Shackles of Hate. Chapter 10: New Faith

By: SinfulWolf

Crouching on the top of a house, Kira watched as a procession of guards jogged down the street, past her position. If they looked up, they’d be able to see her easily, silhouetted by moonlight as she was, but Kira had learned quickly that people seldom looked upwards, when so many other obvious hiding places were on the street. She listened to them once they were out of view, the rattling of their armour and pounding of boots upon the finely paved streets letting her know exactly where they were.

Once she deemed them far enough away, the wolfkin rose to her feet and ran along the rooftop, leaping for the next one. When the chase had begun earlier that day, each jump had been desperate, unsure. She found that she was getting rather skilled at it now. The boots she had stolen from a lone guard she’d managed to surprise gave some comfort to her feet, blistered from tearing across the city for the afternoon and the evening. The sword hanging from her hip gave comfort to her mind, knowing she’d be able to defend herself.

She still wasn’t sure how long it’d been since she’d been put in the cell. Had Thaden already left the inn? Or would he still be there? It was her only hope now, but first Kira had to find a way out of the city. She had been thinking about it most of the day. The gates were not an option, and the walls were too high without a rope she didn’t have. The sewers though, they might be an option, but only if they led out from the city, and she wasn’t sure they did. There was so many lurking doubts, but she had to find something and quick.

With animal instincts guiding her footfalls, Kira managed to be quiet with each leap, each step. No one below heard her dash, even when she jumped over alleys and scrambled across homes and shops. The city was dark, even if moonlight lit the rooftops. Candles and lanterns had been blown out as people went to bed, seeking solace from the encroaching Kazdruk in their sleep.

Once, what seemed like ages ago now, Kira had envied all these people, living in this gorgeous city. Now she pitied them, knowing that what they did was merely shoving their head in the sand, and ignoring what came for them. She had seen what came of that when she saw the battlefield where she lost her sister.

The wolfkin came to a stop as she thought of Lillium, letting her mind drift back to that tribunal she’d had before the council, before the fall that had her losing the first stolen sword, and grasping at rock and trees sprouting from the cliffside. Despite the cuts and gashes on her arms and legs, Kira had landed safely in a small patch of someone’s garden before taking off. Lillium, a traitor.

Kira did not want to believe it, but it was that very name that had damned her to execution, rather than the salvation she had expected. She didn’t know what to think of the mater, and so pushed it to the back of her mind. She would have to discover the truth on her own, and if she had to, put a sword through Lillium’s chest herself.

So she started to run again, leaping over another house, when the sounds of a struggle reached her ear. She turned, and leaned over the edge of the building she was upon, and spied a man shoving a woman against a wall, a dagger to her throat. The bottom half of his face was concealed behind a dark mask while he roughly fondled her breasts through the fabric of her dress. She whimpered, even as the blade ran downwards, cutting the dress open, revealing a deeper plunge of cleavage until her full breasts fell out into the moonlight completely.

Kira thought of intervening, but the memory of no one helping her at all, in this whole city, had that thought vanishing like a wisp of smoke. So she merely watched as pink nipples emerged to her eyes, the woman’s eyes wide with fear, while the knife continued its descent. The dress fell from the woman’s shoulders, and the masked man let out a small sound of triumph, and Kira saw his hand flick deftly to the side, and a purse fell from the woman’s hip.

The man easily caught it, and even from her perch, Kira could hear the chink of coin landing in the palm of the man’s hand. He leaned forward, letting his tongue roll over the woman’s breast, before pulling back from the woman. He left her in the alley, leaning half naked against the wall as he vanished from her sight into the shadows.

At least, that’s what the victim would have assumed, but Kira’s other senses were as sharp as her eyes anymore. She could smell his sweat, hear his feet shuffling, and grinned as she followed him. She was careful tracking his progress, even as the woman’s scream behind her told her that the woman had just called for help. Best to stay away from there now that the guards would be returning. Kira didn’t feel like pushing her luck wearing rags, and wielding a stolen sword. She didn’t even know how well trained these guards were.

