Shackles of Hate. Chapter 4: The Calm Before

By: SinfulWolf

Sweat ran down Lillium’s back, trickling between her wings and glistening on her pale skin. With damp hair clinging to her skin, her head tilted back as she let out her hungry moans to the stone ceiling of her bed chambers, the succubus let her hips rise and fall. The slave beneath her grunted, his cock delving into the hot, wet depths of his mistress’s cunt, hands firm on her hips, feeling the motions beneath his palms.

The human’s face was a mask of ecstasy, a swirling mixture of pleasure as his length was taken into the demon above him, and pain as Lillium’s talons dug furrows down his chest. Crimson trickled over his toned form, rolling down to the sheets of the succubus’s bed. He couldn’t take his eyes from her form, the toned muscles moving beneath perfect skin, the bounce of her breasts each time she descended, the dark nipples contrasting with alabaster flesh.

Black lips were parted, letting her moans spill out into the room, the glimmer of her fangs behind those delectable petals enchanting and terrifying all at one.

Lillium turned her body, and stared at the young elf woman by the door. She pointed with a bloodied talon at the girl, nude save the violet loin cloth that hung over her nethers.

“Come here,” the succubus growled, and the woman nodded, moving forward towards her mistress.

Lillium’s fingers slipped into the blonde locks of the Northern Elf, entwining within her hair and pulling her closer harshly. Succubus pressed her lips firmly to the elf slave’s, thrusting her tongue into her mouth, groaning as her hips continued to roll and rise upon the man below her.

The Elf melted into the kiss, her soul twisted and torn to the wills of the demons so that she now gave herself fully to her mistress. She wrapped one arm around the succubus, holding herself close, pressing herself to the woman who owned her body and mind. She was pulled onto the bed, on her knees, her thighs grazing against the man’s, her loincloth brushing over his skin, making him hiss and grunt in pleasure at the soft caress.

The elf lets her hand grasp Lillium’s breast, squeezing the soft flesh hard for a moment, before drifting downwards, across the rigid lines of her abs, and down between her thighs. The slaves toys with her mistress’s clit, pressing and pinching it, her fellow slaves cock brushing against the tips of her fingers. He grunted in need, watching the scene above him, the dance of lips and tongue between the two gorgeous women.

Throwing his head back onto the soft down pillow beneath him, the man grunts, his cock throbbing and pumping his seed into his mistress. The succubus groans lustfully, feeling the cum spewing into her, the sexual energy in the room swirling through her soul, feeding her, nourishing her more than any food.

Lillium though does not stop her hips, though the man’s limp cock slides from her cunt. Her slick entrance grinds along his length as her other slaves pushes her further forward into the cloud of ecstasy. Her talons dig deeper into the man’s chest, as his cock begins to stiffen once again, and she pulls harder on the Elf’s hair.

The smell of sex fills the room, the essence of it fills Lillium’s mind and soul, and she reaches her orgasm with a thundering onslaught of pleasure. She presses her lips harder against the Elf’s, thrusting her tongue down her throat, tasting her intimately as her juices cascade over the man beneath her.

Still the succubus did not cease, forcing the slaves to guide her through climax, drawing as much energy as she could, until finally she came down from her sexual high. Panting, breasts heaving with each breath, Lillium stared at her little elf slave. She crawled off the man, and moved across the room to where a tub awaited her, filled with steaming hot water.

“Leave now,” she commanded the man, who wasted no time in departing, a look of fear on his face, matched by the remaining Elf.

“You have done well. I think I will keep you for myself until I bore of you. What is your name pet?,” Lillium said, as she slid slowly into the water, groaning as the heat washed over her body, into her muscles.

“Thank you mistress. Yannifer Mistress,” the Elf says with a bow.

“Get over here and wash me, then get my clothes ready,” Lillium snapped at her slave, who immediately bounds over to her to fulfill her wishes.

Closing her eyes and relaxing in the tub, Lillium wondered how she could have ever fought against this.


The crack of the whip sounded through the main room of the desecrated cathedral. The man strapped to the side of the once holy altar, forced to his knees, let out a scream of pain as the leather licked across his back, splitting his skin. His face, contorted with pain, went unseen by his tormentor.

Yannifer held the whip in her hand, seeing what she had just done to the very same man she had seen being ridden by her mistress scarcely an hour before. Now here he was, being punished by Yannifer’s hand, as Lillium leaned against the half naked slave. The succubus had dressed herself, in beautiful silk garments that clung to her form but hardly hid a thing. Breasts pushed firmly against Yannifer’s back, stiffened nipples pushing against silk covers and rubbing against the slave’s skin. It was Lillium’s fingers though, not the ones grasping her breast, but the ones buried between her thighs, plunging into her depths, that made her moan.

“You enjoy this, don’t you slut?” Lillium snarled into her pet’s ear, making her groan, juices sliding down over the talons buried in her snatch.

“Strike him again,” Lillium commanded, her tongue sliding up the pointed ear, before gently biting it.

Yannifer groaned in pleasure, and did not hesitate as she raised the whip, and struck the man before her, who screamed again. Her mistress’s thrusting fingers made it hard to think of his screams, his agony, and her mind just swirled around the pleasure of this moment.

“You know why he deserves this?” Lillium snarled, her fangs drawing a small bead of blood at the tip of Yannifer’s ear, and she shuddered in ecstasy.

“Y-yes Mistress,” she admitted, as she was forced to strike the man once again., the whip cracking through the empty cathedral floor as the man screamed out his agony once more. His back now a bloody mess of torn flesh.

