Half-Breed. Chapter 10: The Nature of Confrontation – Stage I

By: Dawn2069MS

Kyaara and Tianna enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun; it was the second day of their journey northward to the Dragon’s Spine. The area they were traveling through, a broad veld with a vast variety of low growing vegetation, seemed peaceful and calm.

Kyaara was still troubled by her corrupted thoughts, as well as her body’s longings, and the fact that her beloved sister was sitting on the saddle in front of her didn’t make it easier for the half-breed to pull herself together. The warmth of her sister’s body, her smell, the sensation of her buttocks rubbing against her crotch; it all stimulated Kyaara’s body and mind slowly, but relentlessly. Her cock had recently shown signs of being larger than she was accustomed to, causing problems as she tried to keep it contained in her leathers and not rubbing against her sister. She came once in her armor already when an earlier gallop rubbed her swollen length against her sister into an orgasm. She managed to keep her composure and contain her accident from her sister, but the shame of licking her sticky armor clean of cum during a rest stop still haunted her. While Kyaara’s horse trotted forward without requiring any guidance from its rider at the moment, the elven fighter’s thoughts started to zone out yet again. She imagined laying her hands on her sister’s exposed huge breasts, slowly massaging them tenderly, teasing her quickly hardening nipples with her fingers. She fantasized about Tianna starting to groan slightly due to her big sister’s stimulation, leaning back her head onto Kyaara’s shoulder, her face blushing lustfully, her gaze screaming “Take me” without speaking. Her cock throbbed against her leathers in response, straining her bottoms as her distended crotch inched closer to Tianna’s cheeks.

Kyaara was suddenly forced back into reality as Seriso unexpectedly jerked to a halt, neighing nervously. The animal was anxious, taking a few steps backwards. While patting the side of the horse’s neck, Tianna tried to calm him down with her soft voice: “Easy, boy.” The priestess turned her head and faced her sister, a worried look on her face. Kyaara felt tense. She handed over the reins to her sister and gestured her to remain seated in the saddle. After dismounting her horse, Kyaara drew her combat blades and walked forward, slowly. She placed every one of her steps with caution, her posture reflecting her combat alertness. The Bladedancer tried to concentrate on her senses, but the neighing of Seriso and her sisters attempts to calm him down made it difficult to focus. There was a reason for her horse to nervously stop, and it wasn’t the first time that the animal got wind of something dangerous before Kyaara did.

The situation changed in an instant. A large creature, almost as big as a tiger, burst out of the sandy surface of the veld. It shrieked as it leapt through the air, carrying an explosion of earth with it.

The daunting appearance of the camouflaged predator made Seriso panic. The horse suddenly reared up, neighing and bristling with fear. Tianna got caught off guard by the animal’s sudden movement and thrown backwards out of the saddle. The elven woman yelped in fear as she fell down. The moment she hit the ground, the impact forced the air out of her lungs. The priestess felt a painful flash jolting through her torso and the back of her head before fading to black.

Kyaara had no chance to recognize her sister’s harm. She was confronted with two pairs of huge ripper teeth protruding from the upper and lower jaws of a monstrous mouth, darting at her with deadly precision. The Bladedancer instinctively threw herself backwards to dodge the incoming attack and managed to thrust a kick into the beast’s belly, causing the animal to stumble and fall. The elven fighter leaped to her feet and spun around to face the furious creature. A wink of observation was enough for the keen-eyed woman to realize that her sister was lying on the ground, and that her horse had fled the scene. Her gaze locked back onto her opponent who in the meantime had gotten back onto their clawed paws.

Kyaara knew what she was fighting; she had been told about the creature some years ago. It was a Plain Seeker, a chameleonic predator and one of the most dangerous animals inhabiting the Southern Veld. The creature had the size and build of an adult tiger. In contrary to a cat of prey, its skin wasn’t covered with fur, but with lots of large scales and bony plates, covering most of its body. The four legs of the predator were shaped by powerful muscles, and its paws had razor-sharp non-retractable claws. The head of the beast had an alien look: A large bony plate with a variety of thorns was covering all of the creatures forehead; neither eyes, nor nostrils were visible. The mouth of the Plain Seeker was a bizarre conglomeration of sharp teeth, four large canine fangs and a tongue looking more like a tentacle to catch prey. The creature’s spine and the prehensile tail were covered with thorns and the tail’s tip had a large barbed spike. The ability to alter the coloration and pattern of its scaled skin enabled the predator to hide perfectly, just as it did when it buried itself in the veld’s ground while patiently waiting for its prey to approach its deadly perimeter.

