Half-Breed. Chapter 6: Destiny’s Edge – Part II

By: Dawn2069MS

After resting for about half an hour, Rhyeesh headed westward towards Lake Crimson. Since she was still too exhausted to use her dark magic for traveling, she had decided to walk, at least for the rest of the night. Her thoughts swirled about her master’s announcement. A remaining period of two weeks for playing out her plans was much too short. If she was forced to walk all the way back to the lake, she would waste a minimum of five to six days just for traveling. She needed to feed on someone, but didn’t believe to get to find someone in the middle of nowhere.

Dawn had broken. Though walking for over four hours wearing her high-heeled boots, Rhyeesh wasn’t impaired by her footwear, quite the contrary. Walking and acting while wearing high-heels felt natural for the demonic woman and her body had much more than enough constitution and strength than the one of an average human. The surface below her feet was solid, a mixture of rock and compact ground. The field path Rhyeesh was following was as forsaken as the whole region between the Obsidian Cliff and the lake, but she hoped that staying near the rural road would increase her chances to encounter a potential victim.

It was shortly after sunrise as the succubus heard the sound of clacking hooves of a trotting horse in a distance. Having the sun at her back and being blessed with keen eyes, it was easy for her to recognize what was approaching from the distance. Two humans, a male and a female, were riding on a gray horse. Rhyeesh recognized that they were quite young. She estimated the light blonde young man, rather a boy, being seventeen or eighteen years of age at the most, and the red-haired light-skinned girl who was sitting in front of him seemed considerably younger. The young humans were dressed in workaday clothes and the backpack resting on the horse’s back foretold that the couple might have a long journey ahead of it.

» Ain’t you a lucky girl, Rhyeesh? « The succubus asked herself in thought.

A smile of satisfaction was her answer to the rhetorical mental question. Curious about how the young couple would react to seeing an almost naked woman crossing their path, Rhyeesh started to criss-cross her steps, making her movements look appealingly sexy.

It didn’t take long until the couple recognized the naked woman. The closer they came, the more puzzled their facial expression got. As the boy became aware of Rhyeesh only wearing thigh-high boots and arm-length gloves, he slowly stopped the horse, gazing at her slack-jawed. The red-haired girl blushed and tried to avert her eyes from the human-looking succubus, but caught herself peering at the strange woman now and then, blushing more with every glimpse.

Rhyeesh knew exactly about her supernatural charisma’s impact on a pure young mind. Being certain that one of them would finally react to her appearance, she walked past the puzzled couple without saying a word, just leering. After having gained some meters of distance between the strangers and herself, the boy addressed Rhyeesh as expected, making the succubus smile in satisfaction.

“Uhm … excuse me, miss?” The boy’s adolescent voice sounded insecure.

The naked woman stopped walking and turned her head and torso around, presenting the elegantly shaped contour of her delicate body to the two youngsters. Looking directly into the boy’s eyes, she replied to his speech:

“Yes please, can I help you two?”

“Uhm, we were just wondering … we didn’t expect … well, you’re naked and …”

The girl interrupted her companion. She tried to whisper, her sweet voice sounding a bit thrilled:

“Stop it … you can’t ask stuff like this! And … why did you stop the horse anyway?”

The girl had put her hand onto her companion’s cheek, gently forcing him to look at her. She looked worried about his inappropriate babble. As the girl gazed back at the naked succubus, she blushed again and addressed Rhyeesh with a trembling voice:

“I’m … I mean … we are sorry to have bothered you, miss. Have a good day.”

The succubus made a few steps towards the couple and looked into the girl’s eyes:

“Awww, that’s so sweet. There’s no reason to be embarrassed, young maiden. Oh, and please be lenient toward your boyfriend, it’s probably the first time for him to see a naked woman, isn’t it? Or has he already been blessed to enjoy seeing your gorgeous body, hm?”

The girl looked surprised due to Rhyeesh’s statement. She opened her mouth to reply to the succubus’ bold question, but suddenly felt somehow overwhelmed by her own thoughts and blushed anew. The demonic woman felt that she was easily gaining control over the situation and continued to entangle the puzzled couple in a conversation, extracting a variety of information from them. The two youngsters had started their journey at Meerisath, the human enclave to the north of Lake Crimson. Since both were orphans and thus had no relatives remaining in the enclave, and since they feared that their hometown would be one of the first locations to be overrun by the demon invasion, they had decided to leave Meerisath. Their goal was to reach the eastern coastline. They wanted to try to get contact to the Wanderers of SajaRuun, the nomads of the ocean. By joining people who were living on the sea without exception, they hoped to be able to escape the doubtful destiny of enslavement or death, or worse.

