Spire of Torment. Chapter 29: Matriarch’s embrace

By: Lucien

Putrid light cascaded through the ceilings in thick rays. Ulla’s eyes raced across the interior of the Matriarch’s super spire, her eyes hectically taking everything in. The dark castle was filled with smooth exotic marble walls and extravagant stone statues. Much like Yuldasha’s spire, purple flickers of light sprinkled the halls to light the dark stone corridors. Ulla could hear chilling sounds echoing in the distance. Beastial roars and fearful shrieks were juxtaposed against the ornate decorations and calm appearance of the super spire’s interior.

Ulla’s ears picked up faint fiendish pipe organs in the distance. The nefarious instrument excreted progressions of haunting melodies. Each note tightening Ulla’s skin and causing her hair to stand on end. Ulla stopped in her tracks as she looked up into the dark corners of the spire’s buttress. Cindery eyes gazed back at her from the voids before quickly disappearing. Ulla was met with a strong shove from behind by Strum’za.

“Keep moving human.” The Kazdruk knightess ordered.

Ulla swallowed hard and kept walking. She jumped at the sound of the heavy steel gate slamming behind her, sealing off any chance of ever leaving this place.

The two marched through the labyrinth of marble corridors. Ever so often they would pass a doorway leading into holding cells. Horrors laid beyond each cell. Ulla saw things she hoped she would never see again. Twisted creatures of every size, slaves, and prisoners. One room she came to, she caught the glimpse of keeat like creatures breeding with elves. Ulla stopped to get a closer look but she was shoved from behind again and told to keep moving.


The two twisted through various dark halls. The screams of suffering became more and more constant now. Ulla and Strum’za came around a sharp corner that opened up into a larger area filled with tall stone pillars. Two other guards stood beside a large twirling column of vibrant green energy. It reminded Ulla of a giant candle flame that inverted itself on both ends like an hourglass. The two walked closer and the guards saluted by slamming their fists upon their chests while bringing their legs closer. The salute was visual as well as audible, leaving a slight jingle of armor to resonate into the halls. Strum’za only nodded at the two and carried on past them with Ulla. As they got closer to the large flame, Ulla’s hair stood on end as she could feel the energy reach out and arc across her cold skin. The human stopped and hesitated at moving any closer to the large cone of swirling green energy. Strum’za, losing patience, gripped the human arm and pulled her into the flame. The two passed through the energy and came out the other side in another part of the spire. Ulla shivered, exiting the apparent Kazdruk portal. It had felt like passing through a waterfall of ice cold mountain water.

The new area was slightly different. The long halls laid pristine. Slight reflections bounced off the otherworldly surfaces. A white glow pulsated in a soft pattern across the floor. Ulla found the lighting to be oddly tranquil. Looking to the walls, Ulla could tell they were higher in the spire now. The clean dark walls had diamond shaped viewports that looked out over the inky storm filled sky. Strum’za nudged Ulla forward again. The new area was eerily quiet and the minimalistic style of the area was off putting and strange. The two came to another green flame portal, but before entering, Strum’za held up her hand and the flame turned to a vibrant purple before they moved through.

Ulla shivered again, swearing it was colder than the last. The two exited the portal into a small pristine room. The room appeared to be a bathing chamber. A Kazdruk woman stood in the corner with her hands folded. A simple black lace like outfit covered her lithe body. The dark material cris-crossed along her supple breasts and a long ornate piece of fabric hung from her hips.  She was about the same height as Ulla, her skin was milky white and her eyes were completely black. Sharp jagged horns curved back behind her head crowning her long black braided hair.

“Have this one prepared for the Matriarch.” Strum’za spoke coldly. ” I’ll be back to retrieve this one and bring her before our great mother.

“As you wish Knightness Strum’za,” the Kazdruk spoke before bowing.



Strum’za had returned roughly an hour later. Ulla had been cleaned and prepared by the previous Kazdruk. Her skin had been freshly washed and moisturized. Any cuts, bruises or lacerations had been healed with arcane magics and dark stones. Even her hair was cleaned up, no longer wind blown and matted from the harsh desert. Ulla looked at Strum’za. At her side in black manacles, stood two elves. One male and one female. Neither said a single word. Ulla could tell by their look that they were prisoners as well or at least enemies of the Kazdruk. Strum’za eyed Ulla and motioned her to come forward.  

“It is time, human. Follow me.”

Ulla complied and followed the Kazdruk Knightess and her two other prisoners moving through various portals. The four soon came to a great clearing within the spire. The ground was glass like and seemed to spread on forever. In the distance, at the other end beyond symmetrical pillars and the haze of candle smoke was a titanic door. A door larger than any door Ulla had ever seen. It even dwarfed the greatest of any pretentious elvish architecture and decor. The group was met by another set of guards, these guards were dressed like Strum’za. Clearly high ranking, the two cleared the way for the group.  The four entered a great doorway. A series of wide flat stairs lead up to where the matriarch sat upon her majestic throne. Large onyx pillars ran up behind her into the void like dark ceilings. Massive banners hung down from either side framing the Matriarch perfectly. Ulla attempted to take in the astonishing and imposing room. She found herself mesmerized by the stone work and bizarre cases filled with varying subjects. Strum’za bowed to one knee.

