Shackles of Hate. Chapter 2: The Beating Heart

By: SinfulWolf

Lillium’s eyes slid open in the darkness of the desecrated cathedral. She was alone in the shadows, the cold air brushing over her naked form, sending a shiver up her spine pressing against the stone altar. The taste of cum was still strong on her lips and tongue, and she licked her lips, savouring the flavour, and noting the extended canines that pressed sharply against her tongue.

Hours had gone by, hours of exquisite agony that made her cunt clench with lust, as her body was wracked with the dark magic that sculpted her body and twisted her soul.

Slowly she sat upright, no longer bound to the altar. She felt her skin pull slightly as blood that had dried between flesh and stone crumbled from her form. A dull throb could still be felt in her back, where the flesh had torn itself open to let new, leathery bat like wings emerge from her skeleton. Sitting up, Lillium experimentally stretched them out wide, feeling the power in these new limbs.

Swinging her legs to the side, she carefully set her feet down upon the ground. First the skin of her toes touching the cracked floor, before the slightly curved three inch bone spike shooting out from within her heel clicked down. Unsure of her balance, Lillium pushed her ass off the altar and stood upon her newly formed feet.

The heels felt natural to her, as if she’d had them her entire life. The muscles in her calf flexed, and the corrupted woman took a few experimental steps. Her hips swayed sensually with each movement, and she felt the new way of walking came to her as easily as breathing. Walking in circles around the altar, she smiled, hearing the click of her new bones against the floor, feeling the tension in her long, toned legs.

As she walked through the narrow passage that led out from the crumbling cathedral, she ran her fingertips along the walls, feeling her black claws scrape on the stone, making small marks in the blocks. Emerging into the light, she squinted her dark red eyes at the sun above. The light struggled to worm its way through the ash and dark crimson sand swirling in the air, coming through in vile rays of black and scarlet. Harsh winds bit at her naked flesh, whipping sand across her now snow white skin, thin veins along her arms and around her eyes black with the corruption Aeltha had pumped into her form.

Looking around her, Lillium could see a small town of ramshackle huts pitched up to protect the denizens of this place from the furious sandstorms that swept through the Tortured Sea, all within the shadow of the looming cathedral, its spires reaching up into the sky. Wandering through the streets, she noticed that all those milling about were human, or half breed demon elves. No true demons were about, and Lillium wondered if they hid within the cathedral at her back, fucking and feasting and killing to their heart’s content.

In the centre of the town was a large square devoid of proper structures. It was here Lillium came upon a sight that once would have outraged her, but now brought a vile smirk to her lips. A cage of rusted iron, topped with vicious spikes that looked stained in blood. Within huddled people, captives from the war in the north, struggling to conceal themselves with the shoddy rags they had for clothing. Men, women, children, all here to await their end. A few looked at Lillium with fear, or loathing, but most kept their eyes averted, not wanting to draw the ire of the newborn demon staring at them.

Especially not with the two bodies swaying from the gallows just beyond the cage, the flesh picked away by carrion birds and hungry demons, leaving torn and ragged messes swaying from fraying rope. The torn flesh, and dripping blood that pooled in the sand below their nearly skeletal feet made Lillium’s mouth water. She slowly ran her tongue across her lips as she stared at the bodies, feeling an ache in her fangs, wondering what it would be like for her incisors to tear deep into the remaining tissue.

“Welcome to Thorlgruz,” came a familiar and sensual voice that sent a shiver up Lillium’s spine.

Turning, the newborn demon saw her Mistress standing by one of the streets, leaning against a hut, arms crossed beneath her bust. She was clothed now, though scarcely. A leather bra that struggled to contain her tits, nipples poking up against the dark material, with curved, hard leather spikes shooting up from her shoulders, wrapped around her upper half, leaving her mid riff open for the eyes to take in. A loin cloth hung from her hips, just barely hiding the cock hiding beneath, and doing little for the curves of her rear. The ensemble was completed by thigh high boots, laced up the sides, with a spiked heel, the claws tipping her toes punching through the leather, digging into the sands.

“Mistress,” Lillium purred softly, bowing her head before the demoness.

Aeltha let out a soft laugh, her tail flicking behind her like a whip, before curling around her thigh. She walked forward and ran a palm across Lillium’s cheek.

“My champion. My slut. I told you that you would be beautiful,” Aeltha growled, grasping Lillium’s chin and tilting her head upwards, pressing her lips tight against the newborn’s and kissing hungrily, thrusting her tongue into Lillium’s mouth.

The tainted woman moaned, her hands grasping her mistress’s hips, pressing herself tightly against the demon, feeling the erection pushing at the loin cloth and pressing against her thigh.

