Half-Breed. Chapter 14: A Question of Faith

By: Dawn2069MS

“I come to you Eletha as your servant and follower, to pray for those in need.

I pray for our journey; your blessed hand may guide us on our way.

We know the journey is a test, and our mission is of greatest importance,

so I pray for your guidance over Kyaara and me.”

Tianna was kneeling and praying in silence. Her eyes were closed, her head was bowed, and her hands were resting on her chest one above the other forming the typical devotional gesture for praying to her goddess Eletha. The elven priestess moved her lips as she would speak, yet remained silent; it wasn’t necessary to verbalize her prayers out loud. The ritual of praying to Eletha contained several phases of silence, as well as sections which were committed to personal issues of the praying individual, all in addition to the standardized traditional phrases which were mainly used in divine services in shrines and temples.

After finishing praying to her goddess, Tianna lowered her bottom and sat back on her heels, her delicate hands resting upon her thighs. She still felt agitated due to what had happened a few hours ago, due to the situation she had found herself thrown into after regaining consciousness. Her head and back still hurt from her fall, and her mind was clouded by pain, doubt, and by unanswered questions. Tianna slowly turned her head toward the campfire and gazed at her unconscious big sister. Kyaara was lying on the ground, her head resting on a small pile of clothes. Her breathing was fast and her body trembled and perspired, fighting against the wounds she had sustained from the PlainSeeker, as well as against the effects of the bloodloss. The elven priestess had planned on begging her goddess to grant her powers to heal her wounded sister, but Tianna wasn’t in the condition to conjure up Eletha’s blessing at that time. While gazing at her sister’s face like in a trance, Tianna’s thoughts wandered back, summing up what she had to suffer through after regaining consciousness.


The moment her big sister had cum hard inside her, Tianna’s mind went blank as she had suffered through her own climax. She had wished to avoid having an orgasm – it had been her big sister Kyaara after all who had been responsible for this bizarre situation, but Tianna had been betrayed by her own body. She had been panting, her body had been quivering, feeling the weight of Kyaara’s limp body resting upon her, and the inside walls of her cumfilled vagina had still been flexing around her big sister’s cock resting inside her.

It had all felt like a bad dream to the violated priestess, a dream which had started to force its way into her reality. Tianna had felt pain, sorrow, and shame, and the longer she had been lying on the ground gazing up into the sky, the more she had started to realize the gravity of what just had happened. However, there had been another feeling crawling through the back of her tainted mind; a feeling she had failed to forbear and had slowly grown stronger, bit by bit.

“Holy Maiden Mother Eletha, I call upon You in this moment of need,

and ask that You aid me to withstand the curse that has been bestowed upon me.

I’ve been victim to my sister’s tainted desires. I fear that my body has … enjoyed it.

Please bless me with the strength to repent for giving into temptation,

help me and my sister withstand becoming wicked.”

Tianna’s eyes were filled with tears as she had confessed to her goddess. The burden of knowing that something within her had given into this forbidden lust had rested heavy on her. It hadn’t taken long till she had started to cry bitterly. She had wrapped her arms around her unconscious sister, tenderly stroking Kyaara’s hair, sobbing with despair. Her mind had been torn between the intense love for her big sister and a serious feeling of averseness to what Kyaara had done to her.

It had taken a while for Tianna to calm down again. After having given free rein to her churned up emotions, she had carefully guided her sister’s limp body to the side and Kyaara’s cock had finally slipped out of her vagina, the large volume of her sister’s cum inside her womb spilling out of her. Tianna had slowly sat up to get a better picture of the actual situation. Looking down at herself, the elven priestess had realized that she had been a mess; her face, breasts, and chest had been smeared with blood and sticky cum, as well as all of her nether regions. Kyaara hadn’t looked much better. All of her face and chest had also been covered with the white sticky liquid. Tianna had looked about and had recognized an odd trace of drops of blood and semen, as well as tracks from a crawling person, having its origin where Kyaara’s horse had been standing. When her gaze caught Seriso’s limp and cumsmeared horsecock, she had realized what had probably happened. Tianna had been shocked and had whispered to herself:

“By Eletha, oh no … Kyaara, what have you done?”