“Oh Masterful Matriarch, I come before you bearing these prisoners, please take my offering.”

The Matriarch turned slightly to eye Strum’za with her nose upturned. The arch demoness’ large black wings outstretched elegantly as she looked down on her subjects. Her eyes glowing fiercely, she remained silent and motioned the Knight to come forward.

“Like nightshade washed in from a crisp autumn breeze. What do you bring before me child?”

“Matriarch, I bring before you three offerings. Two elvish prisoners who attempted to escape. One male and one female. They were found in the lower levels attempting to sneak out with the next patrol.”

“I see… and who might be the third?” The Matriarch asked with an extravagant grin.

“A human, Great Matriarch…”

“A human?” The Matriarch asked perplexed, cutting off the Knightess.

The great demoness sat back in her ebon throne, her jade eyes tightening as her large wings began to close back down around herself. The Matriarch remained silent for a moment. Deep in thought, she dragged her sharp nail across her arm rest. “ A human you say? Interesting, to say the least. Bring forth the other two. I shall deal with this…human last.”

“As you wish, your majesty.” Strum’za bowed and pushed forward the male and female elf.

“Leave the human here and leave us Knightess Strum’za.” The dark Matriarch spoke coldly.

“Yes, great master,” Strum’za spoke. Ulla watched as the Knightess left her side and exited the room. The human jumped slightly as the large heavy doors locked behind her.

The Matriarch sat back comfortably while eyeing the two elves.

“Escapists I see. A wretched, waste really.” The Matriarch spoke with a slice of anger.

The two only looked on in silence, their faces full of fear as shivers ran down their spines in unison. The two reached out and held each other’s hands tightly.

“Oh, lovers? How very tender,” The Matriarch laughed. “Oh, the power of love. Love among such rodents inspires asinine behaviors. Trying to free yourselves from the bounds of my chains I see? I must ask, who instilled such dreadful illusions of false freedom and free will in you two? Where did you gather such frivolous illusions of grandeur and beliefs that one could simply clutch the wind outside these walls and glide away like falcons?”

The great Kazdruk sipped from her goblet while outstretching her finger. A vibrant blast of horrific magic launched from her fingertip striking the two elves. The two were pulled off the ground towards the Matriarch. Jagged bolts of green shocked through the two. Ulla watched on in horror, the magic was more intense than anything she had seen Yuldasha perform. The thought of what would become of herself now trickled through her mind. The two elves were dragged through the air before the great Kazdruk queen. The two lovers were released and dropped to the floor before the bare humanoid feet of the Matriarch. In pain, the two elves attempted to rise up to their knees.

“Abhorrent lost souls. It is unfortunate that you do not appreciate what I have given you little ones,” The Matriarch spoke while cocking her head to the side looking down at the two in amusement.

“You gave us nothing! You only took from us! Prisoners! Slaves! Taken from our hom-”

“Enough!” The dark Queen cut the elf off. “Don’t you dare lecture me. You are part of my collection! You should be honored, but no.” The Kazdruk paused for a moment. “I believe it’s time I rid of you two, I have no yearning for a disruptive and tarnished collection,” The Kazdruk smiled with a sharp grin. “No space for an imperfect assortment.”

The Matriarch pointed her finger at the elves and unleashed a wave of vibrantly astringent bolts. The baleful magic coiled around the two and began to bend the light around them. Ulla started to walk backward, not wanting to see what would happen to them but she only backed into the edge of the stairs. Ulla was forced to watch as the ominous waves of magic began to take effect. The two elves’ sizes started to appear shorter. Their entire bodies became rescaled. Before Ulla’s very eyes, the two elves started to shrink, smaller and smaller. At first it was barely noticeable, it looked like an illusion, no more than a trick of the eye. Ulla covered her mouth in horror as she realized it was no trick. The two soon became no taller than hip height. The elves tried to break free from the sinister spell but the waves held them in place. The two continued to shrink, now roughly the height of her knees. The spell began to slow and the two shrunk to the size of the Matriarch’s hand, from palm to tip of her middle finger.

The elves looked up from the now vast tile floor as the spell concluded. The Matriarch smiled down at the two sliding her tongue across her bottom lip. She paused for a moment and pointed at the male on the left and then pointed to the female on the right. Playfully the Kazdruk pointed back and forth while receitng a childish Kazdruk rhyme.

 Hmm, from day to night, among flower beds of red and white, who’s to live and who to smite, reap your harvest before the blight… shall it be the left or the right…whose life is placed in plight? “

The Matriarch twirled her finger for a moment before pointing toward the elvish male.

