Written by J-Cal

The sound of her own laboured breathing and the hammering of her heart filled Kamri’s ears. The nocturnal wind was freezing cold on her skin, the light drizzle like a cloak of ice draped over her. It was nigh inconceivable that she had managed to slip out of the Spire unseen – the two-story drop had not been far from breaking her ankles, but she had had little other choice – and she dared not pause. Her long legs carried her across the open fields of The Tortured Sea, seemingly unaware of her body’s physical as well as mental fatigue. The former elf was akin to a charging lioness as she grew her distance to the hated structure.

Her arm throbbed, somehow out of tune with her own heartbeat – a disconcerting sensation. The new limb obeyed her as though it was her own, but it felt wrong, alien. Kamri could best describe it as somehow being to manipulate the arm of another person if you grabbed hold of it and lifted it up and down, moving it from side to side, with the additional capacity of being able to move individual digits. She supposed in time she would get used to it, but whatever thoughts in Kamri’s head were not dedicated to her escape were firmly mired in the utter wrongness she felt in her left arm, which itched in a way she could never hope to scratch.

The wasteland surrounding the Spire deserved its name, and it had always been a painful reminder in the back of Kamri’s mind at the destructive forces behind the initial Kazdruk invasion that had turned the once lush plains of the Goldulin Empire into this crater of red sand and shattered earth. Recalling in her mind’s eye standing near the summit of the Spire, looking out at The Tortured Sea in broad daylight, she knew the entire blasted region looked like a hellscape, where dunes emanated outwards from its base. The unimaginable forces of the Kazdruk Empire had turned dirt and stone to sand and sand to glass, shaping eternal ripples of smooth ridges across the destroyed landscape with the Spire at its centre; the proverbial drop that disturbed the water’s surface.

Due northeast of the Spire was a meagre collection of ruined structures from the former Goldulin Empire that yet stood, and it was there Kamri would meet up with Jelthra.

Inevitably, Kamri’s thighs burned so much that her need to rush headlong and the elation to be away from the Spire was no longer enough to propel her forwards. Slowing to an unhurried walk, she heaved for air, her chest aching, her gaping mouth sucking in air in volumes her nostrils could not match. Turning her head back towards the Spire, her gold eyes confirmed she had put significant distance between herself and the structure, which even at this distance loomed high above, seeming in equal measure to puncture the heavens as well as threaten to fall down upon her, like it wanted to crush her with its immensity.

Facing forwards again, all she could see for quite a distance were uneven swells and dips in the blasted terrain. Even in the middle of the day she wouldn’t see far until the first crystalline dune obscured what lay beyond. She estimated she could get to the rendezvous in under an hour if she picked up her stride, so despite her thighs and calves screamed for relent, Kamri set a brisk pace, both hoping and not hoping Jelthra was already waiting for her at the ruins.

If Kamri was first, she would at least be able to catch her breath.

“A bit early to be taking things slow, don’t you think?”

The voice sent a jolt of lightning up Kamri’s spine. Standing dead still, her head barely dared turn to allow her wide eyes to confirm what she already knew.

Wulfshn, standing bent over with her hands on her knees, panting hard, eyed Kamri with as wicked a smile as she could give whilst heaving for air. It took no amount of deductive reasoning on Kamri’s part to understand Wulfshn had run all the way from the Spire to catch up with her.

“I’m surprised myself,” Wulfshn swallowed, straightening, her chest expanding as wide as it could when she inhaled. “It has been a while since I tracked anyone. I suppose I should thank you for making it so easy for me.”

How was she free already? By all rights she should still be trapped in the kennels.

Fists clenching, it dawned on Kamri that she was caught without a weapon, and she was far too tired to outrun someone like Wulfshn. How she had escaped the trap was utterly inconsequential at this juncture.

As if reading her distress on Kamri’s expression, Wulfshn bared her teeth in a self-satisfied grin, unhooking her two axes from her belt. She was hardly dressed for combat, but her taut skin, stretched over the rippling muscles, was intimidating enough even had she been unarmed. Her entire, muscular and tall body announced a willingness to give in to the madness of combat, to throw herself into a frenzied state where there could be no concern for herself, merely a single-minded determination to advance and win.

Kamri did not allow fear to show, taking up a defensive stance, willing her body to wring out what little strength she had left. She was not defenceless even without a weapon, but she was likely more concerned about her lack of protection than was Wulfshn.

