Sibling Rivalry

A Side Quest written by J-Cal.

It was well into the evening when a knock came at his door. Most of the Spire slumbered or prepared to, although in its less pleasant bowels screams and moans of a score different sorts never ceased despite the lateness of the hour. Putting down his glass of fine elvish wine onto the heavy oaken table – spoils from his latest conquest – he rose with growing glee as he knew who had come to see him. Soft candlelight caressed his half-naked body, brightening the most protruding anatomy of his musculature, as well as shifting his black, loose trousers a few shades towards grey.

Grabbing the iron handle of the heavy iron door, he pulled with his back and swung it inwards, the annoying groan of the hinges having been taken care of by the slave he had ordered to bring oil.

Past the threshold to his private sanctum stood a woman that was a full head taller than him. The dark blue robe she donned was of such thin fabric, and clung so tightly to her sublime form it was impossible not to notice the bulging musculature of her sleek, feminine physique, as well as the rings piercing her nipples. Waist-long hair, dark as the void, cascaded down her back, curving horns swinging over and around her pointy ears. Her amber eyes bored into him, perfect in their ambivalence towards him.

“Mistress Beneth, you look radiant as always,” he smirked, leaning on the doorframe, his eyes unashamed at taking in the splendour of her deep cleavage.

“Spare me your flattery, little human, this is no day of jubilation for me and my humours reflect vividly upon that.” Her voice, usually so seductive with its mature tone was this evening as ice, but the malice was not directed at him. Herself, he ventured a guess.

“No, no I suppose not. For you, that is.” He did not try to mask the fact that his spirits were, in contrast to hers, quite jubilant indeed this evening.

Beneth growled but said nothing more about it. Tugging on the leash she held in a white-knuckled grip, her two charges stumbled forwards to stand between him and Beneth.

Tarani and Yaneshka, Beneth’s gorgeous identical twin daughters, the youngest of her brood, barely past their eighteenth winter. Their youth reflected in their stature, for though they had fully developed curvaceous female bodies – with huge titties that would one day rival their mother’s – and musculature toned from years of arduous training, they were still small Kazdruk, a head shorter than he was.

They had their mother’s dark hair and amber eyes, but their horns were curving less than their mother’s, sprouting from their skulls and arching backwards like handles. They were identical in every respect, down to their silky reddish skin and the warrior markings they had adorned their faces and upper arms with. Only the style of their hair was slightly different, but each of their manes were draped long past their shoulders.

They were completely naked apart from magic-infused collars around their necks with small metal hoops hanging at the front, wearing tiny tight panties that looked ready to snap over their broad hips. Their hands were shackled behind their backs.

“As agreed, they now belong to you.” Beneth said with some finality that stung her daughters deep. She gave them a push and they reluctantly stepped into his chamber. Beneth followed suit, and he shut the door behind them.

“If only you could ever fathom how much you two have embarrassed me by failing Talon Greytesh’s course. I truly believed in you, believed you would see my bloodline into the august and elite fighting force that operates in secret, with a creed and a brutality unmatched by most of Yuldasha’s forces.

“For your detestable failure you are now this human’s slaves. I can only hope you serve him better than you did Greytesh.”

Walking in front of his guest and her gifts to him, he locked eyes with Beneth as he said “Weak bloodlines serve better on their knees.”

“Indeed,” Beneth scoffed, handing him the leash, knowing fully what the human intended to do with them. He had told her at length. “My other children at least are not such bitter disappointments to me. I feel no remorse in handing them over to you. In a year I will have forgotten about their existence.”

The girls said nothing, their eyes cast down, clearly chastened.

“Would you like to watch me break them in?” he asked, licking his teeth at the twins.

She answered immediately, but not before an expression flashed across her features that he instantly caught. She considered it.

“No,” she growled. “I am done with these two. But do me a favour,” she added as she turned towards the door.


Beneth turned her head to look at him, her gaze deliberately skipping the backs of her twin daughters. “Domesticate them; mould them into something useful to you. I hope at least the failures of my own womb will manage that much.”

He smiled wickedly, his eyes locked on the twins’ downcast faces. “You have my word.”

Tarani and Yaneshka, once heirs to a powerful and influential family, now a human’s slaves. To have fallen so low. From just that morning still having a bright future ahead of them as nearly finished aspirants of Talon Greytesh’s elite covert corps, to having their hands shackled behind their backs and collars fastened around their throats.

And all because they had failed their final test.

When summoned into the Talon’s private quarters, they had refused him, rejecting his order to have the twins tend to his hard-on with their mouths.

