Half-Breed. Chapter 11: The Nature of Confrontation – Stage II

By: Dawn2069MS

A strand of glistening saliva stretched between Sarissa’s and Rhyeesh’s lips as the demoness withdrew her mouth from the maid’s. She looked into the puzzled woman’s eyes and grinned. Sarissa was panting, and her face was blushed due to her high state of arousal. She felt shaky and hot. She gazed into the succubus’ yellow eyes, almost lost to her mesmerizing presence and appearance. Her eyes widened as she became aware of Rhyeesh’s long demonic tongue flickering over the demoness’ lips, picking up the remains of their mixed-up saliva. Rhyeesh gently placed her left hand on the young maid’s right cheek and whispered:

“Look at my tongue, the length of it, the forked tip. Imagine the pleasure you could experience, the sensation when it reaches parts of you body no human tongue can touch.”

Before Sarissa was able to respond, Rhyeesh moved her left hand to the lower back of the maid’s head, her fingers buried deep into her hair, and continued kissing her prey dearly. As the succubus extended her long tongue and started to explore the insides of Sarissa’s mouth, the young woman squealed with surprise and tried to pull her head away, but the demoness held her fast. With her arms still bound behind her back, Sarissa could do nothing but endure the strange yet sizzling sensation of Rhyeesh’s oral cajoling. The maid’s moans of pleasure were repeatedly interrupted by cute squeals of surprise every time the demonic tongue invading her mouth behaved unexpectedly or touched places she didn’t expect. Rhyeesh withdrew her lips anew from Sarissa’s mouth and started to lick over the side of the maid’s neck, nibbling on her ear every now and then, teasing yet another one of the woman’s erogenous zones. Rhyeesh felt the constantly growing arousal of her victim; her panting, her moaning, the way her body reacted almost involuntarily to the demoness’ stimulation.

“Hnnn, mhhh-god. More … no … hmm-yes … please,” groaned Sarissa with a quivering voice.

“The world of pleasure, it’s all yours,” Rhyeesh purred. “Embrace it … yesss.”

Rhyeesh continued to caress Sarissa’s soft skin with her wet lips and tongue, licking over her shoulders, neck, and throat, slowly working herself down to the maid’s cleavage. She moved her clawed hands to Sarissa’s chest and carefully pulled down the cups of her ruffled blouse, exposing her tender breasts. The young maid lounged her body due to the demoness’ tender touches and continued to moan with pleasure, her mind slowly submitting to her body’s longing.

After revealing the maid’s bosom, Rhyeesh didn’t hesitate to grab both of Sarissa’s breasts and tease both of her already hard nipples with the forked tip of her tongue, as well as sucking on them every now and then. Rhyeesh was surprised about the young woman’s unexpected intense reaction to having her nipples licked and sucked. Every touch made Sarissa groan aloud, made her body convulse to all of the succubus’ touches. She recognized that the maid’s panting got faster and her body started to tremble slightly. She released the young woman’s nipples from her tongue and lips, then grabbed each of them with her thumbs and index fingers and started to roll them in between.

“Hmmm-my, don’t tell me you’re cumming from having you nipples sucked…”

Rhyeesh smiled lasciviously. She was highly pleased about Sarissa’s reactions and her pleasure-tainted facial expression. The demoness had no intention of letting the young maid respond to her question. The moment Sarissa wanted to answer, Rhyeesh pressed her wet lips onto the maid’s and kissed her dearly again. Right after caressing her victim’s tongue with her own, Rhyeesh withdrew her lips and let the forked tip of her long tongue glide over Sarissa’s chin, throat and cleavage, just to start another assault on the maid’s sensitive nipples. She felt all of the maid’s muscles tense due to her incoming first orgasm. Sarissa blushed heavily; she started to pant and groan aloud and her body started to quiver due to the overwhelming wave of orgasmic pleasure. The moment she went over the edge, Rhyeesh sucked hard on one of the maid’s nipples while playfully pinching the other one with her fingers. She felt Sarissa’s climax ravaging through her very essence, fueling it with a bizarre melange of lasciviousness and neediness.