“There was a moment I wondered what insanity possessed you and Jelthra to do as you did,” Wulfshn advanced a single step. “But that hardly matters now. I will have my satisfaction from you.”

Kamri lowered on her haunches, ready to hurl herself sideways or launch forward depending on what opening Wulfshn might give her.

“Oh, and in case you were wondering.” Wulfshn took another step forward, hands with axes held out wide. “Luzella is back as well. We are both very, very interested in showing both you and that whore sorceress how much we appreciate your schemes.”

There was a split second of overwhelming dread exploding within Kamri at the mention that Luzella had returned. Escaping the place they sent her to should have been possible. Nobody even knew where they had sent her. In fact, Kamri and Jelthra themselves were not completely sure.

That infinitesimal moment of hesitation was all Wulfshn needed. The smile evaporated from her face when she lunged, axes aloft.

Suddenly caught without anywhere to dodge the axes coming down at her towards her head, Kamri instinctively threw up her arms.

There was a crack that sundered the sky and a flash like an ember violently sparking. As quickly as it had happened it ceased, followed by the sounds of small impacts all around.

Opening her eyes, Kamri’s shaking vision saw small pieces of steel scattered around her in a circle. Daring to glance up, beyond her arms defensively crossed above her head, she beheld an expression she’d never before seen on Wulfshn; total confusion.

The Kazdruk’s teal eyes were wide as dinner plates, white knuckles gripping the handles of two shattered axes. Belatedly, Kamri realized her left hand lay atop her right in her protective posture, which struck her as odd because she was certain the right – her dominant hand – had gone up first.

An odd sensation travelled through her; she felt it creep into her body from beneath her left shoulder.


On some level she did not recognize, Kamri understood her parasitic limb had just saved her life. It could not be for purely altruistic reasons, rather it appeared to Kamri that the arm had merely acted to save itself. And now it demanded the host follow up before their foe came to her senses again.

How the arm had managed to break the axe heads of Wulfshn’s weapons was an inconsequential matter for now. Unless she did something before the Kazdruk overpowered her initial surprise she might not get another chance.

Exploiting her low position and that her legs were like coiled snakes, she lunged forward, tackling Wulfshn’s middle and throwing them both to the hard ground, causing the Kazdruk to grunt in pain as dust and sand swirled up around them.

Whether or not Wulfshn was acting deliberately or on raw instinct Kamri did not know, but she used her right hand to knock away a strike towards her head with the butt of the axe handle. Kamri’s parasitic arm knocked Wulfshn’s right arm down hard enough to cause the Kazdruk to lose her grip on that handle.

Unbidden, her left hand made a tight fist as it drew back, lashing out, landing a blow so hard against Wulfshn’s right cheek it seemed a miracle the skull didn’t shatter under the force of it. Next, the black hand seized Wulfshn by her broken horn, bending her head back to expose and stretch her throat, presenting Kamri with wide, pulsing veins. Not knowing if it was she or the arm that directed her movements, Kamri used her elbow to deflect another attack from her right, knocking the bone with enough force against Wulfshn’s hand that she succeeded in forcing her adversary to drop her other handle.

Her initial shock and fear were exchanged for sudden glee, and she was not aware that a grin nearly as wide as a crocodile’s had twisted her face as she folded the fingers of her right hand, then propelled her fist into the middle of Wulfshn’s face. The connection was sublime, the pain on her knuckles rapture, the pained yelp a concerto in her ears.

Giving herself over to whatever it was guided her in that moment, Kamri howled with mad laughter as she delivered hit after hit onto Wulfshn’s face, the black hand holding her head down by the cut horn with a strength far above someone with Kamri’s frame.

Blood poured over Wulfshn’s face, and with each consecutive hit the fire in her eyes dimmed. After half a dozen strikes, still cackling, Kamri grabbed hold of the axe handle on the ground to her right. There wasn’t much left of the weapon, but the throat that had once bore the axe head ended in a collection of jagged barbs where it had shattered. She placed the splintered end of the handle against Wulfshn’s soft, exposed throat.

The smile on her face had gone beyond wickedness to something different altogether. Madness did not quite describe it, but anyone who looked upon it would surely believe the bearer had lost her mind a long time ago the way the corners of her mouth nearly touched the corners of her big, wide eyes.

“Is this enough satisfaction for you?” Kamri said, oblivious to the shadow marring every syllable that came out of her mouth. She pushed the broken haft a little more against Wulfshn, enough to just puncture the skin, causing droplets of blood to emerge. “Are you happy you followed me out here, where no one can help you like they obviously helped you out of the kennel?”

