Half-Breed. Chapter 3: Path of Devotion

By: Dawn2069MS

» My sister. She’s so beautiful, so sexy … look how she struggles against her bonds, so helpless. «

» She needs my help. She’s been raped by so many men, the poor little soul. «

» Look at her, she’s completely at my mercy … god I’m so lewd … my dick … so in need. «

» So she’ll become a slave? … No! … She needs a Mistress. She’ll become my slave. «

» Oh god, look at those soft lips. I … I want to feel them … feel her tongue, her throat. «

» Should I ravish her, use her? … It will feel good! Yes, it feels right … it’s what I crave for. «

Kyaara gazed towards her hogtied and abused sister, her thoughts torn between caring for Tianna and surrendering to her wicked and rising urge. She felt the arousing heat which was coursing through her body since the Succubus’ kiss, fueling her lust, her heart beating forcefully, making her hard phallus pulse rhythmically. Her balls felt swollen and heavy, like they’d soon overflow with semen, and her nipples were as hard as small nuggets, protruding nicely from her purplish areolae. Even though Kyaara’s twisted emotions were nearly overwhelming her mind, the corrupted elven woman’s face remained persistently stoic. She recognized her bound sister looking at her in anticipation and fear, questioning.

The dark-skinned half-breed slowly approached her victim, her steps elegantly emphasizing her hips, her erect cock swinging slightly due to the graceful movement. Every step of the Bladedancer’s heeled boots clicked on the stone floor of the cathedral, sending slight shivers through Tianna’s body. Kyaara stopped in front of her sister and looked down in the troubled elven priestess’ eyes, then went down to her knees and reached out behind her sisters head. Tianna winced at the sudden movement at first, but relaxed as she recognized that the leather-straps of her gag got loosened and the saliva-stained ball was finally removed from her mouth. Feeling her lips and tongue being released from the restraints of the ball-gag, she couldn’t help but giving in to her urge to lick over her wet lips, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath through her mouth afterward. It was a pleasant, but much too short moment of relief. The trembling uncertainty as to what would happen now forced Tianna to open her eyes again, looking into her sisters stone-cold eyes. Being able to articulate again, the troubled priestess spoke to her strangely behaving sister:

“Kyaara, please. What has she done to you? … Please, untie me, I can’t bear this any-mmmgh.”

Tianna’s pleas were cut off as Kyaara suddenly pressed her lips on her little sister’s mouth. Surprised about the unexpected and passionate kiss, she was unsure how to respond to Kyaara’s action, except for returning the kiss in the end, awaiting the things to come.

Kyaara’s rapidly increasing longing for her little sister’s soft lips was driving her mad. The memory of the intense sensation of a warm and tight throat massaging her sensitive cock was more than addictive. Kyaara suddenly withdrew from her sister’s lips and arose from her kneeling position. She moved a wooden stool which was standing near Tianna to the place where she had just had knelt, directly in front of her sister’s beautiful face. The dark-skinned elf then sat down on the stool and spread her thighs wide, presenting her hard phallus and swollen balls to her surprised sister. Kyaara looked at Tianna and spoke in a calm but commanding voice:

“Kiss the tip of my cock, little sister.”

Tianna was shocked and looked towards her corrupted sister. Giving pleasure to her was nothing new for the elven priestess, but it had always been on a consensual level. What happened right now was the continuation of her violation, at least it felt alike. With a fearful voice, Tianna tried to argue her sister out of forcing her to perform fellatio:

“Sister, please … Don’t let me suffer any more, I beg you … Help me, I …”

Kyaara cut her off again, her voice sounding more forcefully than before:

“Kiss it! Now! Or I promise I’ll chain you to the altar behind me and impale you on my horse’s cock.”

