Half-Breed. Chapter 4: A Question of Power

By: Dawn2069MS

The moonlight was barely shining through the clouded night sky, immersing the obsidian colored eastern cliff line in a surreal twilight. Though located about a hundred meters below the edge of the cliff, the breaking of waves of the ocean was clearly audible and echoed through the night.

Rhyeesh had returned to the place where she had arrived on the landmass about two weeks ago, preparing herself to commune with Vorgen. She didn’t look forward to talking to her master. She had been ordered to scout the adjacent regions for potential threats, such as wild dragons, but had decided to refuse to follow her master’s orders. Like many times before, she would lie, cheat and seduce to persuade her master and to play for time. Rhyeesh was aware of the fact that Vorgen was directly subordinate to Yuldasha and that the game she was playing had a very high potential to backfire. However, she liked to play with fire and she fed on the thrill.

The succubus was in her human-looking form and knelt on the stony surface, her buttocks resting on her heels. Her hands were positioned on top of her thighs, the palms facing upwards. She was still sparsely dressed, only wearing her black leather thigh-high boots with high-heels and her arm-long leather gloves as outfit. The hair of her long ponytail was brushing over her bare skin due to the moderate breeze, sending tingly sensations through the demonic woman’s body. Rhyeesh had her eyes closed. She concentrated on executing a ritual which enabled her to speak with her master over long distances, even when having the whole SajaRuun Ocean between herself and Kazdruk. The succubus started to sweat slightly due to the draining spell-casting, but managed to materialize a circle of dark magical energy on the ground around her. The glyphs and symbols of the magic circle glowed slightly, immersing the area inside the circle in a bizarre blueish light. Moments later, a vortex of dark energy appeared at the border of the magic circle, encasing the succubus completely.

Rhyeesh felt the demonic energy of the ritual sizzle over her almost naked body, making her skin crawl. She suddenly felt the presence of her master. Though used to this effect of emotional closeness while communicating through ritual magic, she shivered upon Vorgen’s presence. The Succubus opened her eyes. She found herself kneeling in midst of her master’s chambers, but the ground within the magic circle beneath her was still the obsidian colored rock of the eastern cliff line. It looked like if the area within the circle, as well as herself, had been somehow projected into Vorgen’s dimly lit room. Rhyeesh started to address her master with practiced devotion, but got distracted by the scenery she was looking at:

“It’s a pleasure to … be in your presence again, my … Master?”

The dark-skinned demon was sitting in his throne-like chair. He was completely naked and had his thighs spread, his beast-like clawed feet resting on the stone floor near the edges of the massive throne. His erect phallus was protruding from his loins, the cockhead pointing almost directly in Rhyeesh’s direction. Two naked slaves, a light-skinned young human man with extraordinary long black hair and a sun-tanned red-haired Zelkathorn elven woman, were kneeling in front of his legs, eagerly kissing and licking the saliva-stained glans of the large cock from both sides. The arms of the slaves were bound by a conical sheath of leather which enclosed both of each slave’s arms from fingertips to above the elbow, holding them together behind their back while keeping the elbows in touch with each other. The armbinders were tightened with lacing and supplemented with straps around the wrists and the upper arms. Another pair of leather straps which ran over each of the slave’s shoulders held them in place. Rhyeesh recognized that each armbinder was attached to the throne through a metal chain, forcing the two sex-slaves to remain in a vicinity of about three meters of the furniture. Vorgen’s clawed hands rested on each of the slave’s heads, his fingers buried in their hair, holding them in a steady grip.

The sight of her master made Rhyeesh shiver. The various bony thorns protruding from his lower arms, elbows and shoulders, as well as several pairs of large horns and thorns on his hairless head, made the large demon look dangerously powerful, his pupil-less white glowing eyes amplifying the wicked demonic appearance. Vorgen smirked at his kneeling subordinate. Amused about Rhyeesh’s apparent distraction, he responded to her doggerel greeting:

“You look surprised, my little apprentice. Shouldn’t you be accustomed to the fact that our kind uses slaves as pets and playthings by now? You know that we feed on their sexual energy, do you?”