Enraged, Greytesh had them strung up by their arms and whipped them raw, before they were unceremoniously discarded from their company of supplicants like so much garbage. Returning home to their mother, they had received the welcome on par with that they had expected.

What they had not expected, was that Beneth would disown them completely and have them indentured as slaves, to a human, to make matters worse.

“Pissing your lives away and my good name for what? For refusing to suck cock? You are a disgrace,” Beneth had raged as she cuffed and collared her youngest daughters, and that was the last words their mother had spoken directly to the twins before arriving at the human’s sanctum.

Unbeknownst to the twins, Beneth had bet the human whether or not Tarani and Yaneshka would graduate Greytesh’s gruelling regime, gambling with her daughters’ lives like coins she would not think twice about losing.

Their new owner had been among the first to hear of their failure. After all, he had not been far away when the twin’s unwisely refused to suck Greytesh off. In fact, it was the human’s goading that had brought the Talon onto the thought to have the twins pleasure him, and the human knew that, being their mother’s daughters, haughty pride would make them refuse.

It was well known that Beneth and her brood of daughters did not pleasure men; they had men for their pleasure. It had been such an easy trick to pull off, and now his prize was delivered to him, naked but for the thongs, cuffs and collars to which he held the leashes.

“Welcome home,” he mocked, sitting down on the edge of his bed and tugging the sisters closer. They tried resisting, but the tug of their leashes made them stumble forwards regardless. “I am Malor, you belong to me now.”

“Do not think we won’t kill you the first chance we get, human,” Yaneshka sneered, her eyes boring into her half-naked captor.

“In fact, why don’t you just undo our bindings right now and let us be done with this little game?” Tarani added, an evil grin speaking volumes as to the pains she was imagining for him.

Amused, he only said “Kneel.”

“Never,” the sisters said in perfect unison, laughing at the prospect.

Still smiling a smile of his own, Malor tightened the slack on the leashes to their collars and, seeming to speak to the collars rather than to the girls themselves, repeated, “Kneel.”

Agony flared in their throats that reverberated up and down their bodies, stealing their voice, breath and reason and filling them with pain as though their corporeal forms were but vessels for all the hurt. When they fell to their knees as the searing pain robbed them of the strength to stand, it subsided as quickly as flame from a snuffed candle.

“Those aren’t regular collars around your necks,” he explained, amused by their struggles as they fought to breathe. “While I have zero magical talents, they are attuned to my voice, and with the right intonation, they will cause you exquisite agonies until I am obeyed.”

As the twins still laboured to bring their breathing under control, the horrendous pains making the flogging they had received earlier seem like feathery kisses by comparison, the human undid the leashes from the hoops in the collars and tossed them aside.

“In fact,” he added, then once again addressed the collars. “If any harm comes to me by the two of you, the collars will take you on a very long, very unbearable journey of torturous anguishes until you pass out and never wake again.”

A single throb, as though the collars were somehow sentient, let the twins know the magical artefacts about their necks had registered Malor’s order, and they knew with horror that he was not speaking idle threats.

If they hurt or killed him, the collars would torture them until their hearts gave out at worst, at best until the human decided to spare them.

“Do we understand each other?” he asked, still appearing amicable and cheerful.

“Yes,” they managed at length, eyes cast down where they kneeled before him.

“I am your master now, so I think you should call me as such.” When no answer came, he added a controlled measure of menace to his voice. “Yes?”

Their pained expressions told him everything he needed to know about just how little they cared to give him, a human, a title that indicated his superiority over them. Nevertheless, through gritted teeth they finally acquiesced.

“Yes master.”

“Very good,” Malor beamed, standing up in front of them. With two motions his trousers came off, his hardening shaft whipping out in front of the twins.

“It is a good thing the two of you are already used to arduous daily training regimens, for today your new training begins.”

As his cock engorged, the twins gazed at it with their mouths hanging open, amazed that a human could sport something that big. None of the human slaves they had toyed with in their mother’s household came close to it.

“Training for what?” Whether Tarani feigned ignorance or not was irrelevant – still she gawked at his erection – as he was only too happy to state the obvious for them.

“To be my cock-slaves, of course.”

Yaneshka snorted. “You wish we would–“

“You forget yourself,” he said, a controlled measure of warning in his tone as he hooked a finger into each hoop of the twins’ collars and yanked their heads closer to him. “Your days as would-be elite warriors ended today. From now on you live to serve me, and the better you serve me the less trouble you will have. Do you understand?”

