Spire of Torment. Chapter 24 : Tempest’s Seed

By: Lucien

Icy drops of rain pattered across the currant dirt, turning the red soil under Geem’s boots into a soft clay. With sword in hand and reprisal weighing heavily across his heart, the valiant northern elf tromped through the mud towards the rear of the Spire. The morning sky was still black as night. The soot-filled storm clouds spun violently, swirling around the apex of the imposing spire. Shards of lighting blasted out across the tempest filled heavens, flashing white streaks across Geem and his eight fighters. The unholy steeple walls grew larger and larger as each elvish soldier became lost in its titanic, impending shadow. Onward they moved, keeping their eyes open for any sign of Kazdruk activity. Geem separated the eight soldiers.

“Ridlei, Caamrun, Neill,, and Lu’kas; you men are with me. We’ll scale the side and head upward. Tereza; take Zaya, Valery, and Celena. Head for those sewer run-offs over there!  Make your way through the sewers. Clear a way for us to escape and we’ll meet you halfway!”

“Yes sir,” Tereza nodded.The others grumbled under their breath and moved with Tereza. The four women ran off towards the exposed sewer system’s draining point. Geem and his selected men turned and headed for the Spire wall.  

(The adventures of these four is continued in Sewers of Harrow.)   

Elu took a deep breath as he led the forces head-on towards the front of the Spire. The bitter rain splashed across his face as the downpour became heavier. The grievous Spire watched over them, its intimidating walls spreading across the oily horizon. Fellow elvish troops ran across the muddy Kazdruk soil, and their boots tossed up clumps of wet dirt behind them. They moved as a wide sizable wave, head-on into the heart of wickedness and corruption. The Spire dwarfed their movements as they got closer; they soon became lost in its grandeur while approaching its nefarious open arms.  

As the armored elvish troops became within range, a deafening war horn suddenly bellowed out. The Kazdruk battle horn carried over the rattle of elvish armor and the raging tempest above. Elu and his elvish regiment slowed down their pace at the harrowing sound. Abruptly before them, the hellish spire gates began to open. The black Kazdruk walls started to rise like a terrible maw. The rusted metal slowly grinded open, revealing a wall of bloodthirsty demons. Rain splashed across their matte raven armor before trickling down and soaking their crimson skin. The beast’s sharp ivory teeth contrasted callously against their leathery dark hides. The horde of Kazdruk scrambled down the steel ramps, hooves clattering across metal before thumping to the wet soil. Hundreds of them spilled out armed with heinous obsidian blades, spears, and axes.

Elu froze in terror as he watched the demonic troops come forth. His eyes widened at the larger Talon commanders, each one pointing and shouting orders of terror. One particular Talon commander sent a shiver of panic down Elu’s back. This amazonian towered over the others carrying a massive halberd; she gazed across the battlefield as her long sable hair waved majestically in the storm’s wind. Her massive horns jut outward, high over her troops. Before Elu could say a word or command an order, the cacophony of battle rang out. Steel across steel, shields catching maces, armor prying apart and bones shattering. His wave of troops became quickly overrun in a drove of Kazdruk. Within seconds, chaos plunged through his lines. Elvish and Kazdruk heads alike were severd, sending swells of blood across the coal sky. Axes came down and elvish swords drove through sternums. The stark contrast of elf and demon swirled around across the sodden battlefield. Elu brought his sword up, deflecting the surge of blood thirsty jaws. Hacking back, he loped a helot’s head off, letting its dark blood splash across his armor. Pandemonium revolved around him as time seemed to slow. He watched as his fellow brothers and sisters drove their blades through the enemy and their adversary returned the favor. Back and forth, steel glimmered through the hazy air, traced by lines of liquid ruby.

Kamri dashed across the soaked soil into the wall of oncoming elvish flesh. A fiery mix of adrenaline and corruption surged through her veins. The cold rain and bleak wind across her skin felt liberating. The animal inside wailed at its sudden freedom, screaming as it coursed through her abhorrent, umbra soul. With swift movements her first victim fell. The elvish soldier collapsed backward with blood spewing from his slashed jugular. Without looking, Kamri drove the back end of her tapered staff through his chest. She gazed across the carnage, already eyeing up her second target. His shield was too slow while Kamri’s panther-like movements were swift. A wide arcing swing from the elvish soldier would be his last. Kamri seized the opening to drive her edged staff through his neck. She grinned in bliss as fresh crimson splattered across her caramel skin. The thrill sent her eyes ablaze as her former elvish kin fell before her. One after another, she cut through the lines like parchment. Pure bestial instinct took command as she feed into her demanding bloodlust. Out of a pile of dying elves she arose with blood painted across her lush lips and spilling like a river between her cleavage. The cycle drove her inner war machine to its maximum potential. Untouchable, her anger fueled her across the mud, slaying northern and southern elves alike. She watched across the battlefield as Brazeek tore through the lines, ripping spine from body and arm from sockets, his face in a fixed state of vicious elation. Returning to the wave in front of her, she pounced upon her next victim, tossing up an aerosolized mist of blood.   