After about half an hour of standing or rather sitting together aside the field path, Rhyeesh started to use her seductive magic to subliminally fuel the two young human’s lust and directed their conversation onto the topic of the couple’s relationship. Slightly corrupted by the succubus’ magic, the boy and the girl got more and more talkative:

“… and after we confessed our love to each other, I received my very fist kiss from him.”

The red-haired girl smiled happily and looked into her boyfriend’s eyes. The fact that they were sitting in the middle of nowhere, being in an almost naked woman’s company, seemed not to bother them any more, on the contrary. The young couple was somehow attracted to the exceedingly attractive woman. After a total of one hour, the conversation had reached the point which Rhyeesh had aimed for.

“Hmmm, young love. You two are a really adorable couple. Your first time sleeping together must have been like being in heaven for you two, right?”

Rhyeesh’s saucy statement forced both youngsters to blush. After an awkward moment of silence, the boy finally replied to the succubus’ question:

“No … we … we never have …”

“You are virgins? Both of you???” Rhyeesh cut off the boy’s words.

The unexpected turn of events made the demon woman almost shiver in pleasure. She never had fed on a virgin young soul before, she only had heard rumors that their essence would taste like honey compared to others. The fact that both of her victims were still virgins was more like she ever had expected from this encounter. She looked at the couple, full of expectations. The moment both of them nodded in silence, the succubus initiated her feast.

“I cannot accept this!”

Rhyeesh stood up and approached the red-haired girl. She grabbed her arm, instructing her to rise. The girl was surprised at the naked woman’s sudden zest of action, but obeyed. As the succubus started to undress her young female victim, the puzzled girl tried to object:

“No! What are you doing? That’s not the right place to …”

“Hold still and let me help you here.” Rhyeesh interrupted the complaining girl.

She looked into the girls eyes with a commanding and somehow stimulating sight. The human red-head blushed again, answering to the succubus’ command with a hesitant nod. A few minutes later, Rhyeesh had striped her victim almost naked, the only clothing which remained on her light-skinned body was a pair of brown leather stockings which were laced at the sides. The demonic woman smiled in satisfaction as she eyeballed the embarrassed girl. Her juvenile body was minimally chubby which emphasized the hourglass shape of her body. Her firm breasts were each palm-sized and perfectly fitting to a body of the girl’s young age. The color of her hair was natural, even her trimmed pubic hair was colored red. Her skin had freckles which concentrated on her shoulders, her cleavage and the lower abdomen.

“Gosh, you are so beautiful, my dear. … No, no, no, don’t cover yourself with your hands. Here, turn around and show yourself to your boyfriend.”

Rhyeesh carefully aided her victim turning around to face her boyfriend who was still sitting on the ground, gaping at the scenery in front of him. Seeing the strange naked woman unclothing his girlfriend was more than overwhelming for the blonde-haired boy. The succubus nestled to the girl, her already hard nipples caressing her victim’s back. She put her hands on the girl’s hips and slowly moved them up to her waist, sending a sizzling shiver through her body. Rhyeesh leered at the boy:

“I suggest to take off your clothes, young stud. Or do you just want to lick her to orgasm?”

It didn’t take long till the boy was completely naked. His body was that of an average human teenager, slightly muscular, the chest almost hairless and nicely shaped. He didn’t even try to question Rhyeesh’s suggestion, her control over him and his girlfriend had meanwhile gotten too strong to resist. The succubus slowly moved her hands upward to the girl’s breasts and started to massage them tenderly, forcing her to groan slightly. After placing a soft kiss on the girl’s neck, Rhyeesh whispered into her ear:

“Look at your boyfriend, my lovely maiden. Look how hard his dick is. He wants you, my dear.”

The succubus placed another soft kiss on the girl’s neck. She then took her victim’s left hand and moved it down between her legs, forcing the aroused girl to massage her own clitoris with her fingers. She squealed with pleasure due to the sudden stimulation, her eyes focusing her boyfriend’s nether regions. Rhyeesh licked over her victim’s neck and her ear, sending another wave of lust through her already quivering body.

“Tell us what you want.” Rhyeesh whispered anew.