A split second after the creature had leaped to its paws, it dashed forward to attack Kyaara again. The Bladedancer’s heart was beating violently and fast within her chest. Fighting an opponent with such primeval power was nothing like fighting humanoid enemies. Kyaara knew that the moment she would injure the creature, it would go into a frenzied rage until it perished. Since she wasn’t willing to let the Seeker hurt her sister, her horse, or even herself, the only viable plan was to kill the creature before it would be able to go berserk. Being a skilled fighter, Kyaara twisted her body sideways to dodge the incoming assault. As the predator’s head passed her fast moving body, its deadly bite attack barely missing its target, the Bladedancer striked. She spun around and forcefully rammed both of her combat blades into the back of the beast with a battle cry, driving them halfway into the creature’s body. Surprised about the unexpected sturdiness of the Seeker’s scaled and plated skin, she tried to quickly pull out her weapons, but the rapid movement of the creature jerked the blades out of her hands.

» Ah crap, my blades. « was the only thought popping up in Kyaara’s mind.

She gazed at the wounded animal which had stopped its charge and turned around to face her again. Kyaara got scared as she recognized obvious changes in the predator’s behavior. It’s body started to rumble in waves. She saw the muscles of the animal bulge under its scaled skin. It bristled with rage, followed by a guttural snarl, making the elf’s hair stand on end. Though it had no visible facial expression, Kyaara saw and felt that the creature was on the brink of going berserk any moment.

In the short moment the two opponents were facing each other, the elven woman felt a jolt of rage rushing through her body and mind. At first she thought that the primeval sensation was coming from her opponent, but she suddenly became aware of something from deep within her, and that it was quickly getting the upper hand. Kyaara had no time to analyze what was happening. At the same time the enraged creature started its next attack, the half-breed suddenly cried out a bestial battle-roar and gave in to the tremendous urge to counterattack the Plain Seeker with her bare hands.


Rhyeesh sat on the wooden table she had used to hogtie and prepare the elven priestess some days ago and looked toward the frightened young woman who was cowering in the corner of the abandoned cathedral’s main room. The succubus eyeballed her captive, enjoying the silence of the early morning.

She thought it would be an easy meal when she spotted the woman tending to a field on her journey. She needed to satiate her hunger and thought it would be no trouble at all to drain her latest victim. However, the stubborn woman rebuffed the succubus’ charms each time, which both frustrated and amused Rhyeesh. She could do nothing but smile as the stunned woman fainted from watching Rhyeesh reform into her demonic appearance in front of her. She carried the woman back to the church like a hunter returning with a prized hog. And just like the hog, she still had to prepare the woman before devouring her essence.

The bound woman had stopped whining into her ball-gag some time ago; now she stared at the demoness in silence. Her eyes were tear-stained and empty, her gaze a desperate helplessness. She bore the appearance of a housemaid. The dress she wore was characteristic of a female human servant. The corset-like body of the dress was laced at its front and back and didn’t cover the woman’s breasts. It had short sleeves and a long skirt ranging down to her bare feet. The worn dress was made out of ordinary blue fabric and had seen better days; a white-gray ruffled blouse with long sleeves, worn under the blue dress and covering the maid’s breasts and arms, complemented the servant’s attire. Rhyeesh estimated the young maid to be around her own age, and her appearance was that of an average human woman. Though she was far away from the graceful beauty of elven women, and even more far away from the perfect hourglass body of a female Kazdruk, she had a certain natural beauty which eventually was the reason for Rhyeesh to have chosen her. The young maid’s slightly chubby face, in combination with her unkempt brown hair and her large brown eyes, made her look innocently cute.

To prevent her captive from fleeing, the succubus had restrained the woman with some leather straps and a leather collar. The straps were secured around the maid’s knees and ankles, as well as around her elbows and wrists, securing her arms behind her back. The collar was connected to one end of a long chain, the other end was locked to one of the many metal torch holders located at the cathedral wall. After eyeballing her prey for some minutes, studying the young woman’s fearful behavior, Rhyeesh finally broke the silence and addressed the maid:

“Is this the first time you see a … how do you folk call us? Ah right … a demon?”

The young maid, slightly shocked by the fact that her captor suddenly spoke to her, gazed at Rhyeesh and nodded hesitantly. The demonic woman recognized her captive’s apparent astonished facial expression and continued:

“Are you afraid to be killed by me?” Rhyeesh asked with an undertone of amusement.

