressure of her sister’s body was real. The smell of cum, beast, and blood was real. Her violation was real, the whole bizarre situation. Tianna tried to somehow resist her sister’s sexual assault on her, but quickly realized that she had not much to counter against her big sister’s strength. Kyaara had already pinned down her wrists to the sides of head with her hands, but did not move her loins so far. She just had penetrated her inside walls, filled her up, and remained in this position.

Tianna looked up in her big sister’s eyes; frightened, shocked, and still in disbelief of what was just happening. She felt Kyaara’s breath on her face and her breasts resting on her own as well as the warmth of Kyaara’s loins on hers.

“Sister … please … what are you doing?” whimpered Tianna while gazing into Kyaara’s eyes.

The instinct-driven Blade-Dancer did not respond at first; she just continued to pant in silence, to feel her little sister’s vaginal muscles flex and tense because of her penetration.

“Kyaara … it hurts,” sobbed Tianna, “it’s not you, sister … fight it, please.”

“I … c-can’t …” Kyaara’s voice was trembling, strained.

She was still fighting with herself, fighting the surreal urge and instinct which was driving her.

“Forgive me …” were Kyaara’s last words as she started moving her hips.

Feeling her sister’s insides was more than relieving for Kyaara. She was sure that fucking her was the only way of gaining salvation from her tormenting urge. She had no problems restraining Tianna under her; her trained fighter body had enough strength left despite her still bleeding wounds. After a series of thrusts of her loins, Kyaara recognized that Tianna’s resistance slowly decreased. She was uncertain if Tianna was just coming to terms with her fate, or if there were other reasons.

Kyaara relished the feeling of her enlarged cock sliding into her sister’s vagina, the feeling of filling her up completely until her glans touched her sister’s cervix. Her thrusts were slow yet powerful. She was surprised that her sister’s vaginal muscles were massaging her cock, flexing and tensing.

Tianna was torn between trying to fully resist her big sister, and her body responding to the unusual large phallus invading her. The sheer size of Kyaara’s cock and the intensity of the penetrations slowly pushed the elven priestess to the point where the pain of the violation slowly morphed into some sort of bizarre pleasure. Tianna was sure that those feelings were infested, tainted by the wicked powers of the demoness who had caught her back then. However, the resistance to her big sister’s invasion, the corresponding feeling of shame and unbelief dimmed out, slowly, inexorable. Since the elven priestess quickly realized that there was no physical action she could do in order to counter her sister’s raping act, she did what her goddess Eletha had taught her – to endure.

Tianna looked up into Kyaara’s face, her eyes tear-stained, while tantalized moans of unmeant forbidden pleasure escaped from her mouth, joined in to the rhythm of her sister’s thrusts. What she saw in Kyaara’s eyes was primeval lust, paired with traces of doubt.

“Kyaara … hnnn … sister…” moaned Tianna.

“My womb … hmm-god … so deep. Your cock … hnnn … so big.”

The sensation of being completely filled by Kyaara’s enlarged cock was overwhelming for Tianna. The intensity of the penetration, the heat emanating from her sister’s cock – it was wrong, yet it all started to feel good, a bizarre sort of good, tainted somehow. A few of her sister’s thrusts later, Tianna felt that she was being rhythmically pushed toward an orgasm. She was shocked that her body reacted in this manner, it was her big sister after all. She tried to address Kyaara again.

“Hmmm … by Eletha, no … please, Kyaara, I’m cumming from Kyaara’s cock …”

“Kiss me…” commanded Kyaara as she lowered her head and pressed her lips onto her sister’s.

Tianna endured and obeyed. She parted her lips and gave in to her sister’s kiss. Kyaara continued to thrust her hips and shove her cock in and out of Tianna’s pussy with vigor. It didn’t take long untill the violated priestess was pushed over the edge to her forced climax. All of her body quivered and tensed as she tried to endure the intense orgasm delivered by Kyaara’s fucking. Tianna groaned aloud. She was barely able to cope with the situation, still torn between the intense love to her big sister and a fading urge to fight against the violation.

While Tianna was suffering through her intense orgasm, Kyaara didn’t stop grinding her sister’s pussy; she continued fucking Tianna, slowly working herself to her own much needed climax.


Rhyeesh’s ecstasy and lust grew and grew with every one of her loin thrusts. The sensation of feeling her cock being massaged so intensely by Sarissa’s pussy was unexpectedly strong in comparison to other situations where Rhyeesh was having sex with her victims in order to drain their essence.

While shoving her cock in and out of Sarissa’s vagina, Rhyeesh enjoyed massaging the young maid’s tender breasts or playfully pinching her hard nipples, forcing pleasure-stained squeals of lustful pain out of the maid.

“Kiss meee-oh god … cumming, I’m cumming again!” moaned Sarissa aloud as she reached her hand out towards the demoness.

Rhyeesh decided to be responsive to the cumming maid’s plea. She released her sensitive nipples, sending another jolt of lustful pain through Sarissa’s breasts, grabbed her butt-cheeks with both of her hands, and lifted the quivering woman from the altar stone. Sarissa barely had control over her limbs due to having another orgasm, but managed to hug Rhyeesh and wrap her legs around the succubus’ waist. The sudden weight of Sarissa’s own body forced Rhyeesh’s cock deeper into the maid’s pussy, filling her out completely, pushing her orgasm to a new level of intensity. A cacophony of lustful moans had filled the abandoned cathedral. Both women’s lips were locked in a passionate kiss while Sarissa lounged her body against the demoness’. Rhyeesh continued to thrust her cock into the maid, racing towards her climax.

