Spire of Torment. Chapter 22 : Perversion of Royalty

By: Lucien

The heavy wood door closed behind Luzella as she returned to her personal chamber. She strolled in like a beast returning to its den after a rewarding hunt. The amazon glared across her dimly lit enclosure. Each hoof clicked along the stone tile floor as she entered deeper into her domain. Fiery candles flickered across her muscular build as she made her way towards her newest prize. Avelyn squatted in her small cell, peering up through the heavy steel bars. Luzella marched to the cell, grinning. She stopped in front, her hands resting on her hips, sneering downward at the northern elf. Avelyn cowered backward in fear as her back quickly pressed up against the cold wall. 

Avelyn wanted to hide; she wanted to close her eyes and pretend it was all a horrible dream. Luzella crouched, bringing her face closer to the steel bars until a few scant inches separated the two of them. She smiled at the hopelessness in Avelyn’s eyes. The amazon demon snarled before snapping her teeth outward at the terrified elf. Avelyn flinched in fear and jumped back as if Luzella would somehow magically pass through the steel gate. Luzella only smiled again, her sharp canines glimmering in the low light.

“Avelyn, you appeared so courageous out on the battlefield. What happened? Where is the heroic elf I saw before? The one who didn’t want to lay down her weapon?”

Avelyn refused to make eye contact, not wanting to answer. She knew this situation was much different. She was alone, unarmed, and not entirely sure how deep within the spire she was.

Luzella paced back and forth in front of the cell cage, whipping her tail as she spoke.

“Tell me more about…hmm…Geem, was it? Your ever passionate and courageous lover.”

“You leave him out of this! He will seek revenge! He will strike you down! The entire coalition will bring this piece of hell crumbling down in ruins!” Avelyn spat.

Luzella laughed softly to herself, smirking down at the elf.

“I’m truly terrified… trembling even.  I like to think that I’m a fair individual. Don’t you agree?”

“… No I don-” Avelyn started to respond.

“Your opinion doesn’t matter, Avelyn,” Luzella sharply cut her off.

“Your little boyfriend isn’t here to protect you anymore, is he…” Luzella stepped forward and unlocked the cell. She reached in and pulled the elf out. “He was a fan of games, so let’s play another. I admit, it wasn’t very fair out on the battlefield. Outnumbered and weak, your forces took some heavy losses. Not the most honorable act. How about we make it a bit more fair this time. Just you and me, hand to hand, no weapons, no unfair advantages.”

Luzella reached down, grabing a fist full of Avelyn’s hair and pulling her head back sharply.

“If you win, I’ll let you go. I’ll toss you out across the sands, and we’ll just pretend I never found you.”

Avelyn gritted her teeth, trembling in anger as she strained against the demon’s grip.

“There’s no way in hell I can trust you! You raped me!… Even if I did, what if you win?”

Luzella smiled and cocked her head to the side softly. She pulled Avelyn’s head farther back, forcing her face upward.


“Well lets just say you’ll be spending a lot of personal time with me.”

Before Avelyn could respond, Luzella pushed her lips over Avelyn’s, kissing her forcefully before tossing her backward into the cell.

“I’d get ready if I were you. You have some fighting ahead. and trust me – I always play to win,” Luzella winked, walking away.


Queen Aria’s vision faded in and out as she attempted to keep her focus on Yuldasha. She spoke with the Kazdruk sorceress Aeltha. She could partly make out more Kazdruk talking amongst themselves within Yuldasha’s chamber. They looked like generals and higher ranking demons.   

“How is she faring, Master?” Aeltha spoke to Yuldasha.

“She’s falling deeper, Aeltha. Your little crown creation seems to be working as planned, though I believe her witnessing Ulla’s unfortunate demise may have sucked the last sweet droplet of hope out of her.”

“I regret missing out on such a marvelous spectacle. Viprill are quite remarkable creatures,” Aeltha remarked.

Their conversation was interrupted by a guard opening the chamber door. The other Kazdruk stopped as well and watched the guard enter with casual interest.  “Please excuse me, Master Yuldasha, but Jelthra is requesting to speak with you.”