The twins shared a concerned, sideways look where they knelt, their upper bodies pulled closer to the naked, detestable human. Never before had they found themselves in such a vulnerable position, much less ever dreamed a human would ever have dominion over them.

Sucking Talon Greytesh off, in hindsight, seemed such a trivial matter now.

They nodded at length.

“Now, my young, gorgeous twins” he released their collars and leaned back on the bed, supporting himself with his hands planted on the mattress behind him. Like this, his hard manhood stood even more prominently before them. “Let’s see how well you please me, without my having to motivate you.” He indicated their collars.

After a few moments of awkward silence, it was Tarani who first closed the distance between her face and the human’s throbbing erection – after muttering something she likely should be happy Malor didn’t hear. Eyes winced shut, the tongue came out of her mouth and, after some hesitation, made contact with the middle of his shaft. Dragging the tongue down and then back up, she slowly built up a coat of saliva, but it was quite evident she was avoiding his cockhead.

Next to her, Yaneshka grimaced at seeing her proud sister actually using her tongue on a man’s dick, not to mention a human’s. Both cases might very well be a first for Beneth’s kin, the matriarchy that prided themselves on using men only for their own satisfaction. If the twins’ six sisters could see them now, they might be disgusted and endlessly amused at the same time.

“I did mean both of you,” the human warned Yaneshka, who was still only observing her sister’s debasement.

When she finally started closing in on his cock, the human had already determined she was not fast enough. Before she could position her face before him, her chin was seized in a painful grip that heralded her head being brought up close to his.

“If you think for a moment any order I give you is up for interpretation or debate, little Yaneshka, you will learn the hard way what it means to obey your owner. Do you understand me?”

The venom of his words actually took the former warrior-aspirant by surprise, and the intensity of his stare made her breath catch in her throat. Beneath her, Tarani was still – involuntarily – licking his shaft.

“Yes, master,” she eventually stammered, eyes wide in shock.

“Then get to work,” he snarled, only releasing her chin after dragging her head back down between his thighs.

Startled and feeling a pang of genuine dread – something that so far in her life had been utterly alien to her – Yaneshka was quick to bring her tongue to bear on the human’s throbbing erection, attacking the other side from where Tarani was working her warm tongue.

With a hum of satisfaction, he once again leaned back on his arms and rolled his head back, closing his eyes to soak in the sensation of the twin’s tonguing him. Months of preparation and scheming had finally made Beneth’s twins his property, and he fully intended to train them daily for the foreseeable future.

Though he was bigger than them, he was only all too aware that would not last as the twins got older, and he reckoned he had five years at the most before they had outgrown him, going to bulk up even more after that if their sizable mother was any indication. As such, it was imperative to have them broken in – bodies and minds – as his slaves and property before they got too big for the magical collars to control them.

He was not worried, however. He had plenty of time, and he had plenty of experience domesticating headstrong girls. That was one of many reasons why exalted Aeltha had brought him into the fold at the Spire. Human though he was, he was a considerable asset to Yuldasha’s ambitions. Not only for his slave-training mastery, but also for his strategic acumen. While young cunts like Tarani and Yaneshka might only see him as human and not know the first thing about him, there were few Kazdruk of importance in the Spire that did not respect him.

Why, even such esteemed figures like Neicul and Wulfshn enjoyed not only his experience, but his company.

Not to mention the twin’s dear, supple mother…

Tiring of the incessant wary licking up and down his shaft, he decided it was high time the twins understood what their training was to entail.

“Is this your best head-game?” he sighed, underwhelmed. “No wonder people prefer elven slaves. When they suck your cock they do it as though their lives depends on it.”

The twins said nothing, but he caught each of them flinching at the insinuation that a knife-ear was better than they were at anything.

“Here,” he said, grabbing both of them by the horns. He pulled Yaneshka up until her lips involuntarily brushed against his bulbous cockhead, and yanked Tarani down until her nose was between his testicles. “This is how you suck a cock together. One works the head and shaft, the other sucks the balls.”

At first they hesitated, but Yaneshka was the first to recall the human’s threats. Opening up her mouth and sporting a reluctant expression, she sucked the tip into her mouth and, to her credit, licked the frenulum while she applied suction. Grimacing at her sister, not liking any of it, Tarani also thought better of being difficult. She lapped one of his big balls into her mouth and began sucking on it.

“Very good,” he cooed, slightly condescending. “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

While the twins were still going about their oral treatment quite gingerly, at least now it could be said they were actually blowing him, not just dragging their tongues up and down the shaft.

And while it was pleasant to be sure, it was not how he preferred it.