Before it could get heated, before Lillium could find her satisfaction, Aeltha broke the kiss and stepped back, licking her lips.

“I have a task for you my pet. A final step to prove you are one of us now, to set in motion the winds of your vengeance.”

“Tell me,” Lillium growls lowly, eager to get her hands around Telva’s throat, see her face go blue as life is slowly choked from her form, before her body is tossed away to be used as little more than a cum dump.

Aeltha smiles, and beckons with her finger, slowly walking towards a hut sitting on the edge of the square, the doors reinforced with steel, the windows filled with rusted bars with sharp barbs protruding from the metal.

The demoness led her champion into the small building, ducking beneath the ragged frame of the door. Lillium followed, goose bumps raising along her naked skin, the tap of her heels echoing off the walls.

It was a prison, lined with cells. A small desk near the entrance was manned by a human, dressed much like the one that had ravaged Lillium when she was human. Memories of his cock, thrusting between her lips, down her throat, filled her mind for a moment, and a sly smirk was offered to the masked, bare-chested man behind the desk, before following Aeltha deeper into the small prison.

“Only a few are kept in here, to await… judgement. Most are kept in the dungeons beneath the cathedral,” the demoness explained, loincloth swaying with her hips. Lillium could see the shadow of her cock swinging with each step as she followed.

They moved slowly down a hallway, beyond the sight of the warden sitting near the entrance. Lillium noted figures scuttling away from the bars as the two of them walked past, and she smiled. The smell or fear was strong in this place, and it sent a tingle running up her spine, before finally Aeltha stopped before one of the cells.

Looking back at Lillium, her fangs flashed in the darkness as her lips curled upwards. Snapping her fingers, the demoness summoned a flickering flame in the sconce just outside the chosen cell, its dim light pooling across the stained stones of the floor, and the shackles hanging from the wall.

Trapped within the rusted metal was a naked man, immediately familiar to Lillium. Julius had been a brave soldier, and loyal to the clan for as long as she remembered. They had fought side by side countless times, and were very close friends.

Now she stood above him, as he slumped against a wall, long hair once so illustrious now greasy and unkempt as it hung before his eyes. The skin around his wrists had been rubbed raw, and dried blood was caked along his forearms. Long gouges contrasted the tanned skin of his chest, put in place by claw and whip, and Lillium was sure his back looked far worse. Another shudder ran up her spine, and she licked her lips as her eyes inevitably settled on his loins. His cock lay limply against his thigh, and Lillium was curious to see it raging back into life.

“Enjoy his flesh,” was al Aeltha said, slapping Lillium’s ass and sending her into the cell.

It was the clicking of heels just before him that caught Julius’s attention, and the man looked upwards with defiance. Defiance that melted into despair as soon as he saw who his visitor was.

“Lillium! What have they done to you?” he cried out, voice hoarse and full of the pain so clear in his eyes.

The twisted champion straddled his form, pressing her wet, slick pussy against his cock, and began to gently move her hips. The smile never faded from her expression, even as Julius grew ever more distressed.

“Twisted my body, corrupted my soul, and opened my eyes,” Lillium purred deeply, running her claws down his forearms, causing the dried blood to flake away, drawing lines along his flesh.

The man squirmed beneath her, trying to get out from under her, rubbing himself against her womanhood and sending jolts of pleasure through her groin. Jolts that made her groan softly, and stirred his member into firmness.

“What are you doing? Help me, we can get out of here, save our clan!” Julius argued, even as he rose between her thighs.

“Save our clan? From the demons? Why would I want that my old friend? It is the Elves who condemned us, who toss us aside even in the best of times. No Julius… here we can be free,” Lillium said slowly, moving her hips in small circles, feeling him grow ever harder beneath her. He was almost ready.

“The elves are our allies! The demons want only to enslave us,” Julius nearly screamed, before coughing violently, spatters of his spittle landing on Lillium’s breasts. She ignored it, shaking her head instead, raising her hips, his cock standing up at full attention.

“Fool,” she said, almost sadly, and brought herself down, moaning hungrily as his cock drove deep into her, her claws digging hard into his shoulders, causing thin lines of blood to trickle downwards.

“You would protect the elves, over your old friend. Then you have betrayed your clan Julius, betrayed me,” she said, and started to roll her hips, causing the man beneath her to grunt involuntarily.

“You disappoint me further Julius… I expected you to be bigger,” she snarled into his face, the tips of her breasts grazing his flesh with each word. Julius was on the very verge of sobbing, his as his cock throbbed within the beautiful woman that had not so long ago, fought side by side with him. Worse yet, he could see her within, see the same woman he had known before. But he knew that the woman that was, had changed forever. Above him now was not her replacement, it was her, and it stung his heart, even as her cunt brought him closer to orgasm.