“Oh, is she really?” Yuldasha laughed. The higher ranking soldiers also chuckled to themselves at the sound of Jelthra’s name. “Let her enter.”

“Yes, Master.” The guard stepped aside to let Jelthra enter.

Aeltha, along with the other nobles, looked on silently and smirking as Jelthra strode into the chamber with a slight limp. Yuldasha sat down in her throne as the human approached closer.

“You have a lot of heart, Jelthra, I’ll give you that.”

“Pleaze Master, let me prove myself again,” Jelthra spoke as she bowed down to one knee.

Yuldasha looked on in amusement.

“Oh? And exactly how will you do this after your… disappointing performance of late.”

“Vhat about ze gem you are looking for? De one you sent Cazel to retrieve? Let me retrieve it, I bet I could get back before she! She is useless elf! Butt fodder for ze first creature who vants her!”

Yuldasha laughed out a long, exuberant laugh. “Dearest child, come before me… closer.”

Jelthra got to her feet and hesitantly walked toward Yuldasha. She briefly glanced at Aeltha. The sorceress flashed her a small smile.

“Jelthra, you see… there is no Gem. “

“Vhat?… But then…zee map? and…”

“All fabricated. There is no gem at the base or inside Mournfall peak. Cazel is searching for something that doesn’t exist. She will find nothing in that mountain except for old lava tunnels and… oh what did you say they were, Aeltha?”

“Failed experiments, Master. Creating hybrids is a delicate art, and these were.. suitably aggressive though uncontrollable. I’ve been using that location as a dumping ground for a while now and some appear to have formed a pack, claiming the place as their own,” Aeltha grinned.

Yuldasha looked back at Jelthra.

“You see, Cazel will not be returning. We got what we wanted from her and she is… as you say… useless and rather uninteresting. So, I decided to get rid of her in a… creative manner. A final thrill for her pathetic little life. You should be thankful I didn’t send you on that quest.”

Jelthra nodded nervously. “Yes of courze, I understand now. But…”

“Shhh. The moment will arise for you to prove yourself again child. For now, I’d watch your back and stay out of everyone’s way. You’re a skilled individual, Jelthra; don’t let it all go to waste, and stop acting like a victim. Victims.. do not last long here.”

“Yes, Master.” Jelthra bowed again.

“Now please – excuse us, Jelthra.”

Jelthra bowed and limped out of the room.

“She is determined, is she not, Master?” Aeltha grinned.

“Indeed she is, but now onto more pressing matters…. like our lovely queen here. Will your crown turn her in time?”

“Perhaps, Master. This isn’t an exact science and her will is strong. She’s still trying to resist.”

Yuldasha gazed at Aria as she dazed off, her will deteriorating before them. The demoness stood and walked towards the elvish queen.

“She’s right on the cusp.”

“Queen Aria?” Yuldasha spoke as the northern elf snapped out of her twilight. “My scouts have spotted a small regiment of northern – and southern – elves marching awfully close to this spire.”

Yuldasha laughed while she placed her finger under Aria’s chin. “Remarkable, no? The collaboration of both elvish peoples. They seem to be approaching from different angles. How very brave of them.”

Aria looked up at Yuldasha, mustering what little resolve she had left. “Innocence, purity, and good will always topple evil, Yuldasha! You may kill me but you will never extinguish that. You will never truly defeat us.”

Yuldasha removed her finger, letting Aria’s weak head fall forward. “Oh you speak so proudly of purity and innocence for someone who took a Keeat like a bitch in heat!”

The surrounding Kazdruk responded with snide laughter.

“And there you go with your pathetic little concepts of good and evil. It’s adorable.” Yuldasha smiled and turned to Aeltha. “Hmm, looks like will will need to speed up the process, Sorceress Aeltha, or else we will miss our window.”

Yuldasha casted her bolts of green lighting around Aria’s hands in a loud crackle. The twisted magic bound her hands above her head; the Queen cried in protest and squirmed as she was lifted off the ground and levitated towards Yuldasha. The other Kazdruk stopped and turned their attention to the spectacle. Aria felt dozens of cruel eyes staring at her form. Even in her weakened state, Aria tried to glare defiantly at Yuldasha.

