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Half-Breed. Chapter 15: A slave’s Life

By: Dawn2069MS

Half-Breed is back!

Foreword of the Author

Two and a half years… being away from writing for such a long time was waaay to long, and I am really sorry for that. I am especially sorry to those who were following the adventures of Kyaara, Tianna, Rhyeesh and all the other characters of my Dominion’s Chain’s Half-Breed story arc. Reasons for my overdue absence are manifold, so it doesn’t make sense to name all of them. There were a bunch of real life issues and health issues I had to deal with, as well as with being overloaded with work from my self employment; you might imagine that trying to force oneself to sit in front of a computer screen after having spent 10+ hours in front of other computer screens is futile in most of the cases.

In contrast to previous statements in various comments, I am back for real and I promise to do my best to keep the Half-Breed ball rolling. I will not promise that I can post new chapters on a regular basis, but I do promise that there won’t be another unheralded out-of-scale hiatus. If I need to have another break from writing because of what-so-ever reason, I’ll make sure to communicate this to my fan base propperly.

Another important thing I’d like to mention is that our editor and proofreader has left the team unfortunately. For me, this is a very problematic issue, because I am not a native English speaker and having an editor and proofreader is vital for my writing. Since it is quite hard to find a proofreader who has the time and is willing to deal with hardcore stuff like our kinky Dominion’s Chain world, I have decided to post my new chapter as it is. I’m sure there are a lot of grammer and spelling issues, so please have mercy on me. As soon as we have another editor at hand, my new chapters will be revised.

I’d like to mention that I have commissioned new Half-Breed artwork from my fellow buddy Lucien. The latest one does show a glimpse of things to come in future Half-Breed chapters. You can find the original artwork on his HF-gallery, so please don’t forget to give him some love.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoy reading Part One of my lastest Half-Breed chapter…

The story so far …

When Tianna – elven priestess of the northern goddess Eletha – had not come back from her trip to Meerisath, her half-breed sister Kyaara set out to find her. Their home in the elven exile colony in the far west of the Southern Veld of DalMarkaan was left behind as Kyaara traveled eastward to the large human enclave near Lake Crimson in order to seek after her missing sibling. After Kyaara had finally found traces of Tianna’s whereabouts in the vicinity of an outlying abandoned cathedral, the anxious fighter had been confronted by the powerful Kazdruk succubus Rhyeesh, as well as four of her human minions, holding ransom her beloved sister. Kyaara’s attempt to rescue her mistreated and violated sister in a fit of ferocious primeval rage had indeed killed all of Rhyeesh’s minions, but had utterly failed to succeed against the mesmerizing Kazdruk demoness. Paralyzed by the succubus’ dark magic, Kyaara had been forced to continue what Rhyeesh and her minions had begun, namely to force Tianna into sexual submission and slowly break her mind.
    After planting the seeds of corruption within both elven sisters, Rhyeesh had orchestrated a situation which had offered the sisters a chance to flee the scene. Leaving the troubled sisters suffer from the delusion of having escaped successfully, Rhyeesh had contacted her accursed master Vorgen to give a report about her primary tasks; scouting the area for signs of noteworthy resistance against the upcoming Kazdruk invasion of DalMarkaan.
    On their way home, Kyaara and Tianna had met Ormond – elder priest of Eletha and Tianna’s former mentor – who had been on a mission to spread word about the inevitable Kazdruk invasion. The elven sisters had become aware of the situation and the fact that their exile colony would become as overrun as all of the other villages and enclaves. They had soon come to the decision to abandon their home and travel northwards in order to pass the Dragon’s Spine mountains and travel through the Breken Nordlands, hoping to find a ship which would leave for AzurLyyn – The Elvish Prosperity.

Since word about the imminent Kazdruk invasion had also been spread over the SajaRuun Ocean, a fraction of the Wanderers of SajaRuun, the nomadic seafaring people inhabiting the corresponding ocean, had decided to commit a breach of their strict neutrality and taken sides with humanity. Lead by Captain Reyvan of the Reyvan’s Pride, the gigantic capital ship had taken a course towards the eastern shores of DalMarkaan in order to save as many refugees as possible from damnation.