Vorgen strengthened his grip and forced the heads of his two slaves away from his cock, but just far enough to avoid the tip of their tongues reaching the glossy glans. Both slaves stuck out their tongues as far as possible in response, eagerly trying to continue to tease their master’s cock. They moaned slightly due to being denied to continue to serve.

Rhyeesh tried to focus on her master, but caught herself gazing at the male human slave who was lecherously trying to reach Vorgen’s cock. She recognized that his whole appearance – the shape of his body, his beautiful facial features and the way was moving – was very feminine. If the young man wouldn’t have a flat chest and a penis, she would have mistaken him for a woman. The succubus suddenly felt aroused while eying up the male slave and her thoughts started to swirl around the scenery in front of her:

» What a gorgeous young man, just looking at him makes my pussy become wet. «

» Damn you, Vorgen. He knows exactly that I get horny when I see submissive slaves in bondage. «

» Keep your temper, Rhyeesh. Play your role of the obedient little apprentice …«

The demon woman hated to be referred to as ‘little apprentice’. Every time her master used this phrase, her already hot temper got fueled and she felt the urge to counter. However, she was used to deal with her master’s quirks, managed to pull herself together and re-focused on her master’s questions:

“Yes Master, of course I’m aware of the fact that we use and feed on our slaves.”

She gazed at the male slave again:

“I just hadn’t expected to disturb your …”

Vorgen interrupted his apprentice: “You are not disturbing at all, my little apprentice.”

The obsidian-skinned demon guided his slave’s heads back to his cock. Groaning with relish, the human man and the elven woman passionately closed their lips around the glans and continued to kiss and lick their master’s phallus again.

“You know that I have a very distinctive sense for aesthetics. You also know that I am not like the majority of demons here in Kazdruk who would take any opportunity to fuck anything they can lay their claws on. Once I decide to choose someone to serve me, I take my time and I make sure that the one I may choose will fit to my personal sense of taste. This, my beloved apprentice, is the reason why I’ve chosen you as my right hand, and those two slaves as my personal playthings.”

Vorgen pulled the young man away from is cock again and forced him to turn his head towards Rhyeesh. The human slave looked at the succubus, his face reflecting desire and devotion.

“Look at this slave. What do you think of him? Be honest.”

Rhyeesh replied to her master’s question:

“He’s the most adorable human male I’ve ever seen so far … so beautiful, and so feminine.”

She looked back at her master’s glowing eyes: “He’s a vision of delight, Master.”

Vorgen grinned, his vampiric fangs showing behind his lips: “… aaand? I said be honest.”

“And … I’d like to feel him inside of me, Master.”

The glowing eyes of the dark-skinned demon flashed up. He moved his male slave’s head back in it’s original position where the young man continued to work his tongue over his master’s glans again. Satisfied with his apprentices answer, Vorgen smiled and gave Rhyeesh a striking look:

“Very good … I may grant you your wish after you’ve returned to Kazdruk. That of course depends on how satisfied I’ll be with the results of your tasks. … Speaking of tasks, the reason why I summoned you isn’t to discuss my personal preferences concerning slaves, is it?”

Rhyeesh’s body tensed. Those last words of her master instantly washed away her arousal and made her concentrate on her faked report.

“No, Master, of course not. Please forgive me for having questioned you. I am here to report the results of the task you had entailed on me, Master. As ordered, I’ve scouted the region between the Obsidian Cliff and Lake Crimson. The majority of the area is forsaken. There’s a small human enclave to the west of the lake, but they are no threat to us at all. I had dominated four of their strongest males and they had been will-less toys under my control. Though the Obsidian Cliff is rumored to be inhabited by wild dragons, I didn’t find any traces of their existence. If I may anticipate you in answering your next question, Master, I think that the eastern cliff line will be the perfect location to set up the beachhead for the invasion.”