“Still so proud, even now. I like that,” Yuldasha grinned as one of her hands slowly and deliberately stroked her cock to full erection. Aria looked down at Yuldasha’s growing member, eyes locked on it for a moment too long before returning to meet Yuldasha’s gaze.

“You… you can do nothing more to me, demon. You may have broken my body but my mind remains pure.”

Yuldasha chuckled and reached down between Aria’s thighs with her free hand, sliding her fingers along her slit, smearing them with Aria’s slick juices.

“My my, you’re practically gushing down there. Your mouth tells me one thing but your cunt says another. Your body betrays your true feelings, little Queen.”

Aria started to panic. Deep down a voice was telling her Yuldasha was right. She knew something was wrong, but couldn’t quite figure out what. “No I.. you’re wrong.”

Yuldasha ran her hands up and down her own curves, her large cock now fully erect, breasts proudly on display, bursting out of her top. “You want me.”


With a flick of Yuldasha’s wrist, the spell holding Aria in the air moved her even closer, her pussy mere inches from the tip of Yuldasha’s cock. Slowly, it pushed into Aria, parting her wet lips. She groaned and shut her eyes, shaking her head as she felt the large member fill her, aided by her own lubrication. Yuldasha thrust in further, savoring the feeling of the Queen’s tight pussy.

“Mmmhm. Sorceress Aeltha, would you care to assist me?” Yuldasha murmured.

Aeltha’s lips curled. “It would be pleasure, Master.” Aeltha coolly walked behind Aria, her own cock erect and ready from the sight of the spectacle. She ran her hands along the elvish Queen’s sides, letting her black talons glide across the soft, white skin. Aeltha smiled approvingly and gripped Aria’s legs, raising them. Her stiff cock pressed against the rim of Aria’s rear entrance.

“Ughn… please… no…” Aria pleaded weakly, beads of sweat forming on her body.

Aeltha firmly grasped Aria’s legs and leaned in, her face close to the elf’s ear and silky hair, whispering, “I did so enjoy your mouth, Queen Aria. I wonder if your ass is as delightfully snug.”

Before Aria could protest again, Aeltha’s cock pushed Aria’s ass open and sunk itself in. Aria cried out as she felt herself violated in both holes. With Aeltha bracing the Queen, Yuldasha fucked Aria slowly but forcefully, in time with the dark Sorceress. Aria’s breasts bounced free of her small top as both Kazdruk women thrust in and out of her. Grunts and moans filled the room, the audience present unusually quiet and attentive for the bunch of rowdy soldiers that they were.

“Admit it, Queen Aria. Mm… you enjoy this.” Yuldasha taunted, her emerald eyes focused on Aria’s panting face.

Aria struggled to focus, the crown on her head seemed to weigh heavier as she felt her self doubly penetrated. “Ahh, I don’t… I can’t…”

“Stop lying to yourself. Stop denying your urges, Queen. Mhmm. I saw your face when I disposed of Ulla.”

“That… it was revolting!”

Yuldasha grinned. “You looked away in fear. But there was lust in your eyes. Admit it.”

“N.. no!”

“Part of you enjoyed it. Ahh… part of you wanted to be the one sending Ulla to her fate. Or maybe… maybe you wanted to take Ulla’s place, hmm?”

“That’s not… aaahh!” Aria struggled to focus as she felt a heat building in her loins. Her forced fucking was starting to feel good, the cocks filling her in just the right way. The voice in her head grew louder and merged with her own thoughts. Perhaps Yuldasha was correct. She reflected on past events. How that one Keeat dominated her. How Ulla’s despair secretly excited her. Were those her thoughts at the time? Or were they being replaced with a new outlook. A better outlook.

Aeltha interjected. “Oh yes, I think, mmm, our prim and proper Queen is nothing but a decadent slut. All you’ve witnessed here, a place where our base desires are set free… a Keeat takes an elf as it’s bitch, a Kazdruk takes a slave. It excites you… compels you… consumes your thoughts.” As if to drive the point home, Aeltha thrusted deep inside of Aria’s rear, eliciting another moan from the elf.