The succubus didn’t grant Sarissa much rest. While the young maid was still suffering through the sweetness of her orgasm’s aftermath, Rhyeesh grabbed her victim’s thighs and pushed them upward until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, forcing her legs to spread wide, revealing all of Sarissa’s moistened-but-clothed nether regions. With some skilled moves and using two of the leather straps which formerly held the maid’s legs in bondage, Rhyeesh secured the panting woman’s knees in this revealing position by attaching the leather straps to the ones already binding Sarissa’s upper arms. The maid had neither the strength nor the will to resist the demoness’ doing; she was still feeling her orgasm slowly fading away, but also felt that her body and mind longed for more.

Sarissa recognized her pubis bulging under her gray-white pants due to the extreme position of her thighs. She saw Rhyeesh’s face appearing directly over her nether regions, grinning lasciviously, licking her own lips with her demonic tongue. As Rhyeesh carefully placed her fingers onto her pants, applying gentle pressure on her needy vulva, Sarissa’s body winced with pleasure and she moaned due to the arousing Sensation.

Rhyeesh gently kissed and licked over the insides of Sarissa’s thighs, skillfully avoiding to touch the maid’s vulva and pants. The demoness enjoyed playing with her victim. The unintentional lounging of her quivering body, the blushed face, the timbre of her highly aroused voice, it all fueled Rhyeesh’s lust and desires. The succubus was pleased with Sarissa’s reactions; the teasing of her flickering tongue forced a series of cute squeals out of the maid. Looking directly into the young woman’s eyes, Rhyeesh addressed her pleasure toy anew:

“Now look at that. You just came from your nipples being sucked, and you’re still so needy.”

Rhyeesh placed a soft kiss on Sarissa’s moistened pants and continued:

“Hmmm, yes. Your juices, so sweet and tasty. Think about how it would feel to have all of them licked up by me … by this luscious tongue of mine. Here, let me show you how needy your body really is.”

The demoness carefully grabbed the moistened fabric of Sarissa’s pants and pulled it down a bit, just enough for the maid’s hard clitoris to be revealed. Sarissa winced at first due to the sizzling sensation of the fabric of her pants gliding over her most sensitive parts, but had no chance but to endure it. Rhyeesh gazed at the maid’s revealed pubis and her clit; her pubic hair had a natural brown tone and it was party trimmed. Though being a human of the lower status, the young woman apparently set value on having clean nether regions. Sarissa’s clitoris was a little bit larger than an ordinary human woman’s, and it was party revealed from under its hood due to its hardness. Rhyeesh licked over her own lips upon recognizing the appealing shape of the maid’s clit, then gently placed her index finger above it and carefully pulled back the tiny hood of flesh until it was completely exposed. Sarissa moaned and squealed slightly because of the succubus toying around with her most sensitive spot. She was barely able to endure the demoness’ teasing. The sensation of her needy clit being completely exposed, as well as the anticipation of how it would feel to be stimulated by Rhyeesh, made the you woman pant and moan.

“Oh my, what a beautiful diamond in the midst of all of this wetness. What should I do with it, hmmm? Give it a good licking? Or shall I nibble on it with my teeth? Or just suck at it as hard as I can?”

Rhyeesh adored playing with her victims. The accent of her voice was a mixture of purring and evil laughter. All of those questions she asked were lapsed of course; they were only asked to further tease Saraissa.

The maid tried to focus on answering Rhyeesh’s questions, but the only thing she was able to voice was one word, enclosed by a series of trembling moans of overwhelming pleasure:

“P-please! … “

“Please … what?” Rhyeesh responded with amusement.

“Please … your tongue.” Sarissa quivered.

“Tell me, what should I do with my tongue?

The grin on Rhyeesh’s face spoke of evil satisfaction. The sweet sound of the corrupted girl’s voice was another perfect appetizer for her feast. In anticipation of Sarissa’s answer, the demoness prepared herself to drive the maid to yet another orgasm.

“Oh god … please … wanna feel you tongue. Please … kiss me, lick me, take me … all of me … “

“Good girl.” purred Rhyeesh. “Here’s what you crave for.”