Tianna gazed into her sister’s face, she was stunned by her words. She felt thoughts about how it would feel to be penetrated by a horse cock rushing through her mind and she was shocked that those thoughts were accompanied by a strong emotion, which wasn’t disgust or something similar, but arousal. She had no idea where those thoughts came from and she suddenly was afraid that they could be a result of the Succubus’ so called gift. Tianna got teary-eyed. She was bizarrely aroused, confused and at the end of her rope. With a trembling voice, she replied to her sisters command:

“Kyaara, I …” She started to sob, tears running down her cheeks: “Yes sister, I’ll obey.”

The elven priestess looked at her big sister’s erect penis. She recognized a bit of precum at the tip of the well-formed glans. Tianna pursed her lips and stretched out her neck. Being so close to her sister’s cock enabled her to smell the intoxicating scent of Kyaara’s nether region, a flavor her nose hadn’t tasted for quite some time. A flash of memories rushed to the young elf’s mind, vintage impressions from the Age of Arbitration, where both girls had caressed each other by consent. Moved by tears anew, the desperate priestess placed a soft kiss on the tip of the pulsating cock and looked up into her corrupted sister’s eyes.

The tender touch of Tianna’s lips sent a pleasant shiver through Kyaara’s loins. The sensation was much more intense than she had expected. Regardless of if the unusually high stimulation was the result of the Succubus’ gift or not, she wanted more from her bound sister:

“More … Kiss me more.”

The hogtied woman obeyed in silence, placing more kisses on the tip of her sister’s phallus. Kyaara watched her closely, relishing the tingly sensation. She was surprised that Tianna did not only kiss the front of her cock, but also moved her head in order to caress all of her sister’s glans with her lips. Every time the half-breed felt one of her bound sister’s tender kisses, she slightly thrust out her loins with pleasure, groaning silently. Kyaara touched her exposed breasts and started to massage her swollen nipples with her fingers.

“I want to feel your tongue. Lick my cockhead, suck on it … and look into my eyes while you do it.”

“Yes, big sister.”

Tianna continued to obey her sister’s commands. The words she just had spoken felt like they had been articulated by someone else. Being hogtied and forced to orally serve her dominant sister, the only person she had trusted completely so far, the violated priestess felt more helpless and defeated than ever before. If she had the chance to end her suffering right now, she would do it, come what may. However, since her corrupted sister continued her sexual torment, Tianna had no other chance than to submit to her sister’s will and try to endure anything she would do to her. Slightly fighting against her bonds, the exhausted woman looked up into her big sister’s glaring eyes. Her tears had already mixed up with her black eyeliner, leaving traces of it on her cheeks. With her mind filled with a wicked emotional mixture of arousal and refusal, the mistreated elven woman continued to give pleasure to her dark-skinned sister.

In anticipation of feeling her sister’s wet tongue on her cock, Kyaara stretched her loins forward to make it easier for Tianna to take care of her sensitive glans. The foreskin of her penis was completely pulled back, revealing the entirety of its’ delicate splendor, and her full balls rested on the wooden surface of the stool. The corrupted elf was barely able to contain herself from shoving her phallus into her sister’s mouth. As she finally felt the impact of her bound victim’s tongue on the tip of her cock, especially on that very well known sensitive spot at the lower side of the glans where the foreskin is attached to the tip, Kyaara’s body trembled slightly due to the highly satisfying sensation and the sizzling wave of pleasure rushing through her nether regions, as well as through her sensitive nipples.

Tianna skillfully licked and sucked on her sister’s cockhead. She circled her wet tongue around the glans, slowly but forcefully, then again let it playfully twitch over its saliva-stained and over-stimulated skin. At times she closed her soft lips around the tip of her sister’s cock and let the glans rhythmically glide in and out of her mouth. Tianna had no idea from where she had gained the knowledge of performing fellatio on such a skillful level. She felt like being in a state of trance and her body seemed to move on its’ own accord. Though being violated again, the sound of sucking on her sister’s penis, as well as the stimulating scent of saliva and her sister’s nether regions made her get more and more aroused and she started to groan involuntarily with relish.

Kyaara was caught in a web of intense pleasure. The constant and delightful oral assault on her glans quickly drove her to the edge of a massive orgasm. The corrupted elf tried to remain composed, but failed due to the incoming climax. The closer she came to her orgasm, the heavier her breathing got and the more she groaned with pleasure.

