Shackles of Hate. Chapter 9: Mother of Corruption

By: SinfulWolf

The purple flame flickering in a sconce of iron bathed the room in light. Blood and cum, some of it fresh, stained the stone floors of this room, high within Yuldasha’s spire. Soft sobs flowed like sweet music from a corner, shadows flickering and partially obscuring a mutilated and ravaged young boy, with cum sliding down his thighs, from Aeltha’s more recent enjoying of him.

“Javan… whore. Little louder please?” Aeltha asked from her perch before her desk, pouring over ancient manuscripts for the upcoming invasion. It had been long since she performed such spells, and she needed to be perfect.

At the sorceress’s request, Javan’s sobs came louder, and Aeltha smiled. Eventually she leaned back, only to savour the boy’s sorrow. He had failed his queen, his people, and now he belonged to her. A plaything, a future experiment. Aeltha closed her eyes, feeling her cock swell as thoughts of what to do with the boy swirled in her mind. What changes could she make to his form? There was no anger or hatred in him, she could not so fully corrupt him as she did Lillium, or Rhyeesh.

Perhaps the concoction she had made for Lillium’s new pet would be of use… but that would be less savory. Flaying his flesh, and making a monster of him could have its uses as well.

Folding one arm beneath her bust, and letting her others gently stroke her chin as she thought, letting the ceaseless sobs spur her imagination, she was caught by surprise when someone whispered her name.

“Mistress,” came the steely caress of shadows, and even Javan’s sobs were cut off abruptly as Aeltha looked up from her day dreams. A small smirk curled her lips as she set eyes upon her spy, the same one not even Yuldasha knew of. Niseth, one of her first experiments in this world. A former prostitute of the proud kingdom that had occupied the Dead Sea, she had already been well versed in the art of knowledge taking.

Not surprisingly, when the Kazdruk came, the prostitutes who had not been treated well under the old laws, willingly gave themselves to their demonic invaders. Niseth was no exception, but Aeltha had decided this particularly bright whore had better uses than merely spreading her legs for food, shelter and good treatment by their new masters.

The woman that had been was no more, her old name discarded when knife pressed to flesh, and agony drove away any memory of humanity. Now she stood before her mistress, her skin an ashen gray colour, her eyes red as embers. Wings of dull black metal, screwed into her spine with thick bolts, her own flesh stretched and curled over the base, her nerves surgically attached to the pulleys and levers to make them work, were pulled tightly against her back. She wore a low cut corset, that was pierced into the skin of her flanks, the leather black and gleaming, matching the strips of leather that flowed from her hips. With her movements, flashes of leg and rear could be seen by the observant… if they even managed to see the shadowy spy to begin with. A pair of soft soled boots, with a thick and tall heel completed her ensemble.

“My dear Niseth. Tell me what your eyes have seen,” Aeltha purred, running her fingers through the long black and gray hair of her agent, before running down her bare arms, all the way to her talon tipped fingers. For her part Niseth shivered at the touch, before turning to look at the man strapped to the wall in the corner, serpentine tongue flickering across her lips, showing the gleaming metal of unnatural fangs.

Of course, now Aeltha could see her creation’s back, where the skin had been peeled away, showing the hints of ribs and wet muscle. The sorceress grinned at the sight.

“I followed Lillium’s progress as ordered, arriving at Innisgar before she did. The whispers I heard showed that they knew not of her yet… but there is something she has not told us,” Niseth said turning to face her mistress again. Javan let out a moan of fear as he saw the partly mechanical beast’s back.

Aeltha frowned, Lillium had been nothing but loyal since her corruption. What would she be hiding? The sorceress moved over to her books, and found one bound in red leather. She leafed through it, past all the notes and diagrams of her experiments of corruption until she found Lillium.

“What makes Lillium so effective, is also what makes her so dangerous to us. Her corruption did not change who she was in her heart… only let it free. She may have used to fool herself, but she was never a good person. This of course means that her loyalty is to herself first,” Aeltha said, and shook her head.

“A true Kazdruk… what is it that she’s hiding?” Aeltha asked.

“Her sister. Named Kira, and a wolfkin. Lillium has not been asking after her. Whispers amongst the captives say that they think she has forgotten, but I do not think she has,” Niseth said.

“No… no she would not have forgotten. She does not want even her own soldiers to know of Kira. This is indeed cause for concern.”

“Yet you will not tell Yuldasha.” It was a statement, not a question, and Aeltha smiled at Niseth’s observation.

“No… no I will not. But Javan here has heard much too much. I can’t let things slip free that are not meant to be heard outside this room,” Aeltha said, as she strutted to a table nestled against the wall at the side of the room. Delicately she picked up a razor sharp knife and held it before Javan’s eyes.

“Hold out your tongue dear, it’s time for the first incision,” the sorceress purred.

Niseth shuddered in demented pleasure, a shiver that ran through her flayed back, and a moan that poured through black painted lips, a Javan let out a blood curdling scream… and the blood flowed.


Aeltha wiped her hands across her bust, leaving great smears of crimson that had Niseth licking her lips as they stood over the unconscious form of Javan, covered in a thick white sheet, stained with his own blood.

“It still amazes me how much you can know,” Aeltha said to her pet, and Niseth laughed quietly.

“I have many lips eager to whisper into my ear.”

Aeltha nodded, wondering exactly how far spread Niseth’s network spread. She truly had no idea about the woman’s contacts, and knew she never would. Niseth would never divulge the information. The shadows belonged to her above any other spy in the world.

“Find this Kira. Follow her, discover everything you can. If its possible… discover why Lillium has not told us this important fact. Go now, and return when you discover what I desire,” Aeltha growled.

Niseth bowed low, and slipped through the door without a sound. No one would know she was even in the spire. No one aside from Aeltha even truly knew of her existence. She let out a long sigh, wondering what game was afoot now, under her very nose.

She glanced back to her desk where a side project of hers was sitting. A slim black tiara with a ruby set in its centre, and a matching choker, though two small onyx gems framed the ruby centre. A gift for Yuldasha, and Aria. Should the queen ever return to her homeland, she will be an entirely different kind of ruler.

The sorceress grinned as she lifted the tiara, glancing at the small needle points on the inside, black fluid dripping from their points. 

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