“I’m surprised any woman would come back to you, with a cock like this. It’s pathetic,” she snarled again, and dug her claws deeper, sending bolts of pain through his body, making him scream, and ashamedly bringing him closer to climax. Lillium could feel something within him, something curling through his loins and into her body. She groaned, slowly coming to the realization that she was feeding on this very act of sex.

“Much less that beautiful wife of yours, the same one you’re betraying with each pulse of your cock inside me,” Lillium cooed with bared fangs, her wings spreading out wide behind her.  Julius felt his face burning red, and anger seeping through his mind. He forgot that she had been his friend, his comrade, and now only saw the enemy.

“Fucking demon bitch,” he yelled with what little strength he had left, and lashed his head forward. His skull smashed against her face, and cartilage snapped and blood gushed from Lillium’s nostrils. The demon let out a groan of pleasure as the delicious pain flared from her broken nose, that almost immediately began to heal itself.

“I’m going to find that gorgeous wife of yours, and I’m going to break her. She’ll be mine, for as long as I see fit. She’ll moan as I ravage her, as I let the hordes ravage her, and she’ll forget about you entirely,” Lillium growled, licking her upper lip, tasting her own blood.

Julius felt his blood run cold as he heard those words, knowing she meant every single one. The demon grinned wildly, hungrily, and dug her claws into his chest. Scarlet welled up around the talons, sinking deeper into flesh, until pain finally made his cock go limp within her. Black claw scratched against bone and Lillium shook her head.

“Can’t even cum… useless,” she growled, and thrust her hand hard into him, breaking through ribs and muscle and into the cavity within. Blood gushed outwards in a heavy tide, and Lillium wrapped her deceivingly delicate fingers around the still beating heart.

Behind her, Aeltha began a soft chant, and black lines of magic swirled around Julius’s form, keeping him alive in these final moments. Grinning, Lillium wrenched her hand back, tearing arteries and veins as she pulled the still beating heart clear of his chest. Her mouth watered as she looked at the delicious red organ throbbing in her bloodied hand.

“But you offer me something,” Lillium whispered, and slowly ran her tongue up along the sides of the tough muscle, groaning softly as she tasted his life essence. Feeling every ridge and curve of the beating heart within her grasp, its sensual delicacy thriving on her tongue.

Finally she sank her fangs deep into it, groaning sexually as she savoured this first feast, before the eyes of her former friend, who was finally released by her mistress into death, as the last of his heart was swallowed by Aeltha’s champion.


The deer was strung up by its hind legs, guts spilling out onto the ground after the elderly woman had carved open its middle, splitting ribs and flesh to get at the insides. It swayed gently on the rope, dangling lifelessly from the lower branches of one of the many oak trees in the forest Kira had been taken to by this wise woman.

“Life is taken, to give birth to the predator,” the woman said loud enough that Kira could hear, before going back to her soft chanting, digging around within the carcass of the deer, crimson staining her arms up to the elbows.

Standing behind her, trying unsuccessfully to conceal her naked form, Kira shivered in the breeze that whisked between the branches and trees of the forest. She tried not to think of what was to come, but when the woman turned, and began to run bloody fingertips over Kira’s skin, she couldn’t help it.

Strange designs were drawn on her flesh, the deer’s blood still warm, and sticky. Kira swore that the wind grew stronger as more of the arcane symbols were drawn across her breasts, stomach, shoulders and thighs. Her nipples stood on under as the breeze washed over her, but still the blood was warm, clinging to her skin.

“So… what do I do?” Kira asked, standing naked before this strange old woman, who had so far explained nothing, even as she had had Kira strip naked, and killed a deer to paint her with its life essence.

“Bond with the wolves of this grove. You will know what to do,” the woman said with a gentle smile.

“But I don’t, that’s why I’m asking,” Kira said, impatience starting to show through in her words.

“Not now, but you will. Just follow your instincts, and they will show you the correct path. Or not, and then it doesn’t matter, for you are not right for this,” the woman said with a smile, then smacked Kira’s ass, leaving a bloody handprint on her skin.

“Now, into the grove. I will wait for you here,” the woman said.

Kira frowned at the woman, but started walking towards the break in the trees anyway, stepping across grass and around bushes until she stepped into a small meadow. This must have been the grove that the old woman had been talking about, but Kira still didn’t know what she was supposed to do.

A low growl from beside her sent a shiver up Kira’s spine. Slowly she turned, to see a large wolf slowly padding out from between the trees. It glared at her with beastly eyes, head low to the ground as it crept towards her. Strangely Kira felt no fear, she merely faced the animal, and held her arms out wide.

