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By: Lucien

All of Neicul’s training played over in my head. I wonder what he would say If he knew I was currently on my way to confront Luzella. Would he call me a fool or support my decision, I wondered. It didn’t really matter, I suppose. I had my mind set on ruining her for good. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder. I shook my head trying to clear my mind and focus on the matter at hand. How would Luzella fight? What tactics would she use? Would she fight with honor or would she fight dirty with no-one watching? 

I found myself clenching my fist at the agitated thoughts. Would she even keep her word and show up alone? I turned a corner and continued down the shadowy halls towards the north end ring. I glanced at each statue as I passed by, wondering if one would be Luzella waiting to strike. I smirked at the thought. Each one was a great warrior. Generations of Kazdruk champions, leaders and heroes. 

I made my way further down the dark corridor stepping closer. My heart began beating faster now, thumping, about to rip out of my chest. Thrusts of adrenaline surged through my veins, I gripped my staff to help keep calm and push forward.

“Well, well, well,” Luzella’s voice rang out from the ring below.

“I didn’t think you would show.”

I lept down to the ring below and looked up at her. She was smiling her usual malevolent smile. A face of egotistical efficacy. It enraged me. Deep inside a fire storm was swirling now. I wanted to see her die.

“You’re an interesting elf, Kamri,” Luzella spoke crudely. “You may have bested my sister, but what makes you think you can defeat me? Clearly you have a death wish.”

“I need to prove to myself that I can take you.” I responded quickly. “Once and for all.”

Luzella stopped circling and let out a serrated laugh. 

“Almost honorable, I suppose.  If violence is what you seek Kamri, I’m more than glad to bask you in it.

Tightening her wrist wraps, she looked down at me with an arrogant glare. “I shall drown you in your own blood, southlander.”

I smiled back.

“Then let us begin, I’m thirsty.”


“Don’t touch zat Brazeek, put it down. Don’t you have any patience?” Jelthra whispered.

“Wheree is she?” Brazeek asked.

“I don’t know! You’re ze the one who told Wulfshn to meet you here!”

Brazeek sighed and put down the strange interrogation device he had found to entertain himself with.

“Whaaat if your spell doooesn’t work?” Brazeek asked.

“It will.” Jelthra responded, rolling her eyes, “I cast the tripwire spell perfectly!”

“Buuut what if it doesn’t? Brazeek smiled.

“That’s why you’re here.” Jethra returned with a sting behind her voice. “You’re stronger than her aren’t you?

“Uhh..weeell…” The brute paused for a moment.  “Yes, yes of course,” Brazeek stood up proudly.

“Get down you moron! We’re hiding, remember.”

Brazeek and Jelthra silenced their bickering as they heard Wulfshn coming near. Her unmistakable cloven trot gave it away.

“Ok Brazzeek, herez we go!”

Wulfshn strolled to the doorway.

“Alright Brazeek, where are those slav-”

The rune Jelthra had planted, exploded into a brilliant cobalt blue.

“Ahh! What th

Wulfshn stumbled a few steps while shaking her head. The two watched as she became dazed and disoriented. Jelthra cursed under her breath as she noticed Wulfshn trying to shake off the spell. The Kazdruk stumbled again and caught herself on the wall to avoid falling over.

“Brazeek, you son of a” Wulfshn slurred her words and finally fell over onto the ground.

“Ok, go!” Jelthra yelled.

Brazeek ran over and hooked Wulfshn under her arms and dragged her towards the breeding stocks. She began to move again. Fading in and out, her eyes began to regain focus. Brazeek moved as quickly as he awkwardly dragged the heavy kazdruk woman. He pushed her next to the stock and rolled her over face down.

Quickly, he placed her wrists into the locking slots. Jelthra moved in rapidly and locked each steel slat. The two then moved, shifted her forward and up onto her knees. With a click, Jelthra locked Wulfshn’s ankle cuffs that were attached to the base of the breeding stock. Jelthra locked the last cuff right as Wulfshn began thrashing awake. Her large arms and legs flexed and she tried to break free.

Jelthra smiled seeing Wulfshn trapped on her hands and knees struggling to break out. Wulfshn growled in frustration and anger.

“Let me out you fools!”

“Good luck breaking out of zat, my dear Wulfshn. That steel was forged to hold ze dragons in place.”

“Mark my words, when I get out, I’m going to eviscerate both of you and hang your heads on my wall!”

The two smiled looking down at their handywork. Jelthra removed her dagger and cut through Wulfshn’s light training attire, exposing her pussy.   

“Hmm, Brazeek, I wonder if Keeats will know ze difference between her holes here?” Jelthra laughed as Brazeek grinned.

 “No…you wouldn’t…YOU… BITCH!” Wulfshn flexed again, realizing her predicament she would soon be in.

Moving upward now, Jelthra cut the Kazdruk’s top off, letting her large breasts fall free like heavy pendulums. Cupping one softly, Jelthra let Wulfshn’s large breast fill her hand. With a good squeeze, Jelthra smirked.

“Zey are going to breed you good.”


Brazeek looked down at the lovely sight. He girnned as his cock began to harden.

“Don’t get any ideaz, stick to ze plan, now let’z go!”

Brazeek frowned and moved away. Jelthra walked over to the gate on the other side of the room. She undid the lock and pushed it open. With a groaning squeak, the rusty gate swung wide, revealing a long narrow corridor. Jelthra made her way in and grimmieced at the pungent smell.

She stood at the mouth of the tertiary Keeat kennel. This area held a backup hunting regiment of Keeats. A ragtag group of ones still in training. Others who were not obedient and some who were just too wild. This kennel section held thirty separate cages. Jelthra walked past the locked runs smiling. Making her way to the end, she made sure the other side was locked shut. She needed to make sure the Keeats would only move in one direction, towards Wulfshn. Walking back to the entrance, she found the master gate release bar. With a sharp tug, she yanked the pulley mechanism. Quickly, she moved back and exited, passing Wulfshn as she still struggled to break free.

“Enjoy, Wulfshn.”

Meeting back up with Brazeek, the two quickly left Wulfshn and locked the chamber behind them. The first part of their grand plan was accomplished. They began to head towards the north fighting ring to assist Kamri.


Luzella and Kamri circled each other at a slow pace around the ring. The dim light from above spilled down in long spindly rays. A mix of dust and smoke from nearby sconces caught the tarnished light, causing an ethereal appearance to fill the pit. Luzella’s eyes glowed through the haze. Piercing through like white hot cinders. Letting her halberd rest across her broad shoulders, the muscular Kazdruk rolled her neck before dropping the axe to a low ready. Kamri twirled her staff in anticipation. The light fluttering sound was rhythmic and strangely hypnotic. Spinning the staff around her back and then forward faster and faster. She warmed up the muscles in her arms as she measured Luzella. The taste of metal filled her mouth as small surges of adrenaline blasted through her corrupt veins.

“Tell me Kamri, what do I receive once I defeat you here again,” Luzella barked. “There’s no one here to witness my greatness. No one can pass the story of your pathetic loss throughout the spire. Why should I even be here wasting my time?”

“Sounds like you aren’t confident in your ability to defeat me,” Kamri replied quickly. “If you’re too much of a coward to accept my challenge, I’ll leave. I’ll make sure to let the others know how you turned me down — out of fear.”

Luzella smirked and fumbled her sharp canine over her lower lip.

“You really do have a death wish, don’t you?” Once I’m through wit

Luzella was cut off as Kamri initiated the first strike. She sprinted in quickly without warning and jabbed high. The high strike was meant as more of a diversion. Luzella leaned to the side and deflected the strike off with the end of her helbard. A loud clang rang out, sending bright sparks into the shadows. Promptly, Kamri struck again with the other end of her staff. The quick jabs being launched so quickly and so close, forced Luzella to back up and go on the defense.

Luzella smiled at the aggression the elf was showing. Pure and unfiltered attacks. The large Kazdruk, side stepped and swung the tail end of her halberd towards the elf. Kamri easily dodged the swing and landed a hard kick to Luzella’s torso, before diving backward to evade any possible counter strike. Kamri watched the fury growing in Luzella’s eyes, she needed to set her off quickly. Let her rage blind her.

Wulfshn struggled in the stocks. Flexing her arms and pulling as hard as she could, the heavy Kazdruk steel was too much for even a strong warrior such as herself. Heavy panting started to fill the room. Looking over her shoulder, she watched in horror as three keeats slowly made their way into the room. Panicking now, Wulfshn shook the stocks, trying deprestlty to break free.

The loud clanking perked the keeat’s ears up and they quickly moved towards her. The lumbering beasts surrounded her, one drove its muzzle into Wulfshn’s rear. The Kazdruk attempted to kick the beast away but her ankles remained locked in place as well. Gritted teeth quickly opened, letting a short breath exhale from Wulfshn’s mouth. She bit her lip as one keeat lapped its long tongue up across her labia. She looked back to see more keeats flooding into the room one after another.

Another lap distracted her. She dropped her head as the powerful tongue continued. It plunged into her now, lapping away in strong steady strokes. More keeats surrounded the others.

They saw the position Wulfshn was in. On all fours, she was stuck in a presentation for their mating. She looked over to see their thick pulsating cocks slip from their sheaths. A few were already dripping with pre-cum, leaving sticky strands across the floor.

She looked to her other side as more keeats filled the room. Losing count, there had to be twenty or thirty. One that stood roughly a head taller than the others, pushed his way through the group. A few knew well enough to move. Others were met with nasty snarls and snaps.

The alpha had arrived.   

“You’re getting slow Luzella,” the elf spat before spinning her staff and striking low.

Luzella blocked the hard strike with her arm and returned a very high, stiff kick. Her hoove swooped forward with the weight of a ballista behind it. The massive punt struck Kamri square in the chest, knocking her off her feet. Coughing, Kamri was already scrambling to get back up.

The sizable strike had her seeing stars. Cursing through the cough, Kamri knew she couldn’t afford another strike like that. Luzella was already trialing close behind before coming down hard with a slash from her halberd. Diving quickly, the elf rolled out of the way and got back to her feet.

With a somersault, Kamri closed the distance and slashed upward with her staff. Luzella couldn’t clear her own size quickly enough and was hit hard in the face. The strike dazed the tall soldier and she stumbled backward. Kamri took the opening and unleashed a combination of strikes into Luzella. As Kamri advanced into her, the tall Kazdruk struggled to raise her halberd to defend. Kamri jammed her staff into the long axe blade. Leveraging at the right angle, she pried it from Luzella’s hands. Luzella responded accordingly. Leaving the halberd behind, she rolled backward out of Kamri’s storm of aggressive strikes.

Luzella rose quickly. In a force of rage, she ran towards Kamri head on. The tactic was an unorthodox move. Letting her long powerful legs carry her, she closed the distance promptly.

Kamri thought she was on the offensive and was not ready. The beast outstretched her arms and grabbed the nimble southlander. The hard strike knocked the wind out of the elf’s lungs and sent her staff spinning off into the ring. Luzella didn’t stop, she lifted the smaller elf off the ground and drove her body into a nearby stone pillar.

A loud crack rang out into the spire halls, sending a sharp jolt of pain through Kamri’s body. The authoritative hit fractured the stone, sending shards of pieces to fall to the ground below.

Luzella held the elf in place for a moment, grinning in a mix of rage and excited bloodlust. She grabbed Kamri by the neck and let her faltering body dangle. Pulling back, the Kazdruk drove The elf hard into the column again, sending a spidering crack to crawl across the cylindrical pillar.

Blood began to trickle from Kamri’s mouth as she struggled to reach up and break Luzella’s grip around her neck. Luzella denied the action. Squeezing her adversarie’s throat, the large warrior drove the elf into the column again, this time the force broke multiple large chunks of the pillar off to the ground. The world was going black for Kamri.

The alpha reared up and mounted Wulfshn, wrapping his jaws into the nap of her neck, he showed his dominance and began to buck into her. The powerful Kazdruk let a soft moan slip again as the keeat’s thick cock began to sink into her pussy. The member was quite large, even for Wulfshn. She tensed up slightly as the girth stretched her womanhood. With a heavy thrust, the alpha began to fuck his new toy. A steady, soft clapping echoed into the hall. Wulfshn made fists of resentment as the humiliating act unfolded. A long string of drool fell across her face as the beast above pleasured himself inside her.

Scoffing in disgust, Wulfshn closed her eyes and took the heafy beast shaft. In excitement and blind lust, the keeat humped into her faster, letting his heavy balls smack into his new mate. His front paws gripping tightly, he began to unload a hot thick load.

Wulfshn’s eyebrows arched as she felt her insides fill with warm thick seed. With a soft growl the heavy beast slowed his pace to a stronger more robust movement. Panting as his balls drained, his knot expanded, further stretching Wulfshn’s tight cunt.

Wulfshn Keeat_1

The other keeats were already circling around her, cocks drawn and throbbing in anticipation. Ready to breed her, they lined up around the Kazdruk. She felt another salvo of seed pump into her. This load started expanding her womb now.

Snarling her teeth, Wulfshn tried again to break free from the stocks. Pulling as hard as she could, she moved nowhere. The warm cum pooled inside her as the alpha beast held her tightly. Panting heavily, the beast slowed for a moment and let his large head rest a top Wulfshn’s own.

His large knot remained lodged inside. He let a low growl slip through his teeth to warn the others he wasn’t yet finished. Picking up the pace again, he thrusted into Wulfshn, causing her heavy breasts to sway. The warrior winced as the large cock began to plow her again.

The rhythmic clapping of skin grew faster, as even more batter filled her insides. Now at the brink of overflowing. Only the knot kept the warm cum trapped inside as he finished. Satisfied, the alpha dismounted. Forcefully pulling his cock from her, a large torrent of cum spilled to the floor as the thick knot freed itself. With his job complete for now, he strolled off. Wulfshn huffed in short shallow breaths for a moment, relieved the alpha had finally had his fill.

Her relaxation was only momentary though, as the next keeat in line quickly took his place. Mounting her awkwardly, he wasted no time plunging his hard shaft into her already flooded pussy. A small grunt slid out of Wulfshn as the cycle started over. 

Luzella held the elf’s motionless body, letting her dangle for a moment before driving her into the ground. Luzella pinned Kamri into the dirt. With her hands still around the southlander’s neck, Luzella smiled as she straddled her wounded prey. Kamri tried one last time to free herself but the Kazdruk’s weight and strength was too much.

Brazeek and Jelthra came running around the corner. The two saw Luzella on top of Kamri.

Horrid thoughts filled both their minds. Were they too late? They thought to themselves. Jelthra noticed Kamri’s feet kicking in the dirt, knocking up small clouds of dust. A glimpse of hope filled the human’s mind. She wasn’t dead yet. 

“Come on! We haz to help. Brazeek, we need to get Luzella away from Kamri! So we can start the portal spell.”

“I’m already ooon my way!” Brazeek returned.

Luzella was enjoying squeezing the life out of Kamri. When suddenly she was tackled off the elf.  The kazdruk rose up quickly in a fit of rage. As the sandy soot began to settle, Brazeek kneeled before her grinning. 

“What are you doing here, slug!” Luzella yelled enraged.

She stood up and quickly went for Brazeek’s throat. The two tumbled to the ground in another cloud of dust. Jelthra ran to Kamri, grabbed her staff and handed it to her.

“Now’s our chance! Gez up.”

Kamri coughed and struggled to rise to her feet. Dazed, she used her staff to prop herself up. Her legs wavered as the cold room spun. Luzella and Brazeek rose, now circling each other. Brazeek’s teeth glimmered as he smiled. Bringing his large knife into view, he winked with his good eye before slashing at Luzella. The large Kazdruk jumped back and dodged the fast cut.

“You lack honor Brazeek! Interfering with another talon leader’s challenge! And now striking at me? You wish for death!”

“Yooou can tryyy Luzella!” Brazeek returned, before slashing out again.

Luzella stepped back and deflected the second slash off to the side but was quickly met with another. The cold Kazdruk steel caught Luzella’s forearm slicing her skin and spilling her hot blood to the sand below. Brazeek hastalty moved inward while jabbing the large blade again and again. Striking like an oversized razor beetle of home, the sharp edge landed again into Luzella’s other arm.

Closing the distance completely, Brazeek moved quickly, readying for a final killing strike. As he stabbed outward, Luzella caught his wrist and twisted his forearm. The large Kazdruk stumbled as Luzella forced his arm into an unnatural angle.

In a grunt of pain, Brazeek pulled forward as Luzella leveraged his arm harder. Twisting until an audible crack rang out. Luzella continued further, dislocating his shoulder. The searing pain ran up Brazeek’s arm as his face filled with a mixture of shock and horror.

Dropping his blade into the dirt, he flailed, trying anything to break free from Luzella’s iron grip.The destructive Kazdruk did not let up, she placed her knee across his back and kept wrenching his arm. Sinew, muscle fibers and tendons began to painfully separate. In a final push, Brazeek brought himself up in defiance. Luzella only smiled in his agoy before headbutting him. In a sharp crunch, it shattered his nose and he fell to the ground.

Luzella reached down and picked up his knife. Gripping the hilt tightly, the powerful Rakreegan flashed another smile. A wash of sadism filled her face as blood poured from her adversary’s nostrils. Brazeek looked on through the blood in fear. Panicking now, he rolled over and started to drag himself away with his one good arm. Luzella followed him slowly.

“Face me coward! You started this! Don’t you dare turn your back on me and crawl away like a suckling pup!” Luzella growled, before kicking dirt over him.

She reached his side and kicked him hard in the ribs. The horse punt, shattering his ribs. Brazeek rolled to his back in agonizing pain. Pursing her lips, Luzella straddled Brazeek. Purposely dropping her full weight, to further injure his damaged body.

“Goodbye Brazeek, may your bloodline and kin forget your name,”

Luzella spoke coldy before spitting a wad of saliva across his face.

Gripping both hands around the knife, she drove the large blade downward through his heart. Brazeek convulsed for a moment as crimson bubbled up from his mouth.

On a warpath now, Luzella rose. Leaving the knife in Brazeek’s lifeless body. She focused her gaze on Kamri and Jelthra. Picking up her halberd, she swiftly made her way toward the two. A flash of brilliant light blasted out inside the dim chamber. Squinting in confusion, Luzella covered her brow as a large portal began to swirl open.

In a wild blizzard of debris, shards of sand and rock swirled around pelting the stone walls. Jeltrha stood next to Kamri with the imprint stone as the two worked on opening the receiving end of the portal. Nervously, Jelthra looked over at Luzella as she neared closer.

“She’s coming! You nez to do your part and choose ze exit of ze portal!” I’ll do what I can to hold Luzella off!” Jelthra yelled over the whirring sound.

Breaking away from Kamri’s side, she raised her hand up and launched a rapid volley of three fireballs. Two splashed along Luzella’s halberd, but the third struck Luzella’s upper shoulder pauldron.

In an explosion, part of her armor was engulfed in flames. Luzella gritted her teeth and patted out the small fire with her bare hand. In a brisk canter, Luzella closed the distance and was met with another fireball. Blocking the attack with her forearm, cinders blasted out across her skin, burning her.

Underestimating Luzella’s speed, Jelthra quickly moved backward to attempt to unsealth her sword. Luzella denied the human’s attempt and lifted her by her neck, before tossing her into a stone pillar. The tall Kazdruk lifted her halberd and came down hard toward Jelthra. Dazed, the human was able to roll out the way. The powerful strike sliced into the pillar, cleaving off a large chunk of stone. In a blink of confusion, a pack of keeats suddenly ran into the area all barking and growling wildly.

Kamri focused on the realm to have the portal open to. She drew the rune with her finger into the opening. The portal pulsed from red to a bright blue before inverting to a twisted black oily color. Kamri knew this was her cue to focus on what would now inhabit the realm. She began to drown out the commotion around her and closed her eyes. Filling her mind with what would await Luzella.

Out of nowhere, Kamri’s thoughts were quickly interrupted as a keeat bumped into her leg nearly knocking her over.

“What th—” Kamri yelled out.

Two more keeats chased by after the other before quickly running off. The portal suddenly pulsed back to blue and began to open.

“Ah! Wait, no!” I didn’t get a chance to…”

“Kamri! Quick!” Jelthra shouted, as she and Luzella stumbled around the group of wild keeats. The human used the confusion to make space between her and Luzella who was beyond furious now. Jelthra turned and made her way towards Kamri and the now open portal.

In great annoyance, Luzella pushed the keeats away and followed Jelthra up the line of steps leading to the stone landing. Kamri and Jelthra stood side by side on the elevated walkway leading to the entrance of the large portal.

Sword drawn, Jelthra lashed out with a strike, Luzella quickly moved to guard the slash. Knowing time was short, Kamri moved in now too, it was time to get Luzella into the portal. Kamri and Jelthra took turns unleashing attacks towards Luzella. The angered Kazdruk used her halberd’s shaft as a staff, deflecting the mixed onslaught.

