Half-Breed. Chapter 1: The Darkness Within

By: Dawn2069MS

The sun was setting behind the horizon, the light of day was slowly fading and made the falling snowflakes glitter in the dusky light. Kyaara was traveling through the northern area of the land in an eastward direction. The goal of her journey was a not otherwise specified human enclave near Lake Crimson. Though the region was in a quite close proximity to the border of the Kazdruk Forces, the demonic hordes which were under the reign of their queen Yuldasha, Kyaara didn’t feel like putting herself in danger. There was something deep inside of her which made her somehow feel attracted to that region.

The young elven woman knew exactly from where those feelings came from. Kyaara was a half-breed, the result of her elven mother having been raped and made pregnant by a male demon, at least that was what she had been told. Her body had all the features of the elven race, a delicate and slender statue with tender breasts and a beautifully female face with pointed ears, but those features had been altered due to the disposition of her non-elven father. Her skin had a blue-grayish color with a slight touch of purple mixed in at certain places, like her lips and her nipples. The color of her hair was a pure white and her eyes seemed to glow because of their light green irises. However, the most significant part of her body was that she had male genitals, namely a penis and testicles, instead of a vagina and those genitals were fully functional and in some way aesthetically fitting to her female body shape. Kyaara’s body had more strength and endurance than an average female elven body and she was gifted with natural night vision.

Having the ability to see in the dark was beneficial for Kyaara. She preferred to travel at night, which was much more easy than traveling at daytime, particularly with regard to her unusual appearance. Kyaara was accompanied by Seriso, a well-trained black horse which was her familiar and friend ever since her childhood. The animal performed well, despite the cold climate and the fact that they were traveling through the darkness. Kyaara was happy about having Seriso at her side. On one hand, traveling by horse was the only suitable mode of transportation for journeys through the northern regions, on the other hand she felt less lonely.

The reason Kyaara was suffering from loneliness was that her little sister Tianna was missing for over a week. Tianna and Kyaara were half-sisters. Both siblings had the same mother, but different fathers. While Kyaara’s biological father was of demonic origin, Tianna’s father was a pure northern elf and the only person both siblings called father. Since the death of their parents six sun cycles ago, Tianna had become more than just a sister to Kyaara. Tianna was one of the few persons in Kyaara’s life to whom she had blind trust to. The strong bond between the two sisters had been established during the Age of Arbitration, a phase similar to the puberty of human children. During this time, the affection of both girls had grown into a solid friendship, a friendship in which Kyaara and Tianna were able to turn towards each other with any concern, even those of the more explicit nature such as their sexuality. One of the major issues the sisters had been confronted with ever since it had become clear that Kyaara was neither a boy, nor a girl, was her twisted sexuality. Although the Age of Arbitration had been estimated to be an emotional roller-coaster for an elven girl, she had managed to find answers and a way of dealing with this complicated issue with the help of her little sister Tianna. Exploring their bodies and their sexuality together had soon reached the point where their playful explorations had advanced into tenderly touches and soft kisses full of relish and love, until both sisters had reached the point where they had learned how to pleasure each other, though without loosing their virginity as well as their sense of decency. In the course of time, both sisters had grown into beautiful elven women. Kyaara had followed her mother’s occupational path and had become a Bladedancer, a highly skilled and deadly warrior wearing armor and wielding dual swords. Tianna on the other hand had followed in her father’s footsteps and had become Priestess of Eletha, a highly valued shaman of the elven race.

It was the sixth night of travel as Kyaara finally arrived in the vicinity of Lake Crimson. She had no idea if the information she had acquired concerning the whereabouts of her sister was reliable, or not. All she knew was that Tianna had been abducted on her way home and that the kidnappers were rumored to be of human origin. Kyaara had also heard people talking about that several human clans had joined Yuldasha’s demonic forces, but the rumors weren’t clear if those clans had joined by choice, or if they had been forced to join.

Kyaara didn’t care. The only thing she had in mind was finding and rescuing her beloved sister and she was more than ready to fight her way through any opposition she would encounter, regardless of the consequences. It took Kyaara another two nights of uneasy sleep and desperate searching until she found telltale traces of her sister’s whereabouts. The newly acquired information lead the anxious woman to an abandoned cathedral of the humans near the northern shore of the Lake Crimson. The cathedral was more like a small complex of buildings, though the majority of the constructions which surrounded the central cathedral were laying in ruins. The remaining stone walls of the surrounding buildings, however, provided excellent cover and it was an easy task for Kyaara to creep up on one of the lower stained glass windows of the cathedral. The more she approached the dimly lit window, the faster her heart was beating. Every muscle in Kyaara’s body started to tense and she felt her chest pressing against the inside of her tight armor due to her intensified breathing. Kyaara pushed her back against the cold wall beside the window and turned her head in order to look inside. Her breath caught, she felt her heart beating fast within her chest. The initial wave of happiness which Kyaara felt the moment she recognized her beloved Tianna inside the cathedral was instantaneously washed away due to the shocking situation her little sister was caught in.

Tianna was lying face-down on a wooden table. Her priestess robes had been torn away from her body and her shoes had been removed from her feet. What remained of her clothes were her stockings, arm-long gloves and an under-bust corset, all handmade of white fabric, decorated with floral ornaments and laced. The light color of Tianna’s remaining clothes did complement her flesh-colored skin, as well as her black hair. Tianna was hogtied. Her forearms were firmly bound behind her back and her ankles were tied together. A short rope which connected her bound arms to her bound ankles made sure that she wasn’t able to move much. The captivation was simple, but efficient. In addition to her bondage, the young elf was blindfolded and gagged. There were five humans inside the room, four men and one woman.

