Half-Breed. Chapter 8: Preparations

By: Dawn2069MS

Yuldasha stood on the balcony of her private chambers, high above her dominion. Her eyes traveled over the placid surface idly, yet with a sense of passive satisfaction. The arch-demoness’ gaze got stuck to Mournfall Peak, the ever-active volcano, towering in the far distance of Kazdruk. The yellow-orange color of the mountain’s fire enlightened the dusky sky, a beacon of doom for those who declined to bow to her reign. Yuldasha enjoyed those rare moments of silence. The duties of the Ruler of Kazdruk were fulfilling, yet consuming and sometimes challenging. The tall demon woman caressed her belly with her hands, feeling the sensation of hunger arising within her. It was not only traditional food she craved for, but also the taste of cum and essence. While her thoughts swirled around her growing appetite, her gaze almost got lost in the distant volcano’s primeval fire.

It was the knocking on her chamber’s doors what forced Yuldasha’s mind to snap back into focus. Annoyed about the unexpected disturbance, she went back to her chambers and closed the balcony’s doors behind her.

“Enter!” Yuldasha said in a commanding voice.

As one wing of the massive doors opened, a barefooted petite elven woman entered the demoness’ chambers, hesitant and in awe. Yuldasha recognized the sun-tanned red-haired woman, she was one of her champion Vorgen’s favorite slaves. The young woman was dressed in a tightly laced under-bust corset made of black leather. Her upper arms were locked to the sides of the corset with leather shackles, only granting her forearms to move freely. Further black leather shackles were attached to the elven slave’s wrists and ankles, giving anyone the opportunity to restrain her limbs. Yuldasha recognized a short thin silver chain with a tiny metal orb attached to its lower end, dangling between the slave’s thighs. On closer inspection, she realized that the woman’s clitoris was pierced by a silver ring and that the thin chain was part of the piercing. Yuldasha grinned upon her observation and continued to look at the red-haired elf. In comparison to the last time she had seen her champion’s female slave, the arch-demoness was sure of the fact that his slave’s breasts had grown and gotten more voluptuous, obviously. Another novelty of the elf’s cleavage was her nipple piercings; both were pierced by one and the same round thin silver bar. Its outer tips, each with a tiny silver orb, prevented the nipples to slide off the metal. The overall length of the bar was designed to hold the woman’s full breasts in an inviting position, slightly pressing them together. There was yet another interesting piece of the slave’s attire, a neck-corset. Its design and color was similar to the under-bust corset, but it’s purpose was to hold the woman’s head in a straight upright position. Even if the elven slave would have wished to bow down her head in devotion, she wouldn’t be able to do so.

After Yuldasha had examined the young woman and upon recognizing Vorgen’s perfidious idea behind his slave’s attire, the demoness grinned again, wickedly, and decided to be responsive to the game. She beckoned the young woman to come closer, eyeballing every single one of her steps. As the elven slave intended to kneel down in front of her, Yuldasha suddenly spoke up:

“Don’t you want to bow down your head in the presence of your queen, my dear?”

The young woman felt nearly paralyzed. Unsure if she was still expected to kneel down, she gazed at her queen’s face with wide eyes, scared. She was just about to speak, as Yuldasha continued unsettling her:

“Well? Have you forgotten how to devote yourself as a submissive slave?”

After suddenly sinking down on her knees, the trembling woman struggled to bow down her upper body as far as her tight corset would allow it, answering to her queen’s question with a quivering voice:

“This girl is so s-sorry, M-Mistress. The new attire t-this girl has been granted does hinder her to …”

“Oh really?” Yuldasha cut her off and continued: “So the reason for your failure is not you, but those nice presents granted to you by your master? Is that what you want to tell me, girl? An excuse for your inaptness?”

Yuldasha relished toying with slaves. The wicked game of intimidation and affection, dominance and submission, it was her home match and she was a highly skilled player. The only downside of the game was the lack of other skilled players, players like Vorgen and Aeltha, who knew how to get the ball rolling.

“P-please forgive this girl, Mistress. This girl is an unworthy slut and has failed to …”

The arch-demoness interrupted the sobbing elven woman anew with a stern voice:

“I’m not your mistress. I am your queen. … Now keep quiet, rise and look at your queen, slave.”