A fist connected with Kamri’s left temple and sent her sprawling across the ground. The handle went flying out of her hand, and she nearly blacked out, wondering if her skull had just exploded.

“Yes,” Wulfshn coughed, her voice raw. Struggling to get her hoofs under herself, she eventually staggered to her feet, taking a moment to steady herself as blood dripped off her face and throat. “Yes, I am happy about that. I am also happy you forgot the cardinal rule of combat. Don’t stop to gloat.”

Groaning, hearing but not hearing what Wulfshn said, Kamri managed to turn her head in the direction of the voice. As her swimming vision slowly brought the shambling, fuzzy form into focus, she could see Wulfshn wiping blood from her face with the back of her hand. Her septum ring had turned red, blood pooling into a drop hanging from its centre, and she had big blemishes on both sides underneath her eyes. Incredibly, judging by how quickly she recovered, one wouldn’t think she had sustained that many hard strikes to the head just a moment ago.

“That wiped that ugly grin off your face,” Wulfshn said, then snorted, spitting a glob of blood right next to Kamri’s dazed head.

She could see the fire return to Wulfshn’s eyes, and Kamri understood that unless she acted now, she would not get another chance to fight back. She’d be dead before she could blink.

Her left arm lashed out, seizing Wulfshn’s leg right above the hoof. As her black fingers coiled around her, meaning to – hopefully – yank the Kazdruk off her feet, Wulfshn twisted and landed on Kamri’s wrist with her other knee, putting all of her considerable weight behind it.

Kamri screamed, the cry echoing across the blasted dunes. Whatever intense presence that had grown in her arm during the brief fight seemed to whip back from whence it came like an eel slinking back into its pit. All strength left her arm – left her entire body – leaving her a limp rag on the rough dirt.

“What, was that it?” Wulfshn asked, venom dripping from her tongue like slobber from a keeat’s maw. “No more sass to give?” She leaned into her knee, pressing it against Kamri’s wrist as if attempting to push it through the ground.

Kamri was panting, groaning, attempting to lift her right hand, to do something with her legs, but nothing would obey her. She felt like a fish pulled out of its element and left to flop uselessly on the rocks.

As if seeing the strength leave Kamri’s body like water escaping a riddled container, it brought a smile back to Wulfshn’s battered features. A trail of blood down one nostril was all that remained after she had wiped her face on her top. She dropped her other knee, planting it next to Kamri’s head.

“I can sense you put everything you had into that assault. Too bad you stopped yourself just as you were about to snatch victory. Of course, I can’t let such an act go unpunished.”

Wulfshn leaned her head down as far as it could go in her current pose, supporting herself with her hand on the ground next to Kamri’s head. “That’s double what I owe you.” Her voice was part purr, part hiss, and Kamri did not like either quality one bit.

Her voice lowered to a menacing whisper. “You cannot even begin to imagine what I will do to you once I have you bound in my chamber. However, it is a long walk back, and since I am in no mood for just one more of your shenanigans, I will have some fun before I prepare you for transport.”

When Wulfshn finally lifted her weight off Kamri’s left hand, the reflux of blood into her digits felt like it set her nerves on fire. As she inhaled sharply to prepare for the scream, Wulfshn trapped her head between her powerful thighs as she ripped her panties off, forcing her smooth pussy down onto Kamri’s face.

The scream muffled into Wulfshn’s womanhood, much to the Kazdruk’s delight as vibrations travelled through her, and to Kamri’s added horror she found she was unable to draw breath again.

Looking down at the eyes peeking out from between her muscular legs with teal eyes of lustful loathing, Wulfshn put her hands on her hips and gave a tight-lipped smile. “Start by making it up to me with an orgasm,” she said matter-of-factly, making sure to speak up as Kamri’s ears were firmly squeezed. “If you do, I’ll let you breathe again. If not…” She shrugged.

Starting to panic, Kamri tried to force her limbs to action. She lay spread eagle with her head up, captured between Wulfshn’s thighs, her neck stretched and bent back painfully. It felt like big slabs of rock were crushing down on her hands and legs, and all she managed to do was flop weakly, hands fruitlessly attempting to fight Wulfshn off, struggling as best she could as her active body demanded air.

“That’s not going to do it, I can tell you right now.” Wulfshn’s voice made no attempts at hiding her smugness. “Try your tongue. Unless you want to suffocate, that is.”