Stopping at the edge of a roof, the Wolfkin leaned out into empty air, grasping the tiles firmly as she looked down. The thief she’d been trailing was kneeling on the side of a street, his head flicking in either direction quickly before he lifted a sewer grate, and Kira silently cursed. If he got into the sewers, she’d lose all advantages.

The man’s arm was straining as he lifted the heavy iron grate, his focus on his task, until a flicker of movement above him broke all concentration. The thief leapt backwards, the sewer cover dropped back into place with a loud crash, and he stumbled, not expecting the woman that landed before him. As his hand went for the small knife, a sword was whipped out, the point aiming at his chest, and the man cursed himself. Then he saw who it was before him.

“You! You’re the demon they’re all looking for,” he accused, and Kira gently shook her head, and took a step closer.

“I am Wolfkin. You should know the tales of your own people before licking Elven boots,” she shot back, and put the point of her blade just under her chin.

“So you’ll kill me then?”

“No. You, are going to help me get out of this city.”


Mia stared upwards at the succubus that had dominated her life, after destroying everything that had once made it dear. Lillium’s striking eyes stared back, a look of amusement dancing upon her red lips. They glistened gently in the low light, and Mia blushed, knowing it was from the concubine Yannifer. She had seen the sadistic elf with her face between the succubus’s thighs, tongue plunging into her. The images rose a heat between her own legs, and her blush grew, even as her eyes slipped lower to Lillium’s cunt, exposed as she lounged.

Lillium said nothing as she sat upon her throne, a single claw tapping upon the eye socket of her armrest. The sound pierced into Mia’s mind, but nothing happened, Lillium’s expression was unreadable, her thoughts unknown, and Mia’s thoughts wandered. The past few days have been a confusing ride that tested her faith with each passing moment.

Lillium let her wander the ground of the castle and village, and at first Mia had thought to escape. But the Helot guards that trailed her every move made that impossible. The nun knew that should she flee, she would not be sleeping in the comfortable chambers with the two concubines of the baroness. Mia had only known Rania the past few years, since the young woman had travelled to Innisgar for business. She had always been a quiet, kind, and respected woman, but not anymore. Whatever Lillium had done to her, the creature that wore Rania’s skin was a lustful bastion of sin and depravity. A temptress that drew Mia ever closer to damnation, and each night Mia had to stave the temptations that goaded her to the bed Yannifer and Rania shared noisily, if they were not tending to the needs of their mistress.

That’s why Mia had wandered, to get away from that path that grew more and more difficult to deny. But the people’s faith had been tested in ways Mia could only guess at. Turned to slaves, they worked for the Baroness, Volgras village teeming with life once more, though the old inn had been converted into a whorehouse, the blacksmith now produced weapons for the Helot soldiers, and dark worship happened within the old chapel that Mia refused to step foot into. She tried to talk with the people, these chained slaves that wore collars and worked until the sun set, secretly preaching the word of Oan.

At first, people found comfort in it, but as days dragged past, they listened less, and eventually began to openly scorn the young nun. Oan was dead to them, they claimed he turned their backs on him, and most had forsaken religion altogether, while more still began to worship the darkness, the path of the Kazdruk. Tattoos began to appear on flesh, and metal collars vanished to be replaced by more comfortable leather ones in place merely as a sign of their place in the world. The whores accepted their place, began to revel in it, dressing in tight leather pieces that didn’t hide their forms, but accentuated it instead. Mia even ran into her former sisters, Ana and Helena, and had been chocked at what she saw.

Nothing remained of their habits, save the head dress they seemed to wear out of mockery. Tattoos curled over their lower back, and their lips were painted bright red. Their clothes were simple loincloths, that exposed all when they walked, and heeled shoes that protected their feet. Though Mia also noted the thin bands of silk around their necks; a sign of ownership. They walked hand in hand, their lips much too close as they spoke to be chaste. When Mia approached them, there merely turned their noses upwards and turned their backs to her.

“Your mind wanders Mia,” the sultry voice of Lillium pulled her viciously back to the present, in the room she kneeled upon, naked save her own head dress. Looking up at the glistening cunt of the demonic temptress, Mia felt her mouth water. She put a single hand forward, but Lillium’s expression did not change, she did not say anything else.