“Say it then,” came the sensual breath of command that Yannifer had no will to ignore as fingers drove faster into her cunt, curling within her, stroking the lust and sin and burying the guilt of her eagerness to leave her people behind; all to serve the very woman who had slain her friends.

“He, failed to pleasure you properly. He took his own needs before your own,” Yannifer stammered as Lillium squeezed her breast, talons digging into the soft flesh. She could feel the succubus’s breath on her ear, sending her deeper into her need to bow down.

“Good pet. Let his pain be a lesson for you,” Lillium hissed, her tongue sliding out over the broken skin of the elf’s ears as her claws raked down from breast to stomach. Long bloodied lines followed in the wake of her talons, and even if she wanted to anymore, Yannifer could not stop the moan that slipped from her lips.

The clack of claws upon stone caught Lillium’s attention, and she turned her head to find Aeltha standing by one of the long broken pews where the faithful had once prayed. There were none now to be found within Thorlgruz, for even the taken slaves soon lost their faith as their demonic keepers broke their wills.

“This is one of your pets from the Elvish raid?” Aeltha asked, and Lillium grinned at the sight of her mistress’s cock pushing at the loincloth hanging gently from her hips.

“It is mistress,” she purred, digging her fingers deeper into Yannifer’s twat, and the slave groaned, whipping the bound man once again, earning another scream that actually sent a shiver up the Elf’s spine. She bit her lip, staring at the torn flesh before her.

“Only one week, and already a slick cunt for your touch Lillium. Well done my champion,” Aeltha said, stepping closer and stroking her slut’s cheek.

“Now, do join me for feasting.”

Lillium nodded and slowly pulled her talons from within Yannifer’s pussy, offering the tips to the quickly fallen elf. Yannifer sucked on each hungrily, groaning as she tasted herself on her mistress’s claws. Then Lillium pulled away, leaving Yannifer with a look of loss for a moment.

“Continue,” the succubus gestured towards the bound man, before turning away and following Aeltha into the centre of the room, where a pair of slaves had dragged a table and a pair of chairs. Both demons sat across from each other as goblets full of blood and cum were set before them. Lillium waited until Aeltha picked up her own drink, before savouring the sinful delight of the offering.

As mistress and champion discussed small happenings around Thorlgruz, the cracks of the whip continued, the screams of pain filling the cathedral. It was not long before plates of raw meat, bowls of juicy berries, and an offering of bread was laid out for the two Succubi.

As they began to eat, Aeltha smirked.

“Scouts have found the remains of your clan,” Aeltha said, as she bit one of the overly large hellina berries in half. The dark purple juices sprayed down across the red skin of her chin, and she smiled.

“They are not my clan. They are foolish enough to trust elves, and so I will make them burn. They are weak,” Lillium said with a snarl, taking a bite out of a small slab of meat. Blood ran down her chin, and dribbled into her cleavage, even staining the silk garb she wore.

Aeltha laughed gently, and looked over to wear Yannifer whipped the nameless slave.

“And yet you have one doing your dirty work for you,” she said teasingly, and at this Lillium couldn’t help but laugh.

“She will not be an elf for much longer at this rate. I know she is a subject in your experiments. I’m simply… aiding,” the warrior smirked, and ran a slice of bread across her cleavage to gather some of the spilled blood, before gently biting in. Aeltha watched intently for a moment.

“Good. I want you to take her with you to the town of Innisgar. Many of the Cozlak are in hiding there. Use Yannifer to get the information you need from them. Where the rest of them are, what the Elves are plotting. Hunt down and enslave, or butcher your old kin folk Lillium, and come one step closer to vengeance,” Aeltha said.

Lillium grinned sadistically.


Kira awoke from another nightmare and sat up in bed panting, drenched in a cold sweat. The morning sunlight streamed in through the glassless window of her room, and made her skin glisten softly.

Her movements caused the figure beside her to shift, and Ian leaned up, propping himself on an elbow, as his free hand gently ran over his lover’s form, down to her thighs still sticky from the night. With a long sigh Kira laid back down, and let Ian continue to run his finger tips along her form.

“Another nightmare of Lillium?” he asked with concern before gently kissing her shoulder, his cock hardening against her hip.

“Yes. They’re getting worse. I wish I knew what happened to her, just for closure,” Kira said as she slid her fingertips down Ian’s chest.

“We’ll find out some day,” Ian said softly, and Kira nodded, before sliding atop her lover, grinding against his crotch, her tail sliding over his thighs. She was slick, and sticky, and Ian grasped her hips, letting his eyes move up past her breasts to her face. They stared at each other a moment before both let out a long sigh and Kira climbed off the blacksmith who continued to watch her.

“You still intend to leave then?”

“I need to find Telva Winterstone. No other human clan would take in a bunch of broken refugees, but one of the Elven houses might, and the Winterstone are said to be one of the friendliest towards humans. I need to save what’s left of my people,” Kira said as she took a cloth from a bowl of water across the room, cleaning off her thighs.

“Kira. You know I’ll be here when you get back. Just promise me you’ll come back,” Ian said leaning up on his elbows once more.

Pulling on her fur garments Kira smiled, and walked across the room and gently kissed Ian’s lips. When she turned, she carefully brushed her tail across his cheek, and he smiled.

“You know I will,” she whispered, before gathering her things and heading out the door.

Ian watched it close behind her and laid back down with another long sigh. Looking out the window, he saw a bird landing in the tree just beside the inn. It sang softly, beautifully. Ian felt it undeserved.

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