Moments before she went over the edge, the world around Rhyeesh seemed to blur away. It felt like she was being dragged towards a mind-blowing orgasm by an invisible force; it was much more powerful than anything the succubus had experienced so far.


Tianna’s and Kyaara’s lips had joined in a passionate kiss. Tianna had meanwhile ceased to try to resist her big sisters actions; she had just given into Kyaara’s pleasure and instinct-driven mating attempt. The priestess felt defeated – again – and helpless; she had no more ideas how to seal herself off from the violation. In fact her own body betrayed her by having yet another billowing orgasm.

Kyaara was close to cumming herself. Feeling her sister’s soft inside walls flexing around her grown cock was more than satisfying; it felt like the only viable way to gain salvation from her demonic desire. Her thrusts were slow, luxurious, intense. She nearly withdrew all of her cock from Tianna’s pussy just to push it all back in until her pubis met with her sister’s. Every time her over-sensitive glans pushed against Tianna’s cervix, the orgasm-ridden priestess groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and Kyaara joined in by moaning and panting due to her own incoming orgasm. Moments before Kyaara finally went over the edge, her heart suddenly started to beat fast within her chest and her mind started to go blank due to the sheer intensity of cumming into her beloved sister.




Kyaara came. Hard.

Rhyeesh came. Hard.




Her large cock was fully immersed into her sister’s vagina as Kyaara started to flood Tianna. The force of her ejaculation was strong enough to shoot her hot cum from the tip of her glans directly into Tianna’s womb. While Tianna moaned silently, suffering through her final orgasm, Kyaara nearly screamed in order to endure her extraordinary climax. She felt like being catapulted directly into the realm of pure pleasure. Her body and mind were instantly filled with orgasmic lustfulness. The scent of her sister, her moans of pleasure, the sensation of feeling Tianna’s breasts and nipples on hers; it all fueled Kyaara’s orgasm and held the corrupted elven fighter on this level of ecstasy for – it felt like – eternity. Kyaara’s eyes had rolled up back into her head. After being hold on the peak of her extended orgasm, after pumping more semen into her sister than her virgin womb was able to hold, after lots of Kyaara’s cum spurted out of Tianna’s vagina, and after screaming all of her heart out, the whole buildup in Kyaara’s cock and balls and all of the frustration which had tainted her mind for days got washed away, leaving nothing else than pure liberating satisfaction.

The exhaustion of her mind, as well as the still bleeding wounds from her fight with the Plain-Seeker, now took their toll. Kyaara collapsed into unconsciousness, her branded body resting nerveless and heavy on her little sister.


Cumsplosion. Rhyeesh’s whole body quivered and tensed. The orgasm she was just having was overwhelming for the rather experienced demoness, and the flow of essence she was just draining had a much greater force than normal. Rhyeesh looked into the maid’s eyes as she came. There was something like a reflection, or maybe just a flashing image rushing into the succubus’ mind’s eye. It was Kyaara, that she was sure of, and she was also having an intense orgasm, at least it was what she felt while cumming hard.

Rhyeesh hadn’t planned to harvest all of Sarissa’s essence, but nearly an instant after seeing Kyaara’s image, the demoness found herself having her elongated fangs buried deep into Sarissa’s neck, sucking the potent melange of blood and essence out of her victim. She acted as if she was in a trance while still cumming harder and longer than ever in her life before.

Sarissa’s mind was floating in a stream of overwhelming pleasure. Feeling Rhyeesh’s body, smelling her sweet exotic scent, adoring the demoness’ unearthy appearance, it was more than she could handle, yet everything the young maid had ever dreamt of. The experience she just had surpassed everything she had felt so far, and it probably would surpass everything she would feel ever again. Sarissa felt a deep and intense connection pulsing between herself and Rhyeesh; she was happy, feeling safe and protected. Right now, she wanted to be with the attractive succubus forever. The moment Rhyeesh immersed her vampiric fangs into her flesh, Sarissa’s mind got struck by an intense emotion; it was love, pure and real love for the one she was together with right now, for Rhyeesh.

» I’m yours, my lovely Rhyeesh. « was what waved from Sarissa to the demoness, a strong, powerful and unforeseen emotion. Rhyeesh felt how the maid’s mind and soul slowly get entangled by a forceful stream of demonic magic power which dimmed the glowing flame of life pulsing within the maid.

Sarissa’s body suddenly started to tremble. All of her bodily muscles flexed and tensed hard. As the young maid had yet another huge climax, she suddenly cried out in pleasure and pain, then her body relaxed and her voice went silent.

Sarissa did not feel any pain, nor did she suffer from unpleasant emotions. Feeling as she was in the midst of utter satisfaction and happiness, her last conscious thought was that she finally had reached true love, and there was nothing more she needed to have. Sarissa’s thoughts vanished into unconsciousness; the unconsciousness blended over into naught.