“Hmm, too bad for you. It seems chance has forsaken you,” The wicked Kazdruk woman spoke gleaming.

Twirling her finger tip, a wave of nefarious pixy-dust wrapped around the male. The elvish man found himself lifted off his feet towards the Matriarch. Reaching out, she carefully pinched his small body letting her delicate fingertips cover his tiny torso.

The now tiny elvish woman shrieked at the sight and attempted to run. The Kazdruk queen smirked and nonchalantly shifted her bare foot over the elf and pressed down softly, heel to toe. A tiny scream was cut off as the elf was smothered under foot. The demon’s perfect toes curled and began wrapping themselves downward to meet the cold floor, trapping the elf. Lifting the male up to her face now, she grinned, feeling his tiny lover squirm under her foot. Softly, the dark queen ever so slightly pressed down harder. Relishing in domination and the minuscule struggles under foot, the Matriarch turned her focus to the male again who was shaking to get free.

“Careful now, It would be an awful long drop for you at your current size. Wingless and ever hopeless .”

The queen pulled the tiny elf closer to her face, lightly swinging him side to side like a child’s toy. With a seductive lap, the matriarch ran her tongue across the elf’s body. The small elf cried out in terror, wiggling wildly now.

“Please, no…”

The dark mistress played with the helpless elf, dangling him above her mouth. Slowly the elvish man was lowered into her mouth, her soft lips wrapping around his waist. The elf cried out in panic as the matriarch’s glossy lips began to pull him into her mouth. With a soft moan she wrapped her tongue around her prey and pulled him in deeper leaving only his head exposed and free. In a desperate attempt, the elf man reached up attempting to keep himself from being devoured.

Ulla watched on in horror. The powerful Kazdruk toyed with the elf in her mouth for a moment, relishing in his torment. With ease, the matriarch finally pulled him into her mouth, his cries for help quickly being cut off. The Matriarch moaned again and slowly swallowed the small elf whole. Leaning back for a moment, the twisted queen basked in the satisfaction. Opening her eyes, she looked down while she curled her toes, lifting the trapped female elf upward.

“Hmm, and what about you?”

Softly, the Kazdruk lifted the elf up and dragged her across her flat, stomach letting the elf hear the cries of her lover inside her stomach. Screaming now, believing she would succumb to the same fate, the elf tried to escape.

The Matriarch grinned at the attempt to escape and pushed her downward now instead of up. The elf shrieked as she was pushed up against the Matriarch’s dripping pussy.

“Please! No!…No! What are you doing?” The elf pleaded.

Leaning back again, the Matriarch stuffed the elf deep inside her cunt, cutting off the elf’s sharp screams. Rubbing the outside of her labia, the Kazdruk moaned softly. Her nipples now hardening knowing the elf was trapped inside her womanhood. Her eyes grew heavy as she felt the elf struggling deep inside, each movement sending a shiver up her spine causing her wings to shiver. Ulla watched as the Matriarch pleasured herself in her throne. The Kazdruk’s jade eyes looked up and made contact with Ulla, catching the human off guard.

“Please come forward, come before me as shells do at low tide. Expose yourself to me human. Seraph, eidolon, outworlder,” The Kazdruk spoke softly.

Ulla grimaced, took a deep breath and moved forward with confidence only a Goldulin born possessed, earning a sly grin from the Matriarch.

“It’s not often I come across your human kind.” The dark woman spoke.

Ulla remained silent while stopping at the foot of the throne’s stairs and looking upward at her captor. Ulla attempted to stay stoic, looking on with strength. The sudden outstretch of the matriarch’s wings instinctively caused Ulla took a step back. Ulla couldn’t help but look into the Kazdruk’s piercing eyes. No matter how much she tried, the Matriarch’s gaze wouldn’t let go. The jade coals burned in the dusky room while softly pulsating. Ulla’s eyes widened as she felt herself unable to move now. Ulla mumbled while forcing her head away with all her strength. Breaking the hypnotizing gaze, Ulla looked downward and noticed two long black tendrils sliding down the steps towards her. Each one already enclosing next to her feet. Like thick black snakes, the appendages stealthy started sliding up her legs. Ulla attempted to step back, but it was too late. The arms coiled themselves up her legs like demonic vines. Ulla began to panic as she started feeling more tendrils grope her body.

Among the chaos and confusion, the Matriach’s glowing eyes suddenly came closer. Ulla tried to raise her arms but the slick cables wrapped around her wrists and pulled them downward. Ulla felt drunk and lost in a strange euphoria as the demoness’ nefarious magic fell over her. The thick tendril slithered up her leg and pushed against her tight petals. Ulla let out a tired and weak moan as her body began to betray her. A sly smile filled the Matriarch’s face as she led more of her tentacles towards her prisoner.

“Lost in a sea of raven feathers, how does one such as yourself find your way to our land?” The Kazdruk inquired.