Mind racing, body failing, tendrils of darkness were creeping in over Kamri’s eyes. Not doing it consciously, her tongue barely managed to squeeze itself out between her lips, attempting to lap at anything she could reach. She ignored, or rather did not notice, the taste nor fully comprehend what she was doing, doing it simply because it was the only way to get air, something her primeval mind understood that better than her reason. Still, her tongue, which felt fat and tingly, moved with all the grace and precision of a cow attempting to put a paintbrush onto canvas.

“That’s just not going to do anything for me, I am afraid,” Wulfshn sighed, feigning boredom. In a quick, practiced move, she rolled them both over in the sand until she was on her back, keeping Kamri’s head trapped between her thighs. Then, straightening her body, digging her heels into the ground, Wulfshn put both hands on the sand behind her and elevated her upper body, simultaneously shooting her hip forwards. From head to toes she was stiff as a board, her muscles flexing, glistening with sweat and matted with dirt. Had she wanted to, Wulfshn could have clenched her rock-hard thigh muscles just a little more and split Kamri’s skull under the pressure.

Vision dimming, not really managing to attempt any sort of service on Wulfshn’s pussy, Kamri’s hands impotently tried clawing at Wulfshn’s thighs, to force them apart, but it was like hugging boulders and were equally as impossible to move. She hung underneath the powerful Kazdruk, neck pinched by her thighs with only her own withering legs trying feebly to take some of the weight off her throat. Her arms dropped limply to her sides, useless appendages, and her vision was starting to narrow to a pinprick as the haze seeped into her head. Dimly, her frantic eyes managed to focus on Wulfshn – barely visible over the mounds formed by her flexing thigh-muscles – and her adversary’s expression was anything but congenial.

As blackness overtook her, eyes that showed only whites released tears that ran down towards her blue lips. She heard Wulfshn’s voice as a sound coming from over the horizon, in no state to understand she was being spoken to, much less what was being said. A second later and the world ceased to exist.

Pathetic effort.

Quite exhausted but driven by exhilaration and the mere thoughts of what she intended to do to her captive, Wulfshn had made good time back to the Spire with an unconscious Kamri slung over her shoulder, the corrupted elf’s throat and neck stained with dark bruises. Exertion all but forgotten as she passed the retinue of warriors protecting the torchlit main gate into the menacing tower, ignoring their remarks of congratulation that she had captured one of the fugitives, Wulfshn’s tail whipped excitedly behind her as she ascended the stairs, heading towards her chamber where shackles were waiting.

That the human slave, Brayton, ought to have been chained up in there awaiting her to forcibly empty his sack of his admittedly sublime seed was more of a sting on her pride than anything else. It vexed her immensely that Zarena had seized him, in what to Wulfshn seemed a petulant act to spite her children more than anything else. Even though she had declared she’d take him back to the farm, Wulfshn was well aware her mother didn’t really need him, meaning, in Wulfshn’s mind, Zarena had taken him only because she knew her daughters would not dare to contest her. Taken him for no other reason than that she could.

The annoyance was fleeting, however, as she had gotten her hands on one of the two bitches that had locked her up down in the kennels, and her thoughts of revenge and fulfilment far outweighed the displeasure of the loss of a mere human slave.

Coming up the covered stone staircase that deposited her onto the correct floor, Wulfshn turned in the dimly lit corridor, eying the door to her chamber just ahead–

When a powerful hand grabbed her by her unencumbered shoulder and spun her around, nearly causing her to drop Kamri head first onto the stone floor.

Hissing, reaching for an axe that was no longer at her hip, Wulfshn’s alarm rose at meeting the steely gaze of Luzella’s milky eyes, of seeing her wicked smile.

“Kind of you to bring the cunt to me, little sister. I am much obliged.” Her expression changed then, looking disapprovingly at Wulfshn as she added, “You look dreadful,” indicating the bruises and dried blood on Wulfshn’s face.

Wulfshn bristled, taking a step back as she twisted her torso, jerking her shoulder from Luzella’s hand. “Don’t make me laugh. I got to her first, she’s mine. I’d suggest I’d hand her over to you once I am finished with her, in a week or two, but I can’t promise she’ll be alive by then.”

Luzella’s grin returned, displaying both rows of sharp teeth. To anyone else, the smile would have been terrifying.