Luzella charged into the elvish onslaught, her hooves tearing up a mix of soggy gravel and clayish earth. With berserker like agility, the great Kazdruk slashed her halberd into the masses, bisecting anyone who stood within her deadly arc. As she pulled her massive axe back, she palmed the face of an enemy elf who came too close. With her free hand, she crushed his silver helmet, letting a torrent of blood spill down his lifeless body. A group of Kazdruk grunts were slain before her, blood bubbling up from their mouths as they struggled to remain standing. Without remorse the amazonian demon pushed them to the ground, shoving them out the way. She marched over her fallen brethren before cleaving her axe blade through the shoulder of the responsible elf. She yanked him forward slicing through his torso, spilling flesh and twisted bone across the rain filled dirt. A gleaming silver sword slashed across her bracer. She moved backward deflecting the stiff strike. Two other soldiers took the window and dove upon Luzella’s muscular back. With their arms around her neck and short swords held high, they struggled to bring down the tall Talon commander. Thier swords came down hard across her pauldrons. Reaching upward, she flipped one of the elves off her back, slamming him to the wet mud below. The remaining elf hacked away at her shoulder plates before too being heaved off directly atop of his comrade. Without hesitation, Luzella drove her spear end of her halberd through both of them, skewering the elves into the blood soaked soil with a loud crunch. The third elf screamed forward at the Kazdruk and swung down wildly. Luzella reached up blocking the blade with her steel wrist bracers. Locking his elvish blade, she pushed upward, forcing his sword towards the dismal sky. With both hands gripping his blade for dear life, his torso was left exposed. The amazonian connected with a devastating elbow strike, bending his chest plate inward. As the feeble elf collapsed to his knees gripping his shattered ribs, she followed up with a hoof to his face ending his misery instantly. Smirking at the failing elves, she peered through the ensuing chaos, looking for more prey.

A glimmer in the distance caught her snow white eyes. Through the downpour and lightning filled furor, she noticed elves scaling the side of the spire, slowly making their way upward.


Luzella smiled maleficently. She turned, pulling her halberd up out of the skewered bodies. She made her way back through the lines of fallen elves and Kazdruk, not bothering to step over them. The corrupted warrior looked upward, watching the group scale back towards the south side of the spire. She kept her eyes on them as she quickly made her way to the back of the spire.


“We can make it men! Just a little farther!” Geem shouted.

Geem and his elvish kind held their long ropes tightly, pulling themselves higher and higher up the Spire walls. The ensuing battle raged on below as hundreds of elves and waves of Kazdruk slashed at each other. The cold rain rolled down Geem’s armor as he kept pulling upward with determination.

“I hope these devils left the door open for us!” A hardy red haired elf yelled to help break the tension.

The group made it three-quarters of the way up as it was the maximum range of their roped arrows. The five elvish men heaved themselves over the railing in exhaustion.The wind and rain was even heavier at their current altitude.  

“Who would expect a group of elves to scale the side of their Spire in the heart of their awful land? Of course the door will be open!” Geem smiled looking at the sinisterly open doorway before them. One elf looked back down over the edge at the tiny dots engaged in battle.

“Geem, if we do find the Queen and rescue her, how do we get her back through the lines of Kazdruk below?”

Geem looked down over the edge, puzzled with a cold glare. “We’ll worry about that when the time comes, brother; one thing at a time. We’ll find the Queen and rendezvous with the others midway within the Spire. Hopefully Tereza can clear and path and we can sneak out the sewers.”


“Aye, Geem. Then onward we go, into the heart of nightmares will shall venture, brother.”

The other elves released their swords in unison, ready to move onward.

Geem looked at his four men proudly.

“Ridlei, Caamrun, Neill, Lu’kas; you’re among my greatest men. It is a true honor that you all volunteered for this. None of us may survive this endeavor, but damn the gods! We will try! Let us find Queen Aria,” Geem spoke, finally pulling his own sword free.

The five slowly crept across the round exposed stone deck before entering the dark entrance and into the gaping mouth of darkness the elvish men went.


Elu slashed at the endless waves of helots, spilling their dark blood before kicking them off his blade. The southern elf found himself in a sea of dying Kazdruk and elves. Fear and adrenaline rushed over him as he thought each swing of his blade would be his last. Among the sea of death and severed flesh, Elu backed up against a high steel barrier. It was the foot of the Spire. It ran horizontally for hundreds of meters before slowly angling upward. After several meters, the barrier finally sharply angled high up along the side of the death tower. Axes and spears grazed off the dark steel as the elf dodged strikes. Elu quickly climbed atop the steel. The top was roughly the same height as him. He pulled himself out of the sea of bodies and chaos. Rolling to his back, he laid on top of the beam for a moment and caught his raspy breath. His chest burned as hard rain pelted his face. He slowly kneeled upward, looking out across the devastating battlefield; Elu was seeing less and less of his own kind. The sea grew darker and darker as elvish skin was flayed before him. A volley of flaming arrows rained across the sky and ripped through the remaining elvish lines.  

He got up fully to his feet and turned to run but what laid before him, along the same elevated barrier, sent a shock of twisting paroxysm through his racing heart. The breath was pulled out of Elu’s lungs as his soul was torn into a thousand screaming treads. Fear flushed through his face at the shocking sight of the woman he loved. Who was this who now stood before him?

Black braids dangled from her head and blew wildly in the harsh winds. He shuddered at the dark Kazdruk markings that now vandalized her beautiful face. Her wicked black armor reflected Elu’s fainthearted and hopeless expression. There she stood, a twisted perverted version of his lost, long love. She stood strong, gripping a blood soaked staff. Her orange cinder like eyes burned through the dark haze of war and pierced sharply into Elu’s very soul.  