Yuldasha nodded, keeping up the pace inside Aria’s slick pussy. “I’m offering you a gift, Aria… you can go back as a dull and pure Queen forever bound to an old, crusty, sexless King, a victim waiting to see yourself and your people harvested and ruined. Or you can embrace what your body already desires. Imagine the elven people all dedicated to serving your desires… your playthings… as you are mine.”

Aria felt her own hips bucking against the Kazdruk cocks, her whole body hot and tense, a sheen of sweat sticking to her skin. She imagined what Ulla must be going through right now, Viprill’s curled around her small form, fucking her into submission. Then she imagined herself sitting lewdly on her own throne. Her people surrounding her, all naked. Nubile elven men and women ready to serve her in any way. She fantasized commanding them to lick her eager pussy, or taking a handsome studs cock down her throat… or even ordering a pack of Keeats to take them. A beastly orgy in her court for her to savor. A royal court of writhing bodies, sexual moans, sweat and cum.

She snapped out of her reverie only for her mind to return to the building pleasure within her. She gazed at Yuldasha, and uttered a single word –


“What was that, my Queen?” Yuldasha replied, mockingly.

“Yes… I… I want this. Ah… take me… TAKE ME!!!”

22 Yuld Aria Aeltha

Yuldasha and Aeltha both smiled in satisfaction at their handiwork. The Queen’s pride had melted away and she had fast become a willing fuck toy, rutting against them like a common whore. It didn’t take much more stimulation for both Kazdruk women to reach their peak. They groaned in tandem, spurting their thick cum into the Queen’s womb and colon, which quickly overflowed, spilling much of it onto the floor and Aria herself.

Aria meanwhile became lost in ecstasy. As the Kazdruk seed filled her, a wave of pleasure crashed over her supple body. She shook in orgasmic bliss, throwing her head back and screaming, every part of her tingled with delight that seemed to last for an eternity as her cunt and ass milked the cocks inside her for all they were worth.

Satisfied, the Kazdruk pair withdrew, still spurting cum over Aria’s creamy skin. Yuldasha stepped back and dismissed the spell holding Aria bound. The Queen crumpled unceremoniously onto the cum covered floor, panting heavily and exhausted from her mind blowing orgasm. Yuldasha stood over the defeated Queen.

“Now, Queen Aria. We have much to do and very little time. Can I count on your cooperation?” Yuldasha asked with a toothy grin.

Aria panted still, cum leaking from her nether regions. Her dark crown seemed to glow softly, standing out even more from her silky white hair. She slowly rose, her hands on Yuldasha’s legs for support. Her face became level with Yuldasha’s still erect cock, gleaming with her juices.

“Yes… Master.” Aria, without any prompting, began to lick Yuldasha’s cock clean, moaning heavily as her hand reached down to finger her own pussy. Yuldasha and Aeltha looked on at the scene of the broken Queen debasing herself before them, and smiled.


Luzella stood proudly in the fighting pit before Avelyn. A few fellow Kazdruk watched on from around the small dirt filled ring. Some held other human and elvish prisoners were gambling on the outcome, placing in various slaves as their ante. Avelyn was surprised that Luzella had given her elvish uniform back. She would not only fight for her freedom tonight, but she would fight in the name of the AzurLyyn houses. Neither held weapons although the ring was lined with shields, short swords, and various other weapons. Luzella was clothed in lighter armor than usual, her heavy chest armor and bracers were absent. She wore her light leather battle dress and a simple leather like covering over her breasts that appeared  more of a battle undergarment. She had wrapped her wrists and forearms in linen bandages. Her animalistic arm tattoos rode up from under the supportive wrapping and up her muscular arms.  The great demon scuffed her hooves into the packed dirt like a bull. Her large horns topped off her hellish image. Avelyn shivered at her white eyes; they pulsated slowly in the low light. Torches spat and sparked along the side of the pit, encircling the soon to be warzone.