“Hmmm … aaahh … his tongue … wanna feel his tongue.” The girl moaned with a sweet voice.

The surge of increasing sexual energy felt good for the succubus. She released her victim’s right breast, pointed a finger at the aroused boy and beckoned him to come closer. Rhyeesh recognized that he was breathing fast in anticipation of things to come. The boy stopped directly in front of his moaning girlfriend and started to kiss her eagerly. The succubus giggled and interrupted the kiss:

“No, no, my young lover. That’s not where she wants to feel your tongue. … Try again. But before you continue teasing your girl, kiss me.

While massaging the girl’s swollen clitoris, Rhyeesh started to kiss her male victim, her wet tongue softly caressing the boy’s tongue and his oral insides. After suddenly withdrawing from the boy’s lips, the succubus whispered to him:

“Look at her cute nipples, they are so hard already. Kiss them, suck on them.”

The highly aroused boy obeyed, kneeling down in front of his girl, starting to work on her sensitive nipples with his lips and tongue. Rhyeesh felt that her female victim was on the brink of climaxing. She suddenly stopped massaging the girl’s clitoris and pushed her boyfriend away from her nipples.

“Nooo, please! … so hot, so needy … please, let me cum.” The girl whimpered.

Rhyeesh wrapped her right arm around the girl’s belly and moved her left hand to the back of the girl’s left knee. She then lifted up her leg and moved her thigh to the side, nicely spreading the wet and swollen labia of her completely exposed vagina. The succubus looked at her male victim, signaling him to continue to pleasure his girlfriend. The boy answered with a nod, grabbed the girl’s hip and thighs and started to passionately lick her private parts, forcing his girlfriend to quiver and groan aloud. It didn’t take long until the highly aroused girl went over the edge. As the orgasm waved through her trembling body, forcing all of her muscles to tense with pleasure, she moaned and panted aloud in order to bear the overwhelming sensation while her boyfriend was still licking her vulva. Tasting the innocent girl’s intense passion while climaxing, Rhyeesh couldn’t help but to join in the groans of lustfulness, tenderly caressing her victim’s belly and breasts with her right hand. After allowing the girl to feed upon the sweet aftermath of her orgasm, the succubus guided the foot of her lifted leg back on the ground and addressed her with a seductive chant:

“Time to return the favor, young maiden.”

Rhyeesh kissed the girl’s neck again:

“You’ve never licked a man’s cock, tasted his cum, smelled his intoxicating scent, haven’t you?”

The girl turned her head towards Rhyeesh, answering silently by shaking her head, her face and cleavage still glowing with passion. The succubus smiled and addressed the aroused boy:

“Lay down on your back and spread your legs, young stallion, the moment has come to unite with your girl. … Hmmm, come to think of it, we should milk your nectar once at first, otherwise you’ll cum too fast and that would be a waste of energy, wouldn’t it?”

The boy hectically obeyed the command and positioned himself on the ground, his erect cock nicely pointing upwards, the foreskin still covering a part of the glans. The succubus guided the girl between her boyfriend’s spread legs and commanded her to kneel down and look at his swollen manhood. She then knelt down too, positioning herself over her male victim’s face with spread thighs, facing his phallus and the still aroused girl.

“Lick my cunt, young stud. And you, young maiden, observe and learn.”

Having commanded her playthings, Rhyeesh spread her thighs wide and lowered her loins until she felt the boy’s lips and tongue on her clitoris and labia. She groaned slightly due to the boy’s cajoling, her loins making involuntary discreet circular movements. After feeding on the pleasure given to her by the young stud’s cunnilingus for some moments, the demonic woman moved her body in a sixty-nine position and grabbed the boy’s swollen cock and balls with her hands, roughly pulling back the foreskin, forcing a muffled moan out of his mouth. Flashing the girl a lewd glance, she started to intensely kiss, lick and suck her male victim’s sensitive cock, her head eagerly and rhythmically moving up and down.

Rhyeesh recognized that the boy was quickly getting to the edge of a first orgasm, because he was barely able to concentrate on licking her. She suddenly stopped her blowjob and withdrew her lips from his saliva stained cock, looking at the aroused girl who had started to tease her nipples and clitoris with her fingers. The succubus pushed the tip of the boy’s cock towards the girl, leered at her and purred:

“Do you want to suck him off, my dear?”

The girl nodded eagerly and bowed her head down towards her boy’s glittering phallus. Being on the verge of touching it with her lips, Rhyeesh pulled the cockhead away from the girl’s lips:

“Say Please, Mistress.