Elu mumbled out her name.


She didn’t say a word; she only smirked in vanity, locking her sharp canines together in a animalistic smile.  Elu ran to her, hoping she was only but a prisoner. With his arm extended outward, he reached for her.

“Kamri! You’re alive!”

Kamri grabbed his arm tightly. In a split second, Elu thought there was a chance of hope. A ray of warm light flooded his soul, the world stopped as a deluge of tender memories erupted within. Finally, he had found her alive and they would be together once again.

… but the dark reality all came swirling violently back into play. Kamri smothered his ambition as she twisted his arm and tossed him down hard across the wet steel surface. Elu slid across the elevated barrier, stopping just short of the edge. He peered over the side as his sight meet with a pit of furious Kazdruk, each one grasping toward him. Kamri looked down at him, licking her glossy lips. Not a drop of remorse fell over Kamri, only pure hatred and bloodlust.   

“Get up you fool!” she yelled, twirling her staff and smiling at his weak display.

Elu backed away from the edge and rose to his feet, raising his silver sword up into guard position.

“Kamri, no! What are you doing! Come with me, please! Let us flee this wretched place!…What happened to you? What have they done to you!”

Kamri glared at the southern elf and made her way across the steel towards Elu. She watched him in fury letting her lip curl upward in pride.  

“They’ve shown me the value of darkness.”

“Lies, Kamri! You’ve been spellbound! They destroyed our villages and slaughtered our loved ones. They captured you against your own will!” Elu spat out in disbelief.

“I wasn’t captured Elu. No, I was merely… liberated. Set free to peruse what every being truly desires. Don’t you understand? The elvish houses are weak and the humans are in shambles.  They’ve shown me the path and given me true reason. The weak will perish, the strong will conquer and we will march across their shallow graves!”

Elu shook his head slowly. “No…Please, they’ve done something to you Kamri, they messed with your head. This isn’t you; can’t you see this? We can reverse it! Please, just give me a chance! Come with me…”  

Kamri ignored his pleas, giving into only the fire of combat that raged through her veins. “Join us, Elu, or I’ll strike you down like the rest! Evolution has no room for the weak.” Kamri pronounced aggressively and slashed her staff outward toward Elu.

Elu locked the strike with his blade. It was at that moment that he knew there was no turning her back.

Kamri, his long lost love, was now the enemy.

Geem and his men crept through the dark catedral. The fortress was eerily quiet, save the soft pattering of rain and wind mixed with the bloody conflict unraveling hundreds of meters below. Their elvish eyes scanned across the coal shadows. Flickering candles casted wavy faux movements down the dark hallways. Ornate, crimson banners hung from the slate colored stone walls. Geem looked at the aggressively inlaid Kazdruk insignia that trickled across the blood red flags.

“Where is everyone?” Ridlei whispered out.

“Aye, I don’t like this,“  Neill returned.

“We’re pretty high in this spire; perhaps most of the personnel are lower. But keep your eyes open. We only have brief info to work with. Our scouts reported that prisoners of higher rank are held higher up in the spire,” Geem spoke, shifting his eyes side to side and gripping his hilt tightly. The men searched the upper levels for what seemed like an eternity. Back and forth, they moved looking for stairs, doors or prison cells. Not a single demon or prisoner was found. Only seemingly endless corridors of stone, empty cells and candles.

“We’re wasting time, Geem! I believe we need to get higher,” Ridlei spoke.

Geem nodded. “Right, lets move higher. Everyone back out to the balcony! We’ll take our ropes and launch them higher.”

The group snuck back through the dark winding labyrinth, making their way to the entrance from which they came in from. When the large doorway came into view, the five men made a dash for it.

All five came to a grinding halt when a large demoness suddenly appeared in the doorway. Silhouetted against the dark granite sky, Luzella stood like an impenetrable wall. Blocking the only way in or out, the strong ominous Kazdruk pulled a person out of the shadows into view. A shard of lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating the female elf being held captive by Luzella. She cried out for Geem.

“Aveyln!” Geem screamed and quickly ran after her. Luzella and Avelyn backed out the doorway onto the roofless, stone turret tower. The cold rain splashed across the two as the muscular demon held her tightly by her neck. Avelyn stood chained at her ankles and wrists. Luzella pushed her to the wet stone and heaved her halberd up.  

“This is what you want, isn’t it, Geem?” She mocked the elves, pointing down at Avelyn who was now struggling to get back to her feet. She rolled across the wet surface, struggling to break free from her shackles. Avelyn finally propped herself onto her side, watching on in horror.

“Kiyler!” Avelyn shouted.  

  “Geem, we need to find the Queen! That is our top priority!” Ridlei spoke out.

“Go! Find the Queen. I’ll settle this once and for all,” Geem yelled to his men, bringing his silver sword into view.

The four men hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave their commander behind.

“Geem! You swore your oath! For King and Country! For House and Queen!  Goddess Eletha and the people of Wayyel! United the houses wi-” Ridlei trailed off.   

“I siad go! That’s an order!” Geem shouted, cutting him off and pointing upward.  

The four sneared in anger but followed his orders, turning to scale the stone wall without their ropes or commander.

“Aww, how noble, Kiyler,” Luzella laughed, ignoring the other elves as they made their way upward. She began to walk the outer perimeter of the circular stone turret, leaving Avelyn on the ground in the middle. She circled Geem slowly, waving her massive axe side to side.

