Shackles of Hate. Chapter 7: Baroness of Volgras

By: SinfulWolf

Unwrapping the long leather whip from around her waist, Yannifer gazed upon the bared flesh before her. The end of the whip landed on the floor with a dry slap as her tongue slowly rolled over her black painted lips, making them glisten softly in the torchlight of the throne room.

As her eyes ran over the power muscles hidden beneath the pale skin of the woman before her, she felt her pulse quicken, a heat rising between her thighs as she gripped the whip tight. Lashing out, the leather cracking against the woman’s back, the Elf slave was rewarded with a moan of pleasure that sent a shiver up her spine.

Long thin cuts streak across Lillium’s back, thin trickles of crimson curled downwards over the soft curve of her ass, dripping to her thighs glistening with her arousal. The powerful muscles beneath her skin did not tense as the whip slid across the floor before rising again and lashing out, earning another moan from the succubus’s dark lips. Her fingers curled around the top of the throne, knees settled upon the black cushions of the seat as Yannifer whipped her. Her eyes were gently closed as she savoured the exquisite pain, her flesh healing shortly after the whip opened it.

Licking her lips, Yannifer lashed out again, her stiff nipples brushing against the leather strap across her chest with each slight movement. Each crack giving her the reward of her mistress’s pleasure, which only made her all the more excited.

The door to the throne room opened, and sergeant Lorth stepped into the room, heavy boots thumping on the floor. His eyes locked onto the naked form of his mistress, kneeling upon the newly carved throne that had replaced the two of the previous rulers of the castle. Blackened wood shipped from the corrupted trees of the Tortured Sea had been carved into the seat of authority, the armrests shaped into eternally grinning skulls, the eyes slanted in menace. The back had been chiselled into wooden replicas of wings folded tightly inwards, topped with yet another skull. The old paintings had been torn down from the walls of the room, leaving behind dark red banners of the Kazdruk in their place, and obsidian statues of beautiful and naked women, bodies forever posed in seductive stances, were set in the corners.

Lillium’s eyes slowly slid open, and her tongue slid over her lips. She turned her gaze towards Lorth, who clacked his heels together and punched a fist to his chest. The succubus made no move to conceal her nudity, though she did raise her hand, two fingers extended, and Yannifer ceased her ministrations, wrapping the whip around her waist once more.

Curling in her seat, and slowly crossing her legs, she sat herself. Breasts rising and falling with each evenly drawn breath, she beckoned the Helot warrior closer. Lorth relaxed slightly as he stepped close to the throne, and stood before the succubus, the chainmail he wore rattling slightly with each movement he made.

“Did you come to ogle, or to make a report sergeant?” Lillium said, her lips curling upwards in a smirk.

“Both. The slave pits in the town square are complete and we await further instructions. Mistress Aeltha has also sent a gift; it appears to be a mirror. The messengers wished to inform you that you are to use it right away,” Lorth said with a gentle shrug.

Lillium pursed her lips as she thought for a moment before glancing towards the door that led up a spiral staircase to the top most tower of the castle, where the king and queen had once slept soundly and sure of their rule.

“Have them bring it to my chambers. As for the slaves, begin tearing down the old shops and homes for barracks. Select the most subservient to begin work on cutting wood and getting the farms up and running again, and to work the brothel. Those resisting can build under the lash… except the two nuns, they are yours to keep,” Lillium said, and Lorth grinned, saluting with fist to chest once again.

“By your will mistress,” he said and turned, starting to walk away, before Lillium called him to a halt. Stopping mid stride and turning, a look of confusion upon his face, deepening as Lillium gestured to Yannifer.

“The rank of sergeant is much too low for one of your talents, captain,” Lillium said, even as Yannifer stepped forward, holding out a black sash of heavy wool to the Helot, who took it gently in hand. For a moment he stared in disbelief, for not one of his kind had ever been given such responsibility and praise before in his lifetime.

