Half-Breed. Chapter 7: I, Kyaara

By: Dawn2069MS

Kyaara’s Journal, Day #87, Sun Cycle 106

I awoke from an uneasy sleep. I looked at my beautiful sister and felt guilty again; I wonder if the pain of guilt will fade. Ridiculously enough I actually want to feel the pain – I raped my sister after all … no, it was even worse. She expected me to save her from her kidnappers and rapists, but I failed to help and violated her throat instead … and by the gods, it felt so good. Damn those thoughts, they scare the crap out of me! I knew that my inner demonic half would get through some day, hell I felt it every time I got enraged when fighting, but I never expected to … shit … Fuck you, Rhyeesh! It’s all her doing, whatever that damn succubus has done to us, she’ll pay for it! Need to take a break from writing, drenched in tears again.

I was preparing a small traveler’s breakfast when Tianna woke up. She noticed me sitting at the wooden table and smiled at me. Is she happy to see me? Doesn’t she remember what I’ve done to her? Or has she also been manipulated by the succubus? She got up from her bed, wrapped up warm in her blanket, and came towards me. I didn’t know what to feel, what to say. I just gazed at her blue eyes. She knelt down in front of me, put her petite hands on my cheeks and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead. Please, I don’t deserve this! She looked in my eyes, smiled and hugged me dearly … a gesture a thousand times stronger than any word. I felt her heavy breasts push against mine, the scent of cum and sex was still present on her body … and there it was again, a bizarre feeling of arousal, and the forbidden desire to … No! Get a grip, Kyaara!

After breakfast, we continued our journey home. We packed together our belongings and saddled Seriso. Since my horse would exhaust faster due to carrying both my sister and me, I feared that we needed to buy some rations in the nearby enclave. The people of Meerisath are a friendly folk, the trading between them and our small elven exile colony flourishes with no discord between our villages. However, Tianna had been kidnapped by Kazdruk in the vicinity of Meerisath, so we needed to beware of demons disguised among the humans.

Kyaara’s Journal, Day #88, Sun Cycle 106

The more distance we put between us and Meerisath, the better I felt. Eight days of traveling, searching, and feelings of anxiety, and we finally travel homewards to our small elven enclave. Having my beloved sister at my side again comforts me so much … hard to put it into words. Her faith seems to be unbowed. This morning I joined her praying to Eletha, our Goddess of the North. I dunno why I joined her worship, I’m far from being a religious person, but I somehow felt it would make her happy … and maybe I hoped for absolution … oh dear, such naivety. I’m still unsure if Tianna remembers our last incident. If that demon bitch has really manipulated her memory, is it better for her this way, rather than her remembering what I’ve done to her? … Oh god, such thoughts again, and this time they are even more scary, because – right now – I can’t tell if they came from my demonic self… or from me … fuck.

When we both ride on my horse, Tianna usually sits in front of me. We tried it the other way, but since I carry my combat blades in a holster on my back, it felt uncomfortable for her to always feel my weapons on her large breasts … I mean, gee, if I had a rack like hers, I wouldn’t want to press them into the back of the person in front of me. The problem of having my sister sit on the saddle in front of me is the constant sensation of her butt rubbing against my crotch. So weird. Today I caught myself fantasizing about how it would feel to have her nice butt plugged with my cock while riding … all of those sex-tainted thoughts give me a hard-on and the pressure of my cock straining my pants is almost unbearable. Oh god, what’s happening to me? Why am I so horny all the time? If this keeps going on, I fear I’ll lose control.


On the morning of the second day traveling homeward, Kyaara was the first to wake. Dawn had broken, the campfire was burning low, and Tianna was still sleeping tightly. It was silent, almost peaceful. In contrast, Kyaara was on her own, entangled in an odd situation. The feeling of arousal had returned.

» Gods, no! « she thought to herself as she felt a familiar but strong pressure in her crotch.

Kyaara’s cock was so hard it almost hurt. Though she only wore a slip at the moment, the pressure of her cockhead stretching the fabric was unbearable. She removed her slip and looked at her swollen phallus as it sprung from her confines. She admired the pretty shape, the prominent curvy vein running up her shaft, the touch of violet of her glans complementing the blue-grayish color.

» Dammit, get a grip Kyaara! « she thought loudly to herself.