Heavy rain fell across Geem’s face as he held his blade with both hands. He rotated with Luzella, cautiously keeping his crystal blue eyes on her.

“No man will be able to satisfy your precious Avelyn after i’m through with her, Geem,” Luzella snickered. Her white eyes narrowed watching and reading the elvish commander. Geem sneared in pure anger; the thought of the Kazdruk beast raping his fiancée agian cut like a knife, but he tried to keep his cool. He knew anger would not help. He would have to stay calm and collected to defeat Luzella. The two circled around waiting for the other to launch their first strike.  

Kamri launched a vicious salvo of strikes against Elu. The clang of steel rang out over the conflict that was spilling out only mere feet below them. Elu pushed back, swinging his tired arms towards her. He slashed with his blade, trying to break up Kamri’s attacks.

The two swirled around the steel bridge, hacking and slicing at one another. Kamri moved in closer, throwing Elu off guard. She pushed him with her staff, shoving him hard into a massive vertical stabilizer that jutted upward out of the structure. Pinning him against the cold steel, Kamri lunged forward, sinking her sharp canines into his neck. Elu screamed in agony as blood spilled from his neck. Kamri’s eyes flickered in pleasure as his warm blood erupted in her mouth, the taste of hot iron drove her wild, quenching her lust for blood. Elu tried pushing her off as she was lost in blind bloodlust; she moaned in defiance, not wanting to pull off her twisted source of provision. Elu finally kicked her back, snapping her out of her feeding frenzy.

Raising her staff back up, Kamri smiled in delight. Fresh thick blood lay smeared across her lips, chin, and chest.

  “I can taste the weakness in you Elu; the generations of weakness in you and your decrepit kind.”

Elu swung out in fear now; he stumbled with clumsy, uncontrolled swings. Kamri simply dodged them, eyeing the man down in supremacy. Elu pushed forward and launched a low strike towards her leg. His body now faltering and weak, Kamri chipped the sluggish strike off to the side and knocked Elu’s sword out of his hand in the process. In one smooth motion, she spun her staff around before driving in straight into Elu’s solar plexus. Her staff pierced through him before punching into the vertical steel beam behind him. Elu gasped in silent misery. His mouth fell agape and his hands wrapped around the bloodsoaked Kazdruk weapon that now left him skewered to the cold wall. Kamri warped her clawed gauntlet around Elu’s head and pulled herself closer.

Blood began to trickle from Elu’s mouth as his eyes began to slowly fade.

“You were a fool to come here. You confused bravery with fatuity, and that was your undoing. Such a waste…” Kamri spoke smoothly before running her tongue across his neck, lapping up the fresh treasure trove of blood.

“You were always a push over and too frail for me anyway, Elu,” Kamri smiled tenderly. Holding Elu’s heavy head, she pulled his hair back. Kamri leaned in, and softly kissed him across his bloody lips. She shifted her tongue across his one last time while moaning in euphoria.

”Good night, Elu,” she finally whispered into his pointed ear.

  In a crazed mix of sexual ferocity she severed his head off with her talon like gauntlets. Holding his long locks tightly, Elu’s head swung like pendulum. She looked over the dying conflict in amusement. Only a wave of Kazdruk remained roaring in triumph. The Kazdruk woman removed her sharp staff. Elu’s body slumped to the steel barrier followed by a wave of blood. Kamri rose Elu’s head over the dark battlefield and the Kazdruk battle cries grew louder at her sight. Shocks of warm heat drove through Kamri’s entire body, down her legs and through her toes. It was the final torrent of pure malevolence and corruption surging through her body.

Her metamorphosis was complete.

The Elven Queen stood at the top of the Spire, looking at the conflict below. Not much could be made of the tiny Kazdruk and elf figures, barely visible in the rain and heavy mist. There was no real way to discern who was winning, but the faint sounds of the clashing of steel and screams from both sides were enough for Aria to know it was a brutal fight.

“Enjoying the show?”

Yuldasha’s sultry voice caught Aria’s attention. The sorceress walked softly, hooves clicking on the smooth floor as she approached Aria.

“Your people are there. Fighting.. and dying.. for you. Just to get you back. Their precious, beloved Queen. It’s adorable…” Yuldasha grinned, placing a hand on Aria’s shoulder. The Queen looked as pure and innocent as ever in her white garments. Her makeup and hair immaculate and her skin smooth and unblemished. Only a the dark pulsating crown on her head showing any sign of the depravity she went through. Aria glanced up behind her, icy blue eyes staring up at the Kazdruk leader towering over her. Aria closed her eyes, bowing her head.

“They’re fools… they shouldn’t have come. Not for me. So many will die.”

Yuldasha smiled and moved in front of Aria, brushing her hand over the queen’s face, almost lovingly.

“My dear Queen. There is one common rule across the universe, from Kazdruk to elf to human. The masses are weak. They don’t just need the strong hand of the few to guide them, they desire it. They want nothing more than to be given purpose by those of us with the will to do so. All Kazdruk in this realm live and die by my command. That is their purpose. They are pawns to be guided.” Yuldasha’s hand caressed Aria’s cheek and stroked her hair slowly as she spoke, weaving her words in with her movements.

“Just as your people are yours. You do not serve them, Aria. You never have. They serve you. Their lives belong to you.”