“Find a new sergeant, find new recruits, make me proud Lorth,” Lillium said as the man slipped the sash over one shoulder, carefully pressing it across his chest.

With one final salute, he left the room, gently playing with the symbol of leadership that had not been given to a Helot in over five hundred years. He felt proud, that there might be a future for his kin after all. Above all, he knew he would burn the entire world for the woman who had given him the respect he had never seen all his long years.


Mia cowered in the corner of the room, silently whispering prayers to herself, but no answers came to her; Oan was ashamed of her, for how she had so quickly abandoned her sisters and pushed her face between the legs of the unholy slut that had stormed their church.

The nun did not even know what had happened to her sisters after that day. They had been dragged away in chains, their hands bound, tatters of their habits scarcely clinging to their bodies, hiding nothing, as they were forced to march with all the other slaves taken that day.

Except Mia.

Mia was taken by the succubus herself, and now here she was in Lillium’s personal chambers, her habit tailored into a mockery of itself. A long slit up to her hips on either side showed her legs, long and lean from all the work she had done in and around the church, and the front had been cut wide and open to show her pert breasts. Her arms covered the cleavage now, even as she tried to whisper her prayers, ashamed of how she had been forced to dress, ashamed of how she had abandoned her sisters and given in to such wanton lewd behaviour only to save herself.

The room was dark, with only a few candles on tall metal sticks in the corner, flickering with an unearthly blue light. Despite the wind that came in through the window that made the flames flutter and flicker, she had not once seen them go out in her entire week in this room. The bed was large, covered in rich sheets of black satin, stained in spots by Lillium’s nightly activities, of which Mia always had to watch if it was not her forced to dive between her legs. She had the choice every night to receive such attentions in return, but always she declined. The nun was ashamed to admit to herself that each time became more difficult as the lust grew thick in the room and threatened to overtake her mind.

A large dresser of polished burned oak stood in the corner, holding the many dresses and garb of the succubus. A stand beside the bed held her armour, which Mia had to clean every day under threat of having her virginity taken against her will. The black metal gleamed, not a spot of blood to be found on it from the battle which now seemed a lifetime ago. A small rack by the foot of the armour would hold Lillium’s blade whenever she settled for the night, and if not for her vows, Mia would have taken it, and plunged it deep into the whore’s heart. But she had heard the tales of what happened in Innisgar, and knew it would not be enough.

Lastly was a tall mirror, slightly rounded top and bottom, the metal holding the glass in place twisted and spiked in a fashion only demons could create. It had been put in here but an hour before, and Mia had shivered as the two demons who delivered it looked upon her with a hunger that was not for whatever food these beasts consumed. They had strode in here, naked and rippling with muscle, large breasts upon their chests and massive cocks swinging between their thighs that had hardened upon seeing the nun whimpering in the corner. They did not touch her when they left, their beastly faces twisted in some fashion of a grin, made more horrible by their lack of lips and cheeks, with razor fangs within.

The last Mia saw of them was their serpentine tails, spikes lining the lengths. She had been glad to see them go, and was curious of the mirror they left in their wake. Its polished surface showed her clearly, and seeing the whorish outfit she had been made to wear, she scrambled once more to her corner, ignoring the hints of green light emerging from the glass.

Then came the clicking of bone pointed heels upon stone, a sound Mia had come to recognize very well these past few days. Lillium entered the room with her unholy grace, clad in a black backless dress, the opening dipping low enough to show the cleft of her ass, and the front parted to scarcely hold her breasts from the view of anyone who set eyes upon her, dipping just past her navel. The skirt hugged her hips, but still she seemed to glide with a sway that would stir the blood. Mia could even feel its affect upon her, and once more found herself struggling to retain her vows. This woman was the embodiment of temptation.

 The succubus warrior set her eyes briefly upon her armour, and the curl of her painted lips caused Mia to let out a sigh of relief.