The tan-skinned elf obeyed in silence, stood up and looked up into Yuldasha’s face. Her eyes were filled with tears. Yuldasha tenderly grabbed the woman’s chin between her thumb and index finger and forced her to come closer. After placing a soft kiss on the slave’s lips, the demoness said:

“Those won’t be the last tears you’re going to shed. Be aware that I am going to punish you right after you’ve told me why you are here, slave. I am sure you’ll accept your punishment without any further word of protest, won’t you?”

The elven woman nodded slightly. Yuldasha smiled, moved her luscious purple lips to the slave’s left ear and whispered:

“Good girl. … Now tell me why you are here.”

The demoness released the young woman from her grip. While being informed about the slave’s task, she gracefully walked toward a wooden table in one of the corners of her chamber, her hooves clacking elegantly with every step.

“This girl’s Master, Master Vorgen, humbly requests his Queen’s presence in his chambers. It is Master’s wish to inform his Queen about the progress of the preparations for the DalMarkaan invasion.”

Yuldasha turned around and faced the elven slave. While approaching her plaything anew, criss-crossing her steps and gracefully emphasizing her hips as ever, she responded:

“It’s about time! I’ve waited long enough. … Here, hold this for me, my dear.”

The elven slave gazed at Yuldasha’s outstretched hand. Fully aware of how she would be punished, she gulped, afraid, but obeyed her queen’s order, trembling. The object she got handed over from the arch-demoness was a whip, a cat o’ nine tails. The straps of the whip were made of leather, its handle was of a silver metal.

Yuldasha ordered the scared woman to position herself in front of one of the stone pillars within her chamber. Several metal loops were embedded in the stone and metal rings and shackles were attached to every one of them. After commanding her slave to hold the whip with her mouth, the demoness detached the shackles of the woman’s upper arms from the corset and locked her wrist shackles to one of the metal loops above her head, as well as her ankles to metal loops near the floor. The elf was pinned to the pillar, helpless and prepared to receive her punishment, at least in the demoness’ eyes. Yuldasha released the elven woman’s mouth from the whip’s handle and moved another of her toys into the slave’s field of view. It was a leather strap with a steel ring gag. Attached to the ring was a tentacle-like creature in the form of a penis. The shape of the cerise-colored worm-like entity’s head was similar to a cock’s glans, including what looked like an urethra. Its body – its shaft – was covered with an out of scale amount of pulsating veins. The base of its body looked like a single oversized testicle, covered with six tiny tentacles, each of them as long as a finger and as thin as quill, wiggling as if they were constantly seeking to get hold of something.

As the enchained woman got aware of the bizarre slippery creature, her eyes gaped in horror and her breath caught. Yuldasha suddenly grabbed the elven woman’s cheeks with her fingers and pressed them together, forcing her mouth open. Placing the tip of the cock-like creature on the stunned slave’s lips, she whispered, smiling salaciously:

“I will gag you now, my dear. We don’t want to hear your screams through all of my Spire, do we?”

While slowly shoving the slippery tentacle into the horrified elf’s mouth, Yuldasha continued:

“I think I will mainly whip your gorgeous tits. And after I’ll have drawn enough pleasure from your punishment, I may consider granting you the honor to give me a tit-fuck.”

The young woman started to gag on the invading cock-like creature, while the tiny tentacles at the entity’s scrotum-like base brushed over her quivering lips. Yuldasha released her grip from the slave’s cheeks and fastened the steel ring behind the woman’s head with the leather strap. After placing her hand on the choking woman’s throat, a tiny surge of her dark magic animated the cock-tentacle to expand itself deeper into the elf’s throat, then causing it to contract back into the mouth, just to rhythmically repeat the motion. The demoness giggled wickedly, took back a few steps and started to descent her whip onto the bare breasts of her victim.

A burning pain jolted through the red-haired elf’s trembling body as the first forceful lash of Yuldasha’s cat o’ nine tails grounded on the upper side of her breasts, forcing the young woman’s muscles to clench due to the agonizing sensation. Tears rushed to her eyes. She had never felt the kiss of a whip before. The only thing she was able to do right now was to scream aloud into her bizarre gag. It was a guttural scream, rhythmically interrupted by the gargling noises of the cock-creature violating her throat relentlessly.

