Half-Breed. Chapter 2: Handed on a Silver Plate

By: Dawn2069MS

Tianna was lying on the wooden table, hogtied, blindfolded and gagged. She had completely lost track of time. The only thing she was able to rely to was the sensation of her sore vagina being penetrated over and over again, as well as the lustful groans of the men raping her. The young elven priestess had forgotten how often she had been violated, it felt like an eternity and she had passed out several times by now. There were things she remembered, however. One of those things was the wave of pain she had felt as the first of her kidnappers forced his phallus into her virgin pussy and the shame and humiliation she had felt while being deflowered by a foreign human male. Another thing Tianna remembered very well was the appealing voice of a woman and something that woman had done to her while she had been allowed to rest.

The defiled priestess remembered that her breasts had already started to ache due to her own body weighing on them, and her nipples had felt like localized spots of pain. She had been on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. Strands of tears and saliva had been dripping onto the table from under her blindfold and her ball-gag. A mixture of human sperm and lubricating juices had been constantly flowing out of Tianna’s vagina, at least it had felt alike due to the constant insertions of cum. Tianna had sobbed in despair, as she suddenly had felt a soft hand caressing her head and cheeks. Regardless of whose hand she had felt, she had leaned her face towards the comforting touch. The exhausted elf had moaned into her ball-gag, as a soft and calming female voice had whispered into her ear:

“My poor poor darling. So much pain, so much exhaustion, and all without the sweets of pleasure.”

“You shall suffer no more, honey. Here, let me give you this gift.”

The words of the strange woman had made Tianna shiver. She hadn’t wanted to feel pleasure while being raped, she hadn’t wanted to feel something at all. She had gotten scared and started to try to protest behind her gag, but her attempt had suddenly been interrupted by a loud groan forced out of her throat. Tianna had felt a wet finger touching her swollen and highly overstimulated clitoris. The assault on her most sensitive spot had been well-directed and short-lived, but she had felt that there had been something remaining and that she had soon been proven right.

A strange heat had been arising between the young elven woman’s legs. It had been the typical sensation of getting sexually aroused. At first, the growing sensation had focused on her most intimate place between her thighs, but Tianna had quickly recognized that the sizzling arousal had been spreading through her body into her aching breasts. The helpless woman had started to sob again. She had desperately tried to beg for mercy behind her gag, but the woman who had forced her to get aroused had ignored her pleas. Instead of that, Tianna had heard the woman walking away from her and clicking her fingers. Shortly after the woman’s signaling, the crowd of human men had lined up behind the hogtied elf again and continued her violation, but this time it had become more grotesque for poor Tianna than before. The moment another phallus had stretched her over-sensitive labia and forced its was into her sore vagina, the wave of pain had been wickedly mixed up with an intense amount of pleasure and lust. A few thrusts of the human’s hard cock and a few assaults of the man’s balls on Tianna’s highly stimulated clitoris had been enough to force the panting elven priestess to orgasm. The moment the climax had been rushing through her, Tianna’s body had jerked involuntarily, she had felt the muscles of her vagina tightening around the rhythmically invading cock, and her nipples had gotten hard and felt like small diamonds under the pressure of her large breasts. The massive orgasm had forced the mistreated elven woman to scream into her ball-gag in pleasure and despair and tears had been running down her cheeks from under the blindfold again. Experiencing a climax because of having been raped had been too much for the already exhausted elf, so she finally had passed out yet again.

Two hours had passed since Tianna had regained consciousness. The bound woman was still lying on the table and her aching vagina was still being penetrated by the cocks of the male humans. She had climaxed several times until now and was on the verge of accepting her defeat and submitting herself to the mercy of her captors. Her mind was clouded with a bizarre mixture of lust and sorrow and she had lost all hope of being rescued from her torment. Tianna tried to think about her beloved sister, but the constant sensation of forced sexual pleasure ravaging through her body and mind left those thoughts of comfort remaining unreachable behind a grotesque cloud of emotions.

Suddenly, a fearsome scream from outside the cathedral interrupted Tianna’s thoughts, as well as any movement from the man who was currently fucking her. She felt the sudden withdrawal of the man’s phallus from her vagina and she was glad that her inside walls were finally relieved from the invading alien flesh. Tianna was confused because she had no idea what was happening at the moment. On one hand, she heard the four men rushing towards the cathedral’s main gate, gathering their weapons. On the other hand, she recognized the voice of the sparsely dressed woman who was standing near the stone altar, giggling with delight. The elven priestess’ gut instinct told her that this woman was anything but surprised about the recent events, quite the contrary.