“Well done sister,” Lillium purred, and while her entire time in the nunnery the word sister had carried a sense of hope and belonging for Mia, this temptress made it sound twisted, erotic, and unholy.

She said nothing else though, and turned to the mirror. Putting her hand carefully upon the surface, Mia couldn’t help but watch in wonder as green light gathered in its centre, obscuring the picture of the gorgeous woman standing before it. They swirled and pulsed, and Mia bit her lip, fearful and entranced all at once.

A hole opened in the centre of the mirror, shimmering blackness that soon faded away to show a red skinned demoness surrounded by candlelight which made her horns shimmer slightly.

“Mistress Aeltha, you wished to speak with me? I suspected you might come in person,” Lillium said to the woman on the other side of the mirror. Mia was enthralled, never before had she seen such magic.

“I am in Yuldasha’s tower at the moment, in the Tortured Sea. My talents are needed here for the moment, while you my champion, spread my will in your campaign. I have heard that you’ve taken Volgras,” Aeltha said in a tone that hovered between harsh and coddling, and while Mia was confused by it, it seemed to relax the succubus that had taken her.

“It is a good staging ground. Defensible, many routes into the interior of the continent,” Lillium replied.

“And so you’ve made yourself mistress of the castle. Once a mere warrior on the losing side, now baroness of the Kazdruk. I knew I had chosen well my dear,” Aeltha said with pride and a wicked smile.

Before Lillium could anything in thanks to her given title, the sorceress continued, brushing aside the opening conversation as if unimportant.

“Now tell me of Innisgar.”

“Fallen, its citizens put to the sword or enslaved. They have all been taken here, to Volgras. A few select for my personal pleasure, and one for your own experiments,” Lillium said, and stepped to the side.

Mia suddenly noticed that this Aeltha was now starring directly at her. For a moment she could only stare back with wide eyes, before finally averting her gaze and trying not to look upon the power she could see even through the magical mirror.

“Excellent. Enjoy your rule for the moment Lillium, I will have new instructions for you within the fortnight,” she said after a few moments of inspecting Mia. The nun had never felt so naked before in her life, never so exposed after those eyes peered into her soul, and found whatever they had been searching for.

“Of course mistress,” Lillium said with the slightest of bows.

As the magic portal closed, and Mia was left once more alone with her captor, she shuddered in fear. The succubus looked over at her, and merely grinned.


Dangling from the wall, the manacles clamped around his wrists digging into his flesh, the cold air of the dungeons whisking across his naked flesh, Ian groaned from his sleep wrought on by pure exhaustion. Trickles of blood had run down his forearm and dried, and his arms ached from holding him up for so long. His feet had been chained tightly to the wall, just inches from the ground, preventing him from properly relaxing. A woman, clad in nothing more than a loincloth and a leather collar around her neck, came by twice a day to feed him a bitter tasting gruel.

Ian had recognized her from Innisgar, but he did not know her. She spoke not a word to him as she pushed the spoon into his mouth, and he could not muster the energy to speak to her in turn. She always held pity in her eyes when she came to him, smelling of sex, once even with a spot of cum rolling over her breast and cheek that she seemed not to notice, or if she did, not to care.

As the pain in his limbs pulled him from sleep, he heard the even sound of clicks coming down the hallway outside. He looked wearily upon the doorway, fear clutching at his gut; the woman who fed him was always so quiet in her sandaled feet, this was someone else.

With weary eyes he watched as the door swung open, and Lillium strolled in calmly, shutting the door behind herself. Once more, Ian stared in shock at the former champion, the sexuality that radiated from her form, her movements pure sensuality, the wings tucked firmly against her back, the claws tipping her fingers, and the source of the clicking: the sharp bones that jutted down from her heels.

Her lips were curled upwards in a smirk somewhere between cruel and seductive. As she walked to his side, his eyes followed her, trailing over all that was at once familiar and alien. The sway of her hips, the slight bounce of her breasts within the tight confines of her dress. Despite himself, heated memories of the pair of them in the back of the blacksmith rolled across his mind. The memory of her lips, the taste of her skin, the warmth of her cunt.

