September 18th Update

Hello all!

Time for an update. As you’ve noticed, there hasn’t been any new chapters of late >_< and I apologize. The project isn’t dead! so don’t worry!  Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot less time to work on my Arc as of late. I don’t have writers block or anything of the sorts. ( in fact, I have too many ideas)  But personal life has become much more busy for me. On top of trying to complete commissions, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to write!

BUT chapter 27 of Spire of Torment is in the works. I’m about 6-7 pages in. As before, there’s a lot of unreleased images on the way that tie in. My goal this time around is incorporating 3 pics in this next chapter 😀 I’ve also been toying around and experimenting with something new but I don’t want to reveal anything just yet. :]

Just know that I’m trying really hard here and it’s on my mind everyday! I haven’t grown tired or bored of D-C. I’m really passionate about this project and if I could, i’d work on it all day, everyday!

So no fear. It is being worked on and thanks for the consistent support and patiences. 

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Hey there, Dawn here! I recently answered to a comment on HF where someone asked if the author of Half-Breed had been captured by Kazdruks. Well, this is a qualified question and I’d like to share the answer with all of you:

I never had planned to have such a large hiatus from writing, but some nasty constellations in r/l forced me to deal with a shitload of problems (such as serious illnesses, death of a family member, financial crisis involving my own company, just to name a few) and all those together have taken way too much time to get resolved and have drained me as good as empty in the process. And before I was aware of it, over a year had passed and I realized it’s much more difficult to get back into writing than I thought.

So, here’s the status: I’ve re-read all of my chapters, notes, plots, twists, etc. I’ve watched through all of the commissions I did with Lucien, escpecially the once you gals and guys have not yet seen. I have resolved most of the above mentioned r/l problems. And I definitly plan to be back writing within the next month. I’ve invested too much effort into my segment of the Dominion’s Chain universe than to just let it shut down or something similar. No way! The Half-Breed storyline will continue, that’s for sure! So please bare with me just a little bit longer, till I finally can re-start Half-Breed.

Thanks your your support!

Now for my own update. It’s been a few months for myself as well, but I’m still plugging away.  On page 4 right now. Life has been hectic (I know, I know. Excuses, excuses) with work between my security job and the army, and a lot of personal things have come up.

But. I’m still plugging away. Hope to have it up soon for all you fine readers.

Thanks again for sticking with us.


  1. Good to hear from you Lucien. Keep on keepin’ on! While I’ve got you here, any word on how Collared Empire is coming along? The summer has almost expired, haha

    1. ah yes, Collared Empire. 😀 Collared Empire is coming. I just don’t know when yet. J-Cal ( who is writing it) has written a lot of chapters for it already. It’s some super awesome stuff and I truly think you ladies and gents will like it. The two of us have spent a lot of time discussing aspects of it, world building and all that. I’ve done a lot of art for it too that I’m very excited to post. It’s kinda a different spin on my usual stuff. But I think you’ll like it.
      So anyway, what happened to the summer release?? Well, J-Cal wanted to go back over some parts and edit some things first before we posted the first few chapters, but life got in the way as usual. I wish i could give an exact date for you but we don’t have one yet. BUT I will be sure to let you know by placing a post here on the D-C page!! as always, thanks for the support !!

  2. (very late reply…)

    Hi Lucien!

    Good to know the next episode of Spire of Torment is on its way. Can’t wait to see Luzella and Avelyn “relationship” evolve 😀
    I really loved the previous one! One question though: I realized your episodes are becoming longer (which is not really a bad thing :P) and take inevitably more time to be finished. Is there a reason to release more in one time? The previous one, for example could have been published in two parts. I think publishing shorter texts more often would encourage more the readers to come back more often to check the blog… but that’s just my opinion ^^’.

    Glad to hear that also Dawn and Sinfulwolf will be back soon with their storyline! Kyaara, Tianna & Lillium need some well deserved love! 😛

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