Rhyeesh closed her lips around Sarissa’s swollen clit and started to suck on it hard. This new wave of lust forced yet another loud squeal out of the maid and involuntarily made her loins lean in to the demoness’ intense kiss. Being able to see all of Rhyeesh’s doing due to the extreme position of her legs, as well as feel the demoness’ slithering tongue and wet lips, made Sarissa completely submit herself to her new mistress. The sensation she was experiencing right now was far from what the young maid had experienced so far, and it didn’t take long for her to go over the edge and surrender to yet another intense orgasm. As Rhyeesh felt the second climax ravage through her victim’s body and mind, she ripped away the juice-soaked pants, extended her vampiric teeth, and closed her lips all around Sarissa’s vulva, her teeth piercing into the still orgasming woman’s pubic skin.

Sarissa suddenly screamed. It was no scream of pain, but a scream of pure and uncontrolled pleasure. The sensation of Rhyeesh’s teeth piercing through the skin of her nether regions catapulted the climaxing maid onto a whole new level of lustfulness. It felt like the intensity of the orgasm Sarissa was having right now suddenly got duplicated. While her overstimulated clit was still sucked, she felt Rhyeesh’s flickering tongue grow and enter her vagina, slowly filling all of her insides. The world around Sarissa blurred. The only sensation remaining was her unbelievable intense orgasm, violently ravaging through her mind, her body, through all of herself. She wasn’t able to see anything anymore; her eyes had rolled up into the back of her head. Her body was nothing more but the sum of all of her desires, trembling and tensing. Her screams of overwhelming pleasure slowly faded until her breach caught. The moment Sarissa was sure that she wasn’t able to endure this mind-blowing orgasm any more, Rhyeesh let the forked tip of her demonic tongue push through Sarissa’s cervix, sending another jolt of pleasure-stained pain through her overwhelmed victim’s body and mind, doubling the orgasm’s intensity yet again. Unable to endure her ongoing climax any more, the overwhelmed maid started to faint, as Rhyeesh feasted on the pleasure-stained essence of her victim.


The situation changed in an instant, as the heavy wooden doors of the abandoned cathedral suddenly slammed open. Both women winced due to the sudden loud noise, whereupon Sarissa continued to fade into unconsciousness, and Rhyeesh spun around to face whoever was intervening with her breakfast.

The figure she was able to recognize was that of a male elf. He was wearing light-grayish robes; he apparently was bald but gray-bearded. It was an elder elf – that Rhyeesh was sure of. The elder elf was holding a staff in his hands, not like he would carry a walking stick, but more like a weapon. Rhyeesh’s yellow eyes flashed in the dim light of the cathedral room as the stranger addressed her with a powerful voice:

“Begone, Kazdruk! This woman is not yours to claim!”

Rhyeesh felt pissed. She was angry about two things. One thing was that the elven stranger had interrupted her breakfast, and the other thing was that she had been too immersed in playing with Sarissa and therefor hadn’t recognized his approach. While rising to her hooves and looking at the elder elf, she silently conjured her dark magic and responded to her opponent with a calm yet wrathful voice:

“As a priest of Eletha, that frozen wannabe goddess of your kin, you should know how rude it is to interrupt ones rituals, old man.”

Rhyeesh had recognized the elder elf’s robes the moment he had entered the cathedral. The ornaments and colors were the same as the ones on Tianna’s robes. After standing up and turning towards the intruder, the demoness’ dark magic had manifested in two amorphous vortexes of dark energy appearing in both of her palm. While gazing at the elder priest, Rhyeesh recognized that the old elf’s eyes seemed to glow a bit in the dim light of the room as he responded to her insult:

“How dare you to speak about goddess Eletha in this manner. I’ll teach you a lesson for speaking out this aspersion. Release this hostage now and be gone, demon!”

The moment the old priest started to make a step forward, Rhyeesh released the two dark magic vortexes from her palms and sent them shooting toward the elder elf, who abruptly came to a halt and remained motionless. The succubus slowly walked towards her opponent, gracefully criss-crossing her steps, satisfied that her paralyze spell seemed to have grounded on the old priest. After approaching the elf, Rhyeesh smirked at him and spoke with a ridiculing voice:

“Well, well, well. It seems your goddess has failed to protect her servant, hasn’t she?”