The succubus said nothing as she came ever closer, moving with agonizing slowness, letting him relive those memories. He stared in a mixture of arousal and revulsion, his cock hardening and standing straight before him, even as the image in his mind of his lover shifted to that of the demonic creature before him.

Leaning down, Lillium sniffed at his naked body, smelling his skin, her claws running along his sides. She stopped at his ear, he could feel her warm breath upon his flesh, could smell the blood, and cum that had passed her lips recently. When her tongue slithered out, running over his jaw and then his ear, he couldn’t help but shiver, though he knew not what emotion caused it.

“I can sense her on you Ian. Tell me, did you even wait for me to get to the battlefield before you fucked my sister? Did she even know me and you were lovers Ian?” she said, in a tone somewhere between purr and hiss.

The words made his back stiffen, fear once more sliding its fingers across his brain, scraping along his spine. He did not say a word, truly afraid of what this woman he had once trusted with all his soul would do to him.

She snapped her jaws inches from his face, giving him a peak of the glimmering fangs behind the glistening black gates of her lips. He wanted to scream, wanted to kiss her, wanted to grovel and apologize, wanted to stab her in her twisted black heart.

Her fingers ran down his chest, a claw gently sliding over a nipple, making him hiss in fearful anticipation. They pointed tips ran down his stomach, ghosting along his skin, and despite all the pain in his limbs, he could not deny how good the sensation felt. Next she ran a claw along the underside of his cock, stopping at the head, smiling with the points of her fangs showing, pressing gently into her lower lip. Ian felt his cock swell further, rising upwards, followed by the downward slide of that teasing claw.

“You traitorous bitch,” Ian said with a raspy voice, unable to raise the energy to yell and spit in her face.

She grabbed his balls, hard, and he groaned in pain, until she stopped and began to gently caress them.

“I am not the one who fucked the sister of my lover, without knowing her fate. Nor am I the one that stood idly by and let demons destroy the town I called home. Nor was I the one to cowardly to march off to fight. You, Ian, are the true traitor. Humanity is done, whether by the Kazdruk or the Elves. I simply chose the path that would let us live on,” she hissed, each word a stab to his heart.

“Your, sister didn’t know,” Ian said, hanging his head in shame as Lillium toyed with his cock.

“Good boy,” she said, patting his cheek, before getting to her feet. “We’ll have another chat soon enough. Then you will get a choice: enslavement, or death.”

Without another word Lillium left the room and shut the door quietly. Ian sagged his head in shame, listening to her heels click on the stones as the succubus walked away. Each of her words was a barb in his soul, and he wondered, which path would he truly prefer?


The Baroness of Volgras smiled as she left the dungeons. Ian had believed her jealousy, and that amused her. She made her way towards the old chambers of the handmaidens, at the foot of the stairs leading to her personal chambers, thinking about what she truly intended to do to Ian. While it was fun to play with him for the moment, eventually she would need to make some kind of final decision.

She pushed the thoughts from her mind as she arrived at her destination. She raised her hand and knocked on the simply oak door. While those that dwelled within were her personal concubines that she could do with what she wished, Lillium preferred that they trusted her. The door opened and Yannifer offered a smile as she stepped out.

“She’s all yours mistress,” the elf purred, stepping away to leave the succubus alone with Rania.

The room was fairly simply, not yet garnished as her own was. A trio of beds, and dressers adorned the walls, with a few small mirrors for the inhabitants to view themselves. Rania sat on the edge of a bed, eyes downcast, fear and sorrow plain in her features. She did not look up as Lillium sat herself beside the woman.

“My husband is gone. Isn’t he?” she asked without shifting her gaze, though neither did she slide away from the succubus pressed against her.