She always knew what her cock looked like, but she couldn’t stop admiring it; her cock was so sensitive, so needy. She peered over to look at her beautiful sister; she was still sleeping peacefully. Kyaara shuddered as precum began to ooze out of her in anticipation. Seeing her sister lying like that, Kyaara couldn’t hold back anymore.

She brought her hand to her cock and began to touch herself. Kyaara wrapped her thumb and index finger around the shaft of her cock and slowly slid them downwards, pulling back her foreskin. She groaned the moment she rubbed her sensitive glans with her other index finger, and her loins began to gyrate on their own, leaning in to her touch. But it wasn’t enough – Kyaara craved more. She started circling her finger over the tip, slowly smudging the flow of glossy precum all over her glans. It felt so good, teasing herself like that. She lifted her dripping index finger to her lips. Kyaara stuck out her tongue and licked her finger, relishing her own precum. The taste of it was intoxicating, and it aroused her even more. She felt her heartbeat pulsing through the veins of her cock, and her erection grew even stronger as more precum seeped out with every beat. She felt many sensations, both painful and pleasurable, emanating from her cock, but she still wanted more. Kyaara drooled into the palm of her hand and placed it over her glans. The moment she started to massage her cockhead, focusing on the very sensitive raphe that connects the underside of the head to the shaft, she couldn’t help herself but to groan again, and again, and again – craving more.

Kyaara started to slide her precum-and-saliva slicked hand up and down her shaft, her slippery fingers gliding over her highly stimulated glans, while massaging her balls with her other hand. She glanced over to her still sleeping sister again and suddenly felt herself race towards the finish line. Clenching her jaw tightly, she involuntarily increased the stimulation of her tightening hands, making her pant due to the waves of lust ravaging through her.

“I’mhhh … I-hhm … cumming!”

She groaned loudly as a mind shattering orgasm blasted through her, the sight of her adorable Tianna intensifying the sensations until Kyaara’s vision became blurry and she started to see stars in her eyes. As she climaxed, huge surges of cum shot into the air like a fountain and rained heavily down upon her hands, stomach, and thighs. When her spurts of semen started to dwindle, she bobbed her hand up and down roughly to forcefully pump whatever cum was left in her churning balls. Kyaara trembled and heaved for air while enduring the aftermath of her self-imposed orgasm. When she was finished, she gently released the grip on her cock and gazed at her cum-covered hand and abdomen, studying the viscous strands of semen between her fingers. She paused, hesitant to taste her own cum. She looked back at Tianna once more. If she knows the taste already, she pondered for a moment, then raised her cum-stained fingers to her lips. The scent of fresh cum – her own cum – was captivating. Kyaara was nearly stunned by the sweet-but-salty flavor the moment she tasted her own love-juice for the first time, hungrily licking and sucking each of her fingers.

» I’m – Mmmm – so good, Kyaara … « she exclaimed in her mind.

» God, I’d give my right arm to be able to taste my nectar straight from the horse’s mouth, or to put it bluntly, straight from my cockhead. «

She shivered as the meaning and visions of that last thought took hold in her mind.

» Great thoughts, Kyaara. Masturbating apparently isn’t enough to satisfy your inner demon. «


Kyaara’s Journal, Day #90, Sun Cycle 106

I wish I would’ve been able to sleep longer. My erection caused me to wake much earlier than usual. And … I masturbated while thinking about Tianna. Damn those demon-infested thoughts! But it was worse than that – I also tasted my own cum, and again I was thinking about my sister. Damn your half-breed body, Kyaara! But as vile as it was, I needed that release this morning, more than I wanted. What I would have given for the chance to feel my sister’s soft lips on my cock! By the gods, at that moment? Everything! … No, I mustn’t give in! I fear that the feeling of satisfaction will not last long.

… please, Eletha, give me strength to endure this!

Yesterday I had not been in the mood to write something down. After riding all day long, we had found a nice spot to set up camp, aside from the usual traveling paths, at the border of a small forest. We had been sitting at the campfire with my empty gaze lost to the ambient flames. The sight of my sister trying to massage her shoulder, her face being slightly contorted with pain, caught my attention. I had asked her what the matter was and she’d said that her shoulders and neck were aching after the long ride. I had stood up, went over to her and knelt down behind her. “Let me help you here” my words had been, then I had slid down her priestess’ robes from her shoulders, revealing her full breasts and the beautiful white corset – gosh, what an adorable sight – and moved her soft silken hair to the side while I started massaging her neck and shoulders. Good thing I know how to do this.