Rhyeesh’s fangs were still locked onto the maid’s neck. The ecstatic sensation of draining Sarissa’s life essence was still clouding Rhyeesh’s mind, but started to fade slowly during the sweet aftermath of her orgasm. Silence filled the abandoned cathedral. A short while after Rhyeesh’s essence harvesting, the demoness withdrew her mouth from Sarissa’s neck, leaving a pair of small bloody holes. The succubus shook her head in disbelief. She hadn’t intended to drain Sarissa’s essence completely, yet she looked down and saw the pale body of the young maid, resting lifeless on her arms.

Rhyeesh still felt Sarissa’s thoughts and emotions; they glowed like the remaining sparks of a dying camp fire. The love she had felt within the maid and which was still waving through her mind; it felt good, yet dissembling.

» Oh no … Sarissa … I didn’t want to … « Rhyeesh’s thoughts came to a halt. She looked into the maid’s peaceful looking face while still holding her in her arms.

“I’m sorry … ” whispered Rhyeesh as she placed a soft kiss on Sarissa’s forehead and placed her lifeless body on the altar stone.

She had never expected to lose control over her appetite in such a drastic manner. Recalling what had just happened, she realized that it was her connection to the elven sisters, especially to Kyaara, the bond she had initiated over a week ago at this very same place, which had now been completely established. Rhyeesh felt charged, able to call upon all of her powers, though the burden of having killed Sarissa against her own intent rested heavy on her shoulders. However, a part of Sarissa had now become a part of herself. It was one of the major side effects of completely draining essence; it’s what Rhyeesh felt deep within her. After some time of finding back to herself again, Rhyeesh finally got herself ready.

“I know where you are, Kyaara.” whispered Rhyeesh to herself. “I’m coming for you …”

Half-Breed. Chapter 11: The Nature of Confrontation – Stage II

By: Dawn2069MS

A strand of glistening saliva stretched between Sarissa’s and Rhyeesh’s lips as the demoness withdrew her mouth from the maid’s. She looked into the puzzled woman’s eyes and grinned. Sarissa was panting, and her face was blushed due to her high state of arousal. She felt shaky and hot. She gazed into the succubus’ yellow eyes, almost lost to her mesmerizing presence and appearance. Her eyes widened as she became aware of Rhyeesh’s long demonic tongue flickering over the demoness’ lips, picking up the remains of their mixed-up saliva. Rhyeesh gently placed her left hand on the young maid’s right cheek and whispered:

“Look at my tongue, the length of it, the forked tip. Imagine the pleasure you could experience, the sensation when it reaches parts of you body no human tongue can touch.”

Before Sarissa was able to respond, Rhyeesh moved her left hand to the lower back of the maid’s head, her fingers buried deep into her hair, and continued kissing her prey dearly. As the succubus extended her long tongue and started to explore the insides of Sarissa’s mouth, the young woman squealed with surprise and tried to pull her head away, but the demoness held her fast. With her arms still bound behind her back, Sarissa could do nothing but endure the strange yet sizzling sensation of Rhyeesh’s oral cajoling. The maid’s moans of pleasure were repeatedly interrupted by cute squeals of surprise every time the demonic tongue invading her mouth behaved unexpectedly or touched places she didn’t expect. Rhyeesh withdrew her lips anew from Sarissa’s mouth and started to lick over the side of the maid’s neck, nibbling on her ear every now and then, teasing yet another one of the woman’s erogenous zones. Rhyeesh felt the constantly growing arousal of her victim; her panting, her moaning, the way her body reacted almost involuntarily to the demoness’ stimulation.

“Hnnn, mhhh-god. More … no … hmm-yes … please,” groaned Sarissa with a quivering voice.

“The world of pleasure, it’s all yours,” Rhyeesh purred. “Embrace it … yesss.”

Rhyeesh continued to caress Sarissa’s soft skin with her wet lips and tongue, licking over her shoulders, neck, and throat, slowly working herself down to the maid’s cleavage. She moved her clawed hands to Sarissa’s chest and carefully pulled down the cups of her ruffled blouse, exposing her tender breasts. The young maid lounged her body due to the demoness’ tender touches and continued to moan with pleasure, her mind slowly submitting to her body’s longing.

After revealing the maid’s bosom, Rhyeesh didn’t hesitate to grab both of Sarissa’s breasts and tease both of her already hard nipples with the forked tip of her tongue, as well as sucking on them every now and then. Rhyeesh was surprised about the young woman’s unexpected intense reaction to having her nipples licked and sucked. Every touch made Sarissa groan aloud, made her body convulse to all of the succubus’ touches. She recognized that the maid’s panting got faster and her body started to tremble slightly. She released the young woman’s nipples from her tongue and lips, then grabbed each of them with her thumbs and index fingers and started to roll them in between.