“Please, Mistress.” The girl moaned with a sweet and trembling voice.

Smiling with satisfaction, the succubus allowed her female victim to finally suck on her boyfriend’s cock. Seeing that her seductive corruption had completely filled her sex-toy’s minds and bodies, she initiated another flush of dark magic to gain control over both of her victim’s capacity to orgasm.

The boy’s muffled groans got more intense as he went over the edge. The moment he shot his first load of hot cum into his surprised girlfriend’s mouth, making her wince due to the unexpected intrusion of the salty liquid, Rhyeesh started to massage the trembling boy’s balls. Having her mouth filled with cum, the red-haired girl withdrew her lips from the cockhead. More salvos of semen gushed out, splattering the girl’s face. The succubus’ magic massively extended the moaning boy’s orgasm, allowing her to pull back the squirting cock to her own desirous mouth. Before Rhyeesh was able to close her lips around the overstimulated cock, further surges of hot semen splashed onto her face. The succubus eagerly swallowed all of the boy’s phallus until her lips touched his balls, astonishing the panting girl and forcing the boy under her to nearly scream into her vagina due to suffering through his extraordinary long orgasm. She remained in this position, while her victim’s cock pumped surge after surge of cum into her throat, feeding on the boy’s delicious semen and essence. After some minutes of climaxing, the boy was on the brink of passing out due to the intense pleasure he had experienced so far, but stayed conscious because of the succubus’ control.

Rhyeesh’s feast was drawing to a close. What remained to do was the deflowering of her female victim and feeding on her vagina’s first time penetration. She raised her head and released the boy’s hard penis from her throat, thick and viscous strands of a mixture of cum and saliva dripping from her mouth. After raising her upper body, she put her hands on the boy’s chest and commanded:

“Mmmm, yes my dear, keep licking me to orgasm.”

Looking back at the girl with relish, she addressed her anew with her seductive voice:

“Come here, my darling. Time to fulfill what you crave for. Time to unite with your lover.”

“Yes, Mistress.” The girl replied, her sweet voice trembling anew with arousal.

Hearing the virgin maiden refer to her as Mistress without further instructions made Rhyeesh smile in satisfaction. Taking both of the girl’s hands, the succubus guided her to hunker down over her boyfriend’s cock until her wet tunnel of love lined up with it. Looking down at her virgin womanhood which was almost touching the saliva-stained glans of the boy’s penis, the aroused girl started panting in excitement. After Rhyeesh had placed her hands on the girl’s waist, she nodded to her, signaling her to lower her hips.

As the boy’s hard penis slowly pushed into the virgin vagina, breaking through the girl’s hymen, forcing her to squeal aloud in pleasure and pain, the succubus got almost overwhelmed by the intense emotion fueling her victim’s essence. Acting as if in a trance, the girl went to her knees and sat down on her lover’s lap until her mons touched his pubic hair, completely impaling herself onto the hard cock, moaning with relish. While continuing licking the demonic woman’s private parts, the boy groaned aloud due to feeling his girlfriend’s twitching vagina enclosing him.

Rhyeesh started to kiss the girl’s face, licking off some of the sticky semen, and the deflowered teenager returned the favor, caressing the succubus’ face with her tongue. After kissing each other for a minute, the red-haired girl started to move her hips up and down, sending rhythmical waves of pleasure through her loins. At first, the girl’s movement was slow and with lots of feeling. She relished the intense sensation of her friend’s hard cock spreading her inside walls, the tip of his cock rhythmically touching her sensitive cervix. Every thrust of the boy’s penis brought the lustful girl one step closer to her very first vaginal climax. The more she felt the orgasm building up within her, the harder she countered her boyfriend’s thrusts. The two teenagers groaned loudly as they came near their orgasm. Since Rhyeesh had absolute control over her victims, it had been easy for her to synchronize their capability to climax. The demonic woman was also on the brink of having her orgasm and she craved for feeding on her delicious prey.

