Half-Breed. Chapter 5: Destiny’s Edge – Part I

By: Dawn2069MS

» Open your eyes and look upon yourself. «

Kyaara recognized her own voice, but wasn’t speaking. It was a thought, a foreign thought, echoing through her mind, using her own mental voice. Hearing herself speak felt odd and familiar at the same time, which eventually made Kyaara obey the request and open her eyes.

The elven woman found herself standing in midst of an illuminated endless hallway, in front of a large mirror, closely examining her reflection. She was beautifully dressed all in white, like a bride, the light color of her attire showing to advantage to her blueish dark skin. The flouncy corsage of Kyaara’s wedding dress had a lace-up back and an open-cup bra, supporting only a portion of the underside of her breasts, pushing them upward and leaving the nipples and areolae uncovered. A pair of thin straps decorated with lace ran from the sides of her breasts over the dark-skinned elf’s shoulders and held the corsage in place. The nether border of the garment was like a garter belt. The sides of the elf’s hips were each covered with a flouncy triangular-shaped strap and each of them was decorated with a large white bow. Kyaara’s legs were covered with white skirt-like thigh-high stockings, wide cut and lined with frills, connected to and held in place by the garter-belt’s straps. The extravagant design of the wedding dress completely revealed the half-breed’s nether regions, as well as her well-rounded backside. Kyaara’s semi-erect penis was covered in a white silken cuff which was held in place by a loop fastened around her balls. The elf’s elegant and revealing attire was complemented with white arm-length fingerless gloves which were decorated with beautiful floral ornaments, as well as a long bridal veil. In addition to her white garment, the elven woman wore a set of twinkling jewelry, adorning her ears, neck and fingers, as well as her nipples and her vulva.

» What do you see? «

Despite the naughty candidness of the wedding gown’s design, Kyaara somehow liked what she saw in the mirror. She started caressing herself with her hands, feeling the silken fabric of the dress. While looking at her mirror image, she recognized that she had a different hairstyle than usual. Her white hair was loose and had several curled strands, granting her overall appearance an almost innocent touch. Kyaara smiled as she answered her mental voice’s question:

“I see a beautiful elven bride.”

» Look again, beyond the mirror’s border. What do you see? «

The distance between the mirror and Kyaara was about two meters. The elven bride took a step closer towards the reflecting surface, as she suddenly felt the urge to continue walking forward. Only now she felt the cold floor of the endless hallway under her bare feet. Kyaara’s steps were carefully graceful, emphasizing her hips, the silken fabric of the dress caressing her legs. After reaching the mirror, she continued moving forward and crossed its surface as it would be an ordinary passageway. She instantly recognized that the hallway on the other side was identical to the one she just had come from, but it was dimly lit and looked grim. The voice in Kyaara’s mind asked anew:

» What do you see? «

The elven bride slowly turned around, expecting to see her reflection in the mirror. What she saw made her almost freeze. Her breath caught suddenly and her heartbeat got faster almost instantly, as the half-breed gazed at her mirror image.

Kyaara looked at herself, she was sure of that fact. However, her skin’s blueish color was the only things her bridal self and the reflection in the mirror had in common. Her counterpart wore a pitch-black version of her Bladedancer armor, as well as her combat blades on her back. The metallic surface of her armor was decorated with various slightly glowing blue runes, as well as with various metal spikes. What was much more distracting than the altered color of her armor was the shape of her counterpart’s body. She had digitigrade legs, thus an extra hock joint at her lower legs, and cloven hooves instead of humanoid feet. Her fingers were claw-like and several dark thorns protruded from the outside of her lower arms, as well as from her elbows. A pair of slightly curved long horns had grown from her upper forehead and they were decorated with silver metal rings. The color of her eyes hadn’t changed, but they glowed in the dim light of the endless hallway and the pupils were bizarrely triple-slit, making her demonic appearance even look more alien.

“I … I see … myself?”

Kyaara lifted her right arm and reached out for the mirror’s surface as if in a trance. She recognized that her mirror image was moving accordingly and even reflected Kyaara’s puzzled facial expression. The elven bride expected to touch the even surface of the mirror any moment, but contrary to her expectation, she didn’t touch the mirror’s flat surface, but the actual hand of her demonic counterpart. Her reflex response was to pull back her hand, but the clawed fingers of her dark twin had already moved in between her own fingers and closed around them, trapping her hand in a death grip.

The half-breed felt her heart beating faster within her chest, she felt vulnerable and helpless in the presence of her demonic self. Kyaara heard her own voice again, but this time it came from her dark counterpart instead of from within her mind:

“Two parts of the same soul joining together. With this touch, I take you as my property.”

The demon counterpart suddenly jerked Kyaara towards her, forcing the elven bride to bump into the demon’s body, her exposed breasts touching the cold steel of the Bladedancer armor. With a wicked grin, Kyaara’s demonic self continued to speak:

“I may kiss the bride now.”

