Shackles of Hate. Chapter 1: The Fall

By: SinfulWolf

The single torch within the chamber flickered, shining light directly into Lillium’s eyes. The flames offered no heat in the chilled room, the cold stone of the altar pressing against the skin of her back. Arms bound above her head, chained to the side of the long altar to whatever twisted deities the invading demons worshiped. Her legs dangled off the sides, similarly chained in place, spread open to give an inviting view of her cunt perched on the edge of the stone table.

Glancing around, the warrior tried desperately to find the demon who was in here with her, and her human slave. Tilting her head back, she could vaguely make out the muscular form of the man who had beaten her senseless, all while the demon woman has whispered into her ear. Yet without any commands, that man did nothing, leaving Lillium alone with her thoughts and memories.

She tried not to think of it; the battle of the Atzgol Plains, where the entirety of her clan had stood with a regiment of Elf warriors. The plains had been the buffer zone between the creeping forces of Yuldasha and the Northern Wood Colony Expanse. Lillium had of course answered her king’s call to battle, yet on the blood soaked fields, when they needed aid, the Elves had fled. One of their so called nobles, Telva Winterstone, had called the retreat, not wanting to waste any more Elven lives.

So the plains of Atzgol fell to the demonic hordes, leaving the Cozlak Clan, her clan, open. She was happy she would at least not see the horror that would be visited upon her people, at the demons had taken her captive, stripped her naked, and raped her for hours before the one of pale red skin had found her, and brought her to a desecrated cathedral at the edge of the Tortured Sea.

“You remember it well don’t you?” Aeltha, the demon purred sensually from within the shadows. Looking down over her own naked body, bruised and cut from the tortures she had suffered, Lillium saw the glowing red eyes of her captor. The one creature now who held something Lillium craved more than anything.

“In war, enemies fight each other, kill each other. You know this, I know this… but the Elves. They are supposed to be your allies, and they abandoned you,” Aeltha continued, stepping into the pool of light, revealing her own nudity. Small rubies glimmered from her nipples, as her thick cock stood upright between her legs.

“You promised me vengeance,” Lillium snarled, feeling hatred in her heart, remembering Telva’s long hair flowing behind her as she rode away, uninjured, fearful.

“I did, and you shall have it,” Aeltha said stepping up to the altar. Her fingertips ran up Lillium’s thighs, teasing the flesh, while the head of her prick slid over the slick petals between the human’s legs.

“But I want you to remember this moment. How it was the Elves that pushed you into this torment,” Aeltha said, and smiled wickedly.

The hooded man came close, and grasped Lillium’s hair harshly, pulling her head back, sending flares of pain through her scalp. She let out a scream, not knowing she opened the way for the torturer. The man who had nearly broken her jaw, and broke her skin across her body, shoved himself between her lips.

Eyes going wide as salty flesh passed over her tongue and pressed down into her throat, she couldn’t help but gag. The man did not stop, instead thrusting himself into her, her throat closing around the tip of his cock, making him grunt in pleasure, his shaft sliding in over her hot wet tongue.

“This is my nature. I can not help myself. But Telva was the one who put  you here, on this altar,” Aeltha whispered just loud enough to be heard, her words like honey dripping into Lillium ears, even as the demon shoved her cock into the captive’s cunt, spreading her nether lips open, feeling the heat of the fallen warrior’s intimacy.

 A hand roughly grabbed her breast, squeezing the soft flesh, but Lillium could not tell who it was as her captors pistoned themselves in and out of her body. She felt her skin heating as the two ravaged her, their cocks hammering between her legs and her lips. Within her heart, she knew that Telva must pay for this. Pay for all of it.

Strange words slipped from Aeltha’s enticing lips, spilling into the air, as the tingling shivers of magic ran through Lillium’s veins. She envisioned herself, naked and proud, standing above Telva and grinding her pussy down onto the Elf’s mouth as she sobbed, pathetic and cowardly, juices streaming down her face to mingle with the tears.

Despite the thrusting meat in her mouth, across her tongue, down her throat, Lillium moaned. She let her tongue slither and slide over the prick ramming between her lips, heard the answering groans of pleasure from above her.

“Come to me my champion, my slut,” Aeltha whispered, and Lillium felt something twisting deep within herself, breaking.

Pleasure coursed through her sweat covered body, her juices dripping down onto the altar which glowed a smoky black, tendrils of magical energy slid over her form, caressing her more intimately than any lover could. They slid up her, down between her thighs, across her back. Pain flared in her back as the magic tore into her skin and slipped into her flesh.

Clamping her eyes shut, Lillium could not stop herself from moaning, her throat adjusting to the invasion her captor visited upon her. Her gags slowly ceased, and her hips began to thrust back against Aeltha’s quick, hard thrusts, as more of the magic slid in along with the cock coated and glistening with Lillium’s arousal. Her breasts shook each time she was slammed into, her nipples stiff and erect in the warm, sex scented air of the cathedral.

A cacophony of lustful groans filled the chamber, and Lillium felt liquid heat gushing into her womb, and down her throat. The hooded man slowly pulled himself out, a string of cum hanging between Lillium’s lips and the head of his cock. She gasped for breath, before flicking her tongue to breast the string, catching it in her mouth. Aeltha slowly pulled herself free, her spunk running from Lillium’s pussy, the clit engorged with need.

“You will be beautiful,” the demon purred softly.


Kira looked down upon the plains, where the dead of her clan still lay. Most of their forms had been picked clean by the crows, or the demons themselves, leaving only battered skeletons with scarce flesh remaining to cling to their bones.

She did not know why she came back here, hoping to see some sight of her sister; Lillium was gone, captured by Yuldasha’s legions if the scouts were to be believed. She didn’t want to believe them, but they wouldn’t lie.

Images of a demon’s hand hard on her sister’s head, entwined with her hair, and forcing her mouth down a long thick cock filled Kira’s imagination. She knew the legions wouldn’t spare her any humiliation, would keep her as a plaything for a long time.

With a heavy sigh Kira turned to look behind her at the small gathering of farmers that stared up at her, their packs over their backs. No nobles were left of the Cozlak clan, just the commoners. No true warriors left, just those in training like Kira herself, or the scouts.

Now they all looked to Kira, the younger sister of their greatest warrior, for guidance. But she did not know what to do. She could see the fear in all their eyes, as they held tattered cloaks around their forms, trying not to think of their burning homes just north of here. Homes where demons now laid their feet, and raped those left behind.

“We skirt our home, we go north west,” Kira said to the survivors of the now nomadic clan.

“To what avail? The demons will only find us again,” someone shouted.

“They’ve taken everyone, how can we fight back?”

Kira was quiet, she had no answers, and could not bring herself to lie to those who now looked up at her with demands in their eyes.

“Unless a warrior is born of wolves,” came a weak sounding voice said from within the crowd, and everyone went quiet.

Slowly the crowd parted around an old woman, holding herself up with a twisting stick with a wolf tail hanging from the curled knob at the top. Her back was hunched over, and she looked out from behind white bangs with a soft, friendly smile.

“Born of wolves?” Kira asked curiously.

“There is an old legend, of when our clan was last in dire need of protection, when we were at war with the Elves. A woman gave herself to the wild, to the wolves, to sacrifice her humanity, and rise again as something more,” the old woman said gently.

Kira stared at the old woman, and felt the eyes of those in her clan upon herself.

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