Still, Mia felt the compulsion, and put another hand forward, put a knee forward, crawled those scant few inches closer. Closer to damnation. She thought again of the people in the village, her sisters, how they all turned from Oan, and looked… happy. A sickly knot began to unwind itself in Mia’s gut, as she pondered: ‘what if they’re right?’

A few more inches, closer and closer, she could smell Lillium’s skin she was so close, a mixture of blood, sex, and sweat, but also something else that actually pulled the nun closer; earth, the lavender that still grew in the gardens behind the castle, and more. If Mia was honest with herself, smelling Lillium was like being in the forest after a fresh kill. She was like a representation of the darkest aspects of freedom, despite her collars, her authority. Mia licked her lips and moved closer until she felt her shoulders slide along the inside of Lillium’s thighs.

A shiver of promised delights ran from the base of her neck all the way to her spine, and when the succubus’s thighs parted, Mia felt a tinge of disappointment that she no longer felt the smooth skin against her own. Her lips were now just inches from Lillium’s womanhood, and her heart was pounding. The smell of sex overpowered all else she was so close to her own damnation.

All she had to do was extend her tongue, that was it, and she’d be welcomed as Lillium’s third concubine, and be forever barred from Oan’s paradise. But… in this moment, Mia’s mind broke through the lust, through the lies, through the deceit and saw truth. Oan didn’t care for her, he had let her village fall, be taken, despite every word of gospel that said he would protect his children. She had seen suffering all her life, and not even all at the hands of the Kazdruk. Poverty, famine, disease, crime, and the nobles. Mia felt a tight anger burning in her heart, and grabbed a hold of it. She looked up at Lillium, who let the corners of her mouth curl upwards ever so slightly.

She reached downward, and ran the sharp points of her claws over Mia’s cheek, and the nun let the lust, all of the desires she’d been holding back her whole life, rush back into her heart at that moment, mingling with the anger, and the hatred. She felt a connection with Lillium, understood everything in that moment of perfect clarity that no God had seen fit to bless her with. No, it was the succubus above her that had finally given her that which she sought her whole life.

“Mistress,” Mia whispered, as if afraid anything louder would shatter the moment, would push back the darkness that she felt swirling ever deeper into her soul. She tasted the word as it slipped from her lips, let it curl outwards, showing the succubus the open doors to her heart, and the warmth she felt within as shadows wrapped her like a blanket. Lillium’s smile grew, it was cruel, vile, and corrupt. The shivers it sent down Mia’s spine were very different than the shudders from even the day before, for she saw the beauty, the passion, and the comfort that smile offered her.

For it, Mia plunged herself between the thighs of her mistress, and thrust her tongue deep within her, and tasted freedom in the sweet nectar of damnation.


The sun bore down upon the thick woolen sheet draped over the back of the cart, and hidden beneath sacks of salt, wax, wicks, and various tools, Kira felt sweat rolling over her body, wrapped in her own white shroud. The roads through the city were thankfully smooth as the horse drawn cart made its way to the gates, and the Wolfkin could hear the buzz of people bustling through the streets and markets that she remembered from when she first entered. Even without seeing it, the very sounds of the teeming people were almost overwhelming for Kira.

Shadows passed over the cloth, and the cart came to a slow stop. When the sound of metal armour shifting, Kira knew a guard was stepping forward, and they were finally at the gates. This was the moment of truth, and where the wild plan would come through gloriously, or crumble and Kira would find herself either drenched in the blood of those she strove to protect, or once again clapped in shackles and facing execution.

With heart pounding in her chest, she heard the guard asking questions, and Shadow responded. As the thief’s words slipped from his lips, a story about delivering goods out to the farmsteads that surrounded Driftafay, Kira thought about making the plan in the darkness before dawn. When he had introduced himself as merely ‘Shadow’ Kira had rolled her eyes, but when he stood his ground, serious that that was his name, she had snorted and very nearly laughed in his face.

A softer feminine voice began to speak, and Kira knew that Ana was playing her part as merchant’s wife to give some extra credibility. Hopefully the guard did not frequent the brothel she worked from, or if he did that his eyes were focused much lower than her face. Though of course, Kira had seen Ana’s dress before she climbed into the cart, and there was more breast open to the eyes than covered. Another element to their plan.