“You are so cute when you think you have a say in matters,” the Talon Leader chuckled ominously. “But since I am not in the mood to debate this with you when there are conniving whores to punish, I’ll spell this out for you as directly as I can: hand her over.” By the end of her statement, all the jovial features on Luzella’s features had retreated.

Eyes locked with Luzella’s, Wulfshn let out a long, slow exhalation that flared her nostrils. Taking a step towards the wall, Wulfshn set Kamri down on the floor underneath a flaring sconce, uncaring as to whether or not she hurt her charge. She stepped back in front of her taller sister, attempting to hide all signs of fatigue, worried it showed on her battered face regardless of how she acted.

“This cunt did to me what she did to you,” she began, speaking through gritted teeth, corded muscles in her forearms bulging, poised for violence as her fists clenched. “It is my right to–“

Displaying agility that ought to be impossible for someone her size, Luzella slammed into Wulfshn, tackling her to the ground, straddling her, her knees pressing painfully down on Wulfshn’s hands, pinning them to the hard floor.

Straightening her back where she kneeled, making sure to put her considerable weight onto Wulfshn’s arms, smiling when she winced in pain, Luzella folded her massive arms underneath her equally massive chest, looking down at her little sister like so much filth.

Wulfshn growled, struggling despite her weariness and despite knowing it was pointless. She tried striking Luzella’s back with her knees or hoofs, but couldn’t muster the necessary momentum to impact her in any way she’d be bothered by. “Get off me you fat bitch!” she snarled.

“Or… else?” Luzella mocked, giving Wulfshn a smile with one side of her mouth.

Through her rage, Wulfshn eventually noticed that Luzella’s bulge was between her breasts, becoming aware of it when she felt it move, dragging itself across her cleavage as it filled with blood.

Looking down at Luzella’s loincloth, seeing it shift with the swelling beast behind, Wulfshn’s anger flared anew. “Don’t you be getting any ideas,” she growled.

Luzella let out a single exhalation that passed for a disinterested snort. “If I wanted to ravage you there is nothing you could do to stop me. In fact, I wouldn’t discount the possibility. That, however, will have to wait for a later day. Right now, I’m going to take this cunt,” she indicated the unconscious Kamri with a sidelong nod of her head, “and rape her within an inch of her life, and you are going to happily let me.”

Wulfshn was about to protest, but Luzella leaned down, putting even more weight on her arms, her hands already tingling with the lack of blood. Luzella brought her face right above Wulfshn, her huge tits pressing against Kamri’s throat and chin. “As you stole from me, I’ll steal from you.”

It took a moment, but realization widened Wulfshn’s eyes when she understood what Luzella meant.


She had taken him from Luzella’s chamber on a whim, thinking she would get away with it. And she had, until Zarena had brought Luzella to Kamri’s chambers and caught her pegging the human beyond his gagged pleas for mercy.

“Unless you’d like your transgression to be a source of permanent discord between us, you’ll lie there, meekly, and watch me walk away with Kamri. If you do that, you may consider us even, for now, my dear, dear sister.”

There was no love in Luzella’s words, and the longer their eyes were locked, the number her hands became as they screamed for the blood flow to be restored. It scarred her pride, but Wulfshn ultimately understood that she’d have to relinquish her prize unless a permanent rift would open up between them.

It was not that Wulfshn required an amiable bond with her sibling to be able to go on with her life, but their clan had suffered enough humiliation of late and, perhaps more importantly, no matter how good a fighter Kamri knew herself to be, having an enemy like Luzella would not be to her advantage.

Her hard-fought victory to subdue Kamri all of a sudden felt like a lifetime ago. Fury and desperation fighting within her, making her shake all over, Wulfshn knew she had no choice but to acquiesce.

It was her own fault, really. She and Luzella had both been after Kamri, as well as Jelthra. She should have known Luzella might try something backhanded if Wulfshn returned with one of them first.

“Fine,” Wulfshn spat, her teal eyes staring daggers at Luzella. “Now get the fuck off me.”

Giving a curt smile of satisfaction, Luzella rose, taking the significant pressure of her heavy boobs off Wulfshn, then leaned back to put more weight on her hoofs, away from the knees crushing Wulfshn’s wrists. When she rose, she made sure to push against the knees once more, delighting in the smaller Kazdruk’s painful flinch.