The sound of clashing blades, crushing bones and cries of pain echoed through the room from outside of the cathedral. Tianna recognized another female voice sounding out of the battle, a voice which seemed familiar in some way. The helpless elf was confused and afraid, she would give her right arm be freed from the blindfold at least, she wanted to see what was going on. However, the fight outside didn’t last long. Though the men were fighting fiercely, they went down one by one, at least it sounded alike. After the fourth body had been smashed to the floor with a damp smack, the only remaining sound was that of a panting woman entering the cathedral.


Kyaara was exhausted. She had been able to slay all of her opponents so far and slicing them apart had filled her enraged mind with a scary feeling of wicked satisfaction. However, the fire of fury within her remained burning and didn’t fade, and Kyaara’s whole body was still aching due to the intense and lasting tension of all of her muscles.

The Bladedancer entered the room where her sister and the nameless woman were located and looked at the naked woman. The rage within her mind was urging her to an all-out attack, but Kyaara managed to fight against the primeval emotion and contained herself in the face of confronting her supposably most dangerous opponent. The human woman was standing in an estimated distance of about twenty meters to the elven fighter and smiled in self-confidence. Kyaara moved slowly forward until she was on a level with her hogtied sister. Her light-green eyes seemed to glow in the dimly lit room as she gazed into the face of her opponent, looking like a feline predator approaching her prey. The Bladedancer slowly lifted her right arm and pointed one of her blood-stained combat blade towards her enemy, as the naked woman began to speak with an appealing voice:

“Well, well, what do we have here? You are a vision of delight, my dear.”

The woman slowly moved both of her gloved hands to her vulva and let her index fingers glide deep between her labia. Kyaara recognized that she was tenderly massaging her clitoris with both fingers. The woman sighed slightly and continued to speak to the elven fighter:

“I can sense your demonic roots, my dear.” The woman snickered with delight and continued:

“This is much better than anything I had expected.”

“I have an offer for you, my dark-skinned beauty. I am Rhyeesh. Bow to me, now, and I promise to show you a whole new world of pleasure and power. Abandon your weak elven roots, unleash the demon within you, become what you are supposed to be, a true warrior of the Kazdruk Forces.”

Rhyeesh removed her right hand from her nether regions and put it forth, her index finger glittering with her juices. Kyaara had absolutely no intention to agree to a pact involving Yuldasha’s demonic forces:

“I’m here to take my sister with me, human. Go now and play with your beloved demons, otherwise I’ll slice off your limbs and throw your torso to the wolves.”

The moment Kyaara spoke up, Tianna’s body twitched unintentionally. The bound elf’s fear and sorrow got washed away in an instant and a comforting feeling of relief filled her mind. Tianna sobbed. She tried to call out her big sister’s name, but the ball-gag in her mouth choked most of the word. Rhyeesh looked towards the captured priestess. She was amused by her reaction and started to laugh maliciously:

“Awww, that’s so sweet!”

“I’ll have so much fun with you girls.”

The naked woman suddenly stopped laughing and frowned back to Kyaara:

“Alright, my dear. You wanna fight?”

“Just go and try it, half-breed!”

Another battle-roar echoed through the cathedral. Kyaara dashed forward in order to engage Rhyeesh in melee combat. Halfway there, the naked woman turned the palm of her still outstretched hand towards her opponent. An amorphous vortex of dark energy appeared in front of her palm. The moment Kyaara recognized the phenomenon, the vortex suddenly formed into a dark ball of energy, shot from Rhyeesh’s palm and struck the Bladedancer’s chest.

There was neither a palpable impact, nor pain. The only sudden sensation Kyaara was experiencing was a bizarre bodily weakness. Though her mind wanted to continue the attack, her body refused to follow her mind’s orders. The elven fighter jerked to a halt, her fingers suddenly lost all of their strength and forced her combat blades to slip out of her hands and fall to the ground. Kyaara was paralyzed and shocked. The only thing she was able to do was standing still, breathing and gazing at her opponent. Rhyeesh approached her victim slowly. Kyaara recognized that the woman’s appearance changed with every criss-crossed step. A pair of twisted horns protruded from the human’s forehead, her lower legs and feet changed into digitigrade limbs with cloven hooves and her fingernails grew into claws. The morphed woman grinned at the surprised elf and presented her canine teeth, her now yellow colored eyes wickedly flashing up.

» Succubus! « Kyaara wasn’t able to speak, so her thought remained unexpressed.

Rhyeesh stopped in front of the paralyzed elven fighter. She wrapped her clawed hands around Kyaara’s backside and pressed her naked breasts against her victim’s chest armor:

“Now look at you, my dear. You are defeated and you failed to rescue your little sister.”