The frightened woman nodded anew and tears rushed to her eyes. The succubus’ question was more than enough for the young maid to start trembling again. Rhyeesh knew exactly how the woman felt; she remembered how she had felt herself many years ago when she had knelt besides the body of her dead mother in the presence of the menacing Kazdruk woman she nowadays calls Mistress. However, seeing and feeling a fear-driven victim like the young maid made a pleasant and satisfying shiver run down the succubus’ spine. Rhyeesh set her cloven hooves onto the stone floor, rose her buttocks from the wooden table, and approached the cowering woman with slow and graceful steps. The closer she came to her victim, the more frightened the young woman got; her body almost twitching with every one of the succubus’ steps. The trembling maid tried to angle her legs to her chest as close as possible, while her teary eyes remained locked on Rhyeesh’s face. After stopping directly in front what looked like a picture of misery to Rhyeesh, the demoness hunkered down, peered into the frightened woman’s eyes, and spoke to her in a calming voice:

“There’s no need to be afraid. If my mission would have involved killing you, you’d be already dead. And as long as you don’t do something stupid, I won’t harm you.”

Rhyeesh slowly moved her clawed fingers toward the ball-gag, then paused for a moment and continued to speak to her victim:

“I’ll now remove your gag. I expect you to behave properly and remain calm. Screaming would be something stupid. Do you understand?”

The young woman nodded hectically while gazing into the demoness’ eyes.

“Good girl.” Rhyeesh responded and smiled satisfied, her fangs showing behind her lips.

After being released from the ball-gag, the young maid took a few deep breaths through her mouth, but remained silent as requested. She watched the demoness rise up and walk to the stone altar at the other end of the room. What she didn’t see was Rhyeesh eagerly licking the remains of her victim’s saliva from the gag, savoring the sweet flavor of her oral juices. Tasting this first tiny bit of the maid’s bodily fluids was the right appetizer for Rhyeesh’s breakfast and motivated her to continue without further ado. While picking up a wooden bucket of water from behind the altar, the demoness asked another question:

“What is your name, young maid?”

“M-my n-name … Sarissa,” the woman replied with a quivering voice.

The demoness slowly returned to her victim and placed the wooden bucket on the floor near Sarissa’s feet. After kneeling down in front of the maid, Rhyeesh addressed her anew:

“Sarissa … that’s a beautiful name. Well my dear, I am Rhyeesh, your new owner.”

Rhyeesh reached into the bucket and grabbed a sponge. She then squeezed some water out of it and looked at Sarissa’s puzzled face. The bound woman was on the brink of addressing her captor. Being aware of that, the succubus decided to let the young woman speak.

“I d-don’t understand … why a-are you doing this to me?” Sarissa sobbed, “P-please, let me go.”

The demoness reached forward, grabbed the leather strap at Sarissa’s ankles, pulled her feet toward her lap, and placed them on her thighs. The frightened maid tried to resist at first, but quickly realized that her legs were no match against the demoness’ supernatural strength. Rhyeesh looked at the young woman and answered her question, her voice slightly commanding:

“Since you are my property now, I won’t let you go of course. And since I prefer my property to be clean, I will grant you the honor to wash your dirty feet. So, accept your situation and stop whining – you don’t want to displease me, do you?”

Sarissa answered the question silently by shaking her head; at the moment she was simply overwhelmed by the bizarre situation. She gazed at Rhyeesh’s effort to clean her feet as if in a trance. Feeling the wet sponge on her bare feet tickled her, but she didn’t dare make a sound. Though the demoness hadn’t threatened to punish her – yet – the fear of being punished by a demon was much too great.

Cleaning Sarissa’s feet just required a few minutes. Rhyeesh smiled; she was pleased by the result and commented with satisfaction:

“Now look at those beautiful feet I found under all of that dirt,” the succubus purred. While putting the sponge back into the wooden bucket, she continued:

“I think they need some more attention. Here, let me make you feel good for a while.”

Rhyeesh took Sarissa’s feet into her hands and started to apply gentle pressure to her soles with her thumbs, tenderly massaging the maid’s feet. The succubus knew exactly where she had to caress a woman’s feet in order to stimulate her erogenous zones, and she quickly recognized that it wasn’t necessary to use her dark magic yet. It was a pleasure for Rhyeesh to see the young maid’s body responding to her massaging with lovely unintentional moans. Surprised about her reaction to the demoness’ treatment, Sarissa suddenly was torn between caving in to the pleasurable sensation of the massage and trying to stay focused on her captivity. She was unsure as to what she thought of the succubus’ treatment, and she couldn’t comprehend why Rhyeesh was doing this. Her glance bounced between the demoness’ face and her caressed feet before she finally found a spark of courage and addressed her captor:

“Please, M-miss. I’m just an ordinary house maid … please, what do you want from m-me?”