Before the pained woman was able to comprise what was just happening, a second lash impacted on the underside of her breasts, forcing another muffed scream of agony out of her gagged mouth. Another forceful lash of the whip brushed over the aching skin of her tormented bosom and nipples, then another one, and another … and another. The whip’s kisses suddenly came in much shorter succession, denying the groaning woman to answer every blast of agony with a scream. The mistreated slave suddenly felt a fast raising heat between her legs, as she suddenly lost control over her bladder. While further strokes of Yuldasha’s whip descended on her sore breasts, pushing the burning pain far beyond any limit the young woman had experienced so far, the sensation of the metal weight jolting on her pierced clitoris with every one of her body’s convulsions made her nearly go mad. Suddenly, a huge wave of arousing lust catapulted from between her legs through all of her body, mixing up with the jolts of agony from her breasts, her mind torn between pleasure and pain.

Yuldasha was highly skilled with using her whip. The graceful, yet forceful motions of the whip were like she was painting a large picture of pain onto an invisible canvas, accompanied by an inaudible rhythm. Every lash was placed advisedly, leaving more and more red streaks all over the breasts of her victim. The demoness was more than satisfied with the progress of the punishment. She groaned every time her whip smacked on the naked skin of the tormented elf, knowing that her little tentacle toy would soon excrete tiny amounts of a substance which would fuel the slave’s passion. While whipping the young woman, Yuldasha got more and more aroused. She relished hearing her victim trying to scream while still gagging on cock-creature relentlessly penetrating her throat.

A wave of energy and red shocks of magic suddenly started to dance around the demoness’ hips and pelvis, then moved down to her vulva and up her navel. As the whirlwind of magic particles faded away, Yuldasha was equipped with her beloved large equine-like cock which was already rock hard, and the appropriate set of grapefruit-sized balls.

The aroused arch-demoness recognized that her elven plaything was on the brink of passing out. Her tear-stained eyes were already rolled up back into her head and her gagged groans and screams had become agony-stained whimpers. Yuldasha ceased the treatment and looked at her victims sore breasts; they were almost glowing red due to the intense whipping.

“Poor girl. I promise you’ll be rewarded after I’ve cum between your tits …”

Having made her promise, Yuldasha grabbed the testicle-like base of the cock-creature, the tiny tentacles eagerly wrapping themselves around her finger, and slowly pulled the entity back through the steel ring gag, out of the slave’s throat and mouth. The elven woman was still dazed, but grasped for air in a knee-jerk reaction, coughing, sobbing. After releasing her slave from the stone pillar, Yuldasha positioned her on her back, at a very specific location on her chamber’s stone floor. The place was obviously designed to pin a humanoid figure to the floor. A variety of metal loops and shackles were embedded in the stone, similar to those of the pillar. After restraining the panting woman to the ground in a y-shaped position, her arms locked above her head again and her legs spread apart, Yuldasha knelt over the woman’s belly, the large horse cock towering over her sore breasts. She fetched the still hard cock-tentacle, pointed its head toward the slave’s cleavage and tenderly squeezed its testicle-like base, forcing the creature to spurt out some gushes of its slippery liquid. The demoness then reached behind her and placed the wiggling creature’s head at the elf’s labia. The moment the bizarre cock entered her vagina, the abused woman moaned through the ring gag due to the sudden and unexpected flesh spreading her inside walls. Moments later, the base of the creature reached their destination and the six thin tentacles locked themselves in place. Four of them grabbed the young woman’s labia, while one of them stretched out and reached for her anus, its tip just about long enough to tease the sphincter. The sixth tentacle took hold of her pierced clit. Yuldasha realized that the creature had started to move again, expanding and contracting within its new wet home, countering its movement with its small tentacles.

The elven slave continued to groan, still torn between the bizarre sensation of pleasure between her legs and the lasting pain of her tormented breasts. As the demoness started to lay her hands onto her sore breasts, massaging them to spread the cock-worm’s slippery liquid in between, the renewed sensation of burning pain forced the helpless woman to moan aloud; she was much too exhausted to scream.