“Go deeper, Yaneshka, up and down. And Tarani, don’t just suck one of them. Alternate, and change it up between sucking and licking.”

They groaned, but they obeyed, each of them having their eyes clenched shut, but whether or not it was to keep from looking at the human or at each other was anyone’s guess.

Yaneshka started bobbing her head up and down on him, taking his rock-hard length about a third of the way into her mouth, hating every second of it, and yet the taste of his meat and his salty pre-cum caused conflicting reflections in her mind. Farther down, Tarani was over on the second testicle, sucking and licking it for a little bit before moving back to the first one.

Letting out a pleasured grunt, exaggerating it for their annoyance, he let them keep at it for a few minutes, waiting for the inevitable first complaint which reached his ears as though he had ordered it.

“M’mouth’sh gett’n tir’d,” Yaneshka griped over her mouthful of cock.

“Mine too,” agreed Tarani. To their credit, they didn’t stop working him despite daring to complain.

“What was that?” he asked sharply, grabbing a fistful of Yaneshka’s hair and dragging her off his cock until her eyes were level with his.

She yelped in pain at having her hair pulled, but quickly decided it would be best to answer him. “My jaw. I’m getting tired.”

He only raised an eyebrow and gave her a look, a look she immediately translated.

“Master,” she was quick to add.

He shrugged. “And that is my concern?”

Not knowing what answer she had expected, Yaneshka was still at a loss for words. “N-no, master,” she eventually managed.

“Then get back to work.” He released her hair, and she was quick to go back to sucking him. “And you?” he directed his malevolent gaze at Tarani.

“Nothing, master,” she insisted between lapping on his balls.

“You two spoiled brats need to learn that nothing matters but my pleasure anymore,” he said after watching them slobber on him for a minute, soaking up what delight there was to be had in their as of yet uninspired technique. “While you might still fancy yourselves strong warriors, you’ll do yourselves a favour by forgetting all of your ambitions in life. From now on, you live only through my good graces. Understand?”

“Yes, master.” To their credit, their responses came immediately.

“The next lesson,” he put a hand on Yaneshka’s head, and the young Kazdruk hadn’t time to dread what he was about to do next before she was violently pushed down, his cock spearing deep into her throat. “Is that I like being deep down your throats.”

Tarani flinched back from his balls with a gasp when her sister’s head knocked into her. Eyes wide, she beheld the sight of Yaneshka about three quarters down the human’s cock, her eyes practically bulging out of her skull. Streams of tears rolled down her cheeks, and the chamber was filled with the sound of wet gagging and gurgling.

In a panic, Yaneshka struggled where she kneeled, tried to fight to get away, but with her hands shackled behind her back and the human’s strong hand holding her firmly in place there was nothing she could do but gargle and choke. Spittle and saliva shot out of her mouth, some out her nose, as she vainly tussled to get away. Not being able to draw breath did not help her rising terror.

“What are you doing?!” Tarani exclaimed. “Let her go!” She too was now trying to free herself, but the human soon had his free hand around her throat.

“What I am doing,” he said through gritted teeth – pleasure and annoyance vying for control within him – as he held the thrashing Yaneshka between his legs and giving Tarani breathing problems of her own, “is giving your sister her first lesson in having her throat fucked. I suggest you pay attention because your turn is coming up.” He shoved Tarani by the throat until she fell over on the cold floor. “And if you fail to call me ‘master’ again you will be punished severely.”

As Tarani coughed on the ground and hurriedly got her breath back, Yaneshka was still flailing as best she could with the human’s dick in her throat, but her attempts were getting weaker and weaker.

When she was abruptly pulled up by her horns, thick, gloopy strings of saliva bridging her lips and his cock, she heaved a deep breath and coughed uncontrollably, taking several moments to get her wits about her again. Wet, pitiful eyes eventually found Malor’s, who was giving her a tight-lipped smile.

“Not bad, little Yaneshka, but nowhere near good enough.” Still holding her by one of the horns, he started forcing her head back down, while the other hand pointed his saliva-slick manhood straight up.

“No! No phleash–“ her entreaty was cut short once the swollen tip parted her lips again.

“You got down pretty far, but,” he steadily pushed her head further down, deliberately doing it slower this time, enjoying her futile struggles. “You can’t stop until you’re all the way there.”

Once her lips got back to where they had been, about three quarters of the way down, there was additional resistance in managing to get her down the last inches. This was to be expected as Yaneshka’s body, unaccustomed to this act, was fighting him in a way she couldn’t really control. That was why slaves weren’t punished for fighting him when he did this. In fact, he enjoyed it.