The cramped, elevated walkway made the skirmish difficult for all three. With time running out, Jelthra attempted to slip behind Luzella. As she moved by, Luzella caught the human off guard by pivoting her torso. Letting the halberd trail behind, she contacted Jelthra hard in the abdomen, knocking her off the walkway to fall to the floor one level below.

Kamri took the opening to begin a combo of strikes. Forcing Luzella onto the defensive. The Kazdruk turned, now having her back to the portal. Kamri had Luzella exactly where she wanted her.  She moved inward aggressively, alternating strikes high and low. Portal ciders swirled around the two as they inched closer. Luzella’s eyes widened at the sudden realization of how close she actually was to the portal now.

A tactical miscalculation, she was too caught up in the moment. A trickle of nervousness ran up her spine as she felt a subtle tug at her back. Her hair started to lift up and backwards. It was the gravitational phenomenon that occurs when one is close to a portal entrance. Kamri didn’t let up. She used every form she knew, keeping the Kazdruk off balance and moving. Sparks spat as their steel collided in fury. 

Teeth gritted, Luzella lashed out like a cornered wolf. She stabbed her halberd outward, causing Kamri to dodge off to the side. The elf watched as the portal started closing like an iris. In a final volly, Kamri spun her staff and struck at Luzella’s side. The towering Kazdruk stepped backward passing her leg deep into the portal and parried the attack. The powerful strike knocked Kamri hard into the walkway’s side railing. Before the elf could recover, Luzella had already violently sliced downward.

The large blade severed Kamri’s left arm off.

Kamri didn’t feel anything at first. She only heard the noise of her arm and staff fall to the ground. Blood spilled onto everything. Instinctively, her body was in survival mode and tried to press on.

The force being applied to Luzella’s body was immense now. Every muscle flexed as she attempted to pry herself free from the portal. It was too late. Too much of her body had moved beyond the threshold. There was no way to exit now. As her muscular body was consumed within the portal, she reached out and grabbed Kamri’s chest armor plate.

“I’ll see you in hell!”

The elf fell backward, breaking Luzella’s grip. 

Kamri sat for a moment gripping what was left of her arm. Thick blood seeped through her fingers and began puddling on the walkway. She fell to her side in exhaustion. Eye’s faltering, Kamri managed to crack a sly smile as she watched the last of Luzella’s body disappear and the portal close shortly after.




By: Lucien

Aeltha moved back, eyeing Neicul carefully now. She watched in awe as the Kazdruk began to pry the chain anchor out of the wall. Shards of stone crumbled to the floor as cracks spidered up the slabs of stone.

“Truly remarkable,” Aeltha spoke softly.

Neicul growled, pulling at the chains with all his strength. The elf in the room backed up with Aeltha, her face laced with pinching fear. Aeltha smiled and glanced at the elf as she backed away.

“He’s going to get loose! Aren’t you going to do something? Stop him!” The elf screamed, now starting to panic.

“No need to panic,” Aeltha reassured the alabaster elf as she turned and pressed her talon into a stone block. A soft hiss emitted as a heavy stone slab door opened leading to a shadowy candle light hallway. Aeltha smiled and pointed down the corridor.

“No time to waste, dear. Quickly now, into the corridor.”

The elf quickly shuffled through the door just in time. Neicul broke one of the anchor points, freeing his left arm. Quickly he grabbed his right cuff and pried the dark steel apart freeing his other arm. Slowly moving towards Aeltha, he tossed the shackle remains off to side and let them slide across the stone floor.

Aeltha backed up more, her face a mix of nervousness and intrigue. With a smile she unsheathed her dagger and watched closely as the crazed man headed towards her. Neicul walked on unfazed by the kazdruk blade.  He flanked the outer wall of the room and then stopped as he reached the secret door. He looked at Aeltha and then back at the door, sniffing the air like a Keeat. Quickly, he disappeared through the dark doorway chasing the scent of the elf. Aeltha grinned and quickly shut the stone doorway.

Turning sharply, Aeltha viewed her various scrying orbs, each one operating as view ports through the small labyrinth Neicul and the elf just entered unknowingly.

Dark walls filled the view of the elf as she blindly ran into the dim halls. In fear she made her way around a corner, only to find more halls. Dull candles sprinkled the halls, emitting just enough light to not stumble. The elvish woman ran her hands along the walls keeping herself from falling over.

“I don’t understand, where am I supposed to go?”

Neicul slowly entered the void like halls. Instinctively, he lowered himself. Creeping onward, his eyes flickered, pulling in any available ambient light and turning his vision to shades of white and grey. His senses went into overdrive as he picked up traces of the elvish woman who had passed through moments earlier. Neicul could sense her, smell her, taste her. His canines lowered as he continued onward quickly. An unbearable craving took control, leading him and driving him to his prey.

The elf could sense something getting closer, terrified she began to run. Her fear drove her, she didn’t know which way to go, she only knew she had to run. Her heart racing out of her chest, each step syncing with her pulse.

Neicul was getting closer, he could feel her, he could hear her racing heart. She was close. Like a wolf he prowled the shadows, closing in.

Aeltha watched on in awe as her experiment unfolded with remarkable results.

“Fascinating, there’s over one hundred possible paths he could’ve taken, but he knew exactly where she went. Without hesitation or doubt.” The crimson sorceress watched on in wonder.

Necul turned the corner and found his prey, a wave of bloodlust filled his veins, her pulse was deafening to Neicul. His adrenalin racing, he enclosed at full speed. The elvish woman turned at the last moment in a shriek. Neicul ran full sprint.

A vibrant blue collar suddenly materialized around Neicul’s neck and pulled his muscular body to a complete stop, knocking him off his feet. He struggled to get up and attempted to continue forward, but a arcane glowing blue chain stood strong, running off in the direction from which he came. Neicul growled in frustration as his prey stood only mere feet away but was unable to move anymore. He clawed at the collar in aggravation, blue shocks of energy being scraped off and sprinkling to the ground. The collar stood firm and would not allow him to move forward. The woman crouched in terror and slowly moved away from Neicul. The halls suddenly disintegrated like ash all around Neicul and the elvish woman. The halls vanished and blended back into Aeltha’s original room.

A slow clap cut through the confusion. Aeltha walked forward holding the end of the magic chain leash.

“Not bad Neicul, not bad at all,” She spoke while approaching him. ” I always have a fail-safe,”  Aeltha proclaimed. Neicul still pulled on the leash trying to get closer to the elf. “Hmm, I can tell, you want her so very badly. But we have many more tests to perform. Alas, It would be unwise to give you the bait so early. This will be enough for one day, let’s get you two resecured.”




Jelthra and Kamri tiptoed along the olive colored granite floors. They whisked through the shadows, keeping low and out of sight. Under the cover of moonlight, the two secretly slithered like vipers weaving behind the large spire pillars. Silently they made their way towards Aeltha’s work chamber on a quest to find the means to open a portal and rid Luzella once and for all. Patiently, they waited as two guards walked by. The two Kazdruk spoke among themselves, too deep in conversation to notice Kamri or Jelthra. As the guards hooked around the corner, the two women rolled out of the black shadows and made their way to Aeltha’s apothecary door.


Jelthra ran her gloved hand down the dusky oak wood before running her finger across the keyhole.


Kamri watched Jelhra’s back, watching for any movement or guards who might happen to walk by. “So can you pick it?” Kamri whispered, pointing at the lock. Jelthra smiled back as she removed a strange key from deep within her cleavage. Inside the handle, a glass serpent eye laid infused. The key glowed a steady green for a moment as Jelthra slowly pushed the key into the door’s key hole.

“Where the hell did you get that?” Kamri asked with her eyes wide in wonder.

Jelthra smirked as the lock clicked open.

“In zis line of work, you come across many useful tools; where I got it is of no concern,” Jelthra replied with a sly grin.

“Mhm, well you’re just full of surprises aren’t you? You just happened to have a magic key,” Kamri whispered sarcastically.

” Of course. I’m an assassin, how else would I get to ze targets? Now shush, we have work to do.”


Kamri curled her lip to the side and watched as Jelthra pushed the heavy door open and snuck into the ominous chamber. Along the south side of the stone wall stood a tall stone book shelf. Jelthra crouched and started to thumb through the books. Inquisitively, Kamri looked around the room, fascinated by all the odds and ends, tools, and evil devices.   


“Kamri! Don’t touch anyzhing… you’re supposed to be looking out for guards, remember?” Jelthra whispered out. “I think, I found what we’re looking for,” Jelthra ordered. She removed a large leatherbound book and started flipping through it.


“Alright, alright, ok,” Kamri uttered annoyed. With a leering gaze, she turned to head back to the door to keep guard. As she walked over, she passed a statue leaning up against the wall. In the low light she tried to look closer at it. Her curiosity pulling her deeper until her nose was about to touch. Suddenly, it jumped out at her in a vicious lunge. It was no statue. Kamri fell back as the figure was held back by heavy chains. Quickly, she slid backward to keep herself just out of reach. She could make out that it was a tall male. He growled out, snapping his sharp canines trying to break the chains. His eye’s lost in a white blaze. Kamri’s eyes widened as she realized it was Neicul. As Kamri continued moving backward she bumped into a circular stand laying in the center of the chamber. A scrying ball sat at the top. The large black mirrored ball bumped back and forth slightly, almost falling off the table.

Jelthra grabbed Kamri’s arms and pulled her back to clear her from Neicul’s reach. “Shit, what the fuck?” Kamri stood up, looking at Neicul in disbelief. ” Neicul it’s me, Kamri.” Neicul only looked at her in feverish hunger.


Kamri frowned puzzled. “What happened to him?”


“I don’t know, but we need to hurry,” Jelthra spoke while running back to the book. She crouched and removed her crystal while flipping through to the page she needed. The gem began to glow a steady cobalt. Carefully, Jelthra began to imprint the required pages. Each word magically copied itself into the stone. Neicul growled staring at Kamri in sheer lust. Kamri looked back in awe.

“What happened? Why are you here locked up?”

Neicul only looked back coldly like a predator about to strike.

“Let me… out of these… chains!” Neicul responded in a guttural tone.      

Kamri looked around the room and noticed the scrying ball in the center of the room.

“Uh… Hey Jel, there’s an scrying orb in here,” Kamri announced worried.

Jelthra looked over her shoulder as the gem kept working.

“Not good, not good at all, find something to cover it with, quick!” Jelthra ordered.


Kamri looked around the dark chamber for something to cover the orb with. As she moved, Neicul followed her the best he could until his chains gave no more slack. Like a dog, he did everything he could to pull free from his shackles. Kamri found a large cloth and tossed it over the large dark orb.


“Let me out of these!” The Kazdruk demanded again. The only words he was able to put together. His frustration now boiled over and his eyes flared brightly. Kamri didn’t know what to do, something was clearly wrong with him and he was chained up for a reason.


“Ignore him Kamri, it’s almost done,” Jelthra spoke.


Kamri looked at Neicul confused. “Y- you have to wait, I’m sorry Neicul.” The Kazdruk male pulled harder this time in anger, before backing up into the shadows.


“Got it! iz done, lets go.” Jelthra announced while she closed the book.  She shoved the tome back into place and quickly made her way for the door.

“Come on, lez go,” The human spoke again.

Kamri made her way for the door but then stopped to look back at Neicul.

He leaned into the light that was peering through the door and grinned a twisted malign smile. The look struck Kamri hard, she could tell he was going mad. Aeltha must have done something serious.

“Hey come on! Leave him,” Jelthra ordered.

” We can’t just leave him here, ” Kamri returned.

“Are you kidding? Lez go, he’s done, there’s nothing we can do, look at his eyes! Hez completely lust blind. If you undid his chains, he would turn on us in a heartbeat. You’d do him a favor if you ended his life. Now lez go! “


Kamri thought for a moment. Torn, she looked back one last time before sneaking out and closing the door behind her.



Aeltha sat back comfortably. Running her talon softly across her lip, she watched as Kamri tossed a cloth over the scry orb, blacking out her view. The two thieves had triggered an enchantment spell the second they opened the door, alerting the sorceress of their iniquitous trespassing.  The crimson demon watched the entire diminutive escapade unfold.

“Hmm, imprinting a few pages, rather than take the whole tome. Impressive, I must admit…but what did they imprint? That is the question…and what else did they steal?” Aeltha sat for a moment scheming, wondering what those two could be up to. In anger, her fingers clutched themselves tightly. The malevolent demoness stood up and paced across her personal chamber, stopping to look outside. An Idea struck. She turned quickly and activated her orb.

The orb swirled for a moment and then cleared up as Luzella’s face entered the picture. “High Sorceress Aeltha, What an honor it is to be graced by your unsurpassable presence,” Luzella smirked while bowing. Her words filled with bite and mockery. The great Kazdruk grinned being a bit surprised by the call from Aeltha. “How can I be of service?”


Aeltha glared back coldly into the orb. “I need to speak with you in person at once, I have an opportunity for you that I think you would be most…interested in. “


Luzella smiled back running her finger across her horn. “Oh? Well you have piqued my interest. Where would you wish to meet?”

” We will meet outside, along the upper east wing tower,” Aeltha explained.

“As you wish, High Sorceress.”

Aeltha flicked her talon, snapping the orb off. She turned, making her way toward the east tower, her face filled with wickedness.



Under the brisk night, Aeltha stood watching across the endless, nocturnal landscape. The sorceress’  dark robe fluttered in the strong night breeze. Luzella and her littermate Wulfshn approached, their hooves cutting through the violent howling. The two amazonian Kazdruk kneeled before Aeltha. Luzella flashed her canines before rising. Aeltha looked up at the Kazdruk keeping a close eye on her body language. Aeltha found the soldier’s recklessness off-putting. Wulfshn rose shortly after, her hungry eyes pierced into Aeltha. The High Sorceress would not be intimidated by the two. She turned her back on them and looked across the baleful sky.                      

“I may have something you want,” Aeltha spoke slowly.

Luzella smiled slightly now stepping closer to Aeltha. “I’m listening.”

“I have a problem, you see. A problem with small rodents sneaking into my personal chamber and rummaging through my books.”

“I see…,” Luzella replied sharpening her eyes.

 “So what do you want from us?” Wulfshn butt in, growing tired of Aeltha’s suspense.  “Surely someone of your echelon could easily dispose of them.”

Aeltha rose her eyebrow in annoyance. Turning on her heel, she approached the snappy Kazdruk. “And who are you?” Aeltha asked, now running her sharp talon under the soldier’s chin.

“Wulfshn, 2nd in command of the 7th Talon,” She began to speak proudly. “Descendent of-“

Aeltha laughed cutting the soldier off. “Mhmm, a glorified grunt then, maybe a pebble higher than a helot on a good day.” Aeltha proclaimed with a sly grin. “Remember your place, drudge.”

Wulfshn grimaced in rage as a flare of searing hatred rose between her shoulder blades. “Now, do you wish to hear my proposition or not?” Aeltha asked sharply before turning around again to look out across the sky.

Luzella jabbed Wulfshn hard in her side with an elbow, eyeing Wulfshn to keep her mouth shut.  “My apologizes, High Sorceress Aeltha,” Luzella returned. “Do please continue.”

“It’s your little friends, Kamri and Jelthra,” Aeltha explained.

Luzella’s tail twitched at their names. “Oh?”   

“I don’t enjoy individuals stealing from me…Whatever they copied or stole from my books, I want back, I will give you free reign to hunt them down and return what they stole.” Aeltha paused for a moment.   “You may do whatever you please with them, as long as you obtain what they stole.”

Luzella smirked, her mind now filling with villainous thoughts. “What of Yuldasha?” Luzella asked, skeptically smiling.

“I will cover up whatever happens to her little toy soldiers… just return what they took. Their health is of no concern to me.”

Both Wulfshn and Luzella’s lips curled up. “It would be our pleasure then, High Sorceress.”




Kamri and Jelthra returned to a secluded chamber off the south wing of the spire. The two spoke for a moment planning their next move. Jelthra sat down examining the copied spell in detail. Cobalt light reflected off the human’s face as she studied the complex sequences carefully. Kamri stood off to the side doing her best to not distract Jelthra. The elf stood with her back against the wall spinning a sharp dagger. Now restless, Kamri was finding it hard to keep quiet.

“So, what do you make of it? Will this work or what?” Kamri asked before tossing the dagger into the wall.

Jelthra lifted her eyes up off her notes, annoyed.

“Ja, it will work. Opening a small portal is the easy part. It’ll only be open for a few seconds to a minute… But zat will give us enough time,” Jelthra smiled.

“Good, i’m looking forward to pushing Luzella in!” Kamri proclaimed while she yanked the dagger out of the wall hard. “Hey, I like this dagger of yours.” Jelthra only shook her head and went back to work.

“All I need to study here iz, how to direct the planar fabric’s apex point. Zee portal’s ripple vortex will be spiraling wildly in a counterclockwise manner, in turn causing etheric plane tearing and altering the mana vertex lock time… this is troublesome, because the spell’s casting structure could potentially implode, causing a regression in the magicka’s dilation period… So calculating a precise exit point will be tricky.” Jelthra spoke perplexed.

“Uh…what?” Kamri held the dagger down for a second. Raising her eyebrow, she blankly looked at Jelthra, completely lost with whatever she was blabbing on about.

“Basically, I don’t know where ze portal is going to lead to, I need more time to study this.”

“I don’t care where it leads to! As long as it leads someplace awful…” Kamri smiled before driving the dagger into the wall again.


Suddenly, wood exploded into the room. The heavy chamber door feel over with a deafening boom. Splinters blasted inward along with a small cloud of dust. Startled, Jelthra jumped back out of her chair and Kamri clutched the dagger tightly.

Luzella entered the room, having to slightly duck to clear the doorway. Holding her halberd, she stormed into the room.

Jelthra swiped up the small imprint gem. Panicking now with no place to hide the small crystal, she popped the small gem in her mouth and swallowed it. The human backed up quickly launching a salvo of brilliant fireballs. Three of the orbs splashed against Luzella’s halberd, a fourth impacted across her shoulder, exploding and burning across Luzella’s armor. The fifth and sixth missed, impacting across the back wall.

Wulfshn entered quickly behind with both hand axes out, and a face of determination. Kamri tossed the dagger across the room, but Wulfshn deflected the blade with her axe and grinned at the failed attempt.

    With haste, Luzella clutched the end of the heavy oak table with one arm and flipped it towards the two. The heavy table smashed into Kamri and Jelthra knocking them both backward.

As the two fell, the heavy table rolled flat on top of both of their chests. Luzella was already placing her hoof across the table, preventing the duo from pushing the table off.

“Well that was certainly anticlimactic. I’ll simply squash you two like bugs,” Luzella proclaimed,  looking down at the faces of Kamri and Jelthra as they both struggled to push Luzella off. Wulfshn joined and placed her hoof onto the table, adding to the already heavy weight. Both Kamri and Jelthra grunted in pain as their faces turned blue.

“Watch the human Wulf, she likes to play with fire,” Luzella laughed as she pushed into the table harder with her hoof, earning another grunt from the two.

“I’ll skip the small talk, where is it!” Luzella demanded, flexing her thigh.

“I-hnnnnn- where…is…what?”  Jelthra managed to squeak out.

“You’re a bad liar, Jelthra,” Luzella laughed shifting her weight more ever so slightly.  

“You know what you stole, time is short, you better speak up!” Wulfshn chimed in.

Kamri grimaced in anger, trying desperately to push up. “We didn’t…take..anything!” Kamri exclaimed.


Luzella smirked at Kamri and leaned down to get closer to Kamri’s face, the wood table now creaking under the Amazonian’s hoof. Luzella ran her predatory eyes across the south-lander for a moment.   


“Deep, deep, down, I was hoping you would make this difficult, little Kamri. The two of us have unfinished business, ” Luzella spoke, flashing her fangs.

Kamri helplessly looked upward at her enemy.  

“Shackle them up Wulfshn, We’ll take them to my chamber and pry the information out of them.”

Wulfshn’s face ignited with twisted excitement. She stepped off the table and pulled out a set of shackles. Keeping her axe blade at the elf’s neck, she pulled Kamri’s arms back, and attached her arms. Intrigued, Wulfshn ran her finger across Kamri’s smooth caramel face. “My, you’re a cute one aren’t you?”

Kamri only glared back, her eyes mimicking fiery coals. Wulfshn moved to Jelthra and shackled her as well.

Luzella and Wulfshn pulled the two up and pushed them out of the room with force. Kamri and Jelthra only looked at one another, worried as they were led down the dark halls as the Kazdruk litter-mate’s new prisoners.