After a few minutes, the guard shouted something, but beneath all the sacks, Kira couldn’t make it out, and her heart leapt. Then the cart was moving again, and she heard the sound of the gates opening slowly. A long breath of relief flooded out from Kira’s lungs, and she almost felt like laughing, but managed to keep herself quiet. The further out from the city they got, the more the road bumped and the cart rattled. A dull ache grew in Kira’s back, and she began to grow sullen trapped like a mummy in the cart.

Finally, it stopped. A pair of feet hit the ground, and the canvas was pulled back, and Kira sat up, peeling the wrap from her face. Just before her was the forest, and to her side the inn where Thaden hopefully still was. Glancing over her shoulder at the walls of Driftafay, she felt a bit of her hope slip away, and remembered the dark truths that she had learned within. She had to find Lillium, had to prove that she’d heard only vile lies.

Clambering out of the cart Kira nodded to Shadow and Ana both. “Thank you,” she said quietly, and got a nod in return from thief and whore, before Shadow leapt back onto the front of the cart and snapped the reins.

“I think we’ll meet again,” Shadow said, tapping two fingers to his forehead in a salute, as the horse began its way back towards the city.

For a moment she watched him go, not sure why she had a strange feeling about them in her gut. They were leaving, she was outside the city; there was no more they could do to her.

Clad in travelling breeches, knee high riding boots, and a wide brimmed she’d taken from Shadow, as well as a green and red corset that Ana had brought for her from the brothel, her tail and ears were hidden from view, though her cleavage certainly wasn’t. Still, the corset was better than the prison rags she had been wearing… or the leathers she had before.

As she slipped into the bar, she earned the gazes of the patrons regardless, but at least this time there wasn’t hostility in their eyes, just lust. Lust she could handle. Her eyes scanned the room, and even beneath her hat, her ears perked, listening to snatches of various conversations. There were more than enough comments about her breasts, and a few chatting about a caravan robbery from a few days ago, and one or two snippets about her own escape from Evermar palace.  

As she made her way slowly to the bar, it started to sink in that she really didn’t have a clue what she was doing. Entirely out of her element, stranded outside a hostile city, and not sure where to turn, Kira let out a long sigh and sat herself at the bar. She was about to order something when she felt the lightest touch on her arm, and a familiar scent reach her nose.

“I’m guessing things didn’t go overly well, guessing by the fact that you’re wearing a whore’s corset,” Thaden said as he sat himself down beside her, and despite herself Kira laughed. It was a strained humourless sound, and Thaden didn’t smile. Before she could respond though, the bandit continued.

“I heard the rumours. Was about to get out of here myself. Come on, we’ll figure it out on the road,” he said, slipping a few coins onto the bar top for the innkeep before rising from his stool and moving swiftly towards the door. Kira followed, and knew that her faith in everything had been shattered.


The plush leather boots, with dark metal plates skillfully sewn over the top of the foot and the shin, hit the stone floor with a dull thump. Armour made its distinctive rattle as Lorth climbed the stairs of Castle Volgras. The Helot captain did not know why Lillium had summoned him, and a growing knot of concern tightened in his gut. Had she recounted giving him the rank of captain, toying with him as all Kazdruk do? Did she intend to whip him for some unforeseen slight against her? He flexed his hands nervously, wishing he were instead back in the home he had made for himself in the village, laying naked between his two slaves who had grown loyal to him since Innisgar had fallen. Or on the battlefield, sword in hand, awash in the blood of his enemies.

When the concubine of his mistress appeared at his door however, her fangs gleaming with her grin that held no answers, Lorth could not refuse. So here he was, ready to face again the spite of a Kazdruk noble, and felt nervousness turn to bitterness. He pushed open the doorway to the throne room, and blinked at the sight before him.

Lillium was leaning back in her throne, bottomless, one hand upon the nun who would be her third concubine, as Mia hungrily ate out the succubus. Lorth blinked, and stepped forward, and was further surprised when Lillium smiled.

“Captain, welcome,” the succubus purred, her voice as silky smooth and seductive as ever, and with that touch of cold steel that hinted to the warrior that was a nightmare to her enemies. Lorth bowed his head, fist over his heart.