“Now,” he grunted, still forcing her down. “We’re getting… closer…” Bit by bit her lips creeped downwards, more wet gagging sounds reverberating in the room.

Next to them, having gotten back up to her knees, Tarani watched agape in horror at what the human did to her dear sister.

“Almost…” he moaned, feeling the tight walls of the Kazdruk’s throat flex around his cockhead.

Every muscle in Yaneshka’s body was rigid as it with a mind of its own tried to fight its way free, but his hand pushing down and her kneeling position gave her no means of escape.

“There…” With a last, mighty push, Yaneshka’s nose prodded against Malor’s belly. Mouth wide agape around the base of his shaft, her chin was pushing into the cleavage between his balls.

With a long, blissful moan, he held Yaneshka in place, the minute motions she was able to do with her head and the constant workings of the muscles of her throat keeping him stimulated despite the head being kept still.

“There!” he moaned.

Yaneskha was still panicking, it still felt like her eyes were about to pop out of her skull, but she was fast losing the strength to even struggle as impotently as she was now. Gagging, choking, tears and slobber flowing freely down her cheeks and chin, the sensation of the human’s perfectly hard spear filled her mouth and throat, cutting off her air and her connection to the world around her.

Part of her wanted to bite down, but even if she did she doubted she’d be able to bring enough force down on his shaft, considering how her mouth was full. However, even in her helpless panic she remembered what the collar would do to her if she harmed him.

“Please stop it! Master!” Tarani was hysterical watching her sister choke.

“What in the world for?” he groaned, every inch of his cock being tended by Yaneshka’s warm hole. “This is her job now, as it is yours.”

“She’s choking!”
“Yes she is. Maybe next time she’ll remember to take a deep breath instead of protesting as I enter her mouth, hmm?”

“Please!” Tarani was at her wit’s end, a different kind of tear poking out of her eye. She felt so utterly powerless, and watching her sister suffer so was hitting her harder than she had ever before experienced.

As the human moaned in ecstasy, Yaneshka’s consciousness was clearly fading. She was barely moving anymore, and her arms hung limply behind her, only kept in place by the cuffs about her wrists.

“She can’t take anymore!” she sobbed, watching torrents of drool as thick as rope dangling pour out of Yaneshka’s mouth and onto the human’s balls.

“Of course she can,” Malor’s groaned. “She’s far from her limit yet. I’ll let you into a little not-so-big secret: I was once a slave in the Spire as well. And my experience from that time is what makes me one of the best slave-trainers here, because I actually know how much a person can take, having been subjected to many such grueling things myself. I tell you, you haven’t truly lived until you’ve been strapped to a table while a quad of Kazdruk warrioresses take turns on you for a full night.”

Trying to think fast, ignoring Malor’s anecdote about his past, Tarani hurried closer to them on her knees. “Use my mouth, master!” she pleaded. “Fuck my face, but give her a break!”

He turned his face towards Tarani, still holding helpless Yaneshka firmly down on his rod, a neutral expression on him.

“Oh? Do you want to please me, now?” Between his legs, a single choke escaped a fast fading Yaneshka.

“Yes, master, please! Please fuck my face!”

Giving her an exaggerated contemplating expression, he eventually agreed, and pulled Yaneshka off his soaked dick. She was only remaining upright on her knees because he still held her by one of her horns. It took a second – a very long second in Tarani’s life as she watched her seemingly lifeless sister hang from the human’s hand – before Yaneshka heaved for air, and being able to breathe once more heralded another coughing fit. He let her go, allowing her to collapse on the ground.

It was calculated cruelty on his part. He wouldn’t dream of causing permanent damage to his new slaves, and despite Tarani’s outbursts he would have taken Yaneshka off his cock at that very moment regardless to prevent her from losing consciousness. That Tarani had voluntarily offered him to use her mouth to spare her sister was just a delicious turn of events, one that couldn’t be planned for.

“Well, Tarani, my cock is waiting,” he said, leaning back on the bed with his legs spread wide.

Releasing a pent-up breath of relief that her sister was okay, not quite certain about what she felt about volunteering for this in order to buy her twin that reprieve, Tarani swallowed in trepidation as she positioned herself between his thighs.

His slathered manhood glistened in the light of the many candles, straining and throbbing, looking imposing despite being a mere human’s organ.

Thinking better of making him wait, she shut her eyes and leaned forward, her lips hitting the shaft right underneath the tip. Gliding up, she sucked the cockhead inside her mouth and, trying to force out of her mind the strangely enjoyable flavour of his pre-cum, began moving her head up and down on him.