Yuldasha finally moved the tip of her equine cock to the underside of her slave’s tits and slowly pushed it into the cleavage, passionately, relishing the sensation of soft skin enclosing most of her cockhead. The massive size of her cock would normally have forced the elven woman’s voluptuous breasts apart, but the silver bar which connected both of her nipples held them together as far as possible, making the breast’s slippery cleavage enjoyably tight. Further distorted moans of pain and pleasure welled up from below, as the slave’s already sore nipples got painfully stretched due to Yuldasha’s massive cock. As the tip of her swollen member had passed the elf’s cleavage and reached her chin, the demoness pulled back her loins until her glans was trapped between the slave’s heavenly warm tits again, just to slowly thrust it forward again, and again, and again …

Yuldasha took hold of her slave’s sore breasts, playing with them, feeling the soft flesh in her palms, enjoying the moans of pain from under her. Then, she used her hand to press her plaything’s breasts together against her cock, intensifying the sensation. She heightened the pace, fucking them, her cockhead sticking out of the cleavage to brush the elf’s chin, every forward stroke moving the aroused demoness toward an intense orgasm.

» Those tits are most definitely made for fucking. « Yuldasha thought.

Her hips moved faster as though on their own, as she felt herself race toward her climax. While she relished the moans of the young woman under her, the demoness suddenly slowed down her pace again; she wanted to feel every inch of her cock sliding through the slippery cleavage while cumming.

“I’m gonna cum … mmmhhh …”

A few more slow and passionate thrusts were enough to move Yuldasha over the edge. Tightening, she came. As her cock started spurting the first huge surges of sticky white cum in between her slave’s breasts, she slowly pushed forward her loins, while the pressure of the soft and sore tits sent waves of orgasmic peaks through her horse cock. Her phallus sewed rope after rope of hot seed on the slave’s breasts and face. After Yuldasha’s gushing cockhead reached the elf’s chin again, she locked her body in this position between her boobs, her hands holding them tight. Lots of the delicious cum filled the slave’s mouth which was still forced open by the steel ring gag. Some of the white nectar got in her hair, her cheeks, her forehead, even on the neck-corset and the throat. The amount of cum was actually large enough to cover nearly all of the young woman’s face.

Yuldasha slowly descended from the peak of her orgasm, panting with satisfaction. She looked down at the red-haired woman’s cum-covered face and recognized her mouth full of semen.

“Swallow it.” she said in a commanding, yet alluring voice.

Delighted about the fact that the elven slave hadn’t eaten the white liquid in her mouth without been given permission to, the satisfied demoness watched the abused woman swallow what she had in her mouth. She still groaned because of the wiggling cock-tentacle working inside her vagina.

Yuldasha withdrew her equine cock from the slave’s cleavage. The painful sensation of release of the elf’s sore and overstimulated nipples made her whine, followed by another moan of pleasure from between her legs. The arch-demoness lifted her loins from her captive’s belly and rose to her feet. After magically dissolving her equine cock, she looked down at her champion’s slave and bid farewell:

“I’ll leave you now, my dear. Time to pay my champion a visit and see what he’s got for me.”

Yuldasha moved toward her chamber’s doors, her hooves’ steps on the stone floor echoing through the room. Looking back at her plaything who was still locked to the floor, she addressed the slave anew:

“Ah right, your promised reward! Since I am so satisfied with you, my dear, I’ll refrain from leaving you to my Keeat Hounds … at least for now. Instead, you may enjoy my little worm-toy in your pussy. It’s a neat little invention, you know? The liquid it oozes prevents one from passing out, so there’s no need to be afraid of missing any of your upcoming orgasms.”

Yuldasha giggled wickedly and continued while closing the door behind her:

“Your master will pick you up in a few hours I assume.”

“Oh, and I expect you to count your orgasms and make a report to him, my dear.”

As Yuldasha left her chambers, the exhausted elven woman groaned aloud while suffering through her first orgasm, one of many more to come.


Vorgen had finalized his preparations to inform his queen about the progress of the invasion about two hours ago. He had planned to surprise Yuldasha with two kinds of presentations. The first one would be something to appease his queen’s hunger. Since the obsidian-colored demon was well aware of Yuldasha’s appetite, and since he made it his business to always be informed about his queen’s longings, he had prepared another of his favorite human slave for her.