“Hmmm-my, don’t tell me you’re cumming from having you nipples sucked…”

Rhyeesh smiled lasciviously. She was highly pleased about Sarissa’s reactions and her pleasure-tainted facial expression. The demoness had no intention of letting the young maid respond to her question. The moment Sarissa wanted to answer, Rhyeesh pressed her wet lips onto the maid’s and kissed her dearly again. Right after caressing her victim’s tongue with her own, Rhyeesh withdrew her lips and let the forked tip of her long tongue glide over Sarissa’s chin, throat and cleavage, just to start another assault on the maid’s sensitive nipples. She felt all of the maid’s muscles tense due to her incoming first orgasm. Sarissa blushed heavily; she started to pant and groan aloud and her body started to quiver due to the overwhelming wave of orgasmic pleasure. The moment she went over the edge, Rhyeesh sucked hard on one of the maid’s nipples while playfully pinching the other one with her fingers. She felt Sarissa’s climax ravaging through her very essence, fueling it with a bizarre melange of lasciviousness and neediness.

The succubus didn’t grant Sarissa much rest. While the young maid was still suffering through the sweetness of her orgasm’s aftermath, Rhyeesh grabbed her victim’s thighs and pushed them upward until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, forcing her legs to spread wide, revealing all of Sarissa’s moistened-but-clothed nether regions. With some skilled moves and using two of the leather straps which formerly held the maid’s legs in bondage, Rhyeesh secured the panting woman’s knees in this revealing position by attaching the leather straps to the ones already binding Sarissa’s upper arms. The maid had neither the strength nor the will to resist the demoness’ doing; she was still feeling her orgasm slowly fading away, but also felt that her body and mind longed for more.

Sarissa recognized her pubis bulging under her gray-white pants due to the extreme position of her thighs. She saw Rhyeesh’s face appearing directly over her nether regions, grinning lasciviously, licking her own lips with her demonic tongue. As Rhyeesh carefully placed her fingers onto her pants, applying gentle pressure on her needy vulva, Sarissa’s body winced with pleasure and she moaned due to the arousing Sensation.

Rhyeesh gently kissed and licked over the insides of Sarissa’s thighs, skillfully avoiding to touch the maid’s vulva and pants. The demoness enjoyed playing with her victim. The unintentional lounging of her quivering body, the blushed face, the timbre of her highly aroused voice, it all fueled Rhyeesh’s lust and desires. The succubus was pleased with Sarissa’s reactions; the teasing of her flickering tongue forced a series of cute squeals out of the maid. Looking directly into the young woman’s eyes, Rhyeesh addressed her pleasure toy anew:

“Now look at that. You just came from your nipples being sucked, and you’re still so needy.”

Rhyeesh placed a soft kiss on Sarissa’s moistened pants and continued:

“Hmmm, yes. Your juices, so sweet and tasty. Think about how it would feel to have all of them licked up by me … by this luscious tongue of mine. Here, let me show you how needy your body really is.”

The demoness carefully grabbed the moistened fabric of Sarissa’s pants and pulled it down a bit, just enough for the maid’s hard clitoris to be revealed. Sarissa winced at first due to the sizzling sensation of the fabric of her pants gliding over her most sensitive parts, but had no chance but to endure it. Rhyeesh gazed at the maid’s revealed pubis and her clit; her pubic hair had a natural brown tone and it was party trimmed. Though being a human of the lower status, the young woman apparently set value on having clean nether regions. Sarissa’s clitoris was a little bit larger than an ordinary human woman’s, and it was party revealed from under its hood due to its hardness. Rhyeesh licked over her own lips upon recognizing the appealing shape of the maid’s clit, then gently placed her index finger above it and carefully pulled back the tiny hood of flesh until it was completely exposed. Sarissa moaned and squealed slightly because of the succubus toying around with her most sensitive spot. She was barely able to endure the demoness’ teasing. The sensation of her needy clit being completely exposed, as well as the anticipation of how it would feel to be stimulated by Rhyeesh, made the you woman pant and moan.

“Oh my, what a beautiful diamond in the midst of all of this wetness. What should I do with it, hmmm? Give it a good licking? Or shall I nibble on it with my teeth? Or just suck at it as hard as I can?”

Rhyeesh adored playing with her victims. The accent of her voice was a mixture of purring and evil laughter. All of those questions she asked were lapsed of course; they were only asked to further tease Saraissa.

The maid tried to focus on answering Rhyeesh’s questions, but the only thing she was able to voice was one word, enclosed by a series of trembling moans of overwhelming pleasure:

“P-please! … “

“Please … what?” Rhyeesh responded with amusement.

“Please … your tongue.” Sarissa quivered.

“Tell me, what should I do with my tongue?

The grin on Rhyeesh’s face spoke of evil satisfaction. The sweet sound of the corrupted girl’s voice was another perfect appetizer for her feast. In anticipation of Sarissa’s answer, the demoness prepared herself to drive the maid to yet another orgasm.

“Oh god … please … wanna feel you tongue. Please … kiss me, lick me, take me … all of me … “

“Good girl.” purred Rhyeesh. “Here’s what you crave for.”

Rhyeesh closed her lips around Sarissa’s swollen clit and started to suck on it hard. This new wave of lust forced yet another loud squeal out of the maid and involuntarily made her loins lean in to the demoness’ intense kiss. Being able to see all of Rhyeesh’s doing due to the extreme position of her legs, as well as feel the demoness’ slithering tongue and wet lips, made Sarissa completely submit herself to her new mistress. The sensation she was experiencing right now was far from what the young maid had experienced so far, and it didn’t take long for her to go over the edge and surrender to yet another intense orgasm. As Rhyeesh felt the second climax ravage through her victim’s body and mind, she ripped away the juice-soaked pants, extended her vampiric teeth, and closed her lips all around Sarissa’s vulva, her teeth piercing into the still orgasming woman’s pubic skin.