The shocked priestess had teared up again; she hadn’t been able to believe her eyes, to believe that Rhyeesh’s demonic curse had been driven her beloved sister Kyaara to the point where she hadn’t refrained from using her animal companion to satisfy her surreal hunger for cum.

“Oh holiness, I fear for my sister and ask that you bless her with your gift of resolve.

She is not the demon the wicked ones claim her to be.

She is and will always be my sister, and my love for her is only second to Yours.

Please give me strength to comfort her in her time of need, even if she rebuffs it.

I know she is not a follower of Yours, but she is still full of Grace and worthy of your blessing …”

After praying to Eletha yet again, the troubled priestess sat beside her unconscious sister in a trance, doing nothing but staring into space. Tianna had felt empty, wasted somehow, unable to catch a clear thought. She had tried to understand what had happened to herself and her sister. She had tried to understand why the demoness had chosen her, why Rhyeesh had kidnapped her shortly after she had left the village of Meerisath about two weeks ago. It had been such a simple question like ‘Why?’ which had remained unanswered, and it had made Tianna feel even more empty. Beginning with her abduction and all what had happened until then, it all had felt like a neverending dream, a nightmare which had become terrible reality.

“Great Mother Eletha, I ask most all, the knowledge and wisdom I need to endure.

Back then, I sought for Your guidance, Your protection, for my journey, as I had been taught by You.

It feels like I’ve been forsaken, Your devotional servant, Your faithful follower …

Please guide me back on the path of joy, happiness and abundance,

which I may share with my loved ones.”

It had taken a while for Tianna to compose herself. After trying to clean herself without results, she had stood up and got their luggage from Seriso. The water from one of their waterskins had been sufficient to clean up herself, so Tianna had begun to attend to her sister’s body.

Removing the blood and the abnormal amount of sticky semen from Kyaara’s body hadn’t been a problem for the skilled priestess, at least until her sister’s cumcovered cock needed to be attended to. Tianna had paused for a moment. She had felt a pang of regret rushing through her while gazing at her sister’s nether regions. The hesitating elven woman had suddenly become aware of what she had been about to deal with: it wasn’t her sisters penis, the thing she had seen and innocently played with when they had been youngsters, a pair of curious kids on the verge of exploring their own sexuality during the Age of Arbitration. No, it was something else, a cursed thing which had grown physically and became menacing to her, the thing that basically had raped her not long ago.

After a few minutes of just staring at Kyaara’s cock, Tianna finally had managed to pull herself together and continued to clean her sister. As she had carefully grabbed Kyaara’s penis with her delicate hands, Tianna had felt a shiver run down her spine, as if she would literally feel a spark of power of Rhyeesh’s curse jumping over to her. Tianna had carried on with her duty, despite it making her feel uncomfortable both physically and mentally.

After having cleaned her sister’s body, Tianna also had taken care of Kyaara’s wounds and put on some bandages. As a priestess of Eletha she had been trained to apply first aid under adverse conditions, as well as to call for Eletha’s blessing.

Looking around, Tianna had realized that they still had been in the middle of nowhere and that she needed to find a more appropriate location to spend the upcoming night. She had remembered Kyaara talking about an abandoned waystation which had been on their route to the Dragon’s Spine. Since that waystation was just three or four hours away, Tianna had decided to transport her wounded sister on Seriso’s back. She had struggled hard to lift her unconscious sister upon the horse’s back while trying to pay attention to Kyaara’s wounds, but had managed to succeed. Looking back at the PlainSeeker’s dead body, the priestess grabbed Seriso’s reins and started to continue their journey toward north, hopefully bringing more distance between themselves and the demoness Rhyeesh.

The sisters had reached the abandoned waystation about four hours later. What had once been a stone building and waypoint for travelers touring the Southern Veld was nothing more than ruins. However, the remains of the walls were good enough to act as a shelter for Tianna and her sister. After preparing the place for their overnight stay and setting a campfire in between the walls, Tianna took care of her sister’s wounds again; changing the bandages, applying medicinal herbs, and dressing the wounds. She still felt too weak to conjure up her goddess’ powers to aid her sister, so she had decided to let the upcoming night pass, hoping that Kyaara’s condition wouldn’t get worse.