As Luzella walked over to Kamri, oblivious to the sisters’ conflict over her, Wulfshn contemplated treachery by striking Luzella from behind. This short idea did not take into consideration her severely depleted state, nor would she get the chance to act on it, for once blood streamed anew into her hands, the sudden painful shock in her nigh-withered extremities caused her to scream. Sweat of exertion began beading on her forehead, her heart hammering in her ears with the pain.

Luzella scooped Kamri up in both hands and, carrying her like a parent taking a slumbering child to bed, gave her sister a conceited look. She departed without another word, leaving Wulfshn to agonize by herself on the floor.

Consciousness blossomed slowly. It took several painful moments before Kamri realized she was awake, and that every vessel in her body screamed with exhaustion and throbbed with ache. Starbursts ignited in her mind with each painful heartbeat, and drawing breath felt like it caused a thick snake to constrict about her neck.

Her lamentable black arm seemed to urge her into action, but even opening her eyes was too much of am exertion at present. Everything hurt, she was cold, and her breathing was laboured.

Somewhere around her something was moving. She didn’t know from what direction or how close, nor what it was she was picking up on. Groaning softly, she finally managed to unbuckle her eyelids, opening them a sliver. The meagre light stabbed into her vision, adding even more discomfort.

A louder thud, coming from somewhere in front of her urged her, against her body’s desperate pleas for rest, to force her eyes further open, but even as they grew accustomed to the light, her vision was swimming and unfocused.

A large shadow was in front of her, a person, a big person, standing in the same spot but moving the upper body somewhat. Understanding she was seeing the shape of the person upright, Kamri came to realize she was sitting, on something cold and hard. Her head rested against something equally rigid, and part of why her neck hurt so much was because she was leaning her head back. Trying to hold her head up was an ordeal, and there was a faint metallic sound when she did it, which struck her as odd.

When her head lolled forwards like she didn’t have the strength to hold it erect, a tightening around her throat, accompanied by a sharper metallic clank, caused her to choke.

The sudden cessation of air was like a taskmaster’s whip within demanding her to act. With a frightened jolt, control over her body returned as the fog in her head cleared like bugs scattering. She snapped her head up, easing the pressure around her gullet. With clarity, unfortunately, came a revitalization of the pains in her body, the agony screaming into her, making her cough and groan.

She remembered now, remembered encountering Wulfshn, remembering taking a significant blow to the side of her head. Just the recollection seemed to flare the aches in her skull to new heights, making her reach her right hand up to hold her head with a subconscious move.

She had been choked out by Wulfshn – between her muscly thighs.

Alarm rising, Wulfshn looked about, finding she was on some sort of covered platform. The colour and make of the stone floor and walls were enough to confirm what she was dreading, that she was back in the Spire. But she was outside, seeing the overcast gloom through the gaps between the columns running along the edges of the platform.

She needed to get away. On instinct she attempted to rise, but did not have the chance to get her weight underneath her legs when her throat began constricting again. Nearly panicking with confusion as air was once more taken from her, Kamri’s hands shot up to her neck, to her surprise feeling cold steel underneath her fingertips. Looking down as best she could, she saw a length of chain was wound around her neck, the end of which was tied around the column behind her.

“Finally back among us, cunt?”

The voice speared into Kamri, sending shivers down her spine. Teeth gritting, she barely had the courage to guide her eyes forward to face her captor.

Except, it wasn’t Wulfshn.

The realization hit her like a thunderclap, freezing her solid.

Luzella, an expression partway between a smug smile and a displeased scowl, looked down her considerable height at Kamri, dropping the final bit of her armour onto the floor. Those were the sounds Kamri had heard earlier; Luzella undressing.

Luzella seemed to delight at the look of confusion and horror that spread upon Kamri’s face, for the Kazdruk’s expression twisted into something wholly evil.

“Did you really think you could do what you did to me and escape unpunished?” The Talon Leader’s menacing voice was like the icy whisper of Death. “Whatever you may have believed, I assure you, you will come to regret ever attempting it.”

Kamri shifted uncomfortably, looking for a way out, knowing there were none. But for the blue snow crystal pendant at her throat, Luzella stood proud and completely naked before her, the humongous Kazdruk’s rippling muscles swelling with intent. As Luzella stared down at her, her chest expanded with her deep breaths, causing her massive, pierced breasts to rise and fall. As she clenched and unclenched her fists with dark resolve, the big, muscly ridges and dells along her arms hardened and contracted, her immense, tattooed shoulders growing into her thick neck.

Worryingly, Luzella’s defined abdominal muscles were getting obscured by the rising of her monster phallus as the Kazdruk’s strong body filled it with blood, preparing it for the deed Kamri knew she was powerless to stop.