Kamri snuck into the loose group of other onlooking Kazdruk. She had been passing by and noticed the rambunctious noises. Curious, she took a step in. She pulled down on her cloak hood as she slipped between the rowdy group unnoticed. She reached the side of wood wall and peered downward. When she noticed Luzella, a spark stripped up through her veins.

Avelyn felt odd without a sword, she was a  capable hand-to-hand fighter but she’d give anything for a well crafted elvish blade. She brought her wrapped hands upward into her guard stance while she slowly but confidently moved toward Luzella. She kept her eyes on the amazon demon at all times.

Luzella, although heavy, was no waterlogged ballista when it came to moving. For her size, she was extremely light on her hooves. Her height, strength, and speed was a dangerous combination. She moved slowly towards Avelyn, calculating and reading her opponent. She lowered herself slightly, dropping her center of gravity. She too brought both fists up, along with a big smile before she spit across the dirt. The Kazdruk picked up her pace moving toward the elf. Avelyn strafed sideways to avoid becoming pinned up against a side wall. Avelyn quickly realized her strategic disadvantage. Luzella had a much greater reach over her; she had to keep her distance, but she couldn’t run from her all night. It was already too late – Luzella’s long powerful legs closed the distance in mere seconds. The amazon swung a heavy outstretched punch. Avelyn quickly avoided the hit and backed away. Luzella only smiled as she brought both hands up into a grappling stance.

“What’s the matter, Aveyln? Show me what you elves are really made of!” Avelyn gestured her hands to come forward.

Luzella closed the distance again and grappled at her. Avelyn brought both hands up, interlocking her fingers with Luzella’s. Avelyn stood no chance; the massive demon easily overpowered her smaller frame. The elf tried her best to hold her ground against the powerhouse. Avelyn was pushed back and lost footing as her boots dragged through the dirt. Luzella’s back erupted with thick muscle as she really began to lean into it, pushing her enemy backward.  Avelyn realized she was again quickly running out of space, the pit wall now getting dangerously close. If she became pinned up against a wall it would all be over. There would be no way for her to get out of Luzella’s reach or grasp.  The elvish soldier thought quickly and brought herself in closer to Luzella, dropping low she kicked Luzella hard in the side of the knee. To Luzella’s surprise, she slightly buckled giving Avelyn just enough time to back out of the enclosing corner. Luzella spun around quickly, smiling at her.

“You sneaky little rat!”

Avelyn didn’t have much time, so she threw a punch catching Luzella in the gut. The punch nearly broke her hand. Luzella launched an elbow strike downward at the elf’s outstretched arm, Avelyn took the hard strike letting out a loud grunt as pain seared through her wrist. She quickly returned a high kick towards Luzella’s face, but the amazon blocked the kick with her left forearm. She crouched down before following through with a hard right uppercut. The punch caught Avelyn square in her stomach, launching her airborne for a moment before striking the sidewall.

The pit spun wildly as Avelyn tired to catch her baring and breath.

“Get up, get up, get up!” is all Avelyn could repeat in her head. She had to get up or it would be over very quickly. She looked up to see Luzella walking over to her. It felt like an eternity before she was able to get up to her hands and knees. Luzella was already above her. The amazon brought her right leg back before railing into Avelyn’s rib cage. The elf collapsed back onto her stomach in agonizing pain. In a last ditch effort, Avelyn swiped her leg out as hard as she could, tripping Luzella. The demon was swept out from under her hooves, landing hard on her side. The onlooking Kazdruk roared and cheered at the upset unfolding before them.

Luzella quickly recovered, climbing back to her hands and knees. She didn’t get back up fully; instead, she pounced on Avelyn. The two rolled through the dirt. Avelyn quickly found herself on her back straddled by the amazon and pinned under her weight. Luzella locked the elf in place with her thighs before launching a deadly salvo of punches towards the elf’s face. The elvish soldier feebly placed her forearms up to block the barrage of heavy strikes. Luzella’s hard strikes broke straight through. Avelyn saw stars as she was pummeled into the dirt. The pit spun as her ending began. Avelyn refused to be defeated, her long lineage of elvish stubbornness set in. She grabbed a handful of dirt and tossed it up at Luzella’s face. The cloud of red sand exploded across the Kazdruk’s face and eyes. Luzella grunted and halted off her assault. Suddenly unable to see, she got up quickly and brought both hands up to her face to clear the dirt from her eyes. She shook her head like a wild animal. Avelyn took the opening to get back on her feet. Partly blinded, Luzella stumbled around for a moment until she fully cleared her eyes.