Yuldasha was on her way down the Spire’s central stairway. After passing the Lookout Post’s balconies, she decided to pay a visit to the Alchemy and Sorcery Chamber before descending further. As she entered the large hall, she encountered Aeltha, her ambitious sorceress, writing into a heavy-looking ancient book with a quill, highly concentrated and lost in thought. Yuldasha remained silent and looked her over from the distance, her arms folded, slightly pushing up her massive breasts.

“It pleases me to see my retinue working hard.” Yuldasha said after some minutes.

Her queen’s words made the sorceress cease her writing. Surprised about not having heard the distinctive clacking of Yuldasha’s cloven hooves upon her approach, she rose from her stool, went down to one of her knees and bowed her head to pay her respects to her queen:

“Greetings, my Mistress. How may I be of service?”

“At ease, my sorceress. I’m just passing through. … How is your work coming along?”

Yuldasha’s interest was straightforward. While she continued approaching Aeltha with ever-graceful steps, the sorceress explained what she was working on:

“I am about to complete the preparations for the last parts of the blood-ritual, Mistress. The one we’re going to use for our invasion of DalMarkaan. I’ve just finished my calculations concerning the blood sacrifices and the size of the rift we need to create.”

The arch-demoness smiled at her sorceress, placed both of her hands on Aeltha’s cheeks and gave her a tender kiss on her forehead. She looked into her eyes and whispered:

“Very good, Aeltha. Keep up your excellent work. I’ll summon you later on, then you may report to me in detail. Right now, I need to pay a visit to my dear Vorgen …”

“Of course, Mistress.” Aeltha replied and bowed her head again.

Yuldasha turned around and left the chamber. She passed the Great Library and the Supply Cache without further stops and finally reached the Spire’s level holding the Superior Personnel Quarters. She found herself getting curious about what her champion Vorgen was about to present to her. Right after opening the heavy door to his chambers, the arch-demoness was confronted with an exciting scene.

A young male slave was bound to a wooden bar. The bar was hanging in a height of approximately two meters. It was easy for Yuldasha to remember the young human. The shape of his body, his facial features, his long black hair, all of his appearance was very feminine and he was more beautiful than some of the her human female slaves. The light-skinned man was dressed with a black leather corset, as well as black leather cuffs clothing his legs, thighs and arms. The young man’s arms were bound behind his back with additional leather straps wrapped around his forearms. A set of ropes was attached to the leather corset and held the slaves body floating in the air under the wooden bar. His legs were spread apart and his ankles lifted over his head, bound to the wooden bar with an additional set of ropes. The position revealed all of the young man’s private parts, his erect penis, his balls, as well as his plugged anus. The horned demon stood behind his male slave, naked, his clawed hands resting on the womanly man’s hips. The slave was impaled onto the white-eyed demon’s large and ribbed cock, slowly gliding in and out of his anus, stretching his sphincter. The bound man’s hard penis twitched rhythmically, his balls heavy, swinging slightly. He groaned into his ball-gag, pleasure-driven, on the brink of going mad due to an overwhelming stimulation, his eyes partly rolled up into his skull. Yuldasha admired the arousing scene in front of her and addressed her champion:

“Your taste in terms of slaves always amazes me. As well as your little games.” she leered.

Vorgen slightly bowed down his head and responded to his queen’s statement:

“Then it was the right choice to send you my red-headed plaything. I hope she was able to pleasure you properly, my Queen? Has she been able to satisfy your appetite?”

Yuldasha grinned impishly and answered Vorgen’s questions:

“Let me put it like this: Right now she enjoys her reward. And just to make something clear: My appetite is as ever-lasting as my reign. Always remember that, my champion.”

The tall demon smiled, knowing, and continued the conversation while relentlessly shoving his dick into his slave’s butt, forcing him to groan with pleasure, again and again:

“Of course I will. And since I always expect my Queen to have a longing for more, may I humbly offer you this young stud’s delicious nectar? I am stimulating his anus and prostate for over one hour now. He would have climaxed several times by now, but I denied him to do so.”