Ulla remained silent, still in a daze from her captor’s gaze. Mixed gasps escaped her mouth as slick appendages brushed her clit.

“Yu-Yudasha, dropped me on this… world,” Ulla spoke slowly shivering as more tentacles slide up her inner thigh.

“Yuldasha you say?” The dark queen spoke before pausing for a moment. With a smile she pulled Ulla in closer caressing her smooth arms. Ulla’s eyes were now glowing green as the Matriarch’s magic took over. Ulla was losing control of her own body. Like a human shell, her body fell limp for the Kazdruk to use. Ulla was still conscious and could understand every word she said but she could not control her own body.

“So, you have met my daughter Yuldasha, why did she send you here to wander among our atramentous lands of divinity?”

The Matriarch pulled herself closer as her dark tendrils probed the human. A green wash of magic spiraled around the queen’s nethers, a thick humanoid cock summoned itself from the base of the Kazdruk’s pubic bone. A heavy set of testicles emerged as well, hanging down in a pendulous manner. Shifting her body behind Ulla now, she slid her cock now up against Ulla.

“I haven’t had the pleasure of taking a human in many a moon’s cycle. Your kind is a seldom rarity. A dream only royalty could imagine. Pearl like, an angelic tear found after being swallowed by the opaque, nubilous desert. I have something special in mind for you, but first, I will claim you as my own. After all, a human without a goddess is nothing more than flesh lost among the thicket. Primitive, feral and without reason.”

Ulla’s mind spun as the matriarch pulled her arms back. Lost in the Kazdruks’ magical spell she felt her captor’s cock slide inside her. In a muted gasp, Ulla shivered as the cock pushed deeper. The cluster of black tentacles enwrapped around the human, one encircling her breast while the other pushed in between her lips and down her throat. Numb and immobilized, Ulla’s body shook in euphoria as her body betrayed her mind.

“ Like endless honey upon one’s lips, you are but a fine delicacy. Fresh as snow plunging from heaven’s slit juglar on ripe winter nights,”

The matriarch whispered as warm cum spilled to the tile floor below.     




Avelyn didn’t talk much to Jelthra or Kamri. The two kept to themselves in the corner throughout the night. Avelyn wasn’t sure why the two soldiers were locked up in Luzella’s holding cell. The northern elf sat and pondered if she should ask or just keep quiet. As morning came, Avelyn rubbed her cold shoulders and continued to watch the two in silence. The two whispered among themselves while looking at some strange crystal. The two conversed for a bit and then finally both looked at Avelyn perplexed. With nowhere to go, Avelyn broke the ice.

” It’s rude to stare you know.” The northern elf spoke with a pompous bite.

Kamri smirked and Jelthra made a dirty look before awkwardly looking away.

“You two are in trouble with Luzella I see, shame,” Avelyn spoke before looking away out into the chamber.

“Mm, ziz would seem so,” Jelthra finally replied.

The three fell into an uncomfortable silence again. Minutes went by before Kamri broke the awkward silence again.

“How did you end up in here?”

Avelyn grimaced at the question. Not truly wanting to talk about it. Especially to Kazdruk but she figured there was nothing to lose at this point.

“It’s a story i’d rather not speak about…,” Avelyn frowned silently for a moment. “But if you must know, my fiancée and I were leading a rescue mission to save our great queen,” Avelyn’s face quickly turned to hatred. “Luzella defeated us and then my fiancée he… he…,” Avelyn paused and didn’t continue.

“He vhat? Jelthra asked impatiently.

“He chose our queen over me and left me here with your friend Luzella.”

Jelthra and Kamri looked at each other silently for a moment.

“Oh, I see,” Kamri returned.

“He’s dead to me,” Avelyn spat. The hatred in her eyes clearly visible to Kamri and Jelthra now. The three fell silent again.

“Why are you two here?” Avelyn asked trying to remain calm. A shard of evil washed over the northern elf for a brief moment before she took a deep breath.

“As you have already guessed, Luzella doesn’t like us all that much,” Kamri spoke softly.”

“Neither does her zister,” Jelthra chimed in.

“I’m not entirely sure why she’s out to get us. I suppose that’s just what they do. Regardless, the two are going to fight for possession of me,” Kamri frowned.

Avelyn rose her eyebrow.

“Luzella and her sister Wulfshn are going to fight?” The northern elf asked, suddenly intrigued.


“Luzella will win,” Avelyn spoke with certainty. Kamri thought she saw the elf smile for a brief moment. The expression of Avelyn’s face looked as if she wanted Luzella to win as her face briefly flashed to jubilance.

“What about you?” Avelyn asked looking at Jelthra.

“Luzella or her sister Wulfshn are not very fond of me, so zay tossed me in here for now. I need to find a wayz outz of here.”

“I’ll wager, you’ll both become property of Luzella,” Avelyn spoke knocking on the steel cage bars with her knuckle. The northerner let another sly smile slip. Her elvish eyes now filled with a new glint of darkness, laced with a faint underlying, corrupted hysteria. Kamri paused and looked at her worried.