“Mistress, you summoned me?” he said, his heels pressed together smartly.

“I did. To reward your services to Volgras. I’ve read your reports, and seen the work first hand. Most impressive,” Lillium said, moans punctuating her speech as Mia’s tongue continued to delve into her cunt. Lorth stared, starting to feel his own lust arise in his loins, his bitterness and nervousness melting away, leaving only the Helot warrior.

“So step forward Lorth, take what I offer, and know that me and you will go far,” Lillium purred, the last scarcely a whisper that had the Helot cocking his head to the side, even as his works worked at the straps keeping his armour in place, baring more of his nearly gray skin.

Lillium’s eyes raked over his form, the hard chiselled muscle, the scars of war and whip marking his flesh, the cock rising between his legs, long and thick as it hardened. Lillium’s tongue slid out over her lips as she watched the Helot step forward, his eyes flicking upwards to the succubus as his hands grasped Mia’s hips, as if suspecting some trick.

“Those that serve me well Lorth, will not know betrayal by my hand,” the succubus purred, her claws pressing gently against the fallen nun’s head dress, pulling Mia tighter into her slick cunt, while she stared into the demonic visage of her captain.

Lorth let out a growling roar that rumbled in his throat, a sound of strength, and Mia groaned. The nun’s muffled voice rose higher, a full moan spilling against the nether lips wrapped around her tongue, as Lorth plunged inside her. Lorth let his hips hammer forward, balls slapping against Mia’s thighs, as he plunged into her, his sharp teeth gritted together as he rutted the last nun of Innisgar.

He savoured the smooth feel of her skin beneath his calloused hands, running them over her hips, up to her sides. He grasped her roughly, and pulled her back with each thrust he made inside her, earning another muffled moan of lustful delight. His pale yellow eyes ran over her naked form, his grunts getting louder, heavier, until his gaze left her body and found the pale skin of his Mistress, pale and creamy and hiding the hard muscle beneath. Daring, he let his eyes trail further upwards and found her gaze.

He looked away for a moment, ashen hair flipping around his head, thinking he’d crossed a line, but all that reached his ears was the sensuous moan pouring from Lillium’s lips. Lorth looked up again, never ceasing the forward press of his hips, sending his cock plunging into the hot depths of Mia’s cunt, and found Lillium’s eyes once more.

They stared at each other, two warriors lost in carnal delight. Lillium broke eye contact this time, when she threw her head back, letting out a long moan of pleasure, as Mia’s tongue brought her to orgasm. Lorth watched, enthralled at the dangerous beauty before him, and for a flash saw her as she was in Innisgar, clad in armour, sword in hand, and smeared with the blood of her enemies.  Lorth let out a loud animalistic grunt, his fingers digging hard into Mia’s side, and flooded her with his hot sticky cum.

For a moment he simply kept himself within her, feeling his cum and her juices slide out around his prick, dripping to the stones beneath his feet. Lillium brought her eyes back down, and grinned at Lorth, and the Helot parted his jaws, showing the full length of his incisors. It was his equivalent of a smile.


Kneeling in the shadows of the brothel’s basement, Ana looked towards the stairs through partially open door. No one was about as the sun began its descent. Soon the brothel would be teeming with men with far too much coin, and far too little charm, and Ana would be upon her back once again.

In this moment though, she stripped herself of clothing for other reasons. Closing the door softly, her naked skin was lit only by a pair of soft candles, flicking on either side of a small shrine. No one could discover this place, the brothel would be shut down by the church, who scarcely let them practice to begin with.

Upon her knees, Ana slid two fingers inside herself, unable to stop the soft moan that slipped free, before drawing a rune between her breasts with her own juices. She kneeled, and kissed the small block of obsidian and righted herself again.

“Niseth, I pray you hear my voice. I do not seek aid, or revenge. I offer information, about the Wolfkin,” the whore whispered quietly.

From the shadows behind her felt talons running along her back, a serpentine tongue flicking against her neck. Ana should have been terrified, but she had long ago learned that the church had no place for a woman with nowhere to turn. Niseth had only ears and comfort for her.

“Tell me everything.”


Lorth receives his reward, and Mia succumbs to her mistress

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