Kamri gritted her teeth trying as hard as she could to break the shackles suspending her arms above her head. Anchored to the cold wall, she flexed her arms in exasperation looking on at Luzella and Wulfshn as they approached. Beside her, Jelthra attempted the same. In earnest, the human shook her arms trying anything to free herself.


Luzella approached the two with a large grin across her maligned face. Looking down at her two prisoners, she ran her finger across her own bottom lip in an acute dark interest.

Prying her fingers between Kamri’s chest plate, Luzella leaned in closer, running her nose, and lips across the elf’s neck.


“Funny how things turn out, no?” Luzella inquired while pulling slightly on Kamri’s chest armor. “Not too long ago, it was Jelthra that had asked me to roughen you up some,” Luzella shivered at the thought, her long tail twitching hard for a moment. Jelthra, lowered her head in shame, knowing the painful truth Luzella now spoke.

“I enjoyed that night… but here the two of you are, working together. How very ironic. We Kazdruk have a saying: Twice as sharp your blade becomes once the tempest turns to your sails and ally steals the blood of your kill,” Luzella tugged lightly on the elf’s top. ” It seems i’ve become the greater enemy now. I’m hoping we can find out exactly what you two have been up to,” Luzella spoke while pulling Kamri’s chest plate completely off now. Shiftinging closer, Luzella pushed her soft lips across Kamri’s mouth for a moment, enjoying her taste. “So, care to explain?”

Kamri only pulled off and looked away in defiance. As Kamri turned her head, Luzella held it in place, pulling it back to view her. Squeezing the elf’s cheeks softly, the Kazdruk smiled balefully. “So very rude…but certainly not out of character for you.” Pinching the elf’s nipple now, Luzella twisted it slowly, relishing in her feeble movements.


“I’ll get what I want out of you, one way or another,” Luzella claimed, pinching even harder now, causing Kamri to gasp. “I always do.” Luzella paused for a moment licking her lips before turning to face Jelthra.  “But, let’s start with you first.” Jelthra looked up at Luzella.

“You’re a sneaky little human Jelthra – you’ve always been,” the Amazonian expressed. Pushing her own muscular build into the human, Luzella growled softly through her canines. Letting her heavy breasts squash into the human’s. Jelthra shook one last time in an attempt to escape. Luzella’s lip curled up wickedly before running her hand softly through the human’s long black hair.

” Be still my dear, there’s no escaping. You know that, but your wasted efforts are truly delightful,” Luzella spoke, now shifting her hand downward to grope the human’s large breasts.

“Now, tell me. What did you steal from the room?” Jelthra said nothing, she only looked away like her partner. Luzella stopped for a moment and ran her tongue along the inside of her cheek.

“Honestly, I don’t care what you took, but i’d be a bad soldier if I didn’t at least try and complete my given orders,” Luzella grinned, and then turned to Wulfshn. “Would be a real shame if these two showed up dead wouldn’t it?”  

Wulfshn smirked. “A terrible shame indeed.”

Jelthra only looked on in resistance, before speaking. “You will regret this Luzella, zat I can promise,” Jelthra uttered.

“Oh? How very threatening,” Luzella returned in a jokingly manner. Her smile quickly turned to an evil smirk.

Without warning, Luzella reached up and pulled the chain out of the wall, snapping the links like brittle wood. The iron links spilled to the floor as the shackles disengaged. She held Jelthra and pushed her down across the stone table in the middle of the room. Jelthra struggled. Kicking and squirming she fought back. Luzella rung her neck with one hand pinning her hard to the cold table.    

“Why all the conflict, little Jelthra? Lying on your back is what you do best, no?”

Wulfshn approached the side, looking over the human’s body hungrily. “Please, let me work her ‘zella, you can’t have all the fun you know?”

Luzella smiled at her litter-mate’s comment and then paused for a moment. “Alright, fine, you can have your way with Jelthra. Don’t tell me I never you gave you anything,” Luzella disclosed with a sly smirk and backed off.

Wulfshn quickly took her place now, running her hands across the smooth human. The smaller Amazonian straddled Jelthra atop the stone table. In horror, Jelthra wriggled trying to get away. In brute, harsh strength, Wulfshn pushed Jelthra’s shoulders down holding her still. “Oh, you’re all mine now little teacup.”

Wulfshn slowly grinded her hips across Jelthra. Purring in anticipation, the Kazdruk torqued into her harder, letting the human’s lower torso push against her own clit. Pinning the human to the table sent a shiver up between Wulfshn’s defined shoulder blades. Eagerly, she gyrated her womanhood across the human further, her arms now flexing as she overpowered her smaller prey.


Leaning forward, Wulfshn drove her sharp fangs across Jelthra’s barbells. Teasing the human’s nipples,she tugged at them while rubbing herself harder into the human. Luzella watched on with a spark of jealousy, her thick cock now emerging from its sheath. She looked on as her litter-mate toyed with the smaller human. Her hand gliding downward now, Luzella wrapped her hand around her cock and began stroking it slowly.


Wulfshn continued humping Jelthra. Face to face, the Kazdruk forced her lips across Jelthra’s, moaning in bliss as she rocked back and forth. Wulfshn reached up and groped her own breast, tugging at her nipple as she rocked harder. Her own movement,mixed with the human’s struggles sent waves of pleasure through her womanhood and up her spine. With a feral growl, Wulfshn became more aggressive. Rocking her hips wildly she leaned into Jelthra’s neck and bit down forcefully. The human let out a mixture of a moan and pain. The small Amazonian’s eyes sharpened and she bit harder while brushing her now wet cunt across the human’s waist. Luzella found herself stroking harder now. The sight of Jelthra pinned under Wulfshn was driving her wild. She stepped closer to the two with her cock fully erect. While rocking back and forth, Wulfshn looked back over her shoulder with a sinister grin. Eyeing Luzella, she smiled. “Mmm, you want some of this too don’t you?”


Wulfshn spun around, resting her glistening pussy over Jelthra’s face. With a small cry of opposition Jelthra reached up to try and stop her. Wulfshn looked down smiling. “Time to try out that little mouth.” With ease, Wulfshn pushed herself down upon the human’s face. Her tail whipping back forth in content, Wulfshn sighed in pleasure as the human’s face disappeared under her. Fiendishly, she rocked her hips slightly, popping her ass out and letting her full weight smother the human. Biting her lip, Wulfshn pinned the human down and ran her eyes up to Luzella.


Luzella approached with a large grin across her face. Wulfshn smiled back playfully. Leaning forward, she stuck her tongue out to meet Luzella’s cock head. The amazon’s cock head rested on her litter mate’s tongue. Eagerly, Wulfshn wrapped her lips around Luzella’s cock. Feeling Jelthra struggle and try to free herself underneath, Wulfshn quickly pushed herself back down, keeping the human smothered in place.

“Numm Mmm,” Wulfshn was able to hum out, with a mouthful of cock.  She looked back behind her, making sure her new toy listened. Softly she suckled on Luzella’s cock, wetting the wide shaft. Wulfshn pulled back, letting the big head pop out of her mouth with a strand of saliva spilling behind. Winking up at Luzella she smiled knowing what was next. Luzella’s eyes narrowed in lust as she angled her heavy member downward towards Jelthra’s womanhood. The strong demon pressed her cock up against Jelthra’s cunt. Slowly she let her slick cock force its way into Jelthra’s walls. The human started to gasp and moan to stop but her cries were silenced as Wulfshn sat back down on Jelthra’s face, turning the cries to a barely audible muffle. The sound sent shivers up Wulfshn’s back.


Luzella leaned forward, letting her massive cock sink into Jelthra’s pinned body. With the human pined in place, Luzella rocked in harder slowly picking up the pace. Each hard thrust caused Jelthra to moan, which sent more waves of pleasure up through Wulfshn. Splatters of pre-cum splashed out with each hard thrust. The sisters feed off of each other as the combination of lust and fucking echoed off into the room. Kamri was forced to watch on, now worried that the two demons did not care about Jelthra’s well-being.


Minutes went by as Jelthra was held under Wulfshn and Luzella fucked into the human in hard robust thrusts. Kamri shook her arms in anger trying to free herself. She watched on as Jelthra was now trying to push Wulfshn off to breath. The smaller Amazonian, only looked back destructively, knowing damn well what she was doing. Effortlessly, Wulfshn held Jelthra down, torturing her while she got off from it. Wulfshn threw her head back in pleasure, letting her long black hair fly back. Bitting her bottom lip, she ran her arms down pushing down on Jelthra keeping her in place.


The more Jelthra fought, the more it aroused Wulfshn. The nefarious Kazdruk looked up past Luzella and made eye contact with Kamri. Kamri noticed the burning lust in Wulfshn’s aqua colored eyes. She knew the Kazdruk wouldn’t stop until she was satisfied. Kamri noticed Jelthra’s body was faltering, her hands fell off Wulfshn’s legs and collapsed to the table’s surface.  Kamri shook again in desperation, doing anything in her power to break the chains. The sudden outburst caught Luzella’s attention. Looking back, Luzella slowed her tempo.

“What’s the matter dear? Don’t worry, your turn will come.”

“Let her go! Tell her to stop!” Kamri yelled.

“I’m not going to stop Wulfshn, that would be unwise,” Luzella replied.

Luzella Wulfshn


Hungrily, Wulfshn didn’t let up and rubbed her womanhood across Jelthra, using her as a fuck toy. The Kazdruk moaned out as she reached climax. Her nails digging into the stone, she arched back as a tremor of bliss filled her body. Luzella watched on as her litter-mate slowed. Panting heavily, Wulfshn looked up at Kamri hungrily, her eyes sharp and predatory. She kept herself seated on Jelthra’s face as the human’s arms flailed weakly. Basking in the afterglow and relishing in the human’s faltering struggles. She kept her eyes on Kamri’s.


“Maybe we should let her up ? Don’t hog that pretty face all to yourself,” Luzella growled.

The words snapped Wulfshn out of her blind lust.

“Oh?… mmm, yes ok,” She smiled.

Wulfshn looked down and lifted herself off of Jelthra’s face. Jelthra’s gasped, her face slick and covered in Wulfshn’s juices. Luzella pulled her thick cock out, leaving a strand of precum. The Kazdruk reached down and pulled Jelthra by her hair, spinning her around she tugged the human off the table and onto the floor. Dazed, Jelthra looked up at Luzella.


“Now, would you like to tell us what you were doing in Aeltha’s room?”

Jelthra remained silent, her eyes heavy and dizzy. Luzella smacked her across the face, trying to wake her up.

“I asked you a question! What were you doing in Aeltha’s chamber!” Luzella asked again annoyed.

Jelthra looked up. “Go fuck yourself!”

Luzella smirked, and shook her head slowly side to side. Luzella grabbed Jelthra’s head forcefully and shoved her cock into the human’s mouth. Wulfshn watched on and then looked up at Kamri.

“Just tell us what you took,” Wulfshn smiled.

“She’ll never tell, and neither will I,” Kamri spat back.

“Shame really,” Wulfshn smiled and then stepped behind Jelthra. Leaning her hips into the back of Jelthra’s head as Luzella pushed her cock down Jelthra’s throat. Wulfshn reached down and pushed her hands on the back of Jelthra’s head so it was impossible for Jelthra to pull away from Luzella’s cock. She was sandwiched between the two amazons now. Softly, Wulfshn pushed on the back of Jelthra’s head rocking in a slow rhythm. Jelthra gagged as she was force fed more of Luzella’s cock. The massive member was pushed down her tight throat. The human reached up and tried to push back but was easily held in place by the two.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re going to work her cock until you tell us what you stole,” Wulfshn announced. Jelthra responded with a gargled muffle of protest.

“Hmm? Sorry can’t hear you,” Wulfshn smiled. ” Perhaps, Kamri can speak for you? What do you say Kamri hmm?”

Kamri watched on in dismay as Jelthra’s lips stretched around Luzella’s fat cock, her eyeliner running and her orange eyes starting to roll back. Wulfshn grinned up at Kamri as Jelthra started to struggle. She watched as her hands pried into Luzella’s powerful thighs yearning for reprieve. Softly, Luzella rocked into Jelthra’s throat, purring in euphoria. Banefully, Wulfshn pushed Jelthra’s head forward as far as it would go. Small muffled gags squeaked out again. Jelthra’s body started to go limp as she was deprived of air.


   “Mmm, you’re going to cum aren’t you sister?” Wulfshn questioned, her eyes filling with wicked delight. “ You better speak up Kamri, or your friend drowns.” Kamri watched on, pulling on her chains. In crazed anger her hands ignited, the fire turning the chains orange. Alas, the chains held strong as Kamri ran out of options.


“Ok, Ok! I’ll talk!”   


 Luzella smiled but held herself deep and stopped rocking. She leaned forward one last time, pushing Jelthra’s nose into her firm stomach. A shiver ran up the Kazdruk’s back as Jelthra’s lips struggled around her shaft.


“I’m listening.”

“We were looking for a spell…,” Kamri finally replied. “ Now let her off!”

“A spell? What kind of spell?” Luzella returned with a twisted grin, her member still sunk deep.

“A spell…to sharpen blades.”

Wulfshn smirked and looked up at Luzella skeptical, holding her grip tight.

“So…mmm…. what did you steal then?” Luzella asked, with pleasure running up her cock.

“An ingredient… an ingredient to help with the spell… It was an elvish leaf.”

Jelthra’s eyes rolled back and she completely passed out on Luzella’s meaty cock. Motionlessly, she kneeled with drool spilling from her lips and pooling around her knees.

“A leaf? Hmm, interesting,” Luzella proclaimed and started to pull back a few inches of her shaft. “Tell me more about this.”

Kamri hesitated for a moment seeing as Luzella was starting to believe her lie and pulling off Jelthra’s face. “Yes, a green leaf with gold edges. It’s a native northern leaf that when mixed with Kazdruk steel can make the sharpest of edges…and we lost it when you barged in!”

Jelthra’s eyes started to refocus as the cock freed from her airway. Luzella smirked looking back at Kamri for a moment and rose her eyebrow not truly buying the story. She reached down and gripped Jelthra’s head again and stuffed her cock back into the human’s small mouth. A soft gagging swallow squeezed out once more.

“You’re a terrible liar Kamri. Besides, our steel is perfect. Certainly no elvish vegetable will increase its properties,” Luzella spat.

Wulfshn smiled in aggression and pushed back on Jelthra’s head.

“Tsk,tsk, missed your chance Kamri,” Wulfshn giggled.


Luzella moaned out as she couldn’t hold back any longer. Holding Jelthra firmly, she sunk her cock to the balls as she started to erupt in the human’s throat. Large pumps swelled into Jelthra. Wulfshn held the human’s head in place, flashing her fangs; she rejoiced as her sister force fed the human thick seed. Jelthra struggled while emitting heavy gulps as the Kazdruk batter was pumped down her throat. The white seed filled Jelthra’s stomach and airways. The small human pushed against the littermates with all her strength, but the two held still, trapping her between their large bodies. Thick globs of cum started to spill out of Jelthra’s lips as she was overfilled and her stomach expanded. The human’s cinder like eyes started to roll back again as a thick stream started leaking out her nostrils. Luzella’s cock head flared, trapping itself as it continued to unload gooey ropes. More and more flooded the human, filling her tummy beyond capacity.


“My, were’nt you pent up,” Wulfshn laughed, holding the human in place. Kamri only looked on in anger, unable to help. She refused to tell them the truth. Hot cum hung from Jelthra’s face as she began to slowly drown. The thick Kazdruk seed pooled between her soft tits. Luzella held herself in place as the human spell-sword’s body thrashed. Jelthra’s fingers dug into Luzella’s thighs one final time before finally falling to a rest. Satisfied, Luzella slowly pulled her cock out, letting Jelthra collapse in an opaque puddle of cum.


“A shame really, I was hoping to enjoy her more…,” Wulfshn lamented.

Kamri thrashed in anger yelling, her eyes flaring like a raging fire.

Luzella turned and approached Kamri. Running her finger across Kamri’s sternum, she smirked at the elf’s anger.

“I can admire your passion, little Kamri, it’s too bad we didn’t start off on better terms. You could have served well under my command, it would have guaranteed your ascent through the ranks… but no, instead you waste your time with this weak human, sneaking around like little mice,” Luzella proclaimed as she wrapped her hand around Kamri’s neck. Wulfshn came to Luzella’s side, smiling at Kamri.

“Aww, don’t kill her too, let me to claim her as my own in combat, as you did with Avelyn,” Wulfshn pleaded.

Luzella paused for a moment. “Huh?…oh…”  Knowing she could not deny her own blood from a trial of claim, she eased up on Kamri’s throat and turned to Wulfshn. “No, no, Kamri is mine,” Luzella stated.

Wulfshn smirked in gull. “Fine, then I challenge you, in a one on one spar. Winner takes Kamri,” Wulfshn smiled knowing Luzella would never turn down a chance to flex her superiority.

“What! No, you know you will lose Wulfshn!” Luzella replied, now letting go of Kamri completely.

“Then what do you have to lose sister? I don’t think you could defeat me.”

Luzella thought for a moment angered. “You dare challenge me? I will crush you!”

“Ha! You sound awfully sure of yourself. You’re getting rusty. Perhaps even a little washed up! That little Kamri will be mine,” Wulfshn smiled.

Luzella’s eyes opened wide in anger. “Why you little…”


Kamri watched as the two bickerd back and forth.


“I think that’s a great idea,” Kamri spoke out over the two. Both Kazdruk stopped and turned to view Kamri.

“Fine! Tomorrow then! Lock her up with Avelyn,” Luzella roared.

Wulfshn smiled in glee. “What about her?” She asked, kicking Jelthra’s body. The human moaned and coughed up some cum.

“Well, look at that, she’s still alive!” Luzella spat.

“See, I told you, you were losing your touch,” Wulfshn jabbed with a flash of a smile.

“Shut up! Lock them both up with Avelyn, See you in the pit first thing,” Luzella yelled. Lost in anger and ego, the tall Kazdruk stormed out, now fully focused on winning tomorrow.    






Ulla shivered as she was dragged by the group of nomadic Kazdruk. The nocturnal sky swirled overhead like black molten lava. Ulla’s body stopped. She twisted the best she could to try and see why the group had suddenly stopped. Her bounds prevented her from turning far enough, but she could hear the leader of the hunting party speaking. They had arrived to their destination. Suddenly, Ulla was forced upward and spun around. She laid her eyes upon a small outpost in the barren world. Soldiers scurried around on their various duties. Two Kazdruk from the outpost walked forward towards the party. One road upon a large four legged beast, the other on foot.  The two were heavily armored and clearly higher ranking soldiers.

The soldier on foot spoke out, his deep voice cutting through the endless howling wind. “You there! Kneel before us!”


The entire party did as they were told and kneeled. Ulla was pushed backward onto her back. The hardy male Kazdruk approached the leader of the party and held a long black sword to his neck. He looked around at the dirty group before turning his head to the other soldier riding on beast-back.

“Hunters, Knightess,” he spoke out. The other Kazdruk soldier approached closer, removing it’s dark armored mask, revealing a cruel female face. Short black horns jut skyward and her long black braided hair cascaded down the side of her shoulders resting along jagged, dark Kazdruk armor. Her cinder colored eyes looked over the party closely. Coldly, the grey skinned Kazdruk calculated, and examined the group for a moment.  

Knightess Strum’za 1

Knightess Strum’za 2

“They’re all outcastes, Zrotall. Each one a disgrace to the Kazdruk way,” The Kazdruk woman scoffed and then paused for a moment before placing her armored mask back on. Whipping her beast’s reins, she turned.


” Kill them all,” she ordered without remorse.   


The beast turned around and she began to trot away. The large soldier grinned and slashed his sword severing the leader’s head clean off. His body slumped forward as a pool of dark blood soaked into the dark sand.


“No wait! We ha-” another party member was cut off before he could get a word out. The soldier’s black sword drove out the hunter’s back. Two other party members attempted to run but bolts quickly filled their cowardly backs, leaving them face first in the sand coughing up blood. Archers near the outpost quickly restrung their crossbows. The soldier sliced through the remaining party members splashing fresh crimson across Ulla’s face as she helplessly laid on her back tied up.


Zrotall stopped at the sight of Ulla, perplexed at the sight of a human, he called his commander back. The shadowy Kazdruk woman rod back in annoyance.

“What is it this time Zrotall? Can you not complete a simple order?”

“High Knightess Strum’za, it’s a human,” Zrotall spoke quickly.  

“What! Do you take me as a fool? That’s impossible, it must be the work of sorcery, nothing more than an apparition! One of those outcastes must have tainted their magica bloodline. Unlikely for a human to be here,” Strum’za claimed with anger as she dismounted.

The two stood there for a moment. Strum’za approached Ulla. Her black armor rustled with each step and her long braids swung with authority. The Kazdruk kicked Ulla with her boot. Ulla turned her head and spit across Strum’za’s foot.