What then happened came as a complete surprise to Rhyeesh. She had acted on the assumption that her opponent had been paralyzed, but the elder priest’s left hand suddenly darted forward and grabbed her throat with an unexpectedly powerful choke-hold. The demoness had completely underestimated her opponent, his speed and his strength, and looked surprised due to the situation getting out of her control. The elder priest’s eyes started to glow with a blue-white color, as he answered with a deep and angry voice:

“I am Ormond, high-priest and living weapon of Eletha, goddess of the North.”


“More cum …” murmured Kyaara, as she slowly lifted her head from her sister’s belly and sat up.

While staring at Seriso’s crotch, she recognized the dark-skinned thick sheath between the horse’s rear legs, the housing of its penis, as well as his voluminous scrotum. Kyaara stood up, ignoring the lasting pain from her battle wounds, nestled to her horse’s cheek and caressed his muzzle again.

“My beautiful Seriso. Right now I’d give my right arm to know how to stimulate you properly. I’d take care of your … wait a moment.”

Kyaara stopped verbalizing her thoughts; she was talking to herself anyway. A sudden inspiration rushed into her mind. It was one of Rhyeesh’s statements, back then in the abandoned cathedral. She tried to remember the succubus’ words:

» What did she say? Your nectar of love is capable of much more than you can imagine. … Right! «

“Here, my boy. Here’s something you might like.”

Kyaara grabbed Seriso’s harness and guided his head down to her sister’s cum-stained chest, presenting the remains of her white nectar that partially had pooled between Tianna’s breasts. After a moment of hesitation and to the surprise of Kyaara, the horse started to lap the viscous liquid from the priestess’ chest and breasts. Kyaara smiled satisfied and commended Seriso by caressing his mane and patting the side of his neck. She was excited. She felt her heartbeat rise with anticipation. The still aroused elven woman had no idea if letting her horse eat her cum would have any effect, she just hoped that it would stimulate him enough to get a hard-on.

It didn’t take long till Seriso had sort of cleaned Tianna’s chest. He moved his nostrils to her face and nudged her cheek, neighing fidgety. Kyaara guided him a few steps away from her sister and continued caressing her animal companion with her touches. Recognizing that Seriso’s tail was wagging from one side to the other, the needy elven woman hunkered down at the side of her horse and was astonished by a sight to behold. She saw the leathery phallus of her horse erect from its prepuce, slowly exposing all of the shaft and the flared glans. The now exposed front half of Seriso’s penis had a slightly lighter skin color than its base and was partially spotted. After growing to more than the double of its length, the erect horse cock showed itself in all of its animalistic beauty, and drops of precum were already dripping from its tip. Kyaara felt stunned – almost intimidated – by gazing at the length of it, but she craved for touching the giant phallus, tasting it with her tongue, milking all of Seriso’s precious cum out of his large balls.

Kyaara patted the side of Seriso’s belly and slowly knelt down under the horse, positioning herself in font of its hard cock. The animal stood idle; Seriso was used to have Kyaara being so close. The level of trust between the two companions had more of a friendship than that of a horse/rider relationship. Seriso had curiously turned his head to look at his kneeling elven friend, neighing gently.

Excitement. Arousal. Fear. Doubt. Then again, overwhelming arousal. The emotional instinct-driven roller-coaster Kyaara was suffering through at the moment made all of her body tremble. She panted in anticipation of tasting her horse’s cock and cum. After a moment of hesitation, Kyaara slowly reached out her hand and tenderly wrapped her fingers around the light-skinned free body of the large phallus, the part in front of the preputial ring. The leathery skin was soft, slightly warm, and she felt the horse’s pulse pumping through the thick veins of the shaft. Seriso made some idle steps, but continued to remain calm and seemed to accept Kyaara’s touch. After placing her other hand on the underside of the dark-skinned part of the phallus, the rear half which remained covered by the inner lamina of the prepuce, Kyaara slowly moved her hand toward the horse’s massive balls. The stallion’s scrotum was not as pendulous as she had expected; it was held closer to the abdomen. Its skin was soft and pliable with a greasy texture. Kyaara moaned softly while fondling Seriso’s balls with her fingers, then slowly moved her hand back to the phallus’ shaft and grabbed it has good as possible.