Tianna had enjoyed my treatment. After some minutes, she had closed her eyes and leaned against my touches, groaning softly. God, hearing her sweet moans had made a pleasant shiver run down my spine … and it had made me get aroused, yet again. I had tried to concentrate on my task, tried to continue massaging her shoulders, but the pressure in my pants had risen … yet again. And the pressure in my mind, the urge to give in to this abyssal dark desire had grown within me, relentlessly, alluringly … yet again. I remember that my hands had started to tremble. My beloved Tianna, she must had felt it. She had unexpectedly grabbed my shaking hands, tenderly, just holding them tight. I had no idea what had happened, but suddenly I was able to calm down. My vision was blurring again – tears were pooling my eyes. The only urge which had remained was to hug my sister, so I gave in, leaned against Tianna’s back, wrapped my arms around her, and cuddled my head up to the side of hers, my chin resting on her shoulder. I love you so much. I love you so much … I hadn’t been able to speak, just to sob, so my thoughts had remained unspoken.

Kyaara’s Journal, Day #91, Sun Cycle 106

The fourth day of our journey was quite eventful. After following the trail of the Red River, we finally reached its spring and we knew we were halfway home. Looking at the clear water bursting out of a huge rock formation, one wonders why the river got it’s name, but the reason for it being named the Red River is its clay river bed. Several hundred meters from the spring, the water of the river gets colored slightly red as the water disturbs the clay bed. The first time I saw the river I was disappointed, because I had expected to see a nice red color of the water. What I had seen instead was an unimpressive stream of red-brownish dirt. But it was wise Tianna who showed me the truth behind the river’s name. If you look over its surface towards the descending sun, the reflection of its light is a pure, almost glowing, red. So beautiful, a sight to behold.

Gee, I let my mind wander from the subject. We were in the middle of setting up camp as Tianna recognized another horse coming towards the spring. Since it wasn’t clear to me if the incoming stranger was friend of foe, I made myself combat ready, drawing my two blades, positioning myself to start the dance. I wasn’t able to figure out who the rider was at first. It was a man, that was for sure. His horse was trotting and what I could see from his body language was that he seemed to be quite relaxed. He was wearing light-grayish robes, he apparently was bald, but gray-bearded. It was an old man … No, an elder elf. I suddenly felt this odd sensation of familiarity while eyeballing the stranger. Before I was able to further question who he was, he waved to me and shouted, his voice sounding hoarse but friendly.

“You always present yourself with your daggers drawn, don’t you, Kyaara?” the old man had shouted. I instantly recognized the voice. It was Ormond, elder priest of Eletha, spiritual guide of our small exile colony and mentor and old friend to Tianna and myself! Surprised about meeting him here, I smiled at him, the tension of my body decreasing slowly. I replied that I didn’t know what he meant and that my blades were just trappings a girl needed these days. I remember grinning impishly. Ormond started to laugh, an honest laugh, one good for the soul. I put my swords back to their scabbard and helped the old man dismount. Without saying another word, he opened up his arms and offered me a hug. I happily accepted the gesture of friendship and closeness; after our parents deaths years ago, he had been the one who had taken care of us orphans, like a father. Tianna soon after recognized the arrival of her mentor – her squeal of happiness was unmistakable. I heard her rushing towards us, joining in the hugging, sobbing silently. I don’t know how long we stood there. It felt like an eternity, it felt good, peaceful, safe.


Kyaara and Tianna were glad that Ormond was with them. Curious as to what he was doing out here or where he intended to travel, they sat down near the campfire and started talking. After telling Ormond about what had happened – without going into the kinky details too much – he contemplated then addressed the girls frankly. He surmised that both of them had been cursed by Rhyeesh and that both of them were still feeling that there was something remaining resident within them. He also asked the sisters what they had planned to do after returning home, and they quickly realized that they had no answer. To that question. Tianna told him that she hoped to find help for both of them, to cure them of Kazdruk’s taint. In fact, she hoped for Ormond to be able to help, but his answer scattered the sisters hope. The old priest’s facial expression was gloomy as he started to talk:

“I want to be honest to you two girls. I fear that no one in our colony will be able to help you; even I don’t know how to deal with Kazdruk magic. Those who follow the path of our goddess Eletha have been taught to be persistent, to endure whatever burden fate has assigned to us. This is where we draw our strength from. Your sister knows what I mean, Kyaara. She’s a priestess of Eletha after all. But, since we are dealing with Kazdruk magic, seeking help to counter whatever taints the two of you might be the better choice. And in my opinion, the only place where you can find help is at home, at AzurLyyn.