The strange woman was standing near a large flagstone, which was probably the remains of an altar. She was weirdly beautiful, at least compared to human women, and sparsely dressed. Thigh-high black leather boots with high-heels and arm-long black leather gloves were her only outfit. She was wearing her long black hair in a ponytail which reached down up to her buttocks and her vulva was hairless or at least shaved. The woman’s body had an elegant female shape, her breasts had exactly the right size to complement her body’s sexy curves and her face was beautifully accented with black eyeliner, dark eyeshadow and black lipstick.

The four human men were all naked, except for a black leather collar. Their bodies were those of trained fighters, ascetically muscular and well-hung. Every one of the human males had an erect cock. The four men were standing near Tianna, one of them directly between her spread thighs. He was holding the young elf’s thighs with a firm grip while his hard cock was rhythmically invading the young elf’s vagina. His thrusts were hard and seemed to wave through Tianna’s whole body, forcing the helpless woman to desperately moan into her gag.

Kyaara was unable to take her eyes from the scene. She had never seen a woman being raped before, and she had never expected to see her poor little sister being raped at all. Kyaara was sure to hear moans of exhaustion and sorrow from her violated sister. She tried not to think about how long Tianna had to suffer until now, how often those men had shot their seed into her virgin womb, or her anus, or both. She tried to avert her eyes, but caught herself gazing at her bound sister like being in trance. Kyaara felt a strange emotion advancing from deep within her. At first, she wasn’t able to recognize it, but the more it came to the surface of her consciousness, the clearer it became to her. It was lustfulness, the lust for raw sexual pleasure. Kyaara was confused, she felt her hardening cock pushing against the insides of her body armor, she recognized that she had begun to breath and groan in a rhythm similar to her sister’s moaning and the grunting thrusts of the man who was fucking her. Kyaara was nearly lost to her trance-like condition, as suddenly a foreign voice brought her back down to earth:

“Now look what we found here. Another elf bitch sneaking around.”

Kyaara quickly turned her head towards the male voice and slowly withdrew from the cathedral wall. Her mind got clear in an instant and all the muscles in her body tensed in anticipation of action. She was ready to fight, though her combat blades remained resting in the scabbards on her back. Kyaara’s opponent was another male fighter, probably a patrolling sentinel she had missed to detect. The fighter was fully equipped with a leather armor and a set of daggers, most likely he was an assassin. Kyaara recognized that the man was eyeballing her. With a smirk on his lips, the man continued to offend the young elven fighter:

“What exactly are you supposed to be, bitch? Some sort of … dark-elf?

There was nothing more Kyaara needed to hear. She dashed forward and attacked her opponent. In an acrobatic movement which proved itself worthy of the word Bladedancer, Kyaara drew her combat blades and sprung towards the surprised man with unnatural speed. Before her opponent could react to the incoming assault, the half-breed elf shoved one of her blades into his left armpit and the other one right into the center of his nether regions. She forced the already collapsing human to move towards herself with a jolt and gazed into his wide-eyed face:

“Time to separate.”

Having spoken those words, the Bladedancer tensed her muscles again and twisted her body in a backflip-like motion, forcing her combat blades to cut upwards through her opponent’s torso. The dying man started to gargle as his own blood filled his throat and his whole body started to tremble. Kyaara landed on her feet and took a crouching position. She looked at her still standing opponent and grinned wickedly as the man’s body fell apart in three bloody pieces.

Kyaara stared upon her prey. The sight of the dissected body was disgusting. Kyaara was shocked about the ferocity of her attack. She had been victorious in a variety of fights before, but the result had never been that bloody. Kyaara fell to her knees and let her blades slowly sink down to the ground, her gaze still being attached to the corpse parts in front of her. She recognized another lustful and snorting groan from one of the rapers, accompanied by the faint moans of her violated sister. While continuing to stare at the dead body, she started whisper:

“Blood … help …” Kyaara’s voice started to quiver. “H-help me … m-my sister …”

She suddenly opened her eyes wide and her voice got louder with every successive word:

“B-blood … sister …” Kyaara started to snarl. “Rage … b-blood … I … c-c-can’t …”

Kyaara felt her heart beating fast within her chest and it felt like it would burst through her ribcage any moment. She started to breathe heavily, her body began to tremble and all of her muscles felt like they would clench simultaneously. Another strange emotion advanced from deep within her and waved through her body and mind, but this time it wasn’t lustfulness like before, it was much more primeval and much more powerful. Kyaara pulled back her lips, she gnarled like a wild animal, her fingers clutching firmly around the grips of her combat blades. She heard a heavy wooden door, probably a wing of the main gate on the cathedral’s facade which was facing away from her, being slammed open and the noise of several men rushing outside. The moment she saw the bunch of naked and collared and now armed human men, the half-breed bristled with anger and suddenly screamed a bestial battle-roar into the darkness.

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  1. Built up greatly to be an amazing, sexual, love story between two sisters…and then immediately, and swiftly brought down by Kyaara enjoying the sight of her sister being raped.

    That’s very unfortunate.

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