Spire of Torment. Chapter 23 : Loose Chains & Tight Knots

By: Lucien

“… yes, but Master Yuldasha! Our scouts report that the elves are even closer than before! Are you sure you don’t want us to intervene now?” the stocky Kazdruk spoke sternly.

Yuldasha glared at the Talon commander before lashing out with an aether whip, wrapping it around his throat.

“Hmmm, are you questioning my orders, commander?” Yuldasha hissed, moving closer.

“No…no of course not, Master!” The Kazdruk winced in pain as the whip began to burn into his thick, muscular neck. The blistering sizzle and popping of his flesh pierced through the silent chamber.

Luzella, along with the other Talon commanders, watched on in amusement. Luzella’s lush lips puckered in a slight smile. Smugly, she watched the insubordination, silently hoping her master would sever his head clean off.

Yuldasha rested the whip for a few moments, letting the cable sink deeper into the demon’s neck. Smoke bellowed out as the aether magic cauterized his leathery skin. The Kazdruk’s knees wobbled and his eyes flinched as the searing pain became unbearable. Smiling in twisted delight, Yuldasha slowly lowered the whip off him. “You all have your orders. Allow these tenacious elves to come forth. Not all of them, but some. They will be after the elvish Queen. If they continue with their predictable movements, I estimate they will attack tomorrow. Move all of your troops to your designated sections – am I understood?”

The surrounding Talon leaders brought their fists hard against their chests and yelled in unison. “Hail Yuldasha!”

“You are all dismissed,” she directed. The Talon leaders turned and left.

Aeltha made her way into Yuldasha’s chamber slowly. Her smooth gait flickered the rows of violet candles as she brushed by. She stopped before giving a shallow bow to Yuldasha.

Yuldasha sat in her throne, her eyes flickering with a hint of indignation. Watching Aeltha closely, she slowly tapped her sharp nails across the stone handrest.

“Good evening, Master,” Aeltha purred.

“Save the formalities, Aeltha,” Yuldasha snapped, rising to her hooves.

Aeltha swallowed hard. A tingle of fear ran down between her shoulder blades.

“Tell me, Aeltha; how is the campaign fairing to the East?”

Aeltha froze for a moment before responding.

“It goes well, Master.”

“Indeed it does…” Yuldasha turned, walking out onto her balcony high above the spire. She looked over the railing, out across the brilliant night sky.

“Gaze upon those stars, Aeltha. Look at how each star floats among the heavens. Each orb is its own separate entity.”

Aeltha followed her Master, gazing at the fine dots of fire among the heavens.   

Yuldasha glanced down at the sorceress before turning her gaze to the moon, “ They twinkle as a unified tapestry of power. Most importantly though Aeltha – they never lose track of the moon.

“Is there anything you wish to inform me about, Aeltha?”

“No, Master. Everything is going as planned…”

Yuldasha suddenly turned in anger, grappling Aeltha’s neck.

Who’s plan? You play me as a fool, sorceress? ”

Jade flames erupted along Yuldasha’s arms as she brought Aeltha to her knees. The crackling of flames reflecting off Yuldahsa’s angered face.

“Tell me, Aeltha – who is this Harbinger? This…Baroness… This Succubus?“ Yuldasha sizzled. “Perhaps your work has gone too far sorceress…hmm?”

Yuldasha ran her finger along Aeltha’s neck, stroking her soft red skin. Aeltha opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by Yuldasha as she placed her hand firmly over the sorceress’s mouth, nodding her finger side to side.

“You made the perfect soldier, perhaps too perfect…you’ve lost control of her, haven’t you! But you’re too proud to admit it…” Yuldasha spoke arrogantly. She bent over, letting her breasts heave forward, almost spilling out of her top. Yuldasha brought her face close to Aeltha’s. The Kazdruk queen’s green serpent eyes glowed vibrantly as she gazed into Aeltha’s own.

“You’ve run your chain with too much slack, sorceress. You’ve lost control of the one named Lillium! Your creature!” Yuldasha snapped, her hand still smothering any excuse Aeltha might offer.