Rhyeesh looked at her victim, her gaze slightly annoyed by Sarissa’s whining. She paused massaging the maid’s feet and pressed her clawed thumb into the sole of foot, forcing a moan of pain out of her. The young woman tried to withdraw her bound feet from Rhyeesh’s grip, but failed to do so. The demoness eyes seemed to flash in the dim light of the cathedral, fueling a new wave of fear in the maid, as she raised her voice:

“OK my dear, listen carefully: What you are isn’t important now. What I want is you; it’s that simple. But right now you need to choose how you will behave when you are with me. You can either continue to disappoint me by annoying me with your constant whimpering, or you can bow to me and accept your new position as my servant. Defiance or submission, pain or pleasure; it is your choice.”

The demoness smirked at the frightened woman and released her foot from the painful pressure of her claw, waiting for her victim to make a choice. While listening to Rhyeesh’s words and trying to endure the pinching pain on her foot, Sarissa had started to tremble again.

“I … I am yours.” The maid stared to sob again: “Please, I beg you, don’t hurt me any more.”

“A wise choice, my dear.” Rhyeesh replied, as she started to tenderly massage the maid’s feet again.

Sarissa was desperate. She had never been worried for her life before, and not knowing what would happen to her was tearing her mind apart and bubbling up a variety of emotions she couldn’t handle. The situation got even more bizarre as the young woman recognized that, in contrary to her mind, her body seemed to react positively to the demoness’ touches. The skillful massage felt good, and admitting to this feeling surprised the troubled maid.

She was even more surprised as she watched the demoness lift her bound feet a bit higher and began to place soft kisses onto her feet. Before she was able to completely realize what was going on, Rhyeesh stuck out her long forked tongue and started to tenderly lick over the maid’s soles and toes. The sensation of a wet tongue brushing over her bare feet made the young woman shiver with pleasure and her toes cringed involuntarily due to the oral cajoling.

“No … what are you doing? Hmmm … please, this isn’t right … no … yes … mmmh-god.”

Sarissa’s voice was quivering. Rhyeesh ignored her victims pleas and continued teasing her feet, switching between sliding the forked tip of her tongue between the aroused woman’s toes and wrapping her wet lips around each of her big toes, sucking on them gently. While still massaging one of Sarissa’s feet with one of her hands, the succubus detached the leather strap on the maid’s ankles, moved her hand up to her knees and released Sarissa’s legs from their bonds by removing the remaining leather straps. Rhyeesh relentlessly continued kissing and licking the young maid’s feet while tenderly stroking her lower legs and knees. Sarissa had closed her eyes. Her facial expression reflected her momentary emotional state, a mixture of fear and pleasure.

Rhyeesh looked at Sarissa’s rosy, blushing face. She paused her treatment for a moment and purred with a lascivious voice:

“Want me to stop?”

The young woman opened her eyes again and looked at Rhyeesh, breathing heavily. She had no idea why the demoness was pleasuring her, but the sensation she had felt so far was overwhelming and her body longed for more. Sarissa was still afraid of the demoness. She gazed into Rhyeesh’s eyes, aroused and unsure, but finally replied to her question by slowly shaking her head. Rhyeesh smiled upon the maid’s gesture. The succubus was satisfied to see that the intoxicating effect of her saliva and kisses had been enough to seduce a frightened victim to the point where she actually wanted to have more.

While working herself up Sarissa’s legs, eagerly and tenderly kissing and licking her delicate skin, the demoness slowly moved the maid’s dress upward with her hands until she could see her white-gray panties. After letting her long tongue flicker over the young maid’s knees, Rhyeesh continued placing soft kisses onto the inside of Sarissa’s thighs, skillfully avoiding to touch her actual nether regions and her pants. The maid groaned slightly due to the tender touches. Rhyeesh felt the muscles of the maid’s thighs twitch with every new kiss. If she would now start to take care of her private parts, she could race her victim through a roller-coaster of pleasures and orgasms. However, she had other plans for the young maid; she wanted to feast on her slowly rising passion before lifting her into the heaven of pleasure. As the demoness stopped caressing Sarissa’s thighs, the maid moaned needily. Rhyeesh moved up to face the aroused woman, pressing her naked breasts against Sarissa’s belly, and started kissing her dearly, their wet tongues swirling around each other behind their joined lips.