Strum’za turned to face Zrotall with a large fanged grin on her face. Turning back she flipped her armored face-mask up and peered into the human’s eyes. “Perhaps you are real…Excellent for me, not so much for you, i’m afraid. The Matriarch will be most interested in you.” Ulla only smirked back with a fake smile.


“Zrotall, secure her and bring her to my chambers,” Strum’za ordered.

“As you wish commander.”

“I will prepare her for the Matriarch.”   




Avelyn sat in the corner of her cell eyeing Kamri and Jelthra as they entered the cell. The northern elf sat in silence, perplexed on there being two Kazdruk members locked up with her. Kamri supported Jelthra with her arm over her shoulder. Avelyn noticed the rough shape the human was in, her appearance only tossed oil across her fire of wonder.


Jelthra fell to her hands and knees. She looked at the ground in anger. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her cheeks puffed. Jelthra heaved. Kamri came to her side and held her hair up for her her. Jelthra’s stomach flexed and she heaved again harder. Avelyn watched on even more perplexed now as the human retched and heaved. Jelthra continued to stare at the cold ground, her hands dug into the ground as she heaved again. This time a small torrent of cum spewed out across the ground. Avelyn jumped back as the woman puked. Heaving again, Jelthra vomited up more ropes of cum.


“She really filled you up huh?” Kamri asked while rubbing her back.

Jelthra only glared at Kamri before puking up another large torrent of cum. This time, the small crystal came up with the demon seed falling into the puddle of cum. Jelthra reached down and picked up the gem. Raising it up, she looked at Kamri with a big grin.


“We’re back in bizness my friend.”                





Spire of Torment. Chapter 26: Carnal Servitude

 By: Lucien

Neicul entered Aeltha’s nebulous chamber. Slowly he pushed the heavy door open, hiding his wound and the undeniable fact that he was one subject short. He strolled into the dark candlelight chamber knowing he was in trouble and would be at the mercy of the sorceress. Aeltha stood in the far corner, reading over dry scrolls and various outlandish artifacts. Lost in inimical thought, she seemed to ignore the soldier’s entrance. Off to his right, his piercing eyes caught movement. Two twin corrupted elves giggled softly before flashing tantalizing smiles towards Neicul. The two were laid back in unison across the stone altars they sat upon, exposing their smooth bronze naked bodies for Neicul to clearly see. The twin’s slanted eyes pulsed steadily in the smoky light, casting a mesmerizing gaze into his eyes. Neicul slowed his pace, suddenly finding it difficult to look away.


“Welcome back, Neicul,” Aeltha spoke out. Her voice startled Neicul as she was suddenly directly behind him. He snapped out of his daze with the alluring twins and spun to face Aeltha.


“Good evening, Aeltha,” he spoke before bowing.


“Excellent work, Neicul. The subjects you brought me shall work just fine… oh they will indeed,” she spoke, looking back where the two were now caged. Aeltha’s lips curled into the most mischievous and cruel grin he had ever seen. He was taken back by her lack of annoyance and anger. He was one test subject short but she didn’t seem to mind.


“Perhaps I was a bit harsh and wrong about you, Neicul. You fulfilled my request quite well.”  Aeltha stepped closer as the two corrupt elvish twins approached Neicul from behind. The duo draped themselves across Neicul’s broad shoulders while gliding their long tongues up his neck. Aeltha closed in, running her hand between his legs and pressing herself onto him before pressing her lips into his and kissing him softly. The group started to slowly move sideways up against the stone wall. Neicul found himself in bottomless bliss as the three women ran their hands across his body. The elves tugged on his earlobes with their teeth whispering soft moans of sizzling pleasure. Two metallic clicks of shackles clamping shut snapped Neicul out of the deceiving ruse. It was already too late. Neicul tried to move his arms but his wrists were shackled. Attached to short chains, he now stood crucified to the cold wall behind him. He cursed out, unable to move away or defend himself.

Aeltha laughed at how easily he fell into her trap. She shook her head side to side, partly disappointed in the lack of effort it took. The two twins came back into view on either side of Aeltha smiling with matching devilish grins.

She unsheathed her dagger and started to slowly slice into his vest. Letting the Kazdruk blade creep upward, it cut open his vest, exposing his sleek chest. She swiped outward twice, slicing the vest’s shoulders. The vest fell to the ground along with his two beloved knives.


Neicul stood now with only his pants on. He grimaced in anger as one of the twins removed his knives and vest from the room. Aeltha let her dagger gently glide across Neicul’s built chest.


“You failed me, Neicul. You were one subject short. I thought we had a clear understanding, yes?” Aeltha spoke harshly. She pushed the dagger under his chin, forcing his head upward.


Look at me!… you are now my third subject…” Aletha smiled, revealing her sharp fangs.  “It works out quite well now that I think about it. With you being Kazdruk, I’ll be able to push things farther. We wont have to waste any time being so cautious…and what I have planned for you will be ever enjoyable,” Aeltha shivered in jubilance.  One of the twins returned with a vial and handed it to Aeltha.


“Thank you, my dear. If you two would be so kind as to hold his head for me. I don’t wish to waste any more time.”  The two smiled, grabbed his black hair, and pried backward.


“You bitch! Mark my words! I’ll lay you to waste!” Neicul spat, now struggling to get out of the shackles.


“Ha! Please, save me the indignation and resentment. I won’t be changing anything you don’t already possess, no. Only amplifying your innerself.”


The twins pulled back on his hair, forcing his head back.


“Now be a good boy and open wide.” Aeltha drove her talon into Neicul’s wound, hooking her nail in deep. With his canines clamped down, he gritted his teeth grunting in pain. “Don’t make this so hard on yourself, Neicul. Trust me – I think you will enjoy what i’m about to do to you.”


Neicul wrapped his wrists around the short chains, grabbed them tightly and pulled himself upward. In one smooth motion he rolled his shoulder blades up the wall and kicked Aletha back. “Don’t you touch me ! I don’t want anything to do with your tampering!”


The two twins acted quickly and bit into his neck, letting their fangs sink deep. With another grunt Neicul’s entire body flexed, pulling on the chains as he tried to pull his head away. He found his body becoming weaker as his essence flowed into the twins. He felt his legs wobble slightly but kept trying to fight back.


Aletha straightened her leather corset and smirked. “My, aren’t we a difficult one,” She spat and drove her talon back into his chest. Another grunt rang out into the dark room as Aletha pulled on his stab wound, letting fresh crimson blood trickle down his chest. His eyes began to dwindle and roll as a deep red aura fizzled out of his neck now. The sangria smoke bellowed around the elves as they moaned in their feeding frenzy. Neicul tugged on the heavy chains one last time before he passed out. Aeltha smiled and waved the elves to get off. She pulled his head back, opened his mouth and poured the strange vial’s contents down his throat. The oily, juniper liquid spilled into his mouth, causing a vibrant flash to emit from his glazed over eyes.


“Excellent work ladies. Now we wait; hopefully this undiluted mixture doesn’t kill him.”






Thick pinewood and tall white birch shot off into the pale blue sky. Lush emerald leaves glistened in the gold sun as northern avians whistled their endless angelic hymns. Avelyn watched as lavender butterflies danced across her arm before fluttering up across her soft face. She laughed as Geem handed her a wild white rose. Avelyn returned a smile and kissed Geem softly. The two laid back under a tall tree while looking out across the coast of Wayyel.


“Words cannot describe how much I love you, Kiyler,” Avelyn spoke, now running her fingers through Geem’s long blond hair.


“I would travel to the ends of the world just to set my eyes upon you,” Geem smiled, looking deep into her lime eyes. Avelyn smirked at the comment and rested her head across his shoulder. Her fingers traced across his chest, letting warmth and love fill her soul.


“You mean the world to me Aveyln. I lov-”


Geem was cut off as the entire world started violently rocking back and forth. Tremors and earthquakes rocked the land as trees became set aflame melting into twisted, fanged, arachnid-like horrors. Black venomous oil seeped upward out of the bleeding dirt as chunks of land erected, spiraling out of control into the sky. The horizon began to crumble apart like broken granite as Geem fell away upward into the now void sky. Avelyn was ripped out of his loving embrace as she was pulled deep into the raven quicksand soil. The swampy mud began to cover her face as the world shattered apart like frozen stain glass.



“Hey! Rise and shine!”


Avelyn awoke from her deep sleep in a startle, her heart racing and confusion surging through her. She rolled to her side while rubbing her eyes, attempting to get rid of the blurry sleep that obstructed her vision. When she finally came to, she scurried backward in fear until she fell off the far side of the bed.  A familiar hardy Kazdruk laugh rang out. Avelyn awoke from her terrible dream, only to return to a much worse, deeper nightmare.


“Sleep well, honey?” Luzella smirked closing in on Avelyn as the elf looked up from the cold floor. “Well? I asked you a question…”  Avelyn only looked up in anger before finally nodding yes.

“Good. It’s time to get you dressed. It’s your first big day; let’s see how long you can last.” Luzella smiled and tossed her a light blue lace thong.  “Today you start with this and only this. Depending on your behavior the next weeks, you might be rewarded with more clothing.


Avelyn looked at the skimpy lace thong and picked it up. She was hoping for real clothing, something with more cover and decency. A frown laced her face but awkwardly, she slid the thong on while trying to remain on all fours. Luzella towered over her, watching the elf in content. Avelyn finished dressing herself and looked up at Luzella in defiance. She was met with a face full of Kazdruk meat. The elf looked away in disgust while Luzella looked down, shaking her head from side to side in disappointment.


“You don’t seem very grateful for the article of clothing I’ve given you.” Avelyn looked the other way in anger and contempt. “Well? What do you have to say for yourself?” Luzella barked.


Avelyn shot her green eyes up at Luzella in pure hatred and rose up off her knees to stand. “I’m an elvish soldier of AzurLyyn!  Why should I be grateful for being treated like an animal? I’m of noble elvish blood! ” Avelyn spat gritting her teeth and she stood up, but then

Luzella lifted the elf off the ground swiftly by her neck, smiling.


“And that my dear, is where you are wrong. There’s no nobility here sweetheart. No entitlements or elvish privilege. Only the strong and the weak. There’s two ways of gaining respect in these walls. You either earn it, or take it by force”  Luzella spoke as her white eyes flared in arousal.  Avelyn struggled in the Kazdruk’s hellish grip now choking and flailing wildly.



“Geem didn’t want you, so now you’re mine. All mine, Avelyn. Do you understand?”  Luzella tossed Avelyn onto the bed. Before the elf could roll off, Luzella grabbed a fist full of her long gold hair and pulled the elf to the edge of the bed. Laying on her back, Avelyn looked up in angst as Luzella lowered herself over her face.


“You will learn your place soon enough. Like all wild animals, they just need some training and domestication…” Luzella paused for a moment thinking. “No.  You’re lower than an animal. Even lower than a human. You elves are worse. In fact, I’d place the dirt on my hoof in higher regards than you.” Luzella smiled, now pinning Avelyn down on the bed.


“I often wonder if you’re even worth being trained to be my little bitch.”  Luzella rested her thick semi-flaccid cock across Avelyn’s face. The heavy member flattened the elf’s cute button nose as she went cross-eyed looking at it’s girth. Avelyn stopped struggling for a moment in terror.


“You haven’t earned the right to be trained,” Luzella laughed. The tall Kazdruk leaned forward, letting her heavy balls drag across Avelyn’s face before resting them on her mouth. “As of now, you’re at the absolute bottom. You’re nothing but an object to me, a non-sentient being. You need to prove to me that you’re an elf that has feelings and perception. Prove to me you’re a living and breathing life.  You can start by polishing these balls.”


A muffle of protest emitted from under Luzella’s heavy dark balls as the great amazonian slowly pressed down, letting the weighty spheres smother the elf’s face.


“Hmm, did you say something?” Avelyn struggled again but Luzella nonchalantly held the small elf in place. “You better get licking.” The struggling stopped for a moment; “Struggle as much as you want, I promise you won’t win.”  Avelyn’s feet kicked in panic. Her arms flailed around doing anything in her power to escape.


“Looks like you might die on your first day after all. What a pity,”  Luzella sighed in disappointment. “You want me to let up? You want salvation? Commiseration perhaps? You need to earn it!”


Avelyn struggled even more before she finally complied. Luzella purred out softly as her balls were met with soft licking. The soft licks turned to long slow laps. Avelyn hated herself but her survival instinct took over.


“Mmmhmm there we go, what a good girl.” The amazonian held her grapefruit sized balls over Avelyn’s face, letting her work her tongue back and forth. Luzella smiled as the elf started to flail again, striving for air while kicking and trying to push up with her small hands. The Kazdruk locked her powerful thighs and looked down.


“Oh, the bed seems to be moving, how strange,” Luzella smirked, not letting up in the slightest. Luzella stood with her balls pressed over the elf’s face ignoring her muffled cries.


Luzella reached up and undid her hair tie, letting her long raven hair fall out of its single ponytail. As Avelyn struggled more, Luzella ran her fingers through her own black locks. Looking at the mirror at the head of the bed, the great demon adjusted her hair some, making sure it framed her face nicely. She tilted her head slightly to the right and ran her finger across the scar that Geem had left under her collar bone. Avelyn’s struggling became even more frantic now, her back arching and legs kicking out to the sides trying anything for a breath of air. Luzella stood unfazed and ran her finger across her own eyebrows. With a smile she adjusted her hair slightly again in pinch of narcissism. She held the very tip of a black strand and observed it closely letting her smile turn to a slight frown.


“Hmm, a split end.”  Luzella reached over and picked up a black brush and began to run it through her hair. Humming to herself, she continued to ignore the elf’s desperate pleas for air who was now punching the sides of Luzella’s robust thighs.


“You have not licked nearly enough to be granted any breath of air… not that you would really need any. Only living beings need air and If I my memory serves me correct, you are still less than a speck of dirt.”


Luzella continued to brush her long hair. Avelyn quickly started lapping away at the Kazdruk balls. Angrily yet eagerly she made long passes with her tongue, sliding back and working her way forward over and over. The elf worked in a last ditch effort to be rewarded with a breath.


“Mmm yes. That’s much better. Work that slutly little tongue of yours. Geem sure let a good one go. Ha! The sun isn’t even up yet and you’re already working that mouth.”

Luzella purred deeply as she felt her slave lap away like a dog. Slowly, the towering Kazdruk pulled her heavy balls off Avelyn’s face, rewarding her with a chance to breathe. The elf sucked in a deep breath of air looking upward in searing anger. Luzella rested her hands down on the bed smiling her injurious smile down at Avelyn.


With a soft animalistic growl Luzella pushed her thick cock head up across Avelyn’s soft lips. With a surprised mumble the elf tried to pull away, but was stopped by Luzella’s grip as she began to stuff her cock head into Avelyn’s mouth. “Where do you think you’re going, hmm? We’re just warming up that pretty little mouth of yours,” Luzella chuckled.  Pushing Avelyn into the bed, Luzella crammed more of her cock into the northern’s tiny mouth.


Avelyn started to panic again as the wide member pushed past her tonsils. She remembered last time Luzella did this on the battlefield, she had almost killed her. Now with the two of them alone in her personal chambers, there was no one to stop her. With no orders or mission objectives to adhere to, who would stop her this time? Avelyn doubted she would hold back today.


The heavy weight of Luzella behind her meaty cock let her slide effortlessly into her warm throat. The amazonian cooed in pleasure as she force fed the elf more length of cock. Avelyn gagged on the thick rod as her throat tightened around the demon shaft. A sloppy muffled protest leaked out as the Kazdruk meat squeezed its way down. Avelyn’s soft lips puckered outward as they tightly gripped the equine cock. Luzella rolled her hips back slightly letting a few inches glid back out. Avelyn tried to swallow as the amazonian member backed out some. Luzella’s eyes feel heavy at the immense pleasure of feeling Avelyn’s tight throat massage her heavy cock. Naturally, the demon pushed back forward in response, choking the elf with more deadly inches. Avelyn tried to reach up and stop any more length of cock from forcefully entering her throat. The elf failed as it was impossible to stop Luzella’s weight and size. It was like trying to push a horse backward, the feat was impossible. Luzella growled again in desire as she took the elf’s throat using it as her personal cock sleeve. Back and forth the Kazdruk soldier slowly rocked, now running her hand over Avelyn’s neck and feeling her own cock sink deeper into the elf’s throat.


Avelyn’s hands pried into Luzella’s large legs again as half of Luzella’s length was buried deep into her throat. Luzella’s pace increased slightly, pushing in and out. Avelyn gagged again as the massive cock pulled partly out before sinking back in. Bubbles of spit drenched the slick cock as Avelyn’s saliva worked as lubricant. The prudent elf twisted, now trying to free herself from choking to death on the fat amazonian cock. Luzella ignored the feeble attempts and held the elf’s neck in place as she sunk her cock even deeper, groaning in bliss. Avelyn’s eyes teared up as she continued to choke.

“What a good little slut. Your throat is even tighter than I remember…mmm, perhaps I should ease back a little. You’re looking a bit blue. Maybe in a few more minutes I will,” Luzella smirked.


Luzella’s comment was meet with a gargled, gagging and muffled whine knowing she wouldn’t last that long. With supremacy, Luzella lifted one hoof up on to the bedside table showing absolute power and control over the smaller elf. With Avelyn struggling between her legs, the demonic tank sank more of her girthy cock, forcing her member deeper. Avelyn frantically panicked now as her lungs burned for air. Luzella grinned in triumph as she used her own weight to keep her cock snugly nestled down her slave’s throat. She smirked resting her hand across her lifted leg and relaxing as the elf tried to push the Kazdruk off with all her strength.


Avelyn’s hands pressed into Luzella’s stallion thighs, her small hands feebly slapping and pushing harder and harder, the wet muffled sounds of dissent now became more feverish. The malicious amazonian sighed in rapture while relishing in the elf’s suffering. The weak and helpless position the northern elf was trapped in sent a shiver up Luzella’s muscular back. Without remorse or care, the Kazdruk held her cock in place enjoying the forced choking pleasure that was wrapping around her shaft. Bucking back and forth ever so softly, the demon continued to use the elf’s small mouth as a fuck toy.


Luzella Avelyn 1


Luzella moaned, now twisting her own large nipples.  She lifted the hefty breast, letting its immense weight hang from only its silver bar-bell piercing. Biting her glossy lower lip, Luzella completely disregarded the elf’s struggles now. Lost in her own wave of pleasure, she greedily sank the rest of her cock into Avelyn’s throat. A final weak muffled gurgle exhausted out of the elf as her throat bulged at the intrusion. Luzella sighed in lust as she let her heavy balls smother over Avelyn’s face and nose. She dropped her hand across Avelyn’s stomach, pinning her down to the bed as she frantically attempted to free herself one last time. The elf’s hands pushed up in a last ditch effort knowing she only had a few more seconds of air left.


Luzella growled in hot desire and twisted thrill as her cock alone was slowly choking out the elvish soldier. Avelyn’s hands faltered as the massive equine cock held itself down to the hilt. Avelyn’s arms fell in surrender as her body started to give up. Luzella bucked into her face, letting her heavy balls knock into the elf’s face. The room spun for Avelyn and stars filled her vision as her enemy’s heavy sack relentlessly punched into her. With big heavy thrusts Luzella moaned out in a wild animalistic fury. She sunk herself completely again, letting her wide balls cover Avelyn’s nose.  Her heavy cock started to pump away and flood Avelyn’s throat with thick Kazdruk seed. Avelyn began to drown on the hot viscous cum.


The torrent of batter endlessly spilled deep into her stomach. Avelyn’s bright green eyes faltered and rolled back as she was forced to take the load. Like a white river, the cum gushed down into her belly. Luzella purred like a panther as her horse cock head flared, trapping it deep in the elf’s throat. Her member flexed softly over and over, force feeding her slave. Avelyn’s soft continuous gulping sent a shiver of bliss up Luzella’s back. She shook her hackles in euphoria as her salvos of cum exceeded Avelyn’s holding capacity and began to flood backward out of her nose and mouth. Luzella started to slowly pull out, letting the remaining cum splash outward. Avelyn laid motionless on her back, her face a mess of cum and ruined eyeliner. Luzella stood with her hefty cock pulsating to the same tempo of her heavy heartbeat.


“Typical weak elvish behavior.”


Luzella grabbed her by the hair and dragged her off the bed, letting her collapse hard to the floor. The fall woke Avelyn up; she rolled to her side, coughing up thick cum and clearing her airway. Her eyes rolled back into focus and she laid for a moment while her head stopped spinning. Slowly, she tried to crawl away to a corner.