Despite it all, despite she had some idea what was about to happen, she knew deep down that she did not regret what she had done to Luzella. It was simply lamentable that she had managed to escape, something both she and Jelthra had been positive would not be possible.

At the thought of Jelthra, Kamri wondered if her confederate had had better luck getting away. Regardless, it was a trivial contemplation at present.

Without another word, glowering eyes saying more than words could convey, Luzella approached Kamri, closing the distance in two strides. Hunching down in front of her prey, Luzella’s swelling cock smacked against the top of Kamri’s head. On instinct more than anything else, Kamri’s hands tried to bat the horse-cock away, but both of her wrists were promptly seized by one of Luzella’s immense hands.

Luzella yanked Kamri’s arms over her head and, without warning or hesitation, grabbed the back of the elf’s head with the other, lining her dripping tip up with her mouth, pushing it inside, the hardness and force effortlessly opening her jaw and parting Kamri’s teeth as though they weren’t there.

Eyes bulging, feeling her throat expand into the tight chain from the inside, Kamri’s feet kicked uselessly under the squat form of her assailant who held her hands in a painful grip. Desperate for air but receiving nothing but Luzella’s cock down to her stomach – the member still swelling, not quite fully hard yet – Kamri shook and trembled as much as she was able to, mind and reason gripped by growing panic.

“I prefer it when you don’t talk,” Luzella spat contemptuously. “Your whore mouth is only good for this sort of thing, at any rate.”

With a thin, wicked smile on her purple lips, still holding Kamri by her wrists and head, Luzella retracted her hips until her swollen tip pinned Kamri’s uvula to the roof of her mouth, and then pushed it down again, not giving her a moment to catch her breath. After three forceful, merciless strokes, she had forced Kamri’s parted lips all the way down to the base of her cock. Kamri’s head and upper body bounded in tune with the mighty throbs of Luzella’s now fully erect cock.

Kamri didn’t see anything. Her gold eyes were overflowing with tears and partially rolled back into her skull. Weak gagging and gurgling filled her ears, quickly dimming as her recently attained lucidity was once more plunged into blackness.

At the last possible moment, Luzella released her head and withdrew her full length out of her, trailing thick globs and strings of saliva, the long shaft glistening in the soft, natural light.

Kamri heaved for air, coughing and moaning in pain, the inside of her throat’s canal demanding relent. Her face was a mess of tears and spittle.

Still holding Kamri by the wrists above her head, Luzella spoke slowly, clearly, as her pulse made her eager cock bounce in front of the corrupted elf like a horse rearing to get on with the ride.

“Don’t think you get to escape this by losing consciousness, bitch.” Her voice was self-righteous and icy. “You’re going to feel everything I do to you.”

Lacking the faculties to form words, barely understanding what Luzella was saying, Kamri didn’t get many desperate inhalations before Luzella thrust her monolith into her once more, this time not holding Kamri’s head and therefore making the back of her skull smack into the stone behind her with the might of the push.

Grunting in pleasure as she once again had Kamri’s lips around her hilt, Luzella then re-established her grip on Kamri’s head, this time gathering up her long tresses and winding them tightly around her own hand, causing severe pain all over Kamri’s scalp.

“Get ready,” Luzella growled, her eyes all but sparkling with dark desire.

Violently and rapidly Luzella began fucking Kamri’s face, moving her hips, only retracting her cock halfway out before plunging it back in, her fat balls smacking Kamri’s chin with every forward thrust.

Held fast by Luzella’s hands and the cock impaling all the way inside of her, Kamri had little choice but to take what Luzella offered, feeling the horrid sensation of her captor’s monstruous rod roughly probe her insides. Like before, she could only choke and gag as her eyes began to roll back, more tears mixing with more drool that began dripping from her chin onto her tits and Luzella’s balls when they smacked into her with their pendulum swinging.

Ravaged from the inside, Kamri’s only relent was just before the pain and lack of air was about to snuff out her light again when Luzella retracted her cock, her entire body spasming violently as she attempted to suck in all the air the world could muster once it was offered.

Spittle and saliva spattered every which way with her forceful coughs, and she was barely able to register that she was yet alive.

Not that knowing she was alive in any way was to her benefit at the moment. Luzella continued her rotations of forcefully raping her skull until she was about to black out before allowing the elf to return from the cusp, only to resume the dreaded act once she had sucked in more air. How long she endured it was a guess, and the longer it went on the number her soul became to it. There was nothing she could do about it, nothing but take it, having her face stuffed and her throat filled.