Avelyn stumbled around and was now presented with an enraged Luzella. The demon charged her in sheer anger now; head down and horns forward, she charged like a bull. Avelyn side stepped and caught Luzella with a kick to her face. Luzella dug her hooves into the dirt, spun around and stopped before spitting out a wad of blood. Luzella cooled herself down and thought for a moment before charging in again. She recalculated the battlefield and leveled herself. Avelyn became offensive and moved in, trying to keep her enemy on the defense.                          

Kamri watched on studying the amazon’s style. “Hmm, she is aware that her temper is a fault. Damn, I could have used that to my advantage, everyone has a weakness…but what is yours Luzella? What can I use to exploit?”   

Avelyn jabbed inward and kept moving, launching kicks and strikes. Luzella easily blocked her attacks but Avelyn wasn’t giving Luzella enough time to counter, she kept moving around. Luzella was surprisingly patient. She gave Avelyn the sense that she was making progress and simply toying with the elf. In truth Luzella hadn’t even exposed a quarter or her true fighting potential. She liked to keep her enemies in the dark until it was too late. She was wearing the elf out. Luzella stopped playing. She could see that the constant movement by Avelyn was starting to wear on her. She was slowing down and losing stamina. Luzella moved in for the kill. She moved in low and fast and struck out two quick punches, the sudden advance caught Avelyn completely off guard. The first punch grazed the elf but the second caught her hard in the chest. Avelyn stumbled back. Before she had a chance to correct herself, Luzella was already railing into her. She launched a combination of jabs ending with a hard punch to the elf’s stomach. Avelyn cried out; she buckled inward and her head fell forward. Luzella grabbed the elf’s head and drove it home straight into her knee for the final strike. Avelyn feel backward landing hard on her back and kicking up a cloud of red dirt. She rolled onto her belly in pain. Her vision filled with silver stars as she got back up to her hands and knees again, racing to get to her feet. Avelyn’s elvish body was being fueled by pure adrenaline. Luzella struck her in the ribs again while she was down.

“You’re going to stay down this time, Avelyn.”

Avelyn held her ribs and tried to get up. Luzella kicked her lightly back down to the dirt.

“You need to learn your new place, elf.”

Avelyn tried one more time to get up, this time pulling on Luzella’s own belt to help herself up. Luzella palmed her face and pushed her back down. Avelyn feebly fell to her back.  Luzella placed her hoof across the elf’s chest and began applying pressure. Avelyn panicked at the sudden inability to breathe. She grabbed Luzella’s leg trying to push her off.

“Give up, Avelyn, accept your new place,” Luzella spat, pushing her hoof harder into Avelyn.

*cough* I give up! *cough* I give up! Pleaseee!”

Luzella smiled and let off her. Avelyn rolled to her side holding her stomach and bruised ribs. With a fresh trickle of blood running down from her nose, Avelyn raised her hand up in defeat. Luzella reached down and tore the elf’s top off and threw it into the dirt before grinding her hoof into it.

“You’ll no longer need this.”  

Avelyn tried crawling up to her hands and knees.  Luzella placed her hoof on her back and pushed her back into the dirt.

“Look at you, I don’t believe you fully understand how this works… you think you get to just crawl away? ” Luzella laughed. ” You stay down there from now on, you understand?”

” …burn… in… hell…” Avelyn was able to grit out between heavy breaths trying to push herself back up but failing miserably.

Luzella used her hoof to roll Avelyn onto her back.

“Look at me!” Luzella spat.

Avelyn rolled her head to the side and was met with a toyish kick to her side again.