“I’m not going to be anyone’s property!” Kamri spoke. ” I’ll die before that happens.”

 Before the three could continue, a group of Kazdruk guards appeared at the holding cell door. The three prisoners looked up at the rough Kazdruks.

“You, Kamri. Come with me. You’ve been summoned by Luzella as a prize for a sparring match,” One of guards spoke pushing Kamri’s clothing through the cage bars.

Kamri clothed herself and walked towards the cage door as it opened. Before leaving, she looked back at Jelthra and Avelyn and winked.

“Don’t worry, i’ll be back one way or another.”



Luzella and Wulfshn stood in the fighting pit, both smirking at Kamri as she was brought forth as ante of the fight. Word traveled fast throughout the ranks of the spire. Not wanting to miss any chances to make some coin, a handful of Kazdruk soldiers were watching on from the stone and wood walls placing their usual bets on the outcome.

The scantily clad Kazdruk waitress made an appearance, standing between Luzella and Wulfshn. Brazeek stood tall beside the sharp Kazdruk woman, standing by as a form of extra security if needed. The female stood by as referee and arbiter, or something close to one, when it came to Kazdruk combat. The demoness backed up and looked at the onlookers.

“It is in agreement then! Wulfshn has challenged Luzella to Trial of Claim!”

The small crowd cheered. Some rhythmically slamming the wood lining the fighting pit.

The Kazdruk referee smiled and turned to look at Kamri.

“The claim of possession is this,” she spoke pointing at Kamri. She backed up and pointed at Luzella who was already digging her hoof into the dirt and cracking her knuckles.

“Are you in agreement Luzella?”

“Mhm,” Luzella nodded, smiling and flashing her canines.

The referee quickly turned to Wulfshn now pointing.

“Are you in agreement Wulfshn?”

“Let’s do this!” Wulfshn replied rolling her neck back and forth.

The Kazdruk woman rose her hand up high preparing to drop it.

“WAIT. Hold on!”  Kamri suddenly shouted out.

The referee placed both her hands out and stepped in between Luzella and Wulfshn. The onlookers cheered and yelled in a mixture of eagerness and uproar.

“Due to rank, you have no say in this! You know the rules!” The sharp Kazdruk proclaimed.

Kamri sneered in anger. She thought to herself. She could not be held a slave to either.  She needed to be free in order to work with Jelthra and complete their personal vendetta of ridding Luzella. Looking on with cold eyes she took a deep breath and spoke out, knowing her next words to be walking the line of suicide.

“I counter challenge Wulfshn to a trial of claim!” Kamri shouted out.

The on looking soldiers cheered in even larger uproar. Brazeek grinned and rose his eyebrow. Luzella stepped out of her spot in fury and stormed up to the Kazdruk managing the matchup.

“What! That is absurd! She has nothing to claim!” Luzella shouted in frustration.

The arbiter smiled and turned to view Kamri waiting for an explanation.

“Well? What do you claim?”

Kamri paused for a moment having a loophole up her sleeve.

“I claim myself!” Kamri spat. “If I win, I go about my business. If I lose…well, then you two will have your match to claim me.”

The Kazdruk arbiter grinned in amusement at the sly technicality. She smirked before turning to Luzella.

“Well Luzella, i’m afraid she has a right to challenge Wulfshn. There’s nothing stating that she cannot. You are a woman of honor are you not? You wouldn’t break these rules in front of your fellow kin would you?”

Luzella scrunched her nose as her eyes narrowed in pure, undiluted hatred. Her fists clenched themselves tightly as burning acrimony flushed through her veins. Temper snapping, the amazonian stepped forward ready to ring Kamri’s neck. Brazeek took a step in and held Luzella back.

“Get out of my way Brazeek!” The angered Kazdruk yelled trying to shove Brazeek out of the way. The large soldier held her back even though his hooves began to slide in the dirt as he began losing ground.

“Mark my words Kamri, you will be mine! Mine!” Luzella roared while Brazeek and another shorter grunt helped push Luzella back out of the fighting ring. Luzella shoved them both back. Seeing every shade of red she gave each one a cold glare before turning, whipping her hair and storming out of the fighting pit on her own.  The watching eyes exploded in chaos and frenzy. Each soldier now changing their bets. Brazeek leaned into Kamri’s ear.

“Breeaaak her face,” Brazeek smiled, flashing his sharp array of crooked sharp teeth before patting her shoulder. Kamri returned a smile.

“I’ll do my best.”

Wulfshn smiled at the new apparently easier opponent she would now face. Tightening her wrist wrappings, she smirked while digging her hooves into the dirt. Kamri walked to her spot. Her feet now sinking into the large deep hoof prints that Luzella had left behind. She looked up across at Wulfshn wondering if she could pull this off.

The Kazdruk arbiter smiled and broke the view. She looked at Kamri and explained the rules of the match.