Ormond, Tianna and Kyaara continued to talk far into the night. They decided to follow the old man’s recommendation and travel to the north-east of DalMarkaan, passing the Breken Nordlands. Being a well-traveled man, the elder priest had further information for the sister’s journey. His words were quite formative:

“Beware the Nordlanders, my friends. Though all I know is invariably based on rumors, never forget that every rumor has a grain of truth. What I know about them is that they’re rumored to be degenerated humanoids who had chosen to isolate themselves from the cold surface of the world generations ago. Their society is rumored to consist of a clan-like structure, following bizarre traditions and rites. They supposedly worship some sort of dark deity and therefore have been gifted with an inhuman skin coloration, as well as with the ability to see in total darkness. Sounds like they’d be a perfect match for the Kazdruk, doesn’t it? However, I want to say this: If you want to make contact with them during your journey, be as careful as possible. You never know what sort of dangers lie hidden beyond the surface of the Breken Nordlands.”


Kyaara’s Journal, Day #92, Sun Cycle 106

We got up at the crack of dawn. Our conversation with Ormond yesterday evening had resulted in a bunch of decisions – painful decisions. The hardest one we had to come to was to not continue traveling homewards to our exile colony, but home towards AzurLyyn, the Elvish Prosperity north of DelHelshan … Home? It doesn’t feel like home … I mean, there had been a reason why we had been advised to go into exile back then. A blue-skinned elven shemale born out of a mother’s violation by a frigging Kazdruk would have been – how did they say it back then – a source of irritation for our northern elven society. Don’t make me laugh! I’ve been a child back then … innocent … a child, dammit! But, dash it all! Ormond had been right, and there was even more: Rhyeesh. I am sure that the succubus is still close on our heels, and if my assumption is right and we continued to travel homewards, we would lead her directly to our elven colony.

Our new destination: The north-eastern land tongue of the Breken Nordlands of DalMarkaan. We planned to try contacting the Wanderers of SajaRuun in order to obtain a passage on a ship towards AzurLyyn. Traveling north would have involved passing two major obstacles though. One of them is the Dragon’s Spine, the mountains which separate the northern landmass of DalMarkaan from the southern one. Even though there’s a mountain pass leading through the highly jointed rock formation, most of the travelers and caravans avoid this route and accept going a long way round. The reason is simple: According to legend, the mountains are dragon territory, and from that they had gained their name. Well, you need to take a risk every now and then … The second obstacle was something I didn’t know so far. Ormond had told us that the inhabitants of the Breken Nordlands are rumored to be a folk of altered humanoids living underground in some sort of citadel, and that they’re rumored to be wicked somehow … well, we’ll see.

As I already noted at the beginning of this journal entry, we got up pretty early this morning. It made me very sad that Ormond wouldn’t join our journey to the north. He said that he wants to travel to Meerisath to help our allied enclave prepare for the possibility of a Kazdruk invasion … so brave. The elder priest let us have almost all of his traveler rations; he said that we would need it on our long journey. Taking leave of Ormond was pretty hard for poor Tianna. She cried desperately, fearing that she’d never see her mentor again. She held fast onto me while we watched Ormond leave, and I stroked her silken hair trying to comfort her – my beloved little sister.

Kyaara’s Journal, Day #93, Sun Cycle 106

It feels odd to write this journal entry early at the morning. After our first day of traveling northwards and after consulting my memories about the area south of the Dragon’s Spine, I estimate that we’ll need another three days till we reach the entrance to the mountain pass. I remember that there will be at least one ranch on our route where we may find shelter, and Ormond had mentioned a weigh station near the mountain pass entrance, but he wasn’t sure if the station was still operating.

I’m still more than unsure if I should talk to Tianna about … well … about what I had done to her. Now that we’re on our own again, my thoughts have started to swirl around being guilty, being needy, being driven by my inner demon, and being what I am – a half-breed. Has it really been my fate what I had seen in my dream? Or has this also been a result of Rhyeesh’s so-called gift? I don’t know. I don’t want to know. And my sister? Does she know? Does she want to know? … We’ll see … be strong, Kyaara, be strong …

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