Tianna’s thoughts suddenly snapped back to the present. It was the sound of her sister coughing that caught her attention. Tianna’s heartbeat sped up in excitement; it was the first sign of life from Kyaara since the nasty encounter with the PlainSeeker. Kyaara was still breathing fast and her body still trembled and sweated, fighting against the wounds and the blood loss. Miraculously, Kyaara partially opened her eyes, looking disoriented and far away from being fully conscious. Tianna tenderly put her hand on Kyaara’s forehead to check her temperature and recognized that her sister was suffering from fever. After moistening a piece of fabric with water and placing it on Kyaara’s forehead, the worried priestess caressed her sisters cheek with her hand and whispered:

“Shhh … Kyaara, all is OK. We are safe, at least for now.”

Tianna was not sure if her sister had understood her words. Kyaara’s eyelids twitched nervously and her eyes rolled back up into her head, then she sank back into an uneasy sleep. The priestess continued to kneel beside her sister looking at her face, yet her gaze remained tainted by sorrow and fatigue. Her mind was still entangled in a fight between dreamlike memories about what Kyaara had done to her, and the true love for her sister she carried deep within her.

“Goddess of all consolation, in Your unending love and mercy for us,

You turn the darkness of corruption into the dawn of new life.

Please show compassion to Your followers in sorrow. Be our refuge and our strength,

lift us from the darkness of this grief to peace and joy in Your presence.

I ask this through You, Eletha, goddess of the North.”

Half an hour later, Tianna prepared her sleeping accommodations and laid down beside Kyaara, trying to get some rest and gather some strength in order to call for her goddess’s aid to heal her sister. Her thoughts were still churned up, trying to cope with all what had happened so far:

» It all feels like memorizing a terrible dream … «

» Have I really been suffering through all of this? «

» The rape. The humiliation. … It had hurt … and yet, I had given in. «

» No! My body had betrayed me. … It’s the demoness’ fault. «

» Exile. Punishment. Slavery. … Is that my fate? Is this Eletha’s test, to endure? «

» And Kyaara? My beloved big sister? I know she fights against that curse. «

» She fights … what if she cannot withstand? If she cannot … hold back … again? «

» Endurance and absolution. That’s what we’re taught, what Eletha had taught us. «

» I’m so tired. So tired. … Need to heal Kyaara, soon. … Heal her … forgive her … «

It didn’t take long for the exhausted woman to drift off into an uneasy sleep. It had gotten dark as the campfire bathed the insides of the walls in a flickering orange light. The air had gotten a bit colder, but was still warm enough to rest in the open. The waxing moon was illuminating the area with a dimmed light, and the area around the old waystation seemed peaceful and quiet.

Some hours of unsettled sleep had passed. Tianna was woken up by painstreaked moans from her sister. After checking Kyaara’s bandages and temperature again, she realized that the fever had gotten worse. Since she was sure that the fever was becoming dangerous for Kyaara, and since she would need her big sister to regain her strength and vitality faster than through traditional treatment, Tianna decided to beg her goddess Eletha for help at that moment. She knelt at the side of her suffering sister, her hands resting on Kyaara’s forehead as well as on her belly. Bowing her head, Tianna closed her eyes and remained in this position in silence for a while, before she begun to pray.

“Oh holiness, Lady of the North, I ask for You to heal these wounds,

bless her with Your gentle touch and make her whole once more.

Cure Kyaara of what ills her, in her body, mind and soul.

Bestow upon her Your blessing of health, for the joy and happiness of my loved one and I.”

Tianna wasn’t sure if her prayer had been heard by her goddess; her mind had still been clouded by doubt and unsteadiness and her body had still felt weaker than normal. However, after her hands remained resting on Kyaara, she suddenly felt a wave of pleasant heat originating within her chest and slowly moving through her arms into her hands. Tianna smiled and whispered:

“Thank you, holy Mother Eletha.”

Fatigued and much more tired than before, Tianna crawled back to her sleeping place and fell asleep nearly instantly; treating her sister with her goddess’ help had drained all of her strength. The elven priestess knew that she had been heard by Eletha, yet the resulting effects on Kyaara’s body and mind remained to be seen.