“You need not answer that question, for the answer is already obvious. Aeltha, dearest… I don’t enjoy having things out of my control. This Lillium of yours is becoming a risk. Helots are abandoning posts, the blood Cult of Morkate has rekindled. Who knows what she’ll do next? She’s stretching her wings a bit too far; she needs to be put back in her place!” Yuldasha paused for a moment, gliding her fingers across Aeltha’s collarbone. “You’re one my most paramount assets, Aeltha. I’ll give you one chance to rectify this situation before it unravels out of control any further. Bring this Lillium before me; let me gaze upon her enticing flesh in person. I think we need a talk.”

Aeltha nodded without saying a word. Yuldasha smiled, unfastening the thin fabric across her hips and exposing her soft pussy lips before Aeltha’s face.

“As for you, Aeltha, prove to me your continued allegiance,” Yuldasha purred.

Aeltha looked up willingly, nuzzling her lips against her master’s velvet cunt. Yuldasha’s eyes

fluttered in euphoric bliss as the sorceress’ lapped at her master’s clit. Running her fingers through Aeltha’s black hair, Yuldasha moaned in approval letting the sorceress’ head bob back and forth softly under the light of the milky moon.


Elu and Geem crept around the south side of the spire, trailed by a small force of elves.

They could make out faint torch lights along the spire’s perimeter. The massive beacon of torment and depravity jutted skyward, high into the barren swirling sky.

The plan was simple – and suicidal. At daybreak, the remaining northern and southern elvish forces would storm the spire head-on while Geem and a select few would scale the side of the spire looking for the Queen. The plan was shoddy at best, but no one could think of an alternative.

Strangely enough, there was no signs of Kazdruk activity. Perhaps they didn’t worry about forces ever appearing this deep behind lines.

“I think it’s a trap,” Geem muttered. “Not a single godforsaken demon.”

“Perhaps most of them are past us, along the shores,” Elu shrugged.

“Maybe they’re sleeping?” another elf snickered.

Geem and Elu made absurd faces at the young soldier.

“The Kazdruk don’t sleep. They only rape and pillage… and murder…” Geem responded.

The young elf frowned at their grimness. He, along with his brethren, could very well die tomorrow morning. A cold breeze swept across the arid desert, further decimating hope.

“Are the others in place?” Geem questioned.

“Aye, the teams are ready, sir,” Elu spoke.

“Good. We wait until sunrise then. Get rest, everyone.” Geem paused for a moment looking to the stars. He closed his eyes, placing his thumb across his forehead.  “May Eletha shine down on us.”  




Kamri swung hard and precise, her muscles twisting along her arms as she brought her staff down hard. Her movements fluid, yet striking like stone. Looking over her armored plated shoulder, she noticed Brazeek and his ragtag posse assembling around the fighting circle.

“Shit, not these guys again…” Kamri whispered under her breath. Pausing, she brought her staff to her side, annoyed by the interruption.

Brazeek entered the fighting pit with Kamri. His men circled around the pit, eyeing her in hunger and vile appetency.

“Looking to play again, huh Brazeek?” Kamri smiled.

Brazeek smirked as he got closer. His scarred face and lip remained silent, shrouding his true intentions.  

“What’s the matter? You need a whole group to take me now? You must be pretty desperate.”

Brazeek looked slightly embarrassed as he came within torch light view. He wasn’t carrying himself with his usual bully-like disposition, something was off.

“K-Kamriii Riiight?” the large Kazdruk chuckled.

Kamri nodded. Ready to fight, her orange eyes glowed like cinders in the low spire light.

“I’m…uhhh…errr…” Brazeek began to fumble over his words, his memory relaying the painful encounter he had with her a few nights back.  Kamri looked on puzzled for a moment, slightly relaxing her form.

“Well, what is it? You want a piece of me or what?” Kamri sneared.

Brazeek looked over his shoulder at the others then back at her.

“ I…I want…wannnt you tooo join my Talon! Fight alongside me and my brethren tomorrow!”

Her eyes opened wide in amusement, unsure if she heard him correctly. She didn’t know what to say.

“…what did you just say?” Kamri smiled, holding back nervous laughter.  

“Join my Talon! “ Brazeek spoke again, this time saluting his fist to his large chest.

Kamri thought for a moment. His question completely caught her off guard. It surely was not what she was expecting. If he was sincere – which she doubted – he could be a useful asset up against both Jelthra and Luzella. Besides, she craved battle, she craved blood along her lips. She had nothing to lose and only respect and honor to gain.