Sarissa suddenly screamed. It was no scream of pain, but a scream of pure and uncontrolled pleasure. The sensation of Rhyeesh’s teeth piercing through the skin of her nether regions catapulted the climaxing maid onto a whole new level of lustfulness. It felt like the intensity of the orgasm Sarissa was having right now suddenly got duplicated. While her overstimulated clit was still sucked, she felt Rhyeesh’s flickering tongue grow and enter her vagina, slowly filling all of her insides. The world around Sarissa blurred. The only sensation remaining was her unbelievable intense orgasm, violently ravaging through her mind, her body, through all of herself. She wasn’t able to see anything anymore; her eyes had rolled up into the back of her head. Her body was nothing more but the sum of all of her desires, trembling and tensing. Her screams of overwhelming pleasure slowly faded until her breach caught. The moment Sarissa was sure that she wasn’t able to endure this mind-blowing orgasm any more, Rhyeesh let the forked tip of her demonic tongue push through Sarissa’s cervix, sending another jolt of pleasure-stained pain through her overwhelmed victim’s body and mind, doubling the orgasm’s intensity yet again. Unable to endure her ongoing climax any more, the overwhelmed maid started to faint, as Rhyeesh feasted on the pleasure-stained essence of her victim.


The situation changed in an instant, as the heavy wooden doors of the abandoned cathedral suddenly slammed open. Both women winced due to the sudden loud noise, whereupon Sarissa continued to fade into unconsciousness, and Rhyeesh spun around to face whoever was intervening with her breakfast.

The figure she was able to recognize was that of a male elf. He was wearing light-grayish robes; he apparently was bald but gray-bearded. It was an elder elf – that Rhyeesh was sure of. The elder elf was holding a staff in his hands, not like he would carry a walking stick, but more like a weapon. Rhyeesh’s yellow eyes flashed in the dim light of the cathedral room as the stranger addressed her with a powerful voice:

“Begone, Kazdruk! This woman is not yours to claim!”

Rhyeesh felt pissed. She was angry about two things. One thing was that the elven stranger had interrupted her breakfast, and the other thing was that she had been too immersed in playing with Sarissa and therefor hadn’t recognized his approach. While rising to her hooves and looking at the elder elf, she silently conjured her dark magic and responded to her opponent with a calm yet wrathful voice:

“As a priest of Eletha, that frozen wannabe goddess of your kin, you should know how rude it is to interrupt ones rituals, old man.”

Rhyeesh had recognized the elder elf’s robes the moment he had entered the cathedral. The ornaments and colors were the same as the ones on Tianna’s robes. After standing up and turning towards the intruder, the demoness’ dark magic had manifested in two amorphous vortexes of dark energy appearing in both of her palm. While gazing at the elder priest, Rhyeesh recognized that the old elf’s eyes seemed to glow a bit in the dim light of the room as he responded to her insult:

“How dare you to speak about goddess Eletha in this manner. I’ll teach you a lesson for speaking out this aspersion. Release this hostage now and be gone, demon!”

The moment the old priest started to make a step forward, Rhyeesh released the two dark magic vortexes from her palms and sent them shooting toward the elder elf, who abruptly came to a halt and remained motionless. The succubus slowly walked towards her opponent, gracefully criss-crossing her steps, satisfied that her paralyze spell seemed to have grounded on the old priest. After approaching the elf, Rhyeesh smirked at him and spoke with a ridiculing voice:

“Well, well, well. It seems your goddess has failed to protect her servant, hasn’t she?”

What then happened came as a complete surprise to Rhyeesh. She had acted on the assumption that her opponent had been paralyzed, but the elder priest’s left hand suddenly darted forward and grabbed her throat with an unexpectedly powerful choke-hold. The demoness had completely underestimated her opponent, his speed and his strength, and looked surprised due to the situation getting out of her control. The elder priest’s eyes started to glow with a blue-white color, as he answered with a deep and angry voice:

“I am Ormond, high-priest and living weapon of Eletha, goddess of the North.”


“More cum …” murmured Kyaara, as she slowly lifted her head from her sister’s belly and sat up.

While staring at Seriso’s crotch, she recognized the dark-skinned thick sheath between the horse’s rear legs, the housing of its penis, as well as his voluminous scrotum. Kyaara stood up, ignoring the lasting pain from her battle wounds, nestled to her horse’s cheek and caressed his muzzle again.

“My beautiful Seriso. Right now I’d give my right arm to know how to stimulate you properly. I’d take care of your … wait a moment.”

Kyaara stopped verbalizing her thoughts; she was talking to herself anyway. A sudden inspiration rushed into her mind. It was one of Rhyeesh’s statements, back then in the abandoned cathedral. She tried to remember the succubus’ words:

» What did she say? Your nectar of love is capable of much more than you can imagine. … Right! «

“Here, my boy. Here’s something you might like.”