“I’m slightly impressed; I knew you were a keeper. My last slave didn’t survive her first oral encounter. I hadn’t cum in a few days while out in the field. Poor girl drowned on my seed…But here you are, still good after two.”  Before Avelyn could get far, Luzella squatted down, reached out, and attached a heavy collar around Avelyn’s small neck. The cold parkerized steel sent a shiver down the elf’s naked body, causing goose-bumps.


“Can’t have you running off throughout the Spire, “ Luzella smiled. “Time to get you cleaned up. You’ll be safe with me so don’t stall behind.”  Avelyn looked up still dazed with a string of cum hanging from her chin. Luzella pulled Avelyn’s face forward hard and kissed her softly. Aggressively, she ran her strong tongue across the elf’s lips lapping up her own excess cum. The demon’s eye fell heavy in pleasure as she swapped her seed with her elf.  Luzella grinned, stood back up, and started to head for the door. Carrying the two meter long chain leash behind her, Avelyn found herself caught off guard and was pulled to her face. Luzella didn’t bother to look back and continued to walk at her normal pace. Her robust long legs covered three to four times that of Avelyn’s normal gate, but with her on all fours it was even worse. The heavy leash started to drag her as she tried her best to adjust.


The two soon found themselves deep within the spire halls. A group of guards walked by slamming their fists to their chests in salute towards Luzella. The Amazinion returned with a smile and nod. The group looked down at Avelyn with sly grins, not taking their evil eyes off until they were out of range. The two made their way farther for what seemed like an eternity to Avelyn. More Kazdruk troops marched by eyeing the elvish slave. Avelyn blushed as the soldiers enjoyed the view.


The two soon found themselves at the entrance to the bathing chambers. The smooth currant tiles refracted the sound of rushing water as warm mist and steam sprinkled across Avelyn’s face. Luzella led her deeper into the bathing chambers. Small waterfalls spilled out of the maws of ancient Kazdruk statue heads. The walls of water ran into sections of deep, clear blue pools. Oval ports of black steel gates let the used water run off deep into the sewers below.  There wasn’t many members in the chambers at this hour, many of the personnel had already moved on to their daily duties, engaging into the cog of the great Kazdruk war machine.


“It’s time to wash up,” Luzella ordered, pushing Avelyn into the cold pool, not giving Avelyn the chance to remove her thong. The elf fell in face first before quickly surfacing with a yelp at the cold temperature. With her gold hair soaked she looked up at Luzella in a red face of enmity before spreading her hair off her face. Luzella stepped into the pool launching an unnecessary splash into Avelyn. The northern attempted to stand in the pool but had her head pushed under the surface.


“Tools and equipment require daily maintenance and cleaning,” Luzella spoke with a twisted grin on her face. Her smirk became more malevolent as Avelyn started to thrash under the surface. With ease Luzella held her underwater for a few moments until the thrashes slowed. With a yank upward, she pulled the elf up letting her gasp for air and relief. The tall Kazdruk roughly pulled Avelyn’s hair back examining her face.

“Hmm… nope. Still dirty,” Luzella laughed and shoved her head back under. Holding her under for a full minute this time. “We could work on your breathing.”  The cruel Kazdruk relished in the elf’s weak struggles as she admired the cute bubbles rising to the surface.


Luzella released her grip with a laugh and moved on to bathing herself. Avelyn surfaced again, her face a twisted mix of agitation and bewilderment. She stood for a moment catching her bearing. Keeping a leery eye on Luzella, she reached down and pulled her thong off, slowly splashed water onto her arms with a shiver and scrubbed her face with what she assumed was soap. At least it smelled nice. As she moved onto the rest of her body she watched Luzella’s wet muscles glisten in the overhead portal of light. The malign amazonian ran her fingers through her long wet black hair. The angle puffed out her large chest. Her heavy mammaries swayed while catching the waterfall’s stream. Avelyn swallowed hard at her sheer power and physique, her eyes becoming lost in the black tattoos that swirled across her body. Eventually Avelyn snapped back to herself and hurried to finish washing herself.


Luzella brushed past her and stepped out of the pool. Avelyn watched her closely. At the last second she whipped her tail launching a splash of chilled water into Avelyn’s face again. The tank emitted a small laugh that bounced into the chamber. Luzella moved on and walked toward fire pits that lined the outer sides of the chamber. Filled with hot coals, the waves of heat helped dry the Kazdruk’s skin. Like a wolf, Luzella shook her neck and back letting the water splash off.  Avelyn quickly made her way out of the pool awkwardly trying to dry off. She quickly realized she wouldn’t find soft lamb elvish towels here.


“Hurry up or we’re going to miss breakfast,” Luzella spoke placing her light leather garments on. Avelyn shook her arms and twisted her blond hair into a braid squeezing the water out. Her lip folded in an unpleasant grin as she held up her cold, wet thong.


“My undergarment is soaked now,” The northern elf mumbled to herself.  Luzella turned back to the outspoken elf.


“And who’s fault is that?” the Kazdruk smirked. Avelyn scowled at the conceited and obvious question. Staring at Luzella she stood, refusing to put them back on. Luzella looked at her in annoyance before smiling.


“Fine,” Luzella muttered before walking off to her shelf. She walked back quickly with a giant grin on her face. “You want another outfit?” Luzella snached the soaked thong away and tossed Avelyn a pair of black lace thigh-highs and an intricate, elvish laced half-underbust.


Avelyn looked at the clothing now regretting her original complaint. The clothing offered no real extra coverage. In fact there was less now since the outfit held no bottoms of any kind. In fear of angering Luzella any further, she hastily put the outfit on.  The underbust hugged her chest while pushing her breasts up in display. The long lace thigh-highs accentuated her long elvish legs and fit thighs.


Luzella ran her eye’s down Avelyn enjoying the new look. “Well?” Luzella asked. “Better?”


Avelyn twisted her bottom lip while biting her tongue.  “…Yes, thank… you.”


“Good; wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable during your stay,” Luzella responded with a malevolent edge. “Now let’s go, we’ve wasted enough time here.”


The two made their way back into the dark halls. Avelyn returned to all fours, freezing as Luzella reattached her collar. “When we get to the mess hall, I’ll give you permission to walk upright. You’ve behaved yourself thus far. I don’t want you tripping anyone up on your leash, so stay close.”




Testosterone filled yells and hardy Kazdruk laughs rang out from the mess hall. Soldiers of all ranks mingled, ate, and drank before starting their various duties. Bets were already being placed for the day as arm wrestling and gambling sprawled across oak tables. Tobacco smoke fogged the large room casting a fuzzy haze across a group of soldiers playing five finger fillet. 


Luzella pushed the door open and slowly strolled into the wood and amber hued room. Avelyn walked slowly behind her trying not to make eye contact with any of the soldiers and keeping close as ordered. The chatter and noisy discord lowered a few decibels as Luzella made her way to a table. A few grunts at the table spilled away in fear as Luzella and Avelyn headed towards it. The remaining three didn’t bother to move, either not aware of Luzella’s approach or too blinded in arrogant pride to care. Luzella pulled one of the Kazdruks off the wood bar stool, and the poor bastard busted his face on the side of the table and tried to run off before slipping and falling again. Luzella took his seat while fellow Kazdruk around them laughed as he crawled away with more than a bruised ego. The other two remaining grunts froze in terror. They sat across from the Amazonian silently drinking from their mugs. Avelyn remained standing, nervously looking around. She could feel hundreds of eyes staring at her almost naked body; she tried her best to cover her supple breasts and velvet cunt with her arms.


A soldier in the table next to them reached out and grouped the elf’s ass. In disgust, Avelyn slapped his hand away. With a surprise and laugh from the group at his table, the soldier rose to his hooves in anger.


“Wahhh, how dare you!” the Kazdruk yelled in a low guttural growl. He reached out to grab Avelyn. Instinctively she dodged the grapple, grabbed his arm, and twisted it outward. Without thinking, her years of elvish training took control. She reached for a steak knife on the table and came up fast driving it into the Kazdruk’s windpipe before slashing it outward and severing his jugular open. Crimson splashed across the table and her face as he fell to the ground, grasping his neck. The neighbouring table stopped laughing. Some even backed away with their hands up, others rose to their hooves and pulled out various weapons of their own. Avelyn stopped herself, realizing what she had just done. Two large hands rested on her shoulders. Luzella stood behind her with a large mischievous smile on her face, impressed at the carnage her little slave had just unleashed in only mere seconds.


“My my my… what a bad girl. Drop it,” Luzella smirked, slowly pushing the elf’s arms down. The surrounding Kazdruk lowered their own weapons and sat back down.

Avelyn thought for a moment gripping the knife tightly. “I could do the same to her… just slash Luzella’s throat… she would never expect it… but then what? I’d be alone in the mess hall, full of more Kazdruk only to be killed… or worse, reclaimed.”


As much as it pained her to think, Luzella was in fact her only form of protection within these walls. She grimaced in frustration, complied, and dropped the knife to the floor.


“That’s a good girl. Now come here, you want some breakfast?” Avelyn spun around slowly, reaching up to cover her breasts again. “We will discuss this little bout of misbehavior later,” Luzella smiled while wiping the fresh blood off the elf’s face. Avelyn took a seat. The two grunts who sat across from Luzella looked at her for a moment as Avelyn looked up at them. They returned their own heinous grins, most likely mentally ravaging her.


“Pleasant morning, yeah?” Luzella asked the two.


“Oh..uh, yes…yes,” The soldier on the left finally spoke out, clearly uneasy. A scantily clad female Kazdruk walked up to the table eyeing Avelyn through the black hair that hung over her green piercing eyes. She bent over the table seductively and dropped down two fresh mugs.

“Who’s the fresh meat, Luz?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye and revealing a sharp row of teeth.


“Just a new spoil of war, hon,” Luzella responded with a grin.


“Aye, well you better keep her leash tight in these parts.”


” She seems to be already making new friends,” Luzella smirked and took a swing from her mug.


“Aye, so I see…so what’ll be, Luz? The usual?” Luzella nodded

“Sure, but rare this time! I swear, if that imbecile of a cook burns it again, I’ll go back there and cut his fucking hand off.”


The Kazdruk waitress giggled. “How about blondie here?”


“Oh…I dunno, What do elves eat anyway? Leaves? Bark? Fuck, I don’t know, give her some prisoner rations.”


The server let out a loud laugh and spun a dagger before driving in into the table for Luzella.  “You got it, Luzella.”


Avelyn looked at the apparent server in awe. Another female Kazdruk. She wondered why the others didn’t assault her. Perhaps they didn’t turn on their own kind after all. But that didn’t seem right. No, she didn’t accept that thought and watched on in wonder. She wasn’t as large as Luzella. In fact, she was only an inch or so taller than Avelyn.

“By the way, hows your stomach?” the server asked smiling in a conceited manner.

Luzella pushed her stool back and ran her finger over a faint scar.

“Fine, no thanks to you,” the great Kazdruk spat playfully. ” …I still want a rematch.”


“Ha! Of course you do; be back in sec with your meals.”


“Every Kazdruk is dangerous.” Avelyn thought to herself. “Even her.


Avelyn shyly looked at the mug in front of her and slowly reached out for it. She wrapped her small hands around it and brought the rim up to her nose.  The fumes burned her nose and she made a face of disgust. Still, she took a sip.


With a dry cough, she spit it back out. It tasted like old whisky and ashes, though it didn’t really surprise her that these monsters would drink first thing. Luzella slapped her across the back hard, nearly knocking Ayelyn over.


“No dying on me now; it’s only your first day, and not even noon,” Luzella smiled.

Suddenly the mess hall door swung open hard. Another tall female Kazdruk strolled in.


Avelyn looked up at her in awe and was surprised by her resemblance to Luzella. Her skin was tan much like Luzella’s. She was built strong like a warrior and her long hoofed legs carried the amazonian gracefully. She appeared slightly shorter than Luzella with a similar but thinner build. Her thick muscular thighs and ripped abdominal section rivaled Luzella’s. Half of her head was shaved while the other half was elegantly long and raven black, draping down the right side of her head. Locks of tight, thin, blue braids were mixed in. A long curling horn much like Luzella’s rose up across the shaven part of her scalp while the other horn was sheared off at midpoint. Her face was filled with scourge and hate. The thick black facial tattoos was set off by her icey mint colored serpent eyes that peered across the mess hall. Avelyn noticed a black bull ring hanging from her septum. As she got closer she noticed two Kazdruk battle axes hosteled on either side of her wide hips. The two weapons hung loosely in steel loops ready for combat at moments notice. The built Kazdruk was clearly looking for someone.




Hastily, she moved from table to table shoving soldiers around and yelling. Finally a grunt pointed toward Avelyn and Luzella. Avelyn watched on in fear as the berzerker got closer. Luzella didn’t seem to notice. The tall demoness’ tail whipped side to side; she reached down and unholstered one of her battle axes raising it high over her head. Luzella still sat oblivious.


“Behind you ! Watch out!” Avelyn yelled out in mixed horror, quickly hating herself for even caring.


The Kazdruk’s axe came down into the oak table directly in front of Luzella. Luzella flashed her fangs and shifted herself off to the side tackling the other demon. Luzella lifted her off her hoofs and tossed her over a table. The assailant rose up quickly and swung at Luzella with a fork. Luzella blocked the stab but was met with a punch by the attacker’s free hand. Luzella stumbled back before launching a hard elbow strike in response. The two brutes grappled in a circle flexing their large arms while knocking over stools and tables. Avelyn ducked trying to keep clear of the wild chaos. The two wrestled for a moment before suddenly stopping mid fight and bursting out into wild, hardy laughter. The two outstretched their arms and embraced each other in large bear hugs. Slapping each others backs, the two smiled. Avelyn watched on with her mouth wide open in bewilderment.


“Wulfshn you dumb Keeat, how have you been?… Clearly, still the weaker one, ha! Have a seat, enjoy a meal with me, tell your oldest and greatest sister some war stories,” Luzella laughed, rubbing the other woman’s shoulder.


Wulfshn smiled and sat down next to Luzella.  Avelyn felt a heavy hand slam onto her shoulder. Luzella turned to her and spoke. “This is Wulfshn, my younger littermate. We derive from the same unrivalled bloodline. You will treat her with utmost respect.”


Avelyn nodded. “Yes… of course.”


“So Wulfshn, what brings you back to the Spire? I thought you were fighting in the horrid jungles to the south?”


“I was, we took thirteen villages.” Wulfshn spoke proudly with a similar deep Kazdruk voice, but she seemed to carry a much harsher accent than Luzella’s. Avelyn noticed a slight animalistic demeanor that radiated from her. She seemed reckless and bloodthirsty.

“My talon was recalled back here to the Spire. Something about needing to support the proposed invasion of the continent to the west… Dal… something… Markaan?… I believe it’s called… who cares, as long as there’s blood to be shed.  But I’m afraid I return with concerning news. Word travels fast. It’s our youngest littermate, Karthelza.”


Luzella paused for a moment. “Karthelza; what of her?” Wulfshn took Avelyn’s mug and took a sip.

“She’s gone missing.”


“What! missing?”


“Yes, she was leading a caravan of slave wagons towards Innisgar, but her troops and the caravan went missing. That’s all I know. No one has reported in,” Wulfshn spoke slightly puzzled.


“How odd. Well we can only wait and hope that no harm has come to our Karthelza.”


Wulfshn nodded before taking another swig. At that moment, their food came. Avelyn looked down at her plate of rather unappetizing food. Moving the rock-hard piece bread over with her finger, she made a face of disgust.


“Eat up dear, we’re training after this,” Luzella spoke, poking Avelyn hard in her arm, almost knocking her out of the stool. “If you don’t have anything scheduled today Wulfshn, you’re more than welcome to join.”


Wulfshn smiled, running her finger across her battleaxe blade.


“Indeed, I could go for a good sparr match with you, sis.”




Yuldasha never found out about the stunt Jelthra pulled, shoving me into Bel’vkar cage.

I kept it that way. No need to be punished twice. She didn’t think I was ready after all to command a Talon. She was smart and knew we still hated each other.     

Instead of being forgiven of our differences, Yuldasha thought it would be best if we kept working together. So she ordered us to work at the training pit. So here Jelthra and I worked. A bit ironic actually, the two of us being forced to work together around weapons. Maybe Yuldasha wanted to see if we would slowly kill each other. Then we would be out of her hair.

The two of us moved back and forth removing broken weapons that needed mending by blacksmiths. We spent hours doing inventory and restocking crates with new swords. The two of us didn’t speak unless we absolutely had to. The silence was killing me slowly. I was going mad with my own thoughts, so I finally said something.


“I think we’re even.”



Jelthra ignored Kamri for a moment before finally smirking.  The silence was eating away at her just as much. “Well? Are you never going to speak to me ?” Kamri asked slightly laced with annoyance.


Jelthra looked away for a moment then finally responded. “Iz suppose…”


Kamri’s brows angled downward at the blunt response. A spark of anger tingled down her neck but she didn’t push on.


At that moment, Jelthra looked past Kamri. Her eyes filled with a rare glimpse of fear.

Kamri knew something was wrong, she could sense it. She turned to see Luzella and another quite large female Kazdruk soldier walking into the fighting pit tying off their bracers. An elf slave followed them close behind trying her best to carry Luzella’s heavy halberd.


Both Kamri and Jelthra noticed that they were trapped in the weapon hold. The only way out of the pit was to exit the weapon hold and pass through Luzella and the other. The two ducked behind a barrel of damaged swords and peered over. It would appear that Luzella had not noticed either of them yet.


“Shit, shit, shiiit. She shows up at ze worst times.” Jelthra clutched her fist in anger.

Kamri looked around analyzing the best way to escape. It was too late. Luzella was already walking toward the weapon hold.


Kamri noticed a shaft straight above them. Without wasting another second, she kicked off the side of the wall, launched herself upward and was able to hang from the opening. She pulled herself up quickly and was able to crawl inside. The shaft was a long tunnel that most likely lead outside or at least another room. Kamri crawled inside vanishing into the dark shadows.


‘What do we have here?” Luzella laughed, now only meters away.


Jelthra looked around panicking now, wondering if she could make the same jump Kamri made. She looked back at Luzella and then quickly back up. She backed up slightly and attempted to jump. She kicked off the wall and grabbed the entrance to the air-shaft. As she pulled herself up she slipped and fell back down. She realized it was impossible for her to back up to gain enough running room and try again.


” Leaving so soon, Jelthra?” Luzella asked, enclosing on the human.


“Jelthra, jump!”


Jelthra looked back up to see Kamri’s outstretched hand reaching down. Without hesitating, she jumped up grabbing Kamri’s arm. The southland elf pulled her up to safety before Luzella could get close enough. Luzella’s squinted in frustration looking up into the shaft.


“Cowards! Simply masters of retreat and nothing more!… When your time comes it will be so ever glorious.” Luzella smiled, accepting their escape and turning back around.


Jelthra and Kamri sat inside the shaft for a second. The two panted in the dark catching their breaths. “Why did you do zat? Jelthra asked puzzled.


“Listen, I think we’re stronger off as a team. We need to take her out. It would be beneficial to both of us. Regardless, a thank you would be nice…trust me, I wanted to leave you down there.”


Jelthra cracked a sly smile. “Well, thank you.”


“By the way, who was the other tall one?” Kamri asked trying to figure out where to go next.


“I think it’s Luzella’s littermate…Wulfshn I believe.” Jelthra replied, now flicking a flame from her fingertip to help light the way.


“Ugh, you mean there’s more like Luzella?”


“Unfortunately yes, but not many. She and her sisters are a rare breed. They’re born from a purebred bloodline designed strictly to cause great ruin. Built for strength, dexterity, size, and prowl. Their clan of Kazdruk were no fools though. Zhey also passed on intelligence and tactician skills.”


“Seems they also passed on arrogance and a bad attitude. So how do we stop her?”


“Carefully… We do have one advantage,” Jelthra spoke well looking at her flickering finger and turned her hand into a blazing ball of flame.


“You zee, her militant clan does not tinker with magic. They don’t look highly of it. They find it dishonorable and full of trickery. ”


“So we need magic?”


“Indeed, as much as we can find and learn.”






Later that night.


Luzella closed the heavy chamber door and locked it. She lead Avelyn in, slowly pushing down on her neck.


“On the bed,” Luzella ordered coldly.


Avelyn frowned and moved towards the bed before lowering herself onto it without protest. Her will was faltering, her body tired and weak. It had been a very, very long day following Luzella around on her various duties. She was ordered back and forth to retrieve various weapons while Luzella and Wulfshn trained. Later she carried her halberd everywhere they went. To the barracks, to the upper levels of the spire, and every location in between. Then as a reward for not dropping it at any point, she was instructed to clean it. Wulfshn enjoyed making her life even more miserable; at one point Wulfshn shoved her into a table full of assorted armor when Luzella wasn’t looking. She was then punished for her clumsiness.