The warm liquid in Kyaara’s mouth had a strange flavor. It was not like water, but more viscous, and it had an almost metallic taste. Blood! It welled in her mouth, and she tore and chewed, satisfying a primeval hunger. Fresh blood sprayed across her face, as Kyaara became aware of what she was tasting. She cared not; her elven mind was clouded by a dark and powerful instinct. She felt her heart beating violently within her chest and her blood pulsing forcefully through her veins. The elven fighter didn’t feel enraged any more, but a variety of other emotions still remained resident within her. If she had to verbalize them right now, she would describe them as an unbearable mixture of feelings satisfying, liberating, exciting, even arousing, salacious, as well as pestering.

The world around Kyaara was hazy. A snarl tore from her throat. Pleasure coursed through her body as she panted hungrily, feeling her swollen cock pressing tight against the inside of her armored pants. She finally became aware of the situation she was in. The Plain Seeker was lying on its side, dead. Its belly and throat were torn open, revealing some of its intestines and muscles. She found herself lying on top of the creature, her mouth – her fangs – buried deep into its gaping throat wound. Her left hand still held fast onto one of the larger thorns on the predator’s back, while her right hand stuck in its belly wound. Kyaara had no idea what was happening right now, except that it felt right. It felt good.

Kyaara’s vision snapped back into focus. She withdrew her right hand from the ribcage of the dead animal and gazed at her bloodstained clawed hand. Though she recognized that her fingers had changed into bestial claws, she wasn’t afraid or astonished. She blinked, but found that everything she saw was … natural. It felt right. It felt exciting. Suddenly, a great lustfulness grasped Kyaara, and her mind seemed to be consumed by it. A new scent filled her nose, the intoxicating smell of her sister’s body. She lost herself once again in a haze of instinct, and suddenly jumped over the Seeker’s corpse and ran toward Tianna.

Kyaara darted over to her sister and came to a halt at her side. She felt her knees starting to shake as primeval sexual desires started rising within her. It felt like her skin was on fire. Kyaara fell to her knees, grabbed her sister’s robes and tore them open, revealing her beautiful cleavage. Pulling her lips back, she panted. Sweat covered her body, as her bloodstained clawed fingers started to massage the priestess’ breasts, smearing some of the dead Seeker’s blood on Tianna’s soft skin. Something was stirring within her, making her loins ache. Kyaara reached down to her pants and opened some of the leather straps until her erect cock sprung free from the tight garment. She lifted one of her knees over her sister’s body and positioned herself on the unconscious priestess’ chest, spreading her thighs until her swollen and needy cock rested on her sister’s soft tits. Kyaara let out a lustful and animalistic groan. A shiver ran up her back, out of anticipation of what she knew was to come next.

She roughly dug her fingers into Tianna’s soft breasts and pushed them together as she shoved her hard cock into her sister’s cleavage. The precum which was already oozing from the cockhead was far from being lubricating. The sensation of her glans forcing its way between the large breasts was painful, but she didn’t care. A hungry moan burst from her lips, as the rising lust made her thrust her loins forward. The half-breed’s length slid between Tianna’s tits until the tip of the cock reappeared on the upper side of the priestess’ cleavage. Kyaara moaned again, fingers digging deeper into the soft flesh of her sister’s bosom, as she felt her balls push against them. She noticed that more of her cock emerged from her sister’s cleavage than she thought with each thrust, a satisfying feeling and sight for the rutting warrior.

The smell of lustfulness grew stronger, mixing with the smell of blood, the earth, and the sweat of Kyaara’s instinct-driven body. A snarl tore from Kyaara’s throat as her cock pounded between her sister’s breasts. The pleasure coursed through her body as she panted hungrily. A few thrusts of her hips were enough to push Kyaara over the edge to a painful orgasm. Streams of hot cum shot out from her cock, splashing over her sister’s face and chin before pooling in between her breasts. Kyaara released her sister’s blood and cum smeared breasts from her hands, enabling her still hard cock to spring free from the slippery cleavage and release a few more ropes of cum as it bobbed. She was far from being satisfied; her cock ached due to the lasting erection.