While traveling northwards, Rhyeesh’s gift of corruption within Kyaara had started to grow and taint her body and mind, making it difficult for the half-breed to refrain from her beloved little sister. The fight with a dangerous predator of the Southern Veld had finally been the trigger to unleash a dark and wicked demonic desire within Kyaara, a forbidden urge to release her pent-up sexual energy by using her sister Tianna.
    Rhyeesh had meanwhile been traveling back towards Meerisath and had fueled her succubus powers by sexually feeding on the essences several humans; victims who had either stayed alive for future purposes, or who had been killed during the feeding process. The demoness’ next goal was to catch up with the elven sisters, a task easy to manage due to the band of corruption she had webbed between the half-breed Kyaara and herself.

It was the 98th day of Sun Cycle 106. The invasion of DalMarkaan was just three days ahead. Yuldaysha, her trusted sorceress Aeltha, and her champion Vorgen, would sacrifice more than five hundred souls to execute an ancient and powerful Kazdruk blood ritual. One that would shake the fundamentals of the world, tearing open a giant rift into reality and transporting an army of ten thousand over to the Obsidian Cliffs of the western continent. In those three days, the evil queen’s Dominion’s Chain would spread over the SajaRuun Ocean and encompass all of DalMarkaan.


Zander was on his way back to his master’s chambers. He had successfully forwarded his master’s invitation to the leader of the Spire, Yuldasha herself. Having stood in front of the archdemoness had once again been exciting and frightening at the same time, and once again Zander had been awestruck be the mesmerizing presence of the Queen of the Kazdruk. Being a well-trained slave and in spite of being almost overwhelmed by Yuldasha’s supernatural presence, Zander had been able to complete what he had been tasked with and was now on his way downward to the mirror he had used on his forward run.

Mirrors were spread all over the Spire. They were not only decorative assets to display ones reflection; when used with a specific type of Kazdruk magic, they were portals which were connected to each other, forming a network of doorways which can be used to move within the entire Spire. Not every level in the Spire had a mirror portal. They were wisely positioned to connect certain sectors of the giant tower, such as Yuldasha’s personal sector, which contained multiple levels, to the Superior Personnel’s Quarters sector, which also consisted of a variety of levels.
    The usage of those passage ways was limited to high-ranking and high-magic Kazdruk, as well as to individuals who had been (temporarily) tasked to use them. The magic necessary to open a passage way had been either granted to an individual in form of the appropriate power, or it had been stored within a specific artifact which had been given to an individual. There were different types of portal artifacts. Those which granted access to the whole mirror portal network were rare and mostly been tokens of gratitude and promotion; the majority of artifacts however were limited to a set of specific portals, down to a minimum of a single pair of mirrors.
    The artifact Zander had been given for his task was an amulet holding a black crystalline shard in its center, connected to a thin golden chain. It was on of the two-way artifacts which were in  the possession of his Master Vorgen. As far as Zander knew, his master already possessed the magic power to use all of the Spire’s mirror portal network – he was Yuldasha’s champion after all, so it was obvious that the artifacts he owned where to direct his slaves and subordinates through the Spire to fulfill his wishes and orders when time was of the essence.