The first downward stroke of her mouth stopped just shy of a quarter down his length. In the next attempt, she almost got halfway down, but already his length and girth was causing trouble for her. Without warning tears were rolling down her cheek, and her mouth was already overflowing with thick saliva that poured out between where her lips met his cock, coating her chin and dripping down onto the upper slopes of his big balls.

“That’s a good girl,” he groaned with delight, his head rolled back and his eyes closed.

Hating herself that she was granting pleasure to a man more than she hated the man himself, Tarani kept trying to take more of him into her mouth, knowing he’d likely only punish her – or Yaneshka – if she failed to attempt to do it right.

Bizarrely, her mind drew parallels between trying to deepthroat him with many of the trials she and Yaneshka had faced and beaten during their training. What at first seemed too big a challenge, something that made their shoulders slump and their minds immediately think of resigning, the twins had always gritted their teeth and come out on top. Many times, they even finished first in their company. Nothing compared to that surge of pride and accomplishment – accompanied by their bloodline’s penchant for arrogance – at beating the odds, and such sensations had fueled the twins to greater heights during their training.

Despite the will to always do better and the fuel that drove her ambitions, Tarani was still having trouble getting farther down the human’s cock than just past the halfway mark, and she found it frustrated her more than anything.

Next to the unfathomable spectacle – her sister thrusting her head down on a human’s manhood – Yaneshka kneeled leaning a bit forwards, still breathing hard, slobber hanging from her chin in thick strings. It was as though an imprint of the human’s cock was left in her mouth, because she could still feel it lance deep into her throat, making her want to cough more.

Tarani had offered to take over so as to give Yaneshka a break. She had been absolutely certain she was going to choke to death with the human’s cock inside of her, and her vision had blurred and dimmed in tune with the strength leaving her muscles until her sister had begged to have her face fucked instead.

Enjoying the submissive look of Yaneshka where she sat composing herself, not to mention Tarani’s struggles of getting deeper on his cock, he moaned softly at the delights both physical and visible. But still, training his new slaves had just begun.

“I commend your attempts, slave, but as you would have learned watching your sister,” Malor said, then gripped the back of her head, and Tarani flinched, knowing what likely was to come. “I like it all the way down.”

With a single, brutal push of his strong hand, Tarani’s nose suddenly pressed against his abdomen, her mouth stretched wide over the base of his rod, the tip of which having shot past her uvula and deep into her gullet in a single thrust.

Tarani’s body jolted and stiffened at the shock of the invasion of her throat. Immediately she regretted putting herself in this position as she felt the hot shaft pulse against the walls of her throat. Gagging, causing sprays of spittle to erupt in the narrow gaps between lips and cock, Tarani had no control over her eyes as they started rolling back into her skull.

The wet sounds of choking were music to his ears, and every inch of his dick was being massaged inside the Kazdruk’s warm mouth, causing him to moan louder.

“There you go, that’s where I want it,” he groaned through gritted teeth, still pushing Tarani’s head down as though trying to make the tip of his cock punch out the back of her head. “That’s where my cock belongs from now on. All the way down your whore mouth.”

Sibling Rivalry

Yaneshka wanted to scream a protest, but she was still breathing too hard, trying to normalize her inhalations. Tears stung her eyes and spit hung from her chin like a limp tassel, and her throat felt raw after his cock had used it for a sheath.

“Fuck that feels good,” he moaned, bucking his hips whilst holding Tarani’s head, being rewarded with a series of wet gagging sounds from his new Kazdruk plaything.

After a moment or two, which felt excruciatingly long to Tarani, he simply let her head go, allowing her to pull free of him and gasp for breath, followed by a coughing fit that sprayed his thighs with sticky saliva.

“You’re not entirely without talent, slave,” he started, enjoying the look of his drenched manhood. “But you certainly have a very long way to go.”

“Please,” she wheezed, drool escaping her mouth and nose.

The human looked perplexed. “Please, what?”

“Please… Master… A break…”

“A break?” he asked, his tone illustrating just how preposterous he found the suggestion. “Did I shoot my seed down your gullet yet?”

Before Tarani could sob an answer, Yaneshka blurted, “I will suck you, master.”

Again, one twin sacrificed herself to buy the other a reprieve.

“Well then get over here and get going,” he said sternly, and Yaneshka immediately complied. “We’ve warmed your throat up now, so I expect a better effort from you this time, understood?”

His intonation brooked not his question to hang unanswered. “Yes, master,” Yaneshka said as she walked to him on her knees and quickly lapped him up into her mouth.