” Hmmm … aaahh … c-cumming. Don’t you dare stop licking me-ohhh god! I’m … cumming!”

As Kyaara went over the edge and surrendered to her orgasm, all of her muscles tensed due to the overwhelming sensation. She started to breath heavily, then her moans trembled with pleasure as the orgasm waved through her body and mind. Kyaara’s cock pulsated intensely. As the first surge of warm cum gushed from her cock into her sister’s mouth, Tianna was caught by surprise. She quivered slightly, but continued to suck on the cockhead as ordered. After pumping more salvos of thick white cum into the bound priestess’ mouth, viscous strands of the salty liquid spilled out of her mouth and over her lips, running down her chin and dripping onto the wooden table.

While Kyaara’s body continued to tremble due to the ongoing oral stimulation of her cockhead, she stopped teasing her hard nipples and slowly moved her left hand towards the head of her sister. She buried her fingers in Tianna’s silken black hair and tenderly caressed her sister’s head. The bound elf was unsure how to respond to the unexpected act of tenderness. She slowly continued to pet her sister’s glans with her cum-filled mouth. Surprised about that her tormentor’s phallus remained rock hard after the orgasm, she looked up into her sister’s light-green eyes, as Kyaara finally responded to her questioning look:

“Mmmm, yes my dear. Keep licking me, your mouth and tongue feel awesome.

Kyaara glared at her submissive sister:

“You may swallow my nectar now, little sister. I need your nice throat to be slippery.”

Tianna gulped the sticky semen and stopped moving her head. She knew exactly what her corrupted sister had in mind. She was afraid that her virgin throat would not be able to endure the invasion of a cock as big as her sister’s and she didn’t want to try it out anyway. The fearful elven woman tried to pull her mouth away from Kyaara’s cock. The moment the half-breed recognized her little sister’s attempt to back off, she firmly grabbed Tianna’s hair with her left hand and held her head in place, the tip of her cock still resting inside her sister’s mouth.

“Mmmpphh … gaaahhp … nghoo, ghlease …” Tianna tried to plea.

She began to panic, helplessly trying to pull her face away, but she had no chance against the superior strength of her big sister’s body. Her muscles tensed as the scared and exhausted woman tried to free herself from her bonds. The moment Kyaara placed her right hand on her head as well, Tianna looked up in horror, her eyes wide open, her facial expression begging for mercy.

“Bear this for me, my slave.” Kyaara commanded.

Before Tianna was able to actually recognize that her sister had referred to her as slave, the half-breed slowly pushed her loins forward and simultaneously guided the hogtied woman’s head towards her nether regions, forcing her swollen cock into her little sister’s throat. The head of Kyaara’s cock slid over Tianna’s tongue and started to press against the back of her throat. Tianna began to gag on the invading flesh. After holding her sister’s head in position for several seconds, Kyaara started to slowly pull back out. The priestess coughed with relief. Feeling the swollen glans of her sister’s cock slightly stretching her lips, she hoped that Kyaara would withdraw her phallus completely.


3Kyaara Tianna

Kyaara forces Tianna to Deep-Throat

“Mmmm, yes. Deeper.”

Those words balked Tianna’s hopes for relief. Kyaara pushed herself back in, slowly but relentlessly, shoving her hard cock into her sister’s throat. Tianna’s eyes shot wide open again as the thick head of her sister’s cock pushed down her tongue and forced it’s self down her gullet. Tianna gagged hard. Tears welled in her eyes as she tried to fight down her gag reflex. She began to panic. Her fingers clenched and flexed as she struggled against the ropes holding her arms bound behind her back, helplessly trying to free herself from the grip of her corrupted sister. The suffocating woman was petrified that her throat couldn’t take much more of her sister’s phallus. Tianna desperately moaned around the mouthful and wriggled in her bondage as Kyaara pushed more of her swollen cock into her throat. The priestess continued to gag heavily on her sister’s phallus which was slowly stretching her gullet. Precum and saliva bubbled out of her lips and dripped down on the wooden table. Tianna’s throat began to bulge as her sister’s erect penis cut off her air ways and forced itself down deeper. The muscles of her throat tried to push back the invading shaft, they flexed and spasmed around Kyaara’s cock, but all their attempts to resist the invasion was futile. After what felt like an eternity for Tianna, Kyaara finally pulled herself completely into her sister’s throat. Tianna’s lips reached the end of the shaft, her nose pressing up against the half-breed’s stomach, her chin touching Kyaara’s balls. Tianna’s whole body trembled frantically. The abused elf’s lungs started to scream for air. She blurted out another guttural gag as she slowly started to get dizzy, her eyes rolling back up.