“Look at me when i’m speaking to you! You see this perspective? Hmm? I said DO YOU SEE THIS PERSPECTIVE? You better get used to it. This will be your new point of view from now on. On the dirt like a dog. Keep your eyes on the ground unless I say otherwise.”

Luzella stomped down hard right next to Avelyn’s head, causing her to flinch in fear.   

“Now accept your new future and clean this hoof.”

Luzella looked off to the side of the pit at her fellow Kazdruk. Some were grumbling as they lost gold and flesh to bets. Luzella suddenly pointed over to the group.

Kamri’s blood turned to ice, and her heart stopped beating. She’d been spotted!    

“Hey Ruuk! What do we got over there for whips?” Luzella yelled.

Kamri took a sigh of relief as the Kazdruk in front of her moved forward grabbing a whip for Luzella.


“Go ahead, work that tongue! Lick it clean,” Luzella spoke again knocking her hoof softly against Avelyn’s head. She raised the leather whip high above her horns.

Avelyn looked at Luzella’s calf, down to her hoof and then up to her face. Luzella cracked the whip hard across the elf, leaving a long welt up her arm and across her shoulder. Avelyn winced in pain.

“I said eyes on the ground!” Luzella barked.

She feebly leaned over in agony and slowly outstretched her tongue. She slid her wet tongue across the amazon’s chiseled calf muscle. Avelyn slowly slide it downward, down her hock and finally her hoof.

“There you go, little pet,” Luzella kept her hoof in place while Avelyn licked at it. “As with all good domesticated animals you need some reins don’t you?” She took the long whip, looped it and tied it into a noose like leash. She slipped it over Avelyn’s neck. Luzella smiled and pulled it, letting it tighten around her neck. If Avelyn failed to keep up with Luzella and not give her any slack, the leash would start choking her.

“Alright, you better keep up when we go for walks. Lets go, time to get you cleaned up.”

Luzella made her way out of the pit, now dragging Avelyn as her broken body failed to keep up on all fours. As the two began to pass cloaked Kamri, Luzella stopped in place suddenly and grasped Kamri’s neck through her cloak. The hood brushed backward exposing Kamri’s face.  Luzella smiled while lifting Kamri off the floor with one hand and smashing her up against the wall.

“Oh, look who it is! I haven’t forgotten about you,” Luzella grinned.

Kamri kicked her legs and struggled to break free.

“I heard about your little stunt you pulled on Jelthra. Think you can play with the big girls now, hmm?”    

Kamri smiled through her choking and spit a wad of saliva across Luzella’s face.

Furry erupted in the amazon’s face.

“I’m going to- “  

“Luzella!” A voice suddenly rang out over the small scuffle.

Luzella cocked her head to the side at attention while still strangling Kamri.

Aeltha stood with her arms crossed, glaring down from the above balcony. “Release Kamri and come before me.”

Luzella’s eyes flared in hatred, still gripping Kamri’s neck.

“At once!” Aeltha ordered coldly. “Don’t make me ask again.”

Feverishly annoyed at the situation, Luzella slowly slid Kamri back down to her feet.

“Go on, little Keeaty,“ Kamri whispered under her breath. Luzella rolled her fingers into a fist of animosity, using every last ounce of control to remain composed.  

“It seems fate has ruled in your favor. Your time will come, little one…” Luzella grinned at Kamri.

Luzella handed the makeshift leash to a fellow Kazdruk soldier before making her way towards Aeltha. The sorcerist slowly made her way down the spiral stairs, meeting Luzella at the bottom.   

“Good evening, High Sorceress Aeltha,” Luzella spoke before kneeling before her.

“What’s this all about down here?” Aeltha pointed her finger at the group of other Kazdruks and Kamri.

“Oh…just some friendly competition, sorceress.”

“Mmhmm…” Aeltha responded less than convinced. She looked down at the kneeling amazon for a moment and ran a talon across Luzella’s clavicle, then upward along her jugular.

“Hmm, you are an exceptional breed, aren’t you? The apex of Kazdruk physique. Almost… almost perfect.”

Aeltha paused for a moment before smacking Luzella hard across her face.

“You lack elegance!” Aletha yelled before pulling a fistfull of the demon’s hair backward.  