Avelyn complied. She kneeled in the middle of the bed with her hands resting on either side. She looked ahead at Luzella’s long legs as she paced around the room removing her clothing. The moon glared in from outside casting rays of lunar light across Luzella’s build. Many scattered candles mixed with cool lunar hues.

“Well, Avelyn, you didn’t do too bad today.” Luzella tilted her lip and nodded to the side slightly. “You did slay a soldier… but I’ll let that slide today.” The Amazonian approached Avelyn and ran her hand through her long blond hair.


She walked to the foot of the bed directly in front of Avelyn. Her athletically round ass and wide hips suddenly obscured her view. She laid back and joined Avelyn beside her in bed.

Luzella shifted her hair to one side, exposing her shoulders and muscular back. Avelyn nervously ran her eyes across the amazonian.


“Let’s see if you remember your duty.”


Without another word Avelyn swallowed and pushed her tiny hands across her master’s broad back. The Kazdruk relaxed on her stomach feeling her slave’s tiny hands work into her shoulders. The elf worked her hands for a few minutes as the candles flickered in the chilly night breeze. Avelyn was rewarded with soft purrs of content.


“Mmm, tell me Avelyn, how are you enjoying your stay?”


Avelyn didn’t know how to respond. She chose her response carefully. “I-I-It’s been fine.” She finally managed to say.  Luzella smiled through her lovely back rub.


The awkward silence was making Avelyn nervous. She thought it was probably best to keep her mouth shut but she gathered the courage, cleared her throat, and opened her mouth.


“Ummm, Master? Who were the two in the fighting pit earlier today? The ones who… got away?”


Avelyn kept moving her hands into the Kazdruk’s back, swallowing hard and fearing Luzella’s response. The Amazonian only smiled to herself in a dark rancorous manner. Ignoring the elf’s question, she countered with a question of her own.


“What else can you do little one?” Avelyn paused in fear. The question completely caught her off guard. She couldn’t think of anything to say.



“Well? Are you really that useless? What else are you capable of doing?” Luzella asked, curling her lips.


Avelyn quickly reached up and touched Luzella’s long hair. “I-I could braid your hair?”

Luzella grinned knowing the elf was scrambling to make herself useful. She slowly turned back to face Avelyn. The northern elf knelled back, frozen in fear and hating herself on the inside.


“Braid her hair? Really Avelyn? This blood thirsty raping Kazdruk? A soldier responsible for hundreds of her own people’s death. That’s the best you could think of?.”


“Or, I uh…could polish your hooves?” Avelyn asked, desperately trying to offer something better.


Luzella smiled, quite amused. “No, no, you may braid my hair if that’s what you wish, I would make a fitting reward for your good behavior today.” Luzella chuckled and turned back before sitting up.


Avelyn nodded and cautiously reached up and parted three long strands of hair towards the right side. She certainly had enough hair she thought to herself. Slowly, she began to weave the long tresses. Luzella closed her eyes, relaxing while the elf’s small hands started to cross the hair into a long elvish styled braid.

“Those two you saw, the human. Her name is Jelthra and the elf is Kamri,” Luzella finally responded, her mind filling with heinous thoughts.


“Umm…are they in trouble? Enemies of yours?” Avelyn cautiously pryed.


“Yes,” Luzella simply responded.


“Oh, I see.”


Avelyn pulled back on her hair rather hard now picking up slack. The great Kazdruk smirked, finding the position rather amusing. It wasn’t often that she had someone behind her pulling on her thick hair. She grazed her fang over her lip at the rare occurrence. Mixed with the thoughts of Kamri and Jelthra dancing through her head, her cock jumped in excitement.


Fire began to surge through the Kazduk’s bloodstream as Avelyn inadvertently aroused her mistress while she tugged at her hair again. A soft growl slipped between Luzella’s gritted teeth as a deep predatory wave ran up her spine. Avelyn stopped suddenly at the sound, thinking she might have done something wrong or inflicted discomfort. Avelyn waited for a second and continued the braid. Luzella made a soft groan of pleasure as her slave once again pulled on her braid to keep the slack tight. Luzella’s heavy cock started to rise and erect itself. Avelyn tied off the braid with a small piece or red thread.


“I completed your braid, Master. Would you like me to do another?”


Luzella ran her fingers through the new braid smiling and grinning knowing her slave had devoted herself freely to it. Licking her lips, she turned around slowly. Avelyn fell cold from the gaze in Luzella’s eyes. She knew that look well.


Avelyn backed up cautiously, resting on her ass.  Luzella slowly advanced, pushing Avelyn onto her back. The Kazdruk moved like a deadly carnivore about to strike its prey. Elegantly, the amazonian leaned into the small elf pushing her deep into the soft bed.


“You sure do ask a lot of questions slave,” Luzella purred, wiping her tail back in excitement before running her tongue up Avelyn’s neck. She bit the air, slamming her teeth shut and causing an audible snap. Avelyn flinched at the sudden sound. Inhaling deeply, Luzella relished in her slave’s fresh scent, like fruit ripe for the taking. Her eyes glowed a fiery white in response to the inviting scent. Pushing herself atop more, she wrapped her hand around the northerner’s neck and lapped her tongue across her soft elvish lips.


Avelyn looked up in distress, her fingertips now digging into the soft bed. She watched as soft honey colored candles bounced across Luzella’s bellicose face. Luzella pressed herself down forcing her lush lips across the elf’s. Avelyn’s sharp green eyes widened at the sudden intrusion of warm Kazdruk tongue. Laying down, Luzella’s warm body now enveloped Avelyn, pushing her deeper into the bed. She squirmed slightly as she lay trapped under the muscular tank. A shiver ran up her spine as she realized even the demon’s tongue was dominant and in full control.


A thick bulge pressed against Avelyn’s twat. Instinctively she tried to push Luzella off. Her tiny hands moved up her master’s arms before wrapping around the Kazdruk’s authoritarian biceps. The northern conceded to the impossible idea as she felt them flex in her hands. A silky growl resonated from Luzella like a Keeat warning and ensured her dominance. In fear, the elf backed off accepting her submissive place beneath the predator.


Luzella pushed her thickening cock head up against the elf’s petals again earning a soft moan of protest from Avelyn. She rose her hands up again and desperately pushed her palms into the sides of Luzella as if somehow she would be able to shove her off. The amazonian pushed back aggressively, letting out another soft growl.


Gently, Luzella pulled back grinning and rolled the elf over unto her chest and belly. Avelyn hesitated as she was pushed downward and had her arms pulled behind her. With no other choice she laid on her stomach. A soft click chirped out as cold shackles attached around her thin wrists. The steel cuffs locked together and restrained her arms behind her back. It was an unneeded and redundant measure for someone such as Luzella and her strength, but the Kazdruk relished in the idea of submissiveness stacked upon helplessness. It served as an oppressive reminder to Avelyn that she was nothing but a mere object, a slave and personal sex toy. The notion that her future would be forever beneath this Kazdruk warrior struck Avelyn hard like a warhammer.


Luzella straddled over her back and nuzzled into Avelyn’s neck playfully letting out a primal snarl. The sound sent shivers up Avelyn’s back. Completely defenseless now, she whimpered softly as Luzella leaned into her.


Sliding her hand through Avelyn’s hair, Luzella toyed with her golden tresses as if trying to comfort her in a nefarious and derisive manner. Avelyn’s heart started to race as she felt Luzella’s cold nipple studs slide across her warm back. The loving caresses turned to a fist full of hair as Luzella pulled the elf’s head back.


“You haven’t forgotten your place already, have you?” Luzella asked while sharply pulling back on Avelyn’s hair further. The elf let out another soft whimper in response.


“You need to remember two things my dear. One: Geem put you here. Two: your place,” Luzella remarked, pushing the elf’s head down onto the fluffy pillow.


Luzella laid down on top of the elf, letting her heavy tits squash across her back.  Trapped under the amazianion, Avelyn gripped the shackle chain tightly as she felt Luzella’s hardening cock grind up against her ass then slide downward towards her tight cunt. A worried weep cried out from Avelyn’s lips as the fat member pushed into cunt forcing her lips to spread and accommodate the Kazdruk’s girth. Avelyn’s toes curled under foot as the beefy flared cock head completed its entry. Luzella pulled her hair back like a set of reins. Forced to look forward, Avelyn gritted her teeth in discomfort as the amazonian sank more of her length into her. Calmly, Luzella held her mount in place and rocked into her fuck-pet. Avelyn’s breasts slid back and forth across the silk sheets as her master’s pace started to increase.


Avelyn thought of Geem now. Outrage and searing anger filled her eyes as her abandonment played over and over. The loop of him turning to Queen Aria repeated again and again to the rhythm of Luzella’s thrusting. Sadness did not fill her anymore. Only hatred, deep-seated hatred. The sudden sound of her own ass slapping against Luzella’s powerful hips snapped her out of the rage. Her mouth agape and moaning in disbelief as the powerful Kazdruk had thrusted her way balls-deep. Avelyn’s hands gripped into fists and her moans shifted to short grunts as the heavy equine-like cock pushed up into her cervix. Her jade eyes rolled back in a mix of pleasure and pain. She tried to hold back the audible sounds, denying the Kazdruk bitch any more bliss but the heavy thrusting pushed the moans and mixed grunts out.


“Listen to you moaning like an elvish dog. If I wasn’t mistaken, it sounds like you’re enjoying my cock.”


Avelyn tried to respond but only managed to grunt out between the battering ram humps.  “Unngh, No…please, uuuh,…ease…up…please!”


Luzella’s lips curled up in a destructive grin. Pulling back on her toy’s hair she bucked into her harder. “I promised I’d fuck you into oblivion, didn’t I? I want Geem hear your screams,”

Luzella proclaimed while pounding into the tiny elf wildly. Not holding back, she drove into her causing the entire bed frame to move. Tiny squeaks of moans shot out of Avelyn’s mouth between thrusts. Held down she sank into the bed as Luzella buried into her without remorse.


In slight relief Avelyn felt Luzella pull out, spilling warm precum across the dark sheets. The glistening cock bobbed out throbbing hard in hungry anticipation. Pulling Avelyn by her hair, Luzella dragged the elf’s face toward her wide cock-head. Luzella brushed her member across the elf’s forehead, down her face and to her lips.


“Thats it, lick that cum up!” With the room spinning, Avelyn stuck her tongue out as precum drizzled across her face and chin.


With an effortless movement, Luzella tossed Avelyn back onto her stomach. The elf heaved heavily trying to catching her breath. “Please… let me rest,” Avelyn managed to speak between labored breaths.

Luzella wrapped her hand around the elf’s calf and pulled her left leg up, shifting Avelyn to her side. The northern struggled slightly, trying to pull away. The threatening demon gripped her leg tighter and curled her slick lips up in elation, her smile quickly turning to malice.


“ Aww poor Ave, are you worn out so soon? I expected more from such a preeminent and opulent species.”


Luzella ignored the request for repose and pushed her cockhead back up against Avelyn’s pussy. The great demon lifted her toy’s leg up as she pushed back inside her. Avelyn gritted her teeth as the girth began to re stretch her, the dark cock sliding deeper and deeper. Luzella growled in delight as the elf’s lips clutched around her shaft. In rapture, the amazonian thrusted in and out. Avelyn bounced back and forth helplessly taking her master’s cock.

Avelyn’s moans rang out louder now, too defeated to hold back.


“That’s right, you take that cock like a good whore, Avelyn,” Luzella smirked.

Luzella Avelyn2


With assertion, Luzella shoved Avelyn’s head into the pillow while rocking into her. Avelyn’s tits bounced up with every heavy thrust. Laying into the elf, Luzella stuffed her slave full of meat, in and out, relentlessly. Harder and harder Luzella pumped. The bed rocked into the stone wall in repetitive hard strikes. Avelyn’s moans fell to quiet groans, now being overshadowed by skin smacking against skin. Luzella couldn’t hold back any longer, the sensation of the Avelyn’s tight cunt drove the Kazdruk over the edge. In uncontrollable lust, Luzella plowed into the elf even harder now, as her cock began to explode cum deep inside her womb. Hot thick seed flooded into Avelyn, overflowing her insides like a freshly broken dam.


The vicious demon held Avelyn fast as she deposited gallons of her batter inside. In thick spurts, Luzella unloaded as she dropped Avelyn’s leg. The northern elf rolled to her back as the mammoth Kazdruk collapsed on top of her. Her heavy body and tits pinned the elf to the bed. In short heavy breaths Luzella panted like a wild animal. She bit her lip as her cock flexed a few final times deep inside the elf. Holding Avelyn tight, she lapped up the sticky precum that laid glazed across her slave’s lips. Avelyn laid helplessly under the strong demon as the room spun on end.


“Mmm, you’re such a delicious little slut,” Luzella purred while undoing her slave’s shackles.  Resting her head on the pillow and her body still crushing Avelyn. Luzella’s tail flicked back and forth in content. The Kazdruk sighed in pleasure as she quickly started to drift off to sleep. Avelyn laid under her wincing in a mix of pain, bewilderment and relief as Luzella’s fat cock started to soften, letting another flood of hot cum to spill back out.  Her green eyes raced around in uneasiness. She lifted her weak arms and tried to push the now slumbering amazonian demon off her. Avelyn’s hands fell to her sides in exhaustion. She frowned as the heavy Kazdruk didn’t budge in the slightest. Giving in to defeat, she sank into the sheets and closed her eyes, relieved that this day has ended but fearing for the next.

News Update June 2015

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I’m trying as hard as I can to get  my next Spire of Torment chapter out this month. It’s just about done. I need to fine tune some parts and then edit it. You kind ladies and gents really wanted to see and read about more Luzella and Avelyn! So that’s what you’re gonna get! Plus some other surprises!  I have some fun art to go along with it too 😀 stuff I’ve been holding onto for almost a year now. So trust me, i want to release this chapter ASAP :D.

Another project that is in the works is…*drum roll* I have painfully started illustrating every-single major Dominion’s Chain character. ( i think there’s like over 30) They’re all going to get fairly detailed, full body character shots. Some will even get nude variants. In the end, I plan to line all of them up in one huge character line up! You might see some being released soon. I haven’t decided yet on how I want to release them. I was thinking like mock collectable cards with stats or something. Who knows.   

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Aeltha leak

Spire of Torment. Chapter 25: Retaliation & Submission

By: Lucien

Wispy strands of shadow clawed across Kamri’s back. Fresh from the showers, the praetorian and twisted Kazdruk elf made her way towards Yuldasha’s chambers. She had been instructed to meet with her moments ago. The defense of the elvish assault was a great success; the higher ranking Kazdruk commanders and talon leaders were very delighted at the swift defeat of the weak and impuissant elves. Kamri had not yet seen Yuldasha since the conflict. She tried to speculate what she would think of her and her assigned Talon’s efforts. Thoughts skimmed across her mind as she wondered how the demoness queen would feel towards her. She was not afraid – in fact, she was quite proud. A flare of pride and vanity flushed over her tan skin. Kamri walked with purpose and confidence. She knew she was now a force to be reckoned with and no longer a victim. She was the breaker, the scythe, and the hand that would pull the coalition deep into their graves. Kamri smirked at the thought. The feeling of power and hunger had not diluted any since the end of the elvish offensive. She wanted to taste more, she wanted to stretch her abilities further. The cravings bubbled at the back of her tongue and tingled through her fingertips. She made her way through the dark corridors that glimmered wildly with candles. Soon she found herself at Yuldasha’s door. The two husky guards nodded and motioned her to enter.

Kamri walked slowly but confidently across the dark polished tiles.The distance between her and the Kazdruk leader seemed to extend forever. Each tile she marched on brought her a meter closer to the majestic leader of this Spire. Straight ahead Yuldasha sat, waiting at her great throne. Her long raven hair framed her face perfectly. Kamri smirked at how Yuldasha always appeared so wrathfully exemplary. She was unparalleled and pristine in her deadly beauty making it difficult to not gaze.

“Come before me, young urchin,” Yuldasha spoke with her chin held high.

Kamri continued walking. Her heeled greaves echoed off the granite surface loudly before she kneeled before Yuldasha.

“My, my, haven’t we come far,” the demoness spoke, rising from her dark throne. “Word travels fast in these parts, Kamri. Whispers of your actions and admirable performance have already reached my ears.”

Yuldasha waltzed across the chamber letting her spade tail lash in unison. She stopped at her immense granite table and looked down across the sprawling map. Kamri remained on her knee, not sure if she should rise or not.

” You may rise, Kamri,” Yuldasha finally spoke out as if she’d almost forgotten.

“Thank you, master,” Kamri said, rising to her feet and shifting to face Yuldasha.

“But of course, I don’t rely solely on rumors, Kamri. I saw your actions with my own eyes,” Yuldasha smiled as she pointed toward a large scrying orb. She spun to face Kamri. “Your actions were quite impressive, I must admit. Hmm, but perhaps I’m a bit biased.” Yuldasha turned back to the great map smiling.” I must continue the advancement of my forces across this powerless and frail plane. My plan is falling into place nicely,” She spoke before fumbling her lip in frustration and slamming her fist hard across the map. Sparks of jade evaporated into the dark air around her clenched fist. “I need better Talon commanders! Ones with drive, determination, and perseverance.” Yuldasha paused for a moment. “…someone such as yourself,” Yuldasha grinned, turning and looking down at Kamri.

“Tell me, how did it feel to sever your lovers head from his body?”

Kamri’s eyes ignited sharply. ” It felt… magnificent.”     

“You lack remorse. You’re driven only by your cravings and inner drive. Hmm yes…maybe a bit too early.” Yuldasha stopped for a moment and then smiled. “You’re being promoted to Talon commander, Kamri; congratulations. “

Kamri smirked in surprise. “It would be my honor. Thank you, Master.”

“I’ll give you a few days. Select your members. Run them through some drills, get to know them and report back to me when your Talon is ready.”

Kamri bowed. “Yes, Master.”

“You’re dismissed.”

Kamri made her way back across Yuldasha’s vast chamber. As she reached the large doors, they opened inward. Pure anger soaked Kamri’s being. Jelthra walked in eyeing Kamri down in silence. Equal hatred seething under her skin.

Yuldasha turned to look at the two, sensing the thick animosity that suddenly spilled into the chamber. The two spun around each other like feral mountain cats. No words had to be spoken, no story to be told. Yuldasha could easily sense the detestation between the two.

“You bitch !  How dare you cross before me! I’z fucking kill you!” Jelthra spat in rage and lunged for Kamri’s neck with her hands.

Kamri rolled back, letting Jelthra follow through forward. The corrupted elf grappled and pulled downward while rolling smoothly to her back. She rode her long leg up into Jelthra’s stomach and flipped her backward skyward. Jelthra landed hard on her shoulder blades. She quickly scrambled to her feet in outrage and embarrassment.

Yuldasha took a step away from her map table and looked on in amusement. She thought about intervening and stopping the two, but she was genuinely curious on the outcome. Two guards ran in to stop the scuffle but Yuldasha quickly called them off. She took a seat while sipping her delicate wine and watched on.

Kamri opened up on Jelthra. She lunged with quick combinations of jabs. Jelthra blocked the punches and deflected the last strike, redirecting Kamri’s movement outward. She forced the elf’s hand upward and struck her hard in the face. Kamri buckled backward slightly dazed before returning a high spinning roundhouse kick. The kick caught Jelthra hard across her jaw; she was sent spinning into a stone column filled with Kazdruk decor. The human crashed through artifacts and fell hard to the floor. With perseverance, Jelthra came up to her knees launching an intense fireball. The flaming spell splashed across Kamri’s right arm bracer. Brilliant flames engulfed her armor and she was meet with an axe kick. Kamri fell rearward and back hand sprung out of the line of Jelthra’s next fire spell. The elf quickly ran up towards Jelthra; she jumped sideways and sprung off a nearby pillar, coming down hard with an elbow strike.

The elbow crushed into Jelthra’s face, sending her tumbling backwards. Kamri used the moment to follow up with a knee strike to the human’s stomach. The strike sent Jelthra airborne and Kamri quickly knocked her back down across her spine. Jelthra cried out in pain as she landed hard across the tile, sprawled out flat on her chest. The fuming elf approached Jelthra as she struggled to stand back up. Jelthra’s body suddenly vanished before Kamri’s eyes. The human spell-sword reappeared behind Kamri. Jelthra wrapped her arm around her neck, placing her into a choke hold. The dark elf struggled in the human’s hold.

“Ha! Iz got you now wretched whore!”

Kamri fought, gasping for air. She thought quickly and pushed herself forward flipping Jelthra over her back. The two fell over hard. Kamri placed her hand across Jelthra’s face, prying her jaw sideways. The human returned the favor reaching up and pushing against the elf’s face. The two rolled around like snakes looking for a window of advantage.