After finishing her report, Rhyeesh bowed to her master and remained in the position, awaiting his reply. However, the voice she heard after bowing down wasn’t the one of her master. It was an awe-inspiring female voice from one of the dark corners of Vorgen’s chambers:

“So this is the young one you’ve told me about, my champion?”

All of Rhyeesh’s muscles tensed anew. She suddenly was overwhelmed by a new demonic presence which was much more powerful than the one of her master. The succubus remained motionless in her bowed down position. It wasn’t necessary for her to see whose voice she just had heard, she just knew it was the voice of her queen Yuldasha.

While Rhyeesh listened to the approximating clacking of Yuldasha’s cloven hooves, her master replied to his queen’s question:

“Yes, my Lady. This is Rhyeesh, my right hand and one of your most beautiful and skilled servants.”

The succubus’ mind was nearly stunned by Yuldasha’s presence. It was the first time she had direct contact to the Ruler of the Kazdruk Forces and she unconsciously understood that Yuldasha’s power was beyond anything she had ever experienced so far. Though being awestruck by her queen’s mental and emotional presence, Rhyeesh became aware of the fact that she never had had the chance to look at Yuldasha in person. She was curious to finally see her, but didn’t dare to move her head without being commanded by either her master or her queen. She continued to listen to the demoness’ approaching steps, as Yuldasha replied to Vorgen’s statement with an appealing voice:

“Is that so? Well, I want to see it for myself.”

“Raise your head and look at me, my child.”

“Yes, my Queen.” Rhyeesh answered humbly and slowly rose her head.

Looking at her queen for the first time was a sight to behold for the young succubus. Yuldasha’s size, the reddish tan color of her skin, her twisted black demon horns protruding from the sides of her head through her black long hair, her hourglass figure and her massive breasts which were barely covered by her attire, her piercing green serpentine eyes glowing in the dim light of Vorgen’s chambers, all of the tall arch-demoness’ appearance stood for words like wickedness, intimidation, elegance, seduction and domination. Rhyeesh was even more awestruck as she recognized Yuldasha’s extremely graceful movement. The way she criss-crossed her steps, swayed her hips and wiped her tail, it all made the powerful demoness look pleasingly and dangerously elegant.

Yuldasha stopped in front of the border of the magic circle and eyed up the kneeling succubus. While her emerald eyes focused on Rhyeesh’s face, the demoness addressed her anew:

“Put your hands behind your head and spread your thighs. I want to to see all of your body.”

Rhyeesh obeyed in silence and positioned herself as ordered, presenting her tender breasts and her hairless vulva, still looking up into her queen’s glowing eyes. Yuldasha started to circle around the kneeling woman, speaking to her champion demon:

“You didn’t promise too much, dear Vorgen. If she would be a human, she’d be a quite beautiful slave. However, I am not here to see a human slave, am I?”

Yuldasha stopped in front of Rhyeesh again, glaring down at the kneeling succubus, as Vorgen began to answer his queen’s question:

“Forgive me, my Lady, it is …”

Yuldasha cut her champion off: “Not your fault. … It’s her fault.”

Rhyeesh suddenly became scared. She hadn’t expected to displease her queen due to being in her human form. The moment the kneeling woman intended to excuse her failure, Yuldasha bent over slowly, the nipples of her heavy breasts sliding out of the strained cups of her top, and continued to speak to her:

“Get on your feet, my child, and show me your true form.”

“Y-Yes, Mistress.” Rhyeesh replied with a trembling voice and obeyed.

After detaching the high-heels from her black leather stockings, Rhyeesh switched to her demonic form. A twisted pair of horns grew on her forehead, her lower legs each got an extra hock joint and her feet changed to cloven hooves. Clawed hands, pointed ears, vampiric fangs and a prehensile tail completed the succubus’ true form.

Yuldasha smiled, revealing her extended canine fangs, and addressed the succubus with a satisfied voice:

“Now this is what I had expected to see, my child. Your beauty is really remarkable.”