Kyaara grabbed Seriso’s harness and guided his head down to her sister’s cum-stained chest, presenting the remains of her white nectar that partially had pooled between Tianna’s breasts. After a moment of hesitation and to the surprise of Kyaara, the horse started to lap the viscous liquid from the priestess’ chest and breasts. Kyaara smiled satisfied and commended Seriso by caressing his mane and patting the side of his neck. She was excited. She felt her heartbeat rise with anticipation. The still aroused elven woman had no idea if letting her horse eat her cum would have any effect, she just hoped that it would stimulate him enough to get a hard-on.

It didn’t take long till Seriso had sort of cleaned Tianna’s chest. He moved his nostrils to her face and nudged her cheek, neighing fidgety. Kyaara guided him a few steps away from her sister and continued caressing her animal companion with her touches. Recognizing that Seriso’s tail was wagging from one side to the other, the needy elven woman hunkered down at the side of her horse and was astonished by a sight to behold. She saw the leathery phallus of her horse erect from its prepuce, slowly exposing all of the shaft and the flared glans. The now exposed front half of Seriso’s penis had a slightly lighter skin color than its base and was partially spotted. After growing to more than the double of its length, the erect horse cock showed itself in all of its animalistic beauty, and drops of precum were already dripping from its tip. Kyaara felt stunned – almost intimidated – by gazing at the length of it, but she craved for touching the giant phallus, tasting it with her tongue, milking all of Seriso’s precious cum out of his large balls.

Kyaara patted the side of Seriso’s belly and slowly knelt down under the horse, positioning herself in font of its hard cock. The animal stood idle; Seriso was used to have Kyaara being so close. The level of trust between the two companions had more of a friendship than that of a horse/rider relationship. Seriso had curiously turned his head to look at his kneeling elven friend, neighing gently.

Excitement. Arousal. Fear. Doubt. Then again, overwhelming arousal. The emotional instinct-driven roller-coaster Kyaara was suffering through at the moment made all of her body tremble. She panted in anticipation of tasting her horse’s cock and cum. After a moment of hesitation, Kyaara slowly reached out her hand and tenderly wrapped her fingers around the light-skinned free body of the large phallus, the part in front of the preputial ring. The leathery skin was soft, slightly warm, and she felt the horse’s pulse pumping through the thick veins of the shaft. Seriso made some idle steps, but continued to remain calm and seemed to accept Kyaara’s touch. After placing her other hand on the underside of the dark-skinned part of the phallus, the rear half which remained covered by the inner lamina of the prepuce, Kyaara slowly moved her hand toward the horse’s massive balls. The stallion’s scrotum was not as pendulous as she had expected; it was held closer to the abdomen. Its skin was soft and pliable with a greasy texture. Kyaara moaned softly while fondling Seriso’s balls with her fingers, then slowly moved her hand back to the phallus’ shaft and grabbed it has good as possible.

The intense scent of her horse’s genital region was overwhelming. The steadily growing lust within herself and the surreal craving for fresh cum drove Kyaara almost mad. Without further hesitation, she moved her other hand to the dripping tip of the horse-cock and smeared its precum all over the glans and the shaft in front of the preputial ring. Gazing at the now slightly lubricated tip of the cock, Kyaara moved her precum-stained fingers to her lips. Kyaara stuck out her tongue and licked her fingers, relishing the animal’s precum. The taste of it was intoxicating, and it aroused her even more. She felt her heartbeat pulsing through the veins of her cock, and her erection grew even stronger. She felt many sensations, pleasurable and painful alike, emanating from her cock and from deep within her.

Having grabbed Seriso’s shaft and glans with both of her hands, Kyaara started to gently stroke over the leathery and precum-lubricated skin, gazing at the massive phallus like in a trance. Touching her animal companion’s private parts excited Kyaara more and more. Her own cock felt heavy and as hard as never before in her life. Shortly after having begun to caress Seriso’s cock with her hands, she recognized a lot of precum dripping from the clearly visible urethra.

» Precious precum, hmmm … « thought Kyaara, as she stuck out her tongue.

The flavor of the viscous clear liquid was intense, a sweet yet salty melange of equine love juice. While continuing to stroke Seriso’s hard cock, Kyaara started to kiss and lick over the swollen glans, eagerly collecting every drop of precum her greedy tongue could pick up. After some minutes of teasing the horse’s glans with her flickering tongue, Kyaara wanted to feel Seriso’s cockhead in her throat. She opened her mouth and moved her head forward, taking all of the flared glans into her mouth. Her lips stretched wide as she swallowed the cockhead, filling all of her mouth with the delicious meat. Kyaara gagged slightly due to the massive glans pushing down her tongue and her uvula to the back of her throat, but the greed of her instinct-driven inner self made her ignore the gagging and continue to give her horse a blow-job. As soon as Seriso’s cockhead filled all of her mouth, Kyaara moved back a bit until the glans was barely covered by her wet lips, just to repeat swallowing it again … and again … and again.