“Enough!'” Yuldasha stood from her throne. Noticing the stalemate, she walked toward the two and launched two bolts of green lighting. The two women became separated and were flung across to opposite sides of the room. Kamri leapt back to her feet, already running, trying to close the distance. Her face full of animalistic rage. Yuldasha launched her whip around her neck, pulling the elf clean of her feet. She fell hard.

“I said enough!”

Kamri kneeled but did not advance anymore; she held her ground glaring at Jelthra with a trickle of blood rolling down her lip. Jelthra stood doing the same.

“I will not allow you two to waste anymore potential!” Yuldasha outstretched her hands and pulled the two closer.

“From this point on, the two of you will set aside your differences. I believe you two need to spend some more time together. I’m placing you both on stall duty. If either of you assault another you’re done!”

“Vhat! but Mas-“

“Silence, Jelthra! You’re already on thin ice. Now check in with Joyok in the Dragon stalls!… and Kamri, once this disciplining is complete, perhaps I will re-analyze your possible position as a Talon commander.”

Jelthra’s mouth opened wide in a mix of bewilderment and anger, but she didn’t dare speak a word.  She only glared at Kamri.

“Do I make myself understood? I think I’m being extremely generous.”

“Yes, master,” Kamri and Jelthra spoke in unison less than excited.

“Good; now get out of my face. Jelthra, whatever you came here to speak about can wait.”    


Neicul had returned to the Spire. His muscles aching and clothing covered in snow, the Kazdruk dismounted from his dragon. Handing over the reigns to a stable worker, he brushed his vest, trying to cover his wound best he could. He continued walking into the main hall, escorting his two subjects. Both elves were gagged, one male and one female. Neicul gazed around the busy spire before calling over another soldier.

“Take these two and get them cleaned up, then bring them to Aeltha’s holding cells for me.”

“Yes, Master Neicul. As you wish… welcome back.” The Kazdruk soldier bowed, taking the two prisoners from him.

“By the way, have you seen Aeltha?”

“Yes sir; I believe she’s still in her personal chambers.”

Neicul nodded. His eyebrows folded slightly and he walked off towards the upper chambers. Making his way up several stairs he peered at his wound again and shook his head in disbelief before turning the corner. He failed his mission and was preparing for the consequences. He didn’t think Aeltha would be understanding. She would want to know why he only returned with two subjects and not three.  

  As he made his way down the dimly lit corridor he noticed three Kazdruk soldiers, two of them he didn’t recognize. They looked like run of the mill guards, but the tall purebred in the middle he knew. There was no mistaking her. Luzella.

“Ahh fuuck…,” he whispered under his breath in frustration.  “Not this berserker ballista bitch again.”

He stopped for a second, thinking of turning around and taking the long way around to Aeltha’s upper chambers. He really didn’t want to deal with her again, not right now. At this point It would be too obvious to turn, so he held his ground and walked on, trying his best to keep his face out of view. He marched by steadily, rubbing one of his small horns and keeping his head down, half trying to cover his face. He thought he got by, but a cat call whistled off before he was shoved up against the wall.

“Neicul – aren’t you going to say hi?” Luzella smirked looking down at him.

“ Oh… Hi Luzella…my apologies. I guess… I, uh, didn’t see you,” Neicul returned with a sly smile knowing she was impossible to miss. He held his breath trying to hid the immense pain surging through his body as Luzella unknowingly pressed into his chest wound. Slowly he ran his hand up toward one of his daggers, letting his fingers glide across the hilt. Luzella noticed the slight movement and grabbed his wrist pressing it up against the cold, dark wall.  

“You’re a rude boy Neicul…But I guess that’s what makes you so attractive…” Luzella bit her lip looking at his exposed arms, smaller in comparison to her own. She squeezed one of his biceps between her thumb and index finger playfully.

“You been working out, Neiky? Hmm? How adorable!” She smiled again, pinching her thick lips together. The large Kazdruk leaned down to his ear whispering.  “Maybe we could… wrestle sometime, hmm? I know I would enjoy that very much.”

Neicul struggled slightly now, extremely uncomfortable by the whole situation and her sudden frighteningly promiscuous and flirtatious manner. He tried to get away.

Luzella did pique an interest to him after a few stiff drinks but she seemed like a lot to handle. It also occurred to him that she obviously wouldn’t be the type to lay underneath.    

Neicul wasn’t getting anywhere near a bed with her.

“Aww noo Neiky, don’t leave! You’ve been gone for so long…” Luzella eased off him letting him slide free. “Ya know, you should really stop by my chambers sometime,” she spoke before running her tongue slowly across her sharp canines.

“Heh… yeah, uh… yeah maybe we could play chess?…Listen, Luzella, I have to get going.” Neicul responded nervously.

Luzella reached out, wrapping her hand around his neck and thrusting him hard into the wall. With immense aggression she slid him up off the floor. Neicul reached up with both hands around her wrist.

“I’ll tell you when you can leave!” Luzella grinned and lapped her long tongue up across his lips before composing herself and dropping him.

“I’d love to catch up but I’m on my way to see Yuldasha; I’m sure you understand. See you around, Neicul.” She spoke playfully.

“Right…Good day, Luzella.”

Suspicious of taking his eyes off her, he walked backward a few steps while straightening his vest. Once out of her reach, he turned and walked away. Luzella bit her lip watching his ass move in his leather pants. With a large grin she turned and went along her business.   


Jelthra and Kamri left Yuldasha’s chamber in silence. As ordered, the two moved on to find Joyok in the stalls below. Side by side they turned the corner together only to collide with Luzella. Both Kamri and Jelthra fell back as the amazonian plowed through them.

“Hey!” Kamri yelled, not entirely realizing who she had walked into.  

“ Watch your step!” Luzella declared and then paused for moment looking down at the two, finally recognizing who she just ran over. Her anger filled face quickly turned to a bewildered smirk.  

“Well, son of a succubus, look what the wind blew in.” Kamri scooted back one way across the floor and Jelthra went the other.

“Little teammates now, huh? How cute, I’m truly terrified… You two must have every goddamn goddess of this realm looking over your backs! As much as I want to, I can’t stay and play. Seems you two have lucked out again.” Luzella spat and moved onward. She eyed Kamri silently for a moment and then jumped at Jeltha causing her to flinch backward cowering. The tall Kazdruk laughed into the hall making her way up to Yuldasha’s chamber.

Kamri and Jelthra looked at each other for a moment silently before getting back to their feet and heading to the lower levels.


Luzella carried herself with pride across Yuldasha’s gloss chamber floor. Her heavy hooved gait echoed out endlessly along the stone walls. Yuldasha still stood at her table pondering troop movement.

“Luzella…” The dark demoness spoke with her chartreuse eyes still fixed upon the table’s map. Luzella made her way to her mistress’ side and kneeled before her.

“You requested my presence, your highness?” Luzella asked.

“Hmm, It would seem so,” Yuldasha spoke half ignoring her, her mind preoccupied with finding a tactical advantage.

Luzella sneered slightly, her eyes gazing off to the side for a moment and letting her inpatients rest across her broad shoulders.

“You seem to have trouble with order and authority, little one. It would seem you’ve lost respect for myself and your superiors. ” Yuldasha spun, now looking down at Luzella with her deep devilish eyes.


“Silence!” Yuldasha yelled, cutting off the amazonian.

With a smooth trot, Yuldasha walked a tight circle around Luzella, examining her build while she remained kneeling before her. Stopping behind her, she softly ran her elegant fingers through the tall Kazdruk’s onyx hair. Caressing her long locks tenderly, she twisted a handful into her palm and yanked backward. Flashing an edged fang, Luzella growled softly in a low carnal warning like an aggressive dog. Yuldasha smiled at her animalistic response. Sensing her aggression and detest, she pulled her head back farther. Not one to be pushed around, Luzella’s stubborn arrogance revealed itself cleary.  

Yuldasha took note of the soldier’s tail jerking from side to side in irritation. With her free hand she drew it across Luzella’s neck.

“I can see you’re already becoming restless…I understand your bloodline and breed Luzella. The obsessive need to hunt, the need to constrict and overpower. Passed down within your refined heredity, breed for endless conflict. And that you do well.” Luzella smiled proudly at the flattery while Yuldasha pulled her head back further.

“But, that does not ostracize you from the rules of our kin! ” Luzella spat, pulling upward on Luzella’s hair and bringing the amazonian to her hooves. The great Kazdruk stood tall with her chin up, her white piercing eyes looking out over the horizon. Yuldasha walked around her a second time, examining the built soldier. Stopping behind her, she whispered up into Luzella’s long pointed ear while detaching the Kazdruk’s chain battle kilt and letting it fall to the floor. Yuldasha rode her finger up across the tank’s chest armor. A brilliant glow flashed out as Luzella’s armor shattered apart like glass. The small pieces crumbled to the floor before evaporating into green mist.    

“As impressive as you might be among weak elves and their fragile human counterparts, you are nothing to me. Don’t you ever forget that,” Yuldasha smiled, reaching around and letting her fingers glide across Luzella’s cock sheath. Her wine scented words burning across Luzella’s ears.

“I could crush you under hoof and simply make another just like you.”

Luzella sneered at the harsh words knowing they were only half truths. She feared Yuldasha. Her powers knew no bounds, she knew the dark matriarch could disintegrate and dismantle her in a single hand motion.  But she also understood her worth and how truly important she was to Yuldasha. Her eyes squinted in pride. If she could simply create another such as herself, then why wasn’t the entire Kazdruk army filled with soldiers of such pedigree?

Luzella was snapped out of her egotistical thought as Yuldasha pushed her back to the floor. Luzella looked up in anger as her master’s jade aether whip fell into view.

A sizzling strike lashed out across her athletic back. The searing pain was even too much for Luzella. She gritted her teeth in aggravation. Another cinder laced slash pulled at her skin, forcing a tiny whimper of pain out of the great amazonian.

“Hmm, perhaps I slightly underestimated your tolerance of pain,” Yuldasha admitted.

She flicked her wrist, snapping the whip from jade to a brilliant amethyst. The violet ciders sprinkled across the polished floor like tiny droplets of ice before quickly burning away.

Yuldasha lashed out another strike. The whip flashed across the Kazdruk’s back like lighting. Luzella fell to all fours in unbearable pain.

“Perhaps that’s a little better…” Yuldasha smiled.

Luzella’s eyes flashed in anger as a she was punished severely under the mighty whip.

Yuldasha relished in her agony and moved backward, letting her ass rest against the edge of the table and took another sip of wine. With a wave of her hand, a bright binding spell enwrapped itself around Luzella’s wrists and ankles, securing the great Kazdruk to the floor on all fours. In boiling rage, Luzella struggled to stand. Every muscle flexed and bulged trying to bring herself up to her hooves. Yuldasha’s spell held her firmly in place as she guided Luzella’s face between her legs.

“Now show me the respect I deserve and service me.”

In sharp antagonism, Luzella looked up at her master, peering between her legs in an apprehensive manner. Luzella was met with another sharp strike of the whip, the lash sending shards of pain throughout her body. She extended her long tongue and lapped it across Yuldasha’s glistening petals. This was humiliating. A Kazdruk warrior of such caliber and distinction should be in charge. The breaker, not the broken. Luzella submits to no one. She pushed through her anger and continued to lick Yuldasha’s sweet pussy. This was Geem’s fault, she thought to herself, cursing out that she didn’t kill him quicker. She smiled though, knowing Avelyn was waiting for her in her chamber. She lapped her strong tongue again up across Yuldasha’s clit causing a moan of pleasure. She would crush Geem next time; the thought eased her submissive position she was now forced in.

“That’s a good girl, Luzella,” Yuldasha purred in luxury pulling Luzella’s head between her legs deeper.

A ring of green magic swirled up around Luzella’s cock. Her eyes opened wide as a surge of bliss enveloped her thick member. The great Kazdruk shivered as the magic increased. Biting her lip in lust she started to lap harder with increased enthusiasm, licking up her master’s sweet honey.  The magic instantly brought Luzella close to climax and then stopped, holding it there. The pleasure would travel no farther, leaving her craving for release. Luzella growled between her master’s legs, hungrily lapping more and more. Squirming in place and muscles flexing more, Luzella arched her back as she was denied orgasim.

Yuldasha and Luzella good

“Don’t you stop licking, my little Luzella,” Yuldasha commanded as she drove Luzella’s face into her twat agian and agian. The demoness queen gasped as her slave’s tongue brushed across her clit. With wicked force she grinded the purebred’s face across her nethers. Driving her sharp nails into the table, Yuldasha moaned out again in twisted satisfaction. Panting heavily, Luzella kept her pace hoping she would be rewarded with freedom to cum. Yuldasha tremored slightly as she brought herself to climax, her jade eyes feel heavy as she wrapped her leg around Luzella’s head. Biting her lip in fulfillment, she slowly released her grip from Luzella’s head and leaned back slowly, relaxing and letting the euphoria spill through her body.

“Mmm, well you have certainly earned yourself a second chance,” Yuldasha smiled as she canceled the spells holding Luzella down and taunting her cock.

“Let this be a warning. Next time I won’t be so pleasant. Now, leave before I change my mind.”

Luzella rose to her hooves. Her thick cock jumping in eagerness and leaking pre cum across the floor. She lapped her tongue across her lips, licking up all of Yuldasha’s remaining juices. With a shudder of delight she pulled herself together and bowed.

“T-T-Thank you master…”

Luzella turned and made her way out, suddenly in need of a cold shower… and Avelyn.                  


Fucking bitch!

I hated her. Everything about her, the way she walked, her short skin-tight skirt. Her stuck up, condescending ways. It took everything inside me to not drive a dagger through her back when she wasn’t looking. This was her damn fault, she started this mess. She had something to prove towards Neicul that first day and then it all crumbled to pieces after that. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth! Now here we were, cleaning dragon stalls. It made my blood boil. Every time I looked at her…or heard her name! Jelthra. I would see red… every damn shade of it. Crimson would fill my eyes as I would fantasize wrapping my hands around that fucking human’s neck.

Look at Jelthra, trying to talk her way out of cleaning these stalls. Letting her tits hang out and chatting it up with the stall master Joyok. I’ve seen a lot of ugly Kazdruk in these lower parts, but Joyok was a real winner… And he was just as stupid as he looked. He made Brazeek look like an elegant elvish tactician. He was falling for Jelthra’s small talk… just as any stupid boy would. He stood there with his big dumb mouth hanging wide open and fumbling over his words. I almost broke the handle of the pitchfork I was holding. Anger was an understatement. I stood there and took my eyes off his ugly Kazdruk mug. I found myself resting my eyes on Jelthra’s back. A perfect target for a pitch fork… my grip eased up some as I gazed toward her long raven hair that rode down her shoulder blades. I lowered the pitchfork as my eyes grazed down further along her elegant figure. I paused for a moment as a spark tingled south of my navel. My sharp fang slowly rode up over my bottom lip.

I jumped as a nearby dragon roared at a smaller dragon next to it, violently snapping at him. I watched in frustration as the smaller dragon shifted sideways and knocked over a large steel food trough. All of its mixed contents spilled to the floor. This time I snapped the pitchfork handle as it erupted in a wave of flames. This was was all Jelthra’s fault!

Ugh Damn it, zat bitch Kamri can’t do anything right. What the fuck did she just do over there? How did she manage to spill the dragon’s food trough? Those things weigh a ton. I bet she’s trying to distract Joyok here! Well it worked, because now he’s walking over there to help her. Zat elvish cunt ruins everything…Everything! I waz so close to talking my way out of this mess. Zee mess she started by showing up!  I was on my way to becoming a Talon commander. A special division Talon commander at that. Bitch! I would have had Luzella off my back but she ruined it all. Now I’z been fucked over left and right! I was Yuldasha’s right hand… I was her favorite, now i’m cleaning up dragon shit. All because of her! Little special princess. Neicul’s little assignment. That man was mine!

  I watched as she started scooping up the spilled minced meat. Her caramel skin glistened in the low red torch light. The fire spell I hadn’t even realized I was clenching, faltered out in a hiss as I watched her elegant movements. Then Joyok blocked my view and I was reminded how Kamri fucked up my plans!

“Hey Joyok!” Jelthra yelled, slightly annoyed. “I vaasn’t done talking to you!”

  The lumbering Kazdruk slowly turned his head. His big asymmetrical face looked at her dumbfounded as if he suddenly lost his hearing. He slowly turned and stumbled toward her bumping his single horn on a wood beam.

“Ugh, fuking moron,” Jelthra whisperd under her breath. “Hey! Hoz about you go bring us more shavings and sand, zo we can reset zee cages hmm? ”

Joyok’s heavy build waddled back toward Jelthra.

“Uh ja,…ja ok. idea good, you right,” The heavy Kazdruk ogre nodded and started to walk away.

“ Hey wait… no, help me first!” Kamri spat. “Get this cleaned up first, then we can get the shavings together.”

The confused Kazdruk spun in place not sure who to help, bumping his head twice on the wood beam.

  “Joyok! No! Don’t listen to her, she made zee mess, let her clean it! ” Jelthra barked angrily. She quickly reeled back her attitude and calmly approached the large demon. She leaned upward to his gnarly ear.

“Listen big boy, if you behave and do what I ask… I’ll give you a little zomething later.”

Jelthra smiled and ran her hand across his bulging loin cloth.

Joyok purred in zest and then smiled, flashing a row of broken and missing teeth. He turned slowly and nodded in approval before walking off to fetch the shavings, bumping his head one last time on the way out. Jelthra and Kamri locked eyes in anger. The human shot her a pompous smirk. Kamri grimaced in anger and went back to work.

“Whore…” Kamri whispered under her breath.

A few minutes went by as the two worked in an uncomfortable silence. Joyok had to go down a lower cell level to obtain more shavings. The two moved along the different dragon enclosures cleaning up debris, bones and old shavings. Most of the dragons were unnamed and served only as mounts for lower ranking Kazdruk soldiers, but the two soon found themselves along the next junction. Here, more specialized mounts were stationed. Jelthra’s dragon Daliik was across from them along the back sleeping. Neicul’s dragon Xagsaw was along the other side. Xagsaw was fast asleep seeing as they had returned earlier in the day. Jelthra moved ahead of Kamri looking into a much larger cage.

The human smiled in a villainous grin. She knew whose cage this was. Belva’kr; Luzella’s dragon. The two were made for each other. The beast was impossible to control; he was a chaotic and furiously muscled brute that just happened to have wings and breath fire. Not many dealt with Belva’kr and lived to tell the story. Only Luzella and a few well trained stable hands could handle him, and even they encountered many unfortunate accidents when dealing with him.

Perfect. The massive creature laid in the back corner sleeping.

Jelthra looked back. Kamri was too angry to be paying any attention. She was busy tossing shavings around with her broken pitchfork. Jelthra slowly unhinged the roller lock on the door that allowed any personnel who was suicidal enough to enter Belva’kr’s massive cage. Jelthra waited for a moment as Kamri got closer to the slightly unhinged door. At this point, she was preoccupied with dragging her fork and making interesting line patterns in the red dirt. Jelthra waited for the carmel elf to stroll directly in front of the unhinged cage.

“Hey, you’re making a mess,” Jelthra proclaimed, pointing at the dirt in the opposite direction.

“Hmm, wha-” Kamri spun looking at the lines she left.

Jelthra took the moment and kicked Kamri backward, shoving her through the unhinged cage door. Kamri stumbled backward trying to catch her footing but it was too late and she fell to her ass. As she got up, Jelthra was already re locking the cage. Kamri ran to the cage door and pulled with all her strength.

“ You bitch! Let me out! You heard Yuldasha’s orders!”

“Oh yes I did, but I won’t be assaulting you, no. not zis time.”

Kamri struggled again and again trying to get the cage door to open. Jelthra calmly reached into a small pouch on her hip and pulled out a short vial. She pulled the stopper out and splashed the clear liquid through the cage across Kamri’s skin.

“ Hey, what the!  What are you doing! let me out! What did you just splash on me?”

“Oh, nothing, its juz a little… a bit of perfume for your date tonight.”


Kamri focused and erupted fire along the cage door, trying to melt the door’s bars.

“Haha, you think you can burn through a cage that iz designed to hold a dragon? I’m going to enjoy this Kamri…oh yez, very much so.”

In a fury of anger, Kamri smashed the cage with her pitchfork letting out a loud clang.