The demon queen suddenly stepped inside the magic circle and grabbed the succubus’ chin in between the thumb and index finger of her right hand. Surprised about the fact that it seemed possible to be touched through the magic vortex and before realizing what was happening to her, Rhyeesh felt Yuldasha’s other hand sliding over the skin of her belly down to her nether regions, her clawed ring and middle fingers brushing over her clitoris, then roughly entering her vagina. She couldn’t help but groan due to the unexpected assault on her private parts. Unfortunately, the pleasant sensation of Yuldasha’s invading fingers was short-lived and got quickly substituted by a constant amount of pain, as the large demoness increased the grip of her fingers of both of her hands and lifted the succubus off her feet until Rhyeesh’s face lined up with her own.

Rhyeesh screamed in pain. She instinctively wrapped her arms around the neck of Yuldasha in order to pull herself upwards to ease the unbearable pressure on her pubic bone, clitoris and vagina. Her painful screams got suddenly muted as Yuldasha pressed her deep purple lips on the succubus’ mouth, kissing her passionately. Torn between pleasure and pain, the succubus felt overrun by the raw strength and power of her demon queen. After what felt like an eternity, Yuldasha forced the young woman away from her lips and tossed her back to the ground like a used toy.

Rhyeesh was simultaneously shocked and highly aroused. Being completely overwhelmed by the actual situation, she looked up into her queen’s piercing green serpentine eyes in awe.

“After you return to Kazdruk, I expect you to come to my chambers to pleasure me, my child. You’ll be a welcome diversion to those pitiful human and elven slaves.”

Yuldasha recognized the young succubus’ distraction and continued to speak:

“No need to be scared, my child. I promise I won’t hurt you … much.”

The demon queen grinned, turned around and walked away from the magic circle, her movement as graceful as usual. Rhyeesh watched her leaving Vorgen’s chambers, her presence slowly fading with every meter of distance. She could still taste Yuldasha’s saliva on her lips and unintentionally licked over them with her tongue. After the heavy wooden door of Vorgen’s chambers had been closed, the succubus looked back to her master who was still sitting on his throne and still being orally pampered by his two slaves. Vorgen smiled and cleared up the situation:

“Congratulations, my apprentice. You are still alive. Queen Yuldasha seems to like you.”

“If you say so, Master.” Rhyeesh replied quietly.

She felt exhausted, the duration of the ritual was still draining her powers and the encounter with her queen was the questionable climax of the night. She wished to end the spell-casting and rest:

“Master, may I end this ritual now? I feel too exhausted to continue any longer.”

Vorgen’s glowing white eyes flashed up again as he replied to his apprentices wish:

“Here are my new orders. I plan to set up the beachhead in exactly two weeks. Make sure to enslave all humans from the enclave near the lake, we need workers for the construction of the fort and playthings for our soldiers. Report back to me on the thirteenth night from now. … You are dismhhh-missed.”

The moment Rhyeesh intended to stop the magic ritual, a large surge of hot cum spurted from Vorgen’s cock onto her face and breasts. The succubus winced due to the unexpected flush of semen, but continued to end the communication with her master. After the vortex of dark energy and the magic circle on the obsidian colored ground had disappeared, she found herself alone on top of the drafty cliff line again. She remained sitting on the rocky surface, wiping the splatters of cum from her face and breasts with her hands. While licking her hands clean and enjoying the salty flavor of fresh semen, Rhyeesh thought about the recent events, as well as her new orders.

» My master, that bastard. He stood by and let me screw up big time in front of Mistress Yuldasha. «

» I swear he’ll pay for this! … Power, I need more power, dammit. «

Rhyeesh moved her right hand to her vulva and started to caress her clitoris with her middle finger, sighing slightly because of the sizzling sensation.

» And Queen Yuldasha? God … she’s so gorgeous. I wanna serve her, not him. «

The succubus suddenly stopped teasing herself with her finger and verbalized her thoughts aloud:

“Two weeks till he arrives … not much time. I think I’ll pay my two elven girls another visit …”

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