Sewers of Harrow. Part IV: Hydrophobia

Celena ran for all her worth. Only a few Keeats remained stubborn enough to chase her and they had lost some ground pausing to investigate Valery, but Celena was still in dire straights. She was well trained, but the constant chase was starting to wear her out, whereas the Keeats would seemingly die before slowing down on their prey.

Fortune seemed to shine on the last remaining elf of the failed rescue mission however as she spotted a light emanating from a chamber ahead…daylight. Had she really been in this nightmarish sewer that long?

Celena darted towards the chamber, and the freedom from this hell it promised. It was a large circular chamber containing an artificial lake with some rusting, badly maintained stairs along the edges that led toward the light. An exit! An exit from this disaster.

Celena started thinking of what she’d have to say when she got back home… Zaya and Tereza… that had nothing to do with her. Zaya was her friend. She wanted to help and Tereza was just overconfident.

Valery… if she hadn’t sacrificed Valery, they would both have been taken by the Keeats, she reasoned. She would just have to lie about what she did. She’d find a way to live with it.

An angry bark from behind brought her back to the current situation. The young elf reached the chamber, awed by the sheer size of the underground lake for a second and began climbing up the stairs, which were rather steep and took a lot out of the already tired elf.

Unfortunately, the Keeats were still in top shape and finally caught up with Celena, the lead Keeat lunged at her, intent on pinning her down. Celena would have none of that so she turned and using the stair’s handrails for support, she lifted her body and dropkicked the Keeat, sending it tumbling back down the stairs.

Celena smiled in triumph, but the rusty iron handrail bent slightly before snappening under her weight. Losing her balance, she was sent tumbling into the lake below. She hit the water with a deep splash. Being a decent swimmer, she was able to quickly recover. Celena cursed as she watched the Keeats approach the edge of the lake water and look at her. Grimacing, she braced herself for another attack.

The Keeats stood still and then strangely, backed off. Turning around, they ran out of the chamber and back into the cavernous hallways.


Celena stared a little dumbfounded, then laughed.


“Ha! Scared of fucknig water? Seriously? Hahahaha…”

The elf tried to calm herself down as she bobbed in the water. The stupid animals had finally given up… she was safe. She’d be safe…

She composed herself and started swimming to the ledge when the elf felt something brush her leg. She paused.

“Some… some sewer fish.. right…,” the elf said to herself, and continued to the ledge. She placed her hands on the cold stone and was about to lift herself out when something wrapped around her left leg and tugged her back in.

Celena’s face turned to panic as she realised there was something… more… in the water. She tried to grab the ledge and get herself out again, but tentacle yanked her hard into the water causing her to lose her grip. She shrieked out as she broke the surface, trying to get whatever was on her leg off. Suddenly with a strong pull the tentacle dragged her through the water and pulled her further into the lake. The small elf gasped, as suddenly several titanic green worms burst from the water’s surface, some of them looked to be twice her size. She now realised what had truly scared off the Keeats.

Before she could react, more tentacles grabbed her and pulled her under the water. She held her breath while struggling until they brought her up again. She took a sharp gasp and filled her lungs with precious oxygen before they dunked her again. This repeated several more times, with more tentacles wrapping around her torso and limbs. The massive serpent like creatures  surrounded her and seemed to watch on even with their eyeless heads.

Her leather armour and undergarments were rapidly shredded and torn off by the barrage of thick tentacles and repeated dunking.




Celena tried to flail and kick wildly within the worms grasp, her small perky tits bouncing freely as she was tossed in and out of the water. The large tentacle wrapped around her torso forced it’s tip into her mouth and spread her jaw wide as it began pumping a thick semen like substance down her throat.

“Mmmmf! MMmmph! *gulp* *gulp*” Celena’s eyes were wide in utter shock as she had to swallow the musky substance. Her heart was pounding so fast it felt like it’d rip out of her chest. Following another long dunk in the water she didn’t even notice the tentacles pulling her bare legs apart until another tentacle emerged from the water and pushed itself into the elf’s pussy.

“MMmmmh! MMMMMPH!” Celena struggled helplessly as the tentacle penetrated her with ease, rapidly lubricating itself with the same slippery cum being forced into Celena’s stomach. Her wet and near naked body writhed and struggled in the grasp of the worms, tentacles on both ends pumping into her relentlessly. The worms stopped dunking her in the water, holding her just above the surface as the tentacles fucked her.

DC SEWER 4_Lucien

She was wet and cold and yet a terrible sensation was rising within her. The warmth of pleasure and an impending orgasm. She fought it. Tried to hold it back. But the more of this cum she drank and was pumped into her, the more aroused she got.

Her face was that of pure panic. She flailed and banged weakly on the skin of the serpent, her fists pounding the scales to no avail. The worms seemed to be still, watching her intently as their tentacles fucked her above the water. Her climax seemed to almost be their goal.

The tentacles kept up a relentless pace, her body shuddered, one leg dangling in the water. Another tentacle sneaked up and dove into Celena’s exposed rear hole and started leaking cum almost immediately. Celena let out a muffled scream as this act sent her over the edge into a thunderous climax. Her eyes rolled upwards, her own hips gyrating involuntarily on her tentacle lovers, her own clear fluidy cum spurting over the tentacle in her cunt.

The worm like serpent’s opened their mouths and shrieked out a frightening, alien sound simultaneously. Celena hardly reacted as she came down from her incredible orgasm. She moaned weakly over the tentacle in her mouth as it spurted yet more cum, so much it spilled out her nostrils and was just starting to regain her senses when the tentacles pulled down on her body again hard. Celena let out another muffled yelp and tried to breathe as much as she could through her nose as she was pulled under the surface again.

The elf’s struggles briefly renewed as the tentacles held her under the water, far longer than before. They kept the small elf under the surface while still constantly fucking her.

Celena desperately held her breath as she felt another orgasm quickly approach.

The water’s surface became calm as the struggles occurred deep underneath. Briefly, some bubbles appeared in the spot where Celena was, then slowly they ceased. The worms slipped back into the water one by one, until the lake fell calm.





The Sorceress Aeltha sat on a fairly opulent throne, some days after the elven attack. Surrounding her were some manner of scrying orbs, showing her images and reports on the aftermath of the battle.

Her attention shifted to four orbs in particular. The red demoness grinned wickedly as she viewed them. One showed a red haired elf, on her knees obendiently fellating the cock of a four armed demon. The next showed a group of purple, mostly female shaped cocoons hanging from a ceiling. Another, a blonde, rather pretty and stately elf being rutted hard by a Keeat in some dark isolated den with others waiting in line. The last, a torn elven leather glove floating on an otherwise still artificial lake.

“It seems some of the specimens I discarded in the sewer system are doing well for themselves… I should perhaps research them further… when I have the time.” Aeltha remarked to herself, before waving the orbs away and calling for a nearby elf to approach and kneel in front of her with a few simple hand gestures.


The End



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