“Alight, Brazeek. I’ll join your Talon,” Kamri spoke raising her staff.

Brazeek laughed out.

” Gooood! good! join us then! Let us dine in the great hall!”

Brazeek’s face light up with joy. Some of his other talon members cheered along.

Kamri smirked in uneasiness, still not trusting any of them. She kept her guard up but decided to join them.    

The group left the fighting pit, making their way towards the mess hall and down the dark coiling corridors. One of the talon members approached Kamri from behind, awing over her firm athletic ass as she walked beside Brazeek. The member reached out to fondle her smooth rear. Kamri spun around quickly, grabbing his wrist before twisting it awkwardly. He fell forward into Kamri’s awaiting strike. Her elbow connected with his nose in a hard crunch, breaking bone and cartilage. The soldier emitted a canine like cry as a torrent of fresh blood spilled down his face and chest. Kamri finished by kicking out the side of his knee cap. The demon growled out in misery as he crumbled to the ground. She leapt down and straddled him, pinning him to the ground. She reached down under his leather battle skirt, clutching his balls hard. The demon’s face winced in agony as he tried crawling out from under her.  

The other Kazdruk didn’t intervene.They only watched on in a mix of awe and fear.

“Let me make one thing clear, any of you try to touch me without my ok, I’ll sever your balls off and feed them to the Keeats. Then, in your sleep, while you’re mending your lack of manhood, I’ll slit your fucking throat and let you slowly drown in your own blood.” Kamri spat glaring at the members, her eyes burning with rage.

Some of the Kazdruk backed away nodding in fear, not wanting any trouble, others cheered her on, and still others laughed at the beaten talon member. Brazeek chuckled hard extending his hand, offering to help Kamri up. Kamri took his hand as he pulled her back to her feet. The two grinned at each other mischievously before moving to the mess hall.


Cazel raced to her feet in terror as ember eyes enclosed on her. Her boots carried her quickly across the granite like cave floor. Gold hair swung side to side as she frantically searched for a way out. With deep raspy breaths she ran, only to find another wall of feral beasts emerging from the cavernous shadows. Cazel covered her shriek with her leather glove as she stared in horror at the abominations. They had a familiar look but still somehow different. Wolves… she thought to herself. But something was off about them. They looked malevolent as if they had arrived with the Kazdruk invasion. Some were much larger than normal wolves. Long hawks of discolored hair ran up between their long, twisting horns. Cazel had never seen wolf breeds like this, nor had she ever heard of them. Surely a creature of this stature would be spoken of by hunter or woodsman a like, or at least rumored of in every rum soaked tavern across DelHelshan. Her pupils dilated at the shocking realization. The creatures looked like a godforsaken mix of Keeat and wolf.

A group of the hellish wolves snarled towards Cazel as their hair along their backs began to rise in aggression. Cazel slowly moved backward, unsheathing her steel dagger and keeping her frosted blue eyes on them. She didn’t want to make any sudden movements. Cazel’s heart pounded faster as she heard a distinctively deeper growl come from behind. The small pack in front of her suddenly lowered their bushy tails and scurred backward away from her. Turning around slowly, she rested her eyes upon the alpha of the cave system. There was no mistaking it. He appeared almost twice the size of the others. Cazel trembled in fear and started to back away. She couldn’t help by notice his growing cock between his furry hind legs.  

The beast lashed out, horns first and without warning. It’s sharp canines snapped at the air. Cazel ducked backward, slashing outward with her steel dagger. Before she could regain herself, the animal was already circling around, snapping at her leg. The elf twisted, cutting her dagger out again. The steel missed, slicing the thick cave air. A tear rang out as the behemoth wolf ripped apart the backing of her clothing. Shreds of linen and leather flayed off. Cazel was quickly knocked to the ground by a heavy paw. The hit sent her dagger tumbling across the cave floor before bouncing into the abyss of a chasm.

Rolling to her stomach, she kneeled to stand back up. Before the elf could return to her feet, the lumbering beast tore at her leather trousers. Cazel kicked backward as her soft ass cheeks became exposed. The wolf continued, shredding the entire hip region of her pants off. Weighty paws pushed her back down as the creature drove his cold muzzle between her elvish cheeks. With a snarl it tore her thong from her ass before mounting her. Cazel trembled under the great wolf as it laid his paws across her shoulders. Shivers drove up her spine as the beast growled softly next to her pointed ears.