It was near sunset and the fading brightness of the evening sky shone through the Spire’s windows, filling the hallway with a warm reddish light. Zander finally approached the mirror portal and paused for a moment, while the echo of the clicking sound of his high-heeled shoes faded away into the the depths of the spacious corridors. Standing in front of the reflective surface, he examined his mirror image – as  he had done it countless times prior to this. And yet again, he traced the contours of his body and his facial features with his gaze, satisfied. Zander’s appearance was very feminine and he was more beautiful than some of the human female slaves here in the Spire. He had long straight raven-black hair, flowing over his shoulders like waves of satin, reaching down to his upper chest; a smooth black mane complementing his womanly visage. The feminine appearance of his face was underlined by what looked like lipstick, rouge, eye-liner and eye-shadow, though his makeup had been applied to him using minor Kazdruck magic, namely some sort of permanent makeover spell.
    To complement his female appearance, Zander had been ordered to wear a specific set of outfit. An under-bust corset which was made of black leather and laced at the sides was complemented with a black leather collar, a pair of arm-length leather gloves, as well as thigh-high black leather stockings which did not cover the feet. In addition to his fetish-like attire, Zander also wore g-string briefs which barely covered his nether regions, as well as the above mentioned black leather high-heels.
    Zander did not always have such a slender and feminine body. It had been permanently optimized by Kazdruk magic, which had been part of his slave training. Further more, not only the shape of his body had been transformed, he also had all bodily hair permanently removed, exempt from his scalp, eyelashes and the eyebrows, ensuring a smooth and aesthetically pleasing body for all time. He had learned how to walk in high-heels, sway his hips when moving and generally behave more womanly to adapt to his new appearance. Further more, his voice had been slightly pitched higher, yet while maintaining the original male timbre. In conclusion, as a human slave he was, he had been transformed to his Master’s liking. Zander liked what he saw in the mirror. No, he didn’t just like it. He loved how he looked like, adored his appearance, adored his body, adored himself.
    While gazing at his mirror reflection, Zander’s thoughts wandered back to the time before the Kazdruk invasion, to the time where he had been a teenager, the time of the great Goldulin Empire. There had always been something inside him, even when he’d been a child, something that had told him that he was different. He had been born as a boy, but there had been a voice, hidden deep within him, and it had always whispered into his mind, a voice of femininity, unheard by his parents, his friends, his surroundings. He had always wanted to be a girl, and as puberty had crushed into his teenager life, he slowly had begun to realize that he wanted to be with boys and girls alike, intimate, body and mind. Zander remembered how he hadn’t been accepted by the Goldulin society, at least not by the social class he had been raised in. He had always heard about the high society and their debauchery, enjoying immoral activities and not caring about behaving in a morally acceptable way, but had never been given the chance to enter those levels of society. His dreams had been doomed to never become reality … then the Kazdruk’s invasion had come, and Zander’s life had changed forever in just one night.

Being lost in thought didn’t last long, as Zander’s mind suddenly snapped back into presence. He still had a task to fulfill and he didn’t want to displease his Master by wasting time. Zander grabbed the amulet he had been given for his task and approached the mirror in front of him. The moment his body touched the reflecting plane, the surface suddenly behaved like liquid and engulfed the intruding human form, while a variety of ripples started to move from the edges of the slowly vanishing silhouette to the outer borders of the mirror. It felt like touching and moving through the surface of water, though the liquid silver seemed to be a bit more sticky than simple water. The transition from one mirror to its counterpart happened in an instant. As soon as Zander’s body moved through the mirror’s surface, he appeared moving through the surface plane of the target mirror at the same time; if he would just stick his arm through the portal, it would be visible on the other side of the portal. Holding fast to the amulet wasn’t necessary to pass through the mirror gateway; it was sufficient to just wear it. However, Zander always felt the urge to grab the artifact with one of his hands, just to make sure he wouldn’t get lost within the net of magic gateways.
    After having made the transition to the Superior Personnel’s Quarters sector, Zander turned around to check is body. The silver liquid of the mirror gateway hadn’t left any traces of its substance on him. Being ready to come back to his Master, Zander continued his way back to Vorgen’s chambers, eagerly awaiting to be in his beloved Master’s presence again.