Kyaara had no idea how long it would take to make her horse ejaculate. While eagerly working on the animal’s cockhead with her mouth and throat, she placed both of her hands on the preputial ring and continued to stroke the massive shaft. After some minutes of sucking off her companion, Kyaara recognized that the Horse’s tail started wagging from one side to the other again. Seconds afterwards, she was surprised and overwhelmed by a huge surge of horse cum, shooting into her mouth and throat with an unexpected high force. Kyaara’s attempt to gulp all of the white liquid was futile, as a second huge surge of horse cum unexpectedly filled all of Kyaara’s mouth, spurting out from between her lips and out of her nostrils. She withdrew her mouth from the sputtering cockhead, gagging and coughing, overwhelmed by the large amount of cum Seriso had just shot into her mouth, as well as the strong scent and taste of the horse’s white nectar.

Sprinkled with horse cum, sweat, and remains of her own cum, Kyaara moaned aloud while licking up and swallowing the sticky animal liquid. The level of her arousal was higher than ever before and she still felt like being in a pleasure-stained trance. While gazing at the still erected horse phallus, panting, feeling exhausted, Kyaara realized that she still wasn’t satisfied. Her inner demon still craved for more.

“Hmmm-god, no … someone … help me.” She still had to cough because of all of the cum.

“Need more … need cum … need to cum … ” panted Kyaara.

“Poor boy … still hard. Hmmm-yes, give me more cum … more cum, please.”

Seriso remained calm the whole time. He had made some small steps with his rear hooves, directly after having ejaculated, but continued to accept Kyaara’s touches and stimulation attempts. He sometimes curiously turned his head to look at his kneeling elven friend and neighed gently.

Kyaara’s mind was clouded with an instinctive primeval hunger which clouded all of the elf’s mind. She didn’t realize what was going on around her. The remaining fragments of thoughts about her sister Tianna, as well as their surroundings, where overlain by massive waves of pre-orgasmic pleasure which ravaged throughout her. She even failed to notice the unhealthy amount of blood she was loosing due the wounds she had gained while fighting with the Plain Seeker.

There was no time to lose. After closing her cum-stained lips around Seriso’s cockhead again in order to suck him off yet another time, she released one of he hands from the horse’s shaft, moved it to her own enlarged hard dick, not noticing that it had grown larger than usual, and started to masturbate; her craving for her horse’s cum was already as powerful as her urge to cum on her own.


Rhyeesh had completely underestimated the power of her opponent. The fact that Ormond had managed to resist the paralyzing effect of her dark magic spell, as well as his behavior facing a Kazdruk kinswoman, made him quite the dangerous enemy.

The succubus grabbed Ormond’s lower arm, the one he used to choke-hold her, and drove her clawed fingers deep into its flesh, forcing the elder elf to scream out and loosen his grip. The moment Rhyeesh managed to withdraw from his choke-hold, she disengaged from her opponent.

Though Rhyeesh was skilled in the art of melee combat, she had trained to wield dual weapons such as sickles or daggers. Fighting unarmed in close combat was something she tried to avoid; her arsenal of dark magical spells was much more efficient, but required a certain distance to her opponent. Having gained some distance between Ormond and herself, Rhyeesh quickly came to the conclusion that her opponent was a highly skilled fighter and capable of enduring or countering Kazdruk magic. However, being a succubus meant to have focused on pleasure-related magic, so she decided to plan fighting him using her succubus magic and powers, instead of engaging in physical combat.

Ormond was fast. His body movement and staff handling was much more powerful than one would expect from an elder elven priest. While Ryeesh disengaged from him, he managed to strike her several time with the tip of his staff, leaving a bunch of nasty looking marks on the demoness’ skin.

“You are no match for me!” Ormond called out with a triumphant voice.

Rhyeesh felt a deep, dark rage flashing to the surface of her mind. She suddenly remembered a scene from her youth where she got carried on a stranger’s shoulder and forced to join the violation of her mother. She remembered the helplessness, the fear, to be at this stranger’s mercy; she also remembered what the stranger had said to her, as any desperate attempt to free herself had been answered with painful blows in her rib cage. You are no match for me.

The words hammered through Rhyeesh’s mind like a thunderstorm. As she looked at Ormond from her crouching position, she got overwhelmed with a dark and deep urge to rip him apart. Her eyes seemed to flash in the dim light of the cathedral as she suddenly darted forward. The elder elf, surprised by Rhyeesh’s unexpected assault, tried to swing his staff horizontally to hinder the demoness’ approach, but quickly realized that his attempt to parry the incoming attack was too slow. During the fast yet graceful movement, the succubus spun her body around and dove between Ormond’s legs while sliding on her back. What then happened brought Ormond’s world to an abrupt halt.

The powerful impact of one of Rhyeesh’s hooves into his scrotum was devastating for the elder elf. The massive pain which suddenly jolted through his body forced all of his actions to a complete halt, forced the air out of his lungs, in a futile attempt to scream out loud. The only remaining constant was pain emanating from between his legs, paralyzing him completely. What remained of Ormond after falling to the ground was a whimpering picture of misery. His plan to rescue the human maid had failed.

Rhyeesh quickly moved herself inti a crouching position behind her opponent and took his neck into a choke-hold by herself, using her complete arm to strangle him. After moving her lips to one of Ormond’s ears, she whispered:

“What did you say? I’m no match for you?”

The demoness laughed out loud; she was highly amused by the old priest’s words, then continued:

“I have to admit, your resistance against my dark magic was impressive. I imagine you had to focus a lot to get this to work. But in the end, it was your pitiful balls which put a spoke in your wheel. Can you still focus, old man?”