The intense scent of her horse’s genital region was overwhelming. The steadily growing lust within herself and the surreal craving for fresh cum drove Kyaara almost mad. Without further hesitation, she moved her other hand to the dripping tip of the horse-cock and smeared its precum all over the glans and the shaft in front of the preputial ring. Gazing at the now slightly lubricated tip of the cock, Kyaara moved her precum-stained fingers to her lips. Kyaara stuck out her tongue and licked her fingers, relishing the animal’s precum. The taste of it was intoxicating, and it aroused her even more. She felt her heartbeat pulsing through the veins of her cock, and her erection grew even stronger. She felt many sensations, pleasurable and painful alike, emanating from her cock and from deep within her.

Having grabbed Seriso’s shaft and glans with both of her hands, Kyaara started to gently stroke over the leathery and precum-lubricated skin, gazing at the massive phallus like in a trance. Touching her animal companion’s private parts excited Kyaara more and more. Her own cock felt heavy and as hard as never before in her life. Shortly after having begun to caress Seriso’s cock with her hands, she recognized a lot of precum dripping from the clearly visible urethra.

» Precious precum, hmmm … « thought Kyaara, as she stuck out her tongue.

The flavor of the viscous clear liquid was intense, a sweet yet salty melange of equine love juice. While continuing to stroke Seriso’s hard cock, Kyaara started to kiss and lick over the swollen glans, eagerly collecting every drop of precum her greedy tongue could pick up. After some minutes of teasing the horse’s glans with her flickering tongue, Kyaara wanted to feel Seriso’s cockhead in her throat. She opened her mouth and moved her head forward, taking all of the flared glans into her mouth. Her lips stretched wide as she swallowed the cockhead, filling all of her mouth with the delicious meat. Kyaara gagged slightly due to the massive glans pushing down her tongue and her uvula to the back of her throat, but the greed of her instinct-driven inner self made her ignore the gagging and continue to give her horse a blow-job. As soon as Seriso’s cockhead filled all of her mouth, Kyaara moved back a bit until the glans was barely covered by her wet lips, just to repeat swallowing it again … and again … and again.

Kyaara had no idea how long it would take to make her horse ejaculate. While eagerly working on the animal’s cockhead with her mouth and throat, she placed both of her hands on the preputial ring and continued to stroke the massive shaft. After some minutes of sucking off her companion, Kyaara recognized that the Horse’s tail started wagging from one side to the other again. Seconds afterwards, she was surprised and overwhelmed by a huge surge of horse cum, shooting into her mouth and throat with an unexpected high force. Kyaara’s attempt to gulp all of the white liquid was futile, as a second huge surge of horse cum unexpectedly filled all of Kyaara’s mouth, spurting out from between her lips and out of her nostrils. She withdrew her mouth from the sputtering cockhead, gagging and coughing, overwhelmed by the large amount of cum Seriso had just shot into her mouth, as well as the strong scent and taste of the horse’s white nectar.

Sprinkled with horse cum, sweat, and remains of her own cum, Kyaara moaned aloud while licking up and swallowing the sticky animal liquid. The level of her arousal was higher than ever before and she still felt like being in a pleasure-stained trance. While gazing at the still erected horse phallus, panting, feeling exhausted, Kyaara realized that she still wasn’t satisfied. Her inner demon still craved for more.

“Hmmm-god, no … someone … help me.” She still had to cough because of all of the cum.

“Need more … need cum … need to cum … ” panted Kyaara.

“Poor boy … still hard. Hmmm-yes, give me more cum … more cum, please.”

Seriso remained calm the whole time. He had made some small steps with his rear hooves, directly after having ejaculated, but continued to accept Kyaara’s touches and stimulation attempts. He sometimes curiously turned his head to look at his kneeling elven friend and neighed gently.

Kyaara’s mind was clouded with an instinctive primeval hunger which clouded all of the elf’s mind. She didn’t realize what was going on around her. The remaining fragments of thoughts about her sister Tianna, as well as their surroundings, where overlain by massive waves of pre-orgasmic pleasure which ravaged throughout her. She even failed to notice the unhealthy amount of blood she was loosing due the wounds she had gained while fighting with the Plain Seeker.

There was no time to lose. After closing her cum-stained lips around Seriso’s cockhead again in order to suck him off yet another time, she released one of he hands from the horse’s shaft, moved it to her own enlarged hard dick, not noticing that it had grown larger than usual, and started to masturbate; her craving for her horse’s cum was already as powerful as her urge to cum on her own.