Kyaara slid down her sister and dropped her face right into the middle of Tianna’s breasts. The scent of her cum on her sister’s skin was too much for her as Kyaara stuck out her tongue and dragged it across her sticky cleavage. She pulled her cum-coated tongue back into her mouth so fast that it slung some cum onto her own face. Almost instinctively, she stuck out her tongue to catch the goop from her cheek. As she did, she failed to notice that the tip of her tongue extended farther than she was used to while she licked off the cum from her cheek. Not done there, she dove back down and ran her tongue up her cleavage, her tongue dropping to her chin as she did so. Collecting a large swath of cum, she jerked her head up when she met Tianna’s neck. Holding the taste of her arousal on her tongue while looking at her sister’s still, puffy lips, she twisted down and stuck her tongue into Tianna’s mouth. Their lips connected, Kyaara passionately kissing her sister as their tongues battled in Tianna’s mouth, smearing her cum around it. After a few moments of moaned, passionate kissing and slurping, Kyaara paused. She pulled her tongue back in and released her sister’s lips, a strand of pearly white stretching between them until it broke and landed on Tianna’s lips.

Looking down at her unconscious sister, Kyaara’s mind suddenly snapped back into focus. Realizing what she just had done, the shocked woman jerked back from her sister, then screamed in pain. Only now she recognized that she had been wounded in the battle; a variety of claw marks and nasty looking cuts covered the half-breed’s bluish skin. Kyaara sat on the ground and gazed at her body and her sister, in disbelief. She suddenly remembered the dream she once had, the nightmare where she had been confronted with a wicked demonic version of herself.

“No, c-can’t be … ” she spoke to herself like in a trance, “what the … fangs???”

The troubled elven woman probed her teeth with her tongue and was shocked anew as she felt the sharp tips of a pair of vampiric fangs on each row of teeth. Kyaara panicked. When she had been a young girl, she had always wished for her dreams to become true, but changing into a demon was not one of them. Kyaara was scared. She looked down at her body and realized that her legs and feet were unchanged. Touching her head revealed that she hadn’t grown a pair of horns. Even though she was relieved that she hadn’t changed completely, Kyaara was barely able to cope with grotesque mixture of emotion waving through her. Her body trembled. She felt helpless, desperate and still so needy.

While looking about, the troubled elven woman’s gaze locked back onto the inanimate body of her little sister. She suddenly became aware of the fact that she didn’t know if Tianna was still alive, or not. The sudden surge of panic made Kyaara forget the pain caused by her wounds, as she reached out for Tianna, checking her sister for vital signs. Happy to realize that she seemed to be just unconscious, Kyaara felt as though a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She bent forward and rested her forehead on her sister’s belly while closing her eyes, her hair collecting some drips of cum from her chest. She tried to calm down, tried to let her mind go blank for a moment, but got betrayed by her own churning feelings.

» God no … it won’t stop. My cock, it hurts … need to cum … cum more … please … more. «

Kyaara’s body was almost moving by itself. While continuing to rest her head on Tianna’s belly, the rest of her body had turned to the side, resting on the sandy ground beside her sister. Her hand had moved to her nether regions like in a trance, her fingers already fondling her still swollen balls. Savoring the sweet scent of her little sister’s cum-covered body, the lust-driven Bladedancer started to masturbate, letting her cum-lubricated penis glide between her delicate fingers. The sensation stroking her already overstimulated cock anew caused Kyaara to groan aloud. She started to kiss and lick over her sister’s belly and navel, nestling her cheek up against the soft and flavorsome skin.

Rhythmical moans leaked from Kyaara’s lips as she felt herself racing towards another climax. She fastened her finger’s grip around her hard cock and continued to jerk herself off. A few more strokes were enough to make her cum. Kyaara did not look at her spurting cock, did not see how her delicious love juices moistened the sandy ground beside her. She just groaned aloud while sweating and resting on her little sister’s belly, suffering through a bizarre orgasm tainted by despair and pain.

“Not enough … god, help me.” Kyaara sobbed.

“Desire … so overwhelming. More cum … please, need more cum …”

Kyaara felt more helpless than ever in her life before. She had no idea what else she could do to satisfy this surreal longing. She felt weak, wasted, unable to withstand the dark lust any more. Her thoughts started to zone out, just as something suddenly touched her shoulder. The troubled woman winced at the unexpected contact and spun her head around. It was her horse Seriso, nudging her shoulder with his nostrils, neighing gently. Kyaara cheered up a bit upon seeing her companion, raised her hand and patted the animal’s muzzle. After looking at her horse for a short while, her gaze unintentionally stopped at the stallion’s genital area.

“More cum …”

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