Sucking not his cock and her sister’s thick spit off it, Yaneskha ignored the raw feeling in the back of her mouth and tried shutting every unpleasant aspect of her situation out, coming to understand how it was best to do what she was being told, seeing as how the magic collars clamping around their necks would make the remainder of their lives quite unbearable if they tried to fight him or attempted to escape.

Many times during Talon Greytesh’s training regimen they had overcome challenges that they’d rather not have attempted through extreme mental as well as physical fortitude, so Yaneshka ventured, as she started sliding down the latter half of his manhood, if she could only find that place within herself where she was able to push everything that didn’t matter out of her mind she would be able to overcome even this unsavoury challenge.

Likewise she hoped to force away the odd, warm and tingling sensation betwixt her thighs she felt when tasting Malor’s cock.

Though gagging, cutting herself off from air as fresh tears poked out of the corners of her eyes, Yaneshka somehow fought down the rising urge to pull of his cock and managed to get even further down on him than she had the first time on her own.

The human’s groans told her she was on the right path, and, having to really fight her rising discomfort and nervousness, managed to touch her nose to his belly again. He awarded her with a long sigh of deep pleasure.

Letting her throat readjust to the feeling of his hard, beating rod so far down it again, all the while battling herself to stay down on him when every fibre of her being wanted to pull out as quickly as possible, Yaneshka eventually dragged her lips back up him, but only barely past the halfway mark in order to let her draw fresh air before she slid back down, her second pass made easier by the excess amounts of spit on him.

Tarani looked wide-eyed – stuck in a place between amazement and revulsion – as her twin throated the human with relative ease, seemingly only fighting herself the final quarter of his shaft as she pushed her lips all the way down to his base. Having caught her own breath, wiping the excess drool on her chin that hadn’t dripped onto her tits off on her shoulder, Tarani could hardly believe Yaneshka was seemingly so willingly doing as she had been ordered.

On the other hand, what choice did she have? At least she had returned Tarani’s favour and allowed her a sorely needed respite from the human cock’s throat rape.

She also wondered if Yaneshka, too, was for whatever sick reason moistening between her legs.

Malor moaned as Yaneshka took him all the way into her mouth again, feeling genuine physical as well as mental pleasure of his new slave’s efforts. “Watch your sister. This is how you’re supposed to do it,” he looked at Tarani, then back to her twin as she came down once more. “Very good girl, Yaneshka.”

His comment achieved the two results he was after, even though the twins would never admit it. Firstly, Yaneshka felt a swell of twisted pride at his praise. Secondly, Tarani felt slighted by the compliment her sister received.

While they were as close as only twins could be, they always had tried to outdo each other during their training. No matter the challenge, no matter the difficulty, both Yaneshka and Tarani were never as motivated to do something as wanting to do it better than their twin.

That was why Tarani suddenly straightened and looked him straight in the eye. “I want to try again. Master.”

Hadn’t Yaneshka been busy choking, she would have flinched at her sister’s brazen query. The human looked at the other sister for a moment as if sizing her up, and then pulled Yaneshka by the horn off his cock, which slapped back against his belly, droplets of spittle spraying everywhere.

“By all means, slave,” he smiled.

Walking to him on her knees, shouldering her twin out of the way to get the room she required, Tarani licked his length from balls to tip before slurping up the head. Determined not to play second fiddle to her sister in anything, Tarani immediately impaled herself on his manhood, surprising and hurting herself with the sudden drop of her head down his shaft.

Four attempts was what it took to once more have her lips about his base, and while the uncomfortable sensation of having him all the way down her throat – made no less so by the way her collar got tighter around her throat when it bulged – she stayed down as long as she could, fighting her eyes from crossing and trying to maintain eye-contact with her captor.

When she could no longer go without breathing, veritable torrents of goopy, warm slobber pouring from her mouth, she pulled up like her sister had, only enough so she could draw breath again, then threw herself back down on him, going for a faster tempo than what Yaneshka had managed.

Lips curdling in a less-than-charming grimace, Yaneshka knew Tarani was only doing this in order to one-up her, and it made that familiar annoyance bubble up inside of her. It came from the competitive part of her that loathed losing, particularly to her twin sister. Seeing Tarani slide up and down on the human’s hard shaft with seemingly more and more ease, Yaneshka decided to get back in the game.

Lunging forward, her mouth seized one of the human’s big balls and slurped it like it was a hard candy with a liquid centre she had to taste or else she’d perish. This elicited another, longer moan from him, who put his hands on the back of their heads. Now, he only rested his arms on them rather than forcing them down, his murmurs and expression full of praise for their efforts.