Rhyeesh had completely underestimated the power of her opponent. The fact that Ormond had managed to resist the paralyzing effect of her dark magic spell, as well as his behavior facing a Kazdruk kinswoman, made him quite the dangerous enemy.

The succubus grabbed Ormond’s lower arm, the one he used to choke-hold her, and drove her clawed fingers deep into its flesh, forcing the elder elf to scream out and loosen his grip. The moment Rhyeesh managed to withdraw from his choke-hold, she disengaged from her opponent.

Though Rhyeesh was skilled in the art of melee combat, she had trained to wield dual weapons such as sickles or daggers. Fighting unarmed in close combat was something she tried to avoid; her arsenal of dark magical spells was much more efficient, but required a certain distance to her opponent. Having gained some distance between Ormond and herself, Rhyeesh quickly came to the conclusion that her opponent was a highly skilled fighter and capable of enduring or countering Kazdruk magic. However, being a succubus meant to have focused on pleasure-related magic, so she decided to plan fighting him using her succubus magic and powers, instead of engaging in physical combat.

Ormond was fast. His body movement and staff handling was much more powerful than one would expect from an elder elven priest. While Ryeesh disengaged from him, he managed to strike her several time with the tip of his staff, leaving a bunch of nasty looking marks on the demoness’ skin.

“You are no match for me!” Ormond called out with a triumphant voice.

Rhyeesh felt a deep, dark rage flashing to the surface of her mind. She suddenly remembered a scene from her youth where she got carried on a stranger’s shoulder and forced to join the violation of her mother. She remembered the helplessness, the fear, to be at this stranger’s mercy; she also remembered what the stranger had said to her, as any desperate attempt to free herself had been answered with painful blows in her rib cage. You are no match for me.

The words hammered through Rhyeesh’s mind like a thunderstorm. As she looked at Ormond from her crouching position, she got overwhelmed with a dark and deep urge to rip him apart. Her eyes seemed to flash in the dim light of the cathedral as she suddenly darted forward. The elder elf, surprised by Rhyeesh’s unexpected assault, tried to swing his staff horizontally to hinder the demoness’ approach, but quickly realized that his attempt to parry the incoming attack was too slow. During the fast yet graceful movement, the succubus spun her body around and dove between Ormond’s legs while sliding on her back. What then happened brought Ormond’s world to an abrupt halt.

The powerful impact of one of Rhyeesh’s hooves into his scrotum was devastating for the elder elf. The massive pain which suddenly jolted through his body forced all of his actions to a complete halt, forced the air out of his lungs, in a futile attempt to scream out loud. The only remaining constant was pain emanating from between his legs, paralyzing him completely. What remained of Ormond after falling to the ground was a whimpering picture of misery. His plan to rescue the human maid had failed.

Rhyeesh quickly moved herself inti a crouching position behind her opponent and took his neck into a choke-hold by herself, using her complete arm to strangle him. After moving her lips to one of Ormond’s ears, she whispered:

“What did you say? I’m no match for you?”

The demoness laughed out loud; she was highly amused by the old priest’s words, then continued:

“I have to admit, your resistance against my dark magic was impressive. I imagine you had to focus a lot to get this to work. But in the end, it was your pitiful balls which put a spoke in your wheel. Can you still focus, old man?”

Rhyeesh didn’t expect an answer. Ormond was on the brink of passing out because of the massive pain. The demoness forced the elder elf to sit up straight, eagerly continuing to choke-hold him. She then rested her chin on Ormond’s left shoulder and placed her right hand onto his forehead.

“Now … let’s see who you really are, old man. Open your mind.”

A cloud of dark particles started to swirl around Rhyeesh’s right hand resting on the elder elf’s forehead. The magic the succubus was using was an interrogation ritual, a powerful and essence draining spell, used to extract information from a victim’s mind against its will. The process usually ended with the victim’s death because a vital part of the ritual was to suck on the victim’s blood, as well as to suck dry its essence. Rhyeesh did not hesitate to use this ritual and thus kill the elf; he had been a potential threat to her plans and the Kazdruk invasion.