The scent of sex had filled the area around the trio as Rhyeesh and her two sex-slaves started to orgasm together, their bodies trembling and tensing with high passion. The red-haired girl’s vaginal muscles clenched hard around her boyfriend’s meaty cock as she came, making her almost scream due to the unbelievable intense sensation. Being massaged by his girl’s juicy tunnel of love, the boy’s cock spurted huge loads of hot cum into his girlfriend’s vagina and womb, forcing him to moan loudly into Rhyeesh’s vulva. The succubus had expected to feel her mind being so to speak double-penetrated by the essences of two simultaneously climaxing youngsters, but she was surprised about the force of their emotions. The moment her own massive orgasm ravaged through her body and mind, she nearly lost control over herself, her eyes rolling back up into her head, the muscles of her body tensing hard, her juices almost squirting out of her vagina into the boy’s mouth. She screamed in passion, again and again, sucking her victims dry, savoring their essence’s flavor.

After enduring what felt like a never ending orgasm, the exhausted young couple finally passed out, the girl’s glazing body sinking to the ground. Rhyeesh remained sitting on the unconscious boy’s face, feeding on the sweet aftermath of her own wonderful climax, thinking about her two victims:

» Mmmm, yesss … so tasty, so young. I think I’ll not drain all of their essences, no need to kill these two sweeties. … They’re trying to find the seafaring nomads they said. I think I’ll use them to find out more about those people. … Mmmm, yesss … that’s a good plan. «

The succubus smiled and removed herself from the boy’s face, his lips glittering with her slippery juices. Having popped both of her victim’s cherries, her feast had reached its first highlight, but wasn’t far from being finished. The sexual torment of the two youngsters had just begun. Within the next two hours, Rhyeesh forced the young couple through an orgy of various methods and positions of sexual intercourse.

One of them was commanding the girl to lay down on her back and put her hands over her head, she pinned her hands on the ground and ordered her boyfriend to lick her pussy while shoving his erect dick into her mouth. The boy was careful at first as he lowered his loins, letting the tip of his cock slip into his girlfriend’s mouth. Since Rhyeesh had planned to let the red-head experience being deep-throated, she extended her demon tongue and shoved it into the boy’s anus while wrapping it around his balls. As her twitching tongue’s tip started to lick his anal insides, forcefully massaging his prostate gland, the boy groaned aloud, loosing his control over his loin’s movements. He suddenly started to rhythmically push his phallus into his girl’s throat, forcing her to gag on the invading flesh over and over again. The girl tried to break her hands free from the succubus’ grip in order to push away her boyfriend, but failed to succeed. The demonic woman pushed both of her victim’s over the edge and forced them through another bizarre orgasm. While the girl started to gag and cough on the sudden surge of cum filling her mouth, the boy’s whole body tensed hard and his breath caught, as Rhyeesh fed anew on her prey.

The succubus made her two teenagers to keep on and on. Another part of the open air orgy was the girl’s anal deflowering. Having commanded the young stud to lay down on his back and spread his legs again, she ordered the girl to impale her anus on her lover’s slippery and overstimulated cock. The red-haired girl obeyed eagerly, her sweet voice squealing with relish as her sphincter got painfully spread, taking in all of her friend’s meat. As the young boy started thrusting his hips upwards, Rhyeesh bowed down and shoved her long tongue into the moaning girl’s vagina. She roughly pushed her demon tongue through the girl’s cervix and started licking the insides of her virgin uterus, forcing her to nearly go mad due to the bizarre sensation. As the couple was on the brink of suffering through another simultaneous orgasm, the succubus suddenly penetrated the girl’s oviducts with the split tip of her tongue, making all of her vaginal and anal muscles tense as hard as never before. The teenagers passed out again due to the inhumanly intense climax and Rhyeesh devoured their orgasm-stained essences while cumming hard herself.

After draining the young couple to near death and having regained all of her power, the demonic woman let go of her victims. Using a small bit of dark magic, she made sure that they would ostensibly forget about her, but remember her on a much more subliminal level. Rhyeesh would remain present in their deepest dreams, as well as in their most intimate moments. They would wake up in a few hours and find themselves being almost naked after having made love to each other. They would also discover that their horse had been stolen, but it wouldn’t bar them from continuing their journey to the eastern coast of DalMarkaan.

Rhyeesh was completely satisfied with her situation. Getting on top of her new horse’s back, she set spurs to the animal and continued her journey towards the human enclave. She wanted to make sure to catch up with her two elven girls. Tianna, the young priestess of Eletha, was a much too valuable investment to leave her unattended. The only thing she needed to get accomplished was to make her half-breed sister to completely submit to her. She knew that Kyaara’s resistance and vigor were powerful beyond that of any other member of the elven race, but she had a plan to break her will, a wicked plan worthy of being of demonic origin.

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