“Yes. He had a quick death. He would not turn,” Lillium said, putting her hand on the woman’s thigh gently, comforting.

“Yet you did,” Rania said accusingly, and Lillium laughed, before dipping her fingers into her own cleavage and pulling out a small vial. The substance within with thick and black, streaked with a vibrant purple; a gift from Aeltha.

“Such sorrow Rania. I could ease your heart. End your suffering,” Lillium said, and held out the vial.

The woman finally looked up and looked at the offering for a moment. She said nothing as she stared, before finally reaching out and taking it. As she held it before her Lillium saw for the first time since she’d come here, some life in her eyes.

“No more pain? Will I become like you?” she asked fearfully.

“No. You will not,” Lillium assured her, and Rania slowly nodded, uncorking the vial. She had nothing left to lose, why not simply end it? She quickly drank it down, the liquid within pouring past her lips and down her throat.

Lillium watched in fascination, for surely Aeltha would want to know what happened next. For a moment, nothing happened, and Rania simply looked confused. Then a gasp slipped from her lips, and her hand went to her belly. Her breathing starting coming faster, her nipples pushing against the fabric of her dress. Lillium licked her lips at the sight, as dark veins spread upwards from under the woman’s dress.

Rania looked at the succubus, her expression unreadable, as the black reached her eyes, and the once vibrant blue turned violet. Her nostrils flared, and her tongue slipped from her mouth and ran over her lips. Soon enough, the veins faded from view, and Rania got to her feet, nearly tearing the dress from her body.

“This almost takes the fun out of it…,” Lillium muttered to herself as shreds of fabric scattered around the room, and the petite young woman stood naked before her, thighs already glistening with juices. Her eyes were ablaze with desire, and she turned to Lillium, and jumped upon the succubus, pining her to the bed.

“You…,” she started, careful with the dress, pulling it free from Lillium’s body, uncovering her pale skin, the dark nipples standing erect. As the dress fell to the floor, Rania dipped her head low, wrapping her lips around the inviting nubs, groaning as her tongue slowly ran over them in turn, her hands exploring the body of the woman who had done this to her.

Lillium did not respond to the self-interrupted question, instead groaning softly as tongue and lips played along her breasts, and fingers trailed downwards, seeking Lillium’s cunt. Rania was hungry, there was no teasing, only a quick thrust of fingers up into the succubus’s slick pussy, making Lillium groan in desire. Juices streamed over Rania’s hand and down her forearm, and she did not stop her thrusts, pushing up inside the succubus while nipping and licking at her tits.

“Good girl,” Lillium groaned, leaning her head back upon the bed as Rania gave in to all her primal desires. She wasn’t sure what that vial had done exactly, she would have to ask Aeltha next time. For the moment, she intended to simply reap the rewards. Her claws ran softly over Rania’s skin, feeling her curves, her flesh so soft beneath her touch. It made the woman groan in pleasure, as she wrapped her legs around one of the succubus’s own, and began to grind her slick cunt into Lillium’s thigh.

With ease, Lillium grasped Rania’s shoulders, and pushed her onto her back, and quickly mounted her. Looking up at the succubus, Rania let out a long moan as Lillium’s tongue slid from beneath her breast, and curved up to her nipple before flicking over the bud, all while pinning her down by her wrists. After she repeated the action on the other side, grinding softly into the woman’s lap, she looked down into Rania’s eyes.

“Welcome to my court, concubine,” the succubus purred hungrily, letting the tip of a wing dip down behind her, and prod at the woman’s entrance. Rania moaned in delight, her legs parting, and Lillium grinned as she thought of her last words to Julius, before peeling back her lips, baring her fangs.

“You’re mine,” she snarled, and lunged down towards Rania’s neck, sinking her fangs into the woman’s flesh, feeling the gush of blood into her mouth and across her tongue, breasts pushing firmly into her concubine’s.

“Yes mistress!” Rania shouted with a moan.

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