The demoness felt that the defeated warrior priest still had a lot of resistance against her forced mental invasion. The pain from Ormond’s scrotum was beneficial for the task and in the end, the succubus succeeded. Ormond’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head, as the dark magic took control over his pain-driven mind. The mental state the elder elf was in was similar to the state of hypnosis, a state where he was forced to reveal whatever information Rhyeesh was asking for.

“What is your name, old man?” Rhyeesh’s asked to start her interrogation.

“My name … Ormond.” answered the elf, constrained, slowly, like in a trance.

“Why are you here, Ormond?”

“Help … the humans … reinforce Meerisath … defend ag-g-gainst the Kazdruk invasion.”

Rhyeesh already had expected that the news of the invasion had already spread over all of Dal Markaan. However, she hadn’t expected to see humans and elves join together to fight their futile battle against Yuldasha’s hordes. The demoness continued the game of question and answer:

“Who are your companions?”

“I’m not … nooo … alone.”

Ormond’s voice was trembling, strained. He tried to resist the interrogation, tried to fight against the compulsion to answer the demoness’ questions.

“Where do you come from?”

“Elven exile c-colony … in the far east.”

Rhyeesh lifted an eyebrow, then continued to ask:

“Have you met other elves on your way to Meerisath? And did you know them?

“Yes … Tianna … m-my apprentice, and sister … her sister.”

» And that completes the circle. « thought Rhyeesh. Since she had lost track of her two elven girls because of her ‘meeting’ with her master, she hoped to get some information about their whereabouts from the old elven priest before killing him.

“Do you know where they have traveled, old man?” asked Rhyeesh.

“No.” Ormond had started to sweat.

Since his answer came unexpectedly fast, Rhyeesh was skeptical of the old elf’s answer and asked anew with a calm but commanding voice:

“Do you know … where Kyaara and Tianna have traveled?”

“I … c-can’t … ” Ormond replied, his voice tainted by pain.

Rhyeesh moved her lips to Ormond’s left ear and whispered:

“Oh no, dear Ormond. You can. And since I need to heal those wounds and bruises from our little fight, I think I will – how shall I say it – intensify this interrogation.”

The pain of Rhyeesh’s vampiric fangs piercing into Ormond’s neck was negligible in comparison to the agony caused by his wrecked scrotum. On the contrary, nearly instantly after Rhyeesh had dug her teeth into the old elf’s flesh, a wave of bizarre pleasure jolted through his body and mind. The elven priest felt like being catapulted to the brink of an orgasm and held in this state for an eternity – at least it felt alike.

The combination of Rhyeesh’s dark interrogation magic and sucking blood from his body was a death sentence for the elder elven priest. While the succubus drained her victim, her scars and wounds started to seal and she found the answer to her last question, the answer Ormond had tried to hide.

The moment the last bit of the old elf’s life essence left his body and mind, killing him with an orgasmic roller-coaster of emotions and sensations, Rhyeesh groaned with satisfaction, panting through her nostrils, her eyes slightly glowing with delight and passion.

After releasing the lifeless body of the elder priest from her bite and choke-hold, the demoness stood up and stretched all of her body, as if she just had gotten out of bed. She felt strengthened, vitalized, able.

“The Dragon’s Spine.” Rhyeesh murmured. “They must be halfway there by now.”

Looking at the unconscious maid, the demoness came to the conclusion that she needed take a short cut in order to catch up with her elven girls, and the only appropriate way to do this was to use yet another draining ritual, a ritual similar to the one she had used to communicate with her master and Queen Yuldasha. The only difference would be that the distance to her target location – an abandoned way station she had passed on one of her scouting trips – was significantly shorter that the distance to the Spire, but the portal she would create was to actually transport her to there in person.

Rhyeesh turned toward Sarissa. She closed her eyes and focused as a wave of energy started to swirl around her pelvis, red shocks of magic energy dancing around her hips. The effect ran down to her vulva and up to her navel, racing faster and faster, forming into the silhouette of a large phallus. As the storm of dark magic died down and fizzled out, Rhyeesh was equipped with an erect fleshy cock, heaving slightly with her breaths. The newly materialized penis had no balls; the lower part of its shaft had merged with the succubus’ vagina, forming an exotic set of hybrid futa genitalia.

“Time to continue my breakfast,” purred Rhyeesh as she approached the unconscious maid.

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