Aria sighed softly at the sorceress’ touch. Yuldasha’s words seemed to make perfect sense. Her people did need her. It was only right that they give their lives for her. Yuldasha was right… the Master is always right.

“Yes… it’s… it’s for the greater good… I can… help my people. I can make them understand… they won’t have to suffer. There can be peace.” Aria reasoned with herself, with the pure, empathetic side that remained within her.

Yuldasha smiled and turned to walk over to her throne, beckoning the Queen to follow. She sat, gazing at Aria as she approached the throne.

“I asked you before if you would help me in an important matter, and time is of the essence. Your people will arrive shortly.” The sorceress parted her legs, letting dark Kazdruk magic materialize her intimidating member. With a grin, she ran her hand along her freshly summoned cock. It rapidly hardened and stood erect and proud. Aria watched, her corrupted libido already making her flushed at the sight.

Yuldasha’s emerald eyes glanced at her own cock, and then at Aria.

“Come, little Queen.” The sorceress patted her lap.

“Now, master? But my people…”

“Dear Aria, surely you do not need another lesson on why I shouldn’t be questioned, hm? Yes. Now.”

Aria nodded. Yuldasha’s command seemed only to arouse her more. The once proud and pure queen stripped off her top and thong without another word and climbed atop the waiting sorceress. She let out a quiet moan as she guided the tip of Yuldasha’s horsecock to her moist pussy, lowering herself onto it.


Luzella broke the circle and charged towards Geem. She quickly enclosed on the smaller elvish man. The demonic brute came down hard with her massive halberd forcing Geem to dive out of the way before the Kazdruk steel pulverized the stone deck. The strong hit sent up sparks, gravel, and pulverized chips of stone in all directions. Geem rolled back up to his feet and quickly charged Luzella as she was busy reseting her long axe. The amazonian smiled and backhanded him hard across his face before he had a chance to raise his sword. The solid impact sent him flying backward hard into the wall of the spire. Luzella pulled her halberd up and rested it over her shoulder like a lumberjack. Slowly, she walked towards Geem. As she got closer, her towering build casted a shadow over the fallen elf.

“This is what they sent to rescue the Queen?” Luzella laughed.

Geem scrambled to get back to his feet, but had his legs kicked out from under him as quickly as he got up. The elvish soldier tumbled back to the ground hard, holding his knee in pain. Luzella walked towards him again.

“The way you elves struggle is what I find most gratifying… The way you crawl like wounded lamb, waiting for the inevitable strike of a hungry predator. Look here, an elvish knight of such immeasurable caliber, such grand virtue and gleaming prestige can’t even get to his feet,” Luzella declared softly, now stepping over him, resting her powerful hooves on either side of his torso. She looked down at her victim, smiling a brash grin.  

“You will die today, Kiyler Geem!”

Geem shifted back and forth quickly, kicking and slipping on the wet surface in an attempt to crawl away on his back. Luzella followed him slowly, towering over him.

“Avelyn will be my little bitch, on her knees beside me like a trained Keeat. She’ll pleasure me every night as your elven houses burn to cinders around us. I will make sure Avelyn polishes your skull everyday, as it will be centred in my trophy case surrounded by the severed heads of everyone you ever loved. ” Luzella spat with a hint of venom before she brought her axe down hard again.  

24Spire battle

  Geem moved his torso sideways, just barely dodging her assault. He got back to his feet, and quickly ran straight towards Luzella, plowing into her in blind anger. He tackled the heavy amazon like a human spear, causing both to drop their weapons. The hard lunge knocked Luzella backward and the two feel to the soaked stone surface.

Luzella grinned on her back, looking upward through the downpour of rain, amused at the sudden outburst. Geem pinned her and opened up in a tempest of rage and furor. He launched punches and strikes towards the amazon. Luzella held her wrists up deflecting most of his punches.   

“Atta boy, Geem! Fight me like a man, get your prude little hands dirty!”

Geem clutched both his fists together, rose them high over his head, and slammed down to try and break Luzella’s iron block. The wild swing had no effect on the amazon; she only returned a soft smile before headbutting him hard in the face and breaking his nose. She grabbed his torso and tossed him off to the side like a child. Geem slid across the slick stone, tumbling over before rising to his feet dazed, blood pouring from his face. With his sword on the other side of the turret, he reached down and pulled out his combat dagger. Luzella was already closing the distance; she didn’t bother grabbing her halberd on the way. The amazon was out for blood. She wanted Geem’s head and she would rip it off with her bare hands if she had to. She swiftly enclosed on Geem and threw a right hook with her entire bodyweight behind it. Geem ducked quickly in fear and Luzella’s fist smashed into the Kazdruk stone behind him. Small chunks of stone wall crumbled to the ground.

“Hold still you little maggot!“ Luzella swung around tossing another jab at Geem. The elf quickly dodged the strike and came up quickly slashing outward with his dagger. He scored a hit, but the blade slashed across her chest armor. The elvish man followed through with a second slash. This time Luzella was ready. The amazonian demon was heavy but she wasn’t slow. She caught his wrist, breaking the slash’s forward movement. She crushed his wrist and lifted him by his arm causing Geem’s feet to come off the ground. Dangling and kicking, he struggled to find the ground beneath him. As Geem dangled helplessly, the amazon punched him relentlessly in his face and chest region. Each punch railed into the elf like a ramrod.   

“I’ll gonna rip you limb from limb, little man,” Luzella smiled in maddened delight. “I’m going to make sure your screams reach Wayyel.”