Traveling through a self-made ritual-powered portal had been a daunting task for Rhyeesh. The transition had drained a significant amount of her magic energy and she had felt exhausted and vulnerable in the aftermath. The green glow of the fading portal had quickly vanished and the demoness had looked around in order to find out where she was. Rhyeesh was in midst of the Southern Veld, that she was sure of. The connection of corruption between her and Kyaara had worked splendidly and she was sure to be close on the elven sister’s heels. Having keen eyes and the ability to see in the dark, she had recognized an abandoned way-station at the northern horizon in front of the mountain range. Rhyeesh knew that location well. While scouting the territory in preparation for the invasion, she had found the abandoned complex of buildings, which had once been one of the last major way-stations for the old northern merchant route passing the Dragon’s Spine mountains. Rhyeesh smiled as she had become aware of the location. It was the proof that the seed of corruption she had planted within Kyaara and Tianna was working as planned, which – amongst other things – was to subconsciously push the elven sisters to decide to take the only available route northwards through the Dragon’s Spine.
    Though having been eager to follow the sister’s trail right now, Rhyeesh had decided to rest for some hours to regain her powers. Meditation had been her first class choice, so the succubus had sat down cross-legged in midst of the veld. After having watched the sunset for a while, Rhyeesh had activated her perimeter guard spell, then closed her eyes and had soon reached her trance-like state of meditation. Being in this state of mind was similar to sleeping, but without dreaming. However, the demoness often had visions, showing her past, the present, sometimes even what could be interpreted as the future.


Lyra’s body shuddered violently with every new stroke of the whip, and every time the knowing touch of the lash left yet another red streak on the sun-tanned skin of her body, the bound Zelkathorn Elf was driven  closer to yet another forced orgasm, whip stroke by whip stroke. She was still suffering from post-orgasmic hypersensitivity. Her last orgasm, one of many, had ravaged her body just a short while ago, and being torn between the pain of the whip strokes and the next orgasm building within her nearly drove her crazy. She had promised to herself that she wanted to try to remain strong, rebellious and obstinate, but in reality, right at this very moment, she was nothing more but Master Vorgen’s favorite red-headed lashing-toy.
    As Lyra went over the peak and lived through yet another forceful climax, she can’t help but scream into her ball-gag, hoping that letting it all out would help her to bare this horrendously intense amount of painful pleasure. She would have shaken her head back and forth due to the intense sensation, but wasn’t able to do so; her Master had made her wear a neck-corset which held her head in a straight upright position. It was one of those subtle accessories which seemed to be just another harmless set of attire, but its effect was that Lyra felt all the more helpless and vulnerable.
    The level of corruption, as well as her slave training, had granted Lyra the ability to have intense orgasms from just being whipped, but this hadn’t been enough for the actual punishment. That is why the elven woman had been positioned onto a wooden construct, which had a pair of large silver-colored dildos mounted on their top, and a silver-colored metal orb positioned in front of the two phalluses. Her legs had been spread wide and fixated to the wooden frame, ankles bound to the thighs, and her hands had been put above her head into metal shackles, which were attached to a chain hanging from the roof of the chamber. Lyra then had been impaled onto the dildos, both of them being manufactured to fill both her vagina and anus to their limits. Before Vorgen had started the whipping, he had empowered the three silver-colored elements with his Kazdruk magic, causing them the release sporadic jolts of dark magic energy. The vaginal and anal dildos released their power directly into Lyra, while the metal orb in front of them interacted with the tiny metal orb of her clitoris piercing and thus stimulating Lyra’s most sensitive spot directly and intensely.
    Vorgen did not continuously whip Lyra. He paused here and then, changed his position to reach all of his slave’s body parts; her shapely ass, her voluptuous tits, her belly, her thighs. Then, the two dildos and the metal orb did their unrelenting job to continue stimulating their victim, holding her on the highest possible pleasure level without pushing her over the orgasmic edge.
    Lyra normally would have passed out by now from the enormous amount of pleasure and pain and the uncountable orgasms, but her corruption prevented her from getting unconscious. Her mind had went blank instead, her beautiful green eyes had partially rolled back into her head and the world around her had been reduced to the sound and pain of the lashing whip and the overwhelming pleasure she wasn’t able to bare anymore. Her screams had been gradually reduced to gagged whimpers, and uncontrolled amounts of saliva drooled from her lips onto her cleavage and belly. She had reached the state of mind her Master was aiming for. Vorgen realized it, smiled, increased the intensity of his silver toys’ sizzling magic and continued punishing his plaything.