“This is a standard weaponless Rakreegan bloodline match. Best out of three rounds. Hand to hand only! Any use of magic or weapons will disqualify you. Is that understood?”

Kamri nodded while she stretched her arms back. The Kazdruk walked back to face the onlookers.

“The match has changed. Kamri will claim herself in a claim of possession.” The crowd went wild in blood lust. The arbiter returned to the two and pointed at Wulfshn.

“Are you in agreement Wulfshn?”

“I’m going to crush her,” Wulfshn replied flashing her canines and resting her heavy arms to her side flexing.

The referee spun and pointed at Kamri.

“Are you in agreement Kamri?”

“Mhm.” Kamri nodded, bringing her fists up into ready stance.

The arbiter raised her hand high in between the two.

“Fighters ready!” She yelled and dropped her hand cutting through the air.


The flock of rag tag onlookers cheered as the skirmish finally started, each one craving bloodshed. Luzella watched from the side grimacing in anger.

Kamri and Wulfshn moved up to each other with fists raised. The two danced around one another in a large circle. Each fighter bobbed back and forth while calculating the other’s movements. Wulfshn stepped in quickly throwing a light punch. Kamri easily outstepped the swing but did not retlaialte. She knew the Kazdruk was only testing the waters. Wulfshn’s eyes peered into Kamri’s. The tall purebreed switched up her footwork and started circling in the opposite direction. Kamri followed and jabbed outward herself. Wulfshn easily dodged the strike and quickly returned with a high stomping kick. Kamri shifted to the side and the amazonian’s leg missed. Kamri gathered her bearings, quickly realizing that Wulfshn is quicker than Luzella.

Kamri jumped and kicked high. Wulfshn raised her left arm and deflected the ballsy high strike. In a counter, Wulfshn jabbed with her right arm, slashing the air with an elbow strike. Kamri parried the strike off to the side and returned a sharp upper cut. Due to Wulfshn’s height she was able to stretchback and dodge the punch. The two disengaged and circled together again with fists raised.

“You will look lovely on all fours little one,” Wulfshn taunted.

Kamri stayed focused not letting the purebred into her head. She examined the Kazdruk’s foot work looking for any type of pattern or fault. The Kazdruk tank broke the circle and stepped in jabbing high with her right fist and then again with her left. Kamri blocked both strikes and began backpedaling as the Kazdruk advanced, attempting to grapple Kamri. Kamri dove and rolled out of her range. Wulfshn came back quickly advancing again and attempted a left strike followed by a right this time. Kamri backpedaled again and deflected both strikes with solid blocks. Anticipating another grapple, Kamri flipped backward into a back handspring kick, drawing first blood with hard kick under Wulfshn’s chin.  The Kazdruk fell back slightly with a face of anger. Spitting a wad of blood to the dirt. The onlookers cheered at the first hit.

Wulfshn rose her fists back up unfazed physically from the strike. The towering Kazdruk moved forward towards Kamri seeking blood. The carmel elf kept moving, trying to keep Wulfshn out of reach. Wulfshn leaned in and launched a heavy outstretched punch. Kamri ducked and returned a kick to Wulfshn’s leg.

With a snarl, Wulfshn stumbled backward slightly from the viperish strike. Kamri continued her assault rhythm, striking high with her left elbow. Wulfshn sluggishly blocked the hit but didn’t see the quick right hook until it was too late. The solid punch scored Wulfshn square in the face, causing her to stumble backward even further. The crowd cheered wildly now at the fierce upset. Wulfshn shook her head trying to clear the stars. Visibly enraged now, she charged like a rabid bull towards the smaller elf. Spearing her hard, Kamri was lifted off the dirt and driven hard into the wood wall, splintering one of the oak panels. Wulfshn pinned Kamri against the barrier and plowed her elbow into her stomach. Kamri keeled over in pain as the heavy Kazdruk railed into her over and over.

Exchanging heavy strikes from left to right now, Wulfshn launched a salvo of aggression into her opponent. Kamri tried her best to block the powerful strikes but the Kazdruk’s shear size and strength was too great. Another hard strike nearly knocked Kamri out as she was held against the boards. The next strike broke the oak wall in half as Kamri was punched through it.

Leaving her to collapse, Wulfshn backed off, looking at the onlookers for response. The raty soldiers cheered on, while some started paying each other their bets. Luzella’s anger turned to a slight smile as the match began to favor her younger littermate.

Kamri held her ribs and brought herself back to her feet. The soldiers roared as she returned to the fight. Wulfshn smiled as Kamri returned for more.

“If you were smart, you would stay down, You’re no good to me broken.” Wulfshn stated with a bite of playfulness.