“You are what the humans call… what’s the saying again?…a bull in a ceramic market. Your pride and haughtiness never ceases to amaze, but shear strength alone will not win you every battle.”

Anger stirred behind Luzella’s blizzard like eyes. Before she could return any words, Aeltha cut her off.

“Yuldasha has ordered each Talon leader to prepare for the oncoming elvish assault. I’m sure you have more important matters to be attending than meddling here with these bottom dwellers. ”  

Luzella bit her tongue and bowed before Aeltha. “Yes, Sorceress Aletha.”

“Good, then you are dismissed.” Aeltha spun on one heel and marched back up the staircase.

Luzella’s anger radiated off her skin as she rose back to her hooves. Kamri was long gone now. She knew she would have another chance. She made her way back to Avelyn, grabbed her leash, and left.



I have to admit, the dull yellow candle light shimmering through the hundreds of icicles was pretty looking but I couldn’t help but think of frozen Keeat piss. Maybe it was the yellow tinge, or the reek of all the elvish horse stables. The icicles were the only thing nice about this little elvish village.  I thought the snow was nice at first, It beats the heat but the crunchy snow under my boots was making sneaking difficult. Why did Aeltha need these subjects anyway? She’s always tinkering so it doesn’t surprise me that she wants some more live test subjects. But still, being a curious Kazdruk I had to wonder.

Well, the faster I get them, the faster I can get back and find out. I was doing my best at keeping the primal side under control. You might say I have a tendency of letting my Kazdruk testosterone cloud my better judgement. Jelthra… damn, what I’d do to have those fucking lips around my cock right now. She’s a troublemaker and she knows it. And Kamri – hell, I’d plow her good, but fucking your own student never ends well, and besides, Yuldasha would probably castrate me…or worse…

Come on, focus, focus.

I could smell something sweet close by. Smells like vanilla and wine. The unmistakable smell of elvish skin. I lost the scent as quickly as I acquired it. Damn. It came from this house, it had to have.

I pulled myself up onto the log siding. The crisscrossed logs practicality made steps. I climbed a few stories peering into each window as I passed. I got to the top floor and peered into the frosted window.  Low and behold, elvish skin…Ok one more thing I can add to my list of nice things here. The elvish woman.

Neicul, the errand boy. It’s your lucky night.

This unexpecting victim was gorgeous, slightly tan skin, long dark red hair, excellent figure, she looked in great shape. Maybe a soldier. Alright, where’s your husband? I kept peering in and around the room. She looked to be getting ready for bed. Maybe she’s alone? Perfect.

Alright, don’t fuck this up.  I could crash through this window here, run a snatch and grab. Hmm, but she looks like a fighter, maybe I should stealth this one. Back down I go then.

Elvish locks were easy enough to pick. I snuck up through the house; it was easier to sneak on wood than all that crunchy snow. The only issues was these houses didn’t have us Kazdruk in mind when they built them. I ran the risk of smashing my head on the door jams, so I had to tread carefully. I finally got to the top floor. I edged my way to the bedroom door and peered in. There was the elvish beauty laying in bed. I heard rustling in the small room beside the bedroom. Must be the mister getting around for bed. I slowly undid one of my daggers… poor bastard thinks he’s getting laid tonight. Well, I got bad news for him. I waited until he took his first step into the bedroom.


It was another woman! I lowered my dagger at the sight. I’m not sure why, seeing as she looked like a soldier as well. This elvish woman rivaled the looks of her partner. This beauty had lighter skin and long tightly braided white hair with one lose long blue strand running down the right side of her face. Her long athletic legs carried her to the bed, each soft step causing her supple breasts to bounce. She slowly slide onto the silk sheets and sensually straddled the dark redhead. The lighter elf let her long braids cascade over her lover’s face before she slowly lowered herself for a long soft kiss.

Well this certainly makes things interesting…hmm… Well, I don’t see why I can’t take both with me. I doubt Aletha would mind. Hell, maybe she’ll pull her wand out of her ass. I undid my second dagger. But I should probably wait and analyze the…uh… situation first.  

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