Zander arrived at his Master’s chambers. As he approached the two-winged wooden door, he heard the lashes of the whip sound through it, and thought about Lyra and about the punishment she still was receiving for trying to escape from the custody of her Master yet another time.
    Lyra and Zander were friends. While Lyra was a southern elf from one of the smaller clans from the Zelkathorn jungles, and Zander had been raised within the former Goldulin Empire, they probably would never have met under normal circumstances. However, being both victims of the great Kazdruk invasion and having been chosen as slaves by Vorgen nearly six years ago, they had found themselves attracted to each other and had become close friends about five years ago. Lyra and Zander couldn’t be more different though. While Zander’s forbidden wishes had become reality, which had made him willingly submit into Kazdruk slavery, Lyra had fought against her unavoidable destiny – living as an elven slave – all the time, constantly trying to resist and escape, being an obstinate hot-head.
    Being a bit surprised about his friend still being whipped – Lyra’s punishment had started quite some time before Zander had run the errand for Master Vorgen after all, he opened one of the two wings of the heavy door and entered his Master’s chambers. Following his training and instructions, he took off his high-heels, as well as his g-string, and put them into a small wooden cupboard which stood next to the door; Master Vorgen wanted all of his slaves to be barefooted and to not hide their nether regions when being inside his chambers or in his presence. After putting back the mirror doorway amulet to its place, Zander approached his Master, who was still skillfully descending the whip onto the quivering body of his friend Lyra. As trained, Zander went down on his knees and sat on his heels, as elegant as a woman would do, then spread his legs to present his nether regions and positioned his hands on his thighs, palms facing upwards. He silently observed the scenario in front of him and it didn’t take long for him to get a hard-on. He wasn’t sure at first why he got turned on. Looking at the muscular obsidian-colored body of his Master was sight to behold for the young slave, but it was the scene of Lyra getting whipped from one orgasm to the next was what really made his libido catch fire and his cock get rock hard. Further more, Zander knew exactly how Lyra felt right now; he had been blessed with a similar treatment some time ago as part of his training and it had been one of the most intense sensations he had ever felt in his entire life.

Vorgen paused the whipping, while the silver toys continued to stimulate poor Lyra once again. Being satisfied with the result, the tall demon coiled up the whip and looked down at Zander, smiling impishly as he recognized his favorite slaves state of arousal.

    “What a bad boy you are, Zander. Getting a hard-on from watching your friend getting whipped.”

    “This boy is sorry, Master.” Zander replied obediently and continued:

    “This boy remembers how it feels, being kissed by Master’s whip.”
    “This boy knows how his friend feels, and it arouses this boy, Master.”

    Vorgen smiled again, knowing: “I’m sure you do, my beautiful slave.”

    While Lyra’s pain- and pleasure-stained gagged moans told of yet another intense orgasm, Vorgen continued to talk to his slave:

    “So, what did Yuldasha say in response to my invitation?”

    Zander focused back on his Master and answered: “Queen Yuldasha is curious about what Master has to tell. She is willing to pay her champion a visit in about half an hour. She also pointed out that she expects to be entertained … uhm … by this boy, Master.” Zander blushed.

Vorgen laughed. He wasn’t really surprised by Yuldasha’s forwarded words. It was one of many mind games Yuldasha was playing with some of her subordinates, and her champion Vorgen was one of the few worthy competitors.

    “Excellent!” Vorgen said amused. “I like where this is going.”

    “I have to prepare some assets for Yuldasha’s visit. … And Zander, look after your friend over there. She needs a lot of care right now. I expect her to be available again when Yuldasha arrives.”