Kamri only glared at the taller Kazdruk, once again bringing her fists into view. Wulfshn flashed her teeth and charged at Kamri. The amazonian leapt into the air and came down with both fists clenched together. With haste, Kamri dove out of the way and returned quickly behind Wulfshn. The swift, corrupted elf grappled around Wulfshn’s neck and locked her arms. Wulfshn struggled as her opponent was now choking her from behind. With a sharp jab, the tall Kazdruk elbowed backward striking Kamri hard in the rib. Kamri held on tightly gritting through the pain of the elbow strikes.

Using all her strength to strangle Wulfshn, the amazonian started to weaken and fall to one knee. Haphazardly, Wulfshn elbowed backward again with little result. The crowd started roaring in excitement as the match started to turn. Wulfshn let out a snarl as her eyes started to falter. Kamri snarled back as she flexed her arm around the other’s neck. Wulfshn flexed her back and stood back up, with a hefty toss, Wulfshn flipped the smaller fighter over her shoulder. Kamri landed hard on her back knocking the wind out of her lungs. With dazed vision she looked upward at Wulfshn. Raising her hoof, Wulfshn came down down hard. Kamri rolled out of the way, the hoof smashing the dirt where her head had been only a moment before.

“You think you can compete with our breed?” Wulfshn asked growling in a feral manner.

Kamri scurried, quickly trying to get back to her feet. Wulfshn kept on her and kicked her back down into the dirt before she could get up. Following closely, the amazonian straddled the elf and dropped herself down, her muscular weight now pinning Kamri. In heavy jabs, Wulfshn launched quick punches down at Kamri as she laid helpless on her back, striking her hard in the face. Kamri struggled underneath her, trying to block each punch. Wulfshn smiled in a dark carnal rage as she drove her fists into Kamri over and over. Dazed and vision blurred, Kamri gathered enough strength to grapple one of the strikes, holding Wulfshn’s wrist, Kamri twisted it and drove the strike off to the side into the dirt. Rolling her leg, Kamri rolled Wulfshn off.

Rolling up to her hands and knees, Wulfshn looked on like a wild Keeat and leapt back onto Kamri knocking her into the dirt. The two rolled around in the sand, looking for leverage over the other. Wulfshn palmed Kamri’s head and drove it into the ground holding her down. The onlookers cheered as Wulfshn looked up at them with a trickle of blood running down her face. Kamri squirmed for a moment before sweeping her foot and kicking Wulfshn in the face. The Kazdruk fell back and Kamri rolled and flipped back up onto her feet. Catching her breath she waited as Wulfshn got to her hooves. At the right moment, Kamri charged and speared the much larger soldier up against the wall this time. In a blur of fury, Kamri attacked Wulfshn’s stomach, ribs and lower chest with sharp jabs. Wulfshn grunted out as each strike was laid into her.

Luzella clenched her fists as her littermate was pinned to the wall taking a railing. With a snarl Wulfshn reached up and grabbed Kamri’s head. With a quick spin she drove her face into the oak boards. Holding her long ponytail, Wulfshn smashed her into the wall again. With pure aggression, Wulfshn spun Kamri towards the dirt. As Kamri fell, Wulfshn wrapped her legs around Kamri’s neck and fell with her. The two fell to the ground.

Kamri now flailed in the dirt as Wulfshn’s powerful thighs tightened and locked around her small neck. Pulling on Kamri’s hair, Wulfshn grinned in pleasure as she constricted her prey with her thighs. Locked in place, Kamri’s vision started to blur as her air was cut off. Kamri’s small hands pried into Wulfshn’s muscular thighs, trying anything to break the Kazdruk scissorhold.

“Giving up already? How are you going to keep up with me in bed?” Wulfshn laughed tightening her athletic legs even tighter.

Kamri gasped for air as her feet kicked around in the dirt. Her hands started to falter around Wulfshn’s massive vice like legs. Loosely, Kamri lifted her arms and let out weak punches into Wulfshn’s powerful thighs. Wulfshn smiled at the puny strikes while closing her legs. The purebred’s thick muscles squeezed Kamri like a snake, blurring the elf’s vision. Kamri grappled the powerful legs one more time to attempt prying them apart. Failing a final time, Kamri’s now motionless hands feel to the dirt as she passed out. The arbiter ran up behind them, crouching down to verify that Kamri was unconscious. Kamri laid trapped between Wulfshn completely passed out now. The arbiter rose her arm high signaling the end of round one. The crowd went wild at Wulfshn’s first round win. Brazeek and the sharp Kazdruk rushed to pull Wulfshn off.

Wulfshn kept her legs locked in place for a few more seconds before finally releasing and running back to her hooves. Kamri’s eyes came back to focus, the ceiling of the chamber spinning out of control. Kamri blinked a few time while Brazeek’s face came into view staring down at her. Kamri slowly and painfully returned to her feet and went to her corner. Luzella grinned at the first round being over.

The arbiter walked between Kamri and Wulfshn and raised her arm high.

“Wulfshn holds round one! Fighters ready! Round two! FIGHT!