“My name is Kira, or the Cozlak clan. I am here to conjoin my spirit with yours. Take me into your fold, show me your strength,” Kira said, though she didn’t know why. It felt more like the words simply fell from her lips, than any true thought pattern.

The wolf approached until it was just in front of Kira. The cold touch of its nose against her thigh did not stir her, until it slid upwards, and between her legs. The cold wet touch against her hot wet cunt pulled a low groan from her lips, rather than words. Almost out of instinct, she pushed her hips forward, grinding herself against the wolf’s muzzle, moaning openly as its tongue slid outwards, and up her slit.

Reaching downwards until her fingers ran through the beast’s soft fur, she let it lick between her thighs. She had no idea why she was giving herself in, except that it felt right. It felt, harmonious.

She felt her knees starting to shake, felt her desires rising. Suddenly it felt like her skin was on fire, and she let out an animalistic growl. The wolf darted between her legs, fur brushing against her thighs, tail sliding against her pussy and over the curves of her ass, before Kira fell to her knees, and forward onto her hands.

Pulling her lips back, she panted, sweat covering her body as fingers dug deep into the earth. Something was stirring within her, making her skin itch, making her loins ache.

Paws pressed down on her back, pushing her down slightly until her nipples grazed the grass shooting up from the meadow floor. Her thighs spread, out of instinct more than any real thought. A shiver ran up her back, out of anticipation of what she knew was to come next.

The wolf was not gentle as he shoved his hard cock between Kira’s nether lips, nor did she care. A hungry moan burst from her lips, bouncing from the trees as her body responded, her lust making her hips thrust back against the beast.

The wolf’s length slid within her, until the bulge of its knot pressed against her entrance, pushing its way inside. Kira moaned again, fingers digging deeper into the earth as she felt the knot push within her, lock within her.

The wolf growled in her ear, and Kira responded with one of her own. It didn’t even sound human to her own ears, ears which could hear the rustling of branches from the tree line around her, even as the sounds of grunts and breathing tried their best to overpower.

The smell of sex grew stronger, mixing with the grass, the earth, the animal smell of the wolf’s fur. The wind carried scents that were unfamiliar, scarcely there but still tingling at Kira’s nostrils.

A snarl tore from her throat, and she pawed at the ground eagerly, as cock pounded within her. The world went hazy around her, and she was lost in a cacophony of smells, and sounds. The pleasure coursed through her veins as she panted hungrily, fur pressing tight against her rear with each thrust within her wet cunt.

A howl burst from the wolf’s muzzle, echoing in the grove. Streams of hot cum shot out from its cock, filling Kira’s insides, swirling in her core. With a pop, the beast pulled itself free, the knot’s exit sending a small jolt of pain through Kira. She collapsed, feeling the cum within her, the blood from the deer cooling on her skin.

Her tongue slid over her lips as she laid naked in the grass, one hand brushing through her sweat drenched hair, passing over her ear. She felt fur, and her hand paused. Her fingers explored, and found her ear had lengthened, shot upwards from her skull, and was covered in soft fur the colour of her hair.

For a moment she wasn’t sure what to think, what to say, but she didn’t question it, especially after looking between her legs and seeing a tail there.

“One with the beast,” Kira muttered to herself, looking up as she saw the wolf near the edge of the clearing, staring at her.

A great hunger grasped her gut, and her mind seemed to be consumed by it. Kira lost herself once again, in a haze of instinct. The wolf growled, and suddenly Kira was running through the forest. She did not know where, but the beast within her heart did. She felt as if she was just along for the ride, muscles and tendons acting of their own will, blood caked on her skin, cum streaming down her thighs as she tore around bush and beneath branch.

Then the scent filled her nose. Fur and meat, unlike the wolf’s. Fear.

She leapt out from the foliage, and grasped the deer by the neck, tackling it to the ground as she buried her teeth into its neck. Blood welled in her mouth, and she tore and chewed hungrily. Fresh blood sprayed across her face and chest, but she cared not. Her human mind was gone, leaving only a husk on instinct in this moment.

Her lover had helped take the prey down, and together the two shared their post-coital meal in relative silence. Only the sounds of their feasting filling the air.

Sitting up for a moment Kira felt some vestiges of her conscious mind coming back to her. She blinked, but and found that everything she had just done was, natural. It felt right.

The eyes staring at her naked back however, caused her to turn. She felt no shame at her nudity, even if it was only the old woman from before.

“Eat the heart. Be one with the beast Kira. Become Wolfkin,” she whispered.

Kira turned back to the torn up meal before her. Without hesitation she thrust her face hard against the ribcage. She pushed her way through bone and muscle to the organ within the deer’s chest. She clamped her teeth down upon the heart within, and lost herself to the beast once more.

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