Kyaara’s mind was still clouded by her fury. The helpless woman tried to fight desperately against the paralyzing effect of her opponent’s dark magic, but didn’t succeed. The Succubus released her hug and took a step backwards, her hooves clacking on the stone floor of the cathedral. She examined Kyaara’s formfitting body armor and began removing the parts which covered her breasts and genitals. The moment the Succubus recognized Kyaara’s phallus, she slightly groaned with delight:

“Ohhh, this is so much better than I had expected, my dear. I just decided to let you girls go … at least for now, but since your adorable sister still needs so much attention, you’ll have to take the job.”

Rhyeesh put her clawed hands on Kyaara’s cheeks and pressed her full lips on the helpless elf’s mouth. Kyaara felt a shiver running down her spine as the Succubus’ wet and forked tongue invaded her, caressing her oral insides. The elven fighter noticed an out of scale amount of saliva flowing into her mouth. The slippery liquid tasted weird, but before she was able to focus on the flavor, her body succumbed to its swallowing reflex and forced the juice down her throat. Shortly after Kyaara had swallowed the strange liquid, she recognized that the flame of fury which was still burning inside her got literally extinguished. She wasn’t sure why she calmed down, but it somehow felt right. The Succubus recognized the sudden change of her victim’s condition and carefully withdrew her lips from Kyaara’s, a tiny strand of saliva glittering in between. Rhyeesh looked into her victim’s eyes, smiled triumphantly and whispered:

“Ahhh, I see that my blessing is taking effect, very good. Well then, my dark-skinned beauty, I expect you to take care of your lovely little sister now. I want you to break her with raw sexual pleasure.”

The Succubus hunkered down and looked at Kyaara’s already hardening penis. She reached in between the helpless woman’s thighs and grabbed her butt cheek with one hand, then wrapped her other hand around Kyaara’s hard cock and roughly pulled back the foreskin, exposing the sensitive glans. The paralyzed woman wanted to sigh because of the pleasant sensation, but wasn’t able to.

“This is my final gift for you, my dear.” Rhyeesh leaned forward and kissed the tip of Kyaara’s cock.

“And this is a teaser of things to come.”

Kyaara’s body jerked involuntarily as Rhyeesh’s soft lips closed around the tip of her swollen cock, the demonic woman’s twitchy tongue swirling about the glans. The Succubus stuck her forked tongue out and let the elf’s penis slide all the way into her throat. Kyaara wanted to groan with pleasure because of the intense sensation, but the lack of control over her body forced her to remain silent. She felt the throat of the demonic woman close tightly around her cock, the muscles of the Succubus’ gullet pulling it deeper into the warm orifice. Rhyeesh’s lips finally reached the end of the shaft, her chin touching Kyaara’s balls. Being deep-throated for the first time drove Kyaara near the edge of lustful madness. The paralyzed elf craved for being able to express the lust swelling within her, but was still denied to do so. Her body jerked again as the Succubus’ wet tongue extended unnaturally and wrapped itself around the elven woman’s scrotum.

» Mmmm, oh god! … incredible … uaaahh … please, need to cum. « Kyaara groaned in thought.

Rhyeesh suddenly pulled herself back from her victim’s cock with an obscene slurp and licked over her lips with pleasure. Kyaara was shocked about the cruel act and begged silently:

» Nooo, please! «

The Succubus got up from her crouching position and sneered at the elven woman. She knew exactly how Kyaara felt at the moment. She slowly stepped behind the immobilized elf and grabbed her victim’s tender breasts from behind with both hands. Taking the half-breeds hard nipples in between her clawed thumbs and index fingers, rolling them gently, she whispered to her:

“There’s one last thing you need to know, my dear. Do not worry about impregnating your precious little sister, you are a half-breed and therefore infertile. However, your nectar of love is capable of much more than you can imagine right now. You’ll soon find out what I mean.”

The demonic woman released Kyaara’s nipples and withdrew from her victim with a leisurely pace, the steps of her cloven hooves echoing through the large room. She paused a moment near Tianna, hunkered down besides the frightened elven priestess and carefully removed the blindfold. The hogtied woman breathed a sigh of relief into her ball-gag. Though the cathedral room was only dimly lit, she squinted here eyes in order to get accustomed to the lack of darkness. At first Tianna recognized her big sister standing motionless near the stone altar, then she looked towards Rhyeesh who had meanwhile transformed back to her human form.

“You’ll be such a beautiful slave, darling.”

The human-looking Succubus stood up, left the cathedral without saying another word and closed the heavy wooden door behind her. There fell an oppressive silence. Tianna hoped to be finally released from her bonds and looked towards Kyaara, mumbling her name into her gag. She watched her dark-skinned sister slowly turning around, her breasts exposed and her erect cock protruding from her loins. Kyaara’s gaze was stone-cold and here eyes seemed to glow slightly.

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