Wulfshn quickly began circling Kamri. The Kazdruk wasted no time in placing down an aggressive offensive. Kamri found it harder now to read the large Kazdruk, her head still dizzy and weak. Without warning Wulfshn jabbed hard inward, smashing Kamri’s side. The carmel fighter stumbled back at the heavy hit. Wulfshn followed through with another heavy hit. Kamri deflected the strike off to the side but Wulfshn ran her entire body into Kamri like a bull, knocking her back down to the ground.

The crowd roared, as Kamri was already knocked off her feet. Kamri knew she was done if Wulfshn managed to grapple her on the ground. Quickly, Kamri jumped back to her feet and flanked the Kazdruk. Wulfshn followed her closely and whipped her fist backward in an attempt to close-line her opponent with a stiff-arm. Kamri ducked under the strike and came up fast with a jumping uppercut, contacting hard with Wulfshn’s jaw. The amazonian fell straight back like a freshly cut northern oak tree. Wulfshn fell to her back, knocked out cold. With haste, Kamri leapt onto Wulfshn, straddled the purebred and began laying into her with strong punches to her face. Brazeek quickly ran in and pulled Kamri off the unconscious Kazdruk while the arbiter singled the end of the second round.

“Ugh! NO,NO,NO! damn it Wulfshn! ”  Luzella yelled while punching the wall next to her in untamed anger and upset.

The soldiers cheered on at the wild turn of events with the match now being tied. Kamri moved back to her spot and waited for round three. Brazeek watched over Wulfshn as she got up.

“Get out of my face!” Wulfshn roared in anger and returned to her corner.

With her hips swaying, the arbiter walked between the two raising her arm up high.

“Kamri holds round two! Fighters ready! Third and final round… FIGHT!”

Wasting no time, Wulfshn charged in quickly and let out a barrage of strikes into Kamri. The much smaller fighter did her best to parry off the rugged strikes. Wulfshn closed the distance and grabbed Kamri in pure anger. In unfiltered aggression, the warrior picked up Kamri over her head and threw her hard into the wall. The fiery elf struck the oak wall before falling and hitting the dirt. Quickly she ran to her feet and unleashed a series of roundhouse kicks, Wulfshn blocked each kick and shoved Kamri back up against the wall. The amazonian advanced with hard heavy punches. Kamri attempted to block them, but the weight behind each strike was too great.

Wulfshn grabbed Kamri’s long braid and smashed her face into the wall. Using the elf’s hair as a leash, she pulled her back after each smash and drove her face into the wall again and again. With stars filling her vision Kamri thought quickly. With the next push, Kamri ran with the shove and walked up the wall before flipping behind Wulfshn. Pulling back on Wulfshn now, Kamri tried to flip Wulfshn down to the dirt. Wulfshn rolled over Kamri’s back, but flipped her hooves under herself, allowing her to land upright behind Kamri. Kamri spun quickly to face Wulfshn but it was too late. The purebreed head butted Kamri hard and shoved her hard into the wall again. Dazed, Kamri tried to get out of the wall. Wulfshn held her in place and drove her broad shoulder into Kamri’s chest. Most likely breaking a rib or two. Over and over Wulfshn used her whole body to drive into the smaller elf. Each strike knocked the wind out of Kamri. Weak and about to collapse. Kamri waited for the right moment. As Wulfshn reared back to drive in again full force, Kamri strafed to the side, grabbed Wulfshn’s horn and drove Wulfshn’s face into the wall.

The heavy crash nearly knocked out Wulfshn. The Kazdruk stumbled backward dazed. Using the last of her strength, Kamri launched another hard roundhouse kick striking Wulfshn across the face and knocking the purebreed out cold. Wulfshn spun and fell to the dirt motionless. The fighting chamber went wild. Some soldiers booing, others whistling. Luzella’s face flushed red with anger. Running her hand through her raven black hair in disbelief. She stood tall, eyeing Kamri. The arbiter ran to Kamri’s side and pulled her tired arm up high to signal her as the winner. Wulfshn sat up grimacing as blood ran down her face. In a mixture of anger and frustration Wulfshn walked up to Kamri. Kamri stood crooked, holding her ribs. Kamri watched closely as Wulfshn approached. The tall purebred stopped in front of Kamri with a flat emotion that started to turn to a smile. The arbiter and Kamri watched on as it was customary as well as honorable to congratulate the winner. Wulfshn opened her mouth to say something but then quickly caught Luzella standing tall along the sideline directly behind them. With a sneer, Wulfshn closed her mouth, said nothing and walked away from Kamri.

Wulfshn looked at her littermate in a mix of embarrassment and failure. Luzella’s eyes narrowed as she was prepared to lambaste her sister. Luzella watched as her sister approached, waiting for reasoning on her dreadful loss. Wulfshn said nothing and pushed through Luzella, bumping her hard with her shoulder as she passed.

Luzella clenched her fist but said nothing while turning back to look at Kamri. Luzella smiled fiendishly, she would get another chance at that elf.






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