She didn’t even notice when Luzella erupted inside her stomach, her already bloated insides expanding even more as her thick seed poured into her like ale from a barrel. There was so much of the salty cream which came with such velocity that even despite that the thickness of Luzella’s member stretched Kamri’s throat painfully against the chain, it had no choice but to give more room to let the cum spew out of her mouth and nostrils.

Before she knew it Luzella’s hands were off of her, leaving her to convulse in a terrible rhythm of trying to get air in and cum out. Her entire body was an unholy mess of fluids, and it likely took minutes before her eyes came back down from their hiding place inside her head, and even then, it took even longer to blink away the tears and spooge to be able to see anything.

As she weathered her tortured existence, Luzella undid the chain around the pillar, and with a pitiless yank, pulled Kamri by her throat. She fell over, face first, no time to shield her fall with her freed hands before she smacked into the stone, dazing her further. She was like a ragdoll being pulled along when Luzella brought her a little away from the wall, every ounce of strength she could muster dedicated to breathing.

Without a word, Luzella rolled the still coughing elf over, then lay herself on her knees and forearms atop her victim, her heavy tits pressing against Kamri’s head and upper back. The bottom quarter of her still throbbing erection rested in the cleft betwixt the elf’s ass cheeks, the tip squeezed by her own boobs behind Kamri’s head.

“A part of me wants to thank you for what you did to me,” Luzella whispered threateningly, pulling on the chain, forcing Kamri’s head up.

Kamri somehow managed to move her hands, hooking her fingers inside the chain, desperately trying to create room, to keep breathing, not having much success. Her head was between Luzella’s tits, her hearing now muffled by them.

Luzella continued, speaking a little louder, adding that quality to her voice that made Kamri shudder involuntarily. “Because the motivation I have to get back at you both is the most sublime hate I have experienced in a long time.”

Kamri felt some weight shift away from her ass, but on some primordial level she knew it wasn’t a good thing.

Luzella pushed her ass back and up, aligning the dripping tip of her cock, her free hand jerking Kamri’s panties aside. “But I don’t owe you thanks, I owe you retribution.”

With a single thrust, her pre-cum, cum and saliva-coated hardness pushed into Kamri’s ass, the forceful bucking of her hips forcing nearly two thirds of her arm-sized erection inside.

Kamri wanted to scream in pain and horror, but could barely get any air as it was. Her face instead contorted to display the anguish her voice could not, feeling her insides shift at the intrusion into her rear.

With an insistent motion, Luzella withdrew about half the length inside Kamri before ramming it back in, this time sinking all the way into the elf’s warm, tight hole until her sphincter bit around the base of her shaft.

Luzella & Kamri Revenge

As Luzella indulged in a long groan of exhilaration, Kamri pawed helplessly at the constricting chain, barely managing to pull air into her lungs, only just managing to keep her gold orbs from once more vanishing behind her forehead.

Her entire body shook in synchronized motions with Luzella’s bucking hips, shock and discomfort demanding she vocalize them, but body and breath failing to do anything but hang onto the world of the living by a thread that seemed ever frailer with every intrusion in her deepest parts.

Huffing, groaning, unrelenting, without pity, without mercy, Luzella steadied herself by putting her free hand onto a railing, using her entire body from knees to shoulders to swing her hips into her captive, making each thrust as excruciating as possible for Kamri, which in turn heightened her own pleasure.

Kamri was at her wit’s end, all the strength of her body diverted to fight for air, to try to keep the tight chain from strangling her, forced to endure the Kazdruk’s long, horrible thrusts in her ass, feeling her belly bulge and expand when her rapist drove her full length into her.

Of everything she had experienced since the Kazdruk had arrived in this world, this moment had no equal in personal humiliation and powerlessness, of helpless feelings and weakness, of agony, of a growing desire for the release of death if only it would end.

In her torturous hell, Kamri barely noticed it when Luzella came again. Howling like a demon in pleasure, Luzella spewed more thick batter into Kamri’s intestine with enough force that some actually travelled all the way through to shoot out of her mouth and nose, splattering against the cold stone.

Feeling her consciousness once more slipping, faster this time, dark tendrils closing in from the sides of her vision, Kamri truly and for the first time felt the welling of a horrible sensation growing in her core.


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