Character Info: Half-Breed

 Dominion's Chain - Elf - Kyaara (portrait)

Kyaara – The Bladedancer


Race: Half-breed (elf (northern) / demon)

Sex: Shemale (female body with male genitalia)

Age: 24

Height: 1.72 meters

Hair Color: White (with a slight touch of gray)

Eye Color: Light green (natural)

Skin Tone: Blue-gray (with a slight touch of purple)

Allegiance: Northern Wood Colonies (exiles)

Notable Appearances (elven form):

Curvy and slender female body with voluptuous breasts. She wears a highly adorned form-fitting light body armor and carries a pair of hand-crafted wicked-looking combat-blades on her back. Her pubic hair is shaved. Her hair is partially bound back to a voluminous ponytail.

Notable Appearances (demon form):

She has digitigrade legs (an extra hock joint at her lower legs) and cloven hooves. Fingers are clawed and dark thorns protrude from the outside of the lower arms and elbows. A pair of slightly curved long horns, decorated with silver metal rings, grow from her upper forehead. The eye color remains unchanged, but they glow in dim light and the pupils are triple-slit. She wears a pitch-black version of her armor, adorned with glowing blue runes and various metal spikes.


She is a strong-minded person, but also a quick tempered hot-head. She often speaks before having thought something through. There is a hidden force buried deep within her which makes her feel superior to others, but she tries to avoid showing it. She is used to be called a dark-elf by now, but this still fuels her temper. She struggles to fight against her corruption, especially against using and violating her little sister.

 Dominion's Chain - Elf - Tianna (portrait)

Tianna – Priestess of Eletha


Race: elf (northern)

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Height: 1.66 meters

Hair Color: Black (with a white streak)

Eye Color: Light blue (natural)

Skin Tone: Medium flesh-tone

Allegiance: Northern Wood Colonies (exiles)

Notable Appearances (elven form):

Graceful body type, very large breasts, painted finger- and toe-nails. She wears white robes and appropriate lingerie with lace, such as a white corset with floral ornaments, arm-length white leather gloves and thing-high white leather stockings. There is a streak of white hair at the right side of her forehead. Her pubic black hair is trimmed to a stripe.


She is a spiritual woman who tends to take on the role of a submissive person, but would never admit to it. The facade of having a stalwart mind easily breaks when confronted with real danger and when she doesn’t have her big sister at her side. She sees her big sister as a substitute for their deceased mother. She is a priestess of Eletha, the northern goddess of the elven race. Her belief is where she draws her strength from to comfort her big sister.

 Dominion's Chain - Demon - Rhyeesh (portrait)

Rhyeesh – The Succubus


Race: Succubus (demon)

Sex: Female

Age: 24

Height: 1.80 meters

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown (human), Yellow (demon)

Skin Tone: Tan flesh-tone

Allegiance: The Kazdruk Forces

Notable Appearances (human form):

Elegant female body shape with tender breasts, unnaturally charismatic face with brown eyes, beautifully accented with black/dark makeup and black eyeliner, very long ponytail (her hair reaches down to her butt). She wears only thigh-high black leather boots with high-heels and arm-length black leather gloves as outfit. The attire looks a bit like fetish clothing. Her vulva is completely hairless.

Notable Appearances (demon form):

In addition to her human features, in her demonic form, she has a twisted pair of horns on her forehead. She has digitigrade legs (extra hock joint) with cloven hooves, clawed hands, vampiric fangs, pointed ears and a tail. Her demonic eyes are yellow and glow slightly in dim light. She has demonic tribal tattoos on her entire body. Her main weapon is a whip empowered with dark magic.


She can change her appearance at will and is capable of using dark magic. She likes to seduce her opponents in order to subdue them. She is highly egoistic and follows her own wicked plans to gain power, regardless of her orders. She would backstab her master at once if she would stand a chance. She has been a human who has been adopted by Aeltha and transformed into a demon.

 Dominion's Chain - Demon - Vorgen (portrait)

Vorgen – The Demon Champion


Race: demon

Sex: Male

Age: unknown (looks like 30)

Height: 2.00 meters

Hair Color: none (has no bodily hair)

Eye Color: White (slightly glowing)

Skin Tone: Obsidian

Allegiance: The Kazdruk Forces

Notable Appearances (demon form):

Very slender and athletic body figure, sinewy-looking skin surface, bony thorns protrude from his lower arms, elbows and shoulders. Has several pairs of large horns and thorns on his head, digitigrade legs with clawed feet and clawed hands. His penis is large and has a ribbed surface, the edge of his glans is spiked with tiny studs. He wears loincloth which barely covers his nether regions.


He’s a loyal servant to Yuldasha and praises her whenever he can. He commands the armies which invade the western continent. He behaves like a noble born and sees himself superior to all others. He likes to converse with others, even with his opponents, he is smart and thoughtful, but his hunger for sexual pleasure often clouds his mind. His sexual alignment is bi, her enjoys women, as well as men.

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