Rhyeesh didn’t expect an answer. Ormond was on the brink of passing out because of the massive pain. The demoness forced the elder elf to sit up straight, eagerly continuing to choke-hold him. She then rested her chin on Ormond’s left shoulder and placed her right hand onto his forehead.

“Now … let’s see who you really are, old man. Open your mind.”

A cloud of dark particles started to swirl around Rhyeesh’s right hand resting on the elder elf’s forehead. The magic the succubus was using was an interrogation ritual, a powerful and essence draining spell, used to extract information from a victim’s mind against its will. The process usually ended with the victim’s death because a vital part of the ritual was to suck on the victim’s blood, as well as to suck dry its essence. Rhyeesh did not hesitate to use this ritual and thus kill the elf; he had been a potential threat to her plans and the Kazdruk invasion.

The demoness felt that the defeated warrior priest still had a lot of resistance against her forced mental invasion. The pain from Ormond’s scrotum was beneficial for the task and in the end, the succubus succeeded. Ormond’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head, as the dark magic took control over his pain-driven mind. The mental state the elder elf was in was similar to the state of hypnosis, a state where he was forced to reveal whatever information Rhyeesh was asking for.

“What is your name, old man?” Rhyeesh’s asked to start her interrogation.

“My name … Ormond.” answered the elf, constrained, slowly, like in a trance.

“Why are you here, Ormond?”

“Help … the humans … reinforce Meerisath … defend ag-g-gainst the Kazdruk invasion.”

Rhyeesh already had expected that the news of the invasion had already spread over all of Dal Markaan. However, she hadn’t expected to see humans and elves join together to fight their futile battle against Yuldasha’s hordes. The demoness continued the game of question and answer:

“Who are your companions?”

“I’m not … nooo … alone.”

Ormond’s voice was trembling, strained. He tried to resist the interrogation, tried to fight against the compulsion to answer the demoness’ questions.

“Where do you come from?”

“Elven exile c-colony … in the far east.”

Rhyeesh lifted an eyebrow, then continued to ask:

“Have you met other elves on your way to Meerisath? And did you know them?

“Yes … Tianna … m-my apprentice, and sister … her sister.”

» And that completes the circle. « thought Rhyeesh. Since she had lost track of her two elven girls because of her ‘meeting’ with her master, she hoped to get some information about their whereabouts from the old elven priest before killing him.

“Do you know where they have traveled, old man?” asked Rhyeesh.

“No.” Ormond had started to sweat.

Since his answer came unexpectedly fast, Rhyeesh was skeptical of the old elf’s answer and asked anew with a calm but commanding voice:

“Do you know … where Kyaara and Tianna have traveled?”

“I … c-can’t … ” Ormond replied, his voice tainted by pain.

Rhyeesh moved her lips to Ormond’s left ear and whispered:

“Oh no, dear Ormond. You can. And since I need to heal those wounds and bruises from our little fight, I think I will – how shall I say it – intensify this interrogation.”

The pain of Rhyeesh’s vampiric fangs piercing into Ormond’s neck was negligible in comparison to the agony caused by his wrecked scrotum. On the contrary, nearly instantly after Rhyeesh had dug her teeth into the old elf’s flesh, a wave of bizarre pleasure jolted through his body and mind. The elven priest felt like being catapulted to the brink of an orgasm and held in this state for an eternity – at least it felt alike.

The combination of Rhyeesh’s dark interrogation magic and sucking blood from his body was a death sentence for the elder elven priest. While the succubus drained her victim, her scars and wounds started to seal and she found the answer to her last question, the answer Ormond had tried to hide.

The moment the last bit of the old elf’s life essence left his body and mind, killing him with an orgasmic roller-coaster of emotions and sensations, Rhyeesh groaned with satisfaction, panting through her nostrils, her eyes slightly glowing with delight and passion.

After releasing the lifeless body of the elder priest from her bite and choke-hold, the demoness stood up and stretched all of her body, as if she just had gotten out of bed. She felt strengthened, vitalized, able.

“The Dragon’s Spine.” Rhyeesh murmured. “They must be halfway there by now.”

Looking at the unconscious maid, the demoness came to the conclusion that she needed take a short cut in order to catch up with her elven girls, and the only appropriate way to do this was to use yet another draining ritual, a ritual similar to the one she had used to communicate with her master and Queen Yuldasha. The only difference would be that the distance to her target location – an abandoned way station she had passed on one of her scouting trips – was significantly shorter that the distance to the Spire, but the portal she would create was to actually transport her to there in person.

Rhyeesh turned toward Sarissa. She closed her eyes and focused as a wave of energy started to swirl around her pelvis, red shocks of magic energy dancing around her hips. The effect ran down to her vulva and up to her navel, racing faster and faster, forming into the silhouette of a large phallus. As the storm of dark magic died down and fizzled out, Rhyeesh was equipped with an erect fleshy cock, heaving slightly with her breaths. The newly materialized penis had no balls; the lower part of its shaft had merged with the succubus’ vagina, forming an exotic set of hybrid futa genitalia.

“Time to continue my breakfast,” purred Rhyeesh as she approached the unconscious maid.