“Already working as a team to please your master, eh?” he smirked, faking ignorance as to the silent competition between his two slaves. He had counted on their competitive nature to work against them in this matter, and once more, his predictions were proven right. “That’s very good,” he moaned as Tarani once more took him all the way inside while Yaneshka tongued his ballsack. “Very good indeed.”

Letting them busy themselves by proving to each other how good they were, not to mention proving it to him, their warrior-pride and mighty heritage all but forgotten in the noise of their wet sucking, they were finally starting to bring him to the cusp of orgasm.

Grabbing their horns, delighted that their size and shape made them perfect handles from both the front and the back, he made them switch places, and to his wicked pleasure, Yaneshka proceeded to throat him fast and hard as though she was getting paid to do so, while Tarani lapped and sucked his testicles with ravenous hunger.

“Will you fuck us afterwards, master?” Tarani’s voice suddenly asked in-between ball-slurping. An assenting murmur escaped her deep-throating twin, and it was all he could do to keep from bursting out with laughter at this sudden turn of events. It seemed the wetness of their womanhoods was finally getting the better of them, and they were deluding themselves if they thought Malor hadn’t noticed.

“What, are my whores getting horny for master’s cock already?” he mocked, fascinated that Beneth’s offspring appeared to be more submissive than what they believed themselves.

“Yes, master,” Tarani said, her voice sounding wet with drool.

“Fuck I’m dripping wet,” Yaneshka came off his cock only long enough to say it, but wasn’t quick enough to resume, allowing him to force them to switch places again.

“Really, now,” he muttered, wondering how to proceed. The sisters had actually managed to leave him speechless, but he wasn’t taken aback for long.

Smiling, he said, “While the two of you are starting to understand what is expected of you, you are barely scraping the surface of what I want from you both. Your pussies have far from earned the privilege of feeling my cock inside of them, because getting fucked will give you pleasure. And both of you have no other concerns apart from pleasing me. Understand?”

Disappointed, annoyed with each other and angry at themselves for so readily succumbing to their more base natures, the twins murmured their agreement.

Uninterested in holding back any longer, he instructed Tarani to speed up her throating and ordered Yaneshka to suck his balls harder. Steeling himself, holding both of his new slaves by their horns, Tarani’s hot throat and Yaneshka’s cunning tongue soon pushed him over the edge.

With a long and loud roar, he seized both of Tarani’s horns and pulled her against him so hard it felt to the young Kazdruk he was trying to either snap her horns off or pull her through his abdomen. When he bucked his hips forward at the same time, succeeding in getting his member another quarter of an inch down her throat, he started spewing.

His cock engorged further as it pulsed and throbbed, shooting torrents of thick, goopy semen directly into Tarani’s stomach while Yaneshka’s vacuum-mouth pleasured his balls as best she could, her sister’s close proximity to them considered. Every muscle in his body was hard as metal, his cry of bliss nearly shaking the walls.

His orgasm was as long as it was intense, and Tarani’s eyes rolled almost all the way back into her head while his manhood still deposited his seed inside of her. Gurgling, tears running down her cheeks mixed freely with her slobber.

After his climax began to subside, his entire body shaking and throbbing, his grip eventually slacked through no conscious will, dropping from Tarani’s horns to flop onto the mattress. It took a moment before Tarani, nearly unconscious now, realized she wasn’t being held down, allowing her to come back up and heave for air. Thick strings of saliva intermixed with excess cum clung to her lips and tongue and his still pulsing cock, and when she couched she spurted the unholy mix everywhere.

Still slurping on his balls, Yaneshka found herself fuming that Tarani had received his first orgasm, and she hated herself for thinking that she even wanted his cum. The tastiness of his pre-cum had most assuredly made her curious about his semen.

“That’s not a bad start,” he eventually sighed, eyes closed as he weathered the aftershocks of his first orgasm in weeks. He had been saving up for this moment.

“Please, master,” Yaneshka abruptly blurted out, while her twin still fought to regain make her eyes focus and get her breathing under control. “Fuck my throat until you cum again, master.”

Giving her a smile that immediately made her regret her wish, sending an unfamiliar chill down her spine, the human said, “My little whore, that was just the foreplay.”

As he gripped Yaneshka by both of her horns and started guiding her down towards his still mighty erection, Malor grinned wickedly as he pictured the twin’s mother, Beneth, in the same helpless position.

After all, Tarani and Yaneshka would have a surprise reunion with their curvaceous mother within a month.