Luzella crushed Geem’s wrist harder and squeezed out a cry of pain. The elvish soldier dropped his dagger in response and Luzella caught it with her free hand. In one smooth volley, she drove his own dagger through Geem’s hand, pinning it to the Spire wall. Luzella flashed her teeth and let go, letting Geem’s body fall. Suspended by only the dagger in his hand, Geem gritted his teeth, grunting in unbearable, seering pain. His boots kicked back and forth a foot above the ground. Helplessly, he tried everything to take his own weight off the blade. He reached upward and tried to remove the dagger but was meet with another punch to his face.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Luzella mocked.” You aren’t going anywhere. We’re just starting to have some fun.”

Avelyn watched on in horror. She struggled in her tangled mess of heavy chains to get to her feet and try helping. She dragged herself across the wet stone toward Luzella. She moved as quickly as she could while Luzella was distracted. On her way over, Avelyn lifted Geem’s sword with her shackled hands and kept moving toward the two.

  Luzella warped her right hand around Geem’s neck and slowly squeezed, cutting off his supply of air.  “There’s so many ways to kill your rodent kin, all of them pleasurable. But I think i’ll play with you some first and watch your weak body struggle as your pretty face turns blue.”

Geem kicked trying to break free. Avelyn came up along the demon’s side and quickly jabbed inward at the side of her stomach.

“What the-“

Luzella spun slightly at the last minute, deflecting the blade downward. Avelyn was met with a hard elbow to her face and fell backward in the entanglement of her chains. Geem took the moment to reach up and pull the knife from his hand. He dropped himself back to the ground, splashing up rain water. Without wasting a second, he charged Luzella, driving the blade between the spacing in her chest armor. The blade glided upward, stabbing under her collar bone.  Luzella’s eyes shot open wide in fatal surprise. Geem pushed into her with all his weight. The amazon roared out in pain as the silver blade pierced her skin and sank deep into her flesh. She backpedaled while slowly falling backward. Geem didn’t let up and continued pushing into her. Further and further the two moved back, until the two reached the spire’s edge. Luzella howled in protest as she was unable to stop her backward momentum. Her top-heavy build teetered over the cliff like stone edge. With every last bit of temper fueled strength Geem pushed.

“Rot in hell, you bitch!” Geem spat as he twisted the dagger hilt and kicked Luzella over the side of spire. The colossal Kazdruk disappeared over the edge. She fell, wailing far into the rainy mist until her bellows fell silent.

Geem feel backward in exhaustion laying on his back. His face bloodied and bruised, he clutched his damaged hand as the cold rain enveloped him. His chest heaved up and down heavily in raspy short strokes. Avelyn dragged herself to his side. Neither said any words, they only held each other tightly for a few minutes.

“ I knew you’d come back for me, Kiyler,” Aveyln smiled.

Aria slid down Yuldasha’s meaty cock in a sigh of pleasure. She moaned softly as the Kazdruk member stretched her lips. Yuldasha ran her hands along the Queen’s soft hips, pulling her down tightly. In a twisted flagitious manner the demoness smiled as the elven Queen started to grind onto her with her own free will. Destructive Kazdruk magic flowed like a black waterfall, tingling through Aria’s fingertips and running down her spine. She screamed in corrupt alleviation, feeding into her own avidity and satisfaction. Her elvish allegiance ceased to exist as the longing and persuasive stygian lust overpowered her.

Aria’s icy eyes glazed over in pure pleasure. She wanted one thing now and one thing only – Yuldasha’s seed. Aria’s alabaster breasts bounced as she grabbed the back of the Kazdruk throne and rocked her body faster and faster. Yuldasha grinned at the Queen’s eagerness and brushed her plump lips across the elf’s nipple. She suckled on her blush tit before softly biting. Aria moaned out louder, letting herself indulge in the nebulous act. Ionized cobalt sparks crackled across the floor around the chamber. As Aria rod her master’s member faster, the blots arced out further.

“Aria, I have an important task for you,” Yuldasha spoke out between thrusts.

Aria could hardly focus now. Her cerulean eyes rolled back in bliss. Feebly, she wrapped her arms around Yuldasha, pulling her twat across her thick shaft.

“Yes, YES! Master!” The Queen was hysterical. She couldn’t coherently form a thought to respond. Flashes of azure and vibrant whites erupted in Aria’s eyes as she mumbled in pleasure bringing herself to an intense orgasm.

“Don’t stop master! Don’t stop, please!” Aria pleaded. Yuldasha pulled back on the Queen’s long snowy hair, now thrusting harder into the elf’s tight cunt.

“I’m going to send you back to Wayyel… and with a nice going away present. How does that sound?” Yuldasha gritted through her teeth plowing into the northern elf.

Aria was too far gone at this point. Awashed in a torrent of euphoria and exaltation, the Queen only locked eyes with Yuldasha and gasped in nectarous rapture. Yuldasha’s serpentine eyes flared a brilliant fiery green. The eccentric elf became lost in Yuldasha’s gaze as the cobalt shards of conjury sparked up from the floor in a wild fire storm of lighting. The Kazdruk sorceress moaned out as her thick cock erupted deep inside the Queen of Wayyel. In sappy slavos, the balmy seed was pumped deep into Aria’s womb.

Impregnation of Queen Aria1

Aria’s delirium swirled into a serrated stupor. She looked onward past the back of Yuldasha’s stone throne. Lost in the afterglow, Aria focused on a pusleing vision that was slowly materializing before her. A swirling cobalt orb opened up violently, casting shards of     magical phosphorescent bolts in all directions. A harrowing revelation imploded forward in front of the Queen. Clear as glass, an image of Aria floated within the large orb, revealing the future. There she stood pregnant, bearing an unknown child.  Aria slowly rocked up and down, letting the wicked seed stir inside her. The moment of dark conception washed over Aria as thick globs of the white cum poured out. Yuldasha pulled the elf’s hips down as she sank her heavy memeber one last time.

“You’ll make an excellent mother,” Yuldasha smiled.  


Geem started trying to undue Avelyn’s chains. He smiled as he became lost in her deep emerald eyes. The lucid northern elf reached up and ran her hand across his smooth face. Adrift in love and finally reunited, the two locked lips. Kissing each other softly, Avelyn’s minty eyes suddenly shot open in panic.


Behind Geem, Luzella arose from the Spire ledge, knife still lodged in her upper chest. She leapt down and struck out. Geem turned, but it was too late. The broad demon battered Geem across his face. Like a lump of coal, Geem collapsed out cold. Luzella reached down and lifted him by his neck. She watched Avelyn scurry in hysteria. Before she could get far, the amazon pinned her to the ground under her hoof.

“There’s a reason I like to look into the eyes of my prey,”  Luzella spoke, shaking Geem’s lifeless body and letting his legs dangle in the wind. “Wake up! I want to look into yours while I crush the life out of you!” Luzella barked and slapped him hard across his face. Geem’s vision started to restore. He awoke to a blurry yet familiar Kazdruk smiling at him. He quickly started to panic when he fully regained consciousness.

“Atta boy.”

Geem struggled to free himself. The whole world started spinning as Luzella slowly crushed his neck. He feebly kicked and punched but he was much too weak. His powerless attempts to free himself faded as he hung on the edge of death.

Avelyn struggled under the amazon’s hoof in a last ditch effort to free herself, but the demon’s weight held her fast. Luzella’s face light up in delight as she tore Geem’s embedded dagger from herself. Holding the dying elf up high, she reached up with his dagger, letting the sharp tip rest on his sternum.

“Farwell Geem!”   

Avelyn wailed in protest underneath as she looked up at her fiancée’s final moments.

A jagged bolt of dark green energy streaked across the air, striking Luzella’s hand before she could inflict the final blow. The searing lime orb exploded, causing her to drop Geem and stumble backward. In a feverish frenzy of anger Luzella turned to view the person responsible for ruining her long sought after kill.

A slow clap emitted from close by, disturbing the intense moment.

Yuldasha stood there clapping, her face glowing full of amusement. She walked out into the rain followed closely by various Kazdruk officers, including Aeltha. A group of Kazdruk soldiers marched in close behind holding Geem’s entire captured team. The Kazdruk troops encircled Geem, Avelyn, and Luzella. Two of the Kazdruk moved in quickly and kicked Geem and Avelyn down to their knees.

Luzella picked up one of her fellow Kazdruk soldiers in furious irritation. “YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF -”

Yuldasha slowed her clapping to an obnoxiously slow mocking pace. “Temper, temper, Luzella. Drop him now!” Yuldasha ordered. Luzella gritted her canines in spite and dropped the soldier. She turned and marched toward Yuldasha demanding answers.

“You stripped me of my rightful kill! Why?” Luzella roared in anger now staring down at Yuldasha dominantly.

Yuldasha waved her hand lightly, blasting out another orb of malevolent magic. Arcs sparked across Luzella’s body like a web. The great demoness fell to her knees in barbed agony. Yuldasha walked past her as smoke bellowed off the ballista’s body. With her temper cooled and ego bruised, Luzella rose back to her hooves. Aeltha smiled at her silently, shaking her head side to side.    

“An Impressive feat, I must admit,” Yuldasha sneered walking towards the two elves. “Ladies and gentlemen, the great Kiyler Geem of Wayyel!” she continued. “I saw your little battle with Luzella here through my scrying orb… how awe-inspiring.” Yuldasha stopped at Geem’s side and placed her hand on his shoulder.

  “Trying to take down one of my most decorated soldiers single handedly? I suppose that’s almost admirable,” Yuldasha sneered. “But you came here uninvited, killed my soldiers, and tried stealing from me, Geem. And for that, you will pay dearly. Tell me, how many soldiers of mine did you kill getting here Geem? Hmm? One, Ten, Fifty? A hundred?”

Geem only coughed, still holding his neck.

“Speak boy!” Yuldasha snapped.

“I’m…I’m not sure,” Geem muttered out.     

“Wrong answer! You didn’t deny killing any. So, you take something from me, I take something from you, Mr. Geem.” Yuldasha nodded at a Kazdruk guard. He quickly brought forth Ridlei.

“No, please, take me instead!” Geem shouted.

Yuldasha paused for a moment considering the idea. Ridlei struggled in the guard’s grip and spat a wad of saliva towards Yuldasha, snapping the demoness out of thought. She looked at Ridlei in anger, then she turned her gaze towards the rest of Geem’s rag tag group. Raising her thin eyebrow in detest, she reached out with her hand. Vivid chartreuse flames ignited around the four captured warriors. Three Kazdruk guards became caught in the intense wash of green fire.

Yuldasha smirked in joviality as the congregation of elvish men and Kazdruk alike screamed out in agony. The men fell to the ground rolling in flames. Thier blood curdling screams turned to muffled gasps of oxygen deprived squeals. Yuldasha’s serpentine eyes flickered. The flames instnesfied reaching up skyward. The malicious matriarch extinguished only the jade flames encircling Ridlei. The rest of the men perished quickly in the Kazdruk hellfire. With her other hand, she raised Ridlei to the air, letting his dying charred body float softly in front of her. The elf moaned in pain as his skin flaked away, ashes spilling to the rain filled ground below.

“ So charming you elves are… part of me almost wants to keep you alive, so you may witness the eradication of your own kind, “ Yuldasha thought for a moment as the dying elf’s body continued to crumble apart like deeply charred wood. She shook her head, reached out and flicked the elf’s chest with her middle finger. The light tap shattered his petrified toso like a piece of brittle glass. Yuldasha turned to face Geem as Ridlei’s remains washed away in the heavy rain.    

“Aeltha, bring forth Queen Aria. If the Queen is what he came for, then the Queen is what he shall receive.”

“Yes, Master,” Aeltha responded and walked back inside. The crimson skin demoness returned shortly with Queen Aria.

Yuldasha looked at Geem and then slowly angled her face toward Avelyn while tightening her lips into a crooked smile.

“You didn’t have to kill those men!” Geem yelled in outrage and his face red in hatred. He attempted to rise to his feet. Yuldasha reached out her palm, her fingertips sparking with green. Geem backed down in frustration, thinking better of it.

“That’s a good boy, Geem. I don’t think you’re fully appreciating my generous hospitality. By all rights I should have killed you a long ago or let Luzella here finish the job,” Yuldasha spoke, brushing flakes of Ridlei’s body off her skin in disgust. “You’re in luck, Geem. It would seem your frivolous and petty gods are shining down on you today. I’m going to let you walk away from this spire… alive. Not only will you leave with your life intact but I’m also giving you a choice.” The demoness drove her index finger square into his chest. “You may pick one and ONLY one. You may leave with Avelyn… or Queen Aria.”

Geem looked at her blankly, his face twisting to a sheet of disper. Then he turned to his Queen and then quickly to Avelyn. His heart ached as if it was dissolving in a pool of acid.

His job was to return the Queen home at all cost. It was his duty. His gaze slowly fell on Luzella who was now grinning in elation. He thought in disgust of what Luzella would do with Avelyn, making his decision far more difficult.      

“You wretched whore! You ask the impossible!” Geem exploded in anger.

Yuldasha smacked Geem across his face, knocking him over.

“Only impossible for a fool. Now make your decision!” she paused.  “… before I change my mind,” Yuldasha spat, igniting her blazing whip of aether.

Geem looked at Avelyn and his eyes began welling up with salty tears.

“I’m sorry,” he softly mouthed.

“I… I… choose… Aria,” Geem responded quietly, his voice cracking in uncertainty. “For House… and Queen,” he muttered, knowing the consequences if he were to return home without her.

“What was that elvish filth? Speak up!” Yuldasha ordered, lashing out with her whip.

“I choose Queen Aria!” Geem shouted looking straight at Yuldasha this time.

Avelyn’s face turned to horror laced with immense heartbreak.  

“Kiyler! How could you!”

Luzella’s grin curled upward in a wickedly destructive smile. Yuldasha followed with a smirk of her own as she turned away retracting her whip.

“Luzella, I believe Avelyn was your property? I stole your kill, the least I can do is return your slave. Take her away! she’s all yours!” Luzella smiled and hastily grabbed Avelyn.

“No! please! Kiyler! Don’t let her take me!” Avelyn struggled and screamed as Luzella apprehended her and began to drag her toward the Spire entrance. She gave up fighting as they passed Queen Aria. She looked over toward the Queen and the two made eye contact. Aria’s eyes flashed a blizzardy icy blue-white and smiled venomously toward Avelyn. Her eyes quickly flickered back to normal before anyone noticed.

Yuldasha turned towards the Elvish Queen. She leaned into her pointed ear ans whispered, “Farewell, Queen Aria, we will certainly be in touch,” patting Aria softly on her stomach.

Aria approached Geem with a fictitious forced smile although still carrying herself with royalty.

“Thank you, Geem; your service to your people and house Wayyel shall never be forgotten. You are a true hero.”

Geem remained silent knowing he betrayed his love leaving her in the hands of Luzella. He only nodded and sheathed his sword.

“Well, Queen Aira and Geem, it has been a pleasure. I have ordered my troops to stand down. You’re free to leave. Take your remaining dilapidated troops with you. We will provide you with horses. My scouts have reported that a few of your ships are still ashore. Take your rotting vessels and leave.”

“Why are you letting us go, why not lock us up like the rest? Why did you save me? Why did you even capture our Queen?” Geem asked.

Yuldasha smiled. “You ask too many questions, boy; I simply have no use for her anymore and I need you to relay a message to your king. Tell him we’re coming. Soon your land will be set ablaze and your rivers will flow strong with blood.”    

“But that doesn’t make any-”

“Goodbye Mr. Geem!” Yuldasha spat harshly, cutting him off. She turned her back on him and returned to the spire. Sorceress Aeltha smirked at the two, before leading her hand outward towards the Spire entrance.

“If you would follow me, I’ll show you the way out.”


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