Zander willingly acknowledged his Master’s order with the usual “Yes, Master.” phrase, stood up and moved to Lyra, who’s streak-covered body still shuddered with the aftermath of her punishment. She was breathing heavily through her nose and her face showed all signs of the trance-like state of exhaustion.
    Removing Lyra’s bonds and retracting the dildos were routine tasks for Zander; the wooden framework Lyra was sitting on was designed to be adjustable and to fit a variety of body types. However, since Lyra’s body was still suffering from hypersensitivity, Zander took his time and handled his tormented friend with extreme care. He assisted Lyra with getting down from the top of the construct and helped her to sit down on the floor; her legs weren’t able to carry her anyway. After removing the neck-corset and the ball gag, Zander slowly wrapped his arms around Lyra and hugged her tenderly, caressing her, giving her the aftercare she needed so desperately.

While comforting his friend, Zander recognized that his Master was preparing a set of ropes. Some of them where part of a pulley, which was mounted at a large beam near the roof of the chamber, other ropes were laying on a table nearby, ordered by length and thickness. Zander knew those ropes. They were the ones his Master used for bondage sessions. Thinking about Queen Yuldasha’s words, that she demanded to be entertained by him, and looking at the ropes he knew so well, got Zander highly excited. He had been bound and milked by Yuldasha once, and he craved for being used again by his Queen since then. And since Master Vorgen knew about his desire, there was a good chance that his wish might become reality.

The time until Yuldasha’s arrival spun away. While Vorgen had finished the preparations for Yuldasha’s visit, Zander was still taking care of his friend. Lyra had partially recovered from her orgasm torture and was addressable again, yet still looking worn out and covered with reddish streaks.
    Vorgen suddenly clicked his fingers and gestured his two slaves to get into position. Lyra and Zander obeyed instantly and positioned themselves side by side as trained; they knelt down, sat on their heels, spread their legs and positioned their hands on top of their thighs, palms facing upwards. While Lyra kept her head down, Zander followed his Master with his gaze. The dark-skinned demon acted as if he knew Yuldasha was approaching his chamber’s door. And indeed, shortly before Vorgen reached the door, the two heavy wings got pushed open and Yuldasha appeared. Zander’s heartbeat got faster as he observed Queen Yuldasha enter his Master’s chambers. As always, the tall demoness was a sight to behold for the excited slave, a beauty yet intimidation and wickedness incarnate. Her reddish tan skin held hints of purple and magenta, and the fires lighting Vorgen’s chambers complemented her silhouette. Yuldasha’s curvy physique swayed from side to side with every criss-crossed step closer she took; elegant, powerful, seductive, dangerous. Her long hoofed legs where caressed by reptilian black leather thigh-high stockings, and her low cut armored top struggled to contain her heavy breasts, which bounced softly in union with her graceful movement. Her long black hair hung straight, reaching down to the top of her hips and framing her soft face. A pair of curling demon horns twisted out and behind her head and an intricate head piece was strung across her forehead, embedded with green gem stones. Her thick, deep purple lips and her piercing green serpent eyes complemented her mesmerizing appearance and urged Zander to constantly gaze at the impressive archdemoness.

    “It’s a pleasure to have you here, my Queen.” Vorgen purred and offered Yuldasha his hand.

    “I hope you’re not wasting my time.” Yuldasha replied with a wicked smile, while elegantly placing her hand into her champion’s, accepting his offer to guide her to his throne. After Yuldasha sat down on the comfortable domicile, the demoness crossed her legs and looked around. Zander was still gazing at the her, as their eyes finally met. The glow of Yuldasha’s eyes cut through the dim light like emerald fireballs, ans it felt like her gaze would pierce Zander’s very soul. He suddenly felt trapped, caught. Before he realized that he was evidently staring at the demoness, Yuldasha looked back to her champion and asked:

    “Your girly boy-slave over there … seems he can’t wait to entertain me, can he?”