Cazel let out a gasp as the beast pushed his precum soaked cock against her exposed cunt.

With hard thrusts forward, the meaty member pushed into her nether lips and stretching the tiny entrance. Cazel gripped the cavern floor as the veiny cock forced its way deep into her tight twat. More wolves gathered around, sniffing the mating in the air. Each beast’s erected cocks dangled, spilling precum across the granite in anticipation. Cazel arched her back, taking the alpha’s cock deep inside her. Cazel whimpered in a mix of fear and taboo pleasure. He humped his mate, locking his hind leg over her hip and bucking wildly into her. In crazed lust the wolf panted, letting his engorged cock pump in and out of the elf’s pussy. Juices and strands of thin cum pattered across the ground, mixed with the grunting and soft moans of the northern elf.

Cazel gasped in horror as the wolf’s knot filled her tight cunt, locking her in place. She attempted to pull herself off his member, but the engorged knot base fastened her to him. Cazel bit her bottom lip as his cock pulled on her constricted walls. The animal’s heavy rhythm slowed as he began dumping hot thick loads of cum deep inside her. The shy elf moaned softly as she felt her insides filling with hot batter.

23 Cazel pack

Groaning echoed off the cave walls as load after load was pumped into her. Copious amounts began to overflow, squeezing past the knot and spilling to the cold floor. The satisfied wolf finished with his mate and started to dismount. The thick expanding knot remained locked inside Cazel’s tight cunt, trapping the massive load inside. The beast nonchalantly began to walk away as his engorged shaft pulled at her cunt wall. The wide knot refused to budge and began pulling Cazel along with him. The elf kicked and squirmed as she was dragged along behind her new canine master. Deeper into the cave system they went, sliding across the slick rock cave floor by her clasped pussy lips. The alpha dragged the elf into his den before curling into a ball. He laid contently in his lair with his new found bitch firmly secured to his cock, with his hot cum stirring inside her. The remaining wolves stood around the den, waiting patiently for their alpha’s knot to release his prize.



Neicul watched the two elves make love. Their elvish skin intertwined rolling across the bed. Smooth hands groped at each other, long elegant fingers ran across one of their breasts while the other’s tugged at their long hair. Neicul grinned at the flashes of milk and caramel colored skin revealed only by flickering candle light. The fawn skinned elf let her head fall back, her dark scarlet hair cascaded across the cozy pillow in red waves. Her partner suckled softy on her neck, letting her delicate porcelain fingers explore south of her navel.

Suddenly, the tan elf’s violet eyes peered narrowly towards Neicul’s position, her face of pleasure disappeared not into fear, but anger. Without a second of hesitation the elf reached for the bedside-table, bringing up a throwing knife in one smooth motion. The knife cut through the night air before lodging into Neicul’s right arm bracer. The armor plate became pinned to the door jam. For a moment Neicul couldn’t move or unsheathe his own dagger; by time he figured out what the hell happened, the elves were enclosing. He reached up and pulled out the knife pinning his arm. Neicul was meet with a hard kick across his face. He spun, bringing himself upward releasing one of his knives in a blind horizontal slash. In shock, his knife strike was blocked by another knife. Following through he unsheathed his second dagger. All three danced in the middle of the cabin room. They twirled a ballet of fury and sharp steel. Sparks and clangs rang out as arms crossed over others. Slashes were canceled out. Parries and deflections rolled into combinations of blocks and buffered strikes.

Neicul backed away in confusion as he failed to land a single knife strike, all while the two elvish woman kept him on his toes and slashed towards him. The lighter of the two struck out at him stabbing through the air. Neicul ducked out of the way as the darker elf caught her dagger in his chest. The elvish steel ripped through his armor and pierced his flesh, sinking into his pectoral region.The Kazdruk growled in pain as the lighter of the duo followed up, kicking him through the window. The elvish glass shattered as Neicul’s body launched out of the house. He fell two stories, landing hard on his back into a cloud of fresh snow. The two watched from the window as the Kazdruk limped away into the blizzard filled darkness, a trail of fresh blood sprinkling into the snow behind him.    

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