Yuldasha gazed at the beautiful slave’s nether regions, as Vorgen continued to verbalize his offer:

“Look at his swollen testicles, my Queen. They are filled up to their limit with white hot cum. His cock has gotten super-sensitive, so when he’s finally allowed to cum, he will suffer through the most intense and exhausting single orgasm of his entire life. He’s a needy little boy-slut, and he craves for salvation.”

The aroused arch-demoness knelt down in front of the bound slave without hesitation. She grabbed the young man’s shaft and balls with her hands and commanded him to look at her face. Though slightly dazed, the lascivious slave gazed at his queen in awe and with hope.

Yuldasha started to massage the slave’s balls and moved her full lips toward his hypersensitive glans. The moment she let her wet tongue flicker over its most sensitive spot, the raphe where the foreskin is connected to the shaft, the young man groaned aloud, barely able focus on his queen’s face. The kneeling demoness suddenly increased the pressure of her tongue and forcefully started to circle her tongue all over the glans and the foreskin in its direct vicinity. She moaned with relish upon tasting the salty human flesh, and the womanly man’s groans of pleasure morphed to a heavy panting.

Vorgen recognized that his boy-toy was yet again ready to cum. All of the slave’s body tensed in anticipation of his climax. As soon as he was released from the curse of denied orgasms, he was tossed over the peak of a soul-crushing climax. He came. Hard.

The moment the young stud cried into his gag and his back arced as he came, Yuldasha sank her head to take the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking even more intensely than before. Huge loads of sticky white cum gushed into the demoness’ mouth, and Yuldasha swallowed every surge that came out, greedily sucking him dry. The overwhelmed young man shook and moaned to the intensively incredible ecstasy he experienced, his eyes clenched shut. Drained by Yuldasha’s blow-job, the tension of his body loosened slightly, leaving the nearly unconscious man hanging in his ropes and panting for air through his nostrils. Releasing him from her mouth with an obscene slurp, Yuldasha smiled lasciviously and licked over her lower and upper lips to make sure she had gotten all of the slave’s semen.

“What an excellent taste,” she purred, “Not bad at all, for a human.”

The demoness rose to her hooves and looked over to her champion who just had withdrawn his phallus from his slave’s anus. She beckoned him to her and whispered into his ear:

“Well, that was a tasty interlude. I’m curious what other surprise you have prepared for me.”

“If you are willing to follow me, my Queen, I’ll show it to you right away.” Vorgen responded.

Yuldasha nodded and followed her champion. They descended to the base of the Spire and approached the Mess Hall, one of the largest chambers of the Spire. Vorgen guided his queen to a gate which lead to one of the many inner balconies inside the Mess Hall. After stopping in front of the gate, Vorgen turned around to face Yuldasha, signaled her to pause and humbly addressed his queen:

“My Queen. This is the army for the DalMarkaan invasion. … Your army.”

Vorgen opened the gate, offered Yuldasha his hand and elegantly guided his queen out onto the balcony, presenting her an awe-inspiring view.

Yuldasha gazed at a huge army of Kazdruk warriors, men and women alike, filling all of the great Mess Hall. They were standing in formation, a military parade displaying sheer demon power. It were at least ten-thousand Kazdruk, standing in hordes of five hundred, looking like giant patches of demonic force plastering the floor of the hall. The arch-demoness was awestruck. Standing in presence of this huge army made a pleasant shiver run down her spine. She was surprised about the calmness of all those warriors. No murmurs waving through the crowd, no-one behaving shady or stepping out of the lines; a demonstration of discipline and devotion.

The Ruler of Kazdruk stepped forward to the balcony’s edge and placed her hands on the balustrade, her eyes wandering across the hall. She smiled, satisfied, then raised her voice:

“This is a sight to behold indeed! The invasion of DalMarkaan will begin in exactly six days. I expect my army to be as efficient and ruthless as back then, when I crushed the Goldulin Empire and invaded DelHelshan. Soon, my subordinates, your weapons will taste human and elven blood, and your cocks and cunts will be satisfied by those remaining alive and enslaved.”

“Hail Kazdruk!” Vorgen shouted soulfully from behind his queen, rising his first into the air.

“Hail Yuldasha!” the horde chorused, their praise echoing through the Mess Hall like thunder, while ten-thousand fists simultaneously rose into the air.

Yuldasha smiled anew, satisfied, knowing.

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