    Zander’s heart seemed to skip a beat as he heard Yuldasha’s words and promptly bowed down his head, as he should have done in the first place. He listened carefully as his Master answered his Queen:

    “Young Zander here sometimes forgets how to behave properly, especially when he’s excited. However, since he is one of the very few slaves in my stock who have willingly and completely accepted their fate as servants to the Kazdruk forces, I’ve allowed him some more latitude than I allow others. … And since Zander seems to be so eager to serve you, my Queen, he shall begin right now.”

    “Come over here and worship your Queen, Zander.” ordered Vorgen without looking at him.

    “Yes, Master.” The womanly man’s voice trembled slightly, as he obeyed to Vorgen’s command. Then her rose to his feet, elegantly positioned himself in front of Yuldasha’s crossed legs, knelt down in humbleness and spread his thighs again to present his still erect manhood.

    “You know what to do.” purred Vorgen and took some steps backwards to better observe the scene in front of him, yet without turning his back to Yuldasha.

Zander’s hand felt shaky as he carefully touched Yuldasha’s free cloven foot. The sensation of feeling the archdemoness’ skin let a sizzling shiver of pleasure run down his spine and impact in his nether regions, causing his erect cock to get even harder. He was not sure why his body was reacting like that, but it made him crave for more. While gently supporting the heel of Yuldasha’s foot with one of his hands, he carefully traced the bare skin of her back of the foot with his other hand’s fingers. After leaning forward a bit, the excited slave placed some soft kisses on Yuldasha’s hoof, savoring the sweet yet spicy scent of the demoness’ skin with his nose. With the urge of wanting more growing inside him, Zander eagerly started to lick clean the cloven hoof, his gaze jumping back and forth between his Queen’s foot and face.

    “So … has the elvish assault on the Spire concluded as planned, my Queen?” Vorgen asked.

    “Their assault was as foreseeable as it was futile,” Yuldasha smirked while watching the slave’s tongue glide over her hoof, “and their attempt to rescue their oh so beloved queen … well it has been entertaining at least.”

    Vorgen rose an eyebrow and dug deeper: “I see. So queen Aria has served her purpose then?”

    “More than that, Vorgen,” Yuldasha replied. “The seed of corruption I planted within her will not only affect the elven queen herself, but also her offspring. I made her the vessel carrying my child.”

    Vorgen was surprised. He had not expected Yuldasha impregnating the queen of the elves, but he quickly realized the consequences for the royal elven court, and the impact on it once the child was born.

Yuldasha continued to observe the womanly human slave licking her foot. She enjoyed the moment of relaxation and worship. Zander had become nearly obsessed with his task. He moaned with pleasure as he tasted the sweetness of Yuldasha’s skin, his wet tongue tracing the surface of her foot, his lips caressing every inch with kisses. Zander was on the brink of having an orgasm. His whole body sizzled with excitement, as his arousal suddenly catapulted him over the edge. Having his legs spread, ropes of white cum shot out of his cock and splattered onto the ground, as well as onto Yuldasha’s other foot.

    “Did he just cum from licking my feet?” Yuldasha asked, surprised and slightly amused.

    Vorgen laughed out loud as he realized what his slave had done.

    “I’m sorry, my Queen, I …”

    “No need to apologize,” Yuldasha interrupted her champion, “I already feel entertained and he shall continue cleaning up the mess.”

Zander obeyed instantly, though his whole body still felt shaky due to the sweet aftermath of his hands-free orgasm. He placed a last dearly kiss on his Queen’s foot, before gently guiding it to the ground. The moment Yuldasha lifted her other foot to cross her legs again, Zander carefully grabbed it and guided her leg into position. With a moan of pleasure and satisfaction, he started worshiping his Queens other foot with his lips, slowly working his tongue from the tip of the hoof to the splashes of his own cum.

    “But tell me, dear Vorgen,” Yuldasha continued, slightly leaning her head to the side while observing the womanly slave licking her other foot, “do you really want to continue wasting my time with your small talk, or is there something of relevance you want to tell me?”

    “Yes, there is, my Queen.” answered Vorgen, the timbre of his voice slightly sounding obedient.