Feeling her own tongue and tasting her own saliva felt strange. Kyaara’s dark counterpart had moved her right hand behind the elven bride’s head and started kissing her passionately. The astonished elven woman tried to pull back at first, but was prevented from doing so due to her demonic self’s firm grip. The more Kyaara felt her dark twin’s twitching tongue invading her mouth, the more she got overwhelmed by an arousing weakness within her body and mind. Recognizing that her right hand suddenly got released, the elven bride started to embrace her demonic self, eagerly returning the kiss, her wet tongue responding to the soft oral caressing. Feeling her hardening penis pressing against the pants of the Bladedancer armor, Kyaara closed her eyes and groaned with relish as she felt the strong arms of her counterpart hugging her tenderly. The two women kissed themselves for minutes. Every now and then, their mouths parted awhile, revealing their wet tongues still caressing each other, tiny strands of saliva glittering in between their lips.

If Kyaara had her way, the passionate kissing would last forever. However, what suddenly interrupted the moment of high passion was the sound of a blade being drawn, followed by the sensation of cold metal touching her exposed genitals. Within a single heartbeat, the pleasant sensation of passion got substituted by a shocking blast of fear, her eyes gaping in horror. Looking into her wicked self’s alien eyes, Kyaara heard her mental voice again:

» What you see is your fate, half-breed. «

The intonation of the last word was scarily deep and grotesquely distorted. Before the shocked woman was able to actually react to her mental voice’s statement, a huge impact of massive pain ravaged through the half-breed’s body, as the the razor-sharp blade started to to cut upwards through her abdomen, splitting her genitals, tearing apart her intestines. Kyaara’s muscles clenched and her body jerked involuntarily, she felt hot blood running down her legs, staining her white stockings. Her heartbeat started to race due to the sudden loss of blood and the only sensation within her mind was pure agony.

Kyaara screamed with terror and pain and … found herself sitting up straight on her bed of straw within the abandoned cathedral, drenched in sweat, breathing heavily, her body trembling. The elven woman looked about, still unsure if the nightmare was over or not. She felt her heart beating fast and intense within her chest. Touching her abdomen and belly, the scared woman recognized that she hadn’t been hurt at all. After some minutes of slowly calming down, Kyaara looked at her sister who remained sleeping peacefully on the bed of straw next to her, unaffected by her scream.

It was still dark outside. Having been gifted with night-vision, the half-breed saw that her sister’s blanket had slipped to the ground. She crawled to the side of Tianna’s bed and adjusted the quilt, looking at her little sister’s beautiful face. While putting her hand on Tianna’s cheek, gently caressing her soft skin, her fingers tenderly stroking her silken black hair, Kyaara summed up the recent events in thought.


After Tianna had passed out in consequence of the final act of her violation, Kyaara had untied her abused sister. The ropes had left obvious marks on the elven priestess’ ankles and forearms, but hadn’t bruised the skin at least. She then had carefully lifted the unconscious woman up from the cum-splattered wooden table and had carried her to the stone altar at the other end of the cathedral. After having gently positioned her sister on her back on top of the massive stone, Kyaara had gathered one of her waterskins and a cloth from her horse’s backpack and had started to clean the sticky sperm off from Tianna’s hair, face, breasts and from her nether regions.

While caring for her unconscious sister, Kyaara had recognized anew how much she actually adored her. The half-breed had been unexpectedly overwhelmed by the powerful emotion, as tears had sprung to her eyes. Kyaara had suddenly felt deeply guilty for what she had done to her poor sister. She had looked on her hands which had started to tremble heavily, the hands she had used to force the innocent priestess to swallow her cock and rape her virgin throat. Her fingers had clenched as Kyaara had felt the sorrow of guilt deep within her soul. Her eyes had been filled with tears and she had started to sob.

“G-God … p-poor Tianna … s-so sorry … I’m s-so sorry …”

Those trembling words had been all what Kyaara had been able to speak. She had burst into tears and started to cry. The elven woman had shook her head in despair, unable to cope with the situation. After having moved her head to her sister’s face, she had placed a soft kiss on her forehead and had then carefully hugged the unconscious priestess, holding her tight.

Kyaara had cried and sobbed for minutes while embracing her little sister. After having calmed down a bit, she had prepared two sleeping accommodations and put her sister to bed. She had lain down on her bed of straw afterward and had fallen into a fitful sleep.


Kyaara came back to her senses again, still kneeling besides her sister’s bed, caressing her with her hand. Recognizing that Tianna was awake, she smiled at her little sister and whispered:

“Shhh sister, it’s still in the middle of the night.”

Tianna smiled dozily, closed her eyes again and nodded in reply. She was happy about not being hogtied any more. Knowing that her sister was kneeling at her side, as well as feeling her caressing hand gently stroking her hair, felt comforting. The young priestess was sure that her big sister had been able to endure the evil succubus’ control and that she’d do anything to protect her, come hell or high water.

It didn’t take long till Tianna fell asleep again. Her capability to find to sleep that easily after all she had suffered through within the last days impressed the elven fighter. Maybe it was her unshakable faith in her goddess Eletha, maybe it was just strong willpower, she didn’t know. Kyaara continued looking at her sister, her thoughts swirling about the recent events again:

» No matter what, I won’t allow that succubus bitch to lay her hands on my sister again. «

» Rhyeesh … I’ll remember that name, the name of a demon, a fucking Kazdruk. «

» Need some sleep, too. We need to get away from this place as soon as possible … «

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