Kyaara was overwhelmed with pleasure. The sensation of having her cock massaged by her sister’s gagging reflexes along with the sight of her jerking body was driving her to the edge of her next orgasm. Kyaara kept her highly stimulated cock immersed in the warm orifice of her sister’s throat until she recognized that Tianna’s eyes started to roll up into the back of her head. In order to prevent her sister from passing out, she slowly pulled back her penis, enabling her to breath again.

Tianna’s cheeks were blurred with a mixture of tears and black eyeliner. The moment her throat got released from her sister’s cock, she gasped for air, coughing and breathing heavily afterward. Thick and viscous strands of saliva and precum extended between Tianna’s wet lips and Kyaara’s slippery cock, slowly running down the priestess’ chin and the half-breed’s scrotum, dripping down and pooling on the surface of the wooden furniture. Tianna was panting. Her jaw felt loose and her mouth remained open.

“Aaghh … mmmgh …” Tianna gagged anew on her sister’s invading phallus.

Kyaara didn’t grant much rest to her poor sister. She was on the brink of having another orgasm and she wanted to cum while deep-throating Tianna. With a slow but forceful thrust of her loins, the dark-skinned elven woman shoved her dick back into her sister’s throat again until her swinging balls touched the saliva-stained chin of the exhausted priestess. Kyaara then pulled back until the glans of her cock slid over Tianna’s tongue, only to force it down her gagging sister’s gullet again … and again … and again. Every thrust pushed the half-breed towards an unbelievable intense orgasm. The cockhead of Kyaara’s penis began to flare as she pulled back out. The moment the glans touched Tianna’s twitchy tongue, Kyaara climaxed as hard as she never had before, the ecstatic sensation blasting through her jerking body and mind.

Tianna felt the sudden flush of her sister’s cum filling her mouth. Since Kyaara was just thrusting her cock back into her throat, a surge of warm cum gushed up into Tianna’s nasal cavity and spurted out of her nostrils. Further surge of salty cum gushed into the priestess’ throat as the over-stimulated glans slipped down her gullet again. On the peak of her orgasm, Kyaara roughly impaled her sister’s throat onto her pulsating cock on last time and forcefully held her head locked in the sucking position, feasting on her victim’s oral sexual torment. She groaned in satisfaction as her orgasm slowly faded, feeding on its sweet aftermath.

The moment Kyaara recognized that her sister was on the verge of passing out again, she withdrew her tingly penis from her violated sister’s throat and mouth. Tianna was much too exhausted to keep her head up by herself, so Kyaara carefully aided her to turn her head to the side and let it rest on the cum-splattered wooden table. Tianna had her eyes closed, drenched in tears. She panted and coughed, remains of cum dripping from her lips onto the table. She was exhausted and defeated, a picture of misery.

“My poor slave. Sleep now. You shall receive your reward after you’ve gained some rest.”

Kyaara looked at her abused little sister. Though she somehow knew that what she had done to Tianna was the right thing, however, somewhere deep inside of her, she felt guilty. While looking at her sister’s smudgy yet beautiful face, she suddenly recognized that the fainting woman whimpered something. Kyaara was barely able to understand it, but was sure she had heard the words ‘Yes, Mistress.’

» Good girl. « The half-breed throught, sighed with relief and smiled.

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