    “The invasion of DalMarkaan is three days ahead. The army of ten thousand is prepared and ready to march on your command, your highness; and this is just the first wave we’ll send over to the west. The second wave will be the dragon riders, and the third and final wave will be another army of ten thousand.” Vorgen paused. “As far as I know, Aeltha has finalized her preparations for the ritual spell-casting, as well as her training to endure the daunting drain of a ritual of this magnitude.”

    “I want you to keep an eye on the sorceress!” Yuldasha suddenly interrupted.
    “It appears that Aeltha has gotten a bit too careless lately, especially in regard to handling and controlling her own creations. If she fails to keep her focus on the blood ritual’s spell-casting, she will be doomed. And it would be a shame to loose such a valuable asset like her.”

    “I agree.” Vorgen nodded. “I’m sure Aeltha is aware of the paramount importance of her task, yet I’ll gladly make sure to remind her of your words, my Queen. … And to conclude my report: The five hundred subjects chosen for the blood ritual have been indoctrinated, trained and altered to be of use. Their collective essences will be sufficient to fuel the spell-casting, for the time needed to hold the portal open.”

    “I want another fifty subjects to be prepared as backup.” Yuldasha replied in a commanding voice.

    “As you wish, my Queen.” Vorgen answered while slightly bowing down his head.

Yuldasha smiled, knowing. After having the obsidian colored demon as her champion for such a long time, it was an easy task for her to read Vorgen’s body language and she knew exactly that her champion did not see the necessity for a backup. However, she also knew that he didn’t dare to object her. Yuldasha’s gaze wandered back to Zander, who was still worshiping her foot and lower leg with his lips and tongue, sending sizzling waves of pleasure through her body.

    “Speaking of Aeltha’s creations …” Yuldasha continued with a slightly pleasure-stained voice. “That young beautiful apprentice succubus of yours – what was her name again? – Has she already returned to the Spire?”

    “Rhyeesh is her name, my Queen.” Vorgen replied. “And no, she has not yet returned. I have planned to call her back the day before the invasion. I want her to be at my side when the invasion begins and she still has to deliver the final report about her scouting mission.”

    “I am very interested to hear what Rhyeesh has learned about what they call the Breken Nordlands,” said Yuldasha, “especially if she has any information about the inhabitants of that area. Previous recon missions had confirmed the existence of what common folk call the White Towers, and that the whole area is covered by thick ice. There are also rumors about the dragons inhabiting the Dragon’s Spine mountains stay away from that area. The big question is: Why? Dragons are very territorial creatures. They constantly strive to expand their districts. What keeps them away from the northern region? And why do we still only have rumors about those so called Nordlanders?”

    “I’m sure Rhyeesh will be able to deliver answers to those questions.” Vorgen nodded. “And the Nordlanders, if they exist at all, they’ll be consumed by the Kazdruk forces and share the fate of the Elves and Humans. I’ll make sure that nothing stands in the way of spreading your …”

    “This is not the time for foolish pride!” snapped Yuldasha, the emerald glow of her eyes slightly flaring up. “In comparison to previous recon missions of northern DelHelshan and Zelkathorn, the intel we got about the western continent by now is a joke.”

    Yuldasha slowly withdrew her foot from Zander’s lips and placed it on the floor, then slightly leaned forward and continued: “I expect your little apprentice … no, I expect YOU to deliver, my dear champion.”

    Vorgen gazed at the arch demoness. Yuldasha’s reaction did not surprise him. He knew all too well that there was more than enough potential for improving the DalMarkaan recon missions, yet he had relied on just one source of information.

    “And I shall deliver as you expect, my Queen.” replied Vorgen and made a bow.

    “Very good.” Yuldasha smiled satisfied and leaned back into the chair. “Remember to bring Rhyeesh to me as soon as she arrives in the Spire. I want that report first hand, and I am looking forward to having some fun with her.” She paused. “And speaking of fun … I want to have some fun with your girly boy-toy now.”

    “Of course, my Queen.” acknowledged Vorgen and smiled.