Belva’kr was asleep along the opposite side of the enclosure. The sudden clang of steel on steel awoke him. His deep scarlet eyes revealed themselves and slowly began to scan his dwelling. His clear nictitating membrane flickered sideways as the serpent’s glowing orbs fixed themselves on Kamri. Belva’kr let out a soft roar and slowly rose his thick reptilian build before stretching himself out. Kamri slowly turned around and pressed herself up against the cage bars. Shivers ran down her back as she made eye contact with two crimson coals. Belva’kr’s nostrils flared causing his septum bull ring to rock back and forth. The beast picked up the sweet aroma Jelthra had splashed on her only moments earlier. His scales rose up in liveliness as his nostrils flared again launching small puffs of orange flames out to the side. The great crimson dragon made its way towards Kamri, rearing his long neck upward in dominate like arousal. In a wide powerful canter the dragon approached, crushing old bone and rock under each heavy clawed hand. Kamri was trapped, she slowly moved side ways against the stone wall trying to get out of Belva’kr’s line of sight. She slipped into a dark shadow trying her best to stay hidden. It was no use. The beast could smell her luscious fragrance and outstretched his head closer, inhaling deeply .

“Iz no use hiding, Kamri. I marked you with female dragon musk. Belva’kr here thinks you’re in heat,” Jelthra explained, smiling. “You think he honestly cares about your size? Or species for that matter,  you smell like a dragon, so surely you muz be one.”

Kamri didn’t say a word, she only clenched her fists in anger. How could she let this happen? She looked at Belva’kr in fear, trying not to make any sudden movements. The tremendous serpent suddenly snapped out towards Kamri. She dodged to her right just missing his powerful jaws. Belva’kr outstretched his massive wings to either side, showing off his sheer size and build. He struck again. Kamri reached up blocking her face with her Kazdruk rerebrace. The heavy hit knocked Kamri over like a tiny stick. With a large bellow, Belva’kr roared out again establishing his dominance over the elf. Kamri raced to her feet but was quickly knocked forward to her stomach by his large head. The beast nuzzled into her smooth cheeks and pulled off her bottoms with his strong tongue.  

“I’z suggest you let him have his way Kamri, I don’t think you would survive

their true mating ritual,” Jelthra laughed. “You don’t have armored scales after all, zay tend to get a bit violent when it comes to subduing a mate.”

Kamri tried crawling forward as the colossal dragon straddled over top casting a large shadow across her back. Belva’kr, palmed her shoulder and pushed her down hard into the red dirt stopping any further moment in its tracks. He growled softly as he lowered his immense weight atop of the elf. Kamri dug her hands into the sand as the hellish reptile mounted her athletic build, Kamri grimaced as she felt Belva’kr’s thick cock unsheathe itself. The hot shaft pressed across her smooth ass, brushing across and seeking any tight entry it could find.

“Jelthra, get him off m-” Kamri grunted out as her breath was knocked out of her lungs. The dragon’s heavy build planted on top of her. His roar bellowed out again in unrivaled aggression. Kneading the rose dirt with his talons, he angled his cock doward into the elf. Kamri gritted her teeth as the beast’s cockhead pushed up against her tight cunt. She struggled under his weight feeling his warm scaled belly press across her back. Seeking leverage, she only pulled back handfuls of loose dirt.

Jelthra made her way into the cage, watching the interspaces rape unfold. “Tell me, Kamri, how daz it feel, hmm?” She smiled as Kamri could only silently mouth out words for help. She watched on in gratification as Belva’kr took his new mate. Rearing back his hips, he pushed his thick shaft forward again stuffing his wide head between her pussy. Kamri’s eyes shot open wide at the intrusion. The meaty cock sank into her deeper, spreading her wider.          

Heaving his weight into the elf, Belva’kr shivered in pleasure as his mate’s tight lips squeezed around his member.

“What a slut taking zat whole thing,” Jelthra laughed now resting her hands down on a nearby stone slab. Watching on as the dragon pinned her head to the ground.

Kamri vs. Dragon HR

Kamri grunted out as the beast heaved into her over and over. His large talon now wrapped around her shoulder and held her down in the dirt. Pulling backward, he used her like a toy as he climbed closer to climax. Incapable of feeling remorse or wrongdoing. His instinctual beastly nature took control. His only concern was to make sure he flooded her with seed in order to continue his draconic lineage. A snort of flames bellowed out into the cage as his heavy breath heaved deeply. Each powerful thrust plowed into Kamri’s helpless body, faster and faster.

“You’ve fucked with me for zee last time Kamri! “

Belva’kr roared out as he unleashed his hot load into the corrupted elf. Gallons of the thick spunk poured into her womb, flooding her. He kept her in place, making sure every last drop was deposited inside. Kamri’s orange eyes opened wide in horror as the thick cum filled her up and feeling it stir deep inside. In gooey ropes, the thick semen spilled back out across the floor. Feeling satisfied, Belva’kr pulled out, letting the torrent explode out across the dirt. Kamri collapsed from the intense fucking. Belva’kr lumbered away slowly letting his long tail drag across Kamri’s collapsed body. He moved on into the back end of the cage, feeling released he fell back to sleep. Jelthra watched Kamri clutching the soft dirt and slowly walked away pleased with her destructive counter blow.

Kamri reached the cage door and started fiddling with the lock to no avail. Soon Joyok returned wondering where the two went.

“Hey… Joyok. Get me out of here,” Kamri whispered through the bars. The confused demon stumbled over to the cage. He paused for a moment enjoying the view of Kamri’s exposed bottom half.

“Well, come on, just don’t stand there.”

“Right, sorry…?” Joyok leaned over and unlocked the cage. As Kamri limped to her exit, he gazed across her rear end.

“Don’t, even think about it!” Kamri glared at him and left.




Avelyn sat in her cell with her back up against the cold wall. She recognized the room very well. It was Luzella’s personal chambers. She looked into the crisp chamber eyeing all of Luzella’s trophies and war banners.  

“I can’t believe he chose Queen Aria,” she spoke to herself, shaking her head side to side. Demoralized, she counted the steel bars wondering what would become of her. Disheartened streams of dismal pain cut through her. The way Aria looked at her before they parted repeated over and over. Expendable. Their love, superfluous and meaningless.

Her deep thoughts were shattered like glass at the sound of the room’s heavy wood door opening. Avelyn moved back instinctively as she saw Luzella’s long powerful legs come into view.

The amazonian ignored Avelyn for a moment as she locked the door behind her and then lit a set of candles. Avelyn watched in angst, her naked build, height and size was even more intimidating indoors. Luzella outstretched her ripped arms over her head stretching towards the high ceilings. Avelyn observed the titan’s tattoos that spirled across her powerful defined back as she stretched out. With a sigh, Luzella reached back and began tying off her damp hair into a single long ponytail. Avelyn noticed that she looked fresh from the showers but then scurred backward quickly again as the great Kazdruk turned to face her. The amazonian smirked and continued getting herself around for bed.

A cold draft sent a shiver down the elf’s back. She fought the cold by running her hands over her exposed shoulders quickly. A rumble of pain echoed through her stomach as her body reminded her it needed food. The pain would have to wait as Luzella again faced the cell, this time staring directly at Avelyn. She locked eyes with the elf and slowly strode towards the cage door. Reaching forward, Luzella unlocked the cell and then simply turned around and went back to her business, still not saying a word. Avelyn looked at the now partially opened cage perplexed.

“I’m sure you’re cold and hungry; I give you permission to come out if you wish.”

Avelyn frowned at the reminder that she was not only a prisoner but a slave. At first she didn’t move, she only watched Luzella as she moved around the room smoothy.

“Or, you can stay in there,” Luzella laughed moving toward the cell again with a green apple in her hand.

“You want a bite? Hmm?” Avelyn’s mouth watered in unbearable hunger. She couldn’t remember the last meal she had eaten. With her elvish stubbornness setting in, she didn’t want to take anything from these monsters, especially from Luzella. Luzella waited for an answer bringing Geem’s dagger into view. Clean and polished, she carved a slice of the apple off and ate it. What hung from the dagger hurt Avelyn deep inside, more so than any pain she had ever felt. It was Geem’s snowflake pendant. She must have obtained it during the fighting she thought. There the blue flake spun, reminding her again that he wasn’t here.   

Avelyn’s heart whelped at the sight and she remained silent.

“Fine, suit yourself,” Luzella smiled and ate another slice.

“No…wait,” Avelyn pleaded, her green eyes looking upward. She had to survive, that was her top priority.   

The elf rose to her feet taking a few light steps forward. Cautiously she walked out of the cold cell. With a shy gaze she looked at Luzella’s apple. Luzella smiled and held the apple higher above the elf’s head and kicked her hard in side of her leg. Avelyn’s leg buckled and she fell over in a yelp of pain.

“Tisk, tisk, how quickly we forget,” Luzella shook her head before taking another bite. “Animal’s don’t walk on two legs in these parts. Walking on your feet is reserved only for the privileged. Something that you are far from. If I ever see you walking upright again, it’ll be much more than a small love tap. ”

Avelyn kneeled, coming up to all fours. Resting her hands on the floor in humiliation, she looked up at the now almost devoured apple.

“That’s better…” Luzella bent over, looking down at Avelyn, and outstretched a slice of apple. “Here you go.”

Avelyn opened her mouth to eat the slice. At the last second Luzella pulled the piece away lifting it out of reach.  

“Sit like a good Keeaty first.”  Avelyn frowned, looking up at the piece and rested her ass across her calfs kneeling.

“There we go… my, what a fast learner.”

Luzella reached down again and gently placed the slice into her mouth, sliding her finger across the elf’s smooth lips. “You see? I sometimes reward good behavior.” Luzella spun around and walked toward her bed. As she reached the side she turned back and patted her robust thigh.

“Come on, you don’t want to sleep in that cold cell do you?” Avelyn swallowed the apple slice hard and gazed her eyes along the large soft bed in uncertainty.

Luzella pulled another apple out from a bag on her bedside table and brandished the fruit toward the elf. Avelyn froze in terror, she did not want to end up in bed with her. But she was starving. Blushing softly, Avelyn crawled toward Luzella, bobbing her ass as she moved. She reached the side of the bed and looked up at Luzella’s built naked body in shame.

“Up you go,” Luzella laughed lifting Avelyn up. The elf was tossed onto the large soft bed. Laying on her back, Avelyn looked up at the amazonian in fear and awe.

“I’m sure you want some more food, don’t you?” Luzella spoke sliding herself into bed before laying on her side. Avelyn nodded up and down slowly.


“Alright, well you’ve had a rough day, so I’ll be easy on you tonight. You wont have to work that hard,” Luzella spoke, rolling to her stomach and nearly knocking Avelyn off the bed. Placing her heavy developed arms up near her pillow, she sighed in relaxation. Her muscular back glimmered in the low candle light. Avelyn ran her eyes across the demon’s physique not entirely knowing what to do.

” Well, what are you waiting for, my back isn’t going to rub itself. Oil is on the bedside table there.”

Avelyn’s eyes widened and looked to her left. On the bedside table was oil. Her hands shaking, she slowly reached for the oil and noticed Geem’s dagger laying there. She paused for a moment, calculating the possibilities. She picked up the oil keeping her elvish eyes on the silver blade.

“Is there a problem?” Luzella asked with her eyes closed.

  Avelyn took her eyes off the knife, moved back and straddled Luzella. Her long elvish legs barely made it across the Kazdruk’s wide athletic ass. She had to awkwardly stretch herself to fit across her build. The elf looked down across the warriors’ back wondering where to start.

  Anointing her small hands with oil, she pressed down onto the rolling terrain of corded muscle and authority. Slowly she ran her hands across her master’s warm skin and rubbed out thick knots in her shoulders. She kept glancing at Geem’s dagger pondering if driving it into her back would even kill her. Luzella purred in satisfaction, feeling her slave’s tiny hands run up and down her back. Minutes ran by as Avelyn ran her hands lower across more hard muscle and letting her thumbs glide into the small valley of her back. Luzella’s long tail whipped back and forth in content. Without warning, Luzella rolled to her back, tossing Avelyn off the side of her. With a soft moan, Luzella stretched resting her hands under her head.

“Hmm, not to bad. You’ll do just fine. You won’t end up dragon food after all…well, not anytime soon at least. I suppose you still want this apple?” Luzella asked holding the apple up and gazing at Avelyn.

The elf nodded softly, her stomach felt like it was eating itself alive now. “Yes… please,” Avelyn responded, hating herself for playing along with Luzella’s evil little game.

“Get back to the foot of the bed like a good girl first.”

Avelyn frowned slightly but complied. She moved back the end of the bed, giving Luzella a wonderful view of her tight elvish ass and cunt. Luzella laid back and placed the apple between her large breasts.

“Well, it’s all yours.” Luzella smiled with a sinful grin, before relaxing her hands behind her head again.

Avelyn looked at her blankly. The amazonian laid before her with her powerful legs spread to either side of the bed creating a funnel to the apple. There the green prize sat nicely, nestled between her deep valley. Avelyn wanted the apple badly, she was starving and desperately needed to eat but she was greatly wary of going after it.

  Weakness was setting in as she slowly and cautiously moved on all fours towards Luzella’s apple. The Kazdruk’s white eyes watched her every move. Avelyn thought for a moment that her master’s eyes alone could kill her if she made one wrong move. They gazed on her like burning white coals, carnivorous and wicked. Confusion and fear quickly filled Avelyn’s mind as she came face to face with a rather large problem. Luzella’s thick cock and her weighty balls. She stopped for a moment wondering how to get past them without touching or sliding across them.  Even un erect, the beastly member was huge. There it slumbered, as thick as her forearm. It snugly held itself within its equine like sheath waiting for its next victim. Its wide head hung outward slightly, staring her down more intensely than Luzella’s very own eyes. Knowing the inclination of every male, the last thing she wanted to do was awake it. She doubted Luzella’s female upper-half could convince her own male, testosterone fueled, lower-half to stand down. Knowing Luzella’s disposition, she was most likely awaiting that very moment and would relish in it when it came.

Avelyn looked up past Luzella’s heavy breasts in question. Luzella gazed back, parting her full lips with her robust tongue before curling her mouth into a smug grin. The elf looked back down at the massive phallic barricade and attempted to move past it. She started the great journey, moving upward in the direction of the apple. Carefully she placed one hand over Luzella’s thigh on one side and then followed with her other hand over the amazon’s other thigh. She was now face to face with Luzella’s shaft. Knowing the dangers of having her face so close, she quickly moved past it. She sighed in relief that Luzella hadn’t decided to palm her head and force her down at that moment. She was safe for the time being. Now, Avelyn viewed a wall of defined abdominal muscle, she was so close to the green apple, its sweet smell filled her nostrils and made her mouth water. Almost there, just one more smooth movement. Daringly, she pressed on.

Avelyn’s heart stopped as she felt Luzella’s cock ever so slightly brush across her stomach under her. The elf stopped moving midway, awaiting a reaction by Luzella. The demoness laid unfazed as if taunting the northern elf to move on. Avelyn tempted fate and continued across the hazardous body. She navigated Luzella’s sea of tight stomach muscle while keeping her eyes on the prize. The apple lay just out of reach now. As Avelyn took her last final movement, Luzella’s thighs suddenly closed like a blacksmith’s vice. The heavy bulk of unrivaled Kazdruk muscle wrapped up along Avelyn’s sides trapping her small frame. Avelyn struggled while foolishly attempting to free herself from the hellish venus man-trap. In a panic, her tiny hands pushed against Luzella’s long immovable legs. Luzella grinned as she slowly squeezed harder. She watched in felicity as the helpless elf squirmed between her long legs. Avelyn gasped for air as the forceful thighs began applying more pressure around her stomach and ribs.

“Aww,what’s the matter?” Luzella playfully asked, coiling her legs harder. Avelyn fumbled her hands around Luzella’s thick thighs trying anything to un pry the death trap. Like a constricting serpent of the southern Zelkathorn jungles, Luzella pulled her prey up against her warm body. The nefarious Kazdruk laid back with her hands behind her head, relaxing as her powerful legs continued to hold the elf captive.

“Oh, is this too much for you?”

Avelyn gasped again as the air was pressed out of her. Gripping Luzella’s thighs tightly she tried as hard as she could to pull herself free from her scissor like clutch. Avelyn opened her mouth in protest but no words could be emitted. Only small squeaks of air rang out.

“Hmm? I’m sorry what was that?” Luzella inquired, squinting her white eyes and squeezing her legs harder.

Avelyn’s panicking became worse as she felt Luzella’s strong cock hardening. The thick shaft awoke, pushing across her navel and continued her up against her soft stomach. She squirmed as the dominate pulsing muscle grew longer, leaving a smeared trail of hot pre-cum along her entire torso. Luzella locked her thighs and rolled over with ease. Avelyn gasped as she was forced to roll with the demon, ending up flat on her back with Luzella now above her. Luzella released her legs and straddled the small elf pinning her deep into the soft bed. Avelyn tried to slide out from under the amazonian but couldn’t move at all. Luzella placed her built arms on either side of Avelyn’s head, forcefully showing off her command and dominance. Looming over Avelyn, she let her long black hair cascade along the sides of the elf’s face. The demon’s hand ran across the silk sheets before gripping the elf’s long blonde hair. Locking eyes In malevolent, twisted passion Luzella forced her full luscious lips across Avelyn’s own, holding her down and kissing her softly. Aveyln’s eyes fell weak as she stopped resisting for a moment. The demon’s hot lips sent a wave of heat down her back. Luzella’s kiss continued on while slowly growing more aggressive over time. She bite Avelyn’s lower lip and began grinding her pelvis into her. Avelyn reached up trying to push Luzella off, her small hands feebly pressed into hard muscle, quickly becoming lost in her build. The Kazdruk pushed down in response, using her weight as an accomplice. Gripping the edge of the soft bedding, Luzella pulled herself into the elf. Her biceps flexed larger than Avelyn’s head. Avelyn moaned in apprehension. Trapped under powerful muscle she felt Luzella’s cock flexing and jumping in truculent eagerness. The girthy heated member pressed into her stomach, thumping up and down.

“P…please,” Avelyn managed to whisper out in resistance.

“Aww poor little pet. Abandoned by your lover. How does it feel knowing he left you to me, hmm? How does it feel knowing the reason you aren’t free is because Geem chose his frivolous elvish honor over you? It’s okay, soon you’ll have forgotten all about little Geem once I have you trained like the Keeat bitch you are.” Luzella smiled, now placing her large hands on Avelyn’s shoulders and pressing her deeper into the bed. “As much as I want to fuck you into oblivion tonight, I’ll be easy on you,” Luzella whispered.

Luzella shifted her body upward letting her heavy cock slide up between Aveyln’s soft breasts. Her flared cock head aiming at Avelyn’s face.

“Besides, you still need to eat something, an apple just won’t do, you need something stronger… something to relieve your famished state… something with more substance and protein.” Luzella humped forward, sliding her erect member across the elf’s chest. The wide cock head brushed up against Avelyn’s lip leaving a long strand of sweet pre-cum.

Luzella reached over to the beside picking up the oil and spilling it down across her own cock and Avelyn’s chest. Flashing her canines she rowed back and forth, letting her ramrod like cock press between Avelyn’s tits. Her perky breasts squeezed up against the hot member, inadvertently massaging her master’s shaft. Each pump pressed the cock head closer to Avelyn’s face until the thick flared head was bumping into her lips. Globs of pre-cum plastered the elf’s face as each heavy thrust became heavier. Aveyln tried to move her face to the side dodging the rams of her master’s phallus. Luzella’s pace increased as she moved her hand around Avelyn’s neck holding her head still. The Kazdruk’s cock exploded in an eruption of thick cum blasting a heavy load across Avelyn’s entire face. Avelyn grimaced under the heavy coating of warm demon seed. Luzella pulled back slightly letting her mighty cock launch off its load, flooding Avelyn’s mouth and chest. The elf spit the hot cum out.

“Drink up little one or you’ll starve,” Luzella smirked as she slid herself off the side of the bed. Avelyn laid there, covered in a mess of cum.

” You have five minutes to lick yourself clean. You can start with this,” Luzella exclaimed pressing her sticky cock head up against Avelyn’s face.

The elf’s green eyes peered up through the opaque layer of white batter. She submissively nodded before placing her mouth around the flared cock head and began suckling the cock clean.

Luzella shivered in pleasure as the elf worked her small mouth. “That’s a good girl, eat up now.”

Avelyn finished cleaning her masters cock and herself. Resting at the foot of the bed, she looked up at Luzella awaiting a command. Luzella rested her hand on Geem’s dagger and placed it in the bed side drawer. She leaned over and blew out the set of candles. Reaching down she picked up the apple and walked up to Avelyn. Without thinking, Avelyn cowered at her approach and rolled down to her side. Luzella lip curled upward at the submissive display and ran her hand through her long blonde hair. Luzella yanked her head back before placing the apple down in front of her. An unneeded reminder of who was in charge. She let up on the hair tugging and patted her on her head before laying back in bed with her.

“Goodnight Avelyn, sweet dreams.” Luzella smiled and blew out the last candle, plunging the chamber into darkness.  


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