The preparations for creating a magic portal powerful enough to transport Rhyeesh from her current location into the midst of DalMarkaan’s Southern Veld were extensive and timeconsuming. The abandoned cathedral was an ideal place for conducting the ritual; it offered a confined location, far away enough from Meerisath to avoid causing a stir. It nearly took the demoness a whole day to create the appropriate magic circle, yet she would need some more time to meditate and then cast the actual spell to open the portal. Another obstacle was the target location. While her libido had been connected to Kyaara’s while having her orgasm, she had seen flashbacklike visions of Kyaara’s whereabouts. However, the images she had seen weren’t sufficient to pinpoint the elven girls; they were only enough to approximate the area. Kazdruk magic was powerful enough to create more accurate portals for traveling, but Rhyeesh’s powers weren’t potent enough to execute such an advanced ritual on her own without help.

The succubus knew that every hour she wasn’t catching up with her prey, the distance between the elven girls and her would grow. Nevertheless, she would still save time by using a portal to kick off her hunt.

Midnight had passed already as Rhyeesh was finally ready to begin the spellcasting. She was in her demonic form as she knelt on the stony surface beside the magic circle, her buttocks resting on her heels. Her hands were positioned on top of her thighs, the palms facing upwards. She was sparsely dressed as usual, only wearing her black leather thighhigh stockings and her armlong leather gloves as an outfit. Rhyeesh closed her eyes as she concentrated on executing the portal ritual. After meditating for about two hours, the succubus started to sweat due to the draining spellcasting, but finally managed to energize the circle of dark magic on the ground. The glyphs and symbols of the magic circle started to glow, immersing the inside of the cathedral as well as the circle in a bizarre green light. Moments later, particles of dark energy appeared all over the magic symbols, dancing over all of the cathedral floor within the borders of the circle. While the demoness continued to cast her spell, she opened her eyes, which were brightly glowing as green as the magic particles. Rhyeesh started to verbalize her spellcasting, commanding the floating particles in ancient Kazdruk language. The particles ascended from hovering over the floor, forming a sphere above the magic circle, then merged together into one single point, glowing much lighter than before.

Rhyeesh felt the powerful demonic energy of the ritual sizzle over her almost naked body, making her skin crawl. Being close to the final stage of her portal creation, she stretched out her arms toward the brightly glowing point, gesturing to wrap it with her hands. She then started to move apart her hands, as the point of intense green light started to grow larger. Rhyeesh continued to open her arms as she would embrace the growing light, until her arms were stretched to the sides completely. The result of her ritualistic gesturing was a glowing disk of green light, about two meters of diameter, framed by green and black lightning, striking into the surrounding structures of the cathedral’s interior.

It was done. The ritual was successful and the portal seemed stable. The green glow of Rhyeesh’s eyes faded away, and the round portal started to pulse in a synchronous rhythm to the succubus’ heartbeat. The longer the portal would stay open, the more it would continue to drain the demoness’ power. That was why Rhyeesh got up from her kneeling position and made herself ready to travel in a hurry. Closing her eyes again, she recalled what to do right after passing the portal, namely finding a place to rest again. She was far away from having lost all of her recently gained strength, but the drain of the portal ritual would take its toll, right after passing through.

Rhyeesh was ready. She opened her eyes, took a deep breath and stepped through the portal, which closed down right after the demoness had disappeared. What remained within the abandoned cathedral was a quickly fading green glow, followed by a ghastly silence.


The sensation of the wet tongue gliding upward over her labia filled Tianna’s loins with sizzling pleasure. Her eyes were closed, focusing only on the intense oral stimulation. The priestess heard herself moan sensually as soft lips closed around her needy clitoris, sucking carefully on her swollen diamond of lust. All of her nether regions were highly sensitive; she even felt the breathing of the one licking her on her pubis. Tianna’s mind was floating in an ocean of pure pleasure, as she slowly opened her eyes. Darkness surrounded her, total darkness.

However, the priestess was able to see, and it didn’t bother her at all. She had no idea why her eyes were able to pierce through the darkness …

It just felt right, felt natural.

Tianna’s gaze browsed around, seeking anything within the surrounding darkness. Besides the omnipresent waves of pleasure constantly washing through her, she realized that she felt the presence of others; an uncountable amount of alien entities, surrounding her, their invisible eyes gazing upon her from beyond the darkness. Tianna blinked, and suddenly – for an instant – it looked like all of the eyes would flash up in the darkness. Normally, she would be overwhelmed by fear, but she felt safe and secure.

It just felt right, felt natural.

Another pleasurestained moan escaped Tianna’s lips as the wet tongue continued to lick her vulva, sometimes pushing deep into her vagina, sometimes circling over her sensitive labia and her clit. Tianna looked down at herself. She found herself sitting on something like a throne, a bizarre sculpture made of stone and bones which seemed to float in midst of the darkness. Her hands and arms were resting on the stony armrests. As her gaze continued to wander down her own body, Tianna realized that she was only wearing her white underbust corset, her loins stretched forward to offer all of her private parts. She had her thighs spread wide, her feet resting comfortably on the ground before the throne, at least her feet felt alike.

It just felt right, felt natural.

The one who was orally pleasuring the highly aroused priestess was a strangelooking woman. Her silken skin was as white as her long smooth hair. Even her mesmerizing eyes were white, her black pupils standing in sharp contrast to her white irises and eyeballs. She had pointed ears, similar to those of elves, though the shape of her face was more that of a human than that of an elf. The woman’s hands were resting on Tianna’s legs, tenderly caressing her thigh’s insides. Her fingers were clawed and her hands, as well as what Tianna was able to see from the rest of her lover’s body, were also white colored. While licking the moaning priestess, the woman’s eyes were continuously locked onto Tianna’s eyes. Her visage emanated devotional arousal, as well as a certain level of exotic danger …

It just felt right, felt natural.

Tianna witnessed her right hand lift off the armrest, then her fingers slowly dug into the woman’s hair, tenderly stroking her head. Moving her arm felt strange; it was like someone else had control over her body’s movements and moans, and that Tianna had just the role of a passive observer. However, as a result of Tianna’s caressing, the white woman stopped her oral cajoling, slightly lifted her head, smiled warmly and whispered with a lascivious female voice:

“Duty unto death. Selfless devotion. I am yours, my Queen.”

It just felt … wrong.

It was the sudden and severe impact of the feeling of falsehood which forced Tianna to wake up. All of her muscles had tensed for a brief moment, like a pulse of energy flashing through her body. It required Tianna some moments to regain full consciousness. She found herself lying on the side, still covered with her blanket, facing the glowing remains of the campfire. Turning around to lay on her back, the priestess gazed into the cloudy sky. She thought about what she remembered from her dream. However, questions like ‘Who was that strange woman?’ or ‘Why did she call me My Queen?’ remained unanswered. Tianna wasn’t even sure if what she just had experienced was a dream, or maybe a vision of some kind. It all had felt real and surreal the same time, just like what she had to endure the last few days.

Her thoughts snapped back to the present. It was the break of dawn and the sun had just started to rise. The air was fresh and the only noises Tianna was able to make out was of some birds in the near vicinity, as well as the low moans of suffering in a distance.

» Kyaara … «

Tianna sat up quickly and looked to the side where she expected to find her sister. In contrary to her expectation, she found Kyaara’s sleeping berth abandoned. The only traces of where her sister had gone were the bloodstained bandages; Kyaara apparently had ripped them off her body. Tianna felt her heartbeat rise in an instant, her muscles tensing as the worried priestess stood up in a hurry to looked for her wounded sister’s whereabouts. What had happened? Had Kyaara regained her consciousness? Where is she? While Tianna’s thoughts swirled around those questions, she recognized yet another moan echoing from behind the backside wall of the ruined building. Afraid and unsure what to do, Tianna headed for the source of the moans, trying to be as silent as possible. Crouching at the edge of the ruined wall, she carefully looked around the corner and didn’t believe her eyes.

In her sight was Kyaara almost naked; she only wore the stocking of her armor. The elven fighter was sitting on the ground, her back resting against the stone wall, and she was masturbating. Tianna’s gaze involuntarily got caught by the sight of Kyaara’s cock, which had slightly grown larger than usual, again. Letting her sight wander over her sister’s body, she recognized that Kyaara’s wounds were still present, yet they had healed faster than normal. It seemed that Eletha’s blessing had affected her sister’s body at least, her mind however remained corrupted by Rhyeesh’s curse apparently. Kyaara’s visage was tainted by pain, despair, and helplessness. Caressing her own cock with her bare hands seemed to have no relevant effect on the struggling elven woman. Kyaara moaned and sobbed, begging desperately to be granted to be released. She wasn’t able to stand this torment any more, a surreal fire burning inside her, flaming her libido beyond the point of what her body and mind were able to endure.

“Dear Mother Eletha, I come to You now and ask You to help my suffering sister Kyaara.

She may have sinned, she may have done many things that don’t please You.

Please help her to repent and forgive her, as I as Your servant shall also forgive her sins.

What can I do to help Kyaara endure? I beg You, my Lady of the North,

enlighten me in this moment of need and guide me to do what is right.”

Tianna had closed her eyes and preyed in silence, as tears ran down her cheeks. Though she had always found help within her prayers and her faith, right now she felt as helpless as her sister. She wasn’t able to stop whatever curse was ravaging through Kyaara’s body and mind, and she probably wasn’t able to stop whatever wicked spore of darkness was growing inside herself. Tianna continued to look at her sister, her thoughts desperately seeking for an answer how to help her suffering sister.

» By Eletha, what can I do? «

» I want to help her … she needs me. «

» Poor Kyaara, she just can’t satisfy her urges, satisfy herself. «

And then Tianna became aware of the what she had to do.

» It’s me … I’m the only one who can help her. «

Tianna slowly rose from her crouching position and took a step forward, moving into the field of view of Kyaara, her eyes focusing on the paindriven face of her sister who was sadly struggling to cum. It didn’t take long till Kyaara recognized that she wasn’t alone any more and quickly turned her head to face whomever was approaching. The moment she realized that it was her sister, Kyaara’s eyes gaped in shock. Overwhelmed by the daunting situation, she released her cock, put forth her hand like she would beg for help and intended to speak to her little sister, but just started to cry bitterly.

Sorrow. Regret. Shame. Tianna was able to see it in Kyaara’s eyes. Since saying anything right now would be a waste of words, she just walked over in silence and sat beside her big sister. Still in tears, Tianna gestured to hug her sister, and Kyaara leaned in to her sisters offer, letting all of her emotions run free.

After what felt like a liberating eternity for both sisters, Tianna looked at Kyaara’s still hard, throbbing penis again and realized what she had to do in order to help her. Though it still felt wrong, dirty somehow, the priestess slowly placed her hand on Kyaara’s cock and gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft.

The sensation of Tianna’s hand on her cock took Kyaara’s breath away. Looking into her sister’s tearstained eyes, the surprised woman quickly understood what Tianna was saying without words: “Here sister, let me help you.” The relieving touch of her sister’s hand made Kyaara’s body tense repeatedly, as she felt the sensitive glans of her cock rhythmically glide through Tianna’s delicate fingers. Every stroke of her sister’s hand sent a pulse of salvific pleasure through all of her body and mind, slowly moving Kyaara toward her so much needed relieving climax. It didn’t take long till Kyaara reached the point of no return. Torn between her incoming orgasm and the feeling of shame and regret, she finally was able to cum from her sister’s caressing.

The moment the quivering woman started to shoot large ropes of white semen out of her phallus, she moaned as if she had been released from an unbearable weight. It was more of a salvation than a pleasurable orgasm, but it finally satisfied the wicked urge which was slowly growing within the halfbreed. After some moments of panting and suffering through the aftermath of her orgasm while still gazing into her sister’s eyes, Kyaara slowly turned her head, away from her sister’s face, and looked at the puddle of cum which had spilled out of her cock. Tianna finally released her sister’s flagging penis from her soft grip as her vision was lost in the large amount of cum covering the ground between Kyaara’s legs. Both women contemplated the puddle in front of them, watching the sticky liquid slowly ooze away into the dry ground in silence. There was nothing to say, nothing to